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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. breaking news in a paris suburb. explosions and gunfire, as police close in on suspected terrorists. french media reporting. that police officers have been wounded. in a gun battle with two suspects in last week's terror attacks. videos posted on twitter include images of two gunmen. good evening. i' m pam moore. the gunfire broke out a couple
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of hours ago. about four a=m paris time. we are still waiting for word on the outcome here is where it is happening. the suburb of saint- denis, about a mile from the stadium targeted by the terror bombers last friday. local residents have been told to stay inside. that the gunfire was not a new attack, but a police action, the mayor says, a number of suspects have been pinned down inside an apartment building, again, we are hearing that some officers have been wounded. the french news agency says one of them has died the standoff is continuing. as dawn is breaking in paris. we will keep you up to date as new information comes in. meanwhile. two air france flights headed from the united states to paris, were diverted.
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because of bomb threats. flight 65. en route from los angeles to paris, was diverted to salt lake city, after a bomb threat was called in from the ground. shortly afterward. air france flight- 55, from washington d-c to paris was diverted halifax, because of a similar threat. officials cannot confirm whether the same person called- in both threats. both flights landed safely this evening. officers searched the plane that landed in salt lake city and said it was safe. the flights being diverted. due to bomb threats. raises concerns all across the u-s. and passengers traveling in and out of bay area airports feel the increase in security. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from oakland international tonight. alecia, are passengers telling you they are nervous about flying? the >> alecia :everyone i spoke to stuck with their flight plansthey did say that they are on alert, but they're not nervous about flying
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>> : i think it's really sad that these things are happening throughout the world >> alecia :betty center spent her 77th birthday in las vegas. she left oakland a day after the terror attacks in paris. and came back tonight - hours after a bomb scare at chicago ohare airport. she says she definitely noticed tighter security traveling to and from vegas. >> : from las vegas they were very very good. i was comfortable with their searching. and here in oakland too >> alecia :yolanda and vincent gibson are on their way home from celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. >> : you cant live in fear, but you can be aware of your surroundings >> : if something's gonna happen it's gonna happen. we can only do so much' >> alecia :airport security is running smoothly at oakland international tonight. and
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looking to the thanksgiving holiday, airport officials tell me all flights during peak times are expected to be full. airport officials will not touch on security protocol after the paris attacks, or the events in chicago today. but from talking to travelers, it seems it has definitely been beefed up. reporting live from oakland international airport >> pam :as police continue to carry out this operation in paris. let's examine the two remaining suspects that they are searching for. 26-year-old salah abdeslam. is one of the suspected terrorists known to have survived friday's attack in paris. multiple reports are calling him the mastermind behind the attacks that left 129 dead. his brother, ibrahim, blew himself up during the attacks. their family tells cnn, they had no idea the two had become radicalized.
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>>:my brother who has participated in this terrorist attack was probably psychologically ready to commit such an attack >> pam :french police also want to know who this man was. they say he was a suicide bomber who attacked the stade de france. police found documents with an i-d -- but they now say those documents were fake. we will continue to bring you updates on this raid once more information becomes available. the f-b-i is now investigating graffiti found at a school playground in san francisco. vandals sprayed this image on a wall at the french american school early this morning. the image is used by five percent nation. which is an off- shoot of the nation of islam.
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it shows a seven, a star and a crescent moon surrounded by an eight pointed star. this comes amid heightened concerns over terror in this country following the attacks in paris. the executive director with the council on american-islamic relations says some muslim families are worried now about how they are being perceived. >>:it was pretty clear up enough to us immediately that we did not recognize it as a is one sign--a sign for islam >> pam :the graffiti was painted over by this afternoon. and the playground has reopened. police say the graffiti has no connection to isis or the terror attacks in france. two men were arraigned today for allegedly assaulting a minnesota vikings fan, outside levi's stadium in santa clara... back in september. the incident happened following a san francisco 49ers game... and it was all captured on
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video. hollister residents -felix chavira on the left. and juan arias in the middle...were each arrainged on a charge of assault.... for the alleged beating of a 35-year-old man. a third defendant... eric martinez... to the far right... was already arraigned in september, and has since posted bail. the other two men face a maximum sentence of seven- years in prison if convicted. this was the scene over the weekendsideshow participants doing donuts and vandalizing a police patrol car. the problem is growingpolice say hundreds of people participated in the ilegle sideshow activity. east oakland residents say they are scared and fed up with the sidewhows sideshows >> jeff : sideshows. they say
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the sideshows keep the kids up at night and want them to stop. >> gene blacksher : they disturb the whole neighborhood. the lady across the street called me over to her house one day to tell me how her children can't sleep on the weekends because of those donuts that are happening there. they are getting up on sunday morning like zombies. >> jenny pritchitt : on saturday, there were 700 cars from as far away as l.a. got the message that oakland is the place to come to do sideshows. >> jeff :city council member noel gallo says he is wants there to be a law that would allow police to impound the cars of sideshow drivers for the first offence. currently, state law only allows police to impound cars on the second offensegalls says the time has come to hit the sideshow participants where it hurtstheir cars. and watch and allow to growi mean 700 vehiclesplusit's
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nothing new in oakland but it happens in specific neighborhoods and we are tiredso, we have to take action so if i impound your car and keep your car then that is what i have to do to change your behavior. >> jeff :council member gallo says the law has to be changed on the state level and is working to get sponsorship of the new bill. i'm jeff bush in oakland, kron four news. >> pam :coming up. alarming new details about the tour bus that careened out of control injuring twenty people in san francisco. a teen boy is arrested for posting nude pictures of students - some underage - on social media. the police call it child porn. a temporary reprieve for what many say is a much needed fire station in the east bay.
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>> pam :new details tonight. about the out-of-control tourist bus that crash in downtown san francisco and injured 20 people. the driver of the bus. kenneth malver. says he was *powerless when it came to stopping the bus. malver, who remains hospitalized with serious injuries, says he heard a small explosion underneath the bus before the trouble began. then he claims he lost control of the bus and couldn't stop the it. as it continued to pick up speed. the incident remains under investigation. coming up. the latest on the two alameda county deputies accused of beating down a suspect. what next in the case. big changes to how one major
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airline calculates your frequent flyer miles. >> gary :golden state is going for 12 with the record. -and we have clear skies tonight will have some rain coming up saw latino and the forecast coming up--i will let you know in the forecast
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>> pam :we wanted to keep you udated on the breaking news in paris. you just heard the gunfire being exchanged between police and the alleged remaining suspects that were involved in friday's deadly attacks. police are carrying out an operation right now. in the paris suburb of saint denis. to find the two remaining suspects. officers say they took part in the attacks that killed more than 120-people. we will continue to bring you updates on all night long on our web site engine catch the latest on our morning
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broadcast coming out a 17-year-old south bay high school student. has been arrested and charged after a series of instagram pictures he posted. san jose police say. the teen is a student at lincoln high school and allegedly hosted an instagram account. which featured nude photos of underage girls, including some lincoln students. police say, the student solicited the photos and then posted them along with derogatory names and captions. which were then, shared on social media by other students. >>:the were posting new photos of people, and talking really badly about guys and girls if >>:a lot of girls left school crying because of their nude pictures on is to gramm--on instagram >> pam :the teen has been charged with misdemeanor
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distribution of child pornography. the photos and instagram site. have been taken down. three different law enforcement agencies are now investigating the alleged beating of a suspect by alameda county sheriff's deputies. surveillance video shows two deputies beating 29-year-old stanislav petrov in san francisco's mission district last thursday morning. the alameda county sheriff's department, the san francisco police department, and the san francisco d-a's office are investigating the incident. officials say the suspect had led deputies on a high speed chase from san leandro to san francisco. they say he had been driving a stolen car. the identities of the sheriff's deputies involved has not been released. ththey> >diane: concord at 44 degrees tomorrow morning 52 for san francisco during your morning commute error--o--hour
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satellite radar image showing no rain in the forecast just yet but you can see it brewing and as it pushes through our area that is when will get the cooler temperatures mainly in the weekend but for now we have a high pressure system through the area coming into the coast which is giving us that slept warm-up here the daytime highs and then things will cool done for the week and below average and then rain want it to us until about to stare wednesday of next week --about tuesday or wednesday sentences could should be at 66
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tomorrow with mostly clear skies across the map here's the seven day forecast >> pam : new tonight at 11. the contra costa county board of supervisors approve temporary funding. to restore services to one of its recently closed fire districts. the supervisors have agreed to form a task force. that will address the problems at the east contra costa fire protection district. this included reopening a shuttered fire station in the community of knightsen. which closed its doors back in may. supervisors say the funding is temporary and is to address lont-term answers to its budget problems. american airline frequent flyer members listen up. the airline is changing the way it calculates miles. starting next year. points will be based on ticket prices, instead of miles traveled.
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this means. flyers who rely on discounted fares, or travel longer distances may not rack up rewards as quickly as they once did. but customers who spend more on last- minute flights. or take shorter trips will benefit. the company will also be lowering the number of reward - miles required to redeem free flights. in sports. gary talks to brady senior about deflate-gate and why his son doesn't do commercials. and could the warriors extend their record start to twelve- and-oh? gary has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up [door knocking]
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>> pam :police report that to people are dead--2 people are dead police believe they were involved in the terrorist attack and you can keep up with the latest news on or in the morning report a note to gary--and now to gary >> gary :the warriors in their throwback "the city" uniforms after blowing an 18-point-lead 4th quarter draymond green takes off the length of the court and lobs it to andrew bogut for the dunk 98- 98 tie
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steph curry 3-pointer for the lead 101-98 warriors kyle lowery 3-pointer to cut the warriors lead to two 105-103 warriors back comes curry steph with the turnaround jumper 108-103 warriors demar derozan scores off the drive to get toronto within one 109-08 but down three with seconds left lowery goes for the two-pointer rather than the three for some reason green blocks his shot with 6 seconds left game over final: 115-10 warriors 7th team in nba history to start the season 12-0 thursday night against the clippers in l.a. tune into sports night live to see the barnes intervies in it's entirety. j.r., mark carpenter and bip roberts will also break down the 49ers- seahawks and raiders-lions. as well as the warriors on the road in denver. 9pm. sunday and send us your high school
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selfie. post with the hashtag "kron-4-selfie" and it may appear on sports night live. brandon crawford. has signed a new $75 million, 6- year extension with the giants through the 2021 season. the new contract covers his two remaining years of arbitration and four years of free agency it also has a no trade clause and no option years crawford an all-star this season had 21 home runs and 84 rbi this season he also became the first giant since 2006 to win the gold glove current raider and former 49ers aldon smith has been suspended by the nfl for one calendar year for violations of the league's substance-abuse policy. the penalty is effective immediately smith was released by the san francisco 49ers in august after a list of run-ins with the law before landing across the bay with the raiders. tom brady senior was in studio earlier tonight. he touched on the whole deflate-gate situation. then turned to more lighthearted topics. >>:everything that he has got
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and he has worked for and he had no need to deflate the the football's as evidenced by this year were he has been playing great >> gary :he has made 25 million in commercials >>:he doesn't need my advice anymore >> gary :and all like to make fun of him that he's the only superstar were his wife makes more money than he does--i like to make fun he's not better than montana and here are the sharks to finish up they are in boston tonight and then formed in with the power play--thorton with the power play the sharks won!
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>> pam :good night everybody we >> pam :good night everybody we will see you tomorrow s, or down. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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charlie sheen's shocking announcement. >> i am here to admit that i am hiv positive. >> >> exclusive. >> i could literally be dead right now because he didn't tell me. >> she was sheen's love goddess girlfriend. after his bombshell revelation, what she is telling only "inside edition." >> i would never do to anyone what charlie did to me. >> what dr. oz is saying about sheen's diagnosis. >> you may think hiv is a death sentence. it's not. >> the untold story of ben carson's father. >> buried in an unmarked grave number 75. >> and the house where he moved to now condemned. >> the latest from paris


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