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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that's tonight's emotional town hall meeting close to the nfl. the story owner of this bernese mountain dog for once to warn other pet owners about the danger of poisonous pills at a popular dog walking sight. reaction >> pam: today is decision about the officer who pulled this done if no-11 year- old girl and awareness campaign ploy is not the only victims of brain injuries from school sports. >> pam: oakland raider fans are packed into a town hall meeting on the fate of their beloved team nfl is considering allowing
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the team to move to los angeles fleet as live in oakland their reordination not happy about this possible move to the self,. >> reporter: a lot of people here in the bay area are the sluggish: if in droves the meeting kickoff seven minutes after seventh half of that right into it at the paramount theater august if the mets before the first speaker took the podium raiders owner mark despite public desire to move the team down the cars in california occam by fans of a standing ovation the mayor next before the form was opened a public the raiders organization will not be answering questions they will listen intently whether fans face something positive will happen from tonight's meeting,
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"concession hard for me to believe the town hall meeting country up would sway of $3 billion business deal merely venting session. >> reporter: the meeting is scheduled tender and ted clark a third meeting in three days of three different cities the nfl is hosting a potentially will lose one of their football teams and we see what happens then i felting public comments on line on this issue for the next two weeks. >> pam: school colors warning others to be where the dog was
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poisoned at popular local park is tonight's my kron 4 story trawls clifford joins us for a dog in just said a powerful dangerous drug. people >> reporter: who take their dogs all day if one woman says her dog went to the beach i always does came home sick human eyes are leadoff walk. we came home he was acting strange. of the"downhauls going in circles and biting heart rate was rapid he's been to several vets undergone extensive testing figure out what was wrong. test
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your test of sorts as to how the figure out as pcp, in the >> reporter: arrested pcp hallucinogenic drug his lethargic confuse snath of things that aren't there it will have taken for more testing including mri the check for brain damage were other dog owners to be careful. >> reporter: drugs believe the round of the dogs people see signs rep a heart rate circling biting take their dog to a hospital right away if of a small but may not have had many more.
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>> pam: idea i'll website under the micron for storage tabs. >> pam: update on the outbreak of the shigella bacteria all nearly 200 customers of a popular restaurant downtown san jose for their help the court recesses. results of last tests show. when food handler restaurant number 3-4 shigella. individual who tested positive likely contract the disease as a result of the a break. was not the cause of. "outbreak appears pilaf emphasize again proper hand washing the continue to monitor despite having a sudden done and
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what caused the a brick we do know it stemmed from this restaurant necessary action to prevent a vote to put the public. >> pam: the often than not the source of outbreaks is never found. the number of cases of this outbreak data at 191 and. >> pam: acres charred with murdering curious popular yoga teacher back in court today of three suspects and once again they did not enter a plea the murder charges of the canadian tourist and popular local therapist steve.
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>> pam: 20 to turn himself and the county main jail this week but was turned away hugo that accused of strangling fatally stabbing 27 year-old he went into the jail monday told a worker he the location of a body never said he was the one who committed a crime told to go to the san jose police department to report the crime he was later arrested arraigned on murder charges today few back in court in november. >> pam: allegedly attempting to combat the growing and not his out of hell that trade-off the says will not be filing charges because a lack of evidence the alleged attempted kidnapping october the 16 teachers say sandra on her way when she saw a 11 year-old girl walking on the street and acting strangely when
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she went back the check person found the child and the man's truck identify him the status cells are block his shot with her car or arrested and jailed now free parents staff angry salazar, face charges called her wrist and a hero several entries. angel. >> pam: please confirm man who's been missing since last week traveling to england for a job interview picture of 24 year-old josh seen that covered 22nd thing is hotel in england scheduled to fly back the same day he went missing he never boarded the flight. this was his first time traveling outside the added states allowed the bears
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continue on a sewer line below union city and a section of large sinkhole opened up this month. 20 ft. below overall boulevard difficult for cruised access ground conditions there 11. close for about a week finkel first opened up and they're now open and the other two will stay close repairs continue and they say the work has been a number one priority will be filled istria's fully reopened. >> pam: and catches fire before taking off fennec airways passenger plane with roughly a hundred people on board a dozen passengers including a child to the hospital closed as the international airport for hours a mindful pilot was able to avert a disaster as fled fuel leaking from the plane acted
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quickly opening the plane doors to get passengers crew off the plane. >> pam: police searching for a man who'd tried to kill devil mineta popular vacation spot. but that is behind bars being caught in a major legal operation.
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>> pam: dusty and live details by and house news caught an alleged cross-country's smuggling operation and and talk with co-workers about the arrest. >> reporter: in a mission busted undercover operation in new york city behind bars tonight accused of selling that the amounts of marijuana. promoted his business track this close size of sight
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he worked out of the office 23rd mission and co-workers of are in disbelief of his arrest charged. with criminal sale of marijuana conspiracy. of from york special narcotics prosecutor for the money marijuana related to the case for allegedly the father of two and possession of more than $10,000 in cash on his way to get paid for a larger model we be caught when detectives for doing an undercover operation and the man he is allegedly selling to the belief he took over the drug trafficking duties from the sun his arrest to the summer sun currently serving a one-year jail sentence he. as a
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board certifications hang currently on the wall coworker's tell us working here three years now retired from overseas the office operations the allegations did not match the man they know.: $75,000 bail despite being behind bars the office tells me they will see patients tamara. >> pam: 0 showing a park police
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officer pulling out a gun on and on an armed man viral earlier this year and caused a big backlash against that department now scoff for ford's new findings by an independent investigation into the incident the man behind the camera of letting the five back cities of the attorney representing the men with a video this letter basically saying the officer in the video did everything rate for all sofa as attorney said this letter to the city and 45 days they plan on filing a civil lawsuit ossining is more fun video the police officer david blair was guy and a talking this man behind the camera then filming the incident took place in front of a home on july 29th
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this incident he hired an attorney daniel. >> reporter: every investigator found officer rodriguez fact irresponsibly. russell further officer donald thursday weapon at the point he did during the encounter if that person in fear of life. this report >> reporter: filed just after the incident and
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airport rodriguez says acidly had a weapon he did not answer the poll by gun and pointed it toward the ground also said the reason he is on the street to check for parking violations. >> reporter: last about the claim filed today the city did receive it however could not comment. >> reporter: coming up tonight
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tips for parents a little uneasy about kids going out trigger trading this week and unita alatas said >> pam: restrictions that some homes looking a little too green east bay mud customers to the 1,000 gal. of water a day according to authorities and alamo homeowners going as high as nine times that amount and we spoke with other residents and the elbow area they did not like that one that the president's going over the limit for being
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fined a some $1,500 each a month as if these users continue the excessive water use the ford could increase the penalties. the full >> pam: there is a way to hear what people can expect on halloween night. >> diane: as warm temperatures to continue that for your halloween weekend holly knight and clear skies perfect a report to the live camera clear skies as a leading east bay shoreline cities to and the allocations for the san francisco we f partly cloudy skies temperature is right now and the low 70's felony 2 manioc 64 livermore 79 clinton east bay shoreline between 68 and 655 fremont and near san francisco translocations the '60s look ahead and the rest leaving fitting into tomorrow noon time
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9:00 p.m. in clear skies the temperature 60 degrees for the code 64 for the valley and then 70 again tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies temperatures between 52 for 56 out of the allocations by noontime sunny skies gradually warm things up yet again here is why celery are showing no rain in the forecast molester in there for now and have try weather pattern pushing things the the area there and what will change later on the couple did herself high pressure system moving out the low pressure coming in to the northwest fell one jobs downing is cooler temperatures fell like chance to rainshowers come sunday night. >> diane: of milos around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning of her fifties and win ratification and all sofa east bay shoreline cities ppm were dealing with low 80s. bay shoreline cities mid- 70s francisco state in the mid
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'70s as well. see what we get the forecast 83 holly nice and sunny clear sky the night and then a slight chance to rainshowers more about that in the seventh forecast., >> pam: had worn for parents of dangerous had sports injuries the symptoms you should be aware of fan next from looking can it usually take javelins another their attention toward the media last night's debate this and the forty-niners vernon davis never a been denied fight the flood and the broadcast
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>> pam: in the latest meeting the canada say they're more eager and for the media than one another. the partisan crowd cheered for the canada than cnbc moderator's of the fln donald trump called the media and wears. .
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>> pam: 10 to criticize political ally backfired badly onetime favorites this as something of canada once today denying his campaign is and a death spiral 14 million people a record audience for cnbc but significant drop first two debates on fox's cnn viewership was, the shot the world series still had shocking viral video of violence seen arrest. question >> pam: to being raised about what led to fuel the officers reaction. some hon for men they say to the cattlemen from a popular local
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investigators >> pam: i have a sketch for the attacker of this man approached a woman earlier as she walked. harveys casino to a nearby restaurant that 30 the morning. the victim said the man followed her on his bicycle told her he had a gun and ordered her to follow him instead woman ran to safety at a nearby hotel.
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to this >> pam: stand by taking any the coach told not to pray on the football field now fighting back and a dog viral photo and the centrust a safe 1,000,001 the most dangerous sites for children talk to a child safety expert-keep your children safe halloween night
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don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> reporter: all lost on scary side a couple of things parents can do to make sure their kids are safe the klan is scary for them snake slithered other things that go bump in the mike night fake scary part of the fun for the l.a. experience real life dangers out there the world can be avoided as a few
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precautions are made, the vice mark klass says there's a few other things to consider check with meghan slot chart if there's any registered sex offenders and your own neighborhood ensure your children to avoid their homes. >> reporter: 11 on the neighborhood and the daylight sending the kids out. the plan >> reporter: is and find out what time they return have their faces painted then wear masks a good idea to wear something bright that glows reflective cars can see the the have flashlight walk on
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sidewalks across in crosswalks telling kids and more things never enter anyone's home that they don't know. list of local hard house is popular costumes as well warning about potential can be dangers that you shall therefore questions about the south carolina officer sam listened to the ground findings in an airport may of been on a mood altering sublets the former officer and as a competitive power lifter he says that he never took steroids but does it make to using creatine asking cause severe mood swings fainter aggressive behavior that 2010
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deposition he enologist he has taken that in the past of the time is being sued for allegedly using excessive force another case arrested an army veteran during and noise to serve as complaint that lawsuit was dismissed. but he was shot dead saturday night that she lay on the couch and sat her grandmother's house and arrested on tuesday faces several charges including attempted murder. the family says they never met him they do not know why he would target their home. some live support at uc-davis medical center. high- school football coach in washington alicea will pray with this team after the game of the school district is saying no the district officials say they're not allowing it because they
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believe it may violate federal law separate church and state cutch kennedy his attorneys believe that there will violate his rights as a coach kennedy's prepared steve the school this terrific the attorney says a lawsuit filed by the end of the week. >> pam: 845 tonight says her head was pounding and would not stop 11 year-old athlete suffered a concussion commission get the message to parents of plan sports and symptoms everyone should know a 45 to nine
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regional spoke to the couple about their energetic dog not camera shy engagement pictures of the decision for a couple again increase the photo capture others in the family ever expected lead overshadow their moment. this is still ducks in a way of commanding attention might even say the gulf but after he came in a man's life first.
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this is the only one perfectly blocked from view. . every picture perfect poem but sometimes the imperfections that makes the greatest number is >> pam: video shows chaos unfolding during a deadly biker shootout + the cal unusual
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marking the letter says before lift
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>> pam: a bullet stopped nine people dead and 177 others arrested of the scene inside the book for the mileage without the police interviews via clambers blame rivals for starting the deadly melee please
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prosecutors consistently suspended the charge of the organized criminal activity and the county prosecutors and not yet charge anyone for the nine shooting deaths in this is one time the chair is and only 30 percent chance clear skies for temperatures for the next couple days including the halloween day evening could be nicer in the evening hours as well little luster trading perfect conditions for the holiday then ran the forecast of the jurors right now for 67 violations it 60 across the face shoreline mid-60's for severance the scope of his location but to expect for tomorrow afternoon around
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noon 10:00 p.m. tonight fairly cloudy skies have the jurors a low 60s by day and my morning partly sunny and have pictures in the upper 50s for the valley mid-50s for they said sid fees and 52 coastal regions by nathan fasted and conditions than 76 for the bayside cities forming things up in clear skies and then the clear sky fell one half the staff of the next couple days fiddler radar image nor in the forecast just yet we. have hired chrysostom dominating the region. tomorrow pencil a 3:00 in the afternoon dealing with low the mid-70s east bay shoreline offer '70s
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the low 80s 80 san leandro fremont 8 degrees to morning 81 ceremony before pleasanton livermore 83 l in brentwood clear skies across the map tomorrow recognitions also aid to vallejo fairfield 84 then down to the south bay clear skies average 81 expect conditions to said that the warming trend that that then come sunday we circling things down transferring charts for sunday to monday will temperatures on the horizon that a week of next week. >> pam: important symptoms he should look for fear child gets a head injury then coming up thenceforth a ferry from what native member does from barter for fall game of the forty- niners for vernon for a fourth
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he and another to make that into fall octoroon largemouth areas that all for coming off
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>> pam: swizzle likely bring injury in sports we meet so feet doing what she does best playing basketball and of and a concussion wheelchair and now the young girl as i close to bring the issue to the attention of parents. was >> reporter: all smiles now portia's the spent the six months and grueling therapy and march. clockwork a championship suffered a concussion traumatic brain injury. because of what
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had something i said good night's sleep would hear but that was not the case the next morning her mom realize something was not terribly wrong ruskin focused than had vertigo the child running down the court hours ago unable to walk the most of the bouquets she's ever seen. "caution as of this winter if it and visible he can't see anything outside see by the symptoms the show shows. the gatt >> reporter: the work
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30 awareness prevention as important as treatment in the past year the top five symptoms you need to be aware of. headache dizziness sensitivity to light noise. shot mental fog this promoting. the hospital, and on and off the field in court and nothing to play around and. >> pam: killing 100 percent and cleared to get back on the basketball court. >> gary: and u.n. people get nervous everyone at the very
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least. not able to get someone vernon the latest. any altercations and wet and his mind actually happened suppose
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the disagreement vaulting kron 4 not having a very good year charles wilson named afc defensive player of the october the 40 niner's at the day started and i am. they play in st. louis tom brady montana site brave pick apart 47 yds and
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brady second score of the night the final number. buses have ran very special status and native wearing alternative uniforms have played. and receive special timmons name on the back of every jersey a desolate the service and had died while in
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combat. besides its army april 22, 2004. frank crawford told hundred innings in them that duffy and as represented find out a little bit later franchise record by pitchers this season managers and coaches again november 10th the bay area were presented lawyers in houston
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against the rockets and the plot of your not and to discover the concussion and bent notes steve kerr will " the second game. for >> gary: stress sunday night at 9 those who lived here in the bay area remember the raid fat than the city one of those when you're playing with the bodies and classic nights a occasions
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november 17th from raptor there does feel throwback city jersey's. >> pam: becoming how unusual markings at the see the belief thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real?
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>> pam: of monday hardly of these pictures show the same woman before she would and anorexia are left by u.s. past april the 37 year-old weighed 40 lbs. and are deaf ears looney losing voice simply to the
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dollars to her go find the page cavanaugh of the code of made us have the following cost in nature could make on a live cow as i have an official name marking honor had accused the caliph of taking the mark to signal something scary if we won this year hauling customs some of your photographs are the center and also make it onto our web site is a duet download the kron 4 news application and send your photograph under the reported that some that through our web site. kron4news-dot-com kron4news-dot- com laughter
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. 57 >> diane: inland valley 55 bayside cities game time approached former temperatures upper 70 is closing in to the '80s afternoon highs. in temperatures for the valley 53 antioch 84 livermore pleasanton and warm conditions for east bay shoreline city's overall clear skies sunny conditions next couple days than the 74 cast at will change sunday. temperatures go down to 72 with a chance of rain leading into monday morning a chance of showers at 67 the same guy conditions friday
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hellene including holly knight clear skies for treating things cool down sunday 70. to the valley of 59 for bayside city's 66 for the cuts monday that like chance of showers to continue on that lisa the cooler fall like temperatures come sunday through next make. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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