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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 25, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now fell >>anny hong: the at >>james: the cultigens lifted outside did get around difficult for some that stick a quick look at the radar view we want to show you we do have some blue on radar down in the diablo range
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near mount hamilton were we could see a light dusting once it comes up in the cause cooperate we will see some of those peaks covered in snow recall to climb mount diablo early this morning will see what happens there at the moment we're looking showers may lead to the south of out to the east and that looks to be just about at the last remnants of yesterday's system here is the widely was shunted aside like a speck of putting it into motion in the second is now clear out of the bank for. >>james: no active rain falling right now the cold temperatures it will really hit you want to step out the door in the northridge 34 santa rosa 39 for napa and for novato and the east bay in the south the low 40's in concord could bring down into the upper '30's as we get closer to sunrise 44 san francisco 44
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oakland half moon bay coming in at 45 degrees we're going to be on the cool side mainly in the fifties thursday friday will be cold overnight temperatures and. >>george: as we continue to take a look at the ride around the bay starting with your east bay writer and the commute here along the east shore freeway traffic looks for the so far this morning sea its cheese with a few minor incidents nothing that is really creating any delay is due to see the drive times 15 minutes on the east shore freeway problem free 680 ride into for a to stop about looks good with no delays as you head into walnut creek the trip here for you're ride on highway
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880 san leandro will not tracking and delays with a 14 minute trip time on 880 north of the rest of the ride looks good for the dublin into chain 6 '80s saw no delays for the drive on 880. >>george: to five minutes now for the southbound it as you head down to in milpitas and south of san leandro this morning. >>: you're hearing the reaction from the crowd as the war years setting an nba record. >>anny hong: they set an nba record for the best start to season going 16 and 0. they
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finished the game won 11 to 77 steph curry has no plans of slowing down here is what he had to say after the game. >>: pretty cool we have to keep it going a lot of the season this level we're on the right track. >>reporter: loud and prowler yes
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they are the fans will not to happen all the way al.
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>>anny hong: prosecutor charged a police officer with first- degree murder that took to the streets here is footage of demonstrators blocking the roads as police tried to control the crowd. >>andrew spencer: they stood in the street chanting raising their hands in the air at the show of civil disobedience the swiss and physical you to see the pushing and shoving as the protesters the protest comes on
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the day prosecutors charge officer jason van dyke with first-degree murder in the shooting happened october of last year they release this graphic video to the public for the first time on tuesday to show 17 year-old walking and the middle-of-the-road surely after they arrived he spins and falls as gunshots his body is silence those not clear what was said he had a knife with a 3 in. blade officers say taking something away from his hand they say he shot him 16 times. >>andrew spencer: the attorney says he was acted in self- defense and fear for his life for the lives of his fellow officers. >>anny hong: in the bay area
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police released the 17 year-old who was hit and killed by a car and pacifica the suvs also known as cyanide boulevard police said the driver never saw when he was making neighbors and the area say it was a dangerous intersection the driver of the suvs stayed at the scene and cooperate with the investigation is a very dull and vacation he had been drinking or had been doing drugs. >>anny hong: they're all booked
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into the fremont jail on felony vandalism charges they're responsible for nearly 50 million gal. of water lost at the creek bed i could make pearsons video shows three men sneaking into the area and the strong the inflatable dam we first told about these arrests and push a largest after 3:00 just couldn't stay connected with some of the wrecking news by downloading the mobile applications. >>anny hong: it happened in court take a listen.
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>>anny hong: that is marquees how late he started thrashing and screaming * at the judge read the charges against them he is accused of killing two to seven you're and tommyrot malls as he was painting a mural and oakland freeway overpass this endurance police questioning he is also facing robbery and attempted robbery charges and is expected to be back in court on monday there has been yet another case a law enforcement officer whose gun has been stolen the hiker and iran was
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stolen from a car parked near fisherman's wharf back in july began use the killing of kate steinle on pier 14 was taken at a car belonging to a federal parks agent and just last week san a simplistic farm issued guns. >>anny hong: respecting our record blanca among the travelers what to expect before you had to the airport in tensions are high following are russian jet been shot down in turkey how president obama is responding to the incident that is coming up next.
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>>james: we went to see if we
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could find out how much know they got but is still falling back tear in the bay area give you a closer look at the radar perspective given us a look at conditions that are drying out we did have some showers overnight and as to see the opera stuff to the south now..
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>>james: very mild mid to upper 50s and best. >>george: we're not tracking any major delays or major construction problems the star with a look at the ride to the east bay in the westbound truck on interstate 580 we're and
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seven free for the stretch of their re minor incidents in the guadalupe parkway. >>anny hong: we report on russia and reaction is to the downing of one of its chips. >>grant lodes: got as great as the russian warplane begins to
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dance floors near the turkish border it falls to earth and the fireball russia's backing the syrian government does all rebel forces that include american and tractors backed groups as well as prices of cattle meeting with jordanian king the called the turkish government an accomplice to terrorism to police what is said was our radar track of the s u two to four fighter-bomber officials and made along look over syria before entering of thing they're or turkish territory that lasted less amenable was long enough to the turkish air forced to scramble the f-16 to intercepted the plane crash and rubble control syria the two russian pilots ejected you receive the parachutes open but listen to the reception they received off- camera some voices can be heard pleading to keep them alive with their drowned out a shout
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praising god and gunfire. >>grant lodes: he was dead before reaching the drive the russians and the helicopters to search for the moment and are to be an equally dangerous mission as they posted a video that americans supplied missiles last a lot of those helicopters one marine was killed in washington president obama says he backs the right to defend its airspace to restore prices
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released a new heavily produce propaganda video their release to the multiple languages and had been directed at the united states. >>michelle apon: >>anny hong: in said called bring in on president obama met with the french president of the white house president obama says the u.s. and france stand together to read the role of the terrorist groups was possible for the attack in paris happening now 19 people would been affected by nikolai may have gotten sick after eating chicken salad at costco store that is the word from the cdc who says the fed to was discovered in seven states five people have been hospitalized including to the developed kidney failure is this item
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number is 37719 then throw away. >>anny hong: homeless advocates are very concerned shock and confusion as a homeless woman stands days after delivering a baby a bloody injured at birth he did not want to go on camera was walking with his friend at sixth the market and 130 on monday afternoon the new one
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briefly cried at and kicked the realize the urgency and rushed to help he watched everything the fire department tells us the woman who possibly suffered from mental illness did not know she was pregnant when she gave birth
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to a little boy premature at 32 weeks we shall be done at a video to the the coalition and the homelessness the mom has been released from hospital and the baby is doing ok and considering his entrance into the world. >>anny hong: we have the latest in entertainment news the html daily wrapped this coming up next 34 in santa rosa upper
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'30's and novato in the napa 44 pleasanton and livermore.
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>>anny hong: the latest news in today's daily wrapped. >>reporter: she is made into the history book of few days after releasing her new album she sold more than 2.4 million copies already smashing the previous first resell worker and
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>>anny hong: that made history last night setting in the record to the best part to a season that now 16 and of the beat the lakers won 11 to 77 the next game friday night in a takeover sons and phoenix tipoff as sx 30 p.m.. >>anny hong: he has been charged with first-degree murder for killing the 17 year-old police say he was on a scene for less than 30 seconds before started shooting 47 million americans
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will be traveling for thanksgiving today concerning. >>will tran: you should expect a good time if you're leaving now is still early we do not see the pick up the morning commute from 630 to about 10:00 in the morning it is slow you consider security line it and see right
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behind me everything says on time each were talking about and this morning last year with all types of weather problems across the country not so much at this point but it is raining outside and that could affect the flight to this young lady she was heading to the security checkpoint will continue to get
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a reaction from travelers is to come down and the next hour i do not anticipate any problems for you. >>anny hong: here's a look at the current gas prices around the bay area not too bad oakland to 77 and in san jose is 266 where to kill look at the storm tracker 4 tracking through spotty showers this is every
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other reports across the country looks pretty good. >>james: it is just the system the game was rain and some snow to the pacific northwest this affecting the weather on the country in the to pretty good in fact as we is just in the upper left corner of the country we've seen snow or stormy weather that might impact flights but is not reporting any delays right now if you're heading down to miami not bad that the matter pretty good forecast that had once the
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weather and rising debt expired if you're heading down to los angeles. >>james: after that looks great with most sunny skies for the rest of the day today and the thanksgiving thursday should be great in the southland if you're hitting their a cynical look aware sing around the bay area for all whether if you stay local trying conditions for now with the bulk of the wet weather a look at the short-term
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forecast will leave you with this thursday morning thinks giving a 21 of the coldest day this week with temperatures dropping down to near freezing for a number of spots will talk more about that and it still coming up in the fortunes of the forecast. >>george: is been pretty slow all week long we expected it to be very much the same as if you haven't early getaway in heading up to the sierra remember to carry chains this morning you're going to need them in here on interstate 80 in the westbound direction the ride from hercules to berkeley the west bound to come in at about 16 minutes currently and is an easy ride here heading out of antioch for concord with a 15 minute trip time for the west about highway for ride.
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>>anny hong: police identified and arrested two suspects and connections of the burglaries and lost out of its kind since they're doing miles police said the seven as video shows the outside of the back door and the cafe on main street is entered and they were seen taking in the door to see here.
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creation for just a to $7 with free shipping and our hauler the section which created an all some holiday gift guide where there are dozen guides laid out a separate buy things to help define something perfect for the person loyalist. >>anny hong: decided to join in the dark side for holding up a convenience store.
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>>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>james: high upon the peak where talk about hamilton mount diablo and tam will see with the sun comes up as go to the map show you with at the weather is not as well to the south to see the system that affected the bay area the fall was not a factor
4:47 am
for us this morning as a to a live look from the embarcadero camera the comeback of the sentences will bay bridge taking a look at the high for this afternoon you will notice it is pretty mild the cold and became a backside of the storm system will be was with temperatures a warm-up to low to mid '50's and best here is east and the
4:48 am
outlook after today thursday looks good for thanksgiving will be at the very cold in the morning headed down toward milpitas in fremont and the ride on a southbound down to 237 and. >>george: this delay free at 25 minutes south of the freeway also look good the 280 ride now about 13 minutes.
4:49 am
>>anny hong: we look at some of those rules in this edition of people behaving badly >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: you can get a ticket for speeding even if not exceeding the maximum speed limit this to be the judge cut
4:50 am
me off was too close for comfort something else important to note the driver had no lights on an intimate what were visibility is less than a thousand feet to require a lot to turn on his likes or using your wipers and continues use whichever comes first the tour bus of not using lights were driving in the rand however it did have this letter on for a few miles they do not count as like to this case you might think the california highway patrol has bigger fish to fry the to pull someone for not using the have liked what they do and they will keep this in mind was a crash during a rainstorm and determine you did
4:51 am
not have delightfully on you could be held partially assault to the crash did have a to turn on the headlights even if you have automatic like this that way becomes less stressful. >>anny hong: he is in the hospital this morning after being shot last night in florida he is in critical but stable condition.
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>>: 0 very serious incident not only for the clerk sit the potentially deadly blood called a kissing bug as making a comeback and taxes their necks and faces are exposed that is where the nickname comes from start to the single byte it
4:53 am
comes out to feed at night and carries a parasite was caused the disease most people experience for like symptoms for today's about 7% to the supplier with treatment before the rest said the disease is fatal.
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>>anny hong: she is a to you're
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australian shepherd she down last three weeks ago for more a long-haul after he called all the panel's that to rest shut since. he finally got a call from new hampshire. >>anny hong: looks very happy that drove more than 19 hours and almost all from the miles to to get her back a show for credits the michael trip with her for that really can the
4:57 am
fondertransportation company blowers and successfully launched a soap for rocket all the slots i and west texas. >>anny hong: coming up at the top of the our record number of people expected to be traveling during holiday will live in sfo would you should go before you head out to the airport this more for those of you have the road jackie is live in the east bay with a drop in gas prices during the holiday season the warriors are in the record books highlights of last night's game.
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(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: we're getting you're ready for the thanksgiving holiday. >>james: if you're heading out to the a lot of folks are on the stand before thanksgiving we have snow and stormy weather to our north at this for a garden its last lead was his greatness of the rest of the country looks fantastic in terms of whether in fact if you're traveling to florida the high and miami will be about 81 degrees here as
5:01 am
california appear heading south will point now that they're still the wet weather that was over us overnight the distilled the central valley and between the soloist and have about 20 percent chance to see showers about noon and after them and looked pretty good. >>james: up in the high peaks of the sierra. >>mark: the rosa covered in snow
5:02 am
will have this year forecast coming up in about an imminent will check efficient requirements as well. >>george: 4 this year and 50 and 80 and likely will be for part of the weekend as we're having a holiday and richard you have the with few if you're ahead in that direction here is a look at the ride to the east to play with still a pretty come track even the ride out and talk to is usually on the first to get congested in the still doing well 15 minutes so was the east shore free ride 15 and is doing very well with no delays here was to bomb. >>george: metals led the drive times of san leandro and to downtown oakland is just 14 minutes. >>mark: if you're traveling away from home this thanksgiving airports and rose are expected
5:03 am
to be crowded aaa said 47 million americans will travel and the 50 mi. from home from today through southern when it comes to driving the laser 3 were cities of the west are san francisco lost angeles and seattle it could take about 40 percent longer than the normal commute. >>will tran: the tip is to get here early right on cue with a live shot just 30 minutes ago and it was empty but look right behind the security checkpoint line there are growing in yes increase security at the police officer of the total stood there were told specifically by their bosses to make sure to compare eyes and ears peeled after the paris attack this is one of the
5:04 am
busiest days of the thanksgiving travel holiday they're more police officers we've seen 23 already driving around there was no one there and you can see it is starting to stick around just a little bit of good news on like last year when we were here their travel problems all across the country not so this morning we get a chance a couple of minutes to go to speak to travelers to sit there presents problems math class of we're
5:05 am
showing you the board as we speak on time a very beautiful sight the keep the mine is a little drizzling at times outside of sfo to answer the a little bit more sensitive than other airports comes with the problems. >>mark: according to aaa the national average price of regular to all of 5¢ national and still slotted metal was priced to gas lines as 2008 build a 60% of u.s. gas stations are already selling cash from last of $2 a gallon.
5:06 am
>>anny hong: when it comes to travel and learn how this will force action on our web site and yet ready to have a town check out on our website. >>mark: they now hold the record for the best part will season going 16 in all--16-0, was a great finish here coming in at the ram and he was this will
5:07 am
surely one of 14 to floor only four points of the long and he can only not with approval from former teammate. >>mark: that would finish when 11 to 77. 111-77 >>anny hong: overnight protests in chicago are not over demonstrators to the street after the release of a video showing of police officer shooting a teenage suspects 16 times piquancy processes at blocking the freeway chanting and even giving physical and times they're protesting the killing of the 17 year-old lawn mcdonald or last year the
5:08 am
officer says that he had a knife with a 3 in. blade of the vandykes said that he feared for his life and he shot him yesterday prosecutors charged with first-degree murder. >>: investigation determinacy also was on the same celesta and 30 seconds before he started shooting. >>anny hong: more demonstrations are planned as of headed to the thanksgiving holiday today protesters are expected to gather in chicago city hall and on friday they plan to block michigan avenue bring black friday shopping. >>mark: people are facing charges accuse of vandalizing the alameda creek increasingly is of gallons of water police a
5:09 am
responsible for destroying an inflatable and wasted 50 may gallon of water back to maine official the three men seeking into the area and assuring them --dam damages estimated at $1 million. >>anny hong: we were in court yesterday and there rattigan's the man accused of killing an artist working on the miller wrote in oakland the suspect marquees how we started thrashing and screaming for family as the judge read the charges he is accused of killing the 27 year-old antonio ramos as he was painting a mural and a freeway underpass and oakland the court documents say that he admitted to the shooting during police questioning the said it was an accident he's due back in court on monday.
5:10 am
>>mark: if confirmed the weapons belonged to a federal officer with immigration and customs of force and was taken from a car and san francisco to happen september 13th this comes after several similar incidents and two of them to do the shootings the gun that was used to kill the source of the golden gate park in a hiker and fairfax from iran in october was an office of the and the was stolen from a car parked near fisherman's wharf the venues and pierre 14 shooting and july was taken from a car to belong to a federal parks agent. >>anny hong: police have identified the 17 year-old who was head and killed by car this week he was walking home from school on monday when he was had by and as you've been there was a crosswalk on state highway 35
5:11 am
also known as skyline boulevard police said the driver was making a left turn and did not see him this and this is a very dangerous intersection. the pilot on the russian warplane the the shot down in the syrian border and sent this morning will have more how he was rescued coming up getting rain in the area beginning lot of snow and is not over yet been attracting the storms as attentive as busy holiday weekend.
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>>mark: this note also and it acts as the starter urging people not tried to become more than a foot of snow small weather. >>james: most clout will be the
5:16 am
forecast to just a slight chance of snow showers mix for friday and thursday to the church looks of cold as the daytime high will be in the mid to upper 20s with the overnight lows of the gun to single-digit. >>james: that can bay area were
5:17 am
looking to sign the reader not telling us anything whatsoever it shows the rain headed to the south appeared headed to los angeles arunta some of the here is a quick look aware sang along the bay at the moment pretty good the conditions outside nasa cleared this to the embarcadero camera, >>james: on to traffic now. >>george: is to require ride around the bay we think it is a
5:18 am
full test will be experiencing tomorrow and maybe even on fire and the start with a look a was going on in the south they checked into chp they're not tracking any major incidents the ride on to and you've got about 13 minutes south of san jose out for cupertino and as we saw yesterday during the peak of the commute conditions never got the bad for south bay freeway mid peninsula traffic of school in palo alto and drive times of to berlin and comes in at under 20 minutes 411101 marin county and the southbound ride at 23 minutes from highway 37. >>mark: the news this morning a second pilot from russian warplane that was shot down and the syrian border has been rescued with capital to show you a plan as it came crashing down yesterday and runs the rescue this one of the pilot was
5:19 am
rescued a 12 hour operation and is now back of russia's air base and serial she says all along political solution with in the conflict the syrian vice is not releasing a new heavily produce propaganda video the video was released and multiple languages and one of the elected the united states. >>mark: batons to u.s. and one point saying " to bring upon it comes as president obama and french president met at the white house incident he said the u.s. and france stand together in the fight against the terrorists as possible for the attacks in paris. >>anny hong: 130 people died in the attack and the two weeks ago you could see the crowds gathered funerals held in paris over the last few days the 130
5:20 am
killed 105 were from france on friday france: national tribute to those the president is said to be there along with many of the 350 people who were also injured in the attack. >>mark: 419 people who look and sit with nikolai that benefit from eating chicken salad the people vesica solstice including california five people had been hospitalized: to have a form of kidney failure if you got to consolidate and costco store on our before last friday the throne when. >>anny hong: this one will learn indefinite and fall below one of the peers on the old span of the
5:21 am
bay bridge was a success the vaporish chief engineer said the implosion of work and did not cause any major changes to water quality or kill many fish. >>mark: the any report on hazardous toys and play safety is out to some time for holiday shopping season the trouble in toyland survey was released yesterday by u.s. public interest research group asked to look the border to the toys sold a major retailers opposite talk to college and found this year but there still swim toward the were flat as dangerous.
5:22 am
>>anny hong: will adjust to this the way for one of the big shopping days of the year experts warn you could be waiting.
5:23 am
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>>mark: we're in the bed for san francisco seneca--san jose. >>anny hong: this year you can expect even more on the checkout lines is all because of the recent credit card crib things and the senate out those no chipping and the credit cards and more security to allow the bus have those instead of stopping the car customers have to consult their cars into the machine to complete the
5:26 am
transaction. it >>james: to look will will expect to long morning will be this week peak again to 33 degrees is one to be awfully cold here for the thanksgiving
5:27 am
morning before 4 castrate him.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>james: to dead if looking for
5:30 am
cash nice and dry the couple said with for most of the day as to you quickly will become effective to was an islamic the way outside in the next half- hour cold temperatures and the northland relief brushing up against the freezing market will drop to that does it make our to son arrives here as quickly south of to look this afternoon and we pitcher the zone forecasts of a in an eastman for temperatures will maxwell and the low fifties.
5:31 am
>>george: agenda south of highway 24 down from highway 24 down to interstate 5 aiding and is there were an accident here leading south of the saw no great it is located right about there but i went in for turnoffs. >>mark: gas prices in the bay area is to give credit to at the door for.
5:32 am
>>anny hong: a fetish for your neck and alexander wilson was arrested on monday after a statewide alert was issued as investigators searched for him the bodies of his parents david wilson this said demand pushed a
5:33 am
store employee and then tried to punch another and he left the store employees in does when they heard the gunshot. >>mark: he was taken to hospital and is expected to survive. >>anny hong: the identify the man who was shot and killed while driving on interstate 80 in paulo earlier this month the sec is still a san mateo was killed he was shot last night in florida he's in critical
5:34 am
condition vestige into trouble happened he's from 7 04 and suspension for violating the nfl's substance-abuse policy. >>mark: he is expected to go through surgery to and. >>anny hong: of man was spotted parts on top of the freeway sign yesterday afternoon on the east from side by its history of the spotted him around to 13.
5:35 am
>>mark: police said the boys had done the same thing into the restaurants and several businesses and laws about what cold weather shelter law opening up a week earlier than expected in santa clara county, >>mark: smoking and in turn is
5:36 am
prohibited and cited in the multi and a resident within 40 ft. of those residences to foreign and in close to an enclosed, area of those residents but also prohibits smoking in announcing the buildings president obama will part and one lucky turkey from being eaten this sense given we brought that to you live on the morning news if the convoke online for which one will be the official national thanksgiving turkey to the other one will be the alternate just intentional double off the spare and about the rest of their traditional lives.
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>>mark: shiva to six years old and he's been hurt companion have a sense he's 26 years old and he's still going strong we
5:41 am
have cold temperatures and dry conditions for the civil future would have standing water on the road will explain why.
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>>mark: a multimillion-dollar home for so complete with a movie theater but there's a
5:44 am
catch is on the ground where you can buy this bunker and a multiple costume. man >>anny hong: hundred more than women but new study says that that may be closing researchers say women are starting to out track the man. >>mark: the reason why you might see happier airport travel to thailand will explain coming of the next hour. >>james: we're not seeing any rainfall right now looks nice and clear as to make our way from the afternoon here is a quick break down with you need to allow.
5:45 am
>>james: it is fun to be very unseasonably cool for the next handful of days be ready for a itasca still with us today and tomorrow morning ruckuses localize minor flooding as a result jules a quick glimpse of whatever it is our right now if the forecast coming up was also trapped in the travel for fans not only from the they the from the state in the country if forgive new plant to cut out of the area today state to come up in just a little bit. >>george: 90 to ensure that the
5:46 am
wanted to could season turned off look at it in the brampton as part of the backed up all for the westbound wide tracking a dry. and to stay 60 we do have some slung all southbound can down to the slow exit highway 84 as a result of this motorcycle accident this supportive and hasn't done much to the lead the trip time so far just 24 minutes will show means we've added three minutes to the trip time for yourself about ride from dublin. heading down to dublin
5:47 am
>>mark: police arrested the actor and beverly hills back in june have received reports of him driving erratically and determine the heat was driving under the influence she is bricky hard to and records. >>anny hong: so torn have million copies and a little over three days if to pass in a single week cell of no strings attached back in 2000 if 25 also became the top-selling album of 2015 of taking 1.7 million copies she will not allow the album to be of any streaming services including apple music and spot five.
5:48 am
>>mark: is star said a 30 this morning of the smallest army harbor light system on harrison street st. antony's annual turkey driver san francisco is sitting on the way in the year and a senate the curb side of four radicals to collect turkeys and of the nation in search thousands of meals to people in need on and is giving each year the organization still need about 1500 trucks. >>anny hong: the products topless the civil before the attack on the crowd and the chaos the stores of hard weekend we found some of the best deals are on line. >>gabe slate: the web site due
5:49 am
and that, has high in the 40 and sam some alleviative week for 207 $7 each to find a galaxy tablet three light for just $80 that is down from zero hundred and 40. >>gabe slate: here is an incredible laptop dill pickles live online wednesday at 9:00 p.m. microsoft is selling a 15 in. inspire on for $400.
5:50 am
schec sec >>anny hong: when it comes to black friday a special section on the web site with tips on shopping >>mark: the lettuce on
5:51 am
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>>james: 54 for san the and a 55 for castro valley in hayward 57 to lead vocalists--at an oakland a and.
5:55 am
>>mark: a special envoy for baseball legend president obama who's the former census will travel remains with the presidential medal of freedom the nation's highest civilian award president obama praised will be made for his skills on the baseball field as well as the servant of nation the president says he has excelled on america's biggest dangers (for a ban of some rights the editorial was one of 17 people. >>anny hong: how much extra time should give yourself what you're driving flying or sting local + gas prices are plunging just-in- time for thanksgiving weekend real service allows gas prices and the bay area will check in
5:56 am
with him for a live report of the top of the howard.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the holiday travel and weather coverage continues >>james: is to to live look at the national math and the great news is the weather is not too much of the deal for us. the
6:00 am
rest of the country looking for these generally 24 degrees in denver sea level 49 in the bork and colder and billings montana 19 degrees >>james: that the trouble forecast from the country around california and having to talk off
6:01 am
>>mark: action requirements are in place for both u.s. highway 50 and interstate 80 from the sierra and this comes up again to have the special non--now. >>george: long does that. >>george: the southbound brian
6:02 am
there was a motorcycle accident that block the lifland doesn't move from lane now adding five minutes to the trip time on six '80s southbound if that is the worst of it is not bad at all. >>mark: air force and rose are expected to be more crowded than last year and is 47 million americans will travel and is 50 mi. from home today after sunday when comes to driving the lane to three more cities and was the san francisco lost angeles and seattle from going to major airports like sfo difference of an extra 50 minutes when our a drive times to get their >>will tran: you might have noticed that we have back a
6:03 am
little bit further and we were before cecil many people including security the crisscrossing the area in the subway and bicycles have a police presence here is why you concerning all the people if you come here i was to give yourself a good hour and 30 minutes and increased police presence more people traveling this is to be the busiest travel day of the here with a chance to talk to some travelers this one here is what the have to say about leaving home for thanksgiving holiday. >>: we're traveling domestically
6:04 am
everything will be all cash if you must travel the good news is all like last year we saw all types of what the problems across the country it was caught behind a said this on time for now at least. >>jackie sissel: the prices are way down is one of those good news bad news stories the good news is gas prices are down the bad news is you may use a lot of cash sitting in traffic here in
6:05 am
the bay area as it tried to get out of town accord allows service san francisco ranked as one of the were cities to try to get away especially to that accorded to the survey that we looked at this is ephesus all ranked third only behind los angeles and washington d.c. residents in such a huge supply of will prices and policy for anyone who was traveling over the next couple of weeks munster and hauler this season they're happy to hear the have a chance of the one person of the to a depth.
6:06 am
>>will tran: how much you going to prevent the possible order to to plant california was to send one that is down from three of rigid year to to 30 they're drawn to than the convict have
6:07 am
colors to your phone to help you get to the destination even faster. >>mark: the got the team ready before the game against the two and a lot like his last nine the came out of this hot steph curry down a line with the finger roll you welcome scored 24 points on the night he would finish with 18. .
6:08 am
the outcome of this war was never in doubt to start to foreigners than not on the record books as the best record to open the season. >>anny hong: of the bill showed a police officer shooting a teenage suspect 16 times the sea protesters blocking the freeway chanting and even getting physical they're protesting the killing of 17 year-old on mcdonald in october of last year also jason van dyke said that he had a knife with a 3 in. blade
6:09 am
of a sovereign taxes he feared for his life and he shot him yesterday prosecutors charged to with first-degree murder. >>: investigation determined that the officer was on the same for less than 30 seconds before he started shooting the officer in this case took a young man's life and he's going to have to account for his actions. >>anny hong: their plan as it has to a festive holiday today they're expected to gather in chicago city hall on friday protest is planned on blocking michigan avenue during black friday shopping >>mark: charges was ran against a man of killing an artist or camaro and oakland the suspect marquees tall with started thrashing in skimming profanity
6:10 am
as he read the charges against an incident is accused of killing 27 you're and toenail * painted a mural on the freeway and the path and oakland this said he admitted to the shooting during police questioning the said was an accident a weapon to belong to a federal officer with immigration and customs enforcement was taken from his car in san francisco >>mark: just as to the san jose will still from the car belonged to could that the cadet along
6:11 am
with the department of the gonna still missing. >>anny hong: accused of that lies in the alameda creek in wasting millions of gallons what dylan jeffrey track out cory to water them linked with enough to provide 500 homes with all for a least a year damages estimated at $1 million. we will grant that >>mark:we will be back.
6:12 am
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6:15 am
>>james: that affect the western slopes not so much of what the results before the wave their has to give up higher and higher
6:16 am
elevation you're ride to the snowfall this morning will expire at noon time and still possibility temperatures on both thursday and friday both highs will be in the mid to upper 20s this to you quickly that it lacked the radar right now storm track lights would call across no rain is all to the soft. >>james: 11 from 33 to 32 in the and just as rapid commercial
6:17 am
break was a 31 now just a couple minutes later we're down to 30 degrees temperatures are falling we should of been a low 60s and on average here today will be in the mid fifties maybe even of the '50s and best. >>george: not much of that is always good news for the drive from the there but there isn't much going on there also on the minute view of their this one took a look of the bay bridge
6:18 am
from amazed and from the nimitz freeway we continue to track a lot of traffic for interstate 680 heading south the so great was the smallest type of accident is all of the traffic lanes now it ended the court or commit look at this only 28 minutes which means we only added three minutes to the not commit to an from the southbound ride on high with it any lead from san leandro and to men is. >>mark: 10 tied a small russian war planes have shot down the syrian border has been rescued
6:19 am
you consider the bill as it came crashing down after it shot down but turkish fighters the of the pilot was killed when the jet was shot down to was released and multiple language is one of the rectum and estates narrative in which to voice his american accent and tossed the united states this comes as president obama and french president met at the white house promises the u.s. and france than to get a fight against a terrorist response will for the attacks appears. >>anny hong: that's too short
6:20 am
about 400 turkeys for the final day of distribution and not prophesied handle 4200 food boxes on monday morning roughly a thousand full boxes are expected to talk to that. >>mark: 93 but the second with a call live in many more may be infected after eating to consult the from sofa costco
6:21 am
>>mark: is tied until content of the remaining 21 appears the same way they used above occurred to try to walk like to prevent the debris from spreading water quality was measured after the blast and was better than expected. >>anny hong: they are removing advertising from subway for the series a man and high castle will be taken down to place about nazi imagery it depicts an alternate reality in which germany and japan one were to the ad showed refashion u.s. flags and incorporate not to german imperial eagle and japan's rising sun the writer is a plan of social media that it was offensive to people of low silver killed during these
6:22 am
events. >>mark: >>darya: some toxic chemicals someone to lot of the for talking haven't. >>mark: montoya was tested had led the was never higher than in the midst of the more for what action figure hear some of the torn of on this list is to find
6:23 am
a complete list of toys on the web site >>anny hong: they're getting better at handling bags the lost luggage rate has dropped by more than half the bureau test this said this cents on thousand at 3.3 don't make it to the final destination december and january tend to be the worst months for lost luggage the twin increase in passengers and went with the players. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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♪ this thursday, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open thursday 6 pm at target. >>mark: the festively decorated bring in the opening bell on wall street on this than no time to launch futures is holding high the big story of the year has been the nasdaq which is up
6:30 am
7%. >>james: to gorgeous image very difficult to solve this time yes and to that will never call for his operas started off at will into tickled to depart for past the in with and talk our we're looking of the '30's to mid '40's generally will give them closer to the and small will be cool " and should be
6:31 am
determined the year for normalcy low 60s and today we're going to be in the mid fifties. >>george: carr led the drive time is just tough 13 minutes and that is even from the macarthur maze there was no so long beyond what you see in the camera view of the east sure from where the nimitz freeway to this for five in the all approach to the bridge to correct.
6:32 am
>>mark: place in 4 7 million americans will be traveling and leaks 50 mi. from home from today to sunday >>will tran: people are giving themselves plenty of time if you're like me in your show and as a fortified you could be in trouble long lines of the ticket counter long lines on to the security checkpoint now there's
6:33 am
so many police officers, along this area to insure that the travelers are sent this morning >>will tran: i trust what they're doing and if they're doing a good job the to see the ticket, will to spend a camera before he leaves it to see there
6:34 am
was a police officer is there was no wrong and are approaching and one of and not doing anything in and have to worry but installer figures never seen quite like this with the offices of the control they've watched along or ride their bicycles or before just to make sure there is the presence to eat in the possible here. >>mark: a man accused of stabbing his parents to death will be arraigned this afternoon and sonoma county superior court the can for your was what was arrested monday morning after a statewide alert was issued as investigators searched for him the bodies of
6:35 am
its parent or found inside the home and sebastopol the tech to save that he saw him on the property of bloodstains on his body, >>mark: being held cabell into account gm, >>darya: he was shot last and try to figure will happen he is, is turning for them to spend for violating the substance appears powerless in. >> >>anny hong: and an enclosed for tenneco's common areas of the residence or business also prohibits smoking in and around city buildings
6:36 am
parks and other enclosed public space >>mark: new demands on the personal approval for a recent afternoon this on the east, if interstate 80 to spot him around 1230 and really roster to sing-- scene. >>mark: they eventually were able to pull his pants back on and talked him down happening today, president obama will part and one lucky turkey from being eaten it is an annual tradition to spend track before the 10th
6:37 am
inning and there to contest this year one's names honest and the others named eight..abe >>anny hong: of despair and the rest of allied and from this thanksgiving if it to the full like cooking with a list of restaurants that will be opened to more or typically drink more the women but use cases that may be close in our research is the women are starting to drink more than men.
6:38 am
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6:41 am
>>mark: opening at 6:00 as macy's with the earliest hauler they start ever and hats off to las for the last thing closed for employees can enjoy the holidays with their family this year you can expect even longer to cut lines is all because of the recent credit card upgrade to been to the synod of the blue-chip and a booklet cards
6:42 am
will have more on the forecast after the break.
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>>mark: will look and what is hurting the jewelry retailer the gulf to nixdorf a great start another in the it team is working on a very different record one the have some the first major snowstorm of the season is creating a huge mess we have the organ on the left and you can see cars buried in snow on the right we have amassed the >>anny hong: at them to broaden its feet of snow on the road near anchorage yesterday on the left the snowstorm caused a lot
6:46 am
crashers the central oregon. >>james: is going to be whole lot of fresh part of their wintering--waiting for you to quickly the we're seeing red hot as a result men close to will take a look out the worst the embarcadero past has shown us will unless conditions no
6:47 am
rainfall is to concede the live radar page and here is a sharp york looking horizon the skies clear enough of the have the nice ones will from the sun to picks up over the east bay hills. . >>james: >>g because stanley of the 40's for some parts like live more could be looking for the nine as a high today the cold weather this coming with the system fixed and out of turn to the thanksgiving morning is one to be dry most summit during the afternoon as also want you very cold
6:48 am
>>george: the best of the week so far has a live look from the webers toll plaza 13 minutes to drive times that is essentially no backup and all and it really is to slow this down the center line for a fast track to be considered metering lights turned off before this broadcast is over there was a minor delay on the nimitz freeway north bound with an accident on the shoulder northbound 101 broadway on to commit they would backed up the of the coliseum all 20 minutes of san leandro into or the drive time holding
6:49 am
their 25 minutes from dublin down to fremont. >>mark: the rules are what this morning after they bring just the end of my cross a line as well to respond to high number of accidents to sell 100 percent preventable. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: when it rains is important to slow down and yes you can get a ticket for speeding even for not exceeding the maximum speed limit law allow states to 80 is interested were driving between 55 and 60 because of low visibility and the circus of highway if you want to see drivers passing the of the dangerous speeds. >>stanley roberts: the descant
6:50 am
and a wide angle lens is hard to judge distance and the video with as to the backed up mail was too close for comfort to to the support of the driver had no lights on and a climate will visibility is less than thousand feet required by law to turn my headlights or using a walker and continues use whichever comes first 64 hours on and arabica like a said it could be your own you might see the california fire patrol the to pull over someone for not using their headlights what they do and it will keep this in mind to a crash during rainstorm and is the time the to did not have delightfully on your could be held partly at fault for the crash.
6:51 am
>>anny hong: as medical officials concerned because women are at greater risk of developing illnesses like alcohol and man
6:52 am
>>mark: also to they sank into its annual turkey drive in san francisco is on the way every year they stand kerbside them bright red close a cut turkey's another the place to send into the surf thousand meals to people on the thanksgiving in tears as yes today the organization said the need about 5000 turkeys it could build a wall by dropping it off at 121 golden gate avenue. >>anny hong: and is equipped with the current temperatures this cold out there santa rosa below freezing at 31 degrees 35 and now 34 fairfield and of the '30's as well from hayward and pleasanton and livermore does want to get even colder tomorrow morning for thanksgiving.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: that tyson for his skills on the baseball field as well as to service this country the president said that he had excelled one of america's biggest ages helping carry for the banner of to write.
6:57 am
>>anny hong: he is 26 years old now and still, strong on the sec has to the clip of about 15 years but he has the gene to but was adopted by the same family and he was lifted to you might think he was certified but it is park records as the oldest cat in the world. >>mark: 20 even called from one we're watching the stalinist era.
6:58 am
6:59 am
imagine a world where the only thing you had to wrestle for on thanksgiving was the last piece of pumpkin pie. and the only place we camped out was in front of a fire and not the parking lot of a store. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: the income and whether we're picking up a course in and knocked the scorn of the country and skivvy the broad overview of travel round u.s. a lot of folks had and i'll stick to the family and friends for thanksgiving if you're headed down to florida at 81 degrees the expected high miami


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