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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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two dangerous police but baseball bats freeze watches and affect only my gets more and. "i heard the shooting and the" >> catherine: of violent standoff turned deadly in colorado springs to, you people have been killed in the shooting and a planned parenthood clinic victims who died a six year veteran of the place apart and 44 year-old garrett and two civilians suspected gunman is now in custody brian has more on the
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shooting. >> reporter: elfs entered the planned parenthood and engage place of gunfire in during officers on the scene standoff playoff for more than five hours of the surrounding area upon lockdown the police in of a suspect's name and had difficulty making contact with them concern he brought an explosive device. "able to give him to surrender. a man fit >> reporter: than seen in handcuffs not sure if it was a suspect. "individual brought the
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individual with him and we have to work with dod and its explicit ordinates units. i suspect kron 4 items and that is something left in the form of the building. >> catherine: absolutely clear if the gunman had been specifically targeting the clinic. >> catherine: connected on the latest breaking news downloading our mobile application and is free for apple enjoyed users please have not identify the man found dead near independence high school and san jose a cable talk to neighbors about the suspicious death. the past >> reporter: nearby who happen to be walking down the street when i saw the body
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homicide detectives the hollow circle looking for evidence all afternoon it will reveal much about the body and the shallow creek bed. off-camera whenever in this red tape broken into last night everything still in next door police check out the neighbors security camera footage but didn't see anything of note and police did say they interviewed at least one extensively to protect the investigation officers for not saying how man died the other pes to be an isolated incident and neighbors i talked to are not aware of anyone living in the creek bed of
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police do consider this to death suspicious the tall man it they do not see any reason neighbors should be especially concerned for their own safety tonight, effies and contra costa county searching for he suspects and falls and in northridge and homicide lamont patterson far more armed and dangerous suspect in the murder who was found injured and a home last night later pronounced dead at the scene and anyone with information being asked to contact the contra costa kain shares office some people swapping a holiday gift to get theirs for deal hunting video from a fight and things got
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pretty crowded atlanta wal-mart lisa maria shows people scrambling to set up a deal over the chaos the shouting things like all my gosh and let's get out of here, >> catherine: dollar shopping spot out in livermore opened last night. six of of cannot from the store's only problem about 10,000 shoppers 3500 parking spots caused what chaos in the parking lot. and look at whether check in with diane it will be called again tonight in fact widespread freeze warnings in effect tracking all this tell us about that and some rain coming in the foreseeable future.
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the left of the jurors and below average feeling with temperatures right now closest to the upper 20s 2829 degrees even for inland guy locations slowly getting their 44 for concord 41 for pleasanton 42 of the north face and rosa 46 degrees in fremont 49 degrees for san francisco but to expect a look ahead for years the evening 9:00 p.m. mostly clear skies 40 for the coast fares 49 for the valley 7:00 a.m. another cold morning and dropping temperatures down 38 for the base said cities and 33 from and by locations by noontimes these guys even temperature still in the low fifties there even fellow 44 frustrated by the defect 11:00 p.m. i am tomorrow morning dealing with places like oakland hayward fremont 7 tel like pink areas of the frost
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advisory's dark and various fees of batteries been indications because of be in the upper '70's. >> diane: a radar image that showing more and forecast for now. we have the whole pressure system pushing to the area here. and this gives us judge of the jurors obfuscate barolos 5:00 a.m. 32 ndf 30 livermore 27111029 cerros the center fell again recalled so bundle of the next couple days and the effect is to continue in than similar today as high as 52 and in the allocations 54% francisco next few days from a much clearer skies monday that chance of rain in the seventh forecast me of next.
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>> catherine: felipe in walnut creek really bundling up by their? >> reporter: it is cold survey has been called all day when to a christmas tree lot even went to the ice rink temperatures tonight at 40 degrees but as far. >> reporter: is cold and after some quality family time with her husband and daughter having just moved to what creek greta thinking about the next step the kids don't seem to mind the cold the secret is to keep
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moving the office jogger who still got a workout doctors and the friend exercising as well cross the street at tovey's street trees and not the family still bundled up the search for the perfect christmas tree while the creek also busy apparently blessed. this still fun sofa kid
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stuff that they and their glory and the freeze warning is in effect for 11 tonight tell 9:00 in the morning there advises stay indoors and avoid going out side of pecan. trier of says furniture store the east they would lead of field these plans also more than two dozen dangerous weapons and training places and a local city only on kron 4 check of the young grow recovering with life-threatening
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>> catherine: discolor and seven systems but the cold temperatures people out there a lot of families are on grant was this year's then joins us with more led the baby had was taken home was the kind of cold? it's cold and bedtime avocet still party here at your desk where it is snowing here
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monophagous yet on my head there and get a shot of it there the snows falling from the sky a mature according to the multiplication above freezing magic of the holiday season's still coming down they go get the treat that they're here a video from a little while ago 08 did the tree lighting the with that you're proud host of the event here tonight as fortunate to be onstage they're helping with the countdown. joy and who was cut extraordinary planter and a champion for people with mental issues in the city also
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on stage of the discounted down people back here tonight to let the tree we did that after 530 and a special night this is the 51st year that we've been gathering for the tree lighting ceremony we hear a band playing let the lead singer would you believe she's 16 years old. from san francisco real up incomer. another big >> grant: here tonight people still milling around sentelle was handing out chocolate appropriately enough here at the square federal family of that and still is kids hear what if hot chocolate is falling because it's not warm here people the phils like christmas the lili season when a lot of fun here tonight and happy to be apart if. sepia
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treat all about now and give it the holidays. nice >> catherine: see all the families out there the snow coming down beautiful scene. and we have the cover when it comes to the holidays and shopping a special. section on our website and travel tips checkout kron4news-dot-com cannot"pat the 22 every night able to deal with the family/m b free search out his legs. >> catherine: only on for has been for months to the day if a little boy named jordan had a kidney transplant at ucsf children hospital after a lot of people came forward offering their kidneys that story of a lot of people j r is following
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the story with jordan the for the surgery and then again today. >> j.r.: a blessing: 4 col lock my hard drive/jordan like this night and day for his condition at the children's hospital for earlier this year. jordan is kicked back and relaxing the this video understandably to his head to going in and out of him doctors performed a kidney transplant today he is the walker jordan used to before surgery today no need for walker will guy can get by himself now walks things enjoys new phrases
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like high j r l learned of that review progress jordan wants to be involved and has come a long way since his kidney transplant still as a long way to go a scar on his stomach from the transplant and still has the be fed through to the but he is making progress. this
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possibility jordan could start school with the next couple weeks the families here is still making money through the organ transplant association the help of a story so far some good for little toward next step will be learning how each food. >> catherine: large fire last night that in the way challenge drive the whereabouts parts of star fire walls inside a cavernous spreading to several parts the building as you can see it's still burned the fire brought under control but it o'clock cruise investigating the cause could be tied to a power outage earlier in the day. as winter another good night for staying inside staying warm guy
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and is here with details of frosty forecast. will be freezing to have the jurors with the frost advisory in effect to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and take a look at the live camera showing of the golden gate bridge clear skies for the rest of the night this because the clause in place the minister did not love their closet as temperatures dealing with 46¢ dec 4. the livermore 48 for hayward 46 for san jose center cisco 49 degrees than what to expect for the rest of the night and said allied radar image showing there is no rain in the forecast just yet most of the cold front pushing out east causing light rain showers and snow showers that like tahoe and down in seven california for us right now the pressure system moving its way into our region and the cold air mass also in place a system for aeschylus'
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down the freezing temperatures which is why the national weather service issued frost for its advisory. 2711109 fremont down to 32 degrees of an east bay shoreline cities richmond 33 vallejo northgate upper 20s so will be cold yet again and dealing with that the next couple days are so you wanted to change if telmex stake as a chance of rain and are forecast. afternoon highs from much similar to today's highs averaging low fifties for the valley the fifties for the bay and san francisco peninsula locations 74 cast for you clear skies next couple of days monday partly cloudy skies tuesday partly sunny mostly chance of showers there wednesday thursday unconditioned sofa that store and place wednesday thursday friday that will give us a rainshowers in the temperature will back the be back the seasonal average. >> catherine: eyes of your
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>> catherine: kid family shows right now in the bay area. peter pan christmas carol the velveteen your brain not center theater in san francisco and met up with a family who usually gets tickets to the show.
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showed what about if they have will price with section. i got four tickets to the show the day after the and giving the contract by shows that are coming. those very great and easy use said the time from looking around for tickets. >> gabe: to time and money. as musicals on and off broadway
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only offers to its extremely discounted on last that tickets available bay of work with the shows with a weaker to some great kids and the show right now say it's currently helpful chosen fate. at new york + angeles and london other cities. profanity out first that made people behaving badly history of stanley roberts most and tense and hunters and next near-
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record gold prices are said
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>> catherine: to the lowest price 1500 l dollars an ounce reminder just how rota favor gold has become since its all- time high of nearly $1,900 in 2011 europe with the middle of the debt crisis u.s. credit rating was downgraded this week marks the sixth straight week will prices have lost a valuable head at a clock dangerous and deadly strange weapons ban on the local city. never have understood night vision not give them any of giving skimming leftovers next. the major crackdown on good this season. if you buy these fixing could be supporting very shady
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>> catherine: u.s. for shoppers from home less security of all places kron 4 elbow has
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forewarning from fake merchandise. >> reporter: items on this table are fake water for merchandise for received by department of homeless security at the free- market knockoff hats and shoes designer bags jewelry are cheap as well less than half what it set the pace and you get what you pay for heat counterfeit clothing may not need me flappable resistance standards other backs should smell like leather not plastic like these and real lawyers hat does not have a decision like this one does some items fairly accurate not others not so much take this
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for example of chuck taylor model looks good right but the 49 years to not have a shoe like this $1.2 billion worth of these goods sees this year as a fraction was being sold by this stuff that hurts the various brands involved of may have unforeseen consequences major crackdown on counterfeiters is being planned in the run of for the coming super bowl in san clara shoppers are encouraged remember when the deal seems too good to be true it probably is has residents feeling threatened to flood the girl described what she saw the kron
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4 has the committee and. >> reporter: philip dangerous to look really dangerous dangerous and deadly the tustin francisco police described in altered baseball bat similar to the one you see here recently found on mission near austria investigators say it's one of 27 modified that recently found tough parking meters throughout the city. the so career agrees. >> reporter: 49 year-old jasmine garcia saw one of these deadly
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baseball bats while out on a walk with her dad after these giving dinner gaf. s.f. pd investigators don't know who's doing this however altering a baseball bat with spikes making and a deadly weapon is a felony under california law. >> reporter: see a good amount dogs, and particularly if with from eastman food. wretch that foods like turkeys skinning crazy can cause serious about militias for animals might seem
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like a good idea could funds are very dangerous. >> reporter: stuffing is hazardous contains onions toxic the cats and dogs. the vet should also avoid candy for humans. even though the share what you're having resist temptation only give them a pat approve treat. >> catherine: mist around the corner tonight the annual christmas tree lighting acura delhi swear are all in a grant i
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square >> catherine: grant was here and tell us about the events. >> grant: the day after the links giving black friday all the shops here and take a look at that beauty 60 ft. all it off meant guy down after five very we also had bought she was really a thrill to be with thousands of people packing beer dollars squares still on the sale hundred and 83 are left people bring kids and has been snow it stopped the couple sell machines the lead singer of
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first and played a second band been doing this for four years now. "we love it because of their families if your friends the sultry gulf delegate the singsongs 11th on for years at honor its awesome. explain >> grant: to rebirth it shops here on the way you sit in middle stems and guitar and yet
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attended during the day. but it's really changed much as he hears their president? it really really is >> grant: up to a property manager all always headed the that what you call this? the low necklaces festive cheer to come together like this as a committee to have sackcloth,. about chocolate to little kids might get them what they want a beautiful thing things. for being here will send it back to you we are all holiday see.
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isn't that right now ready to go >> catherine: the turkey really big one we will have a debate a debt native behind the holiday prank little dog with a week to lead poppy named stumbles' getting help
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>> grant: >> catherine: week
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year-old poppy or about his legs. melvin's to ohio university scientists like that he as little makeshift legs and he is now scooting around the new set of wheels video party has 32 million be used. >> diane: and temperatures in the overnight hours live can show in golden gate bridge fears guys but it will be a cold one yet again slowly getting to our overnight hours close it should say nine p mostly clear skies and a cold morning job in the mid '30's all across the map. for the faith 33 from invocations by noontime mostly sunny skies even by noontime
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daytime highs only approaching the '50s not even the closest 52 pleasanton 52 livermore 87 of land from like 54 degrees f. the cisco also 54 for tomorrow daytime highs 70 forecast for you clear skies the next couple days tuesday partly sunny skies rainshowers come wednesday thursday of next. >> catherine: one of his most famous and counters meets up with a motorcyclist caught the hitting badly in sports forty- niners will be without a player for four straight game and the lawyers and the record tonight in phoenix-all the sports coming up next.
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golden gate bridge on ramp just stopping right in the way of traffic one motorcycle is not happy to the stanley. >> reporter: never stop the golden gate bridge is not something one would expect to see. but if you hang out at the golden gate bridge toll plaza 7 cisco of the things might not expect the see motorcyclist this thing in his exit in going the wrong way to attract test fly my filming him not require additional id a diffuse the situation and i did. he walks
8:47 pm
away. is that he's not finished with away. for every action there is a reaction. the motorcyclist being watched by the camera in this building will the gate bridge patrol cop with them and turn of the patrol watching the video driver issue the ticket for coming down on the on ramp of
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your party writing be a good idea of all the rules of the road but wait party getting dirty setup to the matter? this thing happen to come and gone away only be a brief mention of this people behaving badly section instead cast of home >> reporter: begin with the highest in its portrait now undefeated start at the beginning of the lawyers six you know seven more records to let lawyers and at the phoenix from the outset first curry driving click thompson for the three.
8:49 pm
4.7 seconds on the half to cut scurry next column states 153. setting a new league record third go 7 for 9 now has 41 and now score 12610 for the fourth expanded highlights later on college that will california's golden bears holiday weekend undefeated 14 ranking. today's managed to nosedive by the top 45 gal. brown face and richmond first half given brown makes the top offenders watched this hammers down 27 on the ninth carry-on it's a triple the 34 seconds left he. game cal wanted it to be any shooting ruled on
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the ground spier's ito 3 final 90 and cut jobs to straight at gun for no for stanford the cardinal facing arkansas. in the second half stanford down 10 crosscut alan miller 3 allen finished with a career high of 25 8.9 seconds left cut; ls on one marcus allen goes gold and gold. it's ruled for goaltending on this caramels razorback after arkansas. pair of free throws to put the cart was up three hits for the tide for the razorbacks win that the closing seconds stanford scored 21 in the files 226966 in the final bill if 33 on the 49ers' if it pulls off against arizona. running back
8:51 pm
will miss his fourth straight game as there still recovering a from a stress fracture in his foot. that game also for 5 sunday afternoon another episode of sports night live bit roberts
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writes some nfl also talks moyers introducing for a pair of standouts among the top cruising the country sunday 94 internet life of a dozen this year has will also pictures you just alicea self on s&l finely a. overnighter to mauro ohio state michigan game john mckissick released a revolution residents to avoid wearing pleated khakis the signature of the wolverines had coached jim harbaugh revolution first one filed 13 years ago devising residence to avoid using these on game day still following that in red tape over any letter m from practice facilities can this be one of
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half 3 face-off tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.. >> catherine: having little turkey day fund the famous debate. natives and a prank coming up next cushion a first
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shock to see a big turkey jumping out of a pile leaves and then figure out there was just there-to listen carefully and here the life laughing as she records we have another night of
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temperatures in the upper 20s overnight hours low '30's and the year highs in the valley reaching sunday clear skies as well monday. tuesday partly sunny skies and a lot of people asking when the rain comes around wednesday thursday best bet and the chance for some rainshowers their. temperatures back the seasonal average stay connected hope. see tonight at 11.
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