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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 29, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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news starts now >>anny hong: when the conditions for the afternoon on the mild as well this morning of the chilly start for parts of the bay area live look from the embarcadero, clear skies starting off the third morning of beautiful sunrise them a school for cash recanted and to the bus stop this morning chilly in the 40's and '50's by endicott will see fifties and less time to of sunshine '60s and '70s expected at 3:00 or talking mid to upper seven is for the bay shoreline for our and one spot to watch out for the when it will be breezing.
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>>anny hong: if you have halloween decorations if you have come flying around bring some of them inside for release today temperatures right now 44 we dropped another degree in santa rosa chilly for you 46 of vallejo the rest of was generally in the fifties at this hour including 58 in san francisco 56 in oakland will the compaq will let you know how long the to the to last before changes come were tracking storm systems it could impact the weekend and also much cooler air also come through. this through >>robin winston: will start off with a quick check of the ride into san francisco is very slow approach in the bay bridge toll plaza the backstretches through the maze 58024 backed of torturing and hospital the drive times of up to 35 minutes from children's hospital to get into downtown san francisco no problems on the bridge but it is creepingbetween the cars that
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family car for this morning were tracking a trouble spot on the seashore freeway is not a hot spot there's no traffic alert is was about 88 university avenue in baltimore sakhalin's and a big grin and is blocking to less attractive the two right lanes were consulted the parties have been transported off to the hospital that evidence and the fight was already left the scene of their wedding for tow trucks and the thing is how long it would take to the tow trucks out there and get the vehicles out of the way it is often of the drive times for 38 minutes south of the total drive out hercules headed into berkeley and this is the commitment sure you leave early give yourself a lot of time to work with the slow traffic urinated in some of the traffic. >>robin winston: everyone is stuck in his back and will keep an eye on and what is causing about 15 times in a delayed once again the tall drive 38 minutes from hercules heading up to berkeley. >>james: one of the bookstores
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final 01 batters go on out to parents and san leandro robbers have been lurking around in the area near high-school will live with the san leandro police the prom to explain more was going on >>jackie sissel: than a lot of similarities in fact they believe that these cases are connected and the same suspect committed this crime some similarities in these cases both to the victims come from a to families with high school age children the victims were robbed at gunpoint after returning home after driving the teenager to school there record for subjects suspects with a mask and guns they also said the items stolen were cash and jewelry the latest
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incident happened on monday morning around 8:00 a.m. after a pair had dropped his child off at a were a high school. >>jackie sissel: he was confronted by a man in his backyard with a gun at that point he was also own ticket to the backyard and two other suspects came at that point the victim's wife saw what was happening called police and the suspect fled the scene after getting the man's wallet this is very similar to a case that happened just to have weeks ago they're similar in that case and that his therefore suspect obviously the police to try to figure out how those are connected they do believe that these are the same suspects we had a chance to talk to people in the washington manor neighborhood pharmacy that are concerned
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>>jackie sissel: they're described as african-americans in the mid to late 20s as i said all of them are for some sort of mass over their faces san leandro police also said there will be increasing patrols from local preschools the policy was and to do is back in 1982 amid the economic environment to problems the critics said that a man some people resort to abortions for sterilization and adoption chinese officials say that the policy change is a proactive response to the issue of an aging population beijing had warned of the company could become to more than 400 million people over the age of 60 by 2013 no longer are they saying the have to have just one child
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you're allowed to have to internal. >>james: man confessed to killing the next your friend tried to turn herself into the main jail earlier this week but was action turned away he is accused of strangling and police have a 27 year-old a son of our less he went to the gel on monday told a worker that he knew the location of a body was not exactly clear what that person that he would the one who committed the crime she told a minute to go to the san jose police department you want to report the crime was committed he was arraigned on murder charges to the he is due back in court in november. >>darya: the education projects and could spark specializes in art stance and music but it may have to close next month the company that manages to school says it is terminating the contract with the school education corp. sent a letter to
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pass this month warned them they're closing the schools that did not give reason pam students and teachers say it is because of money is up to the school board to trigger away to keep the school opened and as of now is set to close the from the 18th unless they can do something pam students and teachers are working together on a golf for me cite to raise money if that does not work there the 200 students out of the school. >>james: south carolina sheriff that it got caught on camera bird and a high-school student from a distance from her to the ground he has been relieved of duty the villain of biracial the office of their resource officer been filled aggressively pulling the teenage grow to the ground
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and dragging her adjutancy across the floor but the sheriff there said the officer after they looked at the tech is not the only one to blame for what happened he was called to the question i addressed to refuse to leave for being destructive the axle to leave the ministry of staff have such edition refused to share of some of the video showed student resisting the deputy and then attempting to hit him he says regardless the debt is actions on acceptable to their billing with at the park and the fbi are investigating and then the to the two agencies as to whether not a charge will be filed. >>darya: was sit down with the mother of a student who was shot and killed near digested at the high-school as reported the
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incident is family is now suing the vallejo school district finding that they failed to keep their son safe the seven senior was shot and killed on the trail on a to school back in nine,may >>darya: to teenagers have been arrested in connection with the killing we did reach out to the school board president for comment in the school board had no comment to his mom is opened her concerns will be addressed in the school will make students feel safer. >>james: she was accused of shoplifting from home depot back in february this issue and stolen ninth from the store the security guards and from harvard to try to leave this to pull the gun on them she ran down the
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street try to carjacked drivers police on the car (that is when she turned the gun on those two officers they respond by opening fire her family will announce details about the loss to the on today >>darya: finally getting the chance to sound off about the team's potential move to los angeles history has shown that they love what they call the reader nation but none the less there is a meeting to 9:07 p.m. downtown oakland at the paramount theater this is interesting it will not be attended by raiders executive and said as the nfl executives who will be there and if there's an indication of the past two
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days if sandoz had a meeting and then last night san diego and now is the raiders' turn more than a thousand people each of those cities turned out very passionate here running down the chief they to love their teams will have to tell you probably not anymore than the raiders. >>will tran: we had a chance to talk to a fan here is his reaction to what he would say at the town hall meeting tonight they believe this is nothing but lip service that the raiders on the table is a better financial deal for them to move to los
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angeles they say if you look at without the emotions they seem to be the best fit but if you talk to the fans and even some of the players they would rather be here the chargers and there are refiling paperwork to relocate last week and still the had the town hall meeting >>darya: that an offense and the nfl that they would not attend games and lost and the list and that is where they go out dollars are expected to vote early next year on which teams will move to los angeles >>james: mother asking what the pitcher a teacher was displayed the california's american flag
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wife have for some and trouble in school will talk about that and a couple taking action after the war rested because a police officer did not like the fact that they're kissing and hugging in public we're watching bay area weather here is a live look at the embarcadero cameraman beautiful clear skies a little cool will of this on the forecast. come live up
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>>anny hong: this was a picture taken from north star were the resort this first batch of snow yesterday forecast said it could be more on the way the resort back thinking it might open next month we posted the story and click on and find out how we enjoy some snow >>anny hong: kirkwood ski resort recording on the page of the the snow guest this is getting all of us excited for hopefully a
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great ski install or season because the last two called low season were not so great san jose good morning low 50's at this hour on the part of a crowded skies 1574 this afternoon in a bit winded northwest was tantamount hour this evening the ride home should be looking pretty good until sunshine and temperatures on down to the '60s still chilly 44 santa rosa and a vallejo definitely grab a jacket and even the slightest of it is heading out to the bus stop to schools of the season tear fifth 49 in conference for the nine plants in places like them felt alamo also reported temperatures in the '40's recess until spots out to the livermore valley. >>anny hong: of the fifties and san francisco 57 1/2 monday visibility napa now down to one and have my visibility is the time to that of the biggest door for the morning hours and the plans for the afternoon that is
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the other headlines right now we're making a call went out there for the most part of the winds will be getting stronger and brought the afternoon to than the highs of pretty nice located in fairfield mid to upper seven is for antioch and the more same villain open 74 san mateo and low 70's in downtown san francisco. >>anny hong: on saturday before halloween looks fantastic for of halloween parties and traders where track in some brain that could impact us for sunday and monday will talk more bought that coming up a little bit later in looks like these '80s of the next couple days like last one day >>robin winston: the bay bridge commuters to san francisco that
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is just one of many take a look at the traffic backed up through the maze on 2580 solid from 24 no change in this westbound 80 ride just get this on the 30 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco is packed all the way across all 92 if you have to use the san mateo bridge this morning this is what is waiting for your heavy traffic from hayward to san leandro this is without any major trouble spot to richmond san rafael bridge bridge a lot of heavy traffic the back of stars and ran from iran and it ought to mix and install the client and that nothing would be tapped for 101 you find a pretty good ride number to troublespots and into out of san rafael. >>robin winston: this is westbound 88 university avenue at two lanes blocked the good news is it is out of your with the bad news is a bump up the drive times for 1 minutes just to get from hercules to berkeley that does not include the total drive from berkeley through the maze into san
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francisco you can add on extra 25 minutes from that traffic is still tough for those of you matthews westbound 80 a quick check of the commission and the south bay no major trouble spots if you have to use no. 85 this morning there is bumper-to- bumper traffic leading san jose. >>robin winston: 35 minutes that is the average drive times slow but normal for 1 01 to the to a connector >>james: convicted felon 9 drolled boy it is recovering the bullet went through the floor and struck the boy in the apartment below him about the store yesterday on the morning news the young boy was sleeping at the time this is the felon he is facing charges towns month in the young boys were hospitalized has serious injuries or the to the doctor they're expected to be ok with spoke with a friend of the young boy's family here is what they
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had to send the investigation is ongoing invested as a more charges could come down the road he is said to be booked in the santa clara county jail was is released from hospital >>darya: she is filing a federal lawsuit give that henderson was accused of shoplifting from home depot and february she had stolen knives security guard's confronted her and she pulled a gun on them police said then she ran down the street and try to carjacker three drivers police said then she turned her gun towards two officers who were responding so they opened fire her family will announce details about the loss to let on to the >>james: more than 25 small quickset hit wrong to to allow
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another hit just before 9:00 last night run of the total to more than 450 earthquakes in the past two weeks the request and not only acting people but is also in active increasing number of packets they're getting into with each and every quick is a lot of that our laws are calling them to ask for help and advice with spoke with a local vet who came and gave to recommend this to how to help solve your pet if the duke of the act during the next earthquake there recommend
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getting your animal microchip because sometimes thunderstorms and fireworks when it get started out like they might during the current with the boat and to get out of the yard star running down the neighborhood to track down and get back to you >>darya: all lost angeles couple and sowing the honolulu please pardon the sale police officer arrested him because he did not like they're public display action--affection apparently this police officer saw of holding hands and hugging and kissing and he did not like it so he ordered them to stop well they did not stop and then they got to the checkout line and that is when the officer approached them again they got into an argument and then there is some type of fight to turned
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into so they're charged with felony assault on the officer the charge was dropped a few months later but the police department is now investigating because it's against law is there some. >>james: 120 central california boy is a video report this one were to show you the shirt he was wearing the minister and says you have to turn it inside out because it looks like it might be symbolized gang activity take a listen to what
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the minister had to set that design has been associated with gangs in the past and we cannot just turn a blind eye to that >>darya: almost our into trading we will be right back.
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>>darya: the george lucas is getting a helping hand to minority students who want to study some type of thing he and his wife had donated $10 million to the cinematic art school at usc the month was a poor black and latino students or to both the diversity at the school will dip this black and hispanic underrepresented in the entertainment industry he voiced hope and used a unique
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experiences to tell stories among his want to be split fifth detected between men and women that is the largest donation 10 million that had ever received to direct support students >>james: attracted to the car collided in our work they pulled him over >>darya: go to our web site the still have
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today tomorrow and for the weekend was shared with you all you need is the mobile application and you can click the reports and pictures sent.
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>>anny hong: clear skies and my start today right now san francisco 58 kron 4 high of 72 on the northwest breeze 50 mi. of our this evening ride home is pretty good '60s and 6:00 this evening to 44 degrees retinol 43 and the lack of job another degree or two or talking of the '40's and now also suspect amenities including, of pleasanton danville allen also in the for peace chilly start this morning because of the from that came through yesterday we saw little of my friend here and there the front left behind a drawer cool air mass which is why we're saying: conditions all across the bay area this morning this afternoon is going to be mild little windy for some spots
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>>robin winston: moving slowly nothing complex lies in the right-hand side of the screen the commit direction not only is the jam, was 92 but the now mr. stanley and draw from connecting from 880 south is going to be slow and have the fed and moore's law traffic all the way across the bridge from the beginning to the and even when it over to the peninsula
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>>james: their folks in the timber to specifically on the castro district which is a major part of halloween night in years past not so much >>reporter: their courage and to celebrate in the on there but rather than come down here to show them the stress that they used to track it was a bill to pass to the castro and they're saying if you do not live in san
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francisco you should not drive here police are encouraging you to go to public events from the city like the ones that they're hosting with all the information take a look at this information saturday at 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. police have free food and games is even on to be affordable for kids of the 14 that is the police headquarters on third stream great sense ways to use of of how we >>darya: to verso house in albany is going to be up to stay
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open for halloween because the house is located on brought to st. that adds to have a planning commission meeting right now almost size some more same there for the house a lesson in the data comes in the planning commission agreed the wanted house will go on but it is restricted to only have to log 979 a portion of the money raised from the then goes to the alameda county food bank
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>>james: new cars with three doors are about to be put into service bird said the third door will help reduce crowding around the cars and light to get on by the end of this year starts in the first of those to reduce car is going to service to the nile for them to one of this monitor to spend in the traffic fine and a stick program attorney general said the debt collectors are all of the new some misleading information some of them the ones that are not find the rules.
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>>darya: shift in its voting on whether to strike the system's 23 campuses but we do not know what the results of the vote are the to the have not talented all upset and wants to announce the results on november 4th will know whether that if the strike authorization they approve that yesterday despite a lot of push back from republicans voted against the if passed to you do with increased federal spending and extend the deployment.
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>>james:-->>darya: you might want to they said that if you connect to unsecured work is easy for your information to wind up in the wrong hands >>james: the spokesperson of ford subway has sexual encounter with children recounts this on the telephone conversation you
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can catch a ride here we will be right back this is the dawn of an old day.
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>>james: the high school is back
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in history at her high school at the first open the transgendered cheerleader she spoke to the student about the support and trout with the shares faced the football field is where procedure leaders find some java she tells of her team
7:42 am
in the ministration has been very supportive and that with a live with the loss to walk on the mall to support all the kids on the journey through life students and teachers how to buy her $600 uniform for the most part the community has been very accepting with tears of is one person who will hopes will change her mind and that is her mother she's in her element chanting and dancing there still some uncertainty on how other people react. she offers no apology nor compromise this is who she is. >>anny hong: is once the a breezy but mild afternoon after chilly stars temperatures and the of the '70s more details
7:43 am
coming up a little bit later.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: at toady to work in the steelers' she loves the pittsburgh steelers i'm wearing a black band unsold it is funny how you think in the old days >>gary: now is the committee when everything else is getting longer it is the morning so-- shell--show
7:46 am
>>darya: did you watch the game he was the man that is the first complete game since 1991 when you win a when you lewisham a good hair have >>darya: but i love seven and after the game he is a guest
7:47 am
we're going to say the one on the screen far left apparently the brother into all the time is the middle of the interview and realizes we're not johnnie is a free agent at the end of the year the giants made may
7:48 am
consider giving him an offer you have to see him do steph curry he played for three seasons and even play for the warrants and 04 just preseason but he realized i'm a better polls and >>gary: anyone know some have me
7:49 am
to call in the real show will send amount and the one thing on a he does great impression and i know he was a bay area gang
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>>gary: he has been anti warrants i honestly believe that most of it it it's bay area people out of this been a fine teacher as come out and barkley had to whether he did not wear the t-shirt sulfonic klay thompson and jordan job shooting team >>gary: if you sit there and say the status call 7 thousands of people write letters and do things and that is why he is on top >>darya: no one hates colin he is not on an island of read his lips that ashley had to address
7:51 am
it he's isolated the guys to not like him there have been fighting
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>>darya: things that he did that does not mean the last time i heard all these rumors no one hates harbaugh it gets you nervous.
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>>james: they won a protective order of the use of pressing hard a judge granted the order to lorries for some she is accused self-proclaimed will allow christian day of rest of her over the phone in the internet for years to testify that they met incessant phone calls marked on facebook
7:56 am
>>: one who knows me would tell you that what i have something to say i said to your face i think it is a win for all women no man has a right to call a woman the c word >>james: they both owned all shops in central massachusetts or real visiting for one the warriors >>darya: take a look he joined first lady michelle and joe biden for a tour of the on the military veterans and we have programs similar to the games which of the into mass of tournament for all the service members on the by the prince president obama also met with the kurds in the oval office. >>james: but broke loose for the morning and maryland and floated over pennsylvania for hours because electrical outages as
7:57 am
the tender elbow still hiding was driving across the ground testing power lines and eventually defeated in land in a wooded area it is not know why the black broke loose bolt to five just scrambled their flying about keeping an eye on it as a cap loading on the advance came down near munsey of the small town about 80 mi. of harrisburg no injuries reported. >>darya: uncouples dog stole the show at a photo vintage and shoot the they were taking pictures of themselves and the dog wanted to get an will be back with more in just the man and.
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>> reporter: reader nation doesn't have to wait to hold show their passion. i'll have more in a live report. >> darya: halloween as this weekend to. >> james: and will give you tips on keeping tabs on your >> darya: think if attuning in
8:01 am
this tuesday morning. >> james: is there anything bigger out there? >> reporter: there's a minor crash onto 80 but is cleaning out. >> darya: it be mild but wendy this morning. looking at the bay bridge, and that it's a clear start out there, a beautiful start to the day. temperatures are in the '50s in some spots are in the forties. by lunch time we'll see '60s and '70s lots of sunshine and when to pick up this afternoon. no. 3 east bay hills temperatures to be fairly mild. his 587 cisco 56:. it's definitely jacket and
8:02 am
sweater weather this morning. >> reporter: we have had no major problems on the bridge. look on the right side of your screen here the fast track planes excuse me the carpool lanes are thinning out just a little bit. back up right down the middle stretches across 80 across was land is still through the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza people were stopped and are just making it to the patriots but there's normal flow across the upper deck. the south bay community, there's a crash
8:03 am
not a major crash but the back of stretches to the one no one, 680 flip. 31 minutes from 81 a 12 this 60/. >> reporter: this is a live look to the house of representatives . i think in a moment she is about to swear paul ryan in. >> don baird talked about the american dream, john major your the personification of the american dream. [applause]. my
8:04 am
republican colleagues to ensure you know and i can attest to the fact that he was always true and loyal to the members of his causes any negotiations that we had. i always respected his dedication to this house to his volume. the john for your leadership in college as speaker. under new leadership of my sumner's who we all respect dinkey to john. >> reporter: john bain it is very overcome with emotion. >> darya: as expected he will be sworn in, and he will take over for dinner.
8:05 am
>> james: we have a warning for parents and east bay, robbers. >> jackie: robberies are occurring. both of these armed robberies has happened in less a month and are very similar. in san leandro, the police suspect the same person committed both of these crimes because they're both very similar. families both have teenage children and it was after they had driven the children to school. the suspects
8:06 am
both brandishing their guns and had masks. a student came home to be confronted by a man who was born soon = =armed. the suspects got away from the victims' wallets. a similar case happened to weeks ago which involved four suspects with the exact same subscription-- description. we have talked to some people in the neighborhood of washington matter and they are concerned. >> like all neighborhoods i had
8:07 am
no idea something bad is happening here. of course and concerned my daughters live here they're both in college so work on every day. >> reporter: police say suspects are all african americans who are all in their mid to late 20s. they have increased patrols and we have seen firsthand san leandro police adding extra patrols to help residents feel safer. police are asking for anyone who may have surveillance video available. >> james: think of the update i hope they catch them soon. >> darya: kron 4 will turn joins
8:08 am
us. >> will: the raiders will not be a person, a town hall meeting will not be attended by any readers executives. the nfl is holding this, they have won in st. louis two days ago last, night in san diego in tonight is raider nations turned to do that. do they really need the town hall meeting? they have been saying for years that the raiders need to stay in oakland, but they won give fans a chance to speak their minds. the rate fears and possibly one other team and out of south louis. the san diego chargers
8:09 am
had their meeting but they still filed paperwork to relocate and they are moving down to l.a.. the nfl said they would love to have two teams in las angeles by next year. you heard about the term hail mary, maybe this is a hell mary for than greater nation. crops the one team that won't go will be the raiders who, of course tonight to a chance at the paramount theatre in oakland. >> darya: and the raiders fan sound just like the chargers fans, --boo! that was their
8:10 am
public feedback and san diego from the fans. it is cancelling the nfl rights that there will not attend games in a loss angeles the arena if 13 is moved their. >> james: donald trump taking shots at his republican . we sit down with the mother of the team killed near vallejo high-school and will tell you what she had to say.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> darya: we sit down with the mother of a student who was shot down near vallejo. max russ family is now suing the playhouse school district saying they failed to protect max. the 17 year-old who shot and killed on the track near the school. >> i'm saddened the school district did not take precautions to help my child or any child for that matter. >> darya: to teenagers have been arrested in the connection of the killing. afforded ask the
8:14 am
school board for a statement the big decline. >> reporter: we're talking more sunshine on the kron 4 news. the time now is 8:14 [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic.
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>> darya: we're looking at the weather today and to keep talking about halloween and how it's going to be warm. superhero costumes are good for women because typically like a little leotard, man i don't know if commit to a hot. we are looking at very warm halloween. genes are you wearing tights with it? >> reporter: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, isn't this a beautiful shot? this guys a lot to sunshine will be flat
8:18 am
next couple of days looks really great. between 3 and 4:00 p.m. it's going to be windy northwest winds the 20 mi. per hour. santa rosa is still at 44 degrees in physical spot on the map, 44 napa like hell in concord. all the writing *--fights have been on time. this weekend we will see some changes. issued by the national weather service big waves from mr. continue to today the waves last 16 to 18 seconds. we have to watch for
8:19 am
large breaking waves and low tides--high tides. highest for today mid-70s to low 80s. friday and saturday are low to mid '80s. after that you may want to finally put away the summer clothes, because november is when to start cloudy cool and maybe some more showers. >> reporter: a check of the right across the sand until bridge is moving at is no-/-zero snail pace. it's slow all the way across, and on the
8:20 am
peninsula at the san mateo. here is the ride, the golden gate bridge traffic moving smoothly both directions. the great pride in and out of santa cisco. you will get heavy traffic from marina all the way to the toll plaza where finally picks up. they're no problems in north bay or on the bridge just a lot of heavy traffic. there are no major hotspots but is still packed in pittsburgh into concord and more heavy traffic if you're heading to board to 42 or 680. there are no meant major crashes. the golden gate bridge
8:21 am
is a great ride on the span the from the 11 between navarro and son sann and is a slow ride which is 34 minutes which is normal. >> darya: a 20 8:00 a.m. and 9 year-old boy he and a 40 year- old arthur recovering from a shooting. we heard the story yesterday on kron 4 news, and eric smith the neighbor now faces charges. they both have interests injuries and will both be ok. >> shoes crying and was definitely devastated, i kept saying shaking their it'll be
8:22 am
fine. >> darya: as reported yesterday a gun was pointed toward the ground it went through the ceiling into the boys' department and he was hit while he was sleeping. for james in central california- >> james:-in central california that california state flag was with their american flag. the red star on the shirt is often associated with a popular game it wanted the students to turn them inside out. the sign has been associated with the gains in the past so we cannot allow those in.
8:23 am
>> james: that started there in the upper left is what the issue is. for the time being in the one in the school of fashion is going-to turn it inside out. the season is getting closer, after the blake we're going to show you what type of people to the flu shot may not work on this year. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
8:24 am
are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
8:26 am
>> james: we're backing the time is now a 20 5:00 a.m.. we're learning that the vaccine may be less effective for certain people, if slingshot any takes that in--these drugs may interfere with the bodies ability to fight off the flu. if you're going to take the flash on the next couple of days,
8:27 am
maybe play off the stands. >> darya: to let the shot, so many people think the shot is a work. the shot is a detective from every strain a, last year they got the wrong one. i can complains because it's a nose sniffing one. the tickets save your pennies save pennies, to know how much they're worth? a guy has been saving these for 45 years you can guess how many he's got? he got $5,000 for all of that. he had to roll the mall, well use the machine and got $5,000. it took two people
8:28 am
will to lift the containers up to count the pennies. but james going up on the kron 4 news, the newest feature on the trains which could shorten your commute time. >> reporter: i'm live in cash and shipped to you all about changes deacon expectations that the scope, coming up next.
8:29 am
weove, lovee, cholat crmy, cwi a ltle methg exa. mmm licisnes okie or aonds yummess. hehey's isine, or aonds yummyour
8:30 am
>> darya: 8:29 a.m., let's take a look at weather and traffic. >> reporter: its slow there's nothing major going on right now in traffic. >> [laughter] >> anny: you can do the whole wardrobe change this weekend. i
8:31 am
think after this weekend we will seek cool down considerably next week. we will talk about the forecasts, good morning everyone here is a live look at. our at. san francisco's nob 58 degrees going for high 72 this afternoon. to be a nice afternoon in the city it will be a bit breezy. the doctors the right now 44 in santa rosa, 46 and vallejo, upper 40's in napa, also the upper '40's in concord in pleasanton.
8:32 am
temperatures will continue to warm up over the next couple of days, and there will experience much cooler air and chance of showers. >> reporter: traffic is spinning out on the bay bridge itself, coming from the oakland bridge you're backed up onto all connector route. it's wide open the carpool lane, but the cash pears' and fast track have folks sitting in those lines. a motorcycle crash on no. 87 occurred in east direction, planes are blocked and crews are on scenes. we don't know yet when this cash will be at the scene. traffic will stay slow on what one connector is the trip
8:33 am
time is just under our. >> james: the stuff about how we. we're just a couple of days when kids can go out and trecker treat. try to keep calm--things, if you can. >> reporter: good morning here in castro is home to one of the largest halloween celebrations. police say didn't do not live in this area you're discouraged from coming to this area. police say it is known for violence and vandalism. police say they are not shutting down the street in castro like the use to. if you
8:34 am
don't live in san francisco uric discourage from coming in as part of the state home agenda. >> over the years things have become very violent, so it's good that they're not doing it. but we do miss the fun. >> it's 3:00 in the morning on a weeknight there would be people yelling and screaming, so i am glad that it's over. but you might realize it brings a lot of business to the castro area. >> reporter: your courage to go public activities and there will
8:35 am
be free food and games as was the focus of the police headquarters on north street. at the alice hill had centered on douser street at 33 to 6:00 p.m. there's also an apt to be for kids. the home for halloween campaign has the whole lot of events that are fun for you and your family. >> james: there are lots of ways to have fun and safely with your family. >> darya: a teen-ager's house that it will stay open a haunted house has been tried to be shot shutdown by local neighbors, it will stay open. neighbors said that it was noisy too much, traffic, and too scary for little kids. they had a meeting
8:36 am
to see if the house would go on, and there were a lot of people there. >> i would like to see what the structure looks like, how people have to live with this, your next door. >> darya: in the hands it was agreed that the howling house can go one, but it is restricted just to friday and saturday. a portion of the money raised from the haunted house, the teenager gets to the alameda for debate --food baked. just the kids up
8:37 am
early, the past s--t--pets and send pictures into our web site. >> james: communing bombard, hope it will become faster. trains will have three sources said the two that they have right now, which will help people get on and off of the trains much faster. the bart cars will show up around the end is the year, and you'll see them all throughout this system. the latest gop debate
8:38 am
was pretty interesting last night. the candidates also called each other out. >> reporter: is the third republican presidential debate on the economy. the scene to talk less about finances and more about each other. >> we're adding to the sanctions position--. >> i was told that this smiling enough. >> [laughter] >> reporter:..
8:39 am
>> who--boo! >> how about talking about this issue's? >> reporter: the candidates made their pitch as to why they should be the next president. >> we're not here for ourselves, we are honest to god here to get this country back on track. the chef unprepared i'm here untested. >> darya: planning your holiday vacation, why it costs less
8:40 am
money to travel this year. finally some good news. ♪ ♪ ♪
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sttingow wh ro® rinololiy seon. it's up towo tes stroer tn imator try c®etin rrexn®ightream. afte1 we, fi nes pearo fa, 1 mont deewrines lookmootr... anafteone ar,sk loo agess. 1 ma youoc rinolresotion today lookmootr... and t yo besfaceforwd in01. hi perrmance skinca onlfromoc® >> james: the time is now 8:42 a.m. one safety recall is for potential fuel tank issues. the
8:43 am
20192010 models may be affected. also included some 19002016 ford mustangs. you can read more about them on the kron 4 news stock, >> reporter: coming up i wish we abs to help attract your trigger trader.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> darya: but see if things have warmed up all. >> anny: .. >> reporter: here's a live look this morning wising sunny skies
8:46 am
across the bay area. to discern a pop than goethe mid-40s. of 67 in san francisco and 53 in san mateo. come this afternoon the winds are going to. get to highs are about mid to low 70's. the south bay has lots of '70s here. cupertino bought 76 degrees, for the peninsula but we lost 75 and some detail. the north bay hills the dust may get
8:47 am
strong at times up to 35 mi.. 75 in a valley and upper '70's and the like hell.--wallejo. you may want to do the wardrobe changes because sunday turned--about 10 degrees. his time to finally bring out the fall booths. time is a 40 7:00 a.m.. >> reporter: traffic is pretty much slow across the bay area without any major trouble spots. he take the trip from on the san mateo bridge every day you know the slow traffic is
8:48 am
normal. others have traffic from 882101. on the lassiter figure screen is traffic heading in from hayward. on 580 traffic has been slow and very quiet which is great news. take a quick look at the traffic map, and i will show you any trouble spot. a multicar,, is not a hot spot but is putting more pressure on south--town traffic. traffic is crawling all the way to the scene of this crash and picks up after this
8:49 am
crash to the golden gate. crews are wrapping up a crash in the south bay. in san jose beatitude planes walked year. traffic will call all the way into downtown san jose and connecting to 101. back to james. >> james: buttstock halloween, this couple of days the way kids are getting very anxious. there is a way for you to track them as they move around. >> reporter: the track and treat mobile apps will give you a way to quickly see where children are on halloween night. you can enter a number or
8:50 am
e-mail address to get access to track them. any time during the night you can see on the map where they are. if your children do not have phones you condemn them yours and monitor them on another phone. you'll have to argue with children about tracking them all the time is, this just for halloween. apple has its own tracking at called find friends which is also freight and easy is. you can see them on a map anytime anywhere, which is extremely simple. on android devices they have another version 4 android devices. happy halloween gapes
8:51 am
like. >> james: we have not haunted halloween mansions to find to the bay area which confined on our web site. >> darya: is a giant maze by uc- davis if your interested. the family of a woman who shot and killed by police officers is sliding to a federal lawsuit in suing. she was accused of shoplifting in home depot and taking knives to the store, security guards confronted her, and she pulled a gun on them and ran down the street trying to carjack three cars. she turned the gun toward them after they opened fire. her family is talking about that lawsuit later
8:52 am
today. >> james: attorney-general harry s. is latino you're getting misleading intimation of. you're not been notified that you are eligible or if you are eligible are told they do not qualify if she's been charged for things like running a red light. if you wanna find out if you qualify distraite answer you can contact the county. a malnourished 80 audit is recovering. this audit was found stranded on a beach in packers. separated from its mother, so they drove around
8:53 am
seem difficult call out for its mother. >> darya: doesn't seem like a very scientific way to find the mother. everything is cute when it's little. former subway spokesman cheerful can be heard on audiotapes talking about his sexual encounters with children. a woman took the recordings and turn them over to federal prosecutors and gave a copy to dr. feel. an exclusive look and listen to those tomorrow. the only place you'll see it is tomorrow on kron 4.
8:54 am
>> james: more and more businesses are fought offering free y 5. --free wife ate eiwif. packers said at the home port of bull--hacker's set up their own personal portals which can allow for them to access your personal information. >> darya: here's some good news for people going out town for the holidays, airline tickets for people leaving for our
8:55 am
thanksgiving christmas have low prices. you have to purchase tickets a month in advance. ticket sales are down 7%. for christmas they found that tickets are 33 percent less than last year. >> james: a salem witch has won a court order against the warlock who's been accused of harassing her. she is accused christian day of harassing her over the phone and computer. >> darya: they don't go court.
8:56 am
>> james: if they want something to stick they do have to go to the court system. maybe this is all because they had a falling out in business. >> everyone who knows me, will tell you that when i have something to say i say to your face. >> issing it's a win for all women, no man has the right to call a woman the c word. >> darya: 8:56 a.m. to morehead. we will be right back. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep.
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>> james: coming up next hour and east bay school student on life-support and the school may close a store for good.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>anny hong: here is a live look at the bay bridge this morning and we have clear skies alltel is a beautiful start today and temperatures are little children start now but will have a nice afternoon and the reason for a lot of location the winds will be strong at times tantamount our. >>anny hong: temperatures right now the santa rosa your now out of the 40's and 50 degrees for now we may have to report of the address of the wise and looking good for this employee of 55 and the more lucid and oakland fan of the '50s and san jose and it will be of a mild afternoon on the one to compare to yesterday
9:02 am
and and then get ready for another one over the next couple of days also a chance for some reconciles was talk about that coming up on the the letter. >>robin winston: finally traffics in and out of the event now is a chance to the wedding for conditions to improve scare off looking at 880 of the crossing that is much better earlier it was solid there's also an improvement in the castellanus getting better on your approach the issue of somewhere at one time back to cornwall and hercules now is backed up into a rich man and is also a sign of improving conditions no problems on the bridge a lot of heavy track of the this and it out and getting better >>robin winston: it had to learn to block and a buff up the southbound drive times it is still a tough ride for sought
9:03 am
101 for those of you come out of novato and had to san were felt as one to be packed off to 37 to stock of the five a connector if the tentative richmond san rafael bridge release is out of your way also on the peninsula and a major trouble spot is a tough ride on 11 north and south into and out of san tile the northbound drive times is still a little high cervical to six minutes of power out to and from the game no major problems on the peninsula >>darya: the republican is now beyond the specter of the house since before the civil war last month, speaker if john brennan announced it was stepping down in the amount he said he is urging his colleagues to work together as representatives of the american people not as
9:04 am
partisan >>darya: are one residence and one salmon in the neighborhood of armed robberies and they're happening in a very interesting and scary and strange way in if we're live in san leandro to tell us exactly what they're doing and who they are targeting. >>jackie sissel: them all is they believe when you said two of these arm robberies have invested a month apart the early as last month happened on a monday morning at endicott that adds to put enough extra patrols and the neighborhood will have video and the two incidents have very close similarities in the case of disabled the victims are asian families after dropping
9:05 am
the teenagers off the school and a director for suspects in each case armed with handguns and wearing math the latest incident actually happened on monday morning about it o'clock in the morning a pair had just dropped off his child at a high school returned home and aged man was confronted by four suspects after he dropped his child off at a nearby school also because of that they have added extra patrols of here and that is making residents that we talked to feel a little better about the situation
9:06 am
>>jackie sissel: police have also said they'd added extra patrols around we did see san leandro police driving around the neighborhood but also the high school they're describing the suspects as african-american man in the mid to late 20s >>darya: on the team plans of both lost angeles and joins us outside of the headquarters of the alameda everyone knows if they're going to plan this is it on to my >>will tran: they believe this
9:07 am
is the nfl giving the fans a chance to kick off their chest and relive the decision has already been made but the raiders get is this the important part they will not be there the executives will be there they were there in st. louis that would then send their last nine into my 7:00 p.m. fee in downtown oakland the paramount theater we expect probably a thousand people to show up telling the and the executive leaves them in oakland this has happened before the raiders went down to l.a. that the '80s came back to oakland and the canfor to encrypt possible teams to move to los angeles next year if single san diego or the raiders made the raiders will be the only team all those three that will stay in oakland there's never been a question about loyalty among the reformation he talked of a share
9:08 am
in the stadium if they move to los angeles is outside of los angeles they will be sharing a stadium with the san diego chargers and does not look good in the reason why is the san diego chargers they have the town hall meeting that second did not show what the with before last week they filed paperwork to move to san diego. >>will tran: their long of the chargers fans if they moved off and they're paying attention and
9:09 am
watching this this morning the to give you just heard from they said even if the raiders lost and others they will still be fans. >>darya: exactly what it is one to sound like at the meeting this is the san diego chargers meeting on their teams possible move to los angeles defense of the nfl representative is with one word of the team most said the owners are expected to vote early next year on which teams are on to move to los angeles rap on to continue to follow this and it was unjust and 19 is
9:10 am
a living economic environment to problems critics say it made some people resort to abortions for sterilization and adoptions chinese official said the policy change is a proactive response to the issue of an aging population beijing had warned the country could be home to more than 400 million people of the age of 16 by 2013 when we talk about the wall street a trick or treat it could be a bad but who was the bigger one.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>darya: 43% of salmon samples this hour from restaurants and grocery stores were mislabeled this is a minute of the salmon market while the test actually farm your considered a sample mislabeled if it was described as a wild alaskan or pacific with the dna testing indicated that it was farmed atlantic fish a spokesperson for the
9:13 am
trade of national institute says the study was incomplete because the not identify where in the supply chain the problems occurred. >>anny hong: it will be mild and wendy more details on the forecast coming up on the news continues after the break this is the dawn of an old day.
9:14 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
9:15 am
as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >>robin winston: it is pretty slow out there having to the richmond san rafael bridge not much of an improvement for the west about five a ride is jammed the from castro to the toll plaza out for the men spent a portion after mr. bennett will be a good ride headed out toward no. 101 the top one on one that is a tough commute will get to that in just a little bit
9:16 am
numbing to hot spots the loss of residual slogan from earlier trouble spot over to a if nafta use of 880 this morning there was a lot of heavy traffic wading through hayward union city fremont is want to be bumper-to-bumper on the into the south back out toward to 37 we're holding at 38 minutes from san leandro heading out to milpitas area of a quick check of the ride to the north early told about the injury crash and oxford ever saw one on one answer francis we're still in recovery mode the crashes on the lines are open to have you sought 101 and coming from novato it is just awful this solace from highway 37 of which a central san rifampin for five minutes from highway 37 to the san francisco side of the golden gate.
9:17 am
>>anny hong: 10 to 20 mi. per hour it will be blustery at times today temperatures are now on the low sixties for oakland 57 1/7 and cisco 50 in santa rosa the still in the fourth is the not of and also presents and out in the east and still a chilly start to some locations this morning we do have high pressure building equipped with not just today but over the next couple of days and on a to warm things up above average will watching the bleep has as which means we're looking for big waves nice trophy lasting 16 to 18 seconds was see large brick in waves and also watch for the high tides a candid to flooding
9:18 am
in places like mild out today a high 7 to a san francisco ridding all across the board is unfair phil to ms. severns and the more unpleasant and the next three days looks great more sunshine and even more one for friday and saturday. >>anny hong: is nothing fantastic for all of those trip portraiture's. >>james: >>rob black: and helps the economy and helps the stock market, the best can the stock
9:19 am
as hershey it is $90 today you can take on army of flying monkeys another candid places nestling those are good ideas >>james: let's talk about about disaster insurance which is had hurricane world through mexico we have earthquakes this into the goal of the san ramon >>: i could have sued dorothy for her because her house fell on to my sister it to keep to
9:20 am
the and citicorp arms and ounces of gold he had the courage to buy stock in the one with a brain knows to buy low and sell high and look of what oil is
9:21 am
doing to world economy now we did oriole speaking of cars the critic of tesla the electric
9:22 am
car do you like him. >>: he is a wizard if you cannot find the play is to pull up the maps.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: was the interplay that and charged with murder and we're in rencontre with the latest >>terisa estacio: when it finally go before the judge and enter a plea was invented in type of play their equally charged in the murder her body was found badly beaten and golden gate park and then steve
9:26 am
carter's body was found a on a grand county trail there was a half of the suspects and finally that now in custody and had a chance for acne that had been drafted for quite some time for according to authorities would confine down if they plan to enter that plea in the to the shooting of carter and caring peahen. >>darya: the storm still devastated the grandiose city area hundred thousand homes were damaged and dozens died in new york city mini is the people of the down the east coast lost power for days of mass transit schools ephors all shut down
9:27 am
since it was the second most tropical hurricane on record just the kind hurricane to train a south carolina share of that because off-camera but in the student protest this summer to the ground has been relieved of duty as reported yesterday when it first broke his and fire and hear the fire video because she refused to conduct a officer is not the on the one to blame for the confrontation. to this witness to say that he was called to the classroom after the student refused the same thing as of the there was another video special the start of a system that in attempting
9:28 am
to have them still his actions are not acceptable the justice department are investigating an incentive to those agencies to decide if you will face any charges for what he did. >>reporter: everything you need to know also about how women san francisco will have all of those victims coming next.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: new audio recording servicing this morning of former subway spokesman talking about his sexual encounters and
9:31 am
purposes the children and the florida woman says she is the one who took to recording turned over to prosecutors and share them exclusively with the dr. phil and we have dr. phil by the that this morning to talk more about what he learned from this woman and from this very disturbing the recordings. >>: they are disturbing to save the lives these are some of back in the creeping is preferred things you're on to hear it is unbelievable >>darya: he was talking about his purposes howe and deputy go with this woman if a widely shared this with her. >>: hey is a malignant narcissist and he believes he is talking to a stand a confederate he believes he's talking to someone that is like-minded in what he's doing essentially is
9:32 am
coaching her he is saying i would tell you how i do what i do he is telling her how he picked out who is the most vulnerable child and how the isolates that child from other children that and a group howe he forms a relationship in the bond and then crosses over into the physical and destined to do the sexual acts and ultimately reach them is bragging about this the strutting in front are and he is actually a sexually arousing thing for him when he is talking until on the tape and he believed that she admires him and it is really in someone that is so impressed by him and the more she says will tell me more he goes on and on this is something that is so important for parents to hear because it is the anatomy of a crime he is given as the playbook of a monster the playbook that a parent can use the same as i now
9:33 am
know what to look for i now know if someone is home and my family or my child i can see it because i know what they do. >>darya: if i do want to hear it because like you said now you're going to know what to look for >>: she took this information then she had overheard to the fbi and they said will you work
9:34 am
with us would become the fbi would you start recording impressed she did thinking it would be a fairly short-term thing but because it wanted more than him they wanted the six traffickers he was using the wanted the corn generators and distributors they wanted the much bigger picture and turned into long term thing but when he started actually talking about her servant of our children to him that is what she said i'm done. >>: should not even approach she's a journalist and he had started flirting with our and making some comments to her soviet open the door with our he
9:35 am
kept coming he is so narcissistic he loves that audience and he kept telling her and telling her >>: some parts you cannot air and then there are some parts that you can and he has made a plea deal in so that part of it is done to this could not be aired until that had taken place now there's more freedom there would have been another time. >>darya: we will be right back.
9:36 am
>>anny hong: a live look that centel we have sunny skies all across the bay area today yesterday and today was his sunny skies temperatures will be mild and san francisco on for 72 this afternoon between 2 and 3:00 p.m. the northwestern reads like 50 mi. an hour peahen especially up in the hills right now 61 and san francisco and oakland office in san jose's 65 a little more of a santa rosa you're in the low 50s finally out of the '40's on the comeback with a look at halloween for pat to talk about the chance for some weekend showers. >>robin winston: it is getting better the bay bridge approach looks a little bit better every time the chicken here is a live shot in nicosia and the cast and the far right hand side that it is spinning out earlier where backed up all the way on the other 880 of a crossing the and
9:37 am
just a little bit better about been monitoring the drive times now we're down to 26 is not a whole lot that is an improvement is still part because the upper deck for those of you go beyond downtown san francisco few will be ok on the sky with a plan on continuing out for southbound 101 to southbound trains like it is a lot of heavy traffic waiting for your no problem but is packed from the central freeway split will to solve 101 problem all along the peninsula heading into brisbane. >>robin winston: come from oakland to downtown san francisco go to the peninsula of a whopping 51 minutes from downtown oakland through the heavy traffic on the sock found james lick and how to sfo. >>darya: back with more in just a tremendous the big stars nick intended headlines this morning if you want to keep your eye on the kids as ago there is an application for that we will explain.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>darya: they have officially called it quits and she is a decade will have those stories. >>: here is a dead rat we met on the set of the amazing spider- man are now officially done this split months ago after four years to double with just now finding out is not a huge surprise the did go on a brick wall there were filming in taiwan would of the eligible bass was off the market after two years there is to the tree is a good model did read the private about their relationship but finally went public on a walk the red carpet to gather at the met gala early this year the past they've been led to more right carrying desk a bill on his yacht on the amount
9:41 am
congratulations are in order for a dance with the stars nick carter the backed she boy is going to have a back street baby and his wife is four months pregnant this will be the couple's first child. >>darya: you could watch hollywood today live with the days and 1:00 p.m. right here.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>darya: in as little macadamia macadamia is not quite it is a five your black cat she is superb, very affectionate has been looking for home since july to do best in house where adults are only present no children to you're interested contact the san francisco floor location is
9:45 am
to look at weather and traffic before we go. >>anny hong: the morning hours of not concerned about the rent umbrella started in the afternoon with temperatures start to rise to bring the winds in this afternoon is not bad right now hear the live look at golden did loss of sunshine and temperatures are slow to warm above that are slowly warming up los is an oakland right now 55 a little more loves and is anathema now everyone who were in the 40's are now out of the 40 we're seeing a little improvement of the '50s and san francisco. >>anny hong: breezy especially in the east bay hills to the 75 and berkeley 770% to one and hayward under certain conditions for the inland spots of the seven is for concord and antioch 77 and presents an image semitism the more cross out the friends a lot of midsummer's all
9:46 am
across the south bank including san jose and evergreen and 75 milpitas going for 76 degrees and was still the a little bit above average 74 along the peninsula and san mateo seven is temperamentally sitting 68 in ocean beach in last the not least the no. but we're looking at 75 from mel valley and sausalito located in novato 79 and half of and 77 and ronald park. >>anny hong: the ones on top of this afternoon so if you have some delicate decorous and outside the home you able to bring them and get ready for the warm-up friday and saturday we're talking of the 10 degrees colder on sunday increasing clout a slight chance for some land also for monday morning amid some morning showers and opera sexes bring out the fall
9:47 am
booths. >>robin winston: those of you have to drive off oakland to san francisco is not to back the drive times continues to decrease to two minutes from downtown open to the westbound skyway the wear on the backed up to west grand earlier backed up all the way through the maze on to all made to connect them lamps to bring you out of oakland to san francisco the worst is over and is considered an improvement not a bad ride on the upper deck no problems on the bridge all morning over to the san mateo bridge a slocum you come from the east of the into the peninsula drive time holding a two to one minister traffic was strong traffic on the right-hand side of the screen try to make of the foster city. >>robin winston: no major problems on the peninsula that is good news this with john laing configurations here on the
9:48 am
golden gate bridge just a few minutes ago but the number of the problems across the span is nice and smooth a quick check of the richmond san rafael bridge a nice improvement and it is a great time to get out there and have spent on nicely moving well on the bridge a quick check of the ride in the south and image of trouble spots a hot spot is a democratic, the south san jose and was santa clara and sunnyvale the drive times holding a 30 minute that is average and normal and still very slow from capitol expressway to montague expressway from the guadalupe parkway and stretches the cupertino and into mountain view still a lot of heavy traffic but no major trouble spots. >>darya: their attacks on the usual suspects like the president and democrats of the candidas also called out in the group.
9:49 am
>>: the focus of the republicans are to the edge of the bed was becoming the can descend to talk less about finances and more each other to pick. >>reporter: 10 this also reflect on themselves probably with the moderate is the end of getting the most heat how about talking
9:50 am
about the sums edition the candidas made their pitch as to why they should be the next president. . >>darya: to store your only seen we sat down with the mother of a student who was shot and killed near just above the high school as reported the incident this family is suing to teenagers
9:51 am
have been arrested in connection with the killing will be stop to the school board for comment but so far they have none. >>darya: the animal somehow separate attack his mom before it was found tomorrow bay and the acid drove it out are bound by boat to let him call out for his mom a korean officials believe the animals only about a day old when it was from that point to require intensive care over the next few weeks.
9:52 am
>>darya: if you need more information or other howe ltd. is to have a special section on our web site there is the controversy haunted house invented by 15 you're all the big boy and gives the proceeds to charity that fog some neighbors of the house was too loud at only to law that fog to scare for the younger kids got a temperate, months ago the complained that actually have this issue brought up at the planning commission and there a
9:53 am
lot of people of the voice their opinions and for the haunted house some expressing reservations about the aunt saying it is located in a bad place. >>: i would like to say what the structure looks like how people have to live with this it is restricted to just running for tomorrow and saturday night and as a said the portion of the money he does it for charity goes to the alameda county to think. >>darya: you could just announced that picture and send it to us that is how you get it and we will share in continue to share on the air leading into halloween and on our facebook page we will be right back.
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>>darya: 3 draft the straw or an accused of robbing and killing two people in the bay area are due in court this morning that are accused of shooting and can a conidium backpacker and san francisco's golden gate park and a 67 year-old yoga instructor they're targeting parents dropping the kids off near san leandro high school for the two armed robberies there are real high this month both happened in the wanted man that had just arrived at their home after taking his daughter to school three masked men held a maximum
9:57 am
fine the backdraft him and took off before the police got there and two weeks before that another man was lofted his home about half a mile away. >>darya: and they're finally getting a chance to sound off against the team's planned move to los angeles a town hall meeting a set tonight at 7 at the paramount theatre in oakland fans would get to ask questions about the possible relocation and express their opinions the st. louis rams st. biggest arms on the printer will look into laws and others as early as the 2016 season to get tickets to 7 day around the bay forecast looks like it's going to the other but when the and the we have the warm up in store for this weekend at an 84 ft. high on halloween day on saturday as it finally jump into fall just as a said the clocks do not to the to said that after you do a saturday night will fall back to standard time. >>darya: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile
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