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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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of packaging of my stuff. one >> reporter: 8,000 lbs. of explosives to bring down. three video reported by highway patrol showing that the recent small- scale run of the implosion the talk about why the packaging and explosive material make the difference. "the push down holes in the plot that material be flexible i'll of potentially upsetting that material and having read everything has to be right for the maximum opportunity.
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the >> reporter: and a member of the most fully small foreign let rot life makes this. cowfish wildlife and other fundamental experts. fewer and less damage than otherwise. right"about sunrise may not go with that one 1:00. >> pam: but opposition mavis succeeded in keeping effectual violent predator being housed in an unincorporated leaf
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>> reporter: the judge sets up another order things still somewhat about. >> reporter: friday, costa county judge despite neighborhood opposition convicted sexually violent predator from her bed be housed in his home along the gulf left that have happened by december 14th now all the better off a letter to never properly ordered gen process decided not to read the liberty healthcare given the opposition by the committee >> reporter: reliant lives down the street and it's one of them placed. "and see that their role area and limited resources out here
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in the event we can't read across the street not what neighbors its longtime to get to emergency situations here. >> reporter: attorney's office says oppose putting faith at this location the of the committee know that nothing is set in stone until the judge that the new ruling november 13th. next >> reporter: hearing will take place november 13th
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>> pam: she did manage to get away place. not yet for writing a description of the suspect and.. the state law resulted in the rest in a local man today several high-end retailers. the floss more than $500,000 close. and jewelry in addition firearm was recovered and taken into custody on a grand theft for booked into martina's facility
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set at $1 million. >> pam: is looking for the public's help identify a wanted. homicide wanted they say october the first six year-old mark garcia at the sofa by men than at st.. the day of the attack and then if anyone with information possessed a context of this is the police. today >> pam: election day of many cities and towns across the bay area cafes here with that heated protests opposition voted. are deciding today. but not >> pam: the at the huge turnout the it's an off-year election people are really worth the this was this morning in san francisco about includes crop
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after getting a lot of attention caribbean be $8 million and to kill it making it an expensive measure on the ballot. >> catherine: air beyond before the city has some short term rental pulled out by retirement and then internship mercury me expended at after extremely domestic violence related charges one focus of this has been the city's sanctuary city policy and sparked by the immigrant shot and killed a young woman and her 14 despite
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the fact that men have been repeatedly reported. >> catherine: the system there easily win election in the fourth term has become a part of random by the policies and has encouraged companies to locate it in the city set francisco has become a national symbol of disparity as a chauffeur-condos and fend long-term tenants aren't your of eviction. >> catherine: this temporarily halt development commission except for affordable housing some voters being asked to continue sales tax measures set to expire including some tell the county is trying something better leave to care how we will all be voting all fell election
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first for the state of california polling places intended filling out the mailing ballots that party and suntan this all smell and the fed. yet to adopt the system statewide. >> pam: cafe area sports world colin no longer forty-niners start carden for back
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development and a career that had a promising start. the year >> reporter: quarterback of gunshot and fix was an overnight sensation as coaches forty-niner this book. "colin >> reporter: ever like islands
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of had this time just before the 2014 season were started going around that see title games the coach as a tenant 14 record yet as early as the weeks ago.
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>> grant: alex smith was his job when you're hurt a bad time for lot of heart and a hard time 9 as supporters the social media bandwagon fans the mclaughlin before he was benched after yesterday traded away hundreds of kron 4 fifth offense commiserating together for raiders fans asking in that role
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reversal here jack on this book says the failure really his fault but the coaching staff and better protection of you we can be effective running for life of her seven and no luck to even say but still water die-hard believers that to happen and in the sack clara. then the kron 4 faced a fan page bill left the air a month still waiting for help coming up a meeting that's happening tonight to get some answers for that the film and
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then i mean no weekend how piccinni expect the storm this winter years of lobbying the female version of the niagara that may not be " many women think it is a warning for women just had
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(nature sounds) she can rage,
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and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >> pam: crews of now reopened to
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east bay following a mudslide patterson castro east of livermore 330 in morning and traffic is restricted their one line of passing a new county public works agency tesla road also reopened their orchard down yesterday because of mudflows that have happened during a rainstorm severe mud from the road and searches damaged no injuries reported >> pam: assyria's the building of storms a story on line and then the companies on the bay area what is expected the winter of heavy rain peony as dealing with a stormy weather ahead.
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>> reporter: piccinni the urologist says make no mistake of the meal is coming failing question is when. >> reporter: we're in it pg&e expects will be ready for a significant number of storm related power outages one of them caused by power lines down by a falling tree is occur most often in places like senator nunn's what can happen for virtually anywhere. "see of done par line: 1 or pg leaf and be extremely important don lyons. >> reporter: food water first- aid kit for laredo and that extra batteries.
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"as too deep not seeing down power lines situational awareness the time to prepare they say fidel. or cover >> pam: john r. website a week long covering additional stories california gearing up for the storm. >> pam: and the media today nice weather all across the bay fl details on what had. >> diane: 6 degrees warmer world
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should be this time of year live look at the bay bridge toll plaza clear skies for the east bay shoreline cities and east bay in 1 locations the numbers for you right now 52 frannie at livermore 61 covington of and the 12th in the 61 for fremont flow '60s for inland by location these bay shoreline cities of her fifties. severances go along with his location for. wednesday is picking up a bit at a breezy side for oakland onshore breeze 6. finos hour overland redwood city fan tobol sour for san jose says plan address the evening so some him was the clear skies temperatures between 62 for the coast 57 out and in the invocations. then 10:00 p.m. 13 mi. an hour wind speeds on average 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning chill. start your day
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and a lot more morning we had i'll for work satellite radar for dealing with here low pressure system surrounding our region here of and the sierra some showers fend for we have a few clouds in place also giving as cooler temperatures the next few days before see what happens then the sound forecast. the overnight temperatures midmorning when things start for the warm-up and an afternoon- p.m. mid-60's upper 60s in the valley east bay shoreline cities live '70s will severances go 64 degrees on average and 70 forecast coming up when i return. >> pam: after years of the faith the government has given the green light to the female fly at
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griffith of think phil made everything out of the warning from doctors and pharmacists next great debate over the gop debate is there agreement
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dog tags says his name is mr. mann recovering at the emergency hospital and rudder part chp transport of their and affirmation of its chip not known from nevada. staffing contact with him if society to try and track down that the owner. bulbul pill for men and no pink pill for women with to know about the female lead reported laurie that with few people ask the questions on the minds a lot of enquiring women.
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adi is from pharmaceuticals foreman with moscow form of. >> reporter: it works completely different /"increasing chemical that improve your mood" >> reporter: concern does adjust the brain chemicals you wonder how that will be effective long- term
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"does it dizziness headache sleepiness. senna >> reporter: agreement promised you have any of a halt on the drug that can lower your blood pressure combined with of a halt they pass out that easy to prescribed doctors must get the special certification first. the so-called black foxtrot will all those risks pharmacies as have the certification as well have decided if it won't be trying this, but they do know about that what they don't. "and known as all the fear" >> pam: approved by the fda few months ago just now going to market over a month since the deadly destructive of the value wildfire next lettuce and recovery process the big meeting
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>> pam: then over seven weeks for an favela wildfire went through lake napa sonoma counties scorching 76,000 a. this trying almost 2000 structures including 1200 homes for people killed in the fast- moving wildfire left many families without home. people still living at campgrounds
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waiting for aid and assistance a half an hour tonight committee meeting with the ballet at task force with an update on the recovery process j.r. is alive tonight in the ultimate war. >> reporter: >> j.r.: the twinned by casino hotel. then centered directly behind me may seem like this valley fire long time ago to less ago thousands of people are still affected people tonight what chance the voice some concerns that may even get some answers last night as the clock 11:00 on kron 4 all lisa took you to the hidden valley campground where you can see all of the 10th at least eight families still living in tents others in camp if focal the talk with today that place is packed
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last night the valley fire victims' told us there across had not come to their aid and concern yesterday all the rain that fell victim hoping that things would not wash away but there still are lots of concern >> diane: i'll your tablatures coming up to yesterday's five address the meeting tomorrow 9:00 p.m. clear skies temperatures in the low 50s across the map 7:00 a.m. parley cloudy conditions chilly temperatures and then for the " coast east bay shoreline than in times and conditions of the end of the chairs in the upper 50s or 60s and then we will get too
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far from their afternoon highs the p.m. 70 oakland 74 hayward 74 out of fremont tomorrow and then guy locations 66 if any at 60 to 6 for pledging to 64 livermore discuss tomorrow and then compare to that today's highs and then overnight lows on the chilly side and next the days for you to 65 degrees for the men by locations there's a basic condition same temperatures there slight warming trend that will last a long way explain where the change as and offset came to pass of rainshowers.
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>> catherine: passenger plane crash of a leak and u.s. satellites detected heat around the plane before went down and then official said it rules out a lodge catastrophic explosion hundred 24 people aboard the investigation " a fuel tank bust and then studying the black boxes. retire >> pam: neurosurgeon use the billionaire businessman by six whites and then the wall street journal poll marco in
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third place this is the next major national poll on cnbc and affect the oil slick carthon campaign our guests and that meeting to create a letter of the man's it didn't happen now trumpets ago xian gun cases of so they'll just indorsed marco and the debate drama in and
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present a bubble within from folks who boast of great negotiating process. the country >> pam: is first primary election will take place after the iowa caucuses and mel- point lead over bernie sanders the senator from favoring of vermont back in september the gains have older voters
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democrats for a third of those questioned said they have not firmly decided that i cannot. irs >> grant: a friday night for his actions now possible bail has spoken 32 year-old attack to the driver level sets fire to golden was the senior marketing manager of the company and seven happening friday outside the newport beach bar that's when the driver told golden to get all of his car there was drunk and then give directions of were one of the go tartabull spokesperson says given the behavior we've also offered
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encouraged him to get professional help. >> pam: had the welfare of robin williams be tough the first time about her husband's death he says it was not depression that led to suicide coming of next the big vote on marijuana that could be a cash windfall for former boy band member.
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recreation >> pam: aliyahs former lot more people master co-founder john parker working on illegalize asian initiative the adult use that yesterday the medicinal marijuana are illegal here for the proposed initiative of the dozen filed with the attorney general's office and residence i'll ohio before boy band reality starts on like cultivation of restricted the specifically identified on the ballot by location and then item says he's part of an investigative item
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by f. the measure passes 1100 the delay action for lisa shopped at the by those who will selling at estimated 1.1 billion every year. up next a special visit family roberts is back joins us live telecast but his recovery and back to catching people behaving
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of us >> pam: of will lead the cali will move and would never say about the twists in this
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debate and herman have said that saratov the hour at 6:00. >> reporter: will be little emotional for me going back. >> pam: the first time that is right now stanley is back happy that have him. the job touch base of everyone. >> pam: like a series of strokes will the >> reporter: but had a stroke no clue what happened recognized was going on and the rest is history adult me seven of tpa itself as a chance
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working worked many people supporting me through that and sublet if doing better getting back to work already so people behaving badly started shooting already. >> reporter: it did what they wanted >> reporter: >> pam: we have all well wishes
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one can from their 7 cisco. >> reporter: and then thinking and the memo from adlai he spelled my name right and send it to ladino it was really from him. i went office and now he is up for reelection. >> pam: 11 to change enough. then i >> reporter: sure what caused it and have had these so whole bunch of things and not a clue installed a microchip in my chest we will follow with your
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experience in helping other people who may be helping people of the income of * * with more coming up on news of six all of us why the share welcoming back coming up on news that six. prepare >> diane: for chilly temperatures in the overnight hours tomorrow morning when you wake and then all so during the mid morning hours when things start clearing up with those clouds the temperature is right now 60 to end at 63 livermore's
5:49 pm
61 oakland richmond faced a shoreline: san jose redwood city then mostly clear skies continue to 10:00 p.m. flight reason place at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning like temperatures that were talked about. were dealing with satellite are faring in the forecast just yet low pressure system for keeping things cool in the overnight hours like showers out in the sierra. as more of an install locations will be as warm as it was with daytime highs 6 degrees warmer compared to where we should be this time of year and will be having that more of a much
5:50 pm
cooler temperatures and high as their east bay shoreline and and and and allocations will like the mad dog for six days 54 at livermore and then all and the north bay we have a scattered clouds in the morning hours chilly temperatures things clear up midmorning south bay cities of the '60s of the 74 cast for you and then cooler temperatures to stay with us a slight warm up from friday. the jurors will not be looked will be no '70s. mfg. >> catherine: of that but the airbags eight deaths 100 injuries all the world has had the $78 million fine japan's to cott corp. admits for the deal knew for years but the set out
5:51 pm
recalls failing to tell the national highway traffic safety ministration about this and this is sometimes basically explode fending travel toward drivers. lead us to start of the hotel chain accused blocking guess personal life i have the obstructing the investigation and the gas complained for more than a year that blocked the individual life by half but unless they pay a $500 fee that the kind of gathering and fined $600,000 for blocking y 5 at its convention dissenters. >> catherine: will stars got away if you want to indicate
5:52 pm
like something now the the heart of hearts of their plan by the company to be more easily understood the stars could be confusing to newcomers to the hearts as a universal symbol resonates across culture kidder has been suffering slow-growth more like others that says the price of crude oil jumped nearly 4%. the dow up 89 points. what of >> pam: of robin williams opened up about the death of her husband of battle led to suicide. death of her husband of battle led to suicide.
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♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> pam: 4 year deal with the cable giant hbo says it includes visual content featured on the networks online platform this says that the contest will likely include commentary on the events today. there will also before shedding any minute movies officer developed a network spokeswoman says that the attribution.
5:56 pm
west >> pam: of what robin williams family settled on be at the state an emotional interview we hear from the wood of susan. >> reporter: reports surfaced in that the paranoia severe depression led to the 63 year- old his own life hang himself the bell.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: seen here in the world's greatest dad depression due suicide with double story. >> reporter: and as a for instance aggressive form of dementia frightening according to neurologists. "people can hurt them fend them the can be scary hallucinations. >> pam: still had on election night we saw the five races with willie brown one-on-one
5:58 pm
interview with kron 4 he says he of about 1/7 the mayor the issues on the line tonight + him before the movie opens in theaters issuing a dress code for star wars we need to know coming up on news that fifth
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>> reporter: >> pam: place to go sexually violent predator faces and a property owner pulled has offered to rent them for home and i incorporated locally. residents along the gulf celebrating property owner called off his offer to let well predator decision is not set in
6:00 pm
stone dust gets. spoke with the contra costa county district attorney's office. martina's tonight with more on the story. >> reporter: of sandstone a judge okayed the allocation and a kid it this past friday a new hearing have to take place and the judge has to issue a new ruling for this to be set in stone residence to the brief a sigh of relief and ducks the road and inc. oakley for sexually violent predator robert bates is going to live now the property owner has changed his mind in this e-mail to one neighbor to impress a decision has been made not to rent to liberty healthcare monetary base given the opposition by the committee as to live up and down this road and be more pleased
6:01 pm
president says the area takes too many children to remote to take the risks of locating a tear. >> reporter: that the district attorney's office to tell us if it remains in the hostile this point and a hearing for november 13th at that time a judge will decide whether to start the process fall over again finding location something else tell you if this fight findings vacation took five to six months pressures have no for an
6:02 pm
address years the cost of searching for a home a judge released a high-risk sex offender left one listed under transient status last word being for motel's 45 days house of the state hospital and fresno county tell has released in october conditional release program for finding a more home opposition everywhere never worked. actually looked at more than 4000 properties. >> catherine: teenager accused of fatally stabbing a nine year- old foyt. back in court 18 year- old schultz a court appearance pulmonary hearing that the fed will brother algren quebec
6:03 pm
april. shultz was a value-added at a hospital martina's september becker's declare the tigert is competent to stand trial will be back in court dec. the 15th. >> pam: the uc-berkeley since dollar and a student assault the outside kansas and 30 last night when a student was fitting of a bus when a man started following her began talking to her and ignore him she managed to get away with have not provide a description of the suspect/ >> pam: motion appear e three of the bay bridge push back to saturday november 14th if all goes well to go ahead with the removal of the remaining pier as
6:04 pm
has the has learned quite a few options there is more purist kneeing to come down the spokesperson explain why they're starting with the removal of. three "the largest sitting on the floor of the day once implosion occurs to get data information that will give us as to how to approach taking down the other appears the cut >> reporter: transit chief a bridge engineer the versing implosion process we've
6:05 pm
carryout production models calculations people accused control explosives and other sizes different mediums of water before for taking lots of proven technologies putting them together in a special way to have the least impact. >> pam: can develop fire has forced will begin holding public meetings on tuesday those are focused on bringing residence and the resources they need to recover from a wild fire accounted director of social services is leaving the task force and the ships for to those meetings often urges the public to attend j.r. and attending the
6:06 pm
meeting tonight than a lover for coming up on news at 8:00 or whether at the dry spell for several bay area if i am checking conditions in the weather center ring yesterday and then prove a sawed-off form of vouchers to that clear skies continued have the next couple of days before the other change bring a seventh chance of rain showers 5 camby bridge toll plaza clear skies thus leaving including the san francisco has locations in an guy allocations to amateurs are now in these low sixties for the valley east bay shoreline cities fed up for fifties for san francisco on the fence locations overnight lows. >> diane: 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning low 40's there all across the map for you for your more over to the '40's for the east bay shoreline cities of oakland 4847 richmond 7 cisco's day's low 50s their afternoon
6:07 pm
highs moffett p.m. no. as warm as it was today again for the day has welfare that '60s and the vacation. clear skies across the map east bay shoreline cities and of the fiscal peninsula was a 65 thursday thin conditions there the victors of the change the slight woman come friday 59 for the valley 68 for the bayside city's 65 along the coast what we can expect a slight chance of rain showers in the 70 forecast and a return. >> pam: of the kron 4 mobile application in #1 source for news and weather in the bay area. >> pam: 5 francisco mayor is expected to win reelection
6:08 pm
encouraged to locate the city and a lot of money is also touching off the current housing crisis in san francisco faces a number of canada francis reid martin and among them the races on first and francisco master chef ross mercury me turn to get reelected after his first term his main challenger who has worked with the city's share of the apartment through much of her career 2012 he was pulled out their retirement by mayor ed lee. and that was suspended for misdemeanor domestic violence related charge on the ballot in san francisco prop f known as the caribbean the initiative of the rules for short-term rentals in the city limiting the number
6:09 pm
knights of the unit can be rented the polls close at 8:00 complete list visit our website kron4news-dot-com >> pam: today's election there on that area and seven cisco particular could spell big change is based on the initiatives to reset talked with former mayor to get his thoughts on today's big races and took the time to weigh in on turmoil involving the forty-niners., >> reporter: we got comments everything from national politics local politics to the team that used to be here the forty-niners
6:10 pm
>> reporter: and the mayor doesn't get his way what the hell that affect him long-term \ >> reporter: they seem to be a signal for the left of and that the defense staff francisco bay area one championship game and held up this year >> reporter: if accept no longer in severances go when they that the letter. "to the elections are exciting
6:11 pm
19 canada if proves anyone can run. >> pam: >> grant: hospital that on board to another major hurdle senate committee green lighting environmental impact reports for the project releasing a statement in part our mission bay is incredible innovation ecosystem and how for technology health-care but not complete without the warriors return home for brand new state of the art of dance center the mixed use development project other regulatory issues in the coming week's mission bay alliance remains outspoken in its opposition test environmental approval process rubber stamp indicating the city is for some product through the team hopes to break ground on the 18,000
6:12 pm
stadium early next year. in an >> grant: the team that could be leaving oakland their chance the city will travel to new york and make their case the nfl next wednesday this comes after a media oakland team owner mark davis of the silver and black the state ritter's in charger is considering a plan to have those two teams sharing a stadium carson near l.a. they alicea was the stain of wind speeds hundreds of millions of dollars have that happen and let you must have the team. but will use public money for the project. >> grant: to appear to a kron 4 at 6 and 35 minutes a very will have the fallout from the niners
6:13 pm
been urging bonn cabinet and the lawyers the dubs nba about the storm to kron 4 all that. >> pam: all me know if on the way. that equilibrate link to a fully restaurants and pressed officials think is the cause. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life.
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right now, save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> pam: with el nino and the forecast for oneself a homeowner this in no time getting his river place. house chief of pravda tells us about from the cure"30 years second experience. riley and than expected during the coming alenia not taking any chances does review to be replaced so i called peterson been seven, a busy with or without rain of any
6:17 pm
kind this winter and from fourth home. hoping >> pam: for the best preparing for the worse coming winter storms associated with the astronomy a system >> reporter: volunteer found out here piccinni fremont facility
6:18 pm
down power lines all too common on the bay area and much greater intensity of amino will be even greater guy and then they'd have the volunteers how clear the vehicle and avoid contact with anything that might be touching it.
6:19 pm
. we told the officer to stand up but they're back again through crossed arms and chest clear the full of the gunfire echoing dying contest of it will assess the chances to make contact with the energy field promote flyboy air always assume that any downed wire as a live wire. >> pam: traffic near livermore once again flowing via fast when/if cosmo borrowed the shutdown slow going trafficker if there fully back open as of the afternoon now wish use their repairs and parts that
6:20 pm
road lay still being made and we were there to the back of today east of livermore those heavier rains yesterday for the mud debris parts the roadway no word when the repairs will be faxed. >> diane: now current of the jurors for you a perfect useless '60s east bay shoreline cities and and the locations along the peninsula state and a low sixties there fell ahead by 9:00 p.m. was the clear skies of revenue of between 53 to 51 degrees for these they shoreline cities conditions 46 for the coast 47 for the day 49 of the valley and a bundle of during morning hours mean time we get to over 50 list is across the map there over night daytime
6:21 pm
highs too much won't be as warm as we head for today at color tablatures in place for a clause and place morning hours he things color as well satellite image eleanor and the forecast dealing with a low pressure system preparing for a chance for rain coming up litter of all this week for overnight lows again technicians east bay shoreline cities also been an guy of patience. only reaching low '40's there why small finance locations. 3:00 in the afternoon dealing with mid-60's all across the map them over the east bay shoreline dealing with 66 hayward's 67 for fremont. richmond as well as 67 and the area for berkeley east bay inland locations again as one tomorrow clear skies fulfill the warmth only made the sixties for the valley and north bay cities of samaria their 66 fence and fell clear skies all across the map will clouds finance
6:22 pm
locations morning hours right around 10:00 tomorrow morning slow warm-up friday 65 along the coast things clear up tuesday wednesday. >> pam: credible video floodwater entering a commuter train car that
6:23 pm
>> catherine: nikolai breakout and chipotle help officials tonight 37 people of the 22 cases reported earlier and most at the restaurant off all 10 dozen people hospitalized contacted by the family says she is a vegetarian that might help narrow down which offices of the products caused the problems. >> catherine: attorney not at this point how many lost its one lawsuit has been filed woman
6:24 pm
claims that she got sick after eating at washington state and once $75,000 in damages. >> pam: a warning if you plan on going up to watch the blockbuster what you can and cannot wear families back on the job here after a big health scare joins us at 630
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
with zero >> pam: brown williams beat out for the first time than on merit you good with good morning america comedian just three years to live says she does not blame her late husband one bit for taking his own life. >> pam: talk about the health farms suffering from before he admitted to set an august 12th and 14 he is 63 years old and
6:27 pm
that she is healing after her husband's charred a deaf. >> grant: your company's banning masks fake weapons this the amc theaters and not allowed fake weapons massed items could be a large number of things real life savers and then the blessed are they amassed home theater shootings in recent years from companies to tighten rules this as a film specific and notorious like to get in character check with local feeder and still ahead of the december release far better timman is on the way it 7:00 and cider entertainment tonight at 730 back of course
6:28 pm
the kron 4 news in a clock. >> pam: only is back at work and joins us in the studio next for us at the beginning of the end for calling catholic areas coming up and sports 645 are top story when released a community learning a convicted sex offender will not be moving into their neighborhood
6:29 pm
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>> reporter: and a quizzical violent predator supposed to be housed after neighborhood opposition the honor this properly decided not to rent the place debates as a dimension are thrilled him a lot to say about all politics and who he lisa francisco look for lawyers arena forty-niners not doing well these days because a curse they left san francisco. wesley had this message to say to merely as a giveaway to that
6:32 pm
with this half of the work like willie brown did years ago. . a community >> j.r.: tonight a good crop but let the clock we showed you was to the many folks still affected aphis valley fire many people living and campers will get a chance this evening may even get some answers more tonight at 8:00. >> diane: 40 is which the area here 43 ndf pleasanton concord livermore east bay shoreline cities mid-40s 70 richmond 48
6:33 pm
oakland severances the peninsula since the low 50s for a clear sky the afternoon highs o'clock will be as warm as it was today before degree difference here cooler temperatures than the loss of her sixties for the valley's 66 and have a. covington 64 where more east bay shoreline cities more like the mid-60s half of this peninsula as well next, lives in a slight warm up friday he feel that on saturday 71 degrees. felt warm and the low '70's then clubs come and come sunday that change their flight chance of rain monday morning and to monday afternoon a chance the rainshowers the by tuesday at all clear that the cloud. amateurs remain below seven days.. >> pam: known as the man behind
6:34 pm
people behaving badly in late august early roberts had a stroke that the newsroom wasn't the same after that family is back he's here promising to catch more people behaving badly so happy this see him. a big smile joke to everything the come to serious for a minute. yes to the strokes and all really nervous even plans. to the battleship and you. my tears my heart if >> reporter: look at the see trying to find out. a crypto stroke no known cause for one
6:35 pm
day goes.. the fund as a lesson that's. as a chance for rapid check-in desk family was doing and what everyone cannot come up from around. >> reporter: sling it screws up the wiring lift. emotional on certain things.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: bond beeper. back >> reporter: a car and truck no lead doing in this plant. but i can't read.
6:37 pm
. >> reporter: have some residual overall messages much better at this see back out on the streets picking the betting badly even the ones for people feeling wire you sticking the camera my face the be nice to me the chance of plenty of your back everyone
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> pam: 60 to protect certain is that too drastic that strike coming. >> pam: you know it comes with levels just let winterly that anxiety.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: managed pension mess just those of higher than usual holiday shopping traveling gathering dust has ways to keep that stress level 2 minimum first just brave. a a relaxation response.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: you tap the right side more so unless side is hard to hold of said state. >> pam: to everyday but relieve stress and crews caught asleep headaches large red blood pressure and reduce muscle tension. rise and fall of colin and dusty baker as back on the major-league team the story of a sports coming up next
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
>> gary: yet the keep cabinet around by now he what start the game and that the hosts of the assets were more tests than on the ground and making about $18 million they will see how this comes on will tell you had a guy on today talking about in the evidence the fed and all-time record 5,000,020 loss. says lesson of the guts to stand and talk for a living will fill this does meanwhile work carpenter
6:47 pm
and of the great one day consecutive record 21 on caprifig market is concerned right in the will house. >> reporter: cabinet took a ball all the way to a suitable system and have he owes one the lombardi trophy and had a chance to win another along the way of
6:48 pm
the prince of pop culture f-14 >> reporter: under two different coaches yet as early as this ago wasn't concerned about a change. >> reporter: of the poster not i'll be fine for its losses seven games message has with turning. the by >> reporter: elation astronomical sense that the earth. >> gary: so johnny mandel of
6:49 pm
the games on that night johnny is going to start for the cleveland browns johnny mandel peccable life again jim harbaugh back in rolling that will be a big deal harbaugh must be enjoying his life on a radio interview at he admitted to dealing with a mission player slight pneumonia push-ups' drink will note how about on the state instead in that order a
6:50 pm
tree in six and two top 20 money men will allow u.n. last five by 50 points doing it with lukewarm it won the first four games and a decisive fashion again people having a hard time remembering the names are like this time he plays falloff angeles clippers 100 points most in four games in history 50.1 last night and set a hundred 40 points first four games in short. 1991.
6:51 pm
>> gary: where after terror for earlier. >> gary: mean just what what people betting badly.. until then.. have you back..
6:52 pm
>> pam: coming upper hall and
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call us today. toll free at... the insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. it's maded up reality. >> i promise to protect the purity of your mind, body and soul. >> the duggar family scandal gets the "law & order" treatment. >> he initially touched them over the clothes. >> it's not your fault. >> that's what he told me. >> plus, i go head-to-head with the donald y did he shut down the interview. >> you only have 13% -- >> and robin williams' widow speaks out for the first time. >> inside the details of his final days. >> it's what took his life. >> and lamar odom's overdose. >> shame on lamar for doing drugs in my place. >> inside his sex filled brothel business. >> are you a pimp? >> this is a dirty, disg
7:00 pm
business until you legalize it. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. >> the owner of the bunny ranch opens his doors to me. the sex, the girls, the money, and the controversy and wait until you hear what he says about lamar odom doing drugs in one of his broth and my fearless friend is in new york city tracking the trump. >> i was with him at his book signing. it was craziness. let me tell you something, the donald and i didn't exactly see eye-to-eye. welcome to new york, bab >> exactly. all right. from the donald to the duggars, it was only a matter of time before liz family scandal got the tv treatment. we take you inside the duggar


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