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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 31, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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that's the last thing i remember, joel. >> harrison ford's confession, breaking his silence about his plane crash while dressed like a hot dog. >> plus, what bieber is saying now after his on stage meltdown. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> stop it. i said stop it. i'm done. >> storming off before singing his hit "sorry "oishgs justin is now saying, sorry, not sorry. >> it's the end of all the apologies. >> then new secrets about oprah and the man who ambushed her. more from our winfrey exclusive. >> i had a long conversation with him. >> harrison ford relives i had near fatal plane crash.
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is his memory affected? >> plus, our friday flash back, the stars' first times on "e.t.." >> sexiest puppet. >> is this guy a club promotor? >> moi mom swallowed a bug. >> oh, my god. >> our "home alone" look back 20 25 years later. >> it's a different lifetime. >> and -- >> rod stewart really flashes back. >> there is your 29th album. >> now in our 35th season, there is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. at the end of another busy week for star news. >> we have more headlines for you. >> justin bieber storms off the stage. >> stop it. yo, listen to me. are you listening? never mind. i'm done. i'm not doing the show. i'm not doing the show. >> bieber reached the breaking point after one song at a concert in norway walking out after he got frustrated trying to clean up something on stage. >> i'm done. i'm not doing the show. >> the 21-year-old quickly
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instagrammed an apology saying sadly, it's been a rough week for me. long days, no sleep. and watch this. the day before bieber walked out of an interview with a spanish radio station. >> justin, here. >> in september he became frustrated with a today show camera man. >> the camera is right there. >> it really caught fans by surprise. justin's made a very calculated effort to rebrand himself and lose that bratty image. at the vmas, he cried on stage. and he said his new song is a blanket apology. ♪ is it too late to say sorry >> i think putting out a song saying i'm sorry kind of put the icing on the cake. >> the official music video for that song hasn't been released yet. justin did release a lyric video and dance video. and get this, the dance video as of this morning had more than 46 million views. >> our special correspondent spoke to bieber in august. >> i'm out here trying to grow.
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becoming the man i want to be. >> i definitely noticed an edge of maturity. >> justin's next move will be interesting and critical. his schedule is under wraps for now. the new album "purpose" drops two weeks from today. >> in norway, some schools rescheduled exams so they could go to the justin bieber concert. >> a lot of people are going to our website to check out the story on oprah. it has been kicked up everywhere. yesterday we told you how oprah got ambushed by a man she had once helped out. it was all set up by a tabloid. i was the only one to speak to oprah about it. and there's more of our conversation that i want you to hear tonight. >> the tabloids actually sent a note to me, you know, asking if i had a comment on my lost son. i don't have a lost son. to my surprise, i walk out side of colbert and there stands calvin. i'm stunned. he made himself known. i could seat little boy in h--
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little boy in his eyes. >> she did all she could to help the tv child. >> one little boy named calvin was standing on the steps. i said gee, calvin, where do you live? and he said that he lived in the building that we were shooting in which was a pretty, you know, run down building. i wanted to weep. >> you moved his entire family out of the projects. you tried to put him through two different schools. >> steadman and i went to their home to see why he wasn't showing up for school. and i had a come to jesus conversation with him. >> calvin actually dropped out of school twice but leave it to oprah to turn an ambush into an ah-ha moment. >> because of that experience with calvin and his family, that i ended up creating my own school that was a boarding school. i learned from that experience. if you really want to change somebody's life, you got to be able to spend enough time with them to change the way they think about what their life can be. >> well, and typical oprah
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fashion, she always finds a positive out of every situation. and she says her silver lining with the calvinto creating that school. and other news, harrison ford is speaking out for the first time out his plane crash that could have killed him. unfortunately, he was dressed as a hot dog for kim he will's halloween episode. it shows that harrison has not lost his sense of humor. >> i remember the engine stopping. i remember that part very well. >> even in costume, it's a chilling description of the day harrison's vintage two seater plane mall pungs function -- malfunctioned and went down. >> i remember telling the tower what i was going to do and i remember their suggestion and that is the last thing i remembering in five days afterward. >> at 2:20 pm, the los angeles fire department received a 911 call. >> bystanders were the first on the scene pulling ford from the wreckage. >> the amount of general an thetthet
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-- an is thetic induced retro grade am nearby yachlt. >> people do forget stuff like that when it happens. but it's usually in a movie. >> this was not a movie. >> this was not a movie? >> and there's that sense of humor ford never missed a beat. >> i'm a dog in a hot dog suit. what are you? >> i'm your lover. you don't remember me from the '70s? we had quite a thing. >> funny. i don't remember him having any facial hair. well, there were no halloween getups last night in the glitzy event. gwyneth paltrow wore a plunging gown, gaga was all covered up. >> she's blowing me off. leah michelle blew me off. but that happens. >> i'm sure it hardly ever happens. all the stars will tell what you is important is the money
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raised. the gala brought in more than $23 million for aids research. it's been a year and a half since barbara walters retired on "the view." i don't think she understand what's that means. she back with a nine part tv special that barbara told us to day why had is the right project at the right time. >> i thought you were retired. >> no. >> it's such a great surprise to see you back. >> i left "the view" on daily basis. but i never stopped doing television. >> barbara, busy as ever, investigating notorious crimes like the unsolved jonbenet ramsey murder. >> this is a monster that killed our daughter. >> she lands a new interswru jonbenet yaes father who still carries around a medal that she won at a pageant. >> i was going by jonbenet's room and i felt i should go in there and bring this to you. and that was the most significant thing i wanted. so i thought that was a sign.
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>> he has remarried. there is a cloud over him. there are still people who think maybe there is more than we don't know. >> john ramsey discovered his 6-year-old daughter's body in their colorado home. and his late wife were cleared of the crime based on dna testing. barbara revisits the details in her new investigation discovery series "american scandal". >> is he still hoping they're going to find who killed his daughter? >> i guess he still hopes. but you'd like to go on with his life. >> she truly is a legend of broadcasting. "e.t." has been covering the biggest stories in celebrity news for 35 years. and all next week we're taking you back through more than three decades of entertainment history. >> the moment that's shocked us. >> i want to entertain people. and the moment that's broke our hearts. >> what happened? what id you do?
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all new exclusives with the people who saw everything. >> and i did everything remotely possible. it just came a little too late. >> next week on "e.t.." >> coming up, only we're with rod stewart talking about new music, family, and first time on "e.t.." >> this is your first time on "e.t." >> shut up. >> that's ahead. >> but first, cbs this morning celebrates 1,000 broadcasts. >> we get better every day. >> it's a really important milestone and result of a lot of hard work. >> they focus on news and chemistry.
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♪ how i can thank you >> he's still making music just like we heard him 50 years ago. he sold more than 100 million albums but is also a devoted family man. we got rod talking all about the kids and even acting like one himself. >> now this is your 29th album.
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what inspired you to write this? there he goes! it's your turn to fall back now. that would be funny. we can show that to your mom. >> and that was just the beginning of our wild interview. >> "e.t." is turning 35 this year. >> really? >> 35 years old. this is your first appearance. >> shut up! can't be. >> look at this guy. >> yeah. that sour life blood. >> have things changed a lot since then for you? >> i have more children. >> eight children. and you recorded this album at home. >> the kids were running in and telling me what they think which is usually rubbish, dad. that's not true. but it's just a wonderful environment.
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>> do you think i'm sexy? >> we loved your car pool karaoke. eight million youtube viewings. what was that like doing that? >> i haven't seen it. >> you haven't seen it? >> i can't stand watching myself on television. >> i just totally showed you a clip then. >> that was a while ago. >> come on, you're forever young. ♪ sunshine and happiness follow you when you're far from home forever young forever young ♪ >> the critics are raving about rod's new music. rolling stone ranks another country, number seven on the list of the 30 must hear albums this fall. you saw rod's reaction to his first "e.t." interview on the way. i can't watch this. come on. >> cure killing me. >> more minds blown, jessica, gwen, kostner. >> i've been lucky. >> and then "home alone" 25 years later. we're with the cast that is dishing about what happened on the set. >> opposite me is michael
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jackson talking to mccauley. >> that is next. closed captioning provided by -- closed captioning provided by --
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the modelling takes me to paris one day, japan the next day. >> look at how cute you are, though. >> the earrings. >> i know. i like that. >> so 80s. >> that is how christy react ed. we have a lot more stars to walk down memory lane. and their reaction today, priceless. >> you have to see this. >> our flash back footage of little kate made her so emotional that she had to watch it twice. >> you had seen the movie before? >> sort of. >> that is so creepy. >> kate was just eight but mom
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goldie and brother oliver at the overboard premier. >> i like the part where my mom swallowed the bug. >> happy birthday, "e.t.." thank you for that. >> today gwen stefani struts in designer duts. in 1996, not so much. >> i make a lot of my own clothes. it didn't turn out. i didn't even hem it. >> muffin. i'm a baby muffin. they don't fit. >> i'm literally wearing a pair of pants that don't fit. i'm like i'll just wear them unbuttoned. i went to my first rock 'n' roll party. i'm still the same person. >> bradley cooper had that bleached blonde surfer look whether starring with jennifer garner in "alias". >> it's like nothing i've ever seen on television. i'm totally blown away. hot and sexy. what is this guy? a club promoter? >> oh, my god. >> 35-year-old jessica simpson
12:21 am
was just 19 for her "e.t." debut. she had hit number one on billboard charts for the first time. >> it's so surreal. i'm so busy that sometimes you don't have time to appreciate it. we're all living la vida loca. >> i think that is living the life or the party or something. i'm living it. >> chris o'donnell couldn't bear looking at his 19-year-old testify. >> i can't twit see what this hair looks like. >> the hollywood bug is out there. i don't know if it got me yet. i enjoy coming out here. i think it's exciting. >> i can't watch this. come on. look at this. even that chicago accent. okay. i can't watch. this you're killing me. ♪ >> not bad, kevin. that was back in '85 while promoting "american flyer." today he has advice for his 30-year-old self. >> i've been lucky in the films i've been. everybody believed in rehearsal. it's going to break your heart 1 100 time. >> i can watch those all day
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long. >> they're fantastic. >> as mentioned earlier, we're celebrating our 35th anniversary this season. many years we've been on countless movie sets. >> including one film that is also hitting a milestone this yeeshgs year, "home alone". >> heads up! >> it's odd looking back on it. it's a different life. a different lifetime ago. >> cut. cut. cut. >> actually, it was 25 years ago and we were with the cast then in 1990. >> here we go, stand by. >> it will be great. i hope it is. and it seems like it will be a nice christmas story. >> and we're with them now. >> i got my wish. i definitely got my christmas wish. >> we didn't know if we were funny. and there's a lot of action running from one room to another. >> it's a perfect little movie in a way. it's a kid thwarting the big guys. >> i do remember that spider on
12:23 am
my face. and i'm like is there like a rubber spieder? they said well, we do have the rubber one. but it just sits there. stepping on the christmas ornaments. tin cans. i mean it was just balls out silly. >> it opened ut before thanksgiving and still running at easter. racking up an amazing 12 straight weeks at number one launching the careers of many involved. >> i was just walking to my friend's house and this guy just walking up and he goes, hey, "home alone". >> director chris columbus was a relative novice working with mccauley who had only a few small roles to his credit. >> i was really, you know, terrified throughout the first couple of days of shooting. mccauley had not done a lot at that point and he's the leading man of the movie. >> surprisingly, mack knew his way around the movie set. >> we would use a dolly shot. >> they is me in a two shot.
12:24 am
now you guys, just me and dan, i don't know why you're staying. this is just a two shot. >> sometimes chris needs help setting up shots. >> at one point a very famous pal of his paid a visit to the set. >> and opposite me was michael jackson talking ing ting to mc the circular driveway of the house. >> mack did a lot of screaming in the movie. one of which made history. >> the script called for him to put shaving lotion on and suddenly burns his skin and he screams. aaahhh! we didn't know it was going to be the universal image for "home alone." >> we were also there for the november 1990 premier of "home alone." >> everybody is laughing while i'm sitting there. >> i hope they like it. >> we did. "home alone" was the highest grossing live action comedy ever. >> it's a classic movie. and it's just -- i'm very, very proud to be a part of that. >> by the way, "home alone"'s
12:25 am
box office record was broken by "the hangover part two." can you see more on the anniversary in the collector's edition. >> and now in our "e.t." birthdays, which "glee" star was excited to tape the series in sunny l.a.? leah michelle, matthew morrison on jane lynch? >> i'm going to go matthew morrison. >> the answer is coming up next. e
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>> have fun it with. >> as all at welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "glee" star was happy to tape the series in l.a.? >> i came from doing a broadway show. i'm excited to be here in l.a. and great weather. >> that is matthew morrison.
12:29 am
you finally got one right. he turns 37 today. >> i feel like a winner, finally. i hope you were watching our big exclusive yesterday when we took tout set of george clooney's first commercial in the united states. >> it was a lot of fun. he stars in it with danny devito. now we have the premier of the finished product. take it away, guys. bye-bye. >> is that coffee? >> yes. an espresso. ♪ >> i want in. ♪ >> you're ready. ♪
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>> is that coffee? >> get ready to experience a cup above. >> espresso. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> this is going to be the best halloween ever! >> i commit. >> inside day time's haunting dressup. we're behind the scenes for the insane transformation. >> i have two people who don't talk but we can still drink. >> then gigi gets her angel wings. our exclusive look inside the casting room of victoria's secret fashion show. >> i'm still shaking. i'm so, so nervous. >> and watch out kendall and kylee, rick schroeder's model dau


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