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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 13, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant: breaking news of control tour bus goes in the cars and construction site several people in critical condition live at the scene of the crash and a hospital where the films are being treated keratectomy british hundred 50 dead the borders are closed tonight as the military patrols the streets. >> pam: when a dozen people hurt five of them critically. horrific bus crashed in san francisco happened at the corner of posts and stockton at symptoms cisco union square had been following this breaking news story all day. we bring you
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live coverage from where it happened jeff joins us live from san francisco general hospital and was critically injured being treated. >> pam: just been at the scene of the crash tonight with the latest. >> reporter: right now people starting to arrive at posts in stock in union square after less perfect tubifex that was the man right now as he concedes one of the worst of it we believe this is a pre as you can even make up the car that's been crushed in this accident san francisco police so the fire department are still here right now and continuing the investigation to figure out why this started the speed down and then plug into bicyclist crash, and the cars and also the construction scaffolding. the glut of the video here firefighters trying to rescue people we of 20 people
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were hurt many are still in critical condition. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon when a tour bus lost control several blocks down the post street had a bicyclist and colliding with cars and. taking down the scaffolding on the apple building in the construction. that scaffolding then collapsed crushing cars and urus that were on the bus here at stockton street. firefighters have pulled seven people from the massive metal debris including two from underneath the tour bus. the police at a low closer look at this horrible accident. what the"run quarter there as a vehicle that was severely damaged. it completely demolished as a result and looking at the collision a miracle this all there is separate.
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>> reporter: double-deckers' sightseeing severances of us into the bus driver also needed to be rescued and the people in critical condition six of them were in cars with us and that heading live where you can see the scene again and the creosote really did the most dramatic image we're seeing today also the scaffolding of piece of metal scaffolding that collapsed on people after the bus hit a power fist allow for parts of the area as well as many lines came down on the scaffolding that looks like they will start tufts be one of the old cars are here we do not know is what caused this boss to lose control and speed down the busy city streets whether the drugs of all mechanical failure or possibly even a medical emergency that is also in zapatista police will figure out during their investigation this terrific bus crashed and coming
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off a 30 we will talk about what needs to be done here in union square and ordered reopened this part of the road and their plan is to have it done by neckcloth >> pam: felipe spoke with witnesses who saw all this unfold that fuss was barreling down crows street and people is live now the last >> reporter: thick and for people new witnesses turn this crash when witness tells me as a gut wrenching and it's as if multiple bombs for the layoffs as a barrel down and take a look at what the scene looks like a live right now for us and how to men who work on this describe what they saw as the bus line is down
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"when a guest he interpret that that it was in the most panic. the the"working unions where for some time as you imagine bill does this bizarre incident i delayed basis the believe nothing like this incredible when you think about just how far the bus travel and appears to of started leaving losing control blocks prostrate blocked off from taylor all lay down to grant at all of the of late- afternoon into the night live crew's obviously still have a lot of work ahead working to
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clear this area and hoping to have it all cleaned up by 9:00 this evening that certainly doesn't look like it will be the case at this point and we do know that san francisco police department is speaking to about 30 witnesses to try and figure out why this happened. the plus >> pam: canvass of the northeastern corner of the union square at post and stockton street rat is here to map out for us this story in the moments leading up to the of the crash. >> grant: of us have scenes where to put some perspective on this map the bus travelling fund prostrate can't always straight through the area and heading east where loss control blocks before eventually came to a stop dodging cars on the road
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then parked cars finally scaffolding ends up on the intersection of stockton close streets and of course always a crowded area especially in the middle. >> pam: 5 people that were injured in critical condition and differences the general hospital jeff bush standing by with lead details from the hospital and how they're doing tonight >> reporter: 5 people listed in critical condition several ambulances could be seen outside the fall in the tragic
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crash in union square both private and severances go fire ambulances for used to get patients year fought house officials said time his of the essence of viacom's treating the patient. "unclear that the patients were aboard the bus the crash or if they're outside the bus and got hit a hospital officials say they all have various injuries and were intended to as soon as the ambulances arrived that a lot of experience with the casualties is situations like this one. "this year is prepared this all the time so getting b's and his will train for.
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first >> pam: 0 you about the bus crash of breaking push where it and stay connected to the latest rate news with our mobile application is free to download the deputy mayor rance struggling to find words to this rather the courage of paris the death toll now for over 150 a night of terror attacks there and reaction coming in from all on the world. >> grant: changing minute by minute the violence started seven hours ago a bombing at a soccer stadium near the north of
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the city of the mets a gunman opened fire at a restaurant here in the eastern part of the city moments after that they stormed a nearby theater 1000 heavy- metal fans were inside that many of sofa see van they said the southern california witness says that the terrorists were firing automatic weapons. "on the streets to 25 bodies i am for people very badly injured from gunshot wounds 100 people killed in the concert hall the attackers blew themselves up with suicide belts and pulleys and special forces stormed been spokesman for the band feels a
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death knell said its members have been accounted for rand backstage ran out the building once the chaos started several people also killed and cambodian restaurant in paris the explosion at the soccer stadium game fault the president was watching a match their but a >> grant: 3 explosions widespread panic their but no one was hurt inside the stadium the explosions coming from suicide bombers outside the stadium the french president was escorted out of the stadium without incident. as the reports of further attacks came and the president declaring a state of emergency he ordered fresh and france's borders and urge people in paris this-it in their homes
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latest word is that all the terrorists have been killed the search has begun for any accomplices >> grant: plaza you ever possible to help bring the for traders to justice. "we intend to help france and the be with them. france's our oldest ally french people stood shoulder to shoulder time and again to a very clear we stand together with them fight terrorism extremists
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>> pam: the caption reads the french flag for half mast. >> pam: tax reasons the carrier to run the world as you might expect in york city police are in trephine security after a string of terror attacks in paris and police say extra security will be stationed outside the french consulate there and another high-profile locations with french connection but police and york say that received any credible threats to any of those locations to the victims of today's terror attack the eiffel tower has gone dark the lights of the kind land mark were turned off a short time ago and pictures from the earth camp last time the power went dark earlier this year to honor the victims of charlie of the
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magazine attack following breaking news kron4news-dot-com they can find a time line of the attacks and more on the dramatic images coming out of paris. >> pam: lisa a community hoping new video will lead to an arrest soon to an of burglar.
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my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: to live there saying they hope illy really surveillance video leads to an arrest as kron 4 has the clarence some residents there say they cannot afford another. >> reporter: and suspected of committing several auto burglaries working-class neighborhood n being targeted.
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>> reporter: about the financial hardships she experiences each time it occurs. burger "to 5450. vinnie >> reporter: increase in window replacements connected the auto burglaries concord police say when you attack on the cost to replace the window looking at anywhere from 5000 to $2,000
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>> reporter: lisa surveillance video hoping someone would recognize the man seen here going on vehicles in the carport and melanie drive and give us a call >> grant: is tracking neighborhood crime kron 4 crime tracker no. they police investigating a series of car related crimes thessaly officials say in the last few weeks investigated 20 incidents some car stolen. others broken into and happening at various locations. they're happening at night during the early morning hours summer locked others on what and certainly a hugely populated destination for
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tourists and locals alike the message believe anything new car. >> pam: bay area still need more rain this week and we're going to get some scientists here with details on when and how much. have >> diane: and drain it will happen at late night early morning sunday so. much when everyone so to look at what we're dealing with right now with the satellite is showing you the storm system that's what will bring us some heavy clouds and the area found dead in once again rainshowers will start saturday and talking more like about 11:00 p.m. feature cast here the green arrows indicated by rain yellow indicating moderate rainshowers from the north face and rose 11:00 p.m. 1:00 a.m. sunday morning pushing through the east bay shoreline cities even on the peninsula of
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searching in the inland allocations for like concord vallejo oakland haywards and the tale of the modern rainshowers that 3:00 a.m. pushes down south miring showers of its will on the san jose see here's 9:00 a.m. sunday-place other rainshowers and off the coast here and transition to sunday afternoon clear skies for the rest of sunday evening dealing with 49 degrees and yet 53 oakland 7 cisco 59 degrees had for you 9:00 p.m. with the chilly conditions 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies and that afternoon highs tomorrow will shift things that are which be this time of year so 66¢ dec 67 livermore and 65 richmond 52 severance the scope next few days for you saturday or at
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11:00 p.m. and the north bay and then sunday we have early morning sun. if not stretched all a and 7 cisco and and and allocations by monday everything could clear out that the seasonal average have the jurors monday 55 tomorrow daytime high 63 for this sunday with the rainfall than 64 from monday earful 70 forecast coming up when i return. >> pam: emergency crews on the scene at this hour details ahead of the crash and their francisco set another number of people to a hospital information out of france suspect and his terror attacks that mobilizes people to a hospital information out of france suspect and his terror attacks that mobilizes the protected citizens i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ my house, ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪
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>> pam: 52 people dead in a series of heart attacks for now appears to be over after five terrorists who killed by police for took their lives using suicide bells the military right now on the streets of controlling 11 people killed in a cambodian restaurant three died outside a soccer game between france and germany suicide bombers use their spouses and most devastating scene of music venue at least 100 people were killed after terrorists stormed that music many of for about a thousand people were their total. hunter got out a hundred again people killed in said that music venue radio reporter the people there
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>> pam: there were mass wearing light clothes and shooting at people on patrol military >> pam: broaden the help police the streets. >> grant: u.s.of a credible terrorist threat big cities have stepped up security severance cisco also serve francisco international airport security keep falling as breaking news for you. >> pam: the thousands, but the tvs on the recall list we tell
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you which the maker is warning drivers this time
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>> pam: suit company
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voluntarily recalling 355,000 cans of the popular canned spaghetti favorite pieces of red plastic found in some of those could cause a choking hazard february 20th 172017 date stamp on the can and you pc code 5100-22432. and then if you bought some of the recalled cans you are urged to take them back for for you to purchase. >> grant: 2 and 56,000. >> pam: the soul his the company's compact fet this is the whole thing parts together by not be strong enough could cause the steering system to fail and the recall affects only certain kessel models from to of the 14 through 2015 the had tonight the terror attack police believe they have accounted for all the attackers kelly who
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laughs they are searching for now plan. the unusual twist young boys love letter in a show of affection be called an act of harassment and live to the scene of today's to a bus crash as investigators work their way through the site on what clues of what was wrong
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>> pam: hours later emergency work crews on the scene of today's tour bus crash and seven sister union square number of people hurt some of them critically the scene is there as workers try to clear up the popular tourist shopping area and the temple began. >> reporter: unit chain saws for the work that's happening right now with the man sickened see below closer within done already endowed taking a dumpy piece battle with a chainsaw but
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also hammers to believe it's made of wood and aluminum and parts of steel at once the scaffolding is removed from this area than it takes closer look for the two airbus that loss control for several blocks down on close st. speeding down a bicyclist heading several cars then crashing in to the scaffolding that we are looking at was to give better look police will do little bit further investigation taking photographs and some measurements and the bus will get towed to the police department and found a lot and continue the investigation and another sweep of the streets there is a lot of gaps and every car oil on the ground one more car keys to be towed.
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>> reporter: 20 people were hurt in this accident several in critical condition >> reporter: question the need to be answered what's caused the bus to lose control father was a mechanical failure issue of the
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driver was having fallen has to be determined keep an eye out here what the pictures for you to see a little bit closer up in some cars that were crushed during the sex and including of various. >> pam: their attacks in paris all france's under lockdown tonight the nation border closed at least 150 people are dead authorities say the attackers are believed to be dead 12th 9 formation five ago reported dead the prosecutors financing a
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terrorist or dead seven of them killed themselves in suicide bombings before police and special forces could shoot them down. right now early morning hours of paris residence being told to stay inside potential accomplices everything in paris pretty much right now shutdown the longer any fact of the tax according to french officials the question looms who exactly is responsible now is taking responsibility but u.s. officials said the coordination planning needed to carry out this attack the very sophisticated group six separate tax occurring all over the city north of the city most deadly a concert hall where hostages were executed \ /
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>> grant: side as described as sheer carnage the government was shooting at them from a balcony in the concert hall picking them off one by one even throwing explosives the hostages blowing them up a direct flights to and from sfo of paris that's what sfo has stepped up security of clinton jose airports do not have direct flights will change their he posted on developments out of paris. when of >> pam: the differences.
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global outpouring this video from helicopter partnership abc seven news san francisco city hall tonight in the colors of the french flag where falling brick news kron4news-dot-com you find the timeline of the attack more on the dramatic images coming out of paris. victim >> pam: several leverets scream but they're going to the happiest place of honor only to get there and real-life all or boff >> reporter: and allegedly used a professional looking web sites: the legend and fall photius allegedly cutting her own family and friends out of more than a hundred thousand dollars. >> reporter: years old when she first heard her internet scheme she was arraigned on charges of
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grand theft 75 writing bad checks aggravated white-collar crime could face of the 20 years in prison >> reporter: fake tickets to disney theme park this one to 07 clerkly the funds even made the flight to florida to get there and realize there was no scam "i pretended to work at tech companies except applications allegedly used that information to the credit cards. "source for the films he thought there getting jobs in reality
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getting ripped off the only did they and children still unemployed than they have the clear their name and credit reports" >> reporter: and this of the college's arrested thursday the screen and on for more than two years more than a dozen victims friends and family of the suspect there could be more victims out there >> pam: burns and nine year-old with sexual harassment accusations and place credit community for support
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mickey >> pam: is a shooting killing an ice-cream vendor in east oakland back on october the third appeared in court show that lopez intentionally shooting at the vendor as he drove by police said tuesday forestville has open committee coming forward chili davis including cold nights this week. >> diane: the mouth of the chairs and place clear skies and get the rain, and which will
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million like cam clear skies conditions in the air live camera for the golden gate bridge some fog rolling 48 ndf 43 livermore oakland 50 degrees 527 cisco mello's they're showing you this image here and daytime hours which will give less rain showers sunday enstar said it and i 53 for the bay a.m. publicly tomorrow morning mostly sunny conditions of threat the afternoon of sunday
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forecast for they have the rain coming saturday evening the first runner braves and that and we have widespread rain throughout the across the pushing 27 cisco alas for day things to clear up tuesday next week will we're back to seasonal temperatures the minister say the boy wrote a note to his crush some did nothing wrong the school officials say the boy wrote more than one note and unwanted so that borders on harassment. a life of a psychologist says she does not think the sexual harassment but encourage talking to children about what boundaries are appropriate.
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>> pam: of it on our breaking news out of san francisco
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>> pam: 18 news evian square earlier today a dozen people were hurt five of them critically the tour bus london to them fully continues our coverage from the corner of posts and stockton street spoke with a witness who got involved >> reporter: but behind me right now if crews continued to try and remove that scaffolding that was damaged in this crash the
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also remove most of the cars that were hit by the bus now let's get said john zimmer have security pyridine square park he was standing in the park walking towards this area leave her the buff bouncing off cars down paul street and it was chaotic startling >> reporter: the stock that's when all the goods to americans are coming in and can help the people of the verses he does
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best to clear people from the area live wire is not down from a bus line hanging dangerously over the st. the the that people wait father's job than and help get the injured the paramedics from of a makeshift triage center near nike town unfortunately tonight be is tales of heroism are overshadowed by the fact that tonight more than a dozen people remain injured half dozen and a hospital quickly annulled five are in hospital right now no word on when this road will reopen. >> grant: terror attacks in paris and no more than 150 people have been killed and our learning more about the wounded 200 people were hurt in the corrugated attack that rocked france and real-world 80 visit
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them seriously injured tonight and a short time ago the president spoke with france's president the two leaders working together and of nations from the world to defeat terrorism and the border closed and that flights have left airports and train services back to normal today drastically increase security we continue to follow developments out of paris >> gary: warriors here now 10 and 0 will host an open tonight and then set has the whole world talking and a couple of examples of why.
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members rattle through the historic particularly from behind the three-point yard the people because the custody and is being played differently and knees to carry as leading the team to a perfect record #one piece of business shooting three point shots ring much indefensible today over and over in comparison to jordan but this guy's doing revolutionizing the sport when colleges now recruit philip for kids better shooting three-pointers no longer a guy like curry and annie thought of all is not strong enough while only 63 this
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is a guy that looking for simple list a when-issued three points is better than to this house stand again for the panel be all centered around currie mark my words next, still see the cover of people magazine. >> gary: octavius will be cleared to play sunday when raiders host minnesota vikings he's cleared the stages of the league's protocol now he will be ready to go amara cooper says the iraqi will be ready to go one of five sunday at coliseum complete highlights from that game watched a sports show
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sunday night the latest on the golden state and various forms of social media excess of heckscher solved send it and may appear on the show which begins sunday night at 9 >> gary: sharks needed again needed a win against the detroit red wings 39 since the first four games the triplets prehnite nice. early 21 lead of the solid hockey player paul martin those slipping from nights cool the air the sharks when 32 and pulled up and 7 l lot of us wait and see the great depression in class stamper green bay at
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staples tonight and read travis will throw one down but stanford once again toughen its market to any college attention will allow an can kind of mediocre green bay 2.4 seconds left a chance to win over time at 74 and then hit in three overtime win for stanford knighted 386 over green bay and calendar way will show you how those young freshmen did at 11:00. >> gary: reckless famous for underhand free throws with a kid at louisville
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>> pam: is right now shooting a little bit better when report saw this kid made 19 straight in practice before for the game that were watching here this is a great story
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>> diane: for saturday evening sunday morning as clear sky saturday event of a cat messin the north bay hessonite for news at eleven of the very latest on the meuse, france of all the terrorist
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