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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 30, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning, breaking news. people sickened at a bay area hotel. we will have a search for the cause. raiders fans, speak out. to keep the silver and black from leaving oakland. >> halloween around the corner. safety tips on how to keep your kids safe. . good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on friday, october 30th. i am james fletcher. we will get the latest for the forecast and the latest ahead. >> good morning, anny. >> we are looking forward to halloween, of course. >> temperatures will be nice out there. warming up a little warmer than
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yesterday. we will head into our friday. here is a quick look outside. we will start with the bay bridge. we are waking up to clear skies. all across the bay area. >> oakland, good morning to you. and low 60s and temperatures will be in the lower 70s. by lunchtime. looking at 79 for a high today. >> nice afternoon. and getting close to 80 for the east bay locations and the wind won't be as strong today. looking for a northwesterly breeze. for the afternoon. temperatures right now. upper 50s in san francisco. 52 in san jose. and low 50s in livermore and parts of the bay. >> santa rosa, we will tip to cool things down until sun rise. jacket weather for kid heading to school this morning. visibility looks good. no fog out there. it is down to 5 miles visibility out to the coast. >> wind speeds. fairly light and calm in san francisco. and three in oakland. for the wind are very light
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this morning. future cases by showing us by nine owe dhok. >> widespread 60s and then by lunchtime it is going to be a nice afternoon. you would definitely say you could have lunch outdoors. temperatures in the widespread 70s and including downtown san francisco. then by 3:00 today as they are getting off of school or to the after school activities. look in the 70s and few more 80s for the bay communities. >> fairfield at # four. and near mid 80s for pleasantton and livermore. north bay communities. including napa and the mid-80-degree rank as well. >> it is low 80s in sunny valecht and nice warm day for you. downtown san francisco. warming up to # 6 degrees today. for sunny skies. it is beautiful. warm fall afternoon.
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all across the area. >> look for halloween. just as beautiful and warm. then we will see changes come this way on sunday. we will talk more about that and weekend rain. quick check of the traffic at 4:03 much it is here on interstate 80. it is all across the bay area. and bay bridge. >> just a little bit of light traffic coming through and heading to downtown san francisco. live look at san mateo brim and the drive time from hayward into foster city. running 10 minutes on 92. golden gate bridge bridge looking quiet. 101. no fog being report here. >> richmond san rafael bridge is also very quiet on interstate 580. it is a great time to leave the house at this early hour as we are delay free and hot spot free. back to you. overnight, 12 people send
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to the hospital after being exposed to an unknown odor at the westin hotel in palo alto. >> guests were being sheltered in place to minimize the exposure. still no word on what caused the odor. but they spent the overnight hours searching the parking garage for the source of that smell. we will tbear the information and keep you updated right here on the kron 4 morning news. poem talking about raiders. generations of fans packed the forum in oakland to convince nfl executives to keep the team right here. diehard fan it is made emotional pitches pleading are for the black and gold to stay put and to carson, california. what the nfl will do after the hearings. still unknown. with mayor libby shaft doesn't believe they could subsidize a new stadium. they are running out of
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options. they have been in talks with the std chargers to built a joint stadium there there. all they need to do is look to sacramento to get the team to stay. >> call kevin johnson. he is part of the group. they were going to be the super sonics. they got a stadium almost done. open up next season and they are staying in sacramento. >> one time they said it as dog and pony show. they claim the openers haven't made a decision. a lot of people believe they made the decision. i believe they are not going to los angeles. they will be right here in oakland. and the rams will be selected to go to los angeles and if they have ha need for the second time it is going to be the chargers. >> coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> we will hear from the executives how the it could influence the league's decision
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on which move to los angeles. we will see. all but one food handler at the restaurant number 3 in san jose tested negative tore shigella, the department believes that individual or the individual who tested positive likely contracted the disease as a result of the outbreak and wasn't the cause of it. >> the out break has leveled off, we want to emphasize proper handwashing and staying home while ill. we will continue to monitor for secondary cases. despite not having a smoking gun on what caused the outbreak exactly. we do know it stems from the restaurants. we have taken the necessary action to protect the public. dr. han said more often than not, the source of contamination of shigell. a are never found. now it stands at 191.
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the restaurants remains closed. three drifters charged with murdering a a tourist and popular yoga teacher. we have pictures of all three suspects: once again, they did not enter a plea to the canadian tourist and a local therapist steve carter: the search is for an attorney who can defend death penalty cases. once they have an attorney, then we can proceed forward. an officer on camera acted responsibly. that is according to the findings of a new independent review. >> you may remember. don mccomas filmed his altercation. and it caused backlash against the department. third party investigator working for the city said officer rodriguez acted appropriately. a lawyer for mccomas said it is an assault and he will be filing a lawsuit against the
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city. when i say assault, a definition does not mean that the person has to be physically hit or hurt. it means that that person is in fear of their life. >> kron 4 obtained the police report filed by the officer of the in the video and he asked the man if he had had a weapon and didn't get an answer. that's why he pulled his gun out and pointed it to the ground. >> we are one day away from halloween. people are worried about their children going out. >> we spoke about some of the things parents consist to to keep them safe this halloween weekend. >> it is fun to play dress up and getting free candy. but there are some precautions that parents should take to prepare the kids for night. >> well, there is two things parents are worried about. that the candy the children get is safe and number 2, that the
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children themselves stay safe. check out the candy when they get home. look for torn packaging and other external signs of tampering. >> there are a few common sense things to work out. >> children are under 12 years-old and they should be in a group and accompanied by an adult or the very least. >> teenager brother and sister. >> they should see if there are any sexual offenders in the neighborhood where they are trick-or-treating and they need to talk to them about the dangers that might be out there in the dark night like traffic and other real world dangers. >> better to have faces painted than wear masks. it will inhibit vision. wear something bright on your costume that either glows or reflective. so cars can see you. >> good to have a flashlight. >> good to cross in crosswalks.
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>> another thing to consider. >> for them to talk to kid about where they are going and when they plan on coming back and to never go into anyone's house they don't know. >> in sausalito, kron 4 news. this is the halloween pictures they have sent in. keep them coming in. we have had a number of them come into the newsroom. beef them on the website. and we like to share them on air. if you are dressing up or the kids are tresessing up. or the pets. snap a picture and send it our way. it is to download the news app and submit the photo through the reported tab. if you don't see yourself on air. we have the gallery on line at the website at kron >> we will take a quick break. >> when we do come back. >> if the area deputies is arrested as part of the major drug bust, the charges, they don't make sense. dangerous toy, you will
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never believe what we found inside a teddy bear after an elementary school student found it outside. >> a dog gets into drug consist at a popular park. >> a warning now for dog owners. >> here is a live look outside at the san mateo bridge camera. it is a little chilly out there. 53 degrees in san jose. should warm up to 80 degrees later this afternoon. enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast.
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. we are back. time is 4:13. friday we are at the end of the work week. what can we look forward to. >> things are great. near record temperatures today. talking 70s and few more 80s for the warmest location.
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>> it is summer-like as we head into the end of october. it is not going to last long. we are seeing cool air head this way. and for next week. >> so, enjoy the warmth while it lasts. here is a look at sfo, clear skies starting off friday morning. it is clear everywhere we look. it is a cool or chilly. >> 53 degrees. right now. >> going for a high at low 80s. hit that before # and 4:00 p.m. >> northwesterly breeze and at five to 10 miles an hour. >> heading home for the evening ride. things are looking great and temperatures will be mild in the 70s. right now it is cool out there and including santa rosa. >> 48 degrees. and concord and also in pleasanton. we will continue to close things down until sunrise. i wouldn't be surprised if we see upper 40s and east bay
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locations including canville and mid-40s. up in santa rosa. and definitely check the weather as we are heading out the door this morning. wind speeds resist looking good right now. >> the hills will remaybe breezy and we are still seeing high pressure giving us all the sunshine today and foam. and warm up quies nicely in the afternoon. it will change with another system approaching. and we will see clouds and cooler conditions. >> today, enjoy the warmth. >> we are talking near 80. and 81 in castro -- castor valley and for the inland spots. warming up to 84 along the creek in concord. and 81 in san ramon and antioch. anal 84 in livermore. >> definitely short and t-shirt weather. >> next three days looking great. another warm day. it is going to be beautiful for halloween for all the trick-or-treaters and halloween
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parties. >> sunday. we see changes. >> dropping a good 10-degree it is or more on sunday. we are seeing increased cloud cover and slight chance for rain. probably not until sunday night it looks like and the rain can last us through monday as well. as we are heading into november. >> quick check of the traffic on your friday morning at 5:16. this is the berkeley ride on interstate 80 will take you 15 minutes. it is all green on the sensors. so we are not looking at any delays. and delay free. >> ant yack to concord drive. also looking great here. taking about 15 minutes this morning with no slowdowns. no slowdowns to walnut creek drive. >> eight minutes on 242. last but not least, the drive from walnut creek into the berkeley area on 24.
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that is looking pretty good here. >> 12 minutes. this morning. no major slowdowns or delays to report. back to you. we have some san francisco pet owners warning others after their dog was poisoned an at a popular park. >> we have the micron four story. >> they love their 2-year-old burmese fun-loving dog. he went on his regular do you go walk and when he came home. he was acting strangely. running up and down the hall and spinning in circles. and biting at things that weren't there. his heart rate has been super rapid. >> he has got extensive testing to figure out what was wrong. >> blood tests. urine tests. all sort of tests and they figured out it was pcp. he had ingested pcp, a
4:18 am
hallucinogenic drug. he snaps and confused at things that is aren't there. they have to take him in for a mri to check for abnormal brain activity. >> she wants others to be careful. >> i want people. if they have drugs don't leave them around. don't give them to dogs. and if people see signs. anything we experience. and rapid heart rate circling or biting that they take their dog into the hospital right away. >> we are fortunate our dog was big: if testifies small, we may not have him any more. >> that's it. >> . that was charles clifford reporting for us this morning. this story brought to our attention by a kron four viewer. if you think you have a story you would like to submit. >> go to kron 4. and click on the for story tab.
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with water restrictions in the police. they are looking a little too green. >> they are limited to a thousand gallons of water per gay. some alamo homeowners are going as high as nine time it is that amount. >> they are not happy that some of the neighbors are using so many water. >> it is wrong. >> they should take their responsibility and shear in the conservation. >> definitely frustrating that you feel like someone has got more money and they are willing to pay all that. it is not about the money. it is about the water usage and trying to conserve so it helps everyone out. not just the one lawn. >> then, those going over the limit are being fined less than $1,500. if the users tip their excessive use, the board could increase the penalties. breaking news overnight.
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the senate avoid a government shutdown. the debt ceiling goes up thanks to a partisan agreement. of which many conservatives explained why opposition of the bill led to two pretz shal contenders and kept it from happening. >> the yais are 64. >> nayless are 35. >> 3/5th of the senate having voted in the. aity, it is freed to: wasn't until 3:00 a.m. that they passed the budget deal from fiscal conservatives in the senate pushed it into a rare overnight session. >> the number 1 threat to the company's future is our debt. >> rand paul and ted cruz failed to filibuster the bill. >> and they had been in the house and passed it wednesday. >> they raise the government debt ceiling through march 1st. and comes was an increase of
4:21 am
federal spending of 80 billion-dollars on domestic programs. they called the bill the result of an unholy al liepsz. we need more money for the military. >> on the left. they say much they need more money nor welfare. >> there a secret handshake. en and we intent more on anything. >> $33 billion will be cut in 2025. mr. president. if you believe that. i have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn and i have beach front property in arizona for you. >> no one in congress believes they will ever happen. >> i am andrew spencer. >> reporting: a fugitive that shot a plef has been shot and killed. kentucky state police. say floyd ray cook was killed touring a snout out early this morning.
4:22 am
>> he shot and injured tennessee police officer last weekends. and that officer is expected to recover. a 7-year-old nevada boy is rushed to the emergency room after picking up a a teddy bear stuffed with drug needles. >> they reported he picked it up. and was pricked by one of the needles. >> he was pricked by five of the syringes hidden in the toy. >> they tested positive for methamphetamine. and they say the boy found the stuffed animal in a trash can. >> this is a photo of the animal. he was taken toe a local hospital. police are still investigating this morning. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we will look at the big stars making headlines in the daily wrap. here is a live look outside. we have the toll plaza camera. we are in oakland. it is a mild 60 degrees. should warm up to 79 later today. >>
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. we are back here. this is for the 5:00 hour. >> halloween can be scary for little kids and hard on pets, too. we have tips on keeping the four legged friend safe. apple is releasing the newest version of the apple tv today and the new features you can expect. >> kansas city royals fan gets the royal treatment. how they came together to get the game tickets to the 90-year-old veteran who has been a fan and couldn't afford to go to the game. we will talk entertainment news. jennifer lopez and rhianna are making their way to television. kim richards get sentenced for her shoplifting spree. >> this more. >> i am aj gibson. this is the hddaily wrap. j lo is getting her open show. she announced she will star in
4:26 am
a cop camera called shades of flu and stars ray liotta and she is a detective that will act as an informant against her open cheegs. >> premiere january 14th. >> don't worry. i wouldn't do that to you. one pop princess to another. she is 10 her career. >> value leerian and the city of a thousand planet,. , no word yet on what the roles are. >> rhianna appeared in home and made her acting debut in battleship. >> real housewives made a no contest please deal after being charged with petty shoplifting. >> given 300 hours of community service and attend weekly a.a. meetings for the next year. >> that is the daily wrap. >> thanks, guys. you can catch hollywood today live here on kron 4. >> coming on the morning news.
4:27 am
a pay area den tils arrested as part of a truck bust in new york. >> why the colleagues are shocked by the news. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. another warm day for friday. >> more details after the break. >> the time now is 4:27. >> your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. to help keep your family healthy, lysol that. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this.
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. welcome back to the kron 4 news. i am james fletcher. coming up at 4:30. here are the big stories we are working on for you this morning. 12 people sent to the hospital after being exposed to an unknown odor in palo alto. they were called to the scene. hotel tbeses being sheltered place to minimize additional exposure. they were searching for the source of the smell.
4:30 am
still no word on what caused it. >> generations of radar fans packed a forum to convince nfl executives to keep the team in the area. >> what they do after the hearings. we are waiting for that. they have been in talks with the san diego chargers and the city of carson to build a joint stadium there. we will hear from a top nfl executive from his take away at last night's meeting. all but one food handler. number 3 tested negative for shigellacht, they believe the one individual likely contracted the disease as a result of the outbreak and was not not the cause of it. outbreak cases are now at 191. halloween is ahead. daylight savings coming to an end. a lot going on in the weather front. >> yes, we will see changes and
4:31 am
right now. it is another chilly start out there. like we saw yesterday. some 40s and low 50s. and north bay and east bay this morning. here is a look at the embarcadero camera from san francisco and the pier here. it is a really cool start here and all across the bay area. >> if you are heading to the city for work today. temperatures in the upper 50s. we will cool down to the low 50s and low 70s. 76 is the high for today in the city. that is a nice warm day. look for a westerly wind at 5 miles an hour. >> temperatures right now. >> seeing a couple of 40s and santa rosa at 49 and also in oakland with the hour. and temperatures will continue to cool down until around sunrise this morning. we will see mid-40 readings out there and keep you posted. it is chilly for some spots. here is the satellite and radar
4:32 am
picture. it is staying well to the north of us. we still have high pressure and control giving us all the sunshine for today and all through halloween. we will see them warm up quite noisily. south -- quite nicely. >> lots of low 80s and 81 in santa clara and san jose. and 82 for morgan hill and for the peninsula. and san mateo in redwood city. for the coast looking mild out there. 73 at half moon bay and daly city and 73 in ocean beach. for the rest of the bay area. few 80s here in fairfield and mid-80s nor napa. and warming up above average. we can get closes to record highs today. it will be a warm one. >> quick check of the traffic on your friday morning at 4:32.
4:33 am
the bay bridge looking quiet here. seeing a bit of a back up here and that is very minor. traffic picking up a little bit for the folks heading into the east bay and westbound 80 in san francisco and things are looking hot for you though. >> hot spot free. on 92 and if you are heading from hayward and foster city this morning. it will take you 10 minutes. no major slowing there. >> golden gate bridge bridge looking foggy and no fog on 101. light and easy right. if you are head willing southbound on 101 from the north bay. >> the san rafael bridge looking quiet on interstate 580. great time to leave the house. there are no slowdowns to get in your way this morning as you head out the coor and on to your destinations. james? >> thank you. police in new york arrested a prominent san francisco keep tis in a major drug bust.
4:34 am
justin waldman has more on how he was caught. >> hello, i am dr. weitz. >> reporter: he promoted his practice as pot friendly. >> that's why we are encouraging can business users -- cannabis users to see the dentist more often. he works out of an office at 23rd and mission. his coworkers at mission health are in disbelief of his arrest. >> totally shocking. >> the dep tis is charged with criminal sale of marijuana and conspiracy. this photo from the new york special narcotics prosecutor shows the money and marijuana related to the case. the married father of two was in possession of more than $10,000 in cash. and on hills way to get paid for a large amount of weed in yonkers, new york. >> he got caught when detectives were doing an undercover operation on the map
4:35 am
he was selling to. >> investigators believe he took over the drug trafficking duties from his son after his arrest this summer. the son is currently serving a one year jail sentence. >> i am concerned about him. i appreciate him as a person. and as my boss. and i have a lot of respect for him. >> at his practice. his awards and certifications happening proudly on the walls. they tell kron 4 after working here for years. he is now retired and overseas. >> the office operations. >> they do not match the man they know. >> we want to tell him. we love him. >> care for him and we will pray for him. and that we are here for him. >> at mission dental health. your smile still our mission. >> well the man arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap an antioch girl is out of jail. they will not be filing charges against 51-year-old salazar
4:36 am
because of a lack of evidence. sandra ferguson was on her way when she confronted and stopped salazar from taking a 11-year-old female student with him in the truck. they are confused and angry. they want answers as to why he was released. >> are you kidding me? that is insane. >> how much more evidence do you need. the child to be raped or mentally thwarted for the he is of his days. >> if she was in the car. he is guilty. he attempted to do something with her t i don't know what it was. but it is ridiculous. >> salazar is not being charged with any crimes. but sandra ferguson is still being called a hero. and they support what she did. >> they have arrested a man in connection to a string of burglaries. 21-year-old james brauten faces charges after he burglar rised
4:37 am
three separate homes. they have homes blocks apart being ransacked and solen. they identified him and arrested him. at the time of his arrest he was in possession of stole enproperty. >> attempted kidnapping on the streets of lake tahoe. it will help them track down the attacker. >> this man approached a woman earlier this month as she was walking. >> from harvey's casino to a nearby restaurants. >> the victim said the man followed her on the bicycle and told her he had a gun and ordered her to follow him. >> she rap to safety at a nearby hotel. >> we have breaking news out of london where they have found. while searching for a missing san francisco man. >> coming up at the top of the next hour. >> new details about the officer who lost his job. >> what he was taking that may have effected his mood that
4:38 am
morning. >> it is not a halloween prank. >> introduce you to a super hero to keep the neighborhood a little bit safer. >> here is a live look outside the embarcadero camera in a minute. >> 60 degrees in the city. >>
4:39 am
(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm.
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but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ . amazon under fire for mistroatding its employees. withholding wages insist overtime and benefits as well as not allowing breaks. the employees were not directly especiallied by amazon and they have not responded to the lawsuit. >> the giants and as are not in the playoffs and they are getting recognition. four members of the giants are for the golden gloves award for the national league shortstop. he cometted 13 errors in 1200
4:41 am
innings last season. brand doon bell and matt duffy and buster posey are all finalists for their positions. >> as have two golden gloves as well. he won the award back in 2012. sonny gray. and managers and coaches will be voting for the winners which will be and nouned on january 10th. >> tune into sport live. talks to charles barkley and shack and the -- shaq and the rest of the crew. >> that is after the warriors and kron 4 news at 8. real live super hero patrolling the streets an oregon city. calls himself the guard yap shield. >> there he is. he has a shield and everything. by day, he is a regular nine to five employee. en puts on this costume. grabs his shield and and patrols neighborhoods. >> he carries pepper pray.
4:42 am
>> a bat done. >> flashlight. first aid kit and go pro camera and wants to headache his town safer. >> everything that i do. and i try to be leblg jit as much as possible. >> if i inter convenient. >> someone was down and nobody was doing nothing. >> i am tired of that. >> . the shield. and they have been positive. they encourage them to step into dangerous situations and appreciate the shield and call and tell them when they see there is trouble out there. >> coming up on the kron 4 news. a look at your halloween forecast. >> here is a live look outside as you take a look at what it is like at the moment. >> it is pretty clear out there. and it is not so bad. >> should warm up to 79. we do have communities in the east bay and north bay that are in the 40s. you may need a jacket.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
. we are back much chatting with anny going forward. we are in the last couple of days before they turn fall-like. >> you can start to transition the wardrobe and put away a lot of the stuff and wardrobe items. this is the golden gate bridge and especially in the north bay. once again. similar to yesterday k we are see something low, mid- to upper 40s degree readings. >> livermore you are starting off chilly and you may cool down in the next couple of hours. >> high of 84. well above average. we can get close to record highs today. wind won't be as strong. >> look for a northwesterly breeze. and you have dipper plans rater tonight to celebrate the end of the work week. it is very mild. >> under sunny conditions.
4:46 am
>> upper 60s at 8:00 tonight. the temperatures right now. >> we are seeing a few more 40s. and four. and 49 in oakland and in pleasant ton. >> looking at some low 507s for places like san jose and sunny valecht and for kids. especially as we are heading out to the bus stop. >> here is a look at the satellite. and radar picture. not just today. but through tomorrow. >> ridge breaks down and then we will see cloud and showers move in. >> probably starting on sunday night and monday of next week. >> check out the north because highs. and lots of sunshine. we are talking 83 in roanoke park and 86 in sonoma. and in vallejo and in mid-valley. for the rest of the bay area, 80s. for livermore and pleasant ton. and -- pleasanton and for the
4:47 am
half moon bay and including san jose at 81. check out the storm tracker around the forecast. it is warm day. another beautiful warm day for saturday. freight for trick-or-treat lers on halloween. we will have clear conditions. >> sunday, big changes. we cool down with cloudy conditions with. >> slight chance arriving monday night and looking at showers and breezy conditions. >> upper 60s and those might be long gone and heading into november. and settling into more of a fall-like pattern with cooler conditions. and more wet weather on the way. we will keep you posted. >> quick check of the drive times here on friday morning. >> no major hot spots to report. >> we will take thank you 16 minute this is morning. see a little bit of slowing here. and other than that.
4:48 am
it is problem free this morning. talks 22 minutes on 580. minor slowing there. it is pretty usual for this time of day. and dialed into the fremont ride and that is just 20 minutes this morning. time now is 4:48. james, back to you. thank you, anny. more question persist the south carolina officer who slammed the girl to the ground. he may have been on a mood altering supplement. >> former officer ben fields is a competitive power lifter. deputy fields said he never took steroid and he does admit to using creatinine. and it has aggressive behavior. he acknowledged he had talk it in the past. >> he was being sued for using excessive force insist another case and that was ultimately
4:49 am
dismissed. >> meanwhile a deputy is back behind pars after escaping from custody and waving waving a gun at a group of minors. >> he was on leave. >> arresting deputy say tucker was complaining of pack pain pan caused them to double cuff him and then he said. he was feeling nauseous and they rolled down the window k. >> reaching through the window. and unlocking the door and taking off. >> how he got out of the handcuffs. >> great question. >> i suspect. >> i don't know this. >> i suspect he may slowdowns brn equipped with a handcuff key. >> it took several minutes to realize he even else caped. >> they were righting. an arrest. we are also getting our first look at the last deadly
4:50 am
motorcycle shoot out at waco, texas. you can sea members looking out the window here. >> after the bullets stopped. nine people were dead. >> 179 other it is were arrested. and this is the win peeks restaurant. before the violent shot out. in in kosack and bendido blame their rivals. waco place have agained the mass arrests that day. everyone arrested has been charged with criminal organized activity. they have not yet charged anyone for the nine shooting deaths. those charge it is are still to come. >> catching fire with more than a hundred people on board. >> lots of smoke. and you can see in the shot. >> this hatched at the international airport. >> scheduled to fly to ven nez sell with a la.
4:51 am
and the they spotted fuel leaking from the engines. >> within minutes, it was spewing black smoke. the plane was quickly evacuated. >> everything worked as it is supposed to work. >> you have got to get everybody off the plane. >> that's what the regulations require. >> 90 seconds with half the doors being unusable. >> more than a dozen passengers were september to the hospital. >> they caught fire. and now. it is ntsb and determine whether the plane caught fire. we will let you know when the results resist in. >> a man pulled over and complimented the officers on the stop. steven is amazed. he was pulled over in the middle of the night carry ago gun. he felt the need to share the experience on facebook.
4:52 am
>> my head light was out. >> you were cool with us. didn't grif us grief and let you off with a respect with aing. >> i was really appreciative with that. and they had professional conduct during the stop. >> well, the post has been commented on and liked and shared by thousands of people. they are associated with the stop also shared his post. >> thanking him for the compliment. >> . >> who is going to give you the glance. >> these new audio recordings of former subway spokesman jared fogle and talking about his sexual encounters with
4:53 am
children. she has turned them over to prosecutors and also talking with dr. phil. part one aired yesterday afternoon. and you can catch part two this afternoon at 4:00. right here on kron four. in case you messed part gun. it will air right behalf the kron 4 morning news. we will take a break. >> coming up. more news of course. >> this is a check of what it looks like. >> we are following weather and traffic. >> at the moment. san jose are on the mild side. >> 53. >> warming up to almost 83 degrees this afternoon. >> we have anny tell us. it is going to feel like fall around the bay.
4:54 am
4:55 am
. we are back. a family in omaha, nebraska canceled the wedding. the groom got cold feet. they didn't want the reception to go to waste.
4:56 am
they held it any way. with a new roster of guests. >> the family turned the negative into a positive and donated it to a local mission. >> my heart goes out to the bride. >> we just are all greatful to be here. >> great opportunity tore the 76 students to come together. and celebrate how much they achieved and that they have a long ways to go. >> the open door mission works to combat homelessness and poverty. nice to see it not go to waste. >> you are looking. at picture here this they sent in to us. >> keep them coming in. we have the last few years. >> buzz light year. looks like woody and all the favorite toy story characters. >> we are airing them here on the product cast as well. >> keep them coming. download the mobile app. you can tap and attach it that
4:57 am
way and we will be able to get it quickly. check it out. >> be safe there. >> trick-or-treating tomorrow might. >> coming up in the next hour. >> we have two breaking news stories. first off. 12 people taken to the hospital after being exposed to an unknown odor at a pay area hotel. >> we have avery harper and she will have more on what caused the people to get sick. >> plus have found a body while searching for a man from san francisco. >> we will have more as well. >> there is rain in the forecast for this weekend. let you know if it is impacting your halloween.
4:58 am
4:59 am
. i will have more on when
5:00 am
they were hospitalized. >> i am will tran. where halloween starts tonight. see them applying the make up. we will talk to them about the haunted festival which takes it place at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> . will is also in the halloween spirit already. >> i have the halloween forecast coming up for all the trick-or-treaters for tomorrow. i will break town the numbers for you and let you know what areas will be the warmest. . good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us early. 5:00 a.m. on a friday. >> we are jumping a gun on the halloween. this is the only day before tomorrow night. that is why will is dressed up. i wanted to wear my super woman costume. >> he said you can't. >> i wanted to care it. and he said no. >> wait. where is your costume. >> do you have the pictures. >> there might be a picture.
5:01 am
>> at least, we have that. >> and no traffic yet. >> not yet. >> good. >> and weather wise. >> it is wickedly warm. things are looking great. happy halloween every one. >> this is at 5:00. >> get the little ones out. and partly cloudy skies. it is mild and mid-70s by 8:00. cooling down into the 60s for the big kids going out trick-or-treating. on the south bay. >> mid-70s. mild to warm conditions. we will have mostly clear skies. and san francisco and the east bay also. mild conditions expected at 5:00. we will be in the 70s and then at 8:00 in the 60s. it is really fantastic for trick-or-treating. and it is for tomorrow. >> quick live look at the embarcadero camera. we have clear skies out there. quick check of the of the
5:02 am
forecast. >> it is a chilly start and seeing upper degree readings and also for the east bay inland locations and you will see by 8:00. it will be in the 50s. >> 70s for recess. lots of sunshine expected and 3:00. as they are getting off of scoolt. temperatures warm willing up into the mid-80s nor a lot of locations. it is well above average and this is the bay shore line. the warmth is on today and tomorrow. and then changes come this way on sunday. we will talk about that later. >> first, here is robin with a check of the commute. >> good morning. and happy friday. we are in tootd shape. >> this is san francisco. wide open here at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> this is from the maze and up to the pay gates. it is slow between 5:30 and 6:00. it is a good time to get out early before it starts to back up. >> good check of the traffic maps. this is a crash in antioch. >> it is west four and already
5:03 am
off to the shoulder and traffic is at a crawl in the westbound direction. >> this is the highway by pass and if you are coming out of breptwood. >> oakley. and antioch. and highway four. it is calling right through the scene there. and it is butched up to 16 minuteses from antioch and concord. once you get through the crash. it is through pittsburgh. walnut hill and guys. breaking news on the pen anyone sul la. 12 people in an upscale hotel in palo alto brian flores hoppized. >> -- in palo alto. were hospitalized. >> what made them sick? we content siferry harper out there to find more about that. >> good morning, avery, what is going on? >> good morning. here is the scene. it is clear right now. 12 people were hospitalized after being exposed to a
5:04 am
suspicious odor. take activity look at video as haz-mat teams arrived. what the smell was. this is on the he will camino real came from the hotel parking garage. haz-mat team it is tried to figure out what it was. and they weren't able to determine what the cause was. fire officials said. their job here is done. take a look at what the spokesman had to say. >> something that happened by the hotel and got caught in the garage and we won't find it. you never missouri how long it will turnpike out. as long as it is not causing any problems for patients and it as snell or doad sore and then we will be okay to clear it. >> -- it as smell or odor. >> they will try to determine what that was. no word on the one hotel guests who were hospitalized.
5:05 am
back to the studio. >> we will be checking back throughout the morning. 5:04. >> other breaking news. >> police in england have found a body in the search for a san francisco man who was in the country for a job interview. >> 24-year-old josh sanchez maldonado is a trader. he was reported missing by his family when he didn't get on a flight returning to san francisco. he ha has not been seen since late thursday. >> police in england announced they had found a body near train tracks just outside of london. they have not identified the body but they have told sanchez maldonado about this development. >> well, radars fans. trying to convince the nfl to keep their team here in the bay area. >> generation of fan it is packed the town hall meeting to protest the move to los angeles. they showed up and you can see. they are in costume. >> wearing the silver and
5:06 am
black. and asking the nfl to keep them here instead of moving them to carson. for months, the team has been in talks with the chargers and the city of carson to building a joint stadium there. >> doesn't think the city could subsidize a new stadium. they are running out of options. >> executive vice president said fans. while they shouldn't give up hope just yet. it is not in the nature of the game to be hopeless. >> i don't think the mayor would have sat here for three hours and city leadership had given up on this. and i don't think the owner would have sat here for three hours if he gave up on oakland. >> he said the nfl will report back to a committee. and it is not known what will happen next. >> we may never know what caused the food poisoning outbraing of a restaurants. this is the source of the shigella, all but one food
5:07 am
happenedler at the restaurant tested negative for shigellaen the person who tested positive probably contracted the disease after the outbreak started and didn't cause the outbreak. >> well the outbreak of shigella appears to have leveled off. we want proper handwashing. and we will continue to monitor tore secondary and despite not having a smoking gun. and we do know the outbreak stems from this restaurants. we have taken the necessary actions to protect the public. number of people diagnosed with shigella. is 191. the restaurants is still closed this morning. we will talk about halloween. the weekend here coming up quick. and parents. some of you might be worried about kids getting out trick-or-treating and getting into troubling. it is fun to dress up and go
5:08 am
around with candy. >> there are some precautions they should take. >> and mark class said the two things they are most worried about. >> they meet not be safe and the kid might get into harm's way. here is what you can do to avoid that. >> they should be in a group. and they should be accompanied by an adult and the very least. a teenage brother and sister. it is better to have the face painted. rather than masks. it is a good idea to wear something bright on your costume that either glows or is reflective. >> parents should check the candy that they bring home. >> look for signs of tampering. and see if sex off offenders live in the neighborhood where your kids are trek or treating. >> kron 4's wim tran is -- will tran is at great america. it looks incomplete. you got a slash on the face.
5:09 am
what else? > >> reporter: look at this. darya. do you know the game of death, the movie. this is bruce lee. iconic. i bought it a month ago. couldn't wait to wear it. and vars all stories. you come down here. and you can feel it and they would make it up. and you can see heather and search yo and beginning at 7:00 tonight. and then definitely tomorrow. halloween hunt. and these are the players that will dry to scare the people who show up to great america. >> talk to heather and sergio. >> what are you making sergio right now. >> into a new zombie. >> he is just being created. he fell out of. and he got broken and now developing into the feed. >> you have 15 minutes to do this. >> all artists have only 15 minutes for every single make up that you see out there. >> who you are you holding up.
5:10 am
i never sat in a make up seat. and how many people will you do before the night is over. >> 500. >> what. >> got to be more. >> no. >> my whole team does 500. each artist does about 12. and it takes 15 minutes each and it takes it three hours for all 500. >> yes. >> . i love scary movies and it is. >> "walking dead," is it a big theme or go with anything that is current. >> we definitely have the walking theme. "walking dead" theme. we have all of those different zombies where they are melted off to where they got bitten and it is kind of cool. >> go ahead. darya. >> you kidding me.
5:11 am
>> how did she get into it. i go to nordstrom. they don't do this. and teach you how to do this. . >> that was me at 16 years-old. that was my skin. >> how did you get into this. >> i the staked this when i was younger trying to scare my mom at birthday parties. will take her two seconds if you follow the series. you look at this. >> she plans to put a pace ball cap on to me. >> nice union any tard. >> and -- unitard, i asked zoli to zip me up. this is unchartered territory for me. >> i will enjoy checking back with you throughout the morning. >> and you, have been sharing your pictures with us and you know what else. we are sharing with you. all the information. about all the kind of stuff.
5:12 am
not just this party. but maybe local haunted house and then tips on what you can do. and like we were falking with mark class and it is all at crob look at the pictures. >> look at the little pumpkin. send it to us. download the mobile app. you can click report it. and the picture comes right to us. we will be right back. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
5:13 am
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get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
5:15 am
. 5:15 is the team. water restrictions is in place because of california's drought but some yards in the east bay. they are looking an electrical too green. he is bay customers resist limited to 1000 gallons a day. some homeowners techy in alamo are using as much as nine times that amount of water. >> they said they are not happy with the neighbor's ultra green lawns. >> it is wrong. and everybody should take their
5:16 am
responsibility and share in the conservation. >> this is definitely frustrating that thank you feel -- that you feel they are willing to pay all of that. it is not about the money. it is about the water usage and trying to conserve a little and it helps everyone out. not just the one lawn. >> people who to over the limit are being fined less than $1,500 right now. but they said the penalties could go up if they use excessive amounts of water. >> happening today. the state water resource control board will be releasing numbers for september. >> so far. >> they have reduced water consumption by 25% every month since they started requiring cut backs in june. >> they will reveal enforcement methods that it is taking as people save water. >> california yorns -- californians saved for what was recorded in july. state officials are threatening
5:17 am
fines and reductions in they don't continue. this is for halloween and it will be perfect. >> you couldn't ask for a better forecast. it is warming up quite nicely today and tomorrow. >> live look at sfo and we have clear skies out there. a lot of locations in the east bay and very similar to yesterday morning. temperatures were cooling down in the mid-40s. we will see it once again. you are also cool at 53. going for a high of low 80s by 4:00 with the northwesterly wind. and 12 miles an hour. it won't be windy today and 48 had santa rosa and vallejo. and concord. and upper 40s in pleasanton and san mateo and seeing a few more days. >> fog is not an issue. maybe patchy fog tomorrow. >> warming up quite nicely. >> 70s today and warming up into the 70s. we will see a few more 80s in
5:18 am
the map today. >> check this out. and low # 0s in fremont. and to the inland spot. talking mid-80s. like livermore and walnut creek getting to 84. the rest of the bay area. and low 80s. in south bay. >> looks great legal great. >> it is warm beautiful day for halloween. clouds arrive and we are tracking a slight chance for rain starting sunday evening. >> more details coming up. little bit later and first, robin with your commute. >> not tracking any hot spots. but it is getting into san francisco. look at it here. >> the cars are rushing through the pay gates and good news, you don't have to worry about a weight. it is too late to tell it is friday or not. it is 5:30 or 6:00. get out there now and you can beat the morning rush. >> over to the san mateo bridge. little crowd the for you on the
5:19 am
right hand side the screen. commute direction. and the tail light out to foster city and the drive time is 15 minutes from the nimitz freeway and that is a great drive time. >> over to the golden gate bridge. this is 101. into and out of shf. no problems and it as trouble spot in the east bay on westbound four. for those of you who use it. you are coming out of brent woot. ant yoke and oakley. this is the construction zone and we have an injury crash. that is working there and it is already at a crawl. >> it is west for eighth street and on the how old der and slowing down your ride from the 160. and it is by pass split and it is 19 minutes. if you are closer to city streets and in the area. there is always east 18th. running parallel to west four. >> this is after the scene of the crash of the and that will
5:20 am
get you through all the heavy traffic. >> after that. it is a great ride heading toward concord and through the south pay. it looks fantastic. >> this is 85. >> 17 minutes. can't beat that. and from your trip from san jose and cupertino. >> back to you. >> breaking overnight. >> fugitive accused of shooting. after a week long manhunt. they say 62-year-old floyd ray cook. >> shout and killed during a a shoot out and police say that contact shot out at exprred a tennessee police officer last weekend. that officer is expected to make a full recovery. >> wind driven wild five and mendocino, and we have the fire starting just by the padresidents es national forest. it has burned 70 acres and it is still # miles away. >> they are high wind in the
5:21 am
area. and push the fire forward at a fast rate. >> they have been warned. they may have to evacuate and two schools have canceled schools in the area. because of air quality as well. >> crews battled the large fire in southern los angeles. >> they have got the fire under control yesterday evening. they have haven't said what parked the fire. and they say, well, there were downed power lines and had exploded. no injuries were reported. >> now, to a my kron four story. they took their dog to a particular dog park and it was poisoned. they took the 2-year-old burm meeses mountain dog. and when they got home. their dog was acting strangely. >> the family took their dog norm to several vets and he had ingested pcp. >> he was running up and down the halls and spinning in
5:22 am
circles and biting at things that weren't there and his heart rate was super rapid. if they see signs of anything we experience and they take their dog into the hospital right away. >> we fortunate our dog was big. and if it was small. we may not have it any more. >> these are huge. and that is a hiewl laws generallic drug. it is very strong. they are lucky and even toe. >> -- and even so. >> more testing. and mri. it is all for it. and they take their dogs there. and look at u. >> this is a piece of warning for you to know about. and look at the story. >> pat, the dog owner told us about it and for you, as well to submit the story ideas. this is the way that we find out and tell everybody else what is going on. and go to the my kron four story tab and submit the idea tols us. >> avoid willing a government
5:23 am
shutdown. raises the limit on borrowing. >> and it is now going up as part of the agreement. many fiscal conservatives didn't approach and kept the vote. >> the debt creeling through march '17 and increases federal spending by more than 80 billion-dollars on military and domestic programs. >> still ahead. >> prominent bay area dentist is behind bars. >> police say he was involved in a major drug bust. >> why coworkers are shocked by the allegations. >> plus justin beiber walks out of a radio interview. as it is happening. >> why? and how is he defending it?
5:24 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
5:25 am
5:26 am
. he is making headlines after he walked out in an interview in spain. >> take a look. >> they have hundreds of millions. > >> yes. >> they are. >> . >> wow. >> i mean. you get the biebs, that's a big deal and then you start. >> i guess. he was. you see. he looked lost. >> like, what are you saying. >> too much going on. not speaking he can dplish. none of them smoke fluent english. he was frustrated and he did
5:27 am
have a translator. >> but they were not keeping up and he is sitting there and the guy is saying nothing next to him. he just walked out. >> one guy translating for you. >> and you can't keep up with the back and forth and bieber is getting lost in all of it. >> when you are in spain, you want to speak a little bit of it. >> we are doing this all morning long and showing you. what they have been sending in of the pets, kids. themselves. >> dressed up for halloween. >> keep them coming. >> the best way to do it is report it. and attach a tote toe to it. and go straight to the news room. you don't have to rename this. and if you don't see your picture on the broadcast. >> go to the website. we have a nice slide show going as well. >> watching bay area weather.
5:28 am
>> here is the embarcadero camera this morning. >> this is the halloween forecast. >> we will get it up in a minute. 12 hotel guests were hospitalized after smelling something suspicious.
5:29 am
5:30 am
. 50:00. welcome back to the spooky day before halloween. the best we could do is plaque. you want a hat or whatever. >> it is chose enough. >> that is how it works out. >> travis is not -- traffic is not scary. >> not scary but it is getting busy. >> couldn't ask for a better forecast. >> today is another warm, sunny day. all across the bay.
5:31 am
halloween looks just as fantastic. it is chillingy out there. and you cooled down 1 degree. we are now looking at low 70s and mid-70s at 4:00 this afternoon. westerly breeze. and five to 15 miles an hour. >> chilly spots in the 40s and upper 40s in pleasanton and upper 40 hs in santa rosa. we will cool down for the locations. >> don't forget to grab a jacket. >> how are the roads looking. >> . start off with the san mateo bridge. that is getting over to the peninsula. >> higher volume of traffic. over to foster city. i circled the stall there. it is off to the right hand shoulder and see the flashing lights. nothing is blocked on the bridge. you are holding 15 minutes. from the nimitz freeway which
5:32 am
is coming out of hayward and in san mateo. so far. you are in good shape. if you have to use highway four. it is heavier than normal on the antioch side at the a street exit. still slowing down traffic for those of you coming out of brentwood and spike up to antioch and concord. back to you. >> now, back to the breaking news that we are following on the peninsula. >> 12 people and upscale hotel, the westen, you see it there. they had to hospitalized. >> it is an unknown odor. >> it started just before 11:00 last night and we are still trying to find out what got them sick. >> we will go to avery harper. live at the scene and following the investigation. >> avery. >> good morning. >> haz-mat teams are on site. >> trying to figure out what the smell was.
5:33 am
>> this is the haz-mat teams on scene and they say they still don't know what it could have been. >> 12 people were hopsized and they were asked to shut in space. listen to what he had to say. >> it is a lot of wasted resources. we are not allowed in. and maybe they will talk to us. >> about the same. and parent company. >> they were decent now and let them hang out in the lobby. >> . now, fire officials say. it could have been something passing by the hotel garage. they are not sure what it could have been. >> now, you can see it is cleared here and i will be here throughout the morning to talk to guests about their experience and what happened last night. >> back to you in the studio. >> hard to tell if we will ever find a cause for that.
5:34 am
>> they arrested add prominent dentist in a major drug bust. and the dentist who has an office in san francisco's mission district is the target of an undercover investigation. >> dr. jerome white promoted he is dental practice as pot friendly. it is posted on the website. >> he is behind bars in new york city. accused of selling massive amounts of marijuana. >> cowork he is tell kron 4, the allegations don't fit the man they know. >> i am concerned about him, sure. >> i am concerned about him. i really appreciate him as a person and my boss. and i vice president a lot of respect for him and we care for him and pray for him. and that we are here for him. >> investigators believe that they took over the trafficking duties from his son after his son was arrested over the summer. >> it is one year jail sentence. and it is $75,000 bail. happening today's.
5:35 am
a decision could be made in the case of a convicted child sex predator in contra county and this is a heem near oakley. he is being house td at a state hospital. they want to place him into a house on dutch slew road and -- slow road and the -- slough road and he would be too close to children. he was convicted of molestation charges back in the 1990s. they catch fire on a florida runway with more than 100 people on board. it happened at the fort lauderdale airport yesterday. dynamic airways was set to take over and through to venezuela. but a pilot on a different plane and looked over and spotted fuel leaking from one of the engines. within minutes, it caught fire and spewing block smoke.
5:36 am
the plane was quickly evacuated. >> everything worked the way it is supposed to work. >> you have got to get everyone off the plane in 90 seconds. >> that is what the regulations require. >> half the doors being unusable. >> more than a dozen passengers had to go to the hospital. the plane that caught fire was 29 years-old. investigators with boeing and ntsb are trying to figure it out now. >> in had other headlines. warning for pet owners. loud noises in the streets and strangers knocking on the door can be unneiving for pets. they have some tips for pet owners. first, don't let the pets in the yard. it is easy for them to runaway and it is easy with all the commotion. keep them way from lit animals and don't forget. this is not for pets. especially chocolate which is poison newss to a lot of animals. they have you covered too. >> we have a special section in
5:37 am
the website for safety tips and halloween events they can take part in. >> the halloween section at kron and keep those photos coming in by the way. >> another set of great picture that is you have been sending in to us. >> the costume it is are fabulous. >> the kids are cute. >> and it is easy to submit a photo. download the kron 4 mobile app and the button said report it. >> touch it. and attach a picture. and hit send. that's all you have to do. this officer was shown slam ago student to the growptd. what sort of thing he had taken beforehand that they may may have affected his behavior. >> a kansas city royal fan gets the royal treatment. how two other fans chipped in to get him to the world series. >> just in time for halloween. look at the best places in the
5:38 am
bay area to trick-or-treat for the holidays. this is the biggest candy bars. >> absolutely. >> we will be right back. >>
5:39 am
ve wts y to leash the do queh ablute. at'shy wcd this sysm dely uriss . queh dress. fo4 tis mo defed, turacurl do queh ablute
5:40 am
. welcome back to the kron 4 thank you. quick ride into san francisco. it is already packed at the toll bridge plaza and i told you between 5:30 and 6:00. it is packed up and not too bad. and it is san francisco. 10 minutes downtown oakland and san francisco. it is backed up here. and you are in good shape. >> i will update the ride on highway four. and other bridges as well. >> . just insist time for halloween. the list is out for the best and worse cities to celebrate halloween. >> they compared the 100 cities across the u.s. based on six factors. >> including crime rates during
5:41 am
the trick-or-treating hours. >> the average cost for weather. and california cities made the top 100 list. >> it is not according to big candy bars. >> no. >> it failed on one of the factors. >> but the two california or the bay area cities that came in. but fremont. >> it is santa cruz a.m. there are top five halloween cities in all. and new york new york. new jersey, new jersey. newark, new jersey. >> gilbert, arizona and laredo, texas. >> . detroit michigan. win symptom salem, north carolina. >> all in the city of oakland.
5:42 am
>> it factors in. and crime. cost of going to a party. weather, something like that. >> it is great. >> this coming halloween. i don't know what they are talking about. >> sends the pictures to us. and joining another day. and tomorrow. >> you love the star wars costume. >> send it us. mobile app and click on the report it tab tment and the picture comes right to us. >> i have never seen a kid so happy to be a halloween. >> this a little chick de. >> maybe -- chick a dee. >> maybe it is olaf,. >> all right. >> what is in storm weather wise. >> really nice today. warming up. >> new record highs. >> and it is live embark deer row. and more details on the forecast coming up after the
5:43 am
break. >> time now is 5:42.
5:44 am
5:45 am
. 5:45 much is the time. here are some of the stories we are following for you during the 6:00 hour. >> many believe the bubonic plague is a thing of the past. a girl in oregon contracted it and beall explain how it happened. if you take uber, it is when people are requesting rides and they can charge more.
5:46 am
>> we will tell you a new study. how to avoid the surgery pricing and save a few bucks. working to protect one neighborhood. we will introduce you to the guardian shield. he is a super hero. goes out every might. we will talk about that. >> take a look at weather on this friday morning. hey, anny. >> we are seeing more upper 40s out there for the north bay and east bay. jacket weather as the kids are heading out. maybe they are in their costumes to head to the school halloween party. >> grab a jacket and they will peel it off later today. it is a nice afternoon. >> live look at the golden gate bridge. no fog this morning. livermore at 49 right now. it is chilly for you and warming up quickly throughout the day. >> high of 84. hit that before three and 4:00 p.m. northwest wind at five to 10 miles an hour. >> 57 in san francisco and 59 in san jose. more chilly spots in vallejo
5:47 am
and san jose. all in the upper 40s. fog, we are not seeing it out there tomorrow. tomorrow, may see hatch chi fog. all the warmth today and tomorrow. we will see temperatures in the # 0s and 80s. it is a high in livermore. >> 79 in oakland and san francisco and low 80s. in sunny vale and halloween forecast. it looks great. whether you are in the north bay. south bay. >> mostly clear skies. >> temperatures will be in the 70s for the 5:00 hour. if they are heading out and for the little ones. >> by 8:00. they are cooling down generally know the 60s. it will be a mild trick-or-treating forecast. >> this is around the bay forecast. >> changes arrive on sunday. >> a bill cooler. >> slight chance for some evening rain. then on monday. >> even cooler yet. >> upper 60s and it will be breezy with more showers possible. >> more details on the forecast
5:48 am
coming up later. >> here is robin. getting busy yet. >> yes, the bay bridge back up. it keeps growing and growing. it is out to west grand now. and expect a solid slow down from wells grand through the toll plaza. it is a great ride on the bridge. if you are coming from oakland. it is a good ride on the east shore freeway. >> nimitz. 580. you are fine at the maze. and right at west grand, it comes to a crawl. >> no major changes here. it is crowded and moving. >> this is what we expect. no problem for the nimitz freeway. >> we have problems on the nimitz freeway towards the latter part of the commute. >> for now. great shape and get out there. the connector is moving well and on to 92. it is a great ride. continuing over to the peninsula. and for those who have to use westbound 580. it is a little crowded and some of the cash labors starting to back up towards there. >> and nothing to worry about.
5:49 am
>> back to highway four. >> looking a bit better. >> we have the earlier crash at a street the and that's why you have a high drive time of 22 minutes. from antioch to consword. the crash cleared and you are in a construction zone. two lanes of traffic. it doesn't take tch to slow down the ride. >> it is solid. back for 160. and do you have to use 380, 280. all in great shape. this is north 101 and have to make the trip out to buehrleing game and clocking in at 18 minutes. that's what we like. very good, james. to nows now. we have an update on the south carolina officer who slammed a student onto the ground. i am sure you have seen the video by now. he might have been on a mood altering supplement. ben field assist a competitive power lifter. and deputy fields said he never took steroid and does admit to
5:50 am
using creatinine and causing a dress sieve behavior. in 2010, he acknowledged to have taken it in the past t the deposition was when he was using excess sieve force in another case. that case was dismissed. >> what led to a motorcycle club shoot out outside waco, texas. >> nine people killed. 177 people were arrested back in may. >> this was the scene inside the twin peaks restaurant. before the violent shoot out. then you see them running and ducking for cover. >> police interviews and the band deed doe bike clubs blame each other. they are charged with criminal organized activity that may still come: . >> ha makes it different. from one age. >> who is ready for what.
5:51 am
and you know, who is give you the glance, you know what i am. >> pretty sick stuff revealed in the recordings that are revealed on dr. phil. only place you will see and hear this. >> this florida woman is a journalist and gained jared fogle's trust and he thought she was sort of like with him on this. like they were of the mind set. >> similar interests. and she was really working for the government in this case. she was giving them the tapes. so she gave the tapes to him and to dr. phil. >> that is the only place you can see them. >> he had them and today, if thank you missed them. it is part two today. at 4:00. and part one. >> after the morning news. >> while at first. i was like, who wants to see it. it is disgusting. >> then dr. phil said if you can find out how the mind is working and m o on getting kids as a parent. it is important. >> yes. >> so, actually want to hear
5:52 am
it. >> this is right after the broadcast this morning. a deputy is behind bars after escaping from police custody. we have security video that showed it happen. >> edward tucker was first arrested after waving a gun at minors in bakersfield. and he was arrested for having drugs and guns in his car. >> he was complaining of back pain. they they double cuffed him and he could spread his arms a little bit. then he said he was feeling nauseous and they rolled down the window. in the surveillance video. he reached through the window of the sheriff's car and unlocked his own door and hopped out and took off. >> how he got out the handcuffs. >> great question. >> i suspect. and i don't know this. but i suspect he may have been equip the with a handcuff key. >> that would make sense. >> it is for deputies to real leads that he actually escaped.
5:53 am
>> they were so focused trying to focus on that. and the sheriff's office is eght having. >> they planted firmly on top of the tech worm. they are not slowing down. >> they release its new version of apple tv, one of the big features. >> it will let you do on your t. have, everything you can do on your iphone or ipad. >> that could be watching tv, shopping. >> movies. >> it will prove to be easy. you choose your own streaming sources and apple tv lets you use siri to do a search. >> yes. >> now, what. >> from what. >> did you mean. >> no, i did not. >> seems cool. i don't need siri. we will get you set before we head out the door. if you can't stick around for another update on the forecast in just seven minutes. this is what it is like outside right now.
5:54 am
>> 48 in santa rosa and vallejo of and upper 40s in pleasanton and it awfully chilly this morning. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
5:55 am
try zclear your blocked nose to powerfull is youyou may be muddling through allergiexple? and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. andzyrtec®-d.our other allergy symptoms. at the pharmacy counter.
5:56 am
. pack at 5:55. a 90-year-old kansas city royals fan was given free particulars to the first two games of the world sceer list. >> he is a veteran who has been a loyal royals fan for decades. never afford them to go to the games. sit outside the stadium before every game and hope to catch flirs before they left to get an autograph. >> that was kind of sweet. >> his story touched another royals fans who give him tickets to game one and then they gave him tickets for game two. >> don't know how much i appreciate. >> it is perfect tment and i really loved it. >> they are up two to zero. >> great two gamess to watch
5:57 am
for him. >> they are leading against game three tonight in new york. 5:56. still ahead in the next hour. >> there are some things you should do to make sure your kids are safe for the trick-or-treating. we will show you those and honda recalling thousands of cars. because of the side airbag it is might not work right. >> which ones are impacted. >> we are following braking news ought of pal low oolt toe. >> out of an upscale hotel. they had to be evacuated because of a mysterious odor.
5:58 am
(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
5:59 am
6:00 am
6:01 am
here is the quick check outside, let's start with a live look at the golden gate bridge. chilly once again, areas in the upper 40s, more today than yesterday so many of us feeling the chill under clear conditions. here's the look at the school forecast. 50's this morning, at 8:00, at lunchtime, 70s. 70s and 80's today under lots of sunshine. when we come back we will talk about the weekend rain chances that could impact the bay area later. but first here is robin with your traffic. the mac no hotspots to tell you about that there is some traffic on the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. let's start off with westbound 80. it is packed here, already backed up beyond that 880 over crossing, beyond west grand. not quite through the basement slowly getting there.
6:02 am
after the toll, a great ride, total drivetime less than 15 minutes from the made heading into downtown san francisco. the sky will way and freeway are all in great shape. the brake lights commute traffic heading over to the peninsula, of little heavy but it is moving -- a little heavy. 92 and the san mateo bridge so far are in the good shape. >> raking news from the peninsula, 12 guest at an upscale motel in palo alto had to go to the hospital after being exposed to an unknown odor. >> this is in el camino. lots of folks were probably already in bed. this morning we are trying to figure out exactly what made them sick. >> avery is live on the scene. >> hazmat crews were on the scene until late last night trying to figure out what that
6:03 am
smell was. take a look at some of the video that we have of hazmat crews investigating what was going on last night. they say they still don't know what that smell could have been. 12 people were hospitalized and other guests were asked to shelter in place. some were even prevented from coming into the hotel. one guest said he wasn't able to check in last night but officials say it could have been something passing by the hotel. >> it could have been something that was passing by the hotel. you never know how this will turn out as long as it is no longer causing further problems for the patients and it will be okay to clear the scene. the scene here at the westin was cleared around midnight. guess that i talk to the state it was pretty smelly but they think the situation was overblown. we will be here at the westin
6:04 am
as we start to talk to guests. paymack other breaking news, two out of inland where police say they have found anybody as they have an searching for a san francisco man who was in the country four a job interview and went missing. 24 -year-old josh sanchez maldon auto who was it financial trader who was reported missing by his family because he didn't get on a flight to san francisco. he was last seen on thursday and this morning police in england announced to his family that they had found a body just outside of the train tracks in london. the investigation continues. >> readers fans try to keep the team here in the bay area. fans packed the town hall meeting last night to protest the potential move to the los angeles area. diehard fans are showing up in costume and silver and black. asking the nfl not to make it
6:05 am
happen, not to make the raiders moved to carson. for months they have been in talks with san diego, the chargers and carson up with the idea of building a stadium. she says she doesn't think the city can subsidize the new stadium here which means the raiders are running out of options. vice president eric grubman said that fans should not give up hope just yet. >> it is not in the nature of the game to be hopeless. i don't think the mayor would have sat here for three hours if city leadership have given up on this. and i don't think the owner would have sat here for three hours if he had given up on oakland. >> they will refer back to the committee on what came out of last nights meeting, and after that he says, who knows what they will decide. >> we may never know the source of the food poisoning outbreak that a south bay restaurant. the santa clara county restaurant said that all that
6:06 am
one food handler tested negative for shigella and the one person who tested positive probably contracted the disease after the outbreak started and didn't cause the outbreak. >> while the outbreak of shigella appears to have leveled off, you do want to emphasize proper handwashing and staying home while you are sick. we will continue to monitor for secondary cases. despite not having the smoking gun for what caused the outbreak, we do know the outbreak them from this restaurant and we have taken the necessary actions to protect the public. >> the number of people diagnosed is 191, and as you can see by the sign, the restaurant is still closed this morning. as the halloween weekend begins, some parents may be worried about their kids going out and trick or treating. there are some precautions that
6:07 am
parents should take to prepare their kids for the evening. child safety advocate mark class say the two things that the parents are most worried about is the candy that the kids get is safe and the kids themselves stay safe. >> children under 12 years old should be and a group and accompanied by an adult, or at least a teenage brother and sister. it's better to have their faces painted then wear masks which will inhibit vision. it good to wear something bright on your costume that either close or is reflective. >> parents should check the candy first before their kids eat anything and look for any sort of torn packaging. also check online to see if there are any sex offenders in the neighborhood that your children plan to trick or treating. >> we are at california great america in santa clara with a look at their spooky festivities. >> good morning, terry on. it will turn this place into
6:08 am
fright night, and you don't have to wait until halloween. you can come here at 7:00 p.m. they will have haunted houses and have all these characters. it will turn this courtyard into a graveyard. we talked to sergio earlier. now what are you supposed to be? >> i'm a.a zombie. >> how do you act like a zombie? >> you pop-up you hide and that's the best effect you could get out of any scarier. >> so what are you? >> i am in the days of deals delamar tell. >> do you feel any remorse? >> not at all, the parents are the ones who choose to bring
6:09 am
their children here. so no remorse at all. >> and if you are scared of clowns, i've got one for you. >> articles the clowni am jiggles the clown. >> any tips on people or what time or how much it costs on the great america halloween hunt? >> 7:00 p.m. going until 1:00 a.m. we recommend 13 and older, it is pretty scary here. >> even i am scared. >> do you pay extra for the halloween house or is that included? >> everything comes with it. the best deals are online so if you buy tickets in advance you can save money. >> we have daytime stuff going on for the little kids, for
6:10 am
people coming home but the halloween haunt is for the over 13 set. >> let's do thriller. >> is this the monster mash? oh my gosh. [laughter] >> everyone is all scared. will, you are too happy. you have to get your game face on. that guy freaks me out. [laughter] >> sergio scares me but clouds have never scared me because i work in the news. [laughter] right there. run. so seriously, i'm loud that he talked to the head of the place because that is definitely for the older kids. if you'd like to be scared that is the place to go. and there is gradations of scariness on the halloween
6:11 am
haunted houses. you can look up and see what ages they are appropriate for. and things to keep your kids safe. we keep those halloween pictures coming as well, and we will air them here and share them on facebook and twitter. i love the flintstones. of little bit later we will reveal what james is for halloween. it is scary but not -- it's the different reason. [laughter] >> is that how you submitted it, with the mobile app? >> well no, it is the easiest way, but i work here so i just brought it. still ahead, more than 1 million cars from four different companies are being recalled this morning. we will tell you which one and what you need to look out for. and a family dog recovering after being poisoned with pcp.
6:12 am
and after the break, despite a drought, some east bay residents are not doing their part to conserve water. we will tell you who are the worst offenders. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
6:13 am
are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at [female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n,
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get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. 6:14a.m., water restrictions are in place because of california's drought of course
6:15 am
but some yards in the east bay look at a little to green. according to water officials some homeowners and alamo are using way more than that. they say they are not all that happy that the neighbors are completely disregarding the drought. >> i really think everyone should take their responsibility and share and conservation. >> it's definitely frustrating that somebody feels like they have more money to pay when really, it's not about the money, it should be about the water usage and trying to conserve so it helps everyone out and not just that one along. >> people who go over the limit are find less than $15 but east bay mud says the penalties could go up if people continue to use excessive amounts of water. >> the state water resources
6:16 am
control board will be out with water conservation numbers four september and so far californians have reduced consumption by more than 25% every month since governor brown issued the mandate requiring cuts in june. the water board will also revealed enforcement methods it is taking to ensure that people conserve. it was less than the 31 percent savings recorded in july. state officials are threatening fines and other actions if the reductions do not continue. >> in the weather center now with annie, looking ahead to the halloween forecast, we do have rain intermixed with our weekend forecast. >> we do, we are seeing changes come this way but we are looking forward to conditions this afternoon. chilly out there, clear skies across the bay area this morning and we will see temperatures cool down into the mid- 40s for many locations that are already in the upper
6:17 am
40s. warming up pretty quickly, by lunchtime, low 70s and low 80's by 4:00 this afternoon. northwesterly wind five to 10 miles per hour. and 40 a degrees and santa rosa. fog is not a concerned this morning but highs today are looking really nice. 80's and derosa, 83 and antioch and 84 and livermore. mid-seventies in san francisco, low 80's in sunnyvale. no matter where you are, north bay, south bay, east bay and san francisco, mostly clear skies and warm conditions. then by 8:00, and it still mild i would say for many locations. been changes come this way for the end of the weekend.
6:18 am
cloudy skies and temperatures cool down a good 10 degrees or many locations. looking for a slight chance of rain, not until sunday night. monday might he went, but we will talk more about that in the seven-day forecast. robin, how is the kid shaping up? >> it is where we expected it to be, ducking out to west grant and the foot of the maze. you can see that it is packed here and it will stay heavy up the incline. your drive time the slowly increasing, up to about 18 minutes now from oakland to downtown san francisco. it's also crowded on the san mateo bridge. you can see it is really slowing down and this traffic is heading to the peninsula. it is slow and getting heavy. heading into hayward just to get to the 92 connector. you will have to sit in that
6:19 am
commute traffic as well. it is always easier bridge or smoother bridge during the morning commutes unless we have something major going on. switching over to the maps, your drive time is holding at 19 minutes heading toward berkeley. and i told you about the traffic here, southbound out of san leandro into hayward, the good news is it will pick up after that. with you are heading to fremont him up del city, the rest of the trip will be great. it's very quiet in the south bay. >> 6:19 a.m. a san francisco couple took their dog to ape popular dog park, and it was poisoned. you want everyone to know and be careful of where they go. if they go to fort funston, that is where they took their two -year-old hermes mountain
6:20 am
dog, norm. when they got home, the dog was acting strange. they took norm to several vets and found out he had ingested the hallucinogenic drug pcp. >> he was running up and down the hall and spinning in circles and biting things that weren't there. his heart rate was very high. if anyone sees signs, take your dog to the hospital right away. if he was small, he may not have him anymore. >> right because however much he ingested, these dogs are like 130 pounds so a small dog, the could have been deadly. so be aware of what happens. this dog is still having side effects? >> still snapping at things that aren't there. >> so we found out about it and those that owners contacted us and wanted everyone else to
6:21 am
know. if you have a story you can submit it on the my kron4 story tab. honda is recalling more than 300,000 accords in the us because of side airbags i can inflate if they door slams too hard. the recall covers the 2008 through 2009 model years. honda says the side impact sensors can activate the side curtain and side seat airbags when someone shuts the door to hard. the ignition has to be on for the problem to happen. recall notices will be sent in the mail starting in mid- december. while fiat chrysler is calling 94,000 cars worldwide to fix problems with antilock rakes and airbags. the first covers dodge journey and fremont. from.he 12 through 2015. moisture can build up in the antilock brake control and that will disable the system. the second recall he calls
6:22 am
about 23,000 jeep grand cherokee's and liberties from 2003 through 2004 because the airbags can inflate for no reason. seven people have been hurt with that. the state department will release the next round of e- mails from hillary clinton's private server. the latest is in a series that will continue until january. the e-mails are not expected to show much more than her daily interactions with staff and the lawmakers. the fbi is investigating the private server to see if government information was mishandled. mrs.quentin is currently the frontrunner to win the presidential nomination. commerce has awarded a government shutdown by passing a bill which will raise the federal government limit on borrowing. the debt ceiling goes up as part of a partisan agreement but not everyone was in favor.
6:23 am
that kept the final vote happening until about 3:00 a.m. east coast time when the boat finally went through. the deal raises the government's debt ceiling through march of 2017 and increases federal spending on both domestic and military programs. kentucky senator ran depaul called the bill the result of in his words, an unholy alliance. >> on the right they say, we need more money for military. on the left they say it, we need more money four welfare. to get together, there is a secret handshake and we spend our money on everything. >> 10 years from now we are told $33 billion will be cut into thousand and five. mr.president, if you believe that, i have a bridge to sell you in brooklyn and some beach property in arizona four you. >> the house passed that bill on wednesday. health officials in oregon
6:24 am
they pay 13 -year-old girl has contracted bubonic plague they believe from a flea bite during a hunting trip. she started feeling sick about five days after that. health officials say the girl is recovering in a hospital and no other people have are believed to have been infected. so ahead, a scary situation on a florida runway. a jet catches fire with more than 100 people on board. and after the break, it's not holiday halloween prank, we will introduce you to the real- life superhero trying to keep his neighborhood safe. this is the dawn of an old day.
6:25 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
6:26 am
the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. we are back at 6:25 a.m. a real-life superhero patrolling the streets of a city in oregon. no joke, he dresses up like this every night. he calls himself the guardian shield. at night he puts on this costume, grabs his shield and patrols the streets in beaverton, oregon. he has a stun gun, baton, flashlight and has a go pro camera strapped to him as well. he simply just wants to make his town safer. >> i want to be taken seriously. everything i do, i try to be legit as much as possible.
6:27 am
if i intervened, that means someone was down and no one was doing anything. and i'm tired of that. >> so he grabbed the shield and is taking action. the shield said residents support him and the police for the most part have been positive but police don't actually encourage people to step in to dangerous situations. >> so in that case he wears a costume year-round. in your case you probably just dress up the family for halloween. so snap it now and you can enjoy the costumes twice. once on the air and tomorrow night when you go trick-or- treating you can download our mobile app for free. up next, at dozen people had to go to the hospital. a hazmat situation at an upscale bay area hotel. we will tell you what happens
6:28 am
and then we will be back with the trick or treat forecast. love, love, ocoleamy, th aittlsomething tra.
6:29 am
mmdeliciousness. ocolcookies orlmonds.y. rsh's mine, the opening bell this morning, moments away from hearing the bell sound, that will signify trading here at the near stock exchange and nasdaq and everywhere else. the numbers were too spectacular yesterday but we will see where they go this friday before halloween. >> so no halloween bell. >> no. >> welcome back to the kron morning news. we are keeping track of weather and traffic this friday.
6:30 am
only good news in the weather department. >> especially for halloween. 10 pitchers are chilly starting off this morning, clear skies greeting us early this morning. temperatures in san francisco right now at 57 and we will see a high of 76 degrees today. lots of sunshine expected and temperatures now are still chilly. 52 in vallejo, warty eight in santa rosa and san mateo coming in at 49 degrees. definitely jacket weather for those locations this morning. when i come back we will break down the trick or treating forecast and the chance for some weekend rain. robin, how are the roads looking? >> they are looking good.
6:31 am
and that is right at the foot of the maze and heavy up them incline so your drive time is 22 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. that is considered good drive time with no heavy traffic on the bridge. if you have to use 580, it's getting crowded here. here is a live look, and on the left-hand side of the screen, on the richmond tied it looks great. if you are getting out towards highway 101, pretty good shape. no real problems into or out of san rafael. raking news overnight, 12 people at an upscale hotel in palo alto had to go to the hospital. they were exposed to an unknown
6:32 am
order. >> that hotel near el camino, at this point they still don't know quite what was behind it. >> avery parker is out there as they investigate. what can they figure out at this point? >> hotel guests here are waking up after hazmat teams much of the night trying to figure out what that smell was. take a look at the hazmat teams investigating the garage, because guests reported smelling something suspicious. hazmat crews ditch the hotel but still don't know what it could have been. 12 people were hospitalized and other guests were asked to shelter in place. i talked to one guest who said he wasn't able to check in until late last night and he thinks the whole situation was overblown. >> i thought, too much paranoia, and the waste of resources. we were not allowed in but not many people would talk to us. the sheraton is owned by the
6:33 am
same parent company were decent about letting people hang out in the lobby. >> the scene was cleared around midnight last night and i'm told the general manager for the hotel will be arriving this afternoon. >> thank you for the update. >> 6:32 a.m., police in new york have arrested a prominent san francisco dentist in a major drug bust. the dentist was the target of a new york city undercover investigation. doctor jerome whites promoted his dental practice as pot friendly. he is accused of selling massive amount of pot. >> i appreciate him as they person. that is my boss and i have a lot of respect for him.
6:34 am
i have lots of respect for him, we will pray for him and he should know we are there for him. >> they believe whites took over the drug trafficking duty for his son. his son is serving a five-year jail sentence. happening today, the decision could be made in the case of a convicted child sex predator who could move to a neighborhood and contra costa county. the judge is deciding whether or not to allow bates to move into a home near oakley. they will place him into a house on dutch killed road. bates would also be too close to children. he was convicted of multiple child molestation charges back in the 90's. it passenger jet catches fire on a florida runway with more than 100 passengers on board.
6:35 am
luckily someone on another plane spotted it, they saw this plane and reported it. but it was supposed to fly to venezuela but this was just before takeoff and the pilot on the other plane saw some fuel leaking. within minutes the engine caught fire and was spewing black smoke. everyone got off okay. >> everything worked as it was supposed to work. >> you have to get everyone off of the plane within 90 seconds, touches what the regulations required. more than one dozen passengers had to go to the hospital. the plane that caught fire was 29 years old so they are investigating what went wrong. also in the news this morning, more questions about the south carolina officer who slammed a student to the
6:36 am
ground. been fields is apparently a competitive power lifter deputy fields has never taken steroids but he does admit to using creatine which can cause mood swings, anger steaks, aggressive behavior and all of that. into thousand 10 he admitted in a deposition that he had taken it in the past. at the time he was being sued for excessive force in another case but that lawsuit was ultimately dismissed. >> we are getting a first look at what led up to a motorcycle club shootout. nine people were killed and 177 were arrested in may when this happened. and just before the shootout in dozens of police interviews, and everyone is drawing your guns and getting low like in
6:37 am
the movies. and prosecutors have not charged anyone four that nine people killed. and, there are so many people. if you ever take uber, you know about their search pricing. well we will tell you how to avoid spending the extra money on a ride. and we will tell you which neighborhoods are best for trick or treating in san francisco.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
welcome back to kron4 morning news. here is your ride on highway 92. if you have to use the san mateo bridge, it's very slow. for those of you coming out of hayward, it is at a crawl all the way to the peninsula. but you're holding to 15 minutes for the total drive out toward 101. no major problems and no hot spots out there right now but if anything major pops up, we will let you know. we will check back in on the bay bridge commute. >> it enough.
6:41 am
uber's search pricing is not doing what it claims to do. search pricing is when drivers can charge more for drives during peak demand times. it encourages more drivers to get on the road but computer science says that is not always true. studies found that the search pricing basically resets about every five minutes, so if you don't want to pay that higher price, researchers say, wait a few minutes and you will likely save a few dollars on the ride. apple is planted firmly atop the tech world, and it is not slowing down. apple tv, one of the biggest features that folks are looking forward to is it will let you do on your tv just about everything you could do on the iphone or ipad. weather it is shopping for watching movies. and getting things on the screen will make it easier as well because of the apps that make it easier for you to
6:42 am
choose your own streaming searches. >> usually, you guys are yelling at the tv for some things, why not just yell at siri. fantastic friday come up warming up very nicely outdoors. i have your hollowing forecast and we will also check out the chance for weekend rain. stick around, kron4 news continues after the break. the time now, 6:42 a.m.
6:43 am
6:44 am
we are back at 6:44 a.m. some of the story as we are following for you for the 7:00 hour, plenty of claims made this week during the republican debate, but were the candidates being honest? we will see if they hold up. >> it is still october, but they are already skiing in parts of the country. well, you know it is colorado. >> and it could be the world
6:45 am
host luxurious public restroom, we will show you where you may want to go. >> i was thinking it is somewhere in spain. >> that is fancy. look at that. >> that is no regular portal potty. >> our producers put that together. we are talking about halloween, he cause kids are getting ready, probably for their school halloween party today, and it looks fantastic. we are talking partly cloudy conditions in the north bay by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., temperatures in the mid- 70s. temperatures will cool down into the 60's. south bay and san francisco and the east bay, also clear skies tomorrow evening and temperatures will be mild as well. very gray conditions. livermore, that morning to you.
6:46 am
right now it is 49, chilly start this morning. high of 80 for expected today by 4:00 p.m. more 40s on the map this morning compared to yesterday. we are talking upper 40s in santa rosa and also in nevada right now. our visibility looks great out there, and tomorrow we might see some fog. check out your high, in union city, low 80's in fremont. shorts and t-shirt weather for the kids this afternoon especially in our inland spots. 81 in 10 or moan, 82 in danville and 84 and livermore. odds of low 80's here including los gatos at 81 and 82 in morgan hill. upper 70s too low 80's, san francisco is a high of 76. nice and mild this afternoon. the north bay looking at 86 in sonoma, mid- 80's in napa, and
6:47 am
low 80's in the valley and sausalito. today and tomorrow, lots of sunshine. beautiful afternoon and temperatures well above average. sunday, take it look at sunday. cloudy skies and 10 degrees cooler or more in some spots. the chance of rain arriving sunday, nice, and that cooldown continues even more on monday. upper 60's inland, and definitely a time to transition from your summer wardrobe to your fall wardrobe. let's check the commute this morning. >> i'm still tracking that dreaded bay bridge commute. this backup stretches to the foot of the maze. that is where the heaviest traffic is. and it just joined in with the traffic here up to the toll
6:48 am
plaza and incline. the suspension is fine, the skyway is fine, and even coming out of oakland, the heavy traffic on the shore freeway leads up to the maze and bay bridge toll plaza. wendy two minutes is your drive time. quick check of your right across the golden gate, always easy for the 6:00 hour. 21 minutes for your southbound drivetime which is the commute direction from highway 37 to the golden gate toll bridge plaza. quick check of their richland san rafael, it stretches out to castro through the tools to about midspan. and it's definitely credit for north 101 out of soft san jose into downtown, so that is why you are holding at 25 minutes
6:49 am
from capitol expressway to montague expressway. if you have to had west out of san francisco this morning out of sunnyvale, you are recovering for a crash which is why it is so crowded. but if you are going beyond that point, if your destination is mountain view or palo alto, it is in great shape. >> 6:48 a.m. new audio recordings surface of former subway spokesman jarrod focal talking about his sexual extremes children. >> i like all of them. >> what makes it different from one age or the other? >> it just depends on what you want and who will give you the glance. >> this is stuff that doctor phil is airing in his special. he is the only one who has the recordings, except for the justice department four their
6:50 am
investigation. this florida woman who is a journalist two of the recordings for them and turned them over. part one was yesterday afternoon and part two is this afternoon where you get to hear what he's talking about and, you can hear that today. >> amazon is under fire come accused of mistreating workers. there are four ex- amazon delivery drivers that are accusing the company of withholding overtime and benefit, and not allowing them to take breaks. and we will update the story when you do. >> halloween is the time of year when any people get excited and start writing stuff. sales are up at stores across the bay area. >> it's that time of year again, time to figure out, what
6:51 am
will eyewear? >> i'm being carmen aranda. >> when it comes to deciding on a hollowing costumes. >> the theme is already chosen for us and it is country something. >> no rushing to bed or rushing to school, just the day to kick back and consume lots of candy, if you choose. >> with so many choices, what do you think is the most out there this year. i will give you a clue, it has to do with a caped crusader.
6:52 am
all things superhero flew out the door this year. >> when nephew is three and he is obsessed with all things superheroes. he was three this year and had to make some costume changes, definitely a hot trend. >> minion was a very popular costume choice. and, the list is out about the worst places and best places to trick or treat. sutro heights they say is the best place in san francisco. so number two on the list, westwood park. then west portal and east lake street. and they came up with this using the mobile app called treat map which shows the houses that give out the candy and this is how we judge things. we had other surveys today, but
6:53 am
no. it's who gives out the most candy. and this one is where are the hunted houses. >> i like the house where they give you extra for putting extra into the costume. also in headlines, in chagrin falls, last night was the annual pumpkin roll. look at that. high school students taking turns throwing and rolling pumpkins down the hill, and then, you see them holding the toboggans? once all of those pumpkins are smashed, they take turns sliding down on that in motion. the high school seniors have been doing this every year since 1969, but the event is not without controversy. the student say many of the pumpkins are actually stolen from homes, so that is not cool. but they get tickets for dumping in the roadway, they do it and then they get out of
6:54 am
there. [laughter] here's the look at the big board, not doing much. and here is a live look at the us capitol. we will be back with more in just a minute.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back. the time now is 6:56 a.m. and we are talking about halloween is all morning long, and what everyone is dressed up as. we have had you the viewers sending us pictures. it this is not as bad as i thought. >> i pull off peanut butter pretty good. >> did you have a unitard under that? [laughter] >> no. i just pieced together -- i have something longsleeved on
6:58 am
and something with long pants on, but you have to know that i am not the costume guy. >> so you decided, let's be peanut butter and jelly? >> well over the years, the t- shirt have been washed a number of times and it is tight now. so karen says, we are going to a party and you are going to dress up. and i had no choice. [ laughter] >> well, we will talk about the big bet on the patriots that paid off big. that's coming up in gary's world.
6:59 am
7:00 am
we have reports of a suspicious smell. we have reports of from hazmat here. >> if you don't have any plans for halloween, come down here to the halloween haunt. we will show you some scary things here. >> we are also tracking some rain for the weekend. more details are coming up. good morning. i'm gloria folsom. >> i


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