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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 28, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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residents are still without water. to make a live report from the latest planned parenthood shootings that left three people dead. breaking news tonight out of the south bay murder suspect is on the loose in san mateo. police believe the man stabbed his girlfriend to death. happiness afternoon near 15th ave. good evening i am jr stone. k joins us live from the seed -from the seed tonight. with the latest. >>reporter: despite a very positive lead. police say this is an active search an update from an officer that said he hopes to eventually have good news. police are coming san mateo county looking for this man.
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police first got the call at man by the time they got to this home a 34-year-old woman was dying of stab wounds. she died in police began. the manhunt for 22-year-old boyfriend. 30 minutes later his car was spotted in a car garage on industrial avenue and sam carlos , 3 miles away from the crime scene. deputies searched the area evacuated nearby urgent care center. officers thought the suspect was hiding in the building but the boyfriend was nowhere around. by 515. this evening. the building was clear and deputies widened their search. police say this is most likely an example of domestic violence turned deadly. >> this area is not generally known for this type of homicide
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such as this. >>reporter: again this evening. police have widened their search. they are using all available resources, including the media tried to get this man's picture out an officer said he hopes to have good news tonight. reporting live in san mateo kron4 is. 40 homes and lafayette hills without water tonight after a water main break last night sent water rushing down the station road at this point. this ordeal has lasted 30 hours. tonight kron4 is live near the ruptured five in the process of being repaired. what can you tell us the leap? >>reporter: people are doing their best to make do. it has been very cold and freezing and they frigid temperatures may have led to the busted pipe. >>reporter: this is the scene
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from karl groves front and side yard friday. hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water gushing through the fence. a 66 rolled cast iron pipe burst. >> i heard rumbling just like that of a movie. >>reporter: this is what caused the mess. a splintered 15 foot section of damaged pipe possibly busted open by cold weather. >> luckily the break is far enough away from the house if it was another hundred feet up. it would have flooded this entire house. >>reporter: the broken main before 5 pm friday afternoon and since then. crews have been working nonstop to replace the damaged section with typing, strong plastic that will serve as a permanent replacement.
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>>reporter: aren't you glad you are out of water for a while è >>reporter: giuseppe lives in front and above the damage. how are you making do? >> my mom had to get some water and you know, kind of living like the amish trying to make do. >>reporter: down the road. there may have to be financial restitution for the harm done to his yard. >> luckily we have relatives close by. we just came back from taking showers and feeding the kids. >>reporter: east bay mud says they hope to have the water fully restored by midnight but it will be a few days before the road is completely repaired. just shake your head, looking at the water. san francisco police are asking for your help to get to the
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bottom of the spiked baseball bats chained to polls around the city. reports first came in on thanksgiving of metal baseball bats on polls and parking meters . police say 27 bats with spikes have been found so far. the latest was yesterday in the fisherman's wharf area. the bats are prohibited or a deadly weapon because of the spikes which is a felony. according to police. teams were dispatch this morning to rescue a stranded dolphin a monterey county. the dolphin was first spotted yesterday on the elk born so wild horde emergency services says the dolphin became beached yesterday the animals condition was evaluated in today. officials got approval to remove the dolphin. the calf was transported to the marine mammal center. strike a chilly day in the bay area a frost advisory in effect tonight.
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brian is tracking the forecast. brian i was bundled up for much of the afternoon. i don't know why we had a barbecue today that we had one. it was cold. >>the barbecue. hopefully provided some heat but we don't have much heat for tonight. it is getting cold. even colder than what we had last night. it's pretty chilly and temperatures at this hour have dropped into the mid to upper 30s. right now fairfield at 37 and upper 30s for santa rosa and can look for temperatures to plummet. it could be 3 to 50 cooler and some spots over what we had last night. we had three ingredients coming together. a cold air mass coming down from the northern rockies montana and the canadian fairies also clear skies in place for tonight. without in the cloud cover all of the heat we get during the day escapes into the atmosphere and light winds also around the
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bay area, go out with cold temperatures sinking right to the ground. frost advisory's by the bay and coast freeze warnings for the north bay east. south bay and means temperatures will get below freezing frost advisory's numbers around freezing and i would say with those will be tonight coming up. yesterday was black friday today small business saturday. small business owners want you to buy small and local. avery harper was in pleasanton with shoppers. >>reporter: it is a far drive from deep this counts on black friday. small business saturday is about the little guy. small businesses the need for downtown pleasanton. i think it is great
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that local communities come out to support local business owners. >> up and down main street stores are slashing prices and giving away free products. pleasanton's downtown association said for every $100 spent that's $46 that stays right here this community. >> shoppers agree. struck you want to make sure the places you go to will continue to be there. it's important for me to support the people in my local area. spirit supporting local businesses is good for the economy and there's a lot of encouragement that goes to small business owners who are trying to create a start. >> business owners are giving deep discounts hoping will spend your dollar with them. out of the north. they officers are searching for
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a mast man who allegedly entered a home and demanded money at gunpoint. police responded near shady lane around 5:30 am. the suspect is described as a man in his 20s, it was seen wearing khaki pants and placated sweatshirt and a ski mask. the suspect fled with an unknown amount of cash. no one was injured during the robbery. stomachache woman was found dead inside a burning car in oakland last night. her name has not been released. the police say her death is being investigated as a homicide. firefighters extinguished the fire in the woman was pronounced dead inside the car so far. the motive is unclear and no arrests have been made. this is oakland's 88 homicide. a holiday tree lot is certainly celebrating its 49th anniversary. the boy scouts lot in piedmont open to today. you can find
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noble firs, douglas firs and silver tipped trees as well as priests and ornaments and the lot is open from 4 pm to 7 pm during the week and on the weekends from 9 am to 6 pm. it will be open until december 23. the profits benefit boy scout activities throughout the year. friends and family continue to mourn the death of those killed in yesterday's planned parenthood shootings. tonight we learned about the veteran police officer killed in the rampage. plus world leaders preparing for an upcoming meeting on global climate change and how they plan on combating the issue more than a dozen dead following a winter storm in the midwest. we show you the damage ahead.
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we continue to follow the details of colorado after a
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gunman killed three people at a planned parenthood clinic. investigators are not saying what the motive might have been but the shooting is bringing the community together. the channel a national correspondent, mark meredith is live in colorado springs with the latest. what can you tell us? >>reporter: you can imagine there's a lot of heartbreak happening right now and unanswered questions. police are not letting anyone close to the clinic because the investigation has a long way to go through the suspect is under arrest. the held without bond and there is late were coming in tonight. this could be connected to abortion. they did videos, fetal tissue videos that have come out. it is unconfirmed. it is something investigators are learning about the we will learn about the stepped in to help. little police are saying about
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robert lewis dear accused of killing three people, including a police officer at this planned parenthood clinic in colorado. >> is officer that came running over and said get back inside. >>this weekend, nick lewinsky and others, including the town's mayor are paying their respect to those killed among them police officer garett swasey killed while to bind to rescue others. spent this was not his jurisdiction. he did not have to respond. he did in he lost his life. the process. format police are not going to release many details until monday but police say they are not-people that knew the suspect not entirely surprised. >>just find other people who were hurt in the attack are expected to make a full recovery
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. but the attention remains on what if anything could have been done to stop the brutal assault. >>reporter: colorado's governor require the flags be at half staff. when will this area get back to normal? that will take a lot of time. colorado is no stranger to heartbreak. we will learn more about the specifics of the case on monday but we believe the accused gunman will have its first day court. reporting live from colorado springs, mark meredith kron4 news. >> we hope for the best. to make 14 people are dead following winter storm system in the midwest. this is the scene in oklahoma storms have been moving through the planes in the midwest and thursday eight people have died and six in kansas. a woman was swept away in flash flooding in fort worth remained missing. temperatures expected to be above freezing. heavy rains and
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flooding hitting hard in north texas and one town specifically keeping rescuers busy this week with our partnership. gabriel rojas reports. format neighbors living along county road 317 have come to expect some level of flooding, but not like this. >> the bridge was overflowed but there wasn't this much water. tonight firefighters responded to multiple swiftwater rescue through this man and his dog got caught up in floodwaters. he got caught up in a tree. he was not sure of his location but they had to use things off of his father. after a lengthy rescue process. the dog show his appreciation to rescuers. >>we have never seen it flood
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like that. >>reporter: firefighters had to rescue a woman from this car after that call first responders headed to a soccer complex parking lot west of 75 when they got a call if a man trapped in his vehicle but when firefighters arrived. the man was gone through the side of submerged vehicles with repeat calls. when a man called about this car dispatchers told him they cleared up. something he was grateful to learn. >> my truck would not have made it out there. >> whatever it takes. we started that with temperatures in the 20s and 30s and the coolest valleys this morning before this afternoon. we made it to the mid to upper 50s. lots of sunshine but it's not healthy to warm things up at all because we have an air mass from canada right now over
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the bay area paid clear and crisp out there for this evening with light winds that will help keep things cool for tonight. we have a freezing start on tap for tomorrow morning. very similar to what we had this morning some places could be cooler. on monday we begin to see some changes the windsor going to change winds coming out of the pacific and with it the weather system could bring some showers on monday and daybreak on tuesday the more storm systems on the way for wednesday and thursday we are going to watch them because they could bring rain with warmer temperatures. we are not having warmer tonight. look for the mid to upper 20s. 20s in the east bay san jose in the south bay at or below freezing. mid 30s by the bay san francisco locations along the coast only place it will stay above 400 and for tomorrow afternoon. another day with mid to upper 50s and 60 in the warmest spots. lots of sunshine. it's going to be a nice day
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with bright blue skies and good visibility. superior with clear skies is a weather system over the rockies that is drawing down the cooler that will not last too much longer. by monday the system arrives in with it. the clouds increase and we will get some slowly warmer readings. here is future cast going into monday morning notice high clouds is starting to overspread the area and a chance for a couple of spotty showers as a go through the day. a slight chance of editing. we do see will be very small and isolated. we will talk about the system us more systems coming up in the week later on. jr? so my friends and family gathered to remember take up a sunken cargo ship. we take you to today's ceremony. coming up now that the rain has arrived you know that wet stuff for drivers panic when it falls on the ground?
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let's brush up on driving in the rain. more information in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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usually when a highway gets wet fire crews and that responding to crashes. many are 100% avoidable if drivers were followed a few rules. stanley roberts looks at some of those rules in this edition of people behaving badly. >>reporter: when it rains it is important to slow down but you can get a ticket for speeding. even if you're not exceeding the maximum speed limit driving on to 80 and the rain is interesting. i am driving between 55 and 60 because of low visibility and the slickness of the highway. they watch the driver's pass me at dangerous speeds as you can see it's not drive.
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speed is one of the leading causes of rain related crashes. often following too closely for conditions and not leaving enough stopping distance. it's also a major cause for crashes. i'm using it√£camera with a wide angle lens. this suv cut me off. it was too close for comfort. something else. the driver had no lights on. when visibility is less than 1000 feet, you are required to turn your headlights or if you're using your wipers continuously, whichever comes first. this tour buses not using lights but it did have its linker on for a few miles. lakers don't count as lights. there are lots of drivers with no lights on. their taillights are gone --light you say can beer. bigger fish to fry. the pullover someone not using
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their headlights that they do and they will and if you crash in a rainstorm and is determined you did not have your lights foley on you could be held at fault for the crash. make it a habit to turn your headlights of it rains. even if you have automatic lights that way becomes habit- forming. just saying. black friday is over but how did this year's sales compared to last year's? how much money was spent during this years shopping extravaganza and a woman gets a much-needed kidney transplant the surprising way she found her organ donor. we are recognizing outstanding teachers across the bay area this week's teacher of the week. diane said nato who teaches students a special needs. she has patients, lessons
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extending beyond the classroom and for many years she supported special olympics and circle of friends. if you want to nominated teacher go to our website and click on the teacher of the week banner.
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still ahead, donald pump clashes with a crowd of protesters in florida. we hear his message to one of them. to make a heartwarming story of north dakota. helen eight-year-old girl is trying to put-protect fellow police officers and a veteran police officer is dead following a shooting rampage in colorado. we hear from family and friends.
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university of colorado, colorado springs has identified the police officer killed in yesterday's planned parenthood shooting. 44-year-old garett swasey was a six year veteran of the police force. our partnership with cnn has more on the slain police officer. officer garett swasey was a father of 2a championship ice skater and a leader at his church and a devoted police officer killed friday in the line of duty. when a man opened fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. 44-year-old garett swasey was an officer from the university of colorado, colorado springs campus on duty friday when he heard a call of shots fires and rushed to the scene. >> i have known him for 10 years and throughout that entire time i have watched him faithfully serve others in place others before himself in nearly every situation.
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>>reporter: the pastor with swayze was there when his wife had to tell their young children. what happened to their dad. >> because and sobs of her children learning daddy was never returning will be asked in my mind for the rest of my life. >>reporter: 204, was born in melrose, massachusetts. as a class of 1989 graduate. i remember him to be a kind and caring young man with many friends. dedicated to his skating career and excelling at all areas. a six year veteran of the police force law enforcement was his second career after retiring from figure skating. he competed in the 1995 national championships in one a junior national title in 1992 in orlando. >> he was the most selfless person i knew. always there as my confidant and brother.
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>>reporter: his skating partner talked to his mother on the phone. soon if she wanted me to remind everyone that he died in the line of duty protecting everyone in our country and there is no time that he ever would not have done that. in the 1990s garett swasey moved to colorado springs to train at the olympic training center. friends at his church say he defined himself through his face. student here is a man who stands on principle, loves christ and obviously he might not be in alignment with the abortion industry. but he would be willing to go in and lay down his life for those people. stomachs the crew of a cargo ship that sank in the bahamas is being remembered in florida. 33 crew members were aboard the jacksonville-based ship when it sank during a hurricane. today, family, friends and state officials gathered for a
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memorial service for the crew ceremony was the first public service organized since the members died almost 2 months ago. november 28 was named as a day. in memoriam for the crew. dozens of people across new zealand had turned out to demonstrate about climate change is part of a worldwide protest but it was quite a turnout for people from every walk of life, from health professionals doctors and nurses who are concerned that climate change is a threat to the foundations of health. >> i want our government to take climate change is seriously >> no governments are legislating and off. >> 35 events are organized in towns and cities across the country and 2000 across the world ahead of climate change talks in paris this week's-this
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week. stomachs picking up a climate change conference world leaders will meet monday to iron out a global agreement on climate to have climate change but the meeting appears comes two weeks after the deadly terrorist attacks has our cnn partnership reports security is now an even bigger concern. >>reporter: a wind turbine has had in the middle of the avenue, bay. a planetary clubhouse appeared in the middle of the environmental industry. in a city that is awash with displays and innovations. a single-handedly rowed boats across the atlantic and pacific ocean sailed up the river and it is said to be the world's largest solar powered ocean vessel. >> i am very pleased.
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>>reporter: with tens of thousands of others going to paris in the next two weeks. this is make or break time for climate change leader will be too late as the foreign minister himself knows trying to get the nation to agree on anything is a tall order and never before in france is there had serve the negotiations like these. starting monday, 195 countries will gather at a conference center north of paris to try to find agreements on worldwide. limitations on greenhouse gases. complex negotiation were nearly overshadowed by the vicious terrorist attacks in paris, which seem like they might endanger meetings. some people felt of the climate talks should be called off. >> i'm not convinced about the necessity. at this moment to organize this event. think we have other priorities. even if the environment is very important. >>reporter: promotion worldwide issues, terrorist concerns.
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anyway, the paris conferences to be to call offered everybody from the phone down has emphasized how important it is for the planet to focus on the issue. a few days ago, the french pres. said that best response to the terrorist attacks is to carry out the summit. the projected 150 heads of state delegates are expected to be a challenge for france security forces. 2800 police will befall the site is softening thousand more will reinforce french quarters. 120,000 security personnel will be mobilized across the country. the leaders will attempt for the first two days but miles of roads will be closed off to get them to and from the conference site. something that is expected to throw french traffic into chaos. with popular demonstrations in serious negotiations, the climate conference will go on.
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something the world leaders feel cannot be postponed any longer. still ahead. results are in. we will tell you how the black friday sales this year compared to last year. it is called in getting colder temperatures in the 30s and many spots, nevada and livermore 20s on the way tonight . i will have the forecast coming up. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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black friday shoppers are shifting from hours spent in line to more time online. shopper track claims sales at retail stores on black friday fell 10% to 10.4 billion this year, down from 11 billion last year. thanksgiving sales dropped by the same percentage. many retailers are offering bargain deals before thanksgiving, limiting the
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impact of the black friday sale. online sales jumped over 14% on friday. compared to this time last year. we might have freezing temperatures in the bay area. it is warm and sunny in australia. this is a picture taken by vicki he would usually be anchoring the show. she is in australia and it looks pretty nice there. >> in the southern hemisphere, it is flipped. we are having our winter and it is summer there. >> she is on assignment, so she is doing work. >> this is serious business because i was about to say whatever. but tomorrow is sydney i checked the forecast. 850 and into the 90s. tomorrow is monday. they are day ahead of us.
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we are on the other end of the scale. tonight lots of cold temperatures and clear skies. you can see the moon over the east bay. the moon has been spectacular. we had this cold air and calm conditions making for sparkling visibility day and night. here are some of the coldest temperatures i could find. morgan hill at 37. we are already called in the night is getting started. alamo the mid-30s already. it's down to freezing. a lot of these spots going into the 20s. so a freeze warning in effect for north valleys in east valley's and a frost advisory by the bay and coast so a frost advisory means we will get close to freezing for some frost possible. a freeze warning means the temperatures are forecast to go below freezing. so a lot of 20s and these interior valleys they did of
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the 20s in santa rosa and napa and upper 20s and livermore, but for 20s and fairfield and the south bay at or below freezing. san jose tonight 320 but some locations going below freezing. mid to upper 30s. san francisco staying relatively mild in the low 40s. sunshine tomorrow things warming up in the upper 50s to write around 60 for the afternoon. so a mild day. not warmed by any means. and then for monday changes began to show up as a weather system in the pacific will move offshore. increasing clouds and a chance for a few small spotty showers. so basically, a slight chance of seeing any cut of precipitation tuesday we are putting system sunshine in the morning clouding up the afternoon for wednesday we have a chance for light rain but it
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looks like at this point, the best chance for rain comes on thursday half an inch or more and sunny skies with the rest of the week. a woman in desperate need of a kidney family meets her match. how swiping it right helped her find a donor.
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if you're looking for something to do with the family, we have a new mobile app to tell you about pretty can help you get huge discounts how local theaters and also some kid family shows in the area like peter pan, christmas carol and the velveteen rabbit in san francisco. gabe met up with a family who used the app to get tickets to the show. >> i am not very tech savvy. i am not generally adopter of these types of technologies
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that i downloaded it recently because my mom is coming into town for thanksgiving and i had two kids so i thought i might be fun to go see a sharp the city will she is here so i put in one location and the showed me which were available and i thought the velveteen rabbit would be really fun. cyclic tarmac and it showed what amount of tickets they had at what price and what section so i just got four tickets to the show, the day after thanksgiving and it was easy to put in my credit card information and now it shows me that i have an upcoming show that i can track my shows that are upcoming so i thought it would be great and i thought it would the easy to use and a saved me a lot of time . soon make you can save yourself time and money using
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this app to score discounted prices to local theaters. the app offers tickets that are extremely discounted based on last-minute tickets they become available. there are some great kid family shows running now. peter pan, the little prince, christmas carol and you can use it for good prices on adults shows as well. beach blanket babylon and a tony winning broadway hit today . this app can help you put shows in the bay area, new york, los angeles and london. donald trump face protesters this weekend in florida, but he tried a more considerate approach for the republican presidential candidate how they rally in
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sarasota, when a protester interrupted him. trump asked the crowd not to hurt him and kindly escort the person out there this change comes after supporters punched and kicked a black lives matter protester who interrupted a rally in alabama. john suggested the black lives matter protester should have been roughed up. but today to pump changed his tune and security escorted the protesters out. some of the last rally. we had one person and 15,000 people. we had one person who was really being bad. and it was horrible. it was horrible. we said get them out. we were a little bit rough and i got criticized so today, could i have been nicer than that? his next campaign rally is scheduled for monday in macon, georgia. a woman in florida this
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really needed a kidney found a match to an online dating service. this woman suffers from polycystic kidney disease and she found a kidney match, jennifer thomas, thanks to her friends swiping right on tender pay she left the hospital in time to celebrate with her family and a woman who is part of her loved ones. >> i love everyone who i have got to meet to this whole experience. it has changed my life. to make a tender live date. it was a connection but about hope and saving a life. now they want to continue helping other people who suffer from the save disease and tender, again, is a dating site. so, michael gross play with parties and dresses and host tea parties but a busy little eight-year-old girl is trying to protect police officers and firefighters, including the fargo police department in north dakota.
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we have more on the special gift. she has made. >> i think for a minute about what they do so for mac area nichols has sent more than 6300 crosses 296 departments and 33 states so she started making them in september. patient make some other beads and send them to police and firefighters to carry with them. she met them in their pockets, our hats. from it. they come in many different colors but if she knows a department has lost an officer she will send extra blue and brought-black crosses. soon it to keep the memory of an officer that help. >> a police got a bag of 160 crosses along with a handwritten note. she helps her gifts will inspire people to pray and she hopes they will protect the people carrying member several members of the department took pictures to send back to the girl. he can look up and see it above
8:51 pm
his desk. it is a nice gesture at a time when there is so much criticism of law enforcement. >> without public support the police department doesn't function. it's nice to hear someone so young that would take time to make crosses. >>reporter: they do get symbols of support like this from time to time. it is always appreciated. soon there is bad news day today but would you have the innocence of a child. he reaches out to say i care about you and i made this for you, that's special. >>reporter: sometimes she spends two hours a day working on the crosses, committed to working hard for a good cause. >>the sinner i make crosses the center will protect the firefighters. some of francis may have a new ride during his visit to uganda. a mechanic build him a new pope mobile.
8:52 pm
the mechanic, sourced his parts locally and pulled images from the internet. he hopes it will appeal to the people's pope. moses believes the handbuilt four-wheel-drive has an edge over and imported pope mobile. he hopes the public take a ride in the pope mobile or his homegrown holy vehicle deserves a papal blessing. that looks like a--lots more here on kron4 news at 8 pm. we will talk sports pretty big football game in california san francisco 49ers are three and seven has some fans are angry. we will show you what will be flying in the air above levi stadium tomorrow.
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big sports staring california usa taking on ucla for los angeles bragging rights. a beautiful day in la. fans fired up. both bands rocking to school fight songs. second-half usc down trojan defense was too much. josh rosen gets taken down green takes it all the way back offense looking good. cody kessler going to find rogers for the touchdown usc
8:56 pm
held ucla to one touchdown in the second half they will play stanford next saturday at levi stadium after winning these games. speaking of stanford and a big afternoon taking on the fighting irish. postseason play on the line. notre dame gets it in there with a bootleg run out so you think 40 seconds left. no. stanford marches down the field kicks the field goal. it's good. we want to talk about what is going on tomorrow. there is a group that raised money to fly a banner tomorrow the says jack and the niners should mutually part ways. they are not happy and you probably aren't happy with that either, brian. it's tough, but cold weather. i may have to talk about that.
8:57 pm
to make cold tomorrow, and at levi stadium it will be chilly for tailgating but up into the upper 50s by the afternoon. also a freeze warning tonight. some i thank you for joining us. we will see you at 11 pm. go to kron4 and click on reward and register or login and enter the word, qwest. you will starting points and can enter for a chance to win cool prizes. oh samsung ultra hdtv on sale at
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cyber mondat with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday. shouldn't have said that on air. get 15% off, cyber monday only.
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. allahu akbar. allahu akbar. allahu akbar. allahu akbar. allahu akbar. [shower running]


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