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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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gained fame last year that the so-called hot cup of the castro later sunday morning police decors turn himself in because cores is believed to left the scene blood of politesse is now conducted the so hours later through mathematics extrapolation terminal of blood of the whole concept month that the cut, the collision course
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with a fixture in the neighborhood for several months last year his attorney's office has not yet have the case several fiscal police officers in internal affairs unit still putting the case together the sugar over the days of this next couple of days and then they will decide if formal charges will follow. . this is with the bat to look like for ford's first came and veins giving warning on holes parking meters and close to 30 baths and spikes found so far the latest one
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found friday fishermans wharf area that does not appear to be any pattern of the placement of these facts of they are prohibited of the weapon with spikes. >> catherine: and deadly crash claimed the life of a young woman cries here and tell us what happened near concord 18 year-old from pittsburgh did not make it after this crash tests radner contra costa counties to. h-p's spokesperson says a young woman identified as per f older model honda accord heading east wing sheared off the road vasquez she died a short time later one driver we spoke with says serbia along here is a chronic issue this is not sure
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specifically what caused vestas the this control and not wearing a seatbelt. the cap >> catherine: sure of 22 year-old anthony is department's top priority place for called on south beach streets saturday to investigate reports of domestic violence found the body of 34 year-old colin shaw invest carefully she been set and described as her boyfriend now asking for the public's help in tracking him down. "are somewhat lucky enough that we don't get this a lot but whether we get one or 10 has
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three said we'd have a special victims unit this is a huge priority in this particular case we will put as many resources as we can to lead him. >> catherine: specs car was honda san carlos and possible sighting in walnut creek turned out to be a false alarm face a judge today. the 57 year-old robert deer is accused of killing three people on black friday including a police officer appeared in court wearing a bulletproof vest dan simon has more on today's hearing after returning to
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police remarks made about the fate of parts and anti-abortion anti-government use with investigators hilla the hermits existence for many years on the east coast and eventually living in a cabin with monstrous the running water in north carolina also lived in solitude year with no stranger to police nor if the record showed never tread is never filed in 2002 charged with being a peeping tom and those accounts were dismissed in 2000 free press in charge of two
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counts of animal cruelty found not guilty " their action they had was from the limited. >> catherine: gear could face more charges and have been talking with federal prosecutors suggesting there could face federal charges while the embarcadero, a week's >> reporter: system startup a few showers at work in that cloud cover what about a little bit tonight help support temperatures keeping in mind
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with that surface moisture that will help again with real cold temperatures and then from the jurors like this of the north bay as you noticed 51 for san francisco office east bay authorities already and that translates from morning lows still quite chilly of the north that and now looking at 20s this go round of a couple of degrees above freezing even the far east about that pleasanton 35 in active 39 again the number from where we were and then break down for you midnight were talking the scattered clouds chilly temperatures in the upper 30's for the far east bay down to 34 in many spots and talk about a sunny day for tomorrow into the afternoon and let me know when that next batch of rain will be getting here in our 7 day for the. but weather forecasts are bay area news if the, the kron 4 mobile application it is free for apple in danger of devices.
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>> catherine: there were on board when they ran into trouble to recess ostia explains the boat's name plays into the story. >> reporter: it looks harrowing as about is now on a seawall oakland estuary. when he hit the walls and even panic but life to science from board faubus he call the coast guard and quickly came to rescue the shore sunday but the boat all that stayed out
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in the estuary about the the 51 col gotcha he bought the boat for $1.5 million of years ago the boat's bid on the day overnight on monday to of the wall and brought into the colony the harbor as the vote was hoisted up here is a close-up look at all the damage see for yourself faction in the coast guard had this advice for voters. be where we're at
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jerkwater and make sure you stay inside. >> catherine: had a huge security breach what you need to know coming up and in his letter monday coming off we go inside amazons facility in tracy and see how they're handling the online shopping frenzy and new at 515 we get reports of a package thief who is targeting homes
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>> catherine: to the canadian riding along with police when a package that was called in to dispatch. >> reporter: repackage the suspects now custody after witness spotted them dumping the contents hearing concord's bella district police corps from the
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package from the porch door here and then of fact with the road open up the package from the compliments and discarded the box with the mine, the police are advising residents to request the electronic signature for all packages being delivered the holiday season. >> catherine: monday not over. it is considered
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uneven >> reporter: day amazon already very busy today the busiest day call if organized chaos for seasonal workers 2500 employees one. million-square- foot facility the planned issue about 500 packages her second. h second "and a hundred thousand.
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"the items come in one of our associates see see we packet goes the invader and encases within minutes mentioned by the time you click you finish of 12 days of christmas song. the pen >> reporter: an order could be five place your house within minutes or hours. >> catherine: there is better and some parts of oakland bigger cranes next year those will be designed to handle the messiah's cargo ships coming here knew craig 26 ft. higher than the
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ones you see in this video from partnership with abc seven the new cranes will be installed at the international container terminal with a real reach 141 ft. above the docks the $14 million project scheduled to begin in april oklahoma is beginning to thaw out after an ice storm left hundreds of thousands of people without power alleys and of the ices creating interesting imprinted ice sliding down the whole winter part this fatah has been shared thousands of times on social media. not nice round here a bit chilly.
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>> reporter: so at pictures lunacy the federal system through today a few stray showers at work quickly moved on out and i mentioned was that so important because when you see typical weather pattern you kilobit place test range indoor waiting upstream for what with the images for the second was the energy will be set to the north this first batch will be missing f is the second-middle latitude moisture that's good in some ways although because it's not a cold colo that's means snow levels will not be as low as the predecessor temperatures in the last system around the knees giving here by 5:00 a.m. this is the '30's 40's and the north face a flood going on that's an improvement from this morning by about 12:00 tomorrow
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in the '50s and then maybe some spots in the '60s are so very very called for not very long by tomorrow from 12:00 a.m. the you have it falling back down minor improvement most readings in the east bay shoreline upper 50s and far east bay and other data on this tomorrow before we jump in the '60s and then here's the big deal that clause devolve by thursday if this system thursday rainshowers and rain developing with wins again this is not called for low temperatures will fall like the previous one the beavis and showers developing the sunday monday to.
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this is >> catherine: of the bald eagle could become trapped ontario canada michael emil fletcher from the eagle caught and a metal hunting traffic driving through the woods there were able to pry open the traffic just enough the have the eagles hall this town there sharp and tangled everything the pair took a self picture with the bird who was grateful for and first blood test itself picture ball the eagles by the way of a lot more common in north america since their move from the u.s. list of threatened endangered species 1987 for the remarkable. >> catherine: security breach affecting of parents and children what you need to know next and toys topping a lot of wish lists this holiday season
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>> catherine: million parents to and thousand children have been stolen by hackers. they also took photos of children not clear yet who's behind this attack information includes names for the face genders of child users and adult users including names e-mail password ip addresses and mailing
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addresses. hong kong-based company says its have contacted all affected users by e-mail. a thrill of christmas candy and then sitting over people working on wish list especially children morgan dean shows what's popping up on a lot of places the game as tickets sold things to viral videos turned into never meant "cholent the for prius cookies ease a bit of an aversion to porno latest in carnation roles but grossed out of is the magna mass of cookies are a fair thing
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how about candy brown chocolate creations alex has never heard of chocolate can tell if he showed them to the cave they all so roaring for one of these this janet t. rex from imagine nexus also place that comes with action figures and cue from the
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>> catherine: world leader in paris for the sum of climate change gathering comes on the brink of the terror attacks of france cries here with more than trouble what could happen if something is not done about climate change one group has projected will look like if that continues to give to those images voluntarily more than 150 world leaders have gathered near paris finding out ways to limit global warming. >> reporter:"150 world leaders gathered in paris together an issue global climate change also
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aims from critics who say reducing carbon emissions will lead to a slower economy come after a major paris attack that could lead to one and 30 people a moment's silence to honor the dead letter the president met to
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discuss this at this situation and overall strategy for dealing with the ice this. "let the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on" >> grant: a better idea of what the one to show exactly what they would call the police to difference these trees emerged in south african coast the ball near wall street only the tail shying after rising water because the climate change in sydney australia; and research group climb at central releasing images they say the fire burned for four degrees warmer earth plan would be submerged under water his group did not include a rendering of what severance cisco other bay area locations my live like.
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>> diane: next four hours sofa 9:00 our most readings will stay in the '40's 44 before sinn of going on that as of midnight certain get quite chilly on the inland valleys not quite as cold as we have the previous night's 7:00 a.m. for a fifth from the allies fought for is covering every were all. now fifties on the 40 can see in the north bay 50 as well off his allow hovering near about 50 fellow marine moisture fan gave with the stress cloud cover threat the day the often blows come in like this for 37 to the north they mid-30s happening for four east bay 44 for livermore facility in much in the '40's upstream really watching for reform of the of each of the
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forecast coming russian officials claim their bombing ices militants in the area. >> catherine: and some left one pilot fed and other rescue. the body of the pilot was returned to russia and the french intelligence services believe harris terrorist attack suspect is still at large and this basis. please confer and the shortly after the november 13th attack in paris and began looking into the possibility he left france several oil lawyer in brussels has said his client looks like the stuff the day after the attacks and authorities believe he might of terrific car fed chopped of some of the suicide bombers that day
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of jury selection in baltimore for officer william porter first of six police officers to be tried in the death of freddie great gray died in police custody in april triggering protests and riots of los and the ball in baltimore with that story prosecutors charged six officers last may in the city of baltimore crew $6.4 million settlement for the family they will fight back against charges of involuntary manslaughter and
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conduct in office fan his case may often determine what others will take if they too will ring in baltimore lawyers again requested a change of the new attorney was also asked if ethnicity would have any impact on the trial schedule the start in the coming months meanwhile observer says in the courtroom public reaction might be more, and a credit >> catherine: bernie has a hernia surgery
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today the 74 year-old has off asian procedure done at washington university hospital says he doesn't believe that the demand the campaign trail contributed to a problem respected to resume his campaign duties to moffett: stay lawyers take undefeated record coming off a 545 we hear from seth about keeping that perfect record alive and then next to the class is where women learned of a sudden their babies
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>> catherine: giving a bigamous side. martha found the class for women are learning to do just laugh. >> reporter: the skin to skin contact fat helps with the body between you and baby and helps with nursing situation as well. aimed at strengthening that bond the next 45 method actor will demonstrate how their families when you told. the head down and massage it the croquette will help of face blocked your ducks. colic.
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the doctor says the benefits are plentiful. in see the result the first day were calmed baby who interacts. >> catherine: is take undefeated streak on the road and hear from the team next
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>> catherine: 7 and you're looking at the area of the devices of the the construction workers discovered the hand
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grenade digging underground the site area was affected other businesses and bring you more details have more fat to get them ethics 15 minutes the warriors fought and defeated historic start back on the line and defending champions the first of a seven game 14 day road trip marked joins us with more. the kid >> reporter: sofa happening highly unlikely especially if it being the oldest a string of the year so far their favorite against every opponent turns out they're all so funny over fans across the league that's what dominance sounds like for the first for the season looks like ymca
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champs what adrian hedging by double digits no surprise there of the hottest ticket in the country where supporters travel well the team still has its detractors of the survey year but this winning streak at increased that feeling tenfold the odds favored to win 6264 and then he can but the tree like the playoffs and illegally in
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scoring there really is not too much to worry about. for 6:00 also worth mentioning before harrison barnes will mix second straight game gary will have the early of the 4 yes 645 and sports. the fish >> catherine: assigned by his 20 years in the nba made that announcement over the weekend today hollywood is hoping and lake erie has more from los angeles. >> reporter: ism's let for kicking centocor go inside the like month after wondering what
5:48 pm
it would look like cobia officially call it quits. he announced his retirement 20 seasons posted online.
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>> diane: this cartel power is in the seven day forecast timing is on thursday with the temperatures and their promotional lower 50s and the perimeter of favorite there will do it first and rosa news of moves through already low front produces and live cloud cover for today and filled tablatures overnight upstream dry attention out there what it looks like for tomorrow of the energy to the
5:50 pm
north of the key issue with this is moisture from mid latitudes that puts our system on thursday in this scene souls will be as low of the we get on snowy watched as " core the cloud cover tonight as mentioned still some offshore showers pineapple of that night's opening up skies for tomorrow we should say 6:00 a.m. in the afternoon hours. tomorrow afternoon to p.m. clear with all that was mentioned in the first wave and sprayed by live the cloud cover tomorrow night into wednesday shore and the real action is holding off till thursday temperatures we were talking about an and the peninsula of the portion of the south bay them by tomorrow or in
5:51 pm
backup and been called again for tomorrow night for fifties upper 50s lower 60s you should say and breezed by 61 sofa and here's the deal on the seven day forecast first things first that wednesday's some very dry clothes than thursday's and showers whence come with that as well as a system the lookout for further sunday monday a new qualification in score major discounts next on kron 4
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>> catherine: kron 4 gave has a new mobile location to tell you about seven to help you get huge discounts on level fitter shows
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and our kids from the show's going on the bay area. the christmas carol velveteen rabbit at the center theater in san francisco "me in confidence giving a downloaded this i had tickets five the fund grew to see a show bolshies year. done with the application and shows the my location from which shows were available so i thought the velveteen rabbit would be very fun it showed they had been elected if they had. the showed
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the amount of tickets that they had. up to my credit card information i was done and now it shows i have an upcoming show that tracks the shows the upcoming. but it was great really easy to use save me time from looking around place vehicles on and off broadway hathor's tickets that have extreme discounts. face, at last that tickets to come available the date of four shows within a week or two. great kid from the show's going on now.
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>> catherine: speck of killing his girlfriend on the home when the peninsula to please what even know about the man. and the case then at this is what's left of a storage shed in sentences go. but fis took over the holiday weekend news continues in 70 seconds on kron 4 news
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>> catherine: considered armed
5:59 pm
and dangerous one for the stabbing death of his girlfriend over the weekend. please save the murder the of domestic violence and not the first time they've been called to the woman's home brought reports pleaser now a high. and for the murder suspect department's top priority as of right now this man armed and dangerous remains at large he identified as 22 year-old anthony a wanted fugitive in connection with the stabbing death of this woman identified as 34 year-old colleen investigators say was his girlfriend. to dispatched
6:00 pm
here after they heard the disturbance and called 911 it was not the first time they've responded to such a call here. not clear if he still in the area. as possible sighting in one of the return of the false alarm. foist upon on the public for helping in this case they say the see something say something,.
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>> catherine: breaking news in the past 30 minutes of the bomb squad detonated a hand grenade discovered that a construction site happening at the stanford research park the pots of police say the workers found digging underground full of people in that immediate area evacuated of. there's a nearby neighborhood had the shelter in place a bomb squad from sackler count was called in about 530 we got word that they did successfully detonated the device to determine if there was an armed and if no word on how the grenade at the end of the publication. it's 6:00 fixture police arrested a man following a series of early morning armed robberies have been within a short distance of its for debate whiteboard station. the 27 year- old suspect approached the films with a handgun officers tracked him down there with the chase police dog trace the man to house and as authorities say
6:02 pm
they did not find a weapon of 37 year-old man is behind bars of threatening the kill us have francisco police officer. >> catherine: the theater say they called police dispatched last night at looking at a police in the tenderloin and going to kill the officer the dispatchers pinpoint his location they did arrest him no one was injured. and by some people live a hot cup san francisco police officer is in hot water are arrested for a hit-and-run that injured two people dan is live at broadway of the emery in san francisco has the latest. >> reporter: fees to pedestrians and fled the scene and at by the intersection and now for internal affairs is investigating as well as traffic collision investigators that
6:03 pm
francisco police officer is getting notoriety last year as the so called hot cup of the castro now all eyes are on again for allegedly hitting to pedestrians early sunday morning as he drove his truck was found near montgomery and then police say he left the scene. "internal affairs investigators that some time no specific information as to what was discussed and subsequently of that services the county jail for two counts of felony hit- and-run. it will not try to determine if he was under the influence at the time of the accident because scores is believed to of love the scene blood of the whole test was not
6:04 pm
conducted until hours later and that could be the impact of the results. and castro records became a celebrity of sorts last year people are shocked by this turn of events that this points courses not been suspended because he is currently on medical leave prior to this incident and at this point no formal charges in the case it will be turned over the stiffest the district attorney's office that will make a decision on charging at this point though course is not in jail he spelled out.
6:05 pm
and by >> catherine: sun- prevent package that has see reports >> reporter: police officer heading up the department's holiday crime investigation unit. "i on when your delivery dates ups fedex and is on all those sorts of on-line companies will give you an of everyday estimated delivery lot of times criminals will service packages
6:06 pm
and unperson miami car another person guy that package. advising residents of that going to be home have a relative neighbor pick up a package for you this holiday season. >> catherine: decimating the theft of 26 non bytes from meshed 7 cisco happen sometime over irving's giving weekend police are not sure exactly when at the valley high school of school is that for 50 rain avenue the bikes have a value of $9,000 for the principle of these bills will points went through the mind when he saw by
6:07 pm
estragon. there were"definitely looking for these bikes in doing something fun living dead chested tell the kids because we don't read that story to them >> reporter: be a lot of changes to the schools about security coming up in the future >> catherine: this day of the year at amazon frontier with details of the so called organized chaos and mass of they know what they're doing increasingly popular method shopping online to lot easier
6:08 pm
and well oiled machine amazon says evans fired 100,000 seasonal workers this year in the u.s. plans to shift about 500 packages per second world wide latest video pushing for ground delivery system package weighing 5 lbs. and less than 40 minutes amazons been trying to win the public's approval for
6:09 pm
drone delivery project going on a couple years now and services to plunge anytime soon still hasn't been approved holes in the u.s. and other countries. friday sales from 1.6 billion last year to 10.4 billion this year the survey indicates for people more people will cross shopping online 103 million americans shop online over links giving week and 102 million actually went to stores and for more holiday gift ideas check our web page we have a special gift guide for you including helpful information before you make any holiday purchases and has been chilly. and like her on the fate area if it is here to tell us what's next.
6:10 pm
the data fill those showers and the fate area very modest the boy that will system which was a nothing system. with all the marine layer. >> reporter: that will support our temperatures tonight in the cloud cover in its way still finding its way around the field offshore showers falling on later on the see thing here is the breakdown for you midnight of the chair is free much in the 40's in most locations in and valleys in the upper '30's which by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. scattered clouds opening up nice for us for is happening elsewhere so not quite as cold tonight though it will be much colder later on in the morning in an. valets right now shopping flow 50, per. 4949 of the pleasanton on the perimeter of the day after '50s at work offer
6:11 pm
for. regency in the north that and with this guy out here our future as to go into tomorrow this should be sent to the north but there will be warm oysters mon-khmer way by thursday estimating some rainshowers that coming up later on. >> catherine: the minute whether dow motor mobile application #1 source for news and weather in the bay area. at the site in san francisco bay from the owner and how that sofa the brick wall and then the the km shooting step up and fighting climate
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>> catherine: a tennessee while the video courtesy of a cup of partnership with abc seven. six people had to be rescued from the yacht which has been told away and charleses live tonight and treasure island park the coast guard and say this accident of the unusual. there nautical charts of voters will never run these things. but in the perilous health and this particular case. to look at
6:15 pm
video from hot cup of partially abc seven news. they got in this case got stuck on top of a sea wall and the entrance of the estuary. just after sunday the owner of the protest could see the sea wall because of high tide of time and under water and six people on board to dogs the honor known injured area for help the coast guard arrived a few minutes later took for the passengers of the vote sunday also check the vessel the see if it was in danger of sinking it was not any leaking fuel there was none the interstate with the vote until monday unless salvage company poll of the sea wall the vessel is not of the water 73 $7,000 worth of damage and with what happened the currency the sea wall those too late because
6:16 pm
courts as the sort of thing has happened before and they took the opportunity of remind voters to stay within channels out that they can also check the level charts for any hazards there might be underneath the water and accused of killing three people including a police officer of planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. i they made his first court appearance today anchor as fat with what we have learned and how long he might spend behind bars 1997. as well >> catherine: if accuse them of domestic itself. >> grant: court records show charges were never filed in that
6:17 pm
case may, musket had the 2002. he is charged with being a peeping tom those counts were dismissed to. thousand three he was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty found not guilty. last friday's attack killed three and injured nine from. motive is still unclear however. but tell us at cnn after stranding to police spoke of his anti-abortion anti- government views federal charges could be added. first of six officers in for the great 25 year-old baltimore man suffered severe spinal injury in april and the deaths sparked riots in the city. his legal team will fight charges of involuntary manslaughter. misconduct also
6:18 pm
some reckless endangerment. attorney for grace family was asked at that this city would have any impact on the five other trials of the expected to start. porter's lawyer questioned a change of venue with no cameras in the courtroom public reaction might be more low-key he faces first-degree murder for shooting 17 year-old 16 times leftover last year after months of legal wrangling for-canned video to be made
6:19 pm
public just weeks after the killing of city officials approved a $5 billion payout to mythos family. the record to reveal in place on this record including three for using excessive force. please >> grant: that located a murder suspect in redwood city near woodside high school is led ariels in redwood city talking about a murder suspect that nearby san mateo police may have cornered him there and not said specifically the nature of what's going on certainly a tough cop cars police have told people to avoid the area of massachusetts avenue between arizona way because of all this police activity now reporting for several days on a search for a 22 year-old anthony kerr
6:20 pm
and check one fugitive to the stabbing death of a woman who police identified as his girlfriend 34 year-old colin shaw took place on a saturday evening for murder suspect that has been on the run according to police right now and redwood city it is dark and hard to see what is going on certainly a big scene we do not know again if activity definitely connected to the search for the murder suspect but indicates based on the level of response here this is something big and certainly the search for this individual something the police have dedicated fault of their resources to and continue to fall of the story and bring in the very latest. u.s. >> catherine: is partly to blame for environmental damage because of the climate change talking and maker 150 world leaders in paris conference of parties is an annual four
6:21 pm
reducing greenhouse gas and arrested the missions u.s. is ready to act has to be a global effort. >> reporter: your personally as leader of the world market economy to forecast a matter to the united america that only recognizes the creation of this problem embrace our responsibility and do something about it. >> catherine: met with president of channel world's biggest polluter chinese president says that anything has to take into account the differences from among the nation's. >> catherine: whether even showers and some places. zero weeks >> reporter: system passing by seven high power you we found cloud cover not just today but all this evening a little bit of an aide to keep temperatures supported not to
6:22 pm
mention the fact is moister we have also temperatures falling to much tonight a little bit of housekeeping supported progress he sees as are the opening of will that. the night lows as the forecast to go mid-30s for pleasanton and livermore 34 antioch 39 and then readings here lower half moon bay 37. upstream as we have high pressure and in our time. this would get together mid level moisture coming our way not so much of the gulf olefins novels will not be quite as low as the left or around still so will leave for the game plan wave and also preconditions' all seems to be coming together thursday before we get theirs to happens if the sky conditions in late tonight and off shore showers
6:23 pm
however for with parliament cloud cover because that will open a further prior to don for levitical again. and a good deal of sunshine off the early- morning hours in early afternoon then supported by some half a mid-level clout to defend tonight and wednesday morning. this of all the pre stormed content check temperature is really quick. cooling down in the '30's again tonight and not quite what we saw of the head by noon we get into the 50s and amidst the '60s many areas although more floor 6 is the forecast south bay and parts of the east bay shoreline and check-in of the peninsula see what we can expect more of. coastal areas of '50s
6:24 pm
>> catherine: littered dramatic video a woman for her dog being rescued after falling through life in utah.
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>> catherine: and businesses were destroyed many lives were lost and then the myth of the fires and tomorrow we meet one family from the valley fire that say they're not giving of here's a preview. "to stiffen cisco the giants baseball game he fans and my buddies said there is the fire was far from where we live
6:28 pm
doctors fear here on from tamara ppm and then the lawyers try to stay undefeated as a take on utah salt lake city here is fourth of 645 top story tonight intense manhunt for this man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death at sematech home police activity happening right now that might be girlfriend to death at sematech home police activity happening right now that might be connected i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her. for them. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin more than 100 mg. as it affects how well it works. it's such an important thing to do to help protect against another heart attack. brilinta worked better than plavix.
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>> reporter: the fifth night that 630 on a breaking news italy but short time ago police may have located a wanted murder suspect on the peninsula. the saliva of above redwood city near woodside high school follies are telling people to stay away from the area. of massachusetts avenue between arizona way of, and tell me the ball because of flight activity there and if they have enough defensively shutdown because of the book for the murder suspects. the data please seven looking for since saturday night for a 22 year-old ebony crenshaw kick. as one did the murder of stabbing death of his girlfriend 34 year-old colleen shaw police again still searching for this guy since
6:32 pm
saturday. we go back to live pictures now for redwood city may have forgotten close to him and they have captured and please tell me saying this stay away if they're evacuating people from that neighborhood near woodside high school and a continued fall of breaking news >> reporter: pedestrians hit accused one of their own officers and then fleeing the scene that officer christopher core's gains notoriety hot, the castro last year. later turned himself then formal charges that the visit to his office still pending.. this is the biggest
6:33 pm
day of the year at the 28 football fields big within minutes and hours. and then with the work that is being done 2500 workers 51 ft. yacht high centered in the oakland estuary six people to dogs on for the fifth time this afternoon and coast guard rescued four people off about the owners say stand on a vessel to monday and a solid company pushed up the sea while the owner. says receive $40,000 for the damage. >> catherine: the fresno county
6:34 pm
sheriff's office says the man that died stuck in a chimney that escalation. burns said they knew the town of 19 year-old caught will get stuck during a botched burglary. 24 hours later however told deputies he heard loud screams coming from inside the house after he lit a fire. when he realized someone was in the chimney and first responder smashed the chimney to get him out his pronounced dead at the scene. and a heartbreaking story washington state. the man skating with his little grandson fell to the ice and died ryan says that he has grandfathered checked the eyes this morning the man was teaching his 11 year-old grandson how to skate in a blink of an eye everything changed.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: would fall to the eyas trying to save her dog. and then they just happen to be at the right place the city officer fred nelson should of eight minutes later helped of mr. nelson says that this was really a miracle for dog gone out on
6:36 pm
their own all three said to be in good condition. the short >> reporter: term. of the high pressure building tonight this is what you can expect in the north they settled lower for 30's and the '30's and conceit although not as severe and then about 34 livermore antioch 39 meanwhile the peninsula of authority is going on tonight and then one of the players first of all cable the happened to that moisture and with a cluster showers that's good news because sofa be in tonight and then bombed the temperature double that with all the section here was of it will be sent to the north and the short term. time and then that's
6:37 pm
what we're talking about in terms of rain the south bay for tomorrow pre much plan upper 60s san jose's 60 and high samara upper 50s step-by-step process when state looking for temperatures warm even further and then we have that rain scattered showers and a freeze you wind be a. and then they drop off a little bit. based tableting gadgets and of the texas been hacked. back to tell how many have been hacked >> grant: especially on fiber monday. everyone is online buying things. the tech personal info 5 million parents and
6:38 pm
200,000 children stolen by hackers the also take took pictures of some children that's creepy not clear who's behind it. confirmation includes names for if they from adult years it uses including names e-mail addresses passwords i t addresses milling addresses of hong kong-based company said it has contacted all the affected users via e-mail.
6:39 pm
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6:42 pm
from floyd house kristen has hollywood today live daily wrap. >> reporter: games the turkey the thanksgiving i'll installment mocking j part to with the sec a week a row. $51.6 million. >> reporter: halfway most challenging role imam. her he her husband's partner first child. she's already in her second trimester. it previously talked about her desire to come imam in this exciting news. >> reporter: interview with hollywood reporter the fresh prince and the future politics of a political leaders fear what the future of their for me. they might need me out there.
6:43 pm
>> catherine: would today live forever after law-and-order and sports stick with how the lawyers are doing as they go for 19 and 0 in the 23rd straight regular-season win and was up with the officiating yesterday's 40 adders game theory has questions and reaction all sports, enough.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> gary: stepped right now on the seven game road trip. for they begin tonight the chances of winning will be a figure all
6:47 pm
around meanwhile off to the joy of the lawyers the forty-niners the play well defensively yesterday but there were a couple called the thing go their way and alex flynn 158 start money and running. looks like he
6:48 pm
made a good claim but they said unnecessary roughness and jim comes to us and give arizona 1913 when enunciate and then.
6:49 pm
not blame the referee and this makes you fat the malefic improve the officials were going in for 49 years for some ulterior reason may be a mistake. >> grant: that does deviltries
6:50 pm
and every great city.
6:51 pm
>> gary: and promoting the bruise on the right knee in. began the season word tonight though not complete this week but could return the following week against texas rakowski injured last night as the patriots upset by the denver the new coach is named herman coach after serving as interim boss but become the new miami marlins and that's when the
6:52 pm
deals that never gets the jazz announcer only where they can stay in baseball is a feeling the team he might be the coach be that full-time give will be back with the latest on the forecast
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> catherine: is often blended pillorying coming up later. not quite as cold tonight although still will be quite chilly and called for the next couple days of pressure building temporarily by thursday for the rand scattered showers. kron4news-dot-com stay connected of the see later
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like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest. welcome to the magic of home. "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. what would retirement look for kobe? >> i don't want to do this anymore. >> kobe's retirement rocks the world as the women in his life react. >> what do they say to you when daddy told them this was it? >> oh, man! >> is the lakers' black mamba ready to become his family's mvp? the a-list exes put itting their beefs aside for holiday family time. inside their thanksgiving reunion. jennifer lawrence's prerequisite for hiring bodyguards, they are hot. >> j-law, beyonce, adele. hollywood's newest trend, the hot bodied bodyguards.
7:00 pm
♪ ease on down the road >> live with "the wiz." inside last-minute nerves as mary j. blige take on this the role she was born to play. >> so much fun playing the villain. boy, i know that person. hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. gwyneth paltrow and chris martin, nick cannon and mariah carey, caitlyn jenner's and her ex-wives reuniting for one night only and we have thanksgiving to thank. only a hollywood moment. >> so true. but the best part of it all was it was all posted on social media and i am thankful for that. >> aren't we all? we're going to get to that. tonight it's the new hollywood and the sports world are talking about. lakers star kobe bryant officially saying good-bye to his 20 years in the nba. >> it was a time defined by career high championships and mvp titles but also marked by off-court scandals and guilt. by his side through


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