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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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how long have you known about this? >> four years ago. >> charlie. >> charlie sheen today after he admitted he has hiv did he knowingly put others at ris snk. >> plus, charlie's exs, the women in his life speaking ou >> it's what's coming you right now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> have you had unprotected sex since your diagnosis? >> yes. >> his ex-girlfriend took an test and i'm here with the results as she goes off. >> he never said anything to me. >> his mul partners, are they now taking legal action? >> were you worried all
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having unprotected sex with him? >> not revealing you have hiv is a serious crime. >> and what charlie's former madam is telling us today. >> then burt reynolds, our exclusive the legend at nearly 80 as he tries to deal with cpain. >> you keep feeling on your leg. >> i'm in such now. >> and with blake making gwen blush. >> there's been somerumors. >> i'm not saying i didn't. >> now in our season, this is "entertainment tonight". >> charlie sheen is hiv pochlt and he says the three letter have changed everything. >> the diagnosis, the shakedowns, legal implications, what does this all mean charlie? his long lift ofexs and his family. >> we have the interview and a team of experts to explore i all. charlie sheen's hiv bombshell. >> were you nervous today? >> charlie. >> here to admit that i am
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hiv pochlt. >> have since the time of your diagnosis told every one of your sexual partners before you had a sexual encounter that you were h.i.v.-positive? >> yes, i have. >> no exception? >> no exception. >> charlie looked relieved and flashed a peace sign as he left to the day show in rockefeller center. he did three separate interviews and in between you could s him getting touched up by a makeup artist. each of h sexual partners knew about his hiv status but still had some people wondering could he be criminally charged exposing partners to hiv? california is very difficult state to prove that someb tried to hurt you by having unprotected sex with you while they had hiv. you must prove not only that they knew but they were trying to hurt you. >> but sheen could face civil action. a new report claims six women are planning lawsuits. >> what's next? >> i'm not sure.
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>> that's one of sheen's recent ex-girlfriends. she told howard stern today that charlie's hiv status was news to her. >> this idea that he told the people beforehand, you say he did not. >> he never said anything to me. charlie's time line is under scrutiny. he told matt lau learned he had hiv four years ago in 2011 after experiencing headaches and night sweats. >> it's a turning point in life. >> it's unclear exactly when sheen r his diagnosis. but that same year sheen fell into a dark wild spiral, declaring himself a war lock with tiger blood. >> you judge me, condemn me. well, not anymore. winning! >> he was fired from "2 1/2 men" and moved on to anger management. we visited him on the set and asked about his health. >> i just dream about it. >> next, his prognosis. charlie looked healthy during
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his interview today. although he was smoking a cigarette just before his arrival. >> how many pills are you taking day? >> four. >> with the currenttherapies, hiv should not affect charlie's lifespan. >> we spoke to an hiv specialist who was part of the same practice treating charlie. when somebody's blood level sun detectible, it merely mathematically impossible to trans mi transmit it to a sexual partner. >> were you worried? >> in an interview airing tomorrow, dr. oz sits down with one of charlie's ex-girlfriends who she says she knew about charlie's status and went on anti-retro viral medications to be with him. >> we were a couple. i love with him. >> as a nurse, she knew what her risk was. i had a world expert on hiv come on and confirm her risk of contracting the virus was better than gett struck by lightning. >> charlie hollywood friends
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respondquickly. heather locklear said my heart hurts. prayers for charlie and his family. and lady gaga wrote, opportunity for people all over the world to learn about hiv prevention. >> while there is another major layer to this story, charlie's women, his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend ands reacting to charlie admitting he hashiv. you're going to hear from them coming up. >> blake shelton and gwen stefani put romance on full display "the voice." we spoke to blake minutes before the show. >> there are rumors that you rode together. >> i'm not saying that i wrote a song with gwen. but i'm not saying i didn't. ooh. controversy. >> look at blake stirring the pot. one thing we know for sure, this romance is officially taking center stage, check out gwen running inblake's arms before last night's tapi feelings heated up after she sang hee version of "hotline
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bling." >> that is also big. even i have heard it. >> wow. that's shocking. >> gwen sang it to me on "the tonight show." >> definitely better version that we did on fallon. >> they're getting comfortable together but blake is still mr. modesty when it comes to last week's kind deed towing these guys out of a hole in oklahoma. >> what is the most heroic thing you've ever >> for myself? i make a real good bloodymary. and i have saved my own life sometimes in certain mornings i woke up and it's like i'm to die. the only way i saved those kids, i pulled them out of the mud in order to save their lives from their parents. it's like we have to get you kid out of here because you're going to be grounded. >> if you have car trouble, have it near blake shelton's house. that's the second time he's come to someone's rescue. back in he helped a man whose truck had stalled on a flooded road.
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so i mean, blake is the man. he even gave the guy a r home. >> he's a polite country guy. >> well, from "the voice" to "dancing with the stars," they're down to the semifinals. cameron was there for surprising drama. >> major props to the show. bindi and derrick the frontrunners. they're racking up big scores for weeks. even perfect 10s the show found a way last night to put a scare them. >> bindi and derrick and nick and sharna, you in jeopardy. >> in that moment, what were you thinking? >> it was really quite sca >> it may have been scary in the moment. dancing knows how to build that tension. i can tell you being in jeopardy does not necessarily mean they were in the bottom two. but since someone withdrew from illness, they're both coming back for the final. >> we're still here! ♪ oh, beautiful >> alex received a french medal of honor for helping the gunman
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on a paris bound train t summer told me friday's attack in paris made her proud of the resiliencest french your first reaction when you heard about the tragedy in pair snis. >> france has had a really hard time and getting hit again is just -- i mean really feel for them. honestly. especially for the families that are affected and show they're actually strong and not going to take this lying down. >> what a journey it's been for alex. he told me even he is surprised that he's making it to t finals. no matter what, there will be one couple sent home on monday night's episode and then the final flee, of course, battle it out for that mirror ball trophy on tuesday night's show. you know a lotabout. that you co-hosted the show for eight seasons. >> they play nice until now. the last crazy nights, they want it. every night is crazy with one direction with thousand of screaming girls in the audie but do they have girlfriends stage? it's day two of our one d
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exclusive and we're getting into their love lives. ♪ >> your fans, of course, al want to know who they have a chance with. who is single? >> i am. >> i am. >> yeah. three of usare. >> all right. what do you look for in a girl? give me the top tw things? a lady that catches your eye. >> someone caring. someone cute. >> someone with a sense of humor. liam was out on a sick day when i spent the day with one d. they're a foursome after zane left the band earlier this year. >> what is band like without zan snechlt. >> we felt we got closer as a group. and we sat down and spoke about it. this something we all really want to do. so in the end, yeah, we actually bonded tighter. wement on record saying this wasn't his kind of music. >> you know, at times zane did have different musical tastes
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so that's fine. >> and you know what i asked the boys haszane been to any concerts on the late environment tour? so harry said, i haven't seen zane? have you? i haven't seen him. >> i want them all friends. >> for sure. their album is out now and they're awesome. >> they're not going to go in different directions. >> no. >> up next, we're with the"hung are games" cast at their scaled back premier after the paris terror attacks. >> and we're with cate blanchett hitting the red carpet for her new movie. w
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on his legendary quest jack went looking for a man. known simply as...the onion whisperer. the onion said... "you must prepare me three ways... " "...then put it all on a burger..." "...and make a commercial about it." and that's the legend of the cheddar onion buttery jack. crispy, grilled and caramelized-onion aioli. the cheddar onion buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. >> johnny depp will receive an award at the 27th annual palm sp
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jennifer lawrence looked stunning at the premier but t whole cast had paris in their hearts. the tribute tops tonight's quick hits. ribbons of red, white and blue, the colors of the french flag were combined with mocking jay pens of jennifer and the rest of the cast. a quote s all, our hearts are with you, france. we have so many amazing fans. "hunger games" fans were out in full force last night but not much press as the studio announced no interviews would be given at a respect for ev in paris. under her coat, j-law wore a floor lengths dress.
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liam's brother chris is doing battl his foes is charlize theron in "the huntsman" and here's a first look. >> hello. >> i've mis you. >> we will bring fear. >> she may be out matched in the quest to retrieve the mirror but by his side is jessica chastain. >> and finally, cate blanchett plays a lover in "carol." last night they were opposite. elegant and classy and rooney with leather a lace. she assumes several looks for a german magazine. >> oh, my god. where did you getthat? >> and this, she's a news anchor. >> look at those cheeks. nice american cheeks. >> here she's flat broke. i. >> didn't shave that day. >> she can pu off any
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character. even a bearded man, right? >> that is amazing. >> much better at the premier though. >> she shaves. she looks great. coming up, charlie sheen's women. we're tal heidi fleiss, the woman who provided him with prostitutes and you'll hear if his ex-wife brook mueller. >> did you immediately call and tell her she should be checked? >> then burt reynol once faced false hiv rumors. now he is nearly 80 struggling to walk. we're with the legend selling off i had home. does he still blame his ex-wife for his money troubles? >> she liked to spend money. everything i had. >> that's next. 23467 r closed captioning provided by -- closed captioning provided by --
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charlie's goddesses. we're hearing from manufacture the women in charlie's lives who are feeling the reprecushions of his hiv admission including heidi fleiss. >> i'm h.i.v.-positive. >> i heard rumors maybe a little over a year ago about it. i'm not surprised if anyone gets it. it can happen anyone. no one does it on purpose. who knows where it. and it's not even that important anymore. what's important is how he handles how he got it. >> heidi arranged women for charlie in the 199 o's he testified against fleiss after his name came up in her black book of clients. >> at the tim he did testify against me, of course, i had some harsh fee i was young and i didn't understand why he was doing it. and later i did. >> there have been reports that your ex-wife denise richard knew about this for a while. >> that is correct,yes. >> as the story unfolds, we're learning about the hiv status some of charlie's ex-girlfriends.
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"e.t." reported denise richards and their two daughters tested negative. here she is today in los angeles. >> have you spoken tocharlie? is he all right? >> also his ex-wife brooke mueller said brooke can confirm she and the boys are not h.i.v.-positive. >> you immediately went and got a test? >> i'm negative. i'm negative for hiv. >> back 2011, charlie was going through the public breakdown, he surround eed himsf with women he called goddesses, traveling the country with h and living with him. brie olson re they are hi negative. >> you have knowingly or even perhapsunknowingly transmitted the hiv virus to someone else since your diagnosis? >>impossible. >> well, one more side of this story, how will this affect charlie's acting career? he says he has movies lined up and a new tv show in the works. >> you know, we wish him well. reynolds may not have gone as far as charlie sheen but
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he embraced the side of hollywood, divorce, finances, health have made for juicy gossip. now he's opening up to brook anderson in tonight's big picture. burt reynolds, high ands lows of a legendary life. >> so set the record straight. you're not bankrupt? >> no. and i get so mad when i hear that. no, i'm i'm not bankrupt. if i was bankrupt, i wouldn't have my red on. >> he was once one of hollywood's highest paid actors, an 80s a lister known taking on bik action rolls and big time relationships. >> your biggest regret was not making it work with sally field. you have said recently that you still miss terribly. she is the love of your life. >> y i do. i do miss i remember when i brought up her name be "smokey and the
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bandit." everybody said why do you want to get her for? she said she's sexy. i said you don't understand, talent is sexy. truthfully, i don't think she wanted to marry >> as for his five year union to lonni anderson, burt says he never should have married the woman who maxed out a $45,000 credit card in half an hour. >> she liked spend money, mine. you know, i really couldn't afford her. i mean if i was a massive, she would break me. if you five hours to get ready to go the to grocery store that, is a whole other thing. >> 79 years old, the boogie nights star is fra his body struggling after a lifetime of hard living. for years he battle addiction to pain pills. because of all the stunts that you did over the years, your body is a wreck. >> it is. >> an you keep -- you keep feeling on your leg. are you -- >> just feeling if it's still there. i such pain now. if it wasn't you, i would
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lay down. >> pain, lost loves and money problems aren'tburt's only regrets. he reveals in had book but enough about he turned down big roles. like harrison ford, jane fond, jack nicholson a one flew offer the cuckoo's nest and richard gere in pretty woman. >> what do you regret turning down the >> all of those. i wish i had themall. >> last shindig you thre here? >> last one? >> yeah? >> last night. >> now burt is moving on. he's downsizing his florida home. he's teaching acting classes and he's got a new woman in his life. her name is rhonda. >> she is one of my st and she's just a great gal. a lot offun. not any business. >> she a lot younger than you? >> yeah. a lot younger.
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she's not a lollipo anything, but she's young. >> what is the greatest piece of advice you could give? >> keep your nose clean. watch out who your friends are. be nice to your friends and be nicer to your enemies. and find yourself a goodlady. that will be great. >> you would want to get married again? >> no, ma'am. >> how come? >> check, please. >> we done. >> by the way, speaking of burt's marriages, his son loni anderson worked in hollywood. he's a camera for tv and movie. there is still a reynolds working in hollywood. >> which aloha star changed hairstyles so many times that they lost track of the real color? is it rachael mcadam, bradley cooper or emma stone. i'm going with rachael. >> i'm going with emma stone. >> the answer is coming up next. to find
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out which country cuties made the
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time now to reveal the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which "aloha" star changed hairstyles so many times they lost track of real color. >> my real color -- i don't even know what itis. >> that is rachael mcadams who turns 37 >> yesterday we showed you jennifer lopez receiving our "e.t." icon awar. in january she'll be the only person out there with a reality sho series on at the same time. there is "american idol" "shades of blue." good for her. >> leave it xwchlt-lo to do something like. that our "e.t." icon week continues tomorrow with the one and only oprah. >> great conversation between these two. >> bye, everybody. >> you want to make me cry? i'm not going to cry as an icon.
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>> our look back with lady o. >> oh, my god! >> secrets she's neverrevealed. have you ever told that story? >> but maybe i'll tell it to nancy. >> tomorrow. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i was here to admit that i'm, in fact, h.i.v.-positive. >> charlie sheen's hiv confession. was he blackmailed by his sex partner? >> how many people have you paid? >> enough to make it into the millions. this person was blackmailing me. >> we're with the similarities of their public admission. >> the truth shall set you free. >> plus, spike lee's personal connectio the paris attacks. >> she's gone to that restaurant many times. she was there once a week. >> i've been raped i don't know how many times. >> margaret cho reveals sexual abuse bombshell.


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