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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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5-30 tonight near 90-th and bancroft way. kron 4's kate cagle joins us live. with the new information coming into the newsroom. kate. >> reporter: no officers were injured but several of them opened fire and shot and killed a suspect. this happened on 90th and bancroft avenues. police say a group of officers - in uniform - were towing cars involved in a sideshow early >> reporter: they performed cpr on the person that died. a group of officers were in uniform. >> reporter: you can hear six.
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it was 12:45 pm when 500 cars drove off and off ramps. then spinning and doughnuts. videos from you to shows people kicking a police car. the sharks-side didn't stop after 30 minutes. the crop was in the hundreds. no one was arrested. >> reporter: c h p say to people were arrested. we're still
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getting information on the shooting. >>: we are very indited. >> vicki: three days after the savage terror attacks in paris. thousands of miles away here in san francisco. the pain shared by a sea of mourners on the steps of city hall, grieving the dead and injured. >> catherine: >> reporter: let's head out live to civic center plaza tonight, where kron four's philippe djegal shares today's moving tribute and turnout for france. philippe. >> reporter: there are so many here in the america born and raised in france, who later in life decided to settle down here in the bay area. and, it's been especially difficult for them watching the but considering the turnout today, and city hall lit up in france's national colors. home is where the heart is. >>: crowd singing. >>: "this is shameful. this is
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barbaric. this is inhuman, as president obama said it clearly, it's a crime against humanity." >>: kids singing >> reporter: among the crowd of over one-thousand. a group of 14 year-old students on a trip from the south of france. >>: "its, its, uh, horrible.: >> reporter: spectators, like the rest of us, watching the ripple effects of terror play out on television, while their country tries to heal. >>: "some of our students were very scared, because some of their families or friends live in paris, or were in paris for special occassions." >> reporter: on the steps of city hall. >>: "we're here devastated with sadness and horror." >> reporter: pauline carmona, the first french female consul general in the united states, addresses the crowd in san francisco. afraid." >> reporter: then a moment of silence, remembering those murdered in friday's coordinated attacks. >>: silence >>: "we have to be stronger than the terrorists of course, so anything positive helps. we also need to act at some point,
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but at this point, we just need to grieve." >>: crowd singing. >> reporter: with police snipers watching from above, and plenty of boots on the ground keeping an eye on the peaceful gathering. french national's vow not to be intimidated by terror. >>: "we're certainly very sad. this event impact us, but in the long run, we won't stop going to the cafe, going to terra''s, going to movie -- uh, this won't change." >>: "thank you. thank you for your support in such a difficult moment." >> reporter: in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> j.r.:france is launching massive airstrikes in syria in wake of the attacks. today. they destroyed a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in the city of raqqa. that's where iraqi intelligence officials say the attacks on paris were planned. 12 aircrafts and 10 fighter jets dropped a total of 20 bombs. these are the biggest air strikes since france extended
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its bombing campaign against the extremist group to syria in september. >> catherine: french officials say several key suspects had been stopped and released by police before the attack. one of them is salah abdeslam. a 26-year-old born in brussels. an arrest warrant has been issued for him. who is now the focus of an international manhunt. >> vicki: police had stopped abdeslam in his car early saturday near the belgian border. his id was checked and he was let go. police believe abdeslam drove the hostage takers to the paris theater where so many died. >> j.r.:meanwhile. the g-20 summit in turkey has shifted gears in light of isis's terror attack. world leaders are addressing the threat and discusssing how future attacks may be prevented. >> vicki: from our partners at c-n-n. erin mclaughlin is in paris with the latest on the investigation. and the world's response to the attacks. >>: "the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in
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paris." >> reporter: the g-20 summit got off to a somber start in turkey. as world leaders work to develop a response to the paris massacre. turkish president erdogan called for a one-minute moment of silence as the summit began. >> reporter: speaking at the start of conference, president obama said the summit has taken on new importance in the wake of the terror attacks. >>: "we stand in solidarity with them in hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice." >> reporter: belgium is among the nations avidly working to hunt down the perpetrators. the belgian federal prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant for a man suspected of being involved in the of three brothers suspected of involvement. >> reporter: and according to the belgian foreign minister -- at least seven people in belgium - allegedly in contact with the paris attackers - have been arrested. a second car -- believed to have been used in the restaurant attacks -- has been found in an eastern paris suburb. three kalashnikov rifles were
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discovered in the vehicle. among the victims is nohemi gonzalez, a 23-year-old student at cal-state long beach. >>: "nohemi was something of a star in our department, she was a shining star." >> reporter: memorials for the victims have been created at the attack sites and around the world. from the united states to new zealand. crowds have turned out to offer their support to a nation in mourning. >> reporter: in paris, i'm erin mclaughlin reporting. >> j.r.:parisians are banding together following the recent attacks. today. the notre dame cathedral held a mass for the victims of the attacks. meanwhile. hundreds of people gathered at a makshift tribute at the republique plaza. at one point. a noise crackled. sending everyone running in different directions. fortunately. it turned out to be a false alarm. police say firecrackers triggered the panic.
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cochair are- >> j.r.: this is an amateur video from one of our videos. a gas line ruptured and of the can't house. gas lines were turned off for 30 minutes. >> vicki: a tornado not down trees. hear some pictures of the damaged. a stretch for a mile. >> vicki: this was a scene this
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morning in san francisco the weather cleared up this afternoon hal and thunderstorms were peru reported. it brought up 8 in. of snow. kajar >> j.r.: here are pictures of the damage. my windows were shaking. >> reporter: there will be breezy today and tonight. the
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dry and windy conditions will still be with us overnight. you're my received a little bit of a head wind. downtown sun for cisco 0.39. we are looking for thunder storm warning in the mountains. as i mentioned earlier expect breezy conditions for wake up.
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coach jim are: j. r.four people remain in critical condition after a double-decker tour bus crashed... injuring 20... in san francisco's union square friday. a spokesman for the city's general hospital says the status has not changed for the 2 men and 2 woman. 2 other men remain in serious condition... no word on the condition of the minor who was also taken to the hospital. over at st. francis hospital... one man is in stable condition a spokesman said today. the bus raced across two blocks and hit a bicylist, pedestrians and moving cars before ramming into scaffolding. the cause is still under investigation. ap-us--tour bus crash - 4 adults 'critical' after san francisco tour bus crash san francisco - four adults remain in critical condition following a double-decker tour bus crash that injured 20 people in san francisco two days ago. ♪ ♪
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>>: vo of beating >> reporter: with his hands up, sheriffs deputies continuously beat this man with their batons. the confrontation started in the parking lot of the travellers inn in san leandro. deputies approached the suspect, that was sitting inside a stolen car. >> reporter: authorities say he rammed into a cruiser, knocking over a deputy, then headed for the 580. >> reporter: during the 38 minute chase, the driver made a quick stop in oakland. a rep from the alameda sheriff's office says even with speeds of
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over 100 miles per hour he couldn't shake the deputies, and headed across the bay bridge to san francisco. >> reporter: the chase ended on this block after the suspect crashed into a parked car then took off on foot. the footage that has now been made public is what surveillance video captured when the deputies caught up to him. >>: the deputies did find a gun at some point >> reporter: immediately after the incident, the deputies reported that force was used, and admitted to beating the suspect with their batons. >>: it's the video that caused the sheriff to say i want a further investigation >> reporter: the captain of internal affairs has taken charge of the investigation. >>: everybody up to and including the deputy that was hurt by this guy will be interviewed and made part of the investigation >> reporter: for now the deputies involved in the beating are on administrative leave. reporting in san francisco alecia reid kron 4 news.
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>> reporter: we are left with clear skies. very quiet and calm. a look at our current conditions. overnight lows.
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those winds will do their darnedest. oakland add 21. but sue what our future castro's- shows. this group will be and are really windy night. and still hanging on is. going for
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broke get the weapons that they hear we will be warmer on tuesday.
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but to some just getting to the gym can be a danger. a viewer email sends stanley peninsula, where the rules of the road appear to be an inconvenience. as we see in this edition of people behaving badly. >>: there are two sets of double yellow lines over there which means what? so even if the sign were not there what does that mean >>: on broadway in redwood city there is a brand spanking new 24 hour fitness super sport work out facility it's been there since may 2015 >>: there is also not one but two no u-turn and left turn signs. that were part of the original appoval of the facility. signs that were complety ignored >>: you see that sign that says no left turn im no allowed to you cant turn left there >>: what yo mean no left turn where no left turn ohhhhh? awww new! no not hew im first time coming sorry! >>: hmmm it's her first time here yet she thinks the sign is new? >>: so man drivers ignored the not left turn sign i have to double check that there were actually there, in fact these
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signs are larger than normal >>: watch this driver who not only makes the illegal left turn but then makes a u-turn one he enters the parking lot >>: ambiance then there was this driver. illegal left turn and coming up the wrong driveway >>: i saw that wrong turn what? you got me me on that wrong turn you got yourself on that wrong turn yea then you came uo the wrong driveway i just saw the wrong driveway yea how long you been coming here this my first time and you didn see thise big old signs no i didn't see the signs but i say the arrow coming out and did you see the double sets of double yellow lines? now that you mentioned it i did now that you bring it to my attention >>: most of the people i spoke to never noticed the signs . this is one of those moments when you which there was a cop present >>: ambiance >>: oh wait look what we have here, officer wolfe from the redwood city police department i watch you all the time i cant cross that dude. in a future edition of people behaving badly offier wolf has a chat with drivers caught in the act and why it's important to read signs
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>>: i got caught behaving badly . yes you did. >>: in redwood city stanley roberts kron 4 news >> vicki: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. >> j.r.:coming up at 8:30.presidential candidates are weighing in on what happened in paris. we'll tell you what republican candidate marco rubio said about syrian refugees coming to america. >> vicki: and hundreds of thousands of cans of spaghettio's have been recalled. we'll tell you what went wrong and how you could be effected.
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>> j.r: still ahead. a judge helps a man battling cancer adopt a daughter. when justice is not blind. >> vicki: plus. hollywood honors victims of the paris massacre. by cutting back on the glitz and glamour for one movie premier. >> j.r: and we take a moment to learn more about lives lost. the victims of the paris attacks...up close and personal. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow.
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>> vicki: one person has been killed on officer mall shooting.
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>>: we just received a video and to our newsroom. >> reporter: this there was acquiring at night until there are rapid gunfire. there were touring cars of the side show activity. this did the person and put a gun at the officers. the officers did perform cpr at the suspect who died at the scene. there are reports that there were several possible side
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shows throughout the day. as many as 500 cars participated in that side show. we're still getting information from the police. >> j.r: we're learning more about some of the victims of the paris attacks... their identities, and the lives they lived. >> vicki: we take a moment now to focus on a few of them. so many lives cut short -- each with a different story. lynda kinkade with our c-n-n partnership reports. >> reporter: vibrant and energetic. that's how american nohemi gonzalez was described by a classmate. the 23 year old, a design student at california state university long beach, was studying abroad in paris. she was meant to return home after one semester. >>: "she had a very buoyant, joyous personality, extremely
8:32 pm
lively, extremely energetic." >> reporter: british citizen nick alexander worked with the band eagles of death metal - which was playing at the bataclan theatre. according to his family he died doing the job he loved. they told the guardian newspaper "nick was not just our brother, son and uncle, he was everyone's best friend - generous, funny and fiercely loyal." his girlfriend tweeted: sleep tight, my sweet prince. 3 victims were from chile, including luis felipe zschoche valle, a musician who had lived in paris for 8 years. valentin ribet, a lawyer who studied at the london school of economics also lost his life. >> reporter: the paris bar tweeted "our heartfelt thoughts to the relatives of valentin ribet, a talented young lawyer murdered." marie mosser is one of three known universal music employees who died in the paris attacks president of universal
8:33 pm
music france tweeted: universal music family is in mourning: thomas, marie, manu. our thoughts are with their families and friends. rest in peace. french soccer player lassana diarra was on the field on friday night when terror struck there and hit very close to home. his cousin asta diakite was there to support him and lost her life. on his facebook page the midfielder wrote that she was "a guide, a support, a big sister." and he urged people to remain respectful saying "it's important for all of us who are representatives of our country and its diversity, to speak and to remain united against a horror that has no color, no religion." lynda kinkade, cnn.
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>> vicki: hundreds gathered this afternoon at cal state long beach for a vigil honoring the memory of a student who died while studying abroad in paris. 23-year-old nohemi gonzalez died friday after the city came under attack. a standing-room only crowd including students, faculty, and family members packed the ballroom inside the university student union. >> vicki: a design professor who knew gonzalez well says the el monte california resident was talented and admired throughout the whole department. >>: she had ever airborne and to enjoy yes personality. >>: very smart i'm beautiful.
8:35 pm
>> vicki: gonzalez' mom says nohemi was put in an ambulance after the attack.but she died before she reached the hospital. >> j.r: the brutal attacks on paris are elevating the syrian refugee crisis in u-s politics. >> j.r: republican presidential hopeful marco rubio says the u-s cannot properly screen and shouldn't let in refugees fleeing that war-ravaged country. >> j.r: the issue intensified after a syrian passport was discovered near the body of one paris attacker that had passed through a migrant corridor amid a flood of asylum-seekers surging toward western europe. >>: we are war with radical is long. this is a clock clash of
8:36 pm
civilizations. either they win or we when. >> j.r: rival candidate jeb bush said on n-b-c's "meet the press" that the u-s should admit some syrians.particularly christians. >> vicki: hillary clinton is offering fresh criticism of bernie sanders' proposals. >> vicki: she says she's the only candidate who wouldn't raise taxes on middle-class families or scrap president obama's health care law. >> vicki: without mentioning sanders by name.she says democrats shouldn't suggest the nation "start all over again" with the health care system. >> vicki: clinton also talked about the recent terrorist attack in paris.
8:37 pm
>> vicki: clinton was joined by her husband.ex-president bill clinton.
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>> vicki: a warning for parents about a favorite food for kids. campbell soup company is recalling 355-thousand cans of spaghetti o's because of a choking hazard. pieces of red plastic were found in some cans, and campbell says the product shouldn't be eaten. the recalled cans have a february 22, 2017 date stamped on them. >> j.r: a rainy morning here in the bay area. but the weather cleared up by this afternoon. dave spahr has been tracking the forecast. dave. is more rain on the way? chordat>> reporter: the rest ofe polling slug will experience. these winds will keep much of the frost off. from this point
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on we go to midnight 20s in spots. the blue indicates the heavier winds. sexis6:00 p.m.. n
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to the son of south with. we're looking to 61. >> j.r: sometimes you really can turn heartache into joy. coming up, we see why one judge took his courtroom to the hospital. to help a dying man get his wish.
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>> j.r: they're saying that the victim was holding the gun. a suspect approached the man appointed a at the mall was a gun. which turned out to be a fake gun.
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>>: i think france needs america renown.
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>> reporter: a powerful moment of unity. french football supporters sing the national anthem as they evacuated out of the stade de france on friday night. around the world - more expressions of solidarity. three colours red white and blue of the french flag adorning monuments the world over. social media was soon awash with those same colors amidst a global outpouring of support. many from muslims around the world - such as this one, quoting the qu'ran: "whoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind." more than just a platform for condolences. social media proved itself once again as a tool for coordinating help and spreading information. twitter hashtags lit up with users trying to locate loved ones - and offer shelter to strangers. and facebook activated its safety check app for the first time outside of a natural disaster.with more than 4 million people using it to notify others of their safety. while the reaction to facebook's use of the app was interesting, many expressed thanks to the company - one reading "social media as it should be used." others though raised questions - over why it wasn't used in previous attacks. with many pointing to the beirut bombings last week. facebook responded by saying that while the app was first created for natural disasters, paris was the first time it was trialled in a human- caused incident. mark zuckerberg himself saying: " plan to activate safety check for more human disasters going forward as well. we care about all people equally, and we will work hard to help people suffering in as many of these situations as we can." rosie tomkins, cnn, london.
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>> vicki: in the wake of the deadly attacks in paris, the entertainment world is toning down the glitz and scaling back on some of its most anticipated red carpet celebrations. tuesday's l.a. premiere of "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" will not have the usual bells and whistles...and press interviews will not be conducted. and saturday night live skipped their usual opening sketch last night... they instead paid tribute to the victims of paris. >> vicki: new york - the los angeles premiere of "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" has been scaled back after the deadly attacks in paris. lionsgate said sunday that it was pulling back on a glitzy red carpet at the film's tuesday premiere at the la live complex. press interviews will not be conducted, but the premiere will
8:50 pm
go on, the studio said, to honor the franchise's fans. the final installment of the "hunger games" films, a young adult saga, opens in theaters friday. >>: "paris is the city of light, and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight. we stand with you. >> j.r: tragedy. >> vicki: the comedy sketch show made similar gestures in the wake of the nine-11 attacks and the 20-12 sandy hook school massacre. [door knocking]
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>> vicki: in the wake of the deadly attacks in paris, the entertainment world is toning down the glitz and scaling back on some of its most anticipated red carpet celebrations. tuesday's l.a. premiere of "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" will not have the usual bells and whistles...and press >> vicki: jr stone standing by along with bip roberts and mark carpenter. for sports night live. ok so we won't talk about that crushing play in oakland today. raider nation is pretty bummed about it.
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>> vicki: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> j.r: good evening and welcome to sports night live. i'm.r


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