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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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dangerous people to get hands on their weapons. >> obama with a weekly address on terror, guns in the deadly attack in san bernardino. good evening, isis claimed the shooters behind the master was supporters of the terror group. mary maloni in a partnership with cnn gives us details. >> reporter: days after that massacre in san bernardino, isis is the couple responsible for killing 14 people and injuring others were supporters, but didn't directly say isis was responsible. president obama's weekly address saturday focused on the shooting and the influence of terrorist groups. >> it is entirely possible these shooters were extremists, and attack, the dangerous coming from extremist. >> 29-year-old female shooter
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tashfeen malik posted a lesions to isis at some point during wednesday shooting. >> actively encouraging people around the world and in our country to commit terrible acts of violence. >> oftentimes as long will factors. >> as motivation for the attack remains key focus for investigators president obama is calling on congress for stricter gun must. >> we may not be able to prevent every tragedy but the bare minimum we shouldn't make it so easy for potential terrorists or criminals to get their hands on a gun they could use against americans. >> i'm very maloni reporting. some of the weapons used by the shooters, purchased by someone else in given to the terror coupled, the fbi issuing warrants to the original gun owners to get to the bottom of how the semi automatic got into the hands of the shooters. the president will speak to the nation from the oval office tomorrow at 5 pm our time, this
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is only the 3rd time he has done that from the oval office, expected to be a major announcement about the attack in counterterrorism measures here in the us, we will be hearing this message live on kron4 from beginning to end. tomorrow, 5 a clock pacific time on kron4. instead of making plans for the holidays 14 families are making funeral arrangements for their loved ones killed in the terror attack. j peper in our partnership with cnn reports on those. >> reporter: cherished family members, friends, parents, 14 people. between the ages of 26 and 60 who spent their final days celebrating together. kissing their loved ones goodbye in the morning and never believing they would come home. >> the thought that was running through my mind was this than true. >> ryan drove his boyfriend
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daniel kaufman to the regional center is he did most mornings, he will grant a coffee shop there. he was taking a break on a bench outside when he was killed. >> he was the world to me, he meant the world to me. >> many of the victims were parents leaving behind at least 18 children whose world changed forever. >> she was an amazing person, she was so nice, she always supported me everything i did. >> benneta bet-badal had 3 children, her family and friends say she came to america for my run at 18 to escape -- came to america from my run to escape religious extremism. >> we find it horrible that a woman who came to this country under these circumstances would find herself gunned down by religious extremists. >> michael wetzel leaves behind
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6 children and his wife renie, friend speaking for the family told cnn how she learned of his murder. >> there was a survivors list and he was in on it, they told her if he was in on it he was gone. >> robert adams had always wanted to be a dad, he and his wife welcomed a little girl 13 months ago, on a fundraising page, his family said he was 100% in daddy land. his family says he cherish every moment with his daughter. 27-year-old sierra clayborn, was a church daughter as well. dedicated, motivated in beautiful young woman her family said in a statement, sierra sister wrote my heart is broken, and devastated. the family of the youngest victim is also. aurora godoy was just 26 and she leaves behind a husband and 2-year-old son. this
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community and the families of all the victims will need tremendous strength to move forward, to treat many learned from their loved ones. >> i'm doing okay, because what else can i do, i have to stay strong. >> the fbi cut the lead agency on the investigation, piecing together the clues, even small ones to figure out the motive of the married couple. jack clifford talked with an expert national security who said while the shooters may not up in order to attack he had some sort of training. >> on friday the fbi announced the investigation into the deadly attack in san bernardino is being treated as a possible case of terrorism. michaelmas, a professor of public policy at uc berkeley specializing in national security issues says that wantedãwhile he believes they may have acted alone a large supply of weapons in their home suggests they would've received training from someone.
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>> you don't just pick up an assault rifle the first time in shoot accurately. the fact that isis has and claim this and neither has anyone else suggests they were acting somewhat independently. inspired by isis but still almost certainly with knowledge or support collaboration of other individuals. we find out who those people are. >> he also says investigators will cast a wide net as they search for answers focusing on electronic communications. >> digital choice obviously his first priority, any person. dealings with. >> wherever the investigation leads he believes one thing is for certain, the attack showed security officials are facing a new threat. >> it opens a new possible line of attack which we haven't been prepared for, non-suicide bombers, women, not multiple shooters like paris but one
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couple, a whole new scenario that hasn't been planned for. >> charles clifford, kron4 news. a shooting on highway 242 in concord, police are looking for gunmen, read in the newsroom with the latest details on that. >> reporter: the victim of the shooting, underwent surgery this evening and is expected to survive. around 3:40 pm on the southbound lanes of the highway between grand street and concorde, police say the victim was shot multiple times in the upper body, he ended up at jon meurt mikal center and concorde but has been transported to the center in walnut creek that has a trauma center. he is still at large, witnesses say he drove off in a silver suv but no one was able to get the make, model or license plate of the vehicle. highway 242 was shut down for number of hours as investigators combed the scene, the highway has reopened this
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evening, the suspect is still at large, no physical description of the suspect, the only thing police have is that he was driving a silver suv. reporting live from the newsroom alecia reid kron4 news. >> concerns about terrorism and vulnerability in public spaces, increase in security at levi's stadium tonight, chris stanford took up does stanford took on usc in critical game, here's the story, live at levi's ddm, kate. >> reporter: good evening, the game is still going on but it is become a blowout with stanford winning. levi's stadium traffic is already started, i was told tonight security levels were normal, here at the stadium of course it still means tight. >> the labyrinth of metal gates in the parking lot, it is no
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easy task for some fans to get into be by stadium. >> in light of recent events i understand the heightened security. >> fans filed through metal securitiesãto doctors to get in, blankets unrolled, pockets emptied and beers chuck before anyone can get into the stadium , santa clara police looked on. this woman and her knees turned away because their purses violated the strict bag policies. >> to be told i couldn't enter a venue because i'm an in inch and a half over a guideline is ridiculous. >> the stadium bands every bag over 4.5 x 6.5" unless they are clear plastic. while some compare the security to the tsa. >> they have a point. >> this is nothing compared to the ocean of police officers we're told to anticipate for the super bowl next year.
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3 weeks ago the stadium held a massive security training exercise that was supposed to be opened to the media, but closed after the paris attacks, which included suicide bombers at the soccer stadium. even after most fans were in their seats federal agents brought bomb sniffing dogs by trash cans taking every precaution to make tonight's game a safe one. >> now, even a big event like this one, the championship is considered a training for the real big event, the super bowl next year. reporting live in santa clara tonight i'm kate cagle kron4 news. it ready for rain in the bay area, brian and the weather center, what can we expect? >> this is in a huge system, it will bring some rain for the north bay and later amounts as we get into the south bay in east bay. it is producing heavy rain up
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for north around eureka in into the pacific northwest. the system live on stormtracker 5, as it approaches the bay area it will largely fall apart especially after passes the golden gate bridge and moves into the east bay in south bay. right now it is a robust system, it will take a while for the what weather to get here. probably not until after midnight, that is when it will stopãstart and spread through sunrise. rainfall heaviest in the north bay, a 3rd of an inch into the valley, an inch or more in the wettest places in the highest elevation, by the bay a quarter of an inch and not much in the south and east bay, attentive minutes. i'll talk more coming up. i still coming up a bizarre turn of events when young man decided to climb a tree in an oakland parks, a limb gave way to tread she. the man who brought us one of the most popular specialties has died but he lisa culinary legacy behind. >> with terrorism top of mine
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holidays are approaching and so is the season for package thieves. tonight fremont store shares surveillance video of a man stealing 7 boxes full of $800 worth of christmas gifts. they tell kron4, their hope is someone recognizes the man before he strikes again. >> reporter:, on camera, this, the alleged thief. with help from neighboring surveillance cameras, snapshot of the car he used to pull the heist. >> he was driving past, so packages on the porch, made 3 trips to take the boxes back to his car. >> donna filed a police report after discovering friday afternoon, she was away from her home in the san jose
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neighborhood when the man swiped the boxes. neighbors found ripped up packaging on the roadway but none of the items were inside. they don't want have packages with our name to the get rid of evidence. shoes or gifts in the back no questions asked, but with my address could lead to suspicion. >> she says despite her car being parked in the driveway and dogs barking inside the house this man still walked up to the porch to grab the packages not knowing he was on camera. >> we want to get his face out there and help it get caught or spare someone else so he doesn't do this again. >> a neighbor wrote on the license plate what is to believe a 2010 chevy it when us, but they appear to be registered to another car. mason thinks the getaway car as stolen. package theft is happening all over the bay area causing homeowners like mason to take notice, then change how packages are received or
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delivered. >> ship everything through fedex and ups, then it isn't attempt tatian if they leave them on your porch. we ask the shippers to put them in a place you can see them behind a fence, or put a sign that they don't be packages on the porch. it is also the season for shopping and one local police agency is getting creative it comes to warning shoppers of keeping their cars locked. scott race is here with us, how are they doing this? >> reporter: taking the social media to get their message across, 32nd video reminding the holiday shoppers who come out, poll also where they are to keep their doors locked. >> there are 2 types of burglars, those who pull on door handles. >> a flashy new warning from the poll also police department. >> when they find something they want a break in. >> the message from this video
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is clear. >> this crime is easily avoided. >> while you are shopping inside the store is that these are doing their own shopping in the parking lot. >> then there are window shoppers. >> we showed the video to shoppers and some said it was great. >> definitely. >> other wasãothers say it is common knowledge. >> i would think it is standard, you would know that, but it is good they are putting it out there. but it is something i would do anyways. >> and you lock up your car when you go inside somewhere? >> i always do. >> no matter the feeling these shoppers say they won't forget to keep things safe this holiday season. >> i just make sure all my very special items are covered as much as possible. to make sure i lock my doors. >> i try not to keep valuables in there and i bring everything with me. >> and poll also scott race
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kron4 knows. >> wet area coming to the bay area for tonight showing up on stormtracker for, heaviest rain north of the bay, ukiah, eureka, under the gun for tonight. tail end of the system is a comes through the bay area after midnight into tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts as a showed you are expected to be light, old gate bridge live you, clouds we've seen all day, pretty gray this afternoon, in advance of the system. for tonight after midnight the rain starts in the north bay and spread south. for tomorrow morning by the time sunrise rolls around after 7 am most of the steady rain should be over, dealing with scattered showers to the morning. they should end around noon and that breaks of sunshine as we get into tomorrow afternoon. basically what futurecast a showing. at midnight tonight, extensive
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cloud cover in place, rain around ukiah, solely making a trip to the south until 5 am. 5 am rain north of golden gate bridge, sonoma and napa counties, this is producing light to moderate pockets of heavy rain in the north bay, starts to fizzle out as it pushes into the rest of the bay area. by 8 am as it gets towards hayward in the south bay the rain is pretty light, and it falls apart. some showers to the morning, 11 am, 6ãscattered showers making its way, for the afternoon dry, and some breaks of sunshine. for the morning temperatures starting in the mid-40s, club cover keeping us milder, upper 40s and low 50s the side. afternoon warming up into the low 60s, and see some warmer days coming up. i will talk about that later on.
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the warriors do it again, winning streak continues but not without nailbiting moments. said news about the bay area man who brought us williams-sonoma. -- sad news about the bay area man who brought us williams-sonoma.
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the man who created a culinary empire, williams-sonoma has died. chuck williams opened his first tour in sonoma in 1956, a few years later relocated into san francisco union square. attribute on the website shows he is a lover of cooking and entertainment and he was inspired to open his store after a trip to paris where he saw so many great things for cooking. chuck williams died today of natural causes at the age of 100. still ahead, the cold reality for good cause. i will be gone in a minute,
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i spent some time in downtown walnut creek looking at holiday shoppers. >> the next edition of people behaving badly.
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the officers a challenging job, faced with danger and held responsible for public safety. every harbor front of the challenges come in different forms and often for good cause. >> reporter: officers hit the road, ticket plunge into chilly waters and committed to drinking these cars across the park, to help kids with chronic illness. >> all for worthy cause for make-a-wish, reflection of what i call the heart and soul of the san francisco police department, we get back to our community and friday of ways. >> shpd greg says it is a reflection of his departments intent. >> this is who we are, not use of force, these are who pretty -- hudak is a. >> where the 100 participants were expected to raise more than $100,000 for the make-a- wish foundation. >> is a great foundation we're
8:27 pm
proud of it, it is the hurt and sold the police department. it is a reflection of the city. >> almost 10 times more than the event raised when it started in 2002. in san francisco every harbor kron4 news. an unexpected turn of events for young man clearing -- climbing a tree house renter paying tribute. 2 stars bringing their is it back to paris how they want to show support for the city still in recovery. in southern california an uneasy feeling as san bernardino works through the motions of the mass shooting, kron4 news is back in 2 minutes.
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president obama will address the nation tomorrow night about the terrorist attack in san bernardino the need for gun control.
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his weekly address today he called on congress to pass major and control and close the loop holes that allow people unwashed list to buy guns. he said the country can go on as is and remain safe. >> we know the killers used military style assault weapons. weapons of war to kill as many people as they could. another tragic reminder that here in america it is too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns. >> the president as we mentioned earlier will speak to the nation from the oval office tomorrow at 5 pm our time, his 3rd time he has done in, it is expected to be a major announcement about the attack, and counterterrorism measures the us will carry out, the president, right here on kron4 from beginning to end, 5 pm pacific time on kron4. since the massacre people here in the bay area are on alert and taking the initiative
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to learn how to defend themselves. alecia reid visited a shooting range to talk to families. >> reporter: it sounds like we are having technical issues, we will get back to that story shortly. here we go, we have the package ready. >> reporter: target practice, learning how to load and shoot, many are now on alert. >> with all the shootings it is becoming need instead of a want. people need and are taking initiative to be prepared. >> the shooting in san bernardino was only 3 days ago, since then, police have said their phone is ringing of --
8:32 pm
nonstop. >> a big influx of people calling in trying to schedule classes, to be prepared for any instance. >> the target master west, one man brought his son target practice. isn't just firearms training, that they are here for. >> it is always good to be on alert. >> they also want to know what to do if they find themselves face-to-face with a mass shooter. >> situations we need to be able to defend ourselves. >> they say there are 3 things to remember, run, hide and anthony presents itself, fight. alecia reid kron4 news. it was a big night for the golden state warriors who keep finding a way to win and keep their unbeaten streak alive. they are now 21 and zero, they did it on the road tonight against the raptors, when he in
8:33 pm
the final minute. the nailbiter 112, 109 after dominating the raptors, it looked like they are going to cruise to an easy win and extend their undefeated streak, but they played small i have to keep pace with the directors who managed to erase the dubs or 2 point lead. chris curry led the team with 34 points, set the record for the best ever start reproaching in any american sport, amazing. oakland has until the end of the month to come up with a plan to keep the raiders in town, the nfl has told him in st. louis in san diego they need to present a rocksolid plan if any of those teams were moved to southern california. local fans are confident the mayor will meet the deadline. >> in another story, a holiday weekend ended in a tragic loss of life. oakland tech high school student, bizarre twist of events, jeff pierce visited the
8:34 pm
site of the facility to learn more about the young man who died.>> reporter: a tree collapsed, taking the life of 16-year-old jack lewis, an innocent adolescent celebration. after sunset friday evening high school friends gathered to acknowledge a moment in their lives. >> it was a girl's birthday, there's a lot of people here, and a lot of people over at the park. we were coming in to meet up with everyone. >> as they waited for everyone's arrival, the venture some members of the group climbed the tree at the edge of the lake. >> 3 people were sitting on board branch, he jumps up to hang onto it and it fell. >> saturday morning the friends met to mourn their loss and create a makeshift memorial on what remained of the tree. >> we all waited until we were able to speak after. it just
8:35 pm
doesn't feel real. >> he was a super handsome dude, very nice to me. every time i saw him he was happy to see me. >> it is the happiness that alludes these friends this holiday season. in oakland jeff pierce. still ahead, getting a clear picture of our universe, mixing science with holiday season where they converge for great family experience here in the bay area. storm system getting closer for tonight, there's the rain to the north of the bay area, will talk about when it is over us, coming up next. ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me
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holiday shopping spree as well underway but with so many people out there buying gifts in the stores we are learning new lessons from stanley roberts for in those people who
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are behaving badly. >> reporter: i've my boyfriend i will be out in a moment. >> i call the five-minute winter in boulder creek, around the plaza, shoppers will only be around for about 5 minutes. the most unique reason for stopping. >> i'm just waiting for the ups guy. >> i am waiting for 5 boxes, he is to drop it in a place over here. >> so you are blocking a holding traffic waiting for ups. >> he told me to come over here and park. >> you can't park legally tweet form. >> come back to him in a moment. >> walking around the shopping district for any district, while you're on your phone try not to stand in the street. >> you don't have the walk
8:39 pm
sign, don't walk. just like drivers don't turn right at no turn sites. try to walk at a crosswalk, and not jaywalk. remember there is a smoking ban downtown, so don't jump your smoke letter on the street. i understand shopping can be stressful but try to stay in the crosswalk, don't text and drive. and no, using your shoulder to hold the phone junior while driving doesn't count as hands- free. neither does holding its your mouth on speaker. if someone asked you to watch your purse, watch their person not the phone. only valuables and's shopping makes visible in your car try to hide them. remember no u-turns, no five-
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minute hold for blinkers, and is the driver blocking traffic. he finally moved as soon as he saw this suv. in walnut creek stanley roberts kron4 news. people behaving badly, looks like the storm systems headed into northern california , is it significant? >> reporter: significant to the north but by the time it gets here it will fall apart and will get much out of it, maybe a quarter of an inch, heavier amounts across the north. live stormtracker for, -- 4, heavy rain north of ukiah, as it makes its push into the bay area, these yellow colors start to fade away, light rain. alive fuel, bay bridge, i noticed the
8:41 pm
past couple of nights, the lights on the cables starting to read., that is a nice site. for tonight but for rain began in the north after midnight, it will spread to the south through the morning, reaching san jose and the east bay around sunrise at 7 am. steady rain turnover to showers through noon, and should wrap up for the afternoon. several systems on the way after that, not so much for monday and tuesday, stormtracker will head to the north but by wednesday a week a storm arriving for could bring light rain to the north, stronger system for thursday that could bring an inch or more of rain in the latest locations in another after that for saturday night and sunday. things could get busy around here as we head into the middle and late part of next week. storm for tonight, and for tomorrow, but for rain early on. scattered showers through new
8:42 pm
and breaks of sunshine for the afternoon. monday the system coming through but stormtracker is pushing north so the rain will be north the area. sunshine for the afternoon after morning clouds. tuesday warmer temperatures close to 70. clouds and sunshine, and weak systems for wednesday afternoon , slight chance of light rain now, most of it could be north of golden gate, stronger storm for thursday and another saturday night. right now it is snowing in a popular be area, and there are real render. i will show you great family holiday activities next on kron4. and roar, and crack,
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and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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in london a possible terrorist attack under investigation, 3 people stabbed by man in london
8:45 pm
underground, one person seriously injured, the suspect is under arrest and british authorities are calling it appears incident. weeks after helplessly watching terrorists gunned down there fans american rock band eagles of death metal will return to paris for an emotional performance with youtube. you to also had their concert interrupted by the we can of terror but sunday and monday they will perform in paris. bono sat down for an interview to talk about the return to paris and the fallout from the shooting in san bernardino. >> reporter: did you think about playing the next day, was a possible? >> we hoped to play, it down on us that we shouldn't give up. >> we didn't have a choice, within hours of the shooting, they were shutting down all events. it wasn't our decision. we were
8:46 pm
determined to go back as quick as we could. paris is a very romantic city, the essence of romance is to find joy we think is a mark of our band and rock 'n roll. we're a life force, interesting celebrating all things we love, trying to destroy those things, like women. we love being in paris and the word from our france, i think there are 300 tickets not taken up. >> there probably people coming from other continents, i don't know. >> everyone that could of been there was showing appear >> bunnell says the group hopes to play the day after the
8:47 pm
attacks but realized the day after the shooting incident. u2 was determined to get back as quickly as they could. recent acts of terrorism has highlighted how vulnerable are city is to attack, rain kelley want to an elementary school, a trip left them with mixed emotions that their children should learn. -- such a somber lesson. >> reporter: we're having more technical problems, let's take a look at this. these may be the clearest close- up shots we have seen yet of pluto's surface. announced the new horizons spacecraft, the summer in july during the closest flyby of pluto, black and white images released and showed craters mountains in glacial terrain, new horizons said, pluto this
8:48 pm
past summer, nasa said it would take a year to transfer all the photos and the data. if you are looking for good holiday family experience had to golden gate park, the academy of science museum is running its to's the season for science program, and accordance with plans there are holiday exhibits. you want to check this out. >> reporter: it rarely snows in the bay area, i am from michigan so i've always felt bad for kids in the winter, it snowed inside the california academy of sciences twice an hour during the month of december. giant snowman is like a mini planetarium, snowman theater where a movie teaches the science behind snow. >> he said on the floor cross like it, it is a great show, the u2 they also have real reindeer, holiday in frosty.
8:49 pm
i cut them during the break, really chill when i was filming them but they trot around and impress their guests with their enormous antlers. i asked where does one acquire reindeer? >> reindeer farms, raise reindeer, we get the reindeer from north of los angeles. >> this one i really like, closer to december santos swims with the fishes. >> one of our diverse, inside the aquarium tank, there's a price cut used to seeing a driver but not in his suit floating all over the place. >> hours and pricing of the academy of sciences and learn about other great holiday activities you can do with your family look for our special holiday section on the website or mobile app.
8:50 pm
with tech news gabe slate. >> if you would like to connect with him, twitter, facebook or email. a way to eat out this holiday, we talk to an expert who showed us how to manage your weight and eat what we want , pretty much. we will be right back.
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an anonymous buyer purchased a
8:53 pm
rare pressing the beatles white album from pringle stars for the collection, his personal one, for a whopping $790,000. depressing was the first in the united kingdom of the 1968 amos album. the two-day auction in beverly hills included over 800 items owned by ringo starr and his wife actress barbara boxer. proceeds will go to benefit the couples lotus children's foundation. everyone knows holidays are held for everyone watching their weight but never fear if you are faced with keeping health things at the table adina^ we talk with a weight loss expert on how to eat out on a diet. >> reporter: your dining out on a what you do? alexandria marcus is up food trainer. >> she is trim now but not
8:54 pm
always. >> against on opera, she shared her history of yo-yo dieting and is sharing her tips on time ? >> don't go out starving. >> don't go to a restaurant overly hungry. that is a big landmine. you are missing out on eating and heading towards a food coma. >> we're thinking about the next fight and haven't finished with in her mouth. >> slowdown see her body can register when you were full. >> pay attention to the company's -- company around you, often when you are with company you get in the mesmerizing hand to mouth position. you don't stop. >> share and share alike. >> it is good idea to share on trace. >> this is where the rubber meets the road, what you do when confronted with this sunday?
8:55 pm
full permission to eat a sunday, not coming from the food tray. >> a bite of desert won't kill you. >> if you blow it, no guilt. happy dining. >> she did kind of show the sunday away. >> is it okay to load up on bread-and-butter. >> probably not to do good idea . >> it will rain tonight? something we need right? >> unfortunately we won't much in the way of precipitation, a quarter of an inch around the bay, here is where the rain is now. up into ukiah and eureka, it will make its way, south through tonight, the rain will begin in the north day after midnight and spread south to the south bay. as well as the rest the bay throughout 7 in the morning. after 8 to 9 the city rain will
8:56 pm
end and we will have light showers run no, then the showers wrap up and we have break of sunshine. as far as how much to his expect, not a lot for the south bay in the east bay, a 10th of an inch by the bay, slightly new -- more by the north bay, for the hills especially has we get up to northern sonoma county to the coastal range may be an inch or more. the amounts you notice start to spike north from sonoma county, santa cruz pounds about half. >> speaking of the mountains, they will want to see some action right? >> on the slopes, lots of white powder. >> we want to add that the president will speak to the nation from the oval office tomorrow at 5 a clock our time, only the 3rd time he is done that from the oval office. is a major announcement about
8:57 pm
the terror attacks and we will carry it live from beginning to end. that will rapid us -- wrap it up for us, but we will be back at 11 pm. have a good night everybody.
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e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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