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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> j.r. :now at eleven. a san francisco cop who's good looks went viral online. is in hot water tonight. he's accused of hitting two pedestrians with his car and then taking off. good evening, i'm j-r stone. kron 4's kate cagle is live in north beach tonight and joins us with reaction from a witness. > >kate: we have confirmed tonight that this police officer who never shied away from the limelight is out on bail. this crash happened at the busy intersection of broadway and montgomery street about 20 minutes after bars closed he is considered internet famous. his bulging biceps have
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graced calendars and magazines. but tonight he is in jail facing felony hit-and-run charges it was early sunday but only 20 minutes risk for most cars and their saturday night he saw the crash and two men were walking across the street shortly after 2:00 a.m. and there were in the crosswalk when there were hit but it to a church or heading west >>:she had two years here--he hit two guys here one day could move but the other guy could not loaf--one guy could move, but the other could not move > >kate: both men were taken to
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hospital in serious condition and are expected to survive. photos of the 38 year-old officer on duty and off are on the internet his mug shot has not yet been released the san francisco police department >> j.r. :
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a 19-ear-old woman was killed in an early morning police chase that started in danville and ended in san ramon. danville police say hannah meecham of livermore was behind the wheel of a stolen car. officers first spotted driving recklessly on sycamore valley road. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- two passengers were also seriously injuried. >> phillipe :the driver partially ejected. a battered honda sedan crushed on impact. the violent end of a deadly high speed chase from danville to san ramon. >> : its always tragic to have someone lose their life at such a young age. >> phillipe :danville police chief steve simpkins says just after one o'clock in the morning. two of his officers -- valerie murillo and emily neabeack spotted the honda driving recklessly on sycamore valley road, and tried to make a stop. but simpkins says the honda hopped a curb and sped onto i- 680 south. a car later determined to have been stolen recently out of dublin. >> : the pursuit reached about 90 miles per hour on the freeway and in the range of 70 to 80 miles per hour on surface streets before the collision occured. >> phillipe :simpkins identifies the driver as 19-year-old hannah meecham of livermore.
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he says she exited the freeway at crow canyon road, made a u- turn at iron horse trail and eventually barreled into a tree off camino san ramon near bollinger canyon road. meecham partially ejected on impact. >> : our officers gave emergency medical care to ms. meecham, but were unsuccessful. >> phillipe :the two passengers in the car were taken here to john muir medical center in walnut creek in critical condition. a 37-year-old man, and a 19- year-old woman. both also from livermore. neither charged -- at this point, they're just considered witnesses. the chief says a small amount of illegal drugs were found in the car, but won't release what kind. the chief says the pursuit lasted about three minutes. and, that despite the high rates of speed, his officers acted appropriately. >> : in light of the given circumstances with no one on the road, and the situation that we had, it was within our policy to do so. >> phillipe :philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> j.r. :we're learning new information tonight about a woman who was stabbed to death in san mateo. officials have identified the victim as colleen straw. police are still looking for her boyfriend. anthony kirincic. who is suspected of killing her. it happened yesterday along south b street. officers found straw inside her home with stab wounds. authorities later found her boyfriend's car in a parking garage in san carlos near the sutter health urgent care center. however officers were unable to find him. another chilly day in the bay area. this was the scene in walnut creek. temperatures dipped to 28 degrees this morning. but the weather was warmer by this afternoon. some people we spoke with say they bundled up before heading out the door this morning.
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>>:this is like god is mad at us cold >> j.r. : a freeze warning is now in effect until tomorrow morning. kron 4's brian van aken has been tracking the forecast. brian, if we have to look at a positive here it's the fact that this is great sleeping weather. >> brian :as long as you have the heat on high and electric blankets maybe we're going to see a change little but tonight with a more significant warming and tuesday right now temperatures in the low '30's in the santa rosa upper '30's and low 40's by the bay and a freeze warning is in effect in the east bay and south big for today
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there is a weather system approaching the west coast and some of these clouds will spill into the bay area as we a closer to tomorrow morning it will be about five degrees warmer upper thirties or low 40's by the bay >> j.r. : for complete weather forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free for apple and android devices. next on kron 4 news at 11.we have a report from colorado with the latest on the planned parenthood shooting. more on the shooting suspect. and the latest on the severe weather in texas. we'll show you the damage it's done. and a college threat in chicago has prompted school administration to cancel all
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>> j.r. :an online threat of gun violence has prompted the university of chicago to cancel all classes and activities on its main campus. the university released a statement tonight that a threat from an unknown person was passed on to the university by the fbi. the campus quad, a popular gathering place, and a time of monday morning at 10 a.m., were mentioned in the threat. faculty, students and non- essential staff are asked to stay away from the hyde park campus on chicago's south side tomorrow.and students in college housing are asked to stay indoors. classes are expected to resume as normal on tuesday. more to come on kron 4 news at 8.we'll take you to central california. wait until you see what happened to a burglar who got stuck in the chimney. and as world leaders are in
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paris for a climate conference protesters clash with police. will show you the video. >> brian :we have lots of sunshine today but we have clubs tomorrow--clouds tomorrow. i will have your forecast, not-- forecast coming up
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and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >> j.r. :tonight. we're learning
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new details about the man accused of killing three people-- including a police officer-- at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the 57-year-old suspect will be in court monday after investigators spent all weekend looking for answers. kron 4's national correspondent mark meredith is in colorado springs tonight with the latest details. >> reporter :has been a very cold and long weekend here in colorado springs the area around the planned parenthood clinic remains shutdown - there are still dozens of local, state, and federal investigators piecing together the exact chain of events in friday's shooting. tonight no easy answers but we are learning more about the man who's alleged actions have torn this community apart. behind the police tape - the work continues for investigators who since friday have poured through every single detail of the attack inside this planned parenthood clinic. just outside the crime tape - dozens of people like nine year old luke continue to come by to pay their respects for the three people killed and specifically for officer garret swasey shot trying to save lives. >> : we put down two sets of flowers and two candles >> reporter :this weekend brought plently of speculation
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on a possible motive - including if the attacks are connected to the suspect's opinions on abortion. however police aren't discussing details as they investigate 57-year-old robert dear's past. >> : were about 90 minutes away from colorado springs where the clinic shooting happened, and this is where police tell us the suspect has lived for the last several months, you can see it's a trailer in rural colorado, and on the outside, there's no obvious signs of what may have lead to friday's attack while there's not much around the suspect's home - those who live in the small rural communtiy of harstel colroado are just as shocked. >> : it wasn't something you see in hartsel in anyday, by no means >> reporter :walter smith watched over the weekend as police combed through his neighbors trailer. now he's got plenty of questions of his own. >> : i've seen him come and go of his property, does it make you feel any different about living out thereno not really >> reporter :back in colroado springs - life is slowly getting back to normal as the case against robert dear will start with his first court apperance monday afternoon. tonight the coroners office is also identifiying the two others - in addition to the police
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officer - a 35 year old woman and 29-year-old man - neither were planned parenthood employees. in colorado springs, mark meredith, xxxx. >> j.r. :a deadly storm system rolling through parts of the south is dumping more rain in texas and arkansas. this is the scene in oklahoma city. the band of storms has been moving through parts of the plains and the midwest since thursday. at least 14 people have died. including eight in texas and six in kansas. more than 78-thousand people remain without power in oklahoma. in parts of north texas and arkansas. the concern is flooding. with flood watches and warnings in effect through tonight. >> brian :we have cold temperatures in the bay area for at least one more evening but after tonight things will be warmer as we get winds off the pacific burglar who became stuck in the clear skies and i don't
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see any cars on the golden gate bridge ok there is one home died after the homeowner the first of three weather systems roles in and could provide light showers there is the first system right therefresno county sheriff's at this point and this is not expected to bring any here is the feature cast as we go through the overnight hours and you will notice as we get into the overnight hours but possible rainshowers and the north bay
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mostly cloudy skies to start the day with spotty showers and maybe some rays of sunshine as we get into the afternoon increasing clouds when the second system comes in and the third system comes in for thursday and it will be cloudy and windy and we could have periods of heavy rain dry weather returns for the rest of the week
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authorities say a suspected burglar who became stuck in the chimney of a central california home died after the homeowner lit a fire in the fireplace. fresno county sheriff's spokesman tony botti said an autopsy on sunday concluded that 19-year-old cody caldwell died of smoke inhalation and burns. authorities said a homeowner in the rural town of huron heard someone scream after lighting a fire in his fireplace saturday afternoon and alerted authorities. when the homeowner realized a person was stuck in the chimney, he extinguished the fire. lt. brandon pursell said caldwell was responsive when firefighters smashed the chimney to get him out, but when they got to the young man he died. president obama is paying tribute to those killed in the terrorist attacks in paris. the president's motorcade went straight from the airport to the famed french concert hall. the bataclan. it was one of the sites that terrorists attacked nearly two weeksa go. french president francois hollande and the mayor of paris, anne hidalgo. joined president obama. each placed a single flower at a makeshift memorial.
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president obama bowed his head in silence. the eiffel tower is lit up in green and environmentally conscious messages are being projected onto the monument. this comes as paris prepares to host critical talks on reducing global warming. the u-n secretary general participated in a ceremony beneath the tower earlier today. he will launch two weeks of climate talks starting tomorrow. aiming at a long-term global agreement for all countries to reduce man-made emissions that heat the planet. protesters are clashing with riot police in paris. some say they are upset over restrictions put on protests there. some people threw items at the police-- who responded with tear gas. more than 200 people were arrested after the clashes. but some were later released. french president hollande says the violence has nothing to do with enviornmental defenders. a well-known climate pressure group is distancing itself from
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the demonstration. saying the protesters were unaffiliated with the climate movement. it was a big day for bay area sports teams and big news this afternoon out of los angeles. up next we'll talk kobe bryant. who says he will retire. we'll tell you when during sports.
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>> j.r. :in sports tonight an n- b-a legend has called this season his last. lakers great kobe bryant says he is retiring he made that announcment in a post in "the player's tribune" earlier today saying he would retire after this season. bryant has had a very tough season but is one of the best to ever play in the nba. he is a five time nba champ.a two time finals mvp. 49ers hosting the division- leading cardinals. ---tickets were so cheap.even banjo man made it into levi's. on stubhub it was cheaper to get a ticket than to park. ---carson palmer and blaine gabbert going at it. ---first quarter 3-0 cardinals. gabbert is picked off by tyrann matthew. ---in the second.49ers have a chance to take it away from arizona. but tremaine brock drops the easy interception. ---jim tomsula can't believe it. ---6-3 arizona.
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david johnson punches in the one yard score. make it 13-3. --49ers in the red-zone. and gabbert finds who else.a tight-end by the name of vance mc-donald. --all tied at 13 in the fourth. quinton dial rushing in.and he tags carson palmer. ref's call it roughing the passer. and cardinals peck away more yards on the drive. a crucial mistake for the 49ers defense. palmer then takes off and squeezes in for the touch-down final: 19-13 cardinals 49ers drop first home loss against arizona since 2008. ---raiders looking to end a three-game skid visiting tennessee today. ---but marcus mariota strikes first. hitting former cal bear.craig stevens and he comes up with the catch for the score. 6-0 titans ---raiders in the red-zone.
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carr on the move.and he finds michael crabtree in the corner. tip toeing for the touch-down. ---now in the third. carr hits seth roberts.and roberts spins and dives in the end-zone. raiders go up 16-6 ---titans not going away. marioata lobs one to harry douglas.and some-how douglass makes the grab. tennessee converts for two. and comes within three. ---in the fourth quarter. titans looking for the lead. and mariota.fakes the hand-off. rolls out and finds his man for the score. titans now up four late in the game. ---under two minutes to play. carr driving the raiders down the field. goes for the end-zone and roberts adjusts to get the go- head score. ---seconds left.mariota is picked off my nate allen. that seals the deal for the raiders. final: 24-21 raiders snap a three-game losing streak.
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i could talk about sports all day but it's going to be a cold day tomorrow thank you for joining us and day tomorrow thank you for joining us and have a great opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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"the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> there were a couple of people at "the view" who were very unfriendly and uninvited. >> nene calling "the view" mean girls. >> the cast feel is wrong. try again. >> i'm with joy behar, firing back. >> it's not true. we were not mean to her. we did not bully her. >> that's just part of our good week. >> bad week. ♪ it wasn't just like a kiss. it was already getting uncomfortable. >> then megan and charlie's steamy ama makeout had everyone puckering up. >> i'm on the red carpet and backstage with the night's most talked-about moment. ♪ plus, is "scandal's" scott foley done fooling around with kerry? >> how much do you miss


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