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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  October 31, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> marty: renews the follow for you this saturday morning. the plane carrying to the 24 people has crashed the egyptian officials are claiming there are no survivors for this crash happened the plane went down between egypt and israel in this, sinai peninsula of. flight was traveling eve of st. petersburg russian according to egyptian officials the plane disappeared from radar only 22 minutes after take off this morning and then video from the airport in st. petersburg russia. the mess >> marty: year said pilot had reported he was having technical difficulties wanted to make an emergency landing the
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plane then lost contact with air traffic controllers and a few hours later egyptian officials confirming the plan had crashed the forces battling ices in that area for years those carrying the hundred 17 passengers. 17 to members. a team of them were children and then everyone on board with a russian citizen egyptian crudes at the ceiling crashed looking for a plane black box in the russian president ordered the emergency officials to investigate the crash as well the will keep you updated instead, the story throughout the morning. >> marty: turn now to what's been in the bay area right now and that is halloween to take a look at all the sun rise here. >> reporter: evil stuff here and at the watercolors out today is the day of mild weather do it
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today we will get treated to a change coming of you from the golden gate not quite the same little ways from the lower level moisture this is about patchy clouds and its clearing out frequently this morning to go into a mostly sunny vote for most of you we get into the mid morning hours from the satellite area are a we have left school and darkness low-level moisture sometimes you feel patches of charcoal in their don't see anything of that gun on the fog issues comparatively speaking tablatures '50s territory 61 ec of their richmond 47 chili's thoughts and rosa vallejo 49 napa at 53 the breakdown for downtown san francisco 73 and then dropping off late-afternoon in the '60s that's pretty comparable and that will be 510 most the day around 5 or 6 house and our sofa the time on our
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business in the evening hours of his still again pretty tabret alec your halloween forecast some closer to gather a little bit mild facades south they clearly and the office of fiscal east bay as well those temperatures dropping out the '70s into the '60s all in all pretty positive. >> marty: the cover for halloween fun and patches the trigger trading safety tips battle for you this morning and first show real hair raising fun whorehouses opened the show people of spooky time the following year looking for a good scare check out the bernal screen whorehouse in san jose. it's all free checking out.
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. this a picture alway been candle lit the windows drop people, of the walls. it works every time the floor rises in the air and then the dow the chainsaw if anything it's over the whole floor drops pitch black
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>> marty: according to research the top two places and a countryish retreat here in the bay area severances code #17 say behind no. 2 and saturday that 35 avery this morning at the pumpkin patch this morning. >> reporter: the helene and here at the farm, and pumpkin patch with tons of varieties of pumpkins here here with the family behind in all. "pumpkin's cinderella pumpkins standard orange turbans and. and smaller decorative varieties,
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"the cinderella. >> reporter: people come down here in these bundy and what other kinds of nativities behalf of families observe? "we're at the train ride barrel train heading zoos, and david. "family outings for everyone the chairman of affordable it's a fun time of year?
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the seven"and will be open tomorrow be ahead of demand for people to come back after hauling business available in one more daybed. >> marty: 1 no if you get dressed up and got today to i love to see acosta and take a look at some the photos and if i can send it to us as well. make it on our air, the kron 4 and if news application to the reporters have with a gallery on
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our web site kron4news-dot-com >> marty: coming up on news weekends will get all dressed up in texas to one of the scary slaughterhouses in the bay area job getting ready to enjoy the hollowing treats warrantable step they can take to make the following healthier
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>> marty: medical findings released this week the beating have that so early age ucsf toro university put 43 of the see kids on that for nine days carbs like rice and bread off the the place of sugar specifically juices the seventh the results were dramatic. they said that cutting out these trends as well as sugar cookies
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can be they the children healthier and a surprisingly quick a lifetime now researchers are saying it's important remindful all the money should retrieves the child has during helene still ahead sugar trading at the lighthouse which i allude to from the president's top prize for top costume you a columnist that and a live boy outside the bay bridge toll plaza be will start the sunrise the least they there for the weekend affright mayor in livermore of the clock at 697 of cinema avenue in livermore
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>> marty: get this video from the dallas area communities and the lone star state hit with 5 6 in. of rain matter of hours klamath in some places in houston for instances is of drivers are stranded have to be rescued danger not over yet been hit a target for the big storms heading next and what i heard dealing with 15 in. of rain. >> reporter: valera's for the country does tend to get this in october the shifting of the jet stream in the midwest during the summer months and its style lower latitudes here. boil it that moisture so texas road houston you notice that a tornado watch as host of southeastern texas another hour
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of the vote to cut their time southern louisiana again toward inactivity it tornado activity. >> reporter: sluiced guys at work here that will change tomorrow you notice the difference even tamara terms of temperatures the cloud cover starting to build worth putting up here and ice cold water i say that because it will be delivering a small firms that is good news that police need with this audio coming in cold course forms of what is not a lot of help out and this is coming in and the sunday monday temperatures fifties' peninsula 54 nevada lindley's lower to middle fifties clear skies expect that to happen what the sunshine network and marine layer of see the clouds developing they're giving us high 8 development in the hot
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tears our standpoint 5:00 p.m. nothing much happens will have much in the way of surface winds by the feeding trigger cheers of the north they force the one country foisted pick up some clouds temperatures 3 mi. along the bay shoreline in the '70s it looks like a revised 77 castro valley for the east this is where we have 80 same may even see some of that and parts the fall off as well last day of them and the seven forecast to pull the plug family go to 68 for inland valleys of monday in the wake of the storm recovering in our '70's all week in the bay shoreline of her sixties territory at the coast chile bring windbreaker 60. >> marty: can now ted decision to of the 16 fallout from this republican presidential debate gop canada if. unhappy with cnbc handle the event being to discuss what they want from the other tv networks in the face to
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remain. >> reporter: and gop candidates average treatment wednesday's debate meeting in washington sunday night to rewrite the ground rules for the next round among those calling for change and carson and is meeting is an unheard of gathering of rivals the campaign is united in danger over what they call the hostile nature tone of the questions and fairly low lives after they ended the cat a tulsa plan to
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take control over debates chartering the bosses take and concerns to the networks more evidence of the gop had a crossroad as politicians led by party outsiders struggle for control the party maintain control announced today that are and he is suspending its ties with nbc is if there is debate i expect that the media double the debate on how to control issues concern the american people. cnbc did not. first and foremost among the canada the complaints. all a"kenneth on the stage prepared for a seventh since the late. >> marty: crews will resume efforts to free a while entangle
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the lobster netting off the coast of southern california the cut limbs of the animal phyla the date nearby newport beach the first the same as normal that the cell was the distress is try to free the whale early friday every time they get close could go deeper the water out of sight a whale's get caught in fission lives every year off the coast of california. >> marty: 7 welcoming address local schoolchildren children of military families retreating at the white house can consider is for a creature. is an princess's as well windup this was a big showstopper the hope being pushed in the stroller and the presidents of costa turned reporters and says he is the top prize president furs later came i'll and the pattern of abuse came the baseball cards featuring their dog.
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>> marty: kids come in costume and trigger treat participating businesses also free face painting live music as well all happening on 43 berkeley 2:00 this afternoon until
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>> gary:: state lawyers been houston floor traffic deaths that james and dupont time for one to for the ndp studying dance tonight harrison 16
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million and offer me your file more the the what howard tremont getting a little bit of everything again the great opener 25 points seven rebounds excess this retardants 16 that the lawyers 2016 he submitted more than two on june 50 measurements callas reverence for us any will cease at with his shoes and the whole but down that into so on the minister carlos the best running
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back the case thoroughly real running back the not travel with the team the sailors for sunday's game a stress fracture in his left foot reggie is more than likely i start today's reggie said nothing except sports casters say he once campbell and the raiders at home and play the jets on sunday and show you 375 korea of the giants 380 for a series maths hugo game 3 if the dough with its three nothing about have
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been fans for years. and then the series tiwa that saturday morning sports level of upside a great start the day of the of the golden gate bridge in san francisco of haunted jelly belly to work in fairfield a free kick from the yacht and house of the jelly belly factory backlogs this morning and goes till 4:00 this afternoon again all free to enjoy we will be right back
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>> marty: lotus said that warner glow we have given the go phase in a little bit from comes up
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fill fill out a little there and all in the spirit the good news is the weather holds tonight for checker traders tomorrow full color cotton here. there's the tree to them the 70 forecast to for the rain cooler temperatures waiting a level of for you at the bay bridge for and draw on the horizon hardly anything in the way of scattered clouds and the influence with leftover for high-pressure system that will flatten little and then the next farm system on the problem alaska distinction a we have going around a hot issue leading get much out of it in this one promises more of that ball so clippers' invitation the
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lower 50s corrected as soon as the sun joins us chile degrees of the santa rosa the severances goodies they stayed mostly clear been there so in response to a next door system. >> marty: the scary how california great american san clara will outran got paul little frigg doubt as he walked to their hard house check out. >> reporter: stovall have any plans for holly and don't worry heavy covered on not joking come down to gray america 7:00 p.m.
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to 1:00 a.m. today 9 haunted bases so many order of 300 monsters the hon vermonter's dressed up you have to pay any extra for the press of a mission go through the mazes lot going on did not recommend that our command to bring anyone any child under 13 years old to be at this will too scary for them great for adults lot going on the enemies of pride here as well the to have a great time at this place left bring in roger with america was so wonderful for the family 13 years and not.
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"for seven to the family environment we can list a little bit of a far-flung age 1525 and mention on the kids are here every day what to do all the rides going in addition three skiers sounds with for live shows so you may not have everything but ec enough to entertain yourself and scary as self receiving the fact out crazy a zombie it's pretty fun.
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"is funny to play scared people i had >> reporter: question everyone is out there why so serious. >> marty: will transfer from the americas 7 clara research does allow top two places for trigger trading as right here in the bay area at san francisco no. 1 san jose behind a number to that
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service at avery this morning at the pumpkin patch a very good morning to you a beautiful day in san jose and enjoy the pumpkin patch sitting on top of pumpkin train here and let's take a look what's around me on the activities he compared taken here at the two injured acre family farm of course that's all the glorious fall to about here pumpkin's led to heavy for me even pick up hayrides your family can read on in the corn maze of they have here and hundreds of acres of corn sunflowers. also to the activities of fun affordable for a family the owners john were half the crowd here is also partaken hear all the fun
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officially starts at 9:00 the of lincoln and the level of the chilly? >> reporter: the local yet wellfleet will whorl of . >> marty: the savory reporting from san jose a the address that the head out today and tonight we love this year costing take a look at for the many pictures% in the sleek time to make it are carefully of the dues, the kron 4 news applications the photosphere of the reported to have the alicea so far there with a gallery and all of sight and he could find all photos of literature kron4news-dot-com
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coming up the staid business saying they want to keep following custom to waive the briefly explain why.
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>> marty: businesses keep the malarial 20s the gas stations as a matter of safety at taking chances physique shows us the measures in place to protect the station's employees. >> reporter: i've read public
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notice last individuals will not be allowed on the premises during halloween find post on the show gas station, a costa boulevard of the hell my co- workers here and says that the memo asked aloud notice have gone up the past three years and in the season.. and the film but vast are allowed to me no one body of and i could get in there where mr. of matters that a police officer told me in the drivers are not uncommon during
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the time following all the more reason for the public knows be prepared to take a halloween mask off if you plan on coming inside making a purchase your. >> marty: look of said the big bridge this time around not so scary halloween party is taking place marines city kids enjoy ghoulish games the craps and retreats
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>> marty: major breaking news oversees a commercial jet and the sinai pencil earlier this morning. the two injured 24 people on board official saying
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that there are no survivors. that plane travel agent for a shot from the fate for you on this and about 15 minutes. >> marty: busy news week beyond look back at some of the stories we brought you here harris said greg concerned someone trying to injure their edibles finding an abundance of sharks charge fund tax on the ground. the life
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all a big news leak as it happens with the location. for folks in just a holy forecast doesn't take a lively aside from bargain barakat rough >> reporter: because the on that to you tomorrow night and agreed in the monday comes in handy for the radar rock-and-roll with
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that and the the storm system hopes to be generous. the minister of torrens a beautiful shot at the golden gate a morning of our eking hardly see any fogger dealing with all the signs of high pressure sliding us know who is in charge for today. upstream if you can only see their rotation fax storm system the lookout for and again nice clothes off the coast of alaska winter months reign as you see in seattle for a temperature so enjoy and then cool the vickerses we notice 57 of his left most of the readings in the east bay and the low fifties again clear skies not much of oil when will the
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case for today temperature change 24 hours ago couple degrees wharf fairfield was noticeably cooler 10 degrees this morning the most locations close to a lawyer this time after that phone for now the forecast test to say a nice warmup happening here of the defense left covered by '70s and the no. they'll loath couple of close holes out there along the coasts sang in the '60s 4:00 p.m. looks like warming of the far east bay wine country tonight from dawn to the '60s we go because developed in the north they are on wine country and the overnight fed is when we start to see cool temperatures in the cloud cover devolves first before we get the dose of precipitation. a for six days 67 daly city 70 tonight hancocks
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back one hour. >> marty: for halloween in pleasant hill to researchers are real scare that led to the governing helene decorations close to 10 years fell this year's pirates. pressing since all will yard nominal front yard as covered in this. he's been planning for this month's declarations since
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january you believe it when you see that this play happening today are ready for horse racing legend american the federal role in the final race of an incredible career will crown winner in kentucky for the breeders' cup classic first horse to win the triple crown since 1978 the for tyring to be in a lucrative career in breeding shed a bittersweet farewell. "shall the saddle autumn and cinema favored to win today's race with win he will retire with earnings for the 8 million
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fearful certain the day a bit breezy as well for the halloween weekend hollowing who flawed thinking place of francisco cost and freight for kids under the age of 10 in this event is free happening at the garden state neighing to 130.
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>> marty: then some scouts the face of the saudis germy takes a look at what's showing. >> reporter: arrogant down and out chef getting to the top of the culinary world ridden are.
7:57 am
will former political operative helped the south american canada if along the way she's learned morris thigpen as a political victory. the voice cuts have the team up with a waitress the severe home town and the scots guide to the of the apocalypse the of a halloween coverage and this places the trigger tree across the bay area fit with
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>> marty: raking is the fall of the saturday morning a plane carrying killed 24 people as crash egyptian officials the same as the survivor is one show you where the crash happened the plane and fell on the painful between each of the the real the flat was traveling egypt thinking is for russia. according to egyptian officials their craft disappeared from radar 23 that after takeoff pilot had reported he is having technical difficulties wanted to make an emergency landing the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers a few hours later egyptian officials confirm the plane had crashed in via forces battling for years
8:01 am
plane carrying a talented 17 passengers and crew members 17 of the passengers children everywhere on board was a russian citizen dendrite and television crews are asked complains black box. russian president order russian from argentine officials to investigate the release status of this story throughout the morning for you here about halloween celebrations descended to that level and outside of the embarcadero dave has everything even know which a country forecast this gentle breeze high pressure giving away tomorrow things changing sfo be a false start sunshine all over the bay area and upstream can easily talk about a low pressure system
8:02 am
this will start throwing clods our way as early as tomorrow cooler tomorrow fell away for the breeze by tomorrow night into monday that's one that transcends the have done if the 4:00 p.m. on the low 70's into late afternoon and evening however tricky trier's the forecast in the '70s 5:00 number scattered clouds building for us to know if they the first indication things are changing
8:03 am
first-class car with a little hairy and fun argos is open visual pupils will be tied the selling with him for good scare. >> marty: that screen house haunted house in san jose tel 3 check out. the link or truly go to hear the water is coming. the clefts of
8:04 am
the room the floor rises in their the offending looking at you anything if over the whole floor dropped at the mention the lot is going on for a volume of the bay area avery rate in the middle of this morning. >> reporter: i but he cannot guess what i am inside a huge
8:05 am
pumpkin hundred acre farm family farm joined by a john the man behind all the beautiful day for one day the rain the whole family can do this little ones to grandmother's grandfathers'. the life and doing this for quite a long time why the so and thorny do everything the year. really bonded our family everyone works here
8:06 am
their eyes light up and it's a good feeling >> reporter: this year not clear last day wait going to reopen tomorrow. ? paulina is over but people still love to come out and give them a try tomorrow if the sunday be a delay the official said the line that some families, and served as part thinking in all the fun affordable activities here. >> marty: agreed time in san jose and as to get dressed up what the day for tonight and
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holly sieur your customer and look at so many pictures that news sent the author of the week still time to make out our air today for this, the kron 4 news application and some of the photosphere poured have the feel see yourself on their live the gallery on our web site kron4news-dot-com coming up on news week and will track as kidding that the biggest one of the scary as hot and house of the bay area.
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toro universe they put forth see kids on a diet for nine days to put carbs rice bread topos the and place of sugar specifically accuses of the and the results were dramatic researchers said the cutting out these as wall street cookies and candies with the kids healthier in terms of blood sugar blood pressure levels as of rising like with a much time especially now researchers say it's important to be mindful of the money should retrieve your child does have a very telling. and the big stories of the way the world for health organization process me to risk of cancer as the meet's red ones harmful. the put process me tie fog since fawn him and the same danger category as smoking and a specified of cooking beef herd
8:12 am
reduce the highest amount of chemicals suspected of causing cancer still ahead church rating at the white house who took home the top prize for best costume you miss that >> marty: traffic is moving this uneasiness early saturday morning for a week and did his fright mayor and livermore a free hot house happening 7:00 tonight: the clock that's located 697 sonoma avenue have fun
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>> marty: the communities in the region have a 56 and is rated just a matter of hours and cosmos of the places in houston
8:16 am
for instance drivers stranded and have the u.s. did the dangers not overreact muralist here tracking the severe weather \ / tournedos >> reporter: whether the heavier now and october the gulf states get hit by this kind of this activity celebrate our of the squall line have marion falling then 20 awarding to expire at the top the are watched all seven of louisiana today looking out for in our situation far from that. clear skies 7 tel bridge. >> reporter: the much debris is the of the five of our favorite story for have tomorrow in this neck storm system comes our way
8:17 am
hallmarks of a watertight storm we hope that the side of things to come up with precipitation unlocks the up and give the thus will write to allow the system to absorb that '50s and the peninsula and fairfield the exception than degrees cooler this morning most close to where they were from yesterday low- lying clouds along the coast and standard fan. that says to develop the north bay and that's the sign of hexoses the local for mid-70s that work alicea sunny to richmond 80 with less they will see if for we yourself
8:18 am
and see similarities that work for the cree get 882 livermore 82 as well there is the precipitation sunday and monday it and the clocks back an hour tonight the technically 2:00 a.m. sunday. >> marty: the latest and the fallout of the sixth presidential debate so unhappy with the cnbc handle the event the meeting this weekend to talk about what they want from other tv networks and the the remaining they >> reporter: jet the debate in washington sunday night to reread the ground rules for next round among those calling for change than carson.
8:19 am
often they turn to the question. rnc chief agreed bitterly at moments after the debate the of the planet take control from previous and the rnc the party bosses failed to take their concerns to the networks or evidence of this gop a crossroads politicians were led the party ought setter's struggle for control of the party maintain his control previously announced today that
8:20 am
the rnc is suspending its ties with cnbc news of further aggravate emhart fax-evil a substantive debate on confidential issue concerns the american people. and that was first and foremost among the kennetts complaints. >> marty: is resume efforts to free a humpback will untangle the knot turn adding up the coast of california waters cortlands friday near newport beach with this to say at first everything seemed ok then realize the level of distrust the had the feeling ill early friday every time they get close it would then go deeper the water and out of sight while
8:21 am
experts say the average of eight wells caught dead fish every year off the coast of california and take a look if this the first family will commit hundreds of local school children military families for checker ading at the white house lowland's dresses cape crusaders. the baby hope came to mobile and the presence of a customs hurt by reporters to said he gets the top prize as a first they dressed as themselves and the cookies can be even if the baseball cards featuring the dog. >> gary: looking ahead of the 40 that is unfair louis
8:22 am
>> marty: the birch nurturing. approach in the richmond bridge for the weekend it's halloween fast by the lambert the kids come in costume pictured retreat ever participating businesses had also free face paying as well.
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why let someone else have all ththfun? the sosotimemehaphphard,d, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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mmm, denny's pumpkin pecan are the perfect halloween treat. and you don't need a head to know it. haha, yes! denny's new pumpkin pecan pie pancakes just 4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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>> gary: in houston their terrific staff james owens part- time went to the ndp and harrison 60 million rf that the seven were very much on hold but everything 25.7 rebounds six
8:26 am
assists james had 16 lawyers up into a note of what would fall 92 will be more in order to fisherman's wharf will wax museum. and they're getting ready for sf unveiling it sometime in 2016 to and 50 measurements careless reference lotus then set but the shoes of a hole that down at that and to so will lawyers the forty- niners best running back only real running back and did not travel with the team to sail
8:27 am
with sunday's game the 40 that is taken on the rams the fund attend. the raiders at home trade battle had the chargers 380. $8,000 were extending a foot the world series roils that's here we go of the mets to win its three nothing about 43 york reconcile their have metz
8:28 am
says for years. >> marty: level of cuts slated golden gate bridge to this early saturday morning before going on in fairfield freakin friendly happening at the and jelly belly factory 94 today
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> marty: lupe's see that too bad
8:31 am
>> reporter: the downtown and areas in the be more prone to weapons policy much of that this definition change tonight tomorrow and the events of that storm systems temperatures stilicho '50s also a police they as well as 46 percent rose the fees of finish for the ad hoc our a little better of faith and heating and as a of the 78 by
8:32 am
the and then to the clock for 5:00 p.m. the and good for activities that in the forecast calls for scattered clouds and the no. they've mostly clear for the sulfate east bay downtown san francisco temperatures in the '70s falling upper 60s details of that coming up. >> marty: matter what your do better for you skerries places
8:33 am
>> reporter: enough 300 monsters of the family
8:34 am
environment lead china scare you offend its various fund for as age 50 and 25 phobias see to navigate your way around.. and
8:35 am
then for real and the forests and the fact question for you guys back there why so serious. >> marty: will is a brave joker then fought a fund balance that clara lot is going on for halloween and back notes at avery who's been reporting live all morning long.
8:36 am
>> reporter: family has sitting on top more unique attractions he oversaw as be share look at what's around me that whereas the train rides about here is a picnic and as to the clark doors open all the will take you to acquire knife and a fuel hundred acre will be here for all that happens then. few >> marty: enjoying the column
8:37 am
before the storm this is the last time will be talking to before a pumpkin patch of the. >> reporter: i was telling john the filling of the lp digest of the north said tonight it would this year customs send us your photos sending them and we see a young girl dressed the spelling bees if they're all so lady bug and a fifth of the mayor the gallery and a subset and joe photos
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>> marty: the giveaway and then a matter of safety and that sinking any chances mass individuals will not be allowed on the premises during halloween and not cut or tear
8:42 am
the bill mescaline allies have gone of the past 30 years for and retrieves if >> reporter: the masks in the stores here with the customers have to say about the so? "this market said that have to buy better be saved this story of the police officer told me robbery's are not uncommon during the time of calling so all the more reason for this public notice be prepared to take a halloween mask off planning on coming inside making a purchase your.
8:43 am
bear in >> reporter: been a lot of the store today? "i use license you with kron 4. paris >> marty: sailor enjoying this live shot this morning for the weekend that the scary halloween party barons city
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>> marty: the biggest tourism brought to this week here on kron 4 >> reporter: funding abundance of fish are found tax on the ground. looking at this and go
8:47 am
on with my hand feel like this
8:48 am
>> reporter: memo from with bad microphone we get that thing care of and the hollowing forecast for you. turn to the castro district as a very iconic the san francisco neighborhood how. spot for progressive residents as well off so oval jams to enjoy both also about. >> reporter: yes it's known for that effective forever and reminds local water vercammen
8:49 am
enjoy and then the castro theater besides the rainbow foot fly caster of iraq of the skyline of the neighborhood and a whirlpool of movies and uneven nor they are would take a look of the official that plays in the favorites cult classics >> marty: into five sofa so will and of lantastic place of a. an old movie palaces for a
8:50 am
half stars 700 reviews. 19th and 20 a feast of market "if there is the focal residents don't go there to i am and screaming. but as a cool gulf family event you can find on yelp
8:51 am
>> marty: heard of the sec's place the suns find definitely have a hit cool live in the neighborhood. and for half stars overload hundred reviews.
8:52 am
>> marty: think you fur lot about the true places in the castro. >> marty: play know about was why not in the bay area here we
8:53 am
take a live look outside sfo plenty of sunshine there will week and halloween taken place in san francisco festival cost and great for kids under 10 years of age the event is free happening today new. until 130 got out there
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
local >> marty: all of the movies and what is now showing. brad >> reporter: like hoover and the shaft that strand to make it to the culinary world. a
8:57 am
brand the crisis for political operative called back in the service of america and canada along the way she learns there's more than at a political victory and leave their less camp about calling coverage and the next hour. to look of some of the best time houses in places such retreat across the bay area still with us
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>> marty: a plane carrying to under 24 people crashed a egyptian official saying no survivors often show you where the crash happened. it went down between egypt and israel the flight was travelling even the same pewters for russia according to egyptian officials fed disappeared from radar 23 minutes after take off this morning show a video now from the airport in st. petersburg investigators say the pilot reported he was having technical difficulties one at to make an emergency landing at then lost contact with air traffic control and then a few hours later egyptian officials confirming the plane crashed and
9:01 am
egyptian forces battling for years and then to its 17 passengers and seven crew members 17 of the passengers were children. everyone on board was a russian citizen as of now egyptian troops at the scene looking at the scene of the crash of looking for plane's black boxes that russian president also ordering russian emergency officials to investigate the crash the of course stay on top of this story throughout the morning. >> marty: alicea sad about the forecast tonight should trigger treaters wearing jackets letters along with masks and caves. looking >> reporter: good for sugar traders changer seasons as well live with the bay bridge is
9:02 am
blue skies as we start the day and then one throw this with see the label for the fed to order watched the new poll for low us now producer and starts out fairly high wealth and the sierra dropping about 7000 of bentley monday morning 5,000 ft. in terms of elevation irene producer for the bay area temperatures '60s conquered 62 of the oakland of the north they mid-50s known caves low 60s see daly city oakland speaking the bay shoreline 7475 for the trigger traders '70s drifting in the '60s for this evening. following forecast temperatures in the '70s in the '50s by late this evening in a cakewalk for so scattered clouds by the north bay looks like everywhere else should be looking and was the clear skies that 7 day and
9:03 am
details coming. >> marty: and house is now often the show people very spooky * halloween of goods carried by one a check out the screen house in san jose all free. "plan to stuff going on waterfalls the system were a lot of moisture in their fall plan life when you think it's the school not to carry out half a guy comes out like pyro. windows drop the boycott walt. it's a chilling scare works overtime this resin the air a
9:04 am
guy looking at a of. >> marty: gonna for halloween and the bay area turned avery
9:05 am
the come out here for every year and then your favorite part of. whole family affair me and my friend plan neon scanning my brother then he hid in the sunflowers of the very end.
9:06 am
>> reporter: and come here to open the 9:00 and just opened we will be here to capture all the action at the pumpkin patch back to you in the studio as he addressed the today tonight below this year cost. in new photosensor and to us this morning and the best of the storm trooper plenty of time to make it on our air download the
9:07 am
news application and then check out and joy on kron4news-dot-com >> marty: ahead for you will try and get all dressed up and takes us there one of the scary as townhouses in the bay area. that is coming off and then your child getting ready to enjoy the following traits well we have one simple step in and take to make your kids holly a little bit helpful
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
import >> marty: mistress good eating habits and then researchers the ucsf put 43 of these kids on a diet for nine days. so the two cards and place of the shares. and then the
9:11 am
surprisingly the much time. and then degrade treats their child has and colleen. more food to be wary of the store is will we will help. organizations that process me to raise the risk of colon stomach cancer was a red meat that the research team put process make hotdog salami in the same category as smoking asbestos willingham trying tablature cooking meat has mahon of chemicals. retreating >> marty: at the lighthouse who took home the president's top prize best costume rental o'clock tonight
9:12 am
at 6 97th sonoma avenue in livermore
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> marty: all 224 people aboard the russian plane were killed this morning and no word vladimir and closer to home
9:16 am
heavy rain across texas this morning and i look at the video dallas area. the communities hit with five to 6 in. are rain in just a matter of hours into the mess left here in houston kristin's dozens of travelers stranded have to be rescued the danger is not yet over then the storm continues to move along area and now moving east into louisiana severe. whether to be found and weather radar >> reporter: felt wesley's a warning earlier more possible the next few hours a tornado watch posted clear skies today golden gate bridge and misses
9:17 am
sunday at the system tomorrow the bull's-eye in terms of us getting rain it will be is now producer for the mounds good news there become a storm system we need to have a little less than the way of fighting going on also produce instability as well funding to the mind and also if i recall that to '60s and sunspot oakland already up to 62 concord is matching that fairfield 67 the '50s to defy much of the north bay hayward around 61 and house far as the temperature contrasting yesterday were pretty close the at half moon bay seven degrees cooler turf for. and then also cooler at this hour of the north bay from close where we were yesterday and couldn't be a contrast in the sunday.
9:18 am
>> reporter: these are so late tonight and then tomorrow morning and further east and then here's why then even in the inland valleys tuesday 68. larcenies and then even the fate that near about 70. tired tonight turn the clocks back to larry and sunday officially. the decision >> marty: 2016 republican presidential debate in fact canada are so unhappy with cnbc handling the event
9:19 am
meeting this weekend to discuss what they want from the other tv networks of the remaining debate >> reporter: racial learn if the fed if among those calling for change when carson.. and her of gathering of riles fein from the anchor the hostile nature town in question.. they also plan to
9:20 am
take control of from previous rnc and charging the bosses the concerns to the networks. evidence out a crossroads announced today are in see of february debate and heart of a substance today. first and foremost a canada of complaints ..
9:21 am
through >> marty: is resuming an event will watchers caught a glimpse of the animal near newport beach. the witnesses say at first the whales seemed normal. everything seemed fine and then they seem realizable and distrust who's tried to free the will early friday every time they got close the humpback would dive deeper in the water higher site will experts say average of a whale's get caught fish once every year in california first family welcoming hundreds of children military families princesses and all lined up for the event of a show stopper the baby hope and saw this costume reporter said
9:22 am
fed first lady as themselves the keys can be and some baseball cards featuring dogs foe and sunny. >> gary: the did more bad news the lawyers in houston rockets. >> marty: hundred festival in berkeley kids come in costume
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> gary: state warriors for not missing their coach in houston they were terrific staff james once upon a time and then trim on everything that hurry. 9.7 assess. tonsil struggle to games. current lawyers off to a 2 and 0 start will bet on curry. he would on fisherman's wharf a wax museum getting money
9:27 am
for set curries unveiling and then south of the shoes and a whole bed down madame tussaud by fisherman's wharf. baserunning back only real running back trouble with the team to sit with sunday's game reggie bush more than likely to start and nothing except a sportscaster the attack on the ramseys sunday at 10 the rate of the home and then it will play the jets on sunday world series is life
9:28 am
game 3 that the mets did not win its three nothing that's about a foreign 3 york and seinfeld they have been fans for years 93 months and that saturday morning sports. >> marty: i'll look aside a great view of golden gate bridge plenty of sunshine
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> marty: lummox it militants not to give responsibility for bringing down a russian passenger plane and other officials say no survivors of us here say they're not confirmed claims and they're not offered any evidence there is some of the capability bringdown plane. and down between egypt and earlier this morning going to st. petersburg and that disappeared from radar 22 minutes after takeoff this morning the unconfirmed reports that the militants in the sinai peninsula have required their
9:32 am
shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles the investigators say of the pilot had supported difficulties and one of the mega emergency landing and the plane lost contact with their travel controllers' right now the crews are at the scene of the crash and looking for the plane's black box the story continued follow this morning and this evening on kron 4 news at a clock for our attention closer to home and a halloween as we take a live look outside this is from the embarcadero camera fatah folks of course wondering what should be aware tonight for the costumes to keep our kids nice and warm. >> reporter: them underneath and then cost montauk will be getting cool alex a warm day today so sofa set the 21 a fall like filling before we get the one-two punch by sunday felucca what will do all that swirling wallowed to the west and then for the office says the sofa and in california were looking at
9:33 am
instability crackled the founder can rollout may be some water spots as a possibility with this cold air aloft now there of the service today flow back on the warmer side relatively speaking temperatures '60s downtown san francisco daily city matching that '50s department for the north bay lower 60s off the east bay. brace on like this downtown san francisco 73 2:00 p.m. and a fat 71 added that the latest for every the 510 not have heart doesn't kick in until this evening. and then with the mind your helene forecast in the north they scattered huts are involved clear the site for awhile to amend temperatures '70s for are about 5 all in the '60s about 8:00 p.m.. and then we check in coming up for you in just that. >> marty: news week and we of course i covered for halloween when the scary places around the bay as california gray america in santa clara will
9:34 am
train got in the halloween spirit he even got a little freaked out as you are fruit with a haunted houses check out come down to the america 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. today they have nine haunted mazes is one of 300 monsters with african council today 300 monsters all dressed up to have to pay any extra it paid the price of admission to go through the mazes lots going on if i do not recommend fatal recommend you bring anyone any child under 13 years old. to get this coz it's a little too scary for them great for us all what's going
9:35 am
on that of. news of progress here as well as this and have a great time at this place and then let's bring in roger ross why is this so wonderful for the family 13 years and up the creek a far-fetched for that age group 15 and 25 he can imagine how many kids are here every day and everything the see enough to entertain yourself and scare yourself receiving. >> reporter: no offense to anyone i love clowns this is so
9:36 am
real was the best part yet backed out when everyone. crazy the zombie it's fun you place your people the aegean and of the age they go with this thought terrible little ones and don't want them to have nightmares or anything.
9:37 am
\ >> marty: was going on for holes in the bay area to our attention that avery whose reporting live from the scene of a pumpkin patch in san jose last, your on a hayride. >> reporter: memo on the pumpkin train here the park just opened at 9:00 people here enjoying the train the petting zoos opening attack clock annals of hat and pumpkins to get him out here enjoy all the following scene festivities everything is fine and affordable so we will be
9:38 am
here to talk more people in this is the place to be today not sunny outside the fed would the new photos just an end to us this morning here we of the young girl dresses for in those savories allow sun devils have sent 10 fully debugged. >> marty: download are kron 4 and news application some of the photos third of the reported to have if. you do not see itself on the air we do have a gallery on our web site of all but the deacons and then. check the mouth kron4news-dot-com
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>> marty: in the morning i'll of two nurses made these customs for the patient's parents could celebrate the first helene with the brand new babies. the work of these nurses than half live look outside the offices the embarcadero san francisco and for the weekend
9:43 am
this is the dawn of an old day.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1.
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only from xfinity. >> marty: bacchus of the stories about see long kron 4. >> reporter: concerns was trying to injure their animals finding an abundance of sharp fall in tax on the ground.
9:47 am
>> reporter: changes in the forecast taking you next low pressure system called for low and stability snow for amman's as a rich as the bay area shuddering developing sunday afternoon in to the overnight monday morning ratio a
9:48 am
temperature springing back in the east bay 62 concord vallejo behind 6763 nevada of 67 cisco daly city and allows have the same as kron 4 of today by the new hours. the largest takeover for the warmer '80s to be found in the south bay east today even part of the north bay interior areas at least will back down by a 9:00 p.m. sugar traders and everything is time the great god for dealing with a lot more hard-cover for temperatures probably be more reduced and not going to feel real head of the fall weather until the nightly hours. member is going lower eighties you'll see it for the rest of we had after the storm
9:49 am
system gets here 78 inland valleys and then from much lower '70s i had to lay 68 fun of monday over get we fall back to standard time tonight. >> marty: march family put up frightening halloween decorations close to 10 years what a set of and in the past his guns on the theme decorations for vampires the unfenced this year if the pirates. "as a small yard and now that's my whole front yard covered his been planning this for since january. >> marty: happening today he is
9:50 am
already a horse racing legend american of farrell will run the file rights of an incredible career that the triple crown winner and kentucky for the breeders' cup classic american ferret out a first horse to win the same trickle mclaughlin. he is retiring to begin a lucrative career foreigners in the breeding shed. bittersweet farewell forest and the specially trainer he guy in america furrowed to horse racing history. "one more day. >> marty: if ever to win today's race with the wind flow three-year-old call will retire with earnings of more than 8 million at set for 230 this afternoon.
9:51 am
>> marty: team up with leaders of the drama we have more on the latest movies heading the feeders in the submissions of not showing coming up next. >> marty: alive look outside sfo wonderful conditions there for the weekend and as a hollow lane who floss and francisco festival of costume parade kids under the age of 10 free happening in san francisco and in the
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> marty: some scouts face zombie's jeremy has the look at what is now showing the tax into
9:54 am
a london restaurant determined to take the highest honor finestra and if industry. >> reporter: discussed ideas on the apocalypse. boyce was bad to the zombie apocalypse. >> marty: 10 as a police
9:55 am
department safety tips and for kids in church trading they should keep the nor clean well let advice to make sure your children's costumes are nonflammable < not in any danger of turning jacqueline turns out late reflective tape holocaust in so they're easily visible as they may be hard haul their kids fact that holding them to inspect them for anything them ... to have and sticking a hollow lane check the one lesson of the forecast.
9:56 am
his look of the seven day forecast for today a beautiful clear skies and extended clouds and north bay >> reporter: if the application following with a news application than the rest like a vehicle all real flavor fall. our wrap things up for us for you sni and have yourself ♪
9:57 am
♪ ♪
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