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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 19, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning inc. you for joining us. the raids continue in europe. there connected to last weeks terror attacks. raids are happening right now in belgium. the prosecutor says the raids are targeting associates with one expected bomber from last friday. french officials say it is unclear if the mastermind behind the attacks is still at large. want to go live to paris and get the latest update.>> reporter: there have been near constant terror raids since friday's attacks. this morning it was no different. belgium conducted more than a half a dozen raids that are directly connected to friday's massacre. this, as the
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president of france says his country is now taking the lead in the war against isis the terrorist group. french police are conducting dna test to identify people who died in a raid early wednesday. investigators want to know if the alleged planner a friday's terror attack was one of the two people killed. a woman who blew herself up inside the apartment has been identified as the masterminds cousin. they defended on the building early wednesday looking for the mastermind. eight people were arrested. the authority say they moved in just in time to keep the suspects from launching another attack. a cell phone left at the scene of the massacre led them to the apartment. the french national assembly has gathered to debate the plan to extend france's state of emergency for three months.
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one former foreign minister said isis will be defeated. >> this is not normal at all. we cannot suppress the life of the people with no reason. this is not true, they are liars and murderers and sometimes completely insane. >> warplanes continue to rain bombs on the isis headquarters. they took out field trucks and other targets. the goal is to cut off the groups source of income. we are just getting word that the french national assembly is nearly unanimously approving that three-month extension of the state of emergency in france. this means it would be extended through very very -- february. >> new isis video released wednesday threatens an impending attack on new york city. the nypd is aware of the video and is deploying members of the
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anti-terrorism squad out of caution. city officials are downplaying the significance of that video. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: new york officials responded to an isis video threatening new york. it was feature from times square and it appeared to be a bomb being tucked beneath the jacket other bomber. officials aren't ignoring the video, there being careful about how serious they take it. >> there is nothing new about that video. obviously, it remains one of the top terrorist targets. >> it was a video we saw a few months ago back in april. they gave it a new beginning and a new and. this is isis doing what they do which is propaganda. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the attacks in paris, us security has depth up -- stepped up security.
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officials stress there are no credible and specific threats. >> it is the goal of terrorist to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit to their wishes. >> they seek to create fear, they seek to intimidate. we will not be intimidated and we will not live in fear. >> we will have much more on that ongoing story throughout the morning. let's turn our attention to the weather. what are we seeing? it looks really nice for the afternoon. looking at yesterdays highs ranging from low 70s to midshipman 70s . now today to 75. those mild and warm readings will continue for the next couple of days. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. waking up to partly scouting -- cloudy skies. oakland, good
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morning to you. you are at 49 degrees. our highs, lower 70s this afternoon with northwesterly winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. it will be a nice and sunny day all across the bay area. temperatures are not as chile right now. were looking at 40s off to the north play -- bay. mid-40 for livermore at 45 degrees. 46 antioxidant -- antioch. are wind speeds are light. we could see some patchy fog developing this morning. we will keep our eye on that our feature cast shows us by 9:00 sunny skies, temperatures in the 50s and already some 60s out there. by lunchtime we will see widespread 60s and low 70s for parts of notes a -- northbay. in the afternoon we will see a mixed bag of 60s and low 70s
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for our warmest locations. here's the breakdown, we will see low 70s for antioch and livermore and pleasanton. low 70s in oakland, santa rosa and napa. sonoma you have another chance to get to near mid-70s. 66 san francisco. our peninsula friends, mid-60s to upper 60s in sunnydale and pushing close to 60 in cinemas a . when we come back i will talk about your weekend forecast and also track the thanksgiving storm that's going to track the bay area -- affect the bay area. pretty calm this morning. we are not tracking any problems , hotspots or delays. we will start with the rise on the east shore freeway where the hercules to berkeley ride is 15 minutes. that is a good commute under indy -- any conditions. you're right on highway 880 looks good. it has a northbound five time
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of 14 minutes. san leandro into oakland, no delays for dublin commute heading south toward fremont. your trip time just 20 minutes. it is an easy ride for you through the south bay with south bay three -- freeways showing green. and look at your right to the san mateo bridge, not fog at the san mateo bridge. it appears to be some problem with the lens. the toll sergeants say things are clear. we are not tracking any delays. it is an 11 minute trip time. highway 37 is back open after a deadly crash involving two big-rigs and five other cars. the crash happened about 330 yesterday. this was on the eastbound direction. the roads didn't reopen until midnight. the chp says the driver of a tanker truck crashed into the back of another truck, that driver was killed on impact. all the other driver suffered
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minor injuries and were treated at the scene. chp had highway 37 shut down in the eastbound direction at sears point. again, the highway is back open . in the south bay, 300 excessive force complaints have been filed against the santa clara county jail. we talked to a new tenant who says his office takes every one of those complaints seriously. >> reporter: that lieutenant tells me every excessive force complaints has been investigated by the internal affairs unit and that appropriate action is always taken. >> we will review videos and reports. if those reports and videos are contrary to the allegation we can close it out at intake. >> reporter: over the last five years there have been 288 complaints of excessive force against deputies inside the santa clara jail. this was reductive by the department after the death of a mentally ill inmate whose bodies was found -- will bodies was found in his jail cell.
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three deputies are facing murder charges. aside from these three men, the lieutenant tells me to have been other cases of the deputies being reprimanded for their behavior. >> it would result in termination, the motion, criminal charges -- the motion, criminal charges. >> reporter: of the 65 cases that were filed, 36 cases are still being investigated. according to the shares office, there are about 50,000 bookings each year. the number of excessive force complaints for the jail fluctuates between 50 and 70. in the east bay, a group of students at uc berkeley rally to protect victims of sexual assault and encourage the school to keep sexual predators
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off the campus. criminal charges are rare in rape cases and the university needs to do a better job with handling these assaults. there encouraging university to enforce the new "yes means yes" law. >> we want suspects to know if you rape, there are serious repercussions and you will be held accountable and that is how you stop rapes. >> a press conference is set later this morning for a victim of a rape assault on campus. the holidays are just around the corner. we're going to show you which toys you may want to avoid for this holiday season. we will introduced you to one little girl was going above and beyond to help kids this christmas.
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we're back discussing the weather. >> things are looking fairly quiet and pretty warm for some locations across the bay. it's feels a little bit like spring. enjoy it now because we have changes coming in the next week. today, we will see patchy fog. you can see at the bay bridge we have clear skies starting off this thursday morning.
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checking your bus forecast, grab a little jacket because temperatures are cool. we're seeing a lot of 40s but no 30s. by 8:00 we will see a mixed bag of upper 40s and low 50s with patchy fog. otherwise, plenty of funny -- on shine -- sunshine today. by 3 pm a lot of upper 60s and lower 70s for a good portion of the bay area. temperatures right now, we are seeing a lot of 40s and 50s including 53 san francisco. 47 oakland. mid-40 livermore. 47 in sunnydale and san jose. our visibility looks pretty good. six now visibility in oakland and 4 mile visibility for the half of the bay. a lot of nice mild readings to low 70s in oakland. 67 union city.
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are inland locations also warming up to 70 for places like walnut creek, livermore. otherwise upper 60s for martina and concord. for the rest of the bay area, we're looking at low 70s. mid- 60s for san francisco and upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay . enjoy that sunshine. looking at your next three days and into part of your we can, the mild readings will continue through tomorrow for friday. it is a little warmer friday afternoon. saturday we're holding on to mild conditions. we will back off a little bit on the temperatures, but plenty of sunshine expected. it will be a nice dry weekend. next week we are tracking changes that could impact travel for thanksgiving. we will talk about that a little later here is george with your traffic. still a pretty quiet ride in the traffic center.
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we're not tracking any hotspots , no delays and not even any major construction delays unpopular commute routes. take another check, looking at antioch out to concord, 15 minutes. a little slow through the construction joan -- zone. the commute leading south into walnut creek continuing on 680 southbound, the right to highway 24 down to dublin looks good. it is clocking at just 16 minutes. checking the burgess, westbound at the bay bridge light traffic. no delays through the macarthur maze. the trip from the san mateo bridge from hayward leading over to 101 looked good this morning. the hazy view is a result of problems on the lens. we do not report fog in the area. tracking your ride on 580, as you head over the richmond
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bridge, look at how might the traffic is. it is just an eight minute trip time. if you're heading to marin, there is a smooth ride for 101 with no delays through marin county for the 101 southbound drive. ideally, the holidays you think would be a happy time, but for many children the holidays could be hard particularly for those who live in foster homes. a little girl and her father are trying to make the holidays better, one gift at a time --. we're introduced to this little girl in this morning story. >> there are basketballs, playground balls, soccer balls, bouncy balls. >> reporter: for two years nine- year-old lily lee has given back. >> all these toys are for the foster kids >> reporter: for so many foster children >> it is not really a merry christmas >> reporter: she is trying to change that >> i am getting toys so they
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can play with something >> reporter: this year alone and she has donated a ton of toys. just here at this one location, lily has already given >> about 52 toys >> reporter: not to mention some $3000 in donations all over . she has even started her own website where people can go and donate. lily has taken it upon herself to buy the toys for foster kids with the donations, even working out deals with the source she buys them from >> i just tell them what i am doing and ask them if they would like to donate. and they donate. two of the toys were 20% discount and all of the rest were 10. >> reporter: yes, while it was her idea, lily does get a little bit of help from one proud papa >> i'm very proud.
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it was interesting, when she first discovered what a foster child was she was moved enough to try to think of what was most important to her which was her birthday money, she split it and decided to give it. >> i'm thankful for all the people were donating because they are helping another child we have new video showing the moment before an out-of- control tour bus crashed in downtown san francisco last friday. it injured 20 people. in a minute you will see the bus speed on by in the shot. the driver of the bus has been identified. his attorney says he stopped at the corner of post ann taylor. you heard a loud noise coming from under the bus, that is when the bus started to accelerate. you can see it in the video. this is surveillance video that captured those terrifying moments. the driver said he tried the brakes and putting it into
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neutral and even tried turning off the engine but nothing worked. >> he said they blew away like paper. he reacted heroically under tremendous stress and trying to slow the bus down by hitting barriers and park cars. he managed to get the bus to the left, hit scaffolding without hitting anybody other than the cycle is along the way. it is just a miracle at union square. >> pretty incredible video. investigation is not focusing on human error. the chp is trying to see if mechanical error played a role. we have also heard from the mayor which -- he issued a statement saying he is extremely concerned about the allegations the state stay the -- safety regulations had not been followed by city sightseeing. he is urging the county general and the chp to launch a full and complete investigation. with the holidays around the corner, a consumer watch
4:21 am
group is sending out a warning of what toys not to buy your children. we take a closer look in this mornings report>> reporter: the rush to purchase holiday presents is here, but before you buy, a warning on how a puppy, zebra and plastic sort could hurt your tiled. >> i trust that everything in the store is safe and i let him help me pick it out. >> reporter: the group says the toys are singled out as the 10 most dangerous for this years most common problems. on the list, the lost of rafter clause . their child sized dinosaur gloves made a phone. they claim it could call does cause i or facial injuries. -- cause of eye an facial injury. there is also a a plato like
4:22 am
toy that could cause difficulty breathing and injuries in the i. a doctor says the group worries your child could be sent to the hospital because it produces a choking hazard. they want shoppers to know that these toys are not the only potentially dangerous toys out there. because parents want this reaction instead of our. in response to the list they say all of the toys that are sold go through strictest -- some of the strictest safety requirements. all of the toys have been approved. you can read a full list on our website. coming up: the big hollywood star making headlines in this morning news.
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foredeck 24 is the time. here are some of the stories we are working on. josh duggar is caught up in another sex scandal. an adult film actress is suing him. >> it shall leads authorities on a chase. >> a big announcement from 18 time olympic gold medalist, michael phelps. we will tell you why he will be buying diapers. >> reporter: singer gwen stephani is opening up about her divorce in charlie sheen could be facing lawsuits about him opening up about his hiv.
4:26 am
the big story of the day is that people magazine just name the sexiest man alive. who is worthy of taking the cover? it is david beckham. he said, quote, i never feel i am attractive sexy person. but david, we beg to differ. gwen stephani is no longer holding back. she opens up about her divorcing , quote, i wish all of this wasn't happening but it is a part of my life journey. she did light up when she was asked about her new boyfriend she said quote, there is always good things that come out of bad things. there are reports that charlie sheen the past lovers talking to lawyers about suing him. there trying to unload -- charlie sheen is trying to unload real estate. you can always catch hollywood today live right here
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monday through friday on crown for -- kron4. coming up next: isis killing more hostages. we will tell you how their mosque in -- mocking their victims.
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430 let's get an update on the weather. >> it looks great. if you have a lot of things to do to play for the big feast,
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the next few days you can do that under dry conditions. it will be really great. then, get ready. we have a storm that is going to be time just perfectly for all of the thanksgiving travels. we will focus on our bay area forecast for this morning right now. here's a live look at sfo. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. no fog yet, but we could see it develop out there. san francisco looking at a temperature right now a 53 degrees. it looks like we're going to see temperatures getting up to the mid-60s. it will be a pretty nice day. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable all across the bay area. we will see a lot of low 70s and it will really look nice out there. a lot of us will be above average over the next few days. here's a look at what is happening with temperatures right now. we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 45 livermore. 53 san francisco.
4:31 am
for the seven san jose. is a quick look at your satellite radar pictures. things look great. we will see clear skies. mild readings as well for the portion of the bay area. then, things do change. we are talking a storm system that will bring rain back to the bay area starting as early as monday night, tuesday and then may continue even through the thanksgiving holiday. here's how your headlines breakdown for the holidays, we will give you an early warning just in case you have to head out of town, tuesday will be colder and breezy with the possibility of rain. wednesday, cold showers and winds increase. on thanksgiving day, for showers are possible. our snow elevation will probably lower around the foothills because of the cold front. if you going to tahoe, ready for the change and get the snow tires put on. looking at your highs for today , storm free, lots of sunshine. out of upper 60s and low 70s.
4:32 am
-- a lot of upper 60s and low 70s. for the peninsula and i stay for you. the coast is looking at 63 in pacifica and 64 in ocean beach and daly city. for the rest of the bay area, we will see a lot of upper 60s and low 70s. 70 oakland. 69 vallejo. low 70s in napa. when i come back, we will talk more about your forecast including looking at your extended seven-day. good morning, still a great ride around the bay. we are not tracking hotspots. haven't seen much in the way of congestion or delays. your commute around the east bay still looks good with good drive times. from 80 southbound from san leandro that is just 25 minutes. south bay freeway is still look great. we will usually see the first slowdown beginning here between
4:33 am
the too -- two interchanges. looking at the ride from hercules to berkeley, still just 15 minute. now, tracking the right for you at the bay bridge, a good commute with no delays. the left-hand cash lanes are little sluggish because they don't have all of the toll takers in. it is not unusual to see those lanes a little slow. a violent sexual predator is out of california state hospital and living in the northbay community. he was confronted outside of the police department. we will show you where he is living now here >> reporter: this is 51-year-old fraser l smith. fraser would you like to say something to the people of alejo? the convicted sexual predator had no comment wednesday as he was leaving police headquarters.
4:34 am
he was convicted back in 2006 for assault with an intent to rape. in 2010 he was classified as a sexual predator and relocated to a state hospital. two years ago a judge ordered his release but finding residency is difficult because people did not want him living in their town. vallejo police chief says that alejo residence didn't want him there either. but he was placed there. >> our hands are tied as far as how much we can do. our ability to respond to this is really no. >> reporter: he has been released as a transient and will be living here at the small till six. management to not want to talk about the situation but one business traveler had plenty to say.
4:35 am
you don't want to share a room right next door to the sky? >> absolutely not. what is to prevent him from striking again. if he can just move around, he can have victims anywhere. it is pretty crazy. >> reporter: he has registered with the spacebar one police department but with those will not be held against his will. he is being supervised 20 from was a day under the conditional release program. breaking news: this just in about three minutes ago, we have confirmation from french prosecutors that the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks has been killed in the police rates. there was suspicions that he might have been. they were looking at the bodies of the terrorists that they attacked and killed to look for confirmation of id. this morning, their comfort
4:36 am
level enough that they came former -- comparable enough that they came forward -- comfortable enough that they came forward. again, the mastermind has been killed. don't forget to download our app as new details become available. we will send out push alerts to keep you updated. we have three people now in custody in connection with a robbery of a bank on monday. police have identified the two women on wednesday and got a search warrant for a modesto home. this about it -- they spotted the car which led to an 8 mile chase. it ended when the suspect crashed into a gate. there were all taken into custody. police say they found cash at the scene. the amount of the cash was consistent with what was taken in the robbery. state middle then claims they have killed more hostages
4:37 am
ice is published these random posters --. ice is published -- isis published these posters. we're promising to bring isis to judgment. interior, norway also condemns the killings. right now it is not clear how or when the men were kidnapped. russia has conducted more airstrikes in syria. these latest bombings targeted oil tankers. 500 feel tankers were targeted. russia is trying to reduce their ability to export oil to increase their funding. still ahead: you have probably seen the video of two women twerking on a man. we are now hearing from the man who says there is way more to the story than they know.
4:38 am
he says he was afraid for his life. after the break, a community trying to stop building. the new plan that could have parents reaching for their wallets. here's a look outside. we will get an update on the forecast coming up in about 10 minutes.
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4:40 am
national headlines this morning: a wisconsin town has decided to tackle the issue of bullying by finding the bull ears parents. they passed an ordinance where parents can now face a fine of one -- if police determine that their child bullied people. once the report is made, it is investigated. >> it is not the schools job to
4:41 am
raise your kids it is their job to teach her kids. it is not the places job to raise your kids if the parents jobs to do that. >> since the ordinance was first pass, the police have not received any reports of bullying . a virginia boy is safer after the car he was writing is -- in was stolen. he was left in the car while she went -- while his mother went into the post office. it took the police only 15 minutes to locate the car and the boy. he said to guys got into the car and saw him he was in this car -- that he was in the car and they took him to school. >> police were able to locate the car through an app. in virginia it is illegal to
4:42 am
leave a car running in a parking lot and also illegal to leave a child in the car a loan. cage posed for a picture of a fire for a missing 15-year- old. she disappeared on november 8. when the family of the missing girl approached cage he gladly used his social media to get her face out there.
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let's get another update on the forecast in the commute. >> we are waking up to clear skies. we could see patchy fog but right now we are not seeing that. good news if you have travel plans in and out of sfo. we will keep you posted if it does develop. it will be a nice afternoon. we're looking out at the beautiful bay bridge. we are seeing temperatures a little milder. livermore you are in the mid-40s. around this time yesterday we were in the low 40s. we are a few degrees milder now . our high today upper 60s to low 70s under sunday skies with northwest winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures right now, a lot of 40s and 50s out there.
4:46 am
53 san francisco. 45 antioch. low 40s in fairfield. and low 40s in santa rosa. 47 in napa. checking out our sadly -- satellite readings, we are still seeing rain impact places like portland today. they're getting their fair share of rain, snow and cold weather. we will get our share starting next week right in time for the thanksgiving holiday. for today, and the next couple of days, you don't need to worry about that. we're looking at a nice afternoon. low 70s in santa rosa. 74 in sonoma. low 70s in napa. 68 fairfield and mid-60s for mill valley. for the rest of
4:47 am
the bay area, a lot of upper 60s to low 70s. checking actual storm tracker seven-day, them out conditions continue -- the mild conditions continue. saturday and sunday looks pretty good, a little cool but there is lots of sunshine. changes arrive monday night. we are tracking showers out there. there will also be a cold system . there will be low 50s, tahoe will get snow. you need to plan ahead. if you have plans to do skiing in the tahoe area before thanksgiving. we will give you updates on the website and through the mobile app. we're not tracking any delays for the popular east bay roots like the short freeway.
4:48 am
the right on highway 4 is picking up slowing for the westbound right. 15 minutes is your drivetime. four 680 southbound, coming from 242 and highway 4, the san ramon valley is clear as well. so is westbound 580. this is just 11 minutes for this stretch of roadway. the south bay freeway is still tracking well. the northbound ride for 101, 18 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. right problem three for the bay bridge. -- free for the bay bridge. i expect this to back up in a minute. your trip on the san mateo bridge is a good minute -- is a good one. 11 minutes for your right. if you are traveling to the golden gate bridge, you will be met with an easy ride whether northbound or southbound.
4:49 am
most drivers are fully aware when they are doing something wrong, but they often don't like to admit it. we talked to drivers who were caught in the act. >> reporter: look at this guy in the beating holding an iphone -- beanie holding a knife. he got caught driving badly but refuses to admit it. he denied ever driving on the shoulder. d drive on the shoulder pretty often? >> no, i didn't drive on the shoulder. i tried to pass. can you see the white line? i never passed that line.
4:50 am
>> reporter: he is shooting photos of the shoulder to prove he was not on the shoulder. either way, there is a fast- track lane just further ahead. this town car driver tried to sneak back in line but was a good sport when caught. >> it saves us a ton of time. i have a passenger. i'm trying to get her to the airport. now i am late anyway. >> reporter: we want to show the public we are out here. the day before this 14 driving
4:51 am
tickets were issued in the morning. most drivers new they were in the wrong work but this guy --. but this guy will take his iphone to court. we have shown you this video of two women twerking up against a man in a gas station. the man now says the video doesn't tell the story. he says that the tape doesn't show what happened after he left the gas station. he says the women followed him outside and that is when he started to fear for his life. >> when i went outside they followed me. the one in the red dress jumped in front of me, grabbed my car door and would not allow me to get into my car. the girls came from the exit
4:52 am
after me and i was thinking they were going to kill me. >> police have arrested one of the two women. people -- two people are dead after following and airplane accident. the chopper went down just after 430. both people were killed. nobody on the ground was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. a group of arabic speaking men were kicked off of a flight in houston. the flight was about to leave chicago when a group of 6 to 8 men made a fuss because they wanted to sit together. according to other passengers, they were of middle eastern descent and were starting to tell people to move. that made some people nervous including the pilot who kicked them off the plane. >> it was an easy for me because they were just looking around trying to figure out where everybody was sitting. >> reporter: canines searched the plane before it took off.
4:53 am
in a statement, southwest airlines said the men were we booked on a later flight. here's a look light outside as we take a look at oakland. we are expecting it to warm up to the low 70s this afternoon. turn temperature for oakland, 55 here? will be right back.
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4:55 am
4:56 am
all right. it is 4:55. coming up in the next hour he of the kron 4 morning news, two major breaking stories. first we have just learned here in the last 20 minutes that the the master mind behind the terror attacks in paris has been killed. we'll have that report coming up at the top of the hour, and also breaking news in napa where rescue crews are searching for a missing woman. and we're also tracking river around the bay, as we look at
4:57 am
the bay bridge approach, it's clear, but the big headline is the wet weather potential for next week. stay tuned, the kron 4 morning news will be right back. with theelp comrt eper m keing momealt! i'm epindad schule. i'm epinmy m hap! comfort keers -hom pressial cegivs
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caprove me plaing d eparion, heal andellns seices and peonalare rvic thugh stomare ans thatan cnge nee chae, soour ing ved es c st hap andealt in eirown me. ♪oour ing ved es c ♪ ♪
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. french officials have confirmed that abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in the raid yesterday. and they say it was just in time, as another terror away
5:00 am
act was about to be carried out. >> 129 people were killed last friday in paris. >> a lot of developments this morning, including new video coming down, showing inside one of the cafes when the attack was taking place, as well as the raids taking place the belgium, as we're waiting for more information to come from officials there. with the information coming from paris right now, people taking to the streets and going to the memorials to continue to honor the dead. >> we have a live report from paris. >> reporter: the he mastermind is dead.
5:01 am
abdelhamid abaaoud was confirmed through some sort of dna evidence after a raid that happened early morning yesterday. you may remember this, police fired around 5,000 rounds of ammunition. a person who is believed to be abdelhamid abaaoud's cousin, she is dead. and again, it is confirmed today that the bell july citizen abdelhamid abaaoud was one of those killed in that confrontation. just today the lower house of parliament approved extending the state of emergency that france has been in since that attack for three additional months as they continue looking for other people who may be involved in isis plots, continuing those terror raids across not just france, but
5:02 am
europe. one additional person, that fugitive is still out there. it does appear he was not one of the individuals arrested, and so right now, there is still one person who was in connection with the' tack here in paris from friday night, still apparently out there on the loss. back to you. and a new isis video threatens an impending attack on new york city. the nypd saying it's aware of the video released yesterday. and we're understanding that they don't see any credible threat ares right now is that correct? >> that is correct. new york city officials responding to the isis individual go that specifically threatens new york, and it does feature video from times square, and what appears be to a bomb being tucked beneath the jacket of a bomber. so officials are not ignoring
5:03 am
the video, but they're being careful about how seriously they take it. nypd immediately released a video saying they are aware of it, and it confirms that new york city remains a target. >> quite frankly, there was nothing if new about that video. new york obviously remains one of the top terrorist targets in the world. >> they dusted off a video that we say a few months ago, think back in april, and gave it a new beginning and a new end. so this is isis doing what isis and al-qaida is terrorist groups do with this propaganda. >> the aftermath of the attacks in paris, u.s. cities have been stepping up security. washington d.c. was also threatened in a video earlier this week, but investigators stressed there are no credible or specific threats. we'll keep you posted on this breaking needs story from the newsroom, and also on
5:04 am back to you. >> isis claims they have killed two more hostages, publishing ransom post e posters. iran assume posters. the chain -- ransom posters. time right now is 5:03, getting a look at the weather this thursday morning. things look kind of regular looking at the embarcadero. it's sort of been like this all week. >> yeah, cool to start. want to show you guys a live like from sfo where so far so good. right? skies still clear. if you have travel fans already for the thanksgiving holiday, we have some is stormy weather that might get in the way, so
5:05 am
we'll keep you updated here in just a moment. 8:00, you're heading a off to work, taking the kids to school, temperatures a little warmer than they were yesterday, upper 40s to low 50s at that point, and by noontime, mid-600s around the bay. by 3:00, we're looking at our peak temperatures for the day, and today we'll see a lot more upper 60s and low 700s. that warmup will continue through tomorrow. more on that in just a bit. let's get to the traffic center. george, good morning. >> good morning, james, still a pretty quiet ride around the bay. no major construction delays for the commute, and your drive to work is a pretty easy one if you're heading out the door shortly. looking a at some drive times through the east pay, even in the last hour we haven't added any time to this trip to berkeley, still 15 minutes. same here for the nimitz
5:06 am
freeway ride, heading into downtown oakland, and a smooth commute underway through the did dublin interchange. no delays here for your ride on either 101 or 280 northbound with a 17-minute trip time from downtown san jose. guys? search and rescue crews are looking for a woman who was reported missing in the napa river. we have video just into kron 4, the u.s. coast guard joined in with the helicopter are and a boat, and they are searching the river. we'll check in and get a live report soon. big news, a violent sexual predator has been released from a mental hospital, and now is live hing in a motel 6 in strategy iva lay he.
5:07 am
>> he's living in -- suppose valbuena. he's live iva lay he. let's show you -- he's living in vallejo. we were here when he registered with the police to let them know he is in town is. at this time, he is a transient, not a permanent resident, about & because of that, he is not required to tell the entire city of vallejo, the residents, the city council, and they are livida bout that. he has a few days to stay at the motel 6. the police department and other residents here hope that he ultimately leave goes to another place. it is up to him and his healthcare provider to decide that. we got a chance to talk to many vallejo residents and people who live in this town. they are so is mad, almost on
5:08 am
the verge of tears. >> i'm going to get his picture up and post it everywhere in this area. that's what i'm gonna do. basically i feel like i have to fight back. why should a sexual predator be in my area when i have a little girl? you know, it's bad enough as a woman to have a sexual predator in your area, but i can take care of myself. as far as the children, it's a different -- they can't take care of themselves like we can. >> how badly does vallejo want him out of town? even the city council, the city manager, the mayor, they have even encouraged the people in vallejo to go down to the motel 6, to protest, forcing to him live this location. it's a slippery slope. a judge has tried over and over to find places in the bay area for him to live. they could do not that, which is why at this point, he's only
5:09 am
a transient, and my law enforcement friends say that's even worse, because when he's a trance yet, he -- transient, he does not have to officially register with the city. happening today, the three drifters charged with murdering a hiker in more were county in san francisco are in -- ma run county in san francisco are are in court. they are accused of killing popular local yoga therapist on a hiking trail. police say lamply was the one who killed the victims, but all three were armed during the murders. in convicted, they could face life in prison without parole, or even the death penalty. >> highway 37 in sonoma county is back open after a deadly
5:10 am
crash involving two big rigs and five cars. it happened yesterday on the eastbound side of the highway. lanes were closed around until midnight. the chp says the driver of a tanker truck rear-ended another tanker truck, and that driver wars killed on impact. five other cars were also involved in the crash. all the other drivers had minor injuries and were treated at the scene. coming up, new video capturethises before an out of control tour bus crashed in san francisco. plus the cleanup is is underway after another round of severe weather in parts of the u.s., and it's not over yet. we'll track the storms as you get ready to take off for. and there's a warning out about which toys could hurt your children. we'll have a list he of the dangerous toys next. when heartburn hits
5:11 am
5:12 am
5:13 am
fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
5:14 am
severe weather on the left. maining cleaning up in the state of washington. three people were are killed. there was intense winds, heavy rain and flooding. firefighters say a woman in oregon is lucky to be alive aftary tree fell on her house in the same storm system. and one tornado is reported to have touched down in the atlanta yesterday. four homes were damaged. thankfully no one was injured. more rain and flooding on the way. >> yeah, taking a look at the action happening along the east coast, specially. >> and laguardia and newark airports both experiencing delays. that's how bad the storm is out there. >> compared to sfo, we have
5:15 am
five hours delays because it's clouds, and they're dealing with storms. >> this is going to affect you if you have travel plans. if your flights take you out east, there could be some delays there, and of course we have that stormy weather in the pacific northwest. to the north, here in california, of course, mostly clear skies this morning. here is look at our cameras in san francisco on the embarcadero. you can see visibility on the nice and clear side. fairfield 39 degrees. but most-of the bay area is seeing mid-to-upper 40s and low 50s. that's kind of the way the temperature picture looks at the moment. we'll expect these temperatures to drop slightly as we make our way too and just past sunrise, and then they'll bounce back. we'll see highs today in the up arer 600s so low 70s. obamacare expected to hit the -- oakland expected to hit the
5:16 am
700 degree mark -- 70-degree mark. all in all, the entire bay area will see more upper 60s and low 70s than we saw yesterday. join it, because things will change as head into next week. friday and saturday, we'll hold on to this warm forecast, but the clouds do start rolling in on sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. here we go to traffic. >> we're still tracking a pretty good ride around the bay, not looking at any unusual delays, and no major incidents to slow the ride.
5:17 am
and the trip through the south bay is still a pretty good one with rain showing on the road sensors. so the page -- bay bridge and the westbound ride things are looking good. here at the richmond bridge, still no major delays, heading westbound to morin. here is a look at your golden gate bridge ride, which is delay he-free. and still not tracking any delays through morin county through the 101 ride. we're showing the minutes now before an out of control---
5:18 am
out of control tour bus crashing. the driver of the bus said he heard a loud noise come from under the bus, and said the bus started accelerating. the driver says he hit the brakes, put the bus in neutral, and even turned off the engine, but nothing worked. >> said they blew away like paper. he reacted heroically, i think, under tremendous stress in trying to slow the bus down by hitting barriers, by hitting parked cars. he managed to get the bus to the left, hit scaffolding without hitting anybody, and the cyclist along the way. just a miracle at union square. >> incredible video. the investigation now focusing on human error, though, the chp trying to figure out if it was a mechanical error.
5:19 am
mayor ed lee offering a statement saying he is concerned about the allegations if state safety regulations have not been followed by the bus company. he is urging officials to launch a full and complete investigation. police are trying to figure out why a driver crashed into a good will store in dublin. investigators think that the driver accidentally hit the gas, plowing into the store on regional street. yesterday the alameda fire department tweeted this video. no one was hurt. and the holidays just around the corner. before you buy any toys, a warning out this morning on which toys could hurt your child. the group world against toys causing harm, also known as watch, singled out the most dangerous toys this year, that they say can cause injuries,
5:20 am
including choking. vell rossi raptor claws can cause eye and official injuries. trampolines lead to injuries during use and assembly. and watch says the play doe's problem is it uconn takens white. you know can get an allergic reaction, and a fake dart gun looks too real stick, and also can cause choking has heards. we have a list of toys you're warned about on our website at and the official travel way sunder season at the san francisco airport. a live music program and a holiday lighting event is takes place. airport officials say the parking is going to be tight this thanksgiving, so they're urging you to take public
5:21 am
transit to the airport, and arrive very early, because you're not the only one with a bright idea to travel during thanksgiving. if you're heading over to oakland, the city, holiday parking is free on certain days. parking will be free every saturday between thanksgiving and new year's, as well as on black friday. you can park for free at the metered spots and the city- owned parking lots, and garages are are free, too. it's an effort to 0 bring business to the city. the parking time limits will still be in if force. we're watching the bay area forecast. jails will have the details. you're looking at a live look now at the embarcadero. coming up, a chihuahua leads police on a chase in oregon. how they finally caught up with her and got hire back to her owner.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
you can see 68 degrees palo alto for a high today. everyone else looks to be pretty much in the mid-60s. take a look at this.
5:25 am
this little chihuahua is chase this morning after she is chased through the town of medford, oregon. several people tried to catch the dog, but then she moved towards the freeway. a police officer responded, putting on his lights and sirens, and started looping around the area so she wouldn't get on the freeway, but people there thought there was an official police chase going on. shortly thereafter, lassie was lassoed. and then the owner picked up the dog. still' head, quite a bit of weather to talk about. it's cool right now. the temperatures outside show
5:26 am
us that. as you take a look, pick the neighborhood nearest you. that's what you expect expect heading out the door. forecast coming up.
5:27 am
5:28 am
here is what the weather is going to be like today in san jose. at 10:00, 61, by noontime, looking at mid-60s, and will
5:29 am
max out around 69, 70 degrees later today, sometime between that 2:00 and 4:00 time frame, and then drop it back down to the upper 50s by 8:00 tonight. not much in the way of winds to talk about. more to talk about when it comes to rain. that possibility enters the forecast middle of next week, and we'll look at that in detail coming up. all right, george, what are you seeing out there? >> a quick check as we track? east bay drives, still doing well throughout the east bay. the commute still at 15 minutes. we haven't yet added anything to the drive time for the ride the upper and lower shore free ways. number -- nimitz still holding, since we've been incident-free now.
5:30 am
break news. rescue crews are searching for are a woman in the napa river. what is the latest? >> reporter: there is not a lot going on right now. this is the napa river, and we're being told that the searchers who were out here late tonight into the early morning, and are going to return as daybreak breaks here in napa. here is individual go from earlier are where you see crews searching the waters. according to the napa county sheriff's department, they say a woman went missing at some point last night, and they called out not only the napa county sheriff's department, but also the coast guard came in with a boat and helicopter of its own.
5:31 am
we don't know why the woman went missing, or are what she was doing around the river. we hope to gather more information soon, and as soon as we find out what is going on, and why this woman is reported missing, we'll pass it along to you. french police conducted dna tests to identify the two people who died in a raid yesterday just outside of paris. investigators now say the
5:32 am
mastermind of the terrorist attacks picketed here, abdelhamid abaaoud was one of the two people killed. a woman who blew herself up has been identified as abaaoud's cousin. officials believe she detonated a suicide vest after a brief exchange with police officers. the bodies recovered in the raid were badly mangled with a part of the woman's spine landing on a police car, complicating the identification. authorities say the police raids happened just in time to keep the suspects from launching another attack. meantime the french national assembly is gathering to debate a plan to extend france's state of emergency for three months, and in syria -- syria planes continued to rain bombs on an
5:33 am
isis strong hold. here is new video that shows some of the terrifying moments at a paris restaurant last week, showing the moments that the terrorist with an ak-47 opening fire, going after just random people here at this cafe. this video was obtained by dale- we'll -- we'll take a closer look at this video coming up at 6:00. there will be a vigil for the victims of the terrorist attacks tonight at a local college. super bowl 50 planners are stepping up security measures. the super bowl events are if early february, and people will notice a much largerrer police presence in the city, and there will be other security measures, as well, but they're not detailing those.
5:34 am
city officials are also assuring the public at overhead bus cables in downtown san francisco will not be removed, as super bowl organizers had proposed. >> and president obama says he will veto a bill hat would stop the flow of syrian refugee into the united states. republicans have criticized the president's plan to accept 10,000 refugee next year after last week's terror attacks in paris. 31 governors oppose letting refugee into their state. the government said that this important to international relations. a poll found that 53% of americans don't want syrian refugee resettled here. 28% say to proceed without
5:35 am
religious screening, and another 11% says only christians fleeing isis and the civil war should be allowed in. new this morning, russia is conducting more air strikes on isis targets if syria. these bombings targeted oil tankers there. the russian defense minister said 500 fuel trucks were targeted. russia said this will decrease the funding ability of isis, as it hinders them from exporting oil.
5:36 am
three people are behind bars how in connection with a bank robbery in dublin that happened on monday at the bank of america branch there. the suspects, two of them were identify 0ed yesterday, and police got a warrant toker is an a home in meds. they spotted -- in modesto. police say the suspects had catch on them that was the -- cash on them that was the same amount reported taken from the group. >> josh dug sr. caught up in another -- dugar is caught up in another sex scandal. that story coming up. and why michael phelps will soon be buying diapers.
5:37 am
at the bay bridge, a big backup already. your drive times coming up. rning ted! scott!readto h some ball ooh! scott!readto h some ball hey ddy,hat's up thiss wh it can ke thavehingsoh, man. paif y hadhickenpox,. thshines virusislready inso 1 in peoe will g ingl in eir lifeti.aftealmo 3,
5:38 am
i st rlly want toive a st. yoknowi'm no elinit today. ta to ur docto phaacist toda abt a ccinthat canhelpreven.
5:39 am
take a look at this.
5:40 am
it's a six week old puppy in ohio who was born without front legs. soon his owner said he is going to be able to get around thanks to a 3-d printer that used a high tech scanner and they're creating a little sled, so tumbles is going to use the sled so that he can use his back legs to push the wheels in the front. the people who run the 3-d printing lab at ohio university are making that happen. he'll propel himself like that. that will be his motor and his back feet. and i've seen a lot of the ones in reverse. they'll have a wheel in the back. but, aww, cute, poor little thing. great weekend to have before the rain really sets in come next week, just in time for thanksgiving. what it still looks like. i'll have more details on your thanksgiving forecast in a minute. are a for now, well, in the east bay valleys, upper 60s to
5:41 am
low 70s. most of the barry will he see exactly seeing on your screen. back with that full forecast in just a bit.
5:42 am
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(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ welcome back. airport security workers seize $hundreds of tampa -- tamales at lax. >> and are you tired of people
5:44 am
with sagging pants? he one city in mississippi is doing something about it. we'll have that story coming up at 6:00. and we wants to peek at weather, as well, on this thursday morning. i want to begin with the temperatures wire seeing outside right now.
5:45 am
48 in hayward. 46 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. visibility under air mile near the napa valley. temperatures this morning should wind up upper 60s to low 70s today. more 70s than we had yesterday. for the east bay valleys, probably right up against the 70-degree mark. 66 in san francisco. 70 for oakland, and a mix of upper 60s to low 70s throughout the wine country with 71 in napa. what about coming our way next week? well, wet weather to the north. we have done stories a about how it is get hammered with
5:46 am
wind and snow. some of that will head our way come nix week. thinking by tuesday, we might see some showers. certainly the chance increases as we go through wednesday. thursday, for thanksgiving, and friday, as well, we're going to keep an eye on this system right now. air still tracking our direction. the timing is still looking like thanksgiving, but stay tuned to kron 4. i'll keep you updated next week as we get closer to turkey day and your plans to travel around the bay. what are you seeing on the roads? >> well, a great ride so far, jaymee. we are still not tracking -- james. we are still not tracking on hot spots. towards pittsburgh and bay point, highway 4 webb, we've been -- westbound, we've been incident-free. commute is slowing, but still not drive, and your drive
5:47 am
through dublin on 580 westbound, a little sluggish coming out of livermore. and your sound ride, we've added a couple of -- your southbound ride, we've added a couple of minutes. but the san mateo bridge still looks good. we're not yet tracking any days there. i talked to the toll sergeant at the bridge this morning, and she tells me there is no fog at the bridge, that's just what looks like some condensation on the lens. for your ride to the rhythm bridge, easy -- richards bridge, an easy commute.
5:48 am
josh duggar is reportedly being sueded by an adult film actress and model. she claims he proposed her in a strip club in march, and paid $1500 for hire company. she said that duggar then assaulted her while they were having sex. she said she suffered it willly and emotionally after it, and is being treated for severe anxiety. she is suing duggar for $500,000. duggar has been in rehab since august after news surfaced that he had molested young girls,
5:49 am
include something of his siblings when he was a teenager. >> the man seen in this video with two women twerking up against him at a gas station in washington are d.c., he said he is not speaking out. he said the video doesn't tell the whole story, doesn't show what happened after he left the gas station. he said the woman followed himmoused, and he started to fear for his life. >> when i went outside, the girl followed me. the one in the red dress jumped in front of me, grabbed the car door, would not allow me to get into the car. i turned on the car wash, the girls came inside the other way from the exit after me, and i'm thinking they're about to kill me. >> police away rested one of the two women who was charged with sexual abuse. >> a virginia boy is safe after the car that he was riding in was stolen. the 8-year-old boy 0's mother told police that she left him in a car while she went into the post office, and when she came out, her son and the car were gone. it took police only 15 minutes
5:50 am
to locate him and the car. he was sitting safely in his classroom at school. >> he said that he was fine. he said that two guys got into the car, saw that he was in the car, and turned aexpound said, oh, we're are here take you to school, where do you go to school? >> so they dropped him off at school. crazy. and the police tracked that phone easily because the woman had left her cellphone in the car. in virginia, it is legal to live a car running in the parking lot, and also legal to leave a child in the car alone, so in this case, he got a ride to school. that's funny. you may have noticed smoke in the livermore area today. police are conducting controlled burns at sycamore park. the burns help control the weeds, and is used in training firefighters. oil prices are falling again. drivers can expect to see lower prices at the pump in time for
5:51 am
the holidays. the price for a barrel of crude dropped below $40 for the first time since august. oil prices have fallen 14% this month alone. it is from a supply glut, and a strong dollar. the low oil prices mean good news for everybody who is going to be driving around here. that means they're going to be hovering below two dollars a gallon. let's take a peek at the average price in san francisco, $2.82, $2.72 in oakland, and a penny less in san jose. video from the toronto raptors, utah jazz game last night. burke throws up the shot, and the ball gets stuck behind the back board. he then gets a broom and starts poking at the ball. and on his second poke, it comes loose, and goes right
5:52 am
through the net. taking a live look outside. we're watching conditions around the bay. temperatures right now still on the cool side from the inland spots. 39 in fairfield. 41 in santa rosa. a beautiful starry morning out there around the bay. low 50s in san francisco, and mid-40s in san francisco and up the coast -- san jose, and up the coast. want to surve a azy busyay? sf celphonchim starwith posive attide.. and posivelyadia ski aveeno posivelradit istuzer.
5:53 am
withctivnatuls®oy. avno®aturly betif®
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5:55 am
we are back. i want to give you a quick look ahead at the weather for today, and then quickly beyond. today again upper 60s to low 70s. it's going to be great, a lot of sunshine. it's next week when things start to change a bit on us, and here is what we're seeing on the wider view on satellite radar. again, the northwest being hammered by some pretty severe stormy weather, and some of that is going to head our way by middle of next week. let me walk you through what we're thinking. at the moment, all of the models and situations we have are looking at a possibly wet tuesday, breezy. showers might pick up in intensity wednesday into thursday, with winds also on the increase, as well, and thanksgiving, showers possible through without that hole day,
5:56 am
maybe -- holiday, maybe even leading into friday. keep it up to to kron 4, and i'll keep you updated as we get closer to it. michael fells is going to -- phelps is going to be a dad. the 18-time olympic gold medalist announced it yesterday, posing with his fiancee, that they are expecting their first child. he posted this photo. >> did he put a caption under they are like my boy is gonna swim? if you love cars, the san francisco international auto show opens up on friday. the event draws hundreds of people, and kron 4 is the official tv sponsor, and saturday night at 9:00 for a special program we're we're going to have here on kron 4, you get a look at the future of the a auto industry. isn't that car beautiful?
5:57 am
that's alamos -- lamborghini. coming one the search is on for are a woman reported missing in the napa river. jackie is live with an update. and drive ores on the bay bridge get a bit of a surprise during a commute, a naked woman walking on the lower deck. and a look here at the san mateo bridge. all is clear. everybody's got close on. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
officials are confirming that abdelhamid abaaoud was one of two terrorists killed yesterday in paris. the operation came just time, because french officials say another terror attack was about to be carried out. >> and more raids are takes place right now in europe. in belgium, authorities are targeting associates of one of the bombs from last week. >> reporter: the french prosecutors office says they have now killed the isis ringleader that they say planned the attack here in paris that killed 129 people on friday. we're told they were able to positively identify the riddled body of abdelhamid abaaoud by
6:01 am
using dna samples, things like fingerprints, handprints, sole prints. we do know during that predawn raid price fired around 5,000 rounds of amarista -- am new anything else. -- ammunition. two people and a police dog dead, and some police officers slightly wounded. abdelhamid abaaoud was seth said to be the mastermind behind not only this paris attack, but other attacks. the government there extend approving an extension of three months for the state of emergency a we are experiencing right now here in france.
6:02 am
this is not necessarily over, so a lot of people on edge here in paris, and that attacker who got away, salah abdeslam, is still out there. now reporting live in paris, diane gallagher, back to you. >> video showing people running for cover as a terrorist sprayed a cafe with bullets, and they were only able to get away because the gun jammed. >> the video is terrifying. individual go showing the attack on that paris cafe a. watch this video from the you can see people -- at you can see the glass and debris falling. people are ducking, hiding, going under comp. this woman walking in from outside. people trying to find some protection. and then what's amazing is the calmness of the gunman. he's actually in in the top part of your screen right
6:03 am
there. and then he points that assault rifle at a woman, point blank at her head, but somehow the gun malfunctions, and he is not able to shoot and kill her, and she miraculously escapes with her life. you can see her running off with her purse, and then there's another another remarkable footage here. these two co-workers are behind the bar. and the blast goes off, glass shatters everywhere. they duck. one guy, you can see him running downstairs. another woman customer are runs in. you can see her. and she also ducks behind the bar, joins a 20-year-old way tress who wraps her arms around the older injured woman at the gunman who spray restaurant and the outdoor area is able to take off. miraculously none of the diner's staff died in the attack, which lasted less than a minute. a man who just arrived outside
6:04 am
the restaurant to collect a pizza for dinner was shot in the back, and he died in the street. we're also learn hing more about the possible i.d. of the gunman. there are some media reports says it is a bellian national -- belgian national, salah abdeslam. police are now examining the video. we'll stay on top of this story for on our newscasts, and also at we'll a alert you whenever there's big developments locally, nationally, and internationally with our kron 4 app you can download for free. want to take a look at weather around the bay, and out our window here of the kron 4 studios. you can see the bay bridge, and it's another chill by start to
6:05 am
the day -- chilly start to the day. >> let's go outside. here is a live look at sfo. some fog, but not too bad for most folks. some fog out near half moon bay. everybody else, though, nice and clear. here is your forecast breaking down the down. 8:00 critical time. a lot of folks heading for work and kids heading off to school, and temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. by noontime, a lot of mid-60s a around the bay with sunshine that will stay with us through the afternoon. by 3:00, we'll hit our peak temperatures. a again, that's the 3:00 hour, and that's kind of the way it's going be to today ask tomorrow, the rest of the weekend ahead looks fantastic. more on that with your extend forecast in just a bit. now let's get to the traffic centers. george, it will anything big
6:06 am
out there yesterday? >> negative, james, that's the great news. not tracking any hot spots yet. still a pretty smooth ride. picking up more congestion here he on the freeway. so we've added time from hector -- hercules. we're tracking 24 to 26 minute drive times from the mcarthur maize. more coming up. a woman may be missing in the napa river. we have new video this morning showing the search going on right now. they're searching from the water, the ground, and the air, all looking for this missing woman. we have a map of where the search is happen henning here. this is the napa river.
6:07 am
also live to the scene right now, jackie has more. >> reporter: good morning, mark, i'm actually at cuttings wharf in napa. you can see the napa riveter in the distance here, where right now searchers from the napa county sheriff's department have take an break. overnight, they searched the waters for a mission woman. in fact, here is new video from late last night early this morning. we're being told by the napa county sheriff's department is the woman went missing at some point last night in the napa river. other than that, we really don't have a lot of details, exactly what she was on, or why she was in the river. now, napa county sheriff's is the lead department here, but they also called in the chp help countier and eventually, the coast guard came in and provided a boat and help county inventory search the waters. they have suspected the -- helicopter to search the waiters. they have suspended the search
6:08 am
until daybreak. the three drifters accused of killing two people are due in court today. they have not entered pleas yesterday in the murder cases. they're accused of killing popular local yoga flappist steve carter on a hiking trail in fairfax, as well as a young canadian tourists named audrey carey in golden gate park. police say lamply killed the victims, but all three were armed during the murders. a deadly crash involving two big rigs and five other cars. take a look at the video at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the ebitda side between -- the
6:09 am
east bay side between lakeville highway. it was closed until midnight. the driver of a tanker truck rear-ended another tanker truck, and that driver was killed on impact. five other cars were involved in this crash, and is all of the other drivers had minor injuries. they were treated at the scene. >> and nearly 300 excessive force complaints have been filed against a county jail over the last five year finance the jail conducted a report after a mentally ill inmate was found dead in his jail cell in august. other inmates reported that they heard him being beaten, and now three deputies are facing murder charges. lieutenant neil valenzuela said there have been other cases of deputies beg reprimanded for their behavior, and said every excessive force complaint has been investigated by the
6:10 am
internal affairs unit, and appropriate action taken. >> those reports and video is contrary to what the allegation is, we can close it out. but if not, criminal charges perhaps. according to the sheriff's office, there are about 50,000 bookings a year there, and the number of excessive force complaints from the santa clara jail fluctuates between 50 and 70 a year. >> uc berkeley students are rallying for victims of sexual assault, and are urging officials to keep sexual predators off campus, saying that the university needs to do a better job of handling sexual assaults, and also for the school to enforce the new yes means yes law in california. >> we want to make it clear to students across all campuses
6:11 am
that if you rape, there are serious repercussions, and you will be expelled. that's how you stop rape. you will be held accountable. a press conference is set for later this morning with a victim of an assault. a warning this morning. if you're buying toys for the holidays, we'll tellle you some of the toys that are considered the most dangerous to buy for your kids. plus people driving in the middle of rush hour got an eyeful while stuck in traffic last night. we'll have more on what happened on the bay bridge. and another round of severe weather slamming parts of the nation, and it's not over yet. more on the national forecast as we get ready to fly away for the holidays. ature sounds) she can rage, and roar,
6:12 am
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6:14 am
welcome back. keeping our eyes on severe weather across the nation. in washington state, the cleanup is continues. tens of thousands of people are without pair as they're salvages what they can. on the bottom right, the national weather service saying at least one tornado touching
6:15 am
down in the atlanta area yesterday afternoon, damaging four homes, trees, and power lines. no one was injured there, but more flooding expected today. >> let's take a look at the national weather, because people are starting to travel. >> on the east coast, this is the storm system that gave parts like kansas and parts of the south problems yesterday. today it is along the eastern seaboard. if you're heading out through newark and laguardia, they have delays of an hour to two hours for incoming flights. no official delays reported from the faa, but you have nasty weather and that could cause problems for you. so, again, check the airline before you head to the airport, make sure your flight is on time. here in california, most of the state under dry conditions, and expect that to continue pretty much for the next four or five days. it's not until the middle of next week that things will get a little dicey around here. temperatures cool, not as cold
6:16 am
as it's been this week, but still school. sars dropping -- santa rosa dropping down to the upper 30s. most of the bay area in the 40s this morning. friday and saturday, more of the same, with temperatures hovering around these levels with gin skies. next week, that all changes, and we'll talk about that on my full check here in about 15 minutes. let's gets over to the traffic center where george is keeping an eye open for any hot spots. >> we are still tracking a ride, but nothing really jamming up the commute. let's take a look at what's been happening here in the east
6:17 am
bay. the drive through hayward. your trip time into fremont, a 23 minutes now, and your ride here on highway 880 sound clocked in at about 40 minutes for the sound trip. southbound free ways. -- south bay freeways. let's see if we can get that current drive time for you. here is the trip. drive time is 24 to 26 minutes. on 92, the san mateo bridge, conditions are still pretty smooth across the span, but it's heavier on the approach. things are pushed up now to 24-
6:18 am
he minute delays. from east bay into marin, it hasn't really begun to back up here yet. and for the golden gate bridge, we're still problem-free. the drive time there now up to 26 minutes. down to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you, george. people driving on the bay bridge last night definitely got an eyeful while stuck if traffic. a naked woman taking a stroll on the lower deck in the middle of rush hour. she was fully closed when she used the on ramp to get on around 6:00, and then she started stripping down. you can see an action shot there. by the time the police got there, they arrested her. they say she didn't resist arrest. she was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. and new video showing the
6:19 am
moments before an out-of- control tour bus crashing into scaffolding in san francisco. the driver of the sightseeing bus has been identified now as kenneth molvar, his attorney said he was stop at the corner of post and taylor on friday when he heard a loud noise come from under the bus, and the bus started accelerating. continue the driver said he even turned off the ignition, but nothing worked. >> he said they blew away like paper. he, you know, reacted, think, heroically under tremendous stress, in trying to slow the bus down by hitting barriers, by hitting parked cars. he managed to get the bus to the left, hit scaffolding without hitting anybody other than the cyclist along the way. just a miraclele at union square. the investigation is not focusing a on human error. the chp is trying to figure out if it was in fact mechanical
6:20 am
error. mayor ed lee issuing a statement on the crash saying he's extremely concerned about the allegations that state safety regulations have not been followed by city sightseeing, which owned the bus. he said he is urge it will the california attorney general and the chp to launch a full and complete investigation. the recent paris terror attacks have many airlines on edge. one airline is refusing to apologize for removing four mean passengers from a chicago bound flight earlier this week. the group, chin was a woman and three men, were ordered off of the plane at baltimore washington airport after fellow passengers said that they were behavioring suspicious. the tsa rescreened all of the bags on the flight, include it will the bags of those four passengers, and said that they found no threat. a messaging app called telegram said it has blocked 78 isis-related channels, saying it blocked the channels across 12 different languages.
6:21 am
the app had become popular among isis, because it promised highly-encrypted communication. private communications between isis members were unaffected by this block. the holidays just around the corner, and here comes the rush to buy presents, but before you buy any toys, a warning on the toys that could hurt your child. the group world against toys causing harm, also known as w.a.t.c.h., said they singled out some of the most dangerous toys this year that can cause choke org injuries. they're saying the velociraptor claws top the list. they're child-sized dinosaur gloves made of foam. they also say trampolines can cause injuries during use and even during assembly, and they say that play-doh contains wheat, and can cause allergic reactions, and and a foam dart
6:22 am
gun is too realistic-looking. we have a list of some of the toy warn arings on if you're heading to oakland during the holidays, the city is offering free parking. parking is going to continue free every saturday starting with thanksgiving, through new year's, and black friday is free, too. so every saturday, plus black friday during the holiday season, you can park for free. it's an effort to bring about business to the city, and while it is free, you do have to still observe the limits on the time. you can't just park there for, you know, 10 hours. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, what was inside these 450 tamales that caught the eye of the tsa. and taking a live look here at what's turning out to be a beautiful sunrise this thursday morning. we'll be back with more in a minute. ♪ ♪
6:23 am
it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
6:24 am
taking a look at storm tracker are 4 showing you the temperatures in your neighborhood. out on the east pay, you see some is 40s, but see mostly 50s around san francisco, and while it's still chilly, look at 38
6:25 am
in santa is a. all of that and more coming up in a few minutes. >> a little chihuahua safe this morning. the chihuahua named lassie. that's a list misguided. the chihuahua headed into traffic, and people tried to catch the chihuahua, but she moved toward the freeway. a police officer responded with lights and sirens, and started looping the area, but the chihuahua wouldn't get on the freeway. shortly after that, the police were able to get lassie and took her to the animal shelter. guess what, lassie is home. >> how about old yeller? this is the biggest bust of illegal smuggled goods, and it's tamales. who would have believed that these tamales were seized at
6:26 am
lax, 450 of them. this was a customs declaration form, that the passenger was coming from mexico and marked yes saying they had food. they had the tamales. they lied when asked what was in the tamales. customs inspectors found a whole lot of pork and the food was taken away, and it was thrown in the trash, and then the person was fined a thousand dollars for these tamales, because foreign meet products can carry serious animal diseases. so you can't have them. >> that's why you can't bring the food in. >> yeah, in tamales. they are starting to back off a little bit on the amount of rain we might get, maybe a tenth to a quarter of an inch. if if we're lucky, it will miss us for thanksgiving day, but we'll still get some rain.
6:27 am
>> we're working next week. >> and then what? going for a run? >> we'll be here at grandma's house. for the east bay shore line, oakland, 70 for you, 67 for fremont. back to that full check of the weather in just a moment. >> and we're live in vallejo, where a sexually violent predator are now lives in the city, and many people want him out.
6:28 am
6:29 am
we'll be watching wall street this morning. everyone expecting interest rates to go up. the suspected mastermind of the paris attack has been killed. our newsroom alerted you, and we will whenever there's a big international or local story.
6:30 am
annie has more on this story. >> we just got an update. french officials say that they believe abdelhamid abaaoud was behind four of six attacks ordered since spring of 2015. they are conducting dna tests to identify the two people who died in a raid on an apartment yesterday, and investigators are now saying that abaaoud was one of the two people killed, and another one was his cousin, a woman who blew herself up inside the apartment. police believe she detonated a suicide vest after a brief exchange with police officers. >> and this also just came into the newsroom, the french ministers saying this morning that france did not know abaaoud was in the europe before the attack last friday. meanwhile, germany and
6:31 am
federalle prosecutors are saying they're identifying unidentified individuals on charges of terror scares. so much of europe still on alert this morning. >> all right, thank you. a vigil for the victims of the terror attacks here if in the bay area college. that's tonight at 6:30.
6:32 am
weather-wise, grab a jacket. that's probably all you'll need this morning. great-looking sunrise here from our san francisco camera, away long the embarcadero. that's the bay bridge there with the beautiful sky behind it. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s around the bay, so it's cool but not terribly cold. here is what it's going to look like today as we work our way through the afternoon, where it looks like by 3:00 or 4:00 in livermore, we should warm it up to about 69. most location around the bay, between 67 and 69 is where we should finish up, with a handful of low 70s, as well. come next week, the clouds roll in, and we've got a storm system to talk about, which we'll explore coming up in about 15 minutes. the traffic, george, you say it's all quiet? >> that's right, and that's good news when there's little to talk about in the traffic department. that means an easier ride for
6:33 am
you. we do have some congestion on highway 4 westbound, and you're ride out of concord southbound, it is now a 17-minute drive, but we've been incident-free for both 242 and interstate 680. tracking your commute to the san mateo bridge and highway 92, this is the time when things begin to back up at 6:32, we're seeing traffic conditions almost at a standstill at the toll plaza. drive times of over 26 minutes out of the east bay to san mateo. big news this morning. a violent sexual predator is released from a mental hospital, and now is living in a hotel 6 in vallejo. will tran is live there at the vallejo police department this morning to talk more about who he is and who is upset about it. will? reporter: who is upset, most is not all of vallejo very upset that he's in town.
6:34 am
they said why does frazier smith choose vallejo of all towns to call him. he is staying a at hotel. let's show you his picture. he was in the vallejo police department yesterday. he had to register with the police department. we had our cameras here. and because he's a transient, he has to keep on top of his situation every 30 days with the vallejo police department. they are aware that he's staying at a motel 6 on enterprise street in the city. safe to say they're not happy about it, but they have to abide by the law, as well, that he has a right to stay at some location. joining me now is lieutenant kenny park with the vallejo police department. a lot he of people very worried about this. we've seen, lieutenant, people on the verge of tears. they're very angry. are you monitoring his location? >> well, we're not, per se, monitoring his activities or his location, because we're confident that liberty healthcare, the health care provider, is watching 24 hours a day.
6:35 am
>> were you made aware that he was moving here? it seemed to catch a lot of people offguard. >> we were notified by liberty healthcare. not by the courts or anything, but they did notify us last week. >> department-wise, safe to say you're not happy with him being in vallejo, as well? >> well, i realize everybody has to have a place to stay, so we're approaching this with an open mind at this point, and realize tats he is being monitored. >> reporter: can you expand on that. what do you mean monitored? does he have an ankle bracelet? is somebody with him? >> i'm not aware of an ankle bracelet, but there is somebody watching him 24 hours a day, i've been told. >> reporter: according to the law, she a i can't answer, so he doesn't have the same requirements as a permanent resident. do you understand that, as well, because then the law and other people would know --
6:36 am
stricter guidelines. >> that's right. in the case with fairfield, where mr. smith was petitioning to live permanently, the citizens and the police department had an opportunity to address the situation, and say their piece to the court. >> have you been able to speak to motel 6 to ask them to help you out in any way possible? >> reporter: not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: the mayor is not very happy, as well, the city council are everyone couraging the residents of vallejo to go out to motel 6 and protest, picket, hope that he leaves town. we know he is allowed to stay there for up to five days. where weather that five days will be extended is up to him and his care provider. phrase inquire smith was convicted four times of sexual assault. back to you. thanks a lot. we'll check in with you rarity later. >> super bowl 50 organize errs
6:37 am
are stepping up security in light of the recent paris terror attacks. police will no fit a much larger police presence in the city, according to the mayor. city officials are ensuring the public that overhead bus cables will not be removed as super bowl organizers had promised. >> president obama said he is going to veto a bill that would stop the flow of syrian and iraqi refugees into the u.s. republicans have criticized the president's plan to accept 10,000 refugee next year after last week's terror attacks in paris. 31 governors oppose letting the refugee into their states. the white house says the program is important to partners in the middle east and europe, and to american leadership when it comes to the refugee crisis. >> a story we ran last hour
6:38 am
about unsafe toys, the group w.a.t.c.h. had a list of toys, and we mentioned play-doh, but it's not play-doh that has wheat it in. the product is called "poo- dough." we apologize for the mistake. >> i live play-doh. >> i love play-doh. >> all kids going to eat play- doh, which i guess does not have wheat. we are following a a dropping story. jared fogle in court right now. we'll tell you how long prosecutors say he should be scent away for. >> and the way one town in mississippi is trying to stop young people from wearing saggy pants. live shot at the bay bridge. it's 6:38. plan
6:39 am
6:40 am
every morning these men ate a tired breakfast and had a tired day. they weren't lumberjacks, they were slumberjacks. then one day jack showed up with a breakfast burrito powered by jalapeños. it didn't just change their morning. it changed everything! turning these tree loggers... into tree lovers. spicy jalapeños, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeño bacon breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box.
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there is no law on the books for police to enforce the saggy pants campaign. the police chief said if someone is showing skin while sagging, that could be considered indecent exposure. the rain is on the horizon. just in time for are thanksgiving potentially. we'll have more on that in just a bit.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
a classic roadster is returning to american roads, but if the new fiat spyder gives you a sense of da jaw view, you're not -- deja vu, you're not alone. >> and construction of a giant telescope in hawaii has been halted. why they want the whole project moved somewhere else. >> and tom brady on the cover of gq. what the quarterback had to say or not say about the deflate-he
6:46 am
gate scandal. and another cool day with a beautiful sunrise today. >> that's right. great. looking shot. you'll notice h he aze on the horizon. down in the south pay, 46 degrees currently on thermometers there. 44 in concord, 43 in antioch. fairfield in the upper 30s. that fog has begun to spread a little bit. we also have it increasing just a touch.
6:47 am
69 for san jose. 70 in morgan hill for a high today. the east bay, the north pay, everyone following along those same lines, from 68 to 71 this afternoon under are sunny skies. we'll get some of that stormy weather to our north tweaked down our direction. you'll see the clouds rolling in on tuesday, and that chance of showers through wednesday, thursday, and thanksgiving, as well. keepth turned to kron 4 for your daily updates. on to traffic now. any hot spots? >> not right now. that's good news. conditions are getting slower, though, around the bay. 32 minutes now. and that's a pretty big jump considering we've been incident
6:48 am
free. westbound from wall nut creek into berkeley. 24 minutes on highway 24. and this commute on the bay bridge backed up into the mcarthur maze, 31 to 34 minutes now. we've been incident-tree at the bridge, just a slow ride this morning. for the he san mateo bridge, very much the same circumstances. it's very slow is here. already at 26 to 28-minute trip time out of hayward. so extremely slow across the span today. but incident-free. your ride to the bridge between richmond and san rafael in marin county, the backup here reaches beyond the richmond parkway. for the golden gate bridge, an easy ride across the span from the waldo grade sound.
6:49 am
two people -- southbound. two people are dead after a helicopter crash in carlsbad. both people in the helicopter were killed. no one on the ground was injured. the helicopter lost control on the tail section, hit, tipped over, and caught fire. the crash is under investigation. happening now. former subway pitch man jared forecast sell in a federal court waiting to learn how much time he'll spend in prison for child porn and sex crimes. he accepted a plea deal after admitting he paid for sex with girls are as young as 16, and sales admitted he received child porn produced by his charitable foundations former director. he agreed to plead guilty in august following a raid of his home in suburban indianapolis. fogles attorneys are asking for just five years. the prosecutors are asking for
6:50 am
12 years. and this man is speaking out. he said this video doesn't tell the whole story. he said the tape doesn't show what happened after he left the gas station after the twerking incident. he said he feared for his life. >> when i i went outed, the girls followed me. the one in the red dress jumped in front of me. grabbed the car door, would not allow me to go get in the car. i turned on the car wash. the girls are came inside the other way from the exit after me, and same thinking they're about to kill me. >> police a arrested one of the two women, who is charged with sexual abuse. >> new this morning, gray wolf populations in michigan and nearby states are recover interesting, and may not be considered an endangered species. the wolf population inmy hemy, minnesota, and wisconsin, has reached more than 3700. scientists who have been advocating for the wolves protection say they should no longer be considered an
6:51 am
endangered species. >> and you might notice smoke in the lifers area. there are controlled burns at sycamore park where the firefighters will he go through training practice. the controlled burns also help with weed control. the training burns will continue through monday. the holiday travel season is officially underway at san francisco international airport, and you know how they know? because sfo is going to have a live music program and a holiday lighting event today. airport officials say -- wait a minute! how can they have a holiday lighting, and i can't put out a holiday rug in front of my house? >> good point. >> okay? so don't tell me it's too early for the christmas foot wipe thing in front of my door. so they're going to have parking, but it's going to be very limited during the hole did days. so they're saying to get there early for a u.s. flight that flew longer than normalle. take public transit, that's probably the west way to go,
6:52 am
because you're not the only one think a about traveling for thanksgiving. >> this new hyundai elantra is coming out. and we have the auto show coming up this weekend. on kron 4, you can watch it at 9:00. if you love cars, you'll want to see it. at 9:00, following the kron 4 news at 9:00. that starts on saturday. the event draws thousands of people, and kron 4 is the official tv sponsor, and we'll have a preview saturday night as the auto show runs starting this saturday through all of next week. we'll be right back.
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6:55 am
take a look at this. it was probably the biggest
6:56 am
match-up ever between two 7'6" players, and these two players are in college! they're freshmen! university of central florida's is more than seven feet tall, and faced off against uc irvine's player who also stands at seven feet tall. both are the tallest player this the division 1 basketball team. one's shoe size is a 22, a size smaller than shaquille o'neal, who was a 23. both stand five inches taller than shaq. wow. as for the game, you see irvine bet usf. a wacky video from a raptors game last night. the ball in transition, she the shot, and gets stuck on the back of he back board.
6:57 am
on his second team, he jars are it loose, and it go it is, but i doesn't count. coming up in the kron 4 news 7:00, in gary's world, the rockets were losing, they blame their coach. and when an athlete loses, why do they always blame the girlfriend? one of them speaks out and says forget it. and the cry young winners was -- cy young winners was announced, and his kid pulled a a trick. and police say they killed the mastermind from last week's paris terrorist attack.
6:58 am
evy coc. toome out ofts sll. shoall e world evy coc. s tr, inr bety. toome out ofts sll. and en, an onicwist, gecovered up by chocate d alnds. toome out ofts sll. andmondoy mnds.cwist, gecovered up by whatveryocon wants.. inoducg kies delu cholate
6:59 am
wi a wle-rstedazelt, delite csps, inoducg kies and yersf ri, crea cholate the breaking news is the master are mind behind the paris attacks is dead. officials in france now confirming that abdelhamid abaaoud was one of two terrorists killed in police raids yesterday. those raids in a paris suburb ended with 25 other suspected terrorists arrested. the operation apparently came just in time, because french police say another terror attack was imminent. >> and across europe, more raids happening right now.
7:00 am
in belgium, authorities are targeting sorts of one of the suicide bombers from the paris attack that killed 129 people. and we have new video that we're seeing for the first time from inside the paris a cafe where a gunman opened fire and diners were diving for their lives. >> more on that coming up in a minute. it took to days to identify the terrorist mastermind, because there was another explosion. a woman said to be his cousin said off a suicide vest, and that collapsed a whole floor of the building being raided. we have the latest from paris. >> reporter: this really is a bitter relief for people here in paris and across europe who have been on edge since learning that the isis ring lead are could have been the target of that raid just 24 hours ago, but authorities insist that just because he is dead does not mean the threat is


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