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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 29, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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i was really stressed. i needed a release. >> khloe's first interview on calling off her divorce from lamar. plus inside halle berry's divorce papers. why did she use a fake name? >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> relationship advice. >> i seem to not be able to get past three years. >> halle joins hollywood's single mom's club as olivier files his own divorce demands. >> olivier asks for spousal support. >> plus khloe talks lamar. are they getting back together? zplvlgts then subway jared's secret conversations about child molestation. >> whatever happened to former olympic skater debi thomas, from her bright future as a surge >> i graduated stanford.
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>> -- to living in a trailer and begging for money. >> it pains me to have to ask for help. >> her trailer had a bed bug infestation. >> and katy perry crash madonna's concert. as julie chen channels madge. >> inside talk's" halloween with beyonce and the godfather of soul. >> ah! >> one more time. >> now, in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, every thanks so much for joining us. halle berry beat her husband to the punch filing for divorce just before he did. >> but there are a lot of questions surrounding these papers like who in the world is hal maria? >> and did halle break the rules? decoding her divorce. >> she filed papers monday under the fake name of hal maria. hal is short for halle and maria is her middl she did this so it wouldn't be leaked to the press and it would be anonymous.
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her husband's name was changed from olivier martinez to oliver martin. >> she filed not once but two times, first with fake names then today she used reonce. but here's the question that many are asking, did halle make a crucial mistake? >> under california law, halle needed to have a third party serve her husband, and she did not do that properly. she served him herself on monday. >> that could reason halle filed again. many are speculating that halle's making a power play and wants the upper hand in the split. >> i hope i can find someone that could love me. i would love to stop being asked about past marriages. i would be getting relationship advice. i seem to not be able to get past three years. what can you tell me to get to year four? >> halle herself has admitted marriage isn't her thing, but what went wrong this time? >> many are speculating the reason is they both have pretty fiery personalities. we can't forget when he and halle's ex got into a fistfight on thanksgiving day.
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olivier threatened to kill gabriel. right now halle and olivier are being sued for $5 because olivier hit an l.a.x. worker with a car seat. >> now she's part of hollywood's single mom's club. joins jen garner, gwen stefani and j. all strong women making family work no matter what. >> they both want what's b for their child. you see that's the case in most of hollywood's ruined relationships. just because you fail at your marriage doesn't mean you fail at parenti >> money is a whole different issue. because halle asked for no spousal support but olivier asked for spousal support to be sorted out at a later date. >> i hope they can get this worked out. keeping with the divorce theme, everyone was shocked when khloe kardashian called it off with lamar odom. michelle turner joi us now because khloe is speaking out for the first time. >> yes, she is. i know we were all asking the same question when we heard that, right? why? now khloe is gives us the
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answer. and why her weight plummeted. >> i was really stressed and i needed a release. i would put on my headphones and just, you know, listen to music. and the stress relief that i felt and all that anxiety went away when i was on the treadmill. and it started becoming a healthy obsession. >> that's khloe with how she copi copied coped with her crumbling marriage to lamar. part of a "people" cover stor out friday that had plenty of drama behind the scenes. >> the day of the photo shoot khloe was in a great mood, happy and fit. in the interview, khloe got really honest about the breakup with lamar. just hours later he actually was found unconscious and she had to rush to his side. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> she was actually in the hospital room with whispering quietly so as not to disturb hi she said she intends be by his side and take care of him because that was her vow. she makes it clear they won't get back together any time soon. it's not even in our brain to be
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a couple or have a relationship right now. chloe is defending her decision to be part of "people's" cover story in the midst of lamar's crisis. the reality called out critics in a lengthy twitter post. shame on you all for thinking the worst of me. it was contracted press for my book that i wrote months and months ago. i had to do a follow-up five-minute phoner after the event only because i was contracted to. >> as for lamar, he remains in the fight of his life. >> lamar's health is still in very serious condition. he actually had kidney damage and he might need a transplant. and he had a bout with pneumonia that was a real setback. >> so long away from well. as khloe keeps her divorce on the back burner, one of new york's all-time bachel getting hitched. former new york yankee derek jeter got engaged to "sports illustrated" swimsuit model hannah davis. look at her. you see why. >> he hit a home run. >> indeed he did. >> yes, he did. the happy couple jetted off to wine country in california to celebrate the engagement. the perfect most romantic place.
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>> nice. congratulations. >> yes, congrats. let's move on to a disturbing story. first the first time since jared fogle pled guilty to child pornography and having sex w minors, secret recorded tapes of the former subway spokesman have been released. the audio has been obtained by dr. phil and will run on his show starting tomorrow. but i spoke dr. phil today about the darkest secrets exposed by these tapes. i want to reinforce to everyone out there, this content is very disturbing. >> this is the playbook of the bad guy. >> what was your first time? >> it was probably in thailand. >> he would talk about what he would like to do to children, what he would like children to do to me. what he's had children do to him. >> journalist rochelle herman-walrond says she contacted the fbi and spent five years role playing, baiting fogle to reveal his sick child sexual fantasy. >> a little closer, a little
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closer, a little closer, before you know it, it's just that. >> just not that hard to do. >> no, not at all. >> what did you start to learn and what shocked you the most? >> when you hear some of the things he says to her even about her own children, you are going to want to get up and kick the screen in. >> i lost 245 pounds. >> herman-walrond said she first met fogle when the subway pitchman was a guest on her local florida radio show. and she immediately became concerned when he said he found middle school girls attractive. >> what turns you on the most, the young girls or the young boys >> both of them do. >> since he was arrested and agreed to plead guilty, 10 of his 14 identified victims have been paid $100,000 each. you can hear more of the secret recordings of dr. phil's two-part story tomorrow and friday. >> when you listen to him, he's
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proud of this. this is a sport to him, this is something he really wants to do. >> this story is every parent's nightmare. jared will be sentenced on november 19th. because of his plea deal he faces at least five years in prison. but prosecutors have agreed not to ask for a sentence more than 12 1/2 years. last night we were getti all the red carpet news from coast to coast. let's start in our own backyard with six-time emmy winner bryan cranston. things got a little hairy at his ne movie. clean shaven at the premiere of "trumbo," but at the end of the movie bryan's mustacheioed. >> they were all fake. >> doesn't seem fake to me. when we were kissing, it was pretty cozy. >> the blacklisted screen writer dalton trumbo and his co-star helen mirren became a little smitten. >> i do have a crush on him. an actor crush. >> from los angeles to new york
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city where the film spotlights michael keaton and mark ruffalo. >> everyone will be interested in this. >> the film is about exposing a cover-up in the catholic church and mark went uncovered. >> a way to have people remember breast cancer, number one killers of women, and now men, too. >> exposure for a good cause. well, one star who has been jetting all over the world is mariah carey. there she in china with boyfriend at the opening of his new multibillion dollar casino. before she let the states, she sat down with cameron matheson for an "e.t." exclusive. >> this is like a dream come true. >> mariah calling the shots, directing on the set her new christmas movie. >> a new start for me really. >> it was a lot for him. >> kids. >> they have no filter and will say anything. >> and embracing her inner diva. >> i'll still be a diva in certain ways. >> that's tomorrow. >> only on "e.t." >> i think mariah owns the w "diva." >> yes, she does. it's all hers. still to tonight,
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before we find out who "people's" sexiest man alive is for 2015, we're flashing back to 2005's guy matthew mcconaughey >> plus secrets from tomorrow's "how to get away with murder." we're on the set with viola davis. >> it's getting completely and totally insane. >> that's next. closed captioning provided by -- they gave you nourished ir, anbett color, but you wa mor.. too negarnr nutrse. now wi 2x e nourhingower plusvoca, olivand ea.
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aveeno® naturally beautiful results® healthy skin equals beautiful skin. starting tomorrow, "e.t." celebrates 35 years of making entertainment history. >> generations have grown up with this as their source of information. >> our look back with mary hart. >> the stars, the stories, the moments that made history. broke our hearts and made us soar. >> there's the kiss. >> "e.t." is always there. >> 35 years. wow, do we have a lot to be proud of. >> celebrating the icons. >> never stop dreaming and
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hoping and wanting to be better. >> and the stars' first time on "e.t." >> my mom swallows a bug. >> oh, my gosh. >> it starts tomorrow on "entertainment tonight >> so many great moments, many great exclusives. speaking of, cameron matheson got the only invite to one of my favorite shows, "how to get away with murder." >> i had to fight for this one, but yes, before i flew to new york, i cornered viola davis on the "murder" set to try to get secrets about tomorrow's episode. one word just kept coming up over and over again. you know what it is. what would be too much for her to pull off? >> to show any parts of her body that doesn't involve her feet. the feet is the only part that i will show. that's it. ankle down. perfect. >> besides trying to cover up murders, this show could be called how to get away with sex scenes.
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their basement romp was censored. what did they cut out? >> laurel taking charge of where frank's hand goes. >> you changed. >> i feel self-conscious taking my clothes off in front of the crew, for 15 million people every week. >> it's not all skin. camera angles and quick cutting can make a scene look hotte >> we do push the envelope sometimes with our sex scenes. >> really? i did not notice that. >> but abc has always been supportive and we stick within the rules. >> you do other things. >> other thi >> you have to be very careful with your facial expressions. >> of course, it's not all sex. thursday viola has to defend a transgender profess >> oh, my god. what did you do? >> i killed steven. >> guys, let me tell you something, every week new surprises, you have no idea what is coming up next. >> i know that actually up next you're on the set of "the talk" as the hosts pull off some halloween transformations.
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>> let me tell you something, aisha was feeling a little fierce. >> i'm going to crush to dust with my giant man hands. >> then remember olympic skater debi thomas? she's hit some seriously hard times. >> your life has become unmanageable. >> i don't know what to do. >> her story is just ahead. ♪
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only one icon could keep these stars up all night. ♪ madonna >> that's the one. front row in los angeles last night. katy perry, fergie, mila kunis, ashton kutcher and salma hayek checking out her rebel heart tour. ♪ iconic >> madonna took the stage at the forum to sing her hit. mila looked so int then at midnight this happened. >> what is your name, young lady? >> i'm such a big fan. >> anyway, you know i don't approve. >> i love you, mom! >> after the show mad tweeted, thanks, katherine. >> salma swarmed by paparazzi and as she left near 1:00 a.m. >> did you enjoy the show? >> very much. >> madonna takes on san diego tomorrow night. >> julie chen didn't make the concert, but she has idolized madonna since she was 15 and i hear that she actually even dressed up as madonna from "desperately seeking susan" when
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she was a teen. >> that's what julie told me. it was a no-brainer when she had to pick what music superstar she wanted to be for "the t big halloween episode. >> do you believe in love? ♪ ♪ don't go for second best >> who's that girl? that's julie chen totally unrecognizable as madonna for "the talk's" epic halloween lip sync war. we were there for her madge makeover. probably the biggest transformation out of everybody performing >> well, when you take a chinese girl from queens and make her an italian white girl from michigan, i think i have the biggest stretch here. >> aisha tyler does a spot-on beyonce. sharon osborne in this oversized wig as sia and check this out. ♪ because i'm y lady >> the other ladies of "the
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talk," i can do a lot of smack talking right now. i can say how you don't have a prayer today. how i'm going to crush you in my giant man hands but i won't do that. because i'm a lady. >> you talking to me? but you're going down. >> but sheryl underwood's james brown could be the standout moment on "the talk." ♪ living in america >> some people may not have seen this one coming. why james brown? >> because i'm living in america. i'm getting my inflections right. i got the ah! >> one more time. >> ah! i'm cold blood call me the boss, all james brown coming at you. >> v impressed, sheryl, but there is one star who i absolutely famous for taking her halloween costume completely to the next level. that's heidi klum. she's sharing this year's transformation only with "e.t." >> i will be wearing a lot, it just won't be a lot of clothes. >> such a tease, heidi. we'll show you her big reveal tomorrow. >> the shocking fall from grace
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of a former olympic darling. debi thomas is one of the most successful and influential skaters in u.s. history. a world champion in 1986 and a bronze medalist at the 1988 olympic games. debi graduated from stanford and became an orthopedic surgeon. all of which makes it so unbelievable that today her life is in ruins. how did it all fall apart? she's sharing her story as she reaches out for help. >> over the past few years, a complex set of events and circumstances has put me, my fiance and our family in serio financial dire straits. >> debi thomas was a piece of athletic history, american history, world history. >> graceful and athletic, t was the first african-american to win a medal in any sport in the winter olympics. "e.t." followed her pro post-olympic career. this is her with the ice capades
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in 1998. >> it's working out well. i'm trying to mix it with school. >> she toured with stars on ice but was about to trade in her skates for scrubs. >> i graduated from stanford in june. so i was really happy about that. it's been a long haul. i guess i spent a lot of my summer studying for goin medical school. >> she went on to become a skilled orthopedic surgeon but when she shifted from working at a hospital to private practice, her world fell >> after only two years of private practice while also going through a divorce, i managed to lose my entire nest egg. >> she's now living in this bug-infested trailer park with her fiance. her bills are higher than her earnings. the spiritual coach confronts her about her struggles on the november 7th episode. >> you are unerasable, undeniable element of world history.
12:26 am
are you aware that your life has become unmanageable? >> i don't know -- how to do it. >> the hard truths are that there is some mentaand emotional imbalances that never been addressed. >> debi now has a go fund me campaign to help get her life back on track. >> my experience has been both challenging and enlightening. it pains me to have to ask for help. >> i remember debi from the olympics and with her story and her background, you thought she can't miss. she'll have a fairy tale life. heartbreaking to see that. >> hope she can turn her life around. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winner turned down the sharon stone role in "basic instinct"? is it julia robe nicole kidman or julianne moore? i'll go with nicole kidman. >> julianne moore. ♪ alitingrient
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time to give you the answer to tonight's "e.t." birt which oscar winner turned down the sharon stone role in "basic instinct"? we were both wrong. it was julia roberts who turned 48 today. i picked nicole kidman. >> i picked julianne m let's keep moving. we're helping " magazine count down to its sexiest man alive issue. will be revealed on december 17th. this week we're looking back to 2005 when matthew mcconaughey was on the cover. he says about the honor. remember, it's like being president, once you're out of office, you are still a presid as long as you are alive, you still got the title. >> oh, yeah, he still has the title. >> all right, all right, all right. >> so does george clooney, too. from back in 2006. and tomorrow we have clooney still as hot as ever, only we're
12:30 am
on the set with george for his top-secret new project. of us was dressed as a dictator. >> bye, everybody. "the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i'm very much a relationship oriented person, which makes us perfect for eachother. >> they call it quits. in halle's history of rocky romances. >> for the last two decades she's had four sflit smiths an three divorces. >> it was matterbreaking. i just couldn't understand why. >> and the alanis morissette you ought to know. >> frankly, i stopped wanting to be alive. >> her thoughts of suicide and battle with postpartum depression. >> it was like being c in tar. drew barrymore remaking her baby a priority? >> hot body is not in my destiny this lifetime. >> plus sally field's ret


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