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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 8, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: that is the main system we have a call for come off of that that will usher in some pretty significant rainfall snowfall and went to the area of as early as wednesday but really hammering us all day thursday it is a day to watch will bring some pretty distance no to this year we have plans at the top of all have a whole lot of fresh powder to enjoying.
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>>rebecca: as a make the
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connection with to aiding the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty packed getting into downtown san francisco. >>mark: on cnn this morning he
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took him to task about his statements..
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>>mark: will lie with the islamic center in fremont this morning with reaction from the muslim community >>will tran: it
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does not help the calls plus it does not represent the religion there peace-loving people about 15 minutes ago were able to get a cup of reactions here was what to gentleman had to say about the comments.
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will continue to the reaction come up in a clock is not a very hard to get to the comet on donald trump would protect a particular community. >>anny hong: the gonna rain said
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that he practiced at the range with what appeared to be a new rifle just two days before the attack authorities also said that the year before the rampage that killed 14 people county employees on the one at the shorter training and the same conference room with their killed on wednesday and it is not clear if he attended the training back of the 2014. >>darya: the story continues to develop every day the latest
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press conferences and in news the price >>darya: oscar was back in court to award judge granted him they'll dissent that he proved that he is not a flight risk bass to south africa's supreme court of appeals overturned the stores conviction of homicide and stefan of guilty to the more serious charge of murder and a deficit your friend is lotus said it will appeal the decision to the constitutional court and that he should be allowed to remain free on bail while they do that the hearing before the court could take months.
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>>mark: is working with the department to the disposition and minimize use of force to run because of the shooting circulated on social media and last night the naacp math to discuss this incident this said they tried their best the naacp plans have a meeting with the police commissioner tomorrow their colorful form and pleased, including sensitivity training for officers. >>darya: tache was made almost
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70 recommendation to the sheriff's office the public at to see how all this was fun to lose track condition last night the will to create internal affairs unit at a command to out and scored napa hire more of this deficit and to train officers on the use of force. >>mark: they could get one step closer to move across the the supporters oppose their renascence francisco by catherine and city hall to help to build the small business on the junior members and neighbors will rally in support of their green and new that highlight the ways of a benefit to sitting--c
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ity. >>mark: the sentences of four sabahs will vote on an ever and is of fireman's impact report after the rally prosecutors described by industry and the 21 suspects indicted are said to be part of the ghost town gang of west oakland this said the targeted cars and car terrell chocolate center a milpitas and the stanford shopping center and auto. authorities believe the suspects rent-a-car server in the area and then used a special device
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to bring a car windows and still stands to the substance of and to other crimes as well. >>mark: 22 as the come to after meeting including half of the college basketball team will tell you where + really new information this morning about what may have caused a tree limb to fall killing and of the teenager was of course the cost of the area because of the drought will take a closer look at, water levels from the unique math-point.
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>>mark: a slow walk to start issuing parts of portland area and the state of oregon as was what to stay to same-store system to could not prevent the sea of course of maybe even 2 in. of rain with the system before it is all said and done
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>>james: from three things the one on the new conditions to exist to the above average temperatures for the sea surface across the pacific and still in flight is to above average and the sub we're still on track to pick and onion in january and would take off as a handsprings pretty much everything still on track know the changes were still looking at a critical to john tenniel situation from january.
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>>james: the for showers may start to fall in the north as early as tomorrow that call to my right to sit up there coverdell by even 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning in the showers will linger come on the north but the known to the afternoon when a sluicing much from except to the north bank that would just be like on wednesday and thursday is one to be the big on what the story for us for the entire bay area where we can expect from us anywhere from accordance of to make it and to have bid to enter is on the north bank assists--bay
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>>mark: temperatures in the fall of the pennzoil we what we have pretty serious fall on the fairfield but kamal visibility up not of under that and santa rosa does over san the dances were picking it up elsewhere to it will be an impact to you in one form or another >>james: again and is the calm before the storm because as we enter the second half of the week is from the active with the rain coming down and announced on thursday it will be tracking it for your honor, broadcast
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online >>rebecca: this is an affair should area of course he is tree is reported to have fog does want to affect interstate 8680 and also high with 12 if these are your commit area is definitely be careful usual the the two should speak in this area and the cartoonist bridge cholent pfizer has been issued by the sea its peak because it is under dense fog read now to watch because in the span and the time some catamite my will to lead a little bit earlier than normal. >>rebecca: to see some yellow
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and red on the screen is to cause some delays as a result of the drive time into downtown san jose is one to be about 30 minutes to get you up to capitol expressway twisting things over to the bay bridge is still packed tested for getting into downtown san francisco is about the same as last two to two to five minutes from the macarthur maze getting into san francisco. >>mark: a second look alexa, and far northern sonoma, the largest was of course in the state right now is less than half full of the 29 trillion gallons to use we holds the low water level
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here is not entirely due to drought the reservoir is potentially cab below capacity for years because it is a need of a seismic upgrade to next reservoir is to clear reservoir and the center teresa him to saw the san jose and is on a off 36% of capacity and like anderson reservoir kent intentionally low because it is to be retrofitted. >>mark: the accident happened on friday near children's fairyland and lake merritt a 16 year-old oakland tech a junior
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the oakland city trick or remove the broken tree branch and the rest of the tree on saturday people live and open can report trees the same dangerous to the city's public works department
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she goes up to the house with a coffee in this case she left the call for she got away with the package as i have listed then identified her because the video tape and not have the coffee to get look in the getting an arrest warrant several members
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of the school basketball team are among those who got sick. >>darya: 30 tuesday reported symptoms 20 of them had to go to the hospital
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>>mark: it was taken during the last 10 months the read other include restrictions on driving in barbecue chinese president has promised action on greenhouse gas emissions of many schools closed for smaller than
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they suggested he get tree behind bars. >>mark: a trend has a car stuck on the tracks where neighbors said this is nothing new to the bus plowed into a building and georgia will show you what happened.
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>>rebecca: 6¢ also 246 headed into on the creek because of the fall the easy a conventional reduced to speak to this area and also issued a travel advisory if you're crossing the cartoonist bridge.
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. >>james:we wil be back.
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>>darya: they're offering up to five free sandbags if you live and out of mature to show proof that you live there the station will be open every tuesday winston and colors that except on harvest and except during storms the hours are 11 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon.
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>>james: 4 right now here look at the conditions of sfo will have a lot of fog and low clouds of their effect would have to much of a bevy of the forties to low 50s no time for a month it will be mild and for fifties to low 60s with klaus about their
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partly sunny temperatures maxim not and to the mid fifties for allow the communities today enjoy it will be nice compared to what is coming our way. so >>anny hong: month called for a welfare check on an average as before turned on the last night that discovered on the response of woman and a side of the home where were unable to provide the women ahead.
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>>jackie sissel: the air france flight 83 left san francisco international airport this say about $5.20 five they're received an anonymous threat at that point the capitol lawn here letting passengers know that their record to divert to montreal and the point that landed in montreal to about an hour inside of the plan as police investigators went through.
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>>jackie sissel: the slide left them around 3:00 a.m. from montreal less still in the air as to speak this to the third air france flight as an effective this been diverted since the attack in november and paris they said they want to
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take all precautions unless there to keep the passengers said. >>mark: he calls america's not discriminate against those who follow as long will there's members of the moslem community organization and they point got to really watch the president of office address the woman at the moss said because of the head start today where there were about a backlash in the wake of the parents and san bernardino attack the hope the message to
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others come at a consensus across to the full of american we have more on the terror attack of san bernardino will have more stories from those lost lives as well as the latest press conference. >>darya: the police to look for someone who posed as a share a deputy and tried to rob a safe plant into the store told employees he was investigating the theft and told employees that he wants to do an interview.
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>>mark: man behind bars after they found him in the girls' bathroom of the san ramon of every school this happened as before known yes to that of this elementary and get a call the man on school grounds on top of the bathroom the contacted level this is a well-known transient use a dignified but for your edward montez he said he did not talk to any student body was arrested for disrupting the scorn by letting probation.
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>>darya: for the chemical has been linked with debilitating respiratory disease known as popcorn longs and is called the because it appeared in a workers' when held artificial butter flavoring from michael with popcorn the also found to lead the to is the harmful compounds and minute of the tested flavors they said the signing show that we need to learn a lot about the dangers of the cigarettes. >>mark: the department of public
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health law angeles capping a sudden his villa in the marina district or people say the speed is the problem might remember this the same area with 212 your boy's forehead to the walking to school is to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety and is funded by 200,000 holograph from the state's office of traffic safety the goal was to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths to 052024 and 60 to the top cause of accidents and san francisco.
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>>james:new snow on the way .
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey
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>>gary: in the last seven years have been the fourth finalist for the heisman trophy part to laugh and the have not been able to break through and in the on the bay area of university heisman trophy runner-up we've ever had another california and jim plunkett in 1970 from stamford
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>>gary: stand for stance more than just football of the convict our commander some of the of the schools do not >>darya: to send the kids all around fantastic. >>darya: will prerogative for him and his staff and increased it to 49 hours but in this
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problem of the alabama had such a head start and people make of that mines couple weeks ago. >>darya: 5 and talking with the boys and is said and how it's a long way from december and is a long way to june that cannot keep this up at this level and an export. >>gary: member they're really very to play better once they get one loss and they don't have
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to worry about. >>gary: that he said because the have so much that the tech can have an off site from cary and they will come to the fore and that's not want to guys have to strain this is before hot within a one story in a row since come stance is that he is only playing
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>>gary: the sports director told me to shut down. >>darya: 5 was work until now with the bill i feel better-- nike deal. >>darya: as if he already did not have the lifetime killed jordan has had a but we think
7:51 am
about where some of these not to be overly dramatic the group without a father and rock and tough circumstances. >>gary: this guy made it happen for himself. >>darya: keeps threatening to take a video of myself you may think that but when you don't
7:52 am
know how plant would i do is undaunted over the shoulder. >>darya: i'm just admiring the way she took the shot. >>darya: did you hear about the name? >>gary: it didn't bother me
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,''>>darya: eye on the slim the confines of the people we are more worried about getting out of the traffic and having to drivers 7 mi. and 50 minutes. >>gary:looking sharp. >>darya:see ya gar.
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>>darya: do it now rather than later lot of people out going to be shopping late this year the washington post reports that people on more inclined to did lead the shopping because hauler and sell bills and no longer block friday their spread over several weeks online shoppers could in the pain for procrastination because shipping prices go up the closer you get to christmas.
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>>darya: if you wait too long the specter of a more for the shipping and pay more if you go to the stores in terms of time because of all the people. >>mark: wants to ban all muslims from entering the united states find out why and what the muslims are saying about it.
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to >> reporter: from san leandro down to milpitas is 51 minutes.
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the bay bridge toll plaza is packed and will take about 25 minutes into this san francisco . >> donald trump is calling for total and complete shutdown. until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. >> mark: he said he wants to ban all muslim people from entering the u.s. on cnn this morning:
8:03 am
>> i'm talking about a temporary situation that needs to be remedied. we had world trade center number one and then world trade center no. 2 and then make many things after that. we had muslims became radicalized and then wanted to do more damage than that. >> will: we have seen dozens of muslims go to their early morning prayer at 630. in over nine hours late last night trump's comments were exploded but the muslims said they were not shocked. a little earlier
8:04 am
trump said mosques should be kept under surveillance. they say they are her but are willing to forgive. >> this is not good we are a peaceful people and this is what we preach. >> will: is this her full? is a racist? >> we bring peace so the that all the people in the world can have peace. >> will: only one person in the whole morning called a racist. the muslims are confident in who
8:05 am
they are and what they teach. as we continue to get reaction i'll have more. >> mark: later in the morning we will hear from supporters of donald trump. >> darya: will learn more about the san bernardino attacks. >> anny: both husband and wife were radical islamists for a long time. the fbi said they tested their guns just days before the attacks. people at a local range said they saw the husband practicing. one of the
8:06 am
questions is how well the firearms got into the hands of the shooters. investigators say that and read kmart tens. the seller of the weapons has not been charged with any crime. >> darya: hundreds of people came last night for a vigil. yesterday was the first day county employees went back to work at the center. you can always go to kron-4-dot-com for
8:07 am
more information. >> mark: last week there was a police shooting. mayor ed lee said he would work with the police department to prioritize the escalation in use of force for officers. >> we are all americans and we have rights.
8:08 am
>> mark: they will have a meeting with the police commissioner tomorrow to have it foresees training with the officers. >> darya: will talk about gun sales. the golden state warriors could get closer to san francisco and will talk out the bay area people feel about that
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>> mark: the bold as the warriors might be moving across the bay to a different arena that seats 18,000 people. many people in san francisco however nonsupport this arena. >> james: i'm checking whether headed to the bay area. we have got rain and we have got snow and more to talk about.
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the >> darya: we are tracking the storm and we are watching what it is doing. >> james: the pacific northwest is getting hammered by this system and then we will see rain in the north bay around wednesday morning. thursday is
8:15 am
when we will really see it wet weather hammer all parts the bay. not only in the bay area but we also have a precipitation in the sierras. the latest projections put us at about a quarter of an inch at livermore or half an inch and veteran san francisco. all around the entire bay we will see significant rain, the mostly seen this season. as we get to january we will have more wet weather. we
8:16 am
have glass of wine that will go up to 35 m.p.h. and it could bring tree limbs and trees down , it will definitely bring lansdowne. if you can wait till the weekend he will have a lot of fresh powder. it is cloudy over most of the day with temperatures in the mid '50s with low to mid '60's had the highest temperature.
8:17 am
>> reporter: we have hot spots for the live from new commute. getting to the dublin interchange will be 33 minutes. to the bay bridge toll plaza it has been very heavy all morning long. from the maze to san francisco is 25 minutes. if you're headed to sfo your way time is about one hour. if you have any fights this morning it well take the one hour. for your
8:18 am
westbound 90 to ride it will be about 40 minutes. the golden gate bridge is moving well. it is starting to clear out with the dense fog clearing away. the mark >> mark: and up and there's a tree limb fl and killed a teenager. this man was jack lewis. he was climbing a tree when the branch killed him.
8:19 am
>> the drought conditions led to our trees being dry and brittle and this led to this man breaking the lam when he climbed the tree and then his death. our tree teams are out. >> mark: people live in oakland to see the industry's should report this to the public works department. >> darya: thieves are intercepting packages right on your doorstep. this happened at wilkes street. this woman at such as delivering coffees, then she says the package, then she just walks away.
8:20 am
>> i saw 4 c. of coffee outside my home and no packages. i go inside and check my video camera. i see someone walked up with coffee in her hand and then take my package. police think they have identified this woman . they're looking at getting an arrest warrant now. >> mark: in the east bay similar crimes are happening. officers are releasing some tips: aware of any cars a shattering delivery trucks. also tried have
8:21 am
packages shipped your workplace if possible. >> darya: several members of the school's basketball team in berkeley have become sick after eating at certain to pull a restaurant. 30 students have reportedly become sick with nausea and diarrhea. most reported that their symptoms have been one week after their meal. >> mark: president obama has called for more gun control. however weapon companies have seen an increase in sales.
8:22 am
whenever the president addresses gun-control sales go up. >> darya: a healthy alternative to cigarettes but it might bring respiratory disease. there is a spider making its way it would slow traffic and will have more next
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the mark >> mark: there's a chemical that unfounded nosey cigarettes that will cause damage to your lungs . there is a chemical that is linked to developing lungs that is an the cigarettes. some of the tested flavors have founded these compounds in them. >> darya: look at the photo and
8:26 am
you will see an elk caring the way a bottle of wine. the elk was going through the bin and it appears to like the wine best of all. >> was the time seeking common
8:27 am
and one >> mark: most people think they are driving just fine but they hit the tracks and get stuck. >> james: it is like and that to feature three with the effort delorian. there's a lot of stormy weather on the way. look at the radar and you can see that. more next. >> jackie: i'm at the airport and i'll tell you why a flight from air france was turned away
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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>> darya: we will get a look at whether in traffic. >> reporter: traffic has action been pretty good today. >> james: thursday's the data look out for if you look at the radar. we're going to get a cold front sweeping through which will mainly happen on thursday but on wednesday we will have light showers. the bulk of the
8:31 am
wet weather, though main front will fall on thursday. walnut creek shows the clouds. we are in the mid-50s and by the time needed to noon will be in the mid-60s. when you pick up the kids and what comb it will be a nice smile day. in july a right now because things will become unsettled for the next few days. >> reporter: 3 or livermore valley commute. through the
8:32 am
double and 680 interchange there will be some slowing. the nimitz freeway as a slow spot, almost 45 minutes from san leandro to milpitas. to san francisco it was well into the macarthur maze but now into the city will take you 25 minutes. and to sfo is about 45 minutes. >> mark: we have a suspicious death in new york city. >> anny: details on my neighbors became concerned is because on
8:33 am
mclaughlin avenue in new york sought a man and put them on alert. the one minute that they found nearby was unconscious and they're unable to revive her. >> darya: an anonymous threat caused an air france flight that went to paris was diverted. >> jackie: 231 passengers took off from sfo yester day heading toward paris. it is five hours into the flight when they were diverted because of an anonymous
8:34 am
threat. according to some passengers, about five hours into the flight the captain came on board said they were diverting the to montreal. the passengers said they were held on the plane for about an hour. viet plane was searched and air france said that after full security alert there was a false alarm. this comes on the heels of the last couple weeks. >> i guess is what it is. if
8:35 am
something is going to happen and it is going to happen. >> jackie: that flight did resume and should line in paris since. this is the third flight has been diverted by anonymous threats. obviously france is using an abundance of caution. >> we are at war with all radical islam. >> mark: these remarks come from donald trump wants to ban all
8:36 am
muslims from coming into the u.s.. >> i do not want the muslims here. what they going to bring to our country? >> we have to protect our american citizens first. >> i'm worried about america and our safety. they need to be stopped. >> mark: will transmit the islamic center. >> darya: san mateo police are looking for a person who pose as a share of deadbeats and tried to rob someone. this man handed
8:37 am
to the bell in uniform on and claims he was investigating theft. this frog sir rob the store when h asked to investigate a possible robbery in the cash room. >> mark: a man was found in the girls' bathroom and in a san ramon elementary school. police contacted the man and he is a well-known transient. police say he did not touch any students but he was arrested for
8:38 am
violating probation and disrupting school. >> darya: reservoir is a very low because of the drought and we will look at it from unique vantage points. laser pointers from kids may be blinding pilots as they're taking off. and a three year old cat gets a fresh start after a new pair of legs.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> mark: to look at this cat who is back on its feet because of prosthetics. the doctor from iowa state university center attach these prosthetics to the cat. no one know how the back legs were injured but now the cat has normal sized legs. >> james: this storm is brewing
8:42 am
and so far it is still there. a is slowly but surely making its way toward the bay and will talk about the wind as well.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> mark: after four consecutive years of dry california's reservoirs are very low. >> reporter: this they can hold
8:45 am
up to 381,000 acre-feet of water that now there's only about 163,000 which is less than half. anderson can hold 90,000 acre-feet of water but currently it is only at 31,000. right behind me is pistolero reservoir wits which can hold about 9900 acre-feet of water but is very low. a cupertino we have a reservoir that can hold 3000 acre-feet of water but is now at about 13%. if you look at google earth you can see how low
8:46 am
the capacities are. >> mark: we have had high surf along the coasts. the water from businesses house allowed some businesses to flourish. we have possible high water this winter may be due to el nino. oceanfront apartments her spending more money to reinforce themselves. the sandbag station in alameda county will hand out sandbags if you are our resident.
8:47 am
>> james: that has been a long time since we have had a storm a strong. we will not only get rain bus and could wind. in the sierras will also be getting a lot of snow. the problem is my neighbor has a huge tree and it keeps dropping leaves. but that is my problem and not yours. in the pacific northwest this storm is pretty fierce. early tomorrow morning will have the rain hitting the north bay. the
8:48 am
storm slowly but steadily marches down until it hits the entire bay by thursday. the wednesday time frame with the scattered light showers changes when thursday comes and the storm brings heavy rain. some communities may see only one quarter of an inch but some areas will bring one-and-a-half and up to 2 in. the wind could gust up to 35 mi. an hour. the
8:49 am
morning commute will probably be a big frustration. we see clouds over san francisco and it should expire here shortly. we will have a lotus mid-60s around the bay. wednesday morning we will have a little dampness but then thursday it will turn white. here's what we see a
8:50 am
melrose with 42 in. of snow. 22 as of valley. >> reporter: we're looking at some slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco but it has improved. or drive time will be about 20 minutes. if you're headed to sfo expect a 45 minute wait time. this entailed bridge is moving better so you're way time is moving it to only 20 minutes.
8:51 am
the richmond san rafael bridge is the exact same as it was before. the golden gate bridge is moving well out of marin county into novato to south 101 to san francisco. >> mark: police in petaluma and need your help finding suspects who stole merchandise from real tell stores. they stole merchandise from expensive retailers. the two of them got away on the scene but they were captured on surveillance. >> darya: san francisco is launching a campaign to target
8:52 am
speeders. you might remember that this is the area were to 12 year old boys were hit as they were going to school. the goal is to reduce the number of speeding drivers at near schools. unsafe speed as the top cause of accidents in 2008 and 2012. >> mark: laser light display shining on homes of people cannot be overshot and hit airplanes a helicopter and sand
8:53 am
from sent mental. this could result to $11,000 fine if you're cardenas. >> darya: you need to think about getting it your christmas shopping done that before it is to way. people are inclined to delay their shopping because the deals are weeks long. procrastinating means you will pay more for shipping. starting
8:54 am
on the 15th prices will increase about 15 percent every day and shipping. >> mark: gary for storm headed towards of the bay area and will talk about the storm coming out along with the morning commute.
8:55 am
8:56 am
to to to the >> darya: for beer lovers there is a place in rochester n.y. that made a giant christmas tree at of kegs. this year's tree is 26 ft. tall with 100 kegs in their. >> mark: we will talk a bay area start up on wall street's. and more on the drug they cheered at jimmy carter from cancer. we also talk about donald trump and how he wants a ban of all muslims into the united states.
8:57 am
we will also be getting ready for more storms coming from the portland. now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas... but four out of five who got their health insurance
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>>rebecca: importance seizures of others to to the flame to block the couple cars aren't often see it. the tow trucks are on the when people approach an impasse in the area will be real
9:01 am
sore right if you're about to look how soon you might want to get it out and have an extra cup of coffee it will be a slow ride and half the weight on the north, one on one transition into san francisco >>mark: controversy, donald
9:02 am
trump sensing what to ban all muslim people from entering the united states he does not have the proposal is not politically correct. >>darya: this is a response to the level of hatred among large groups of the muslim population toward americans. >>: see the french been more impressed with people you see them given their lives is tim refusing to accept fair as a basis for behavior rests hear what you're trying to do in the country that is known as a symbol of freedom in same whereto afraid to be inclusive this enjoy acting on a fair and not making a strong project and what. america's what.
9:03 am
>>: the world trade sennight world trade center number tim minute of the things happening and then we have the california attack with the two animals became radicalized and they want to do far more damage than that. >>darya: gop candidate is criticizing him this morning a senator tell cnn that it is time for republicans to unite against, trump.
9:04 am
>>darya: he did not care if he lost a third-party run so long as he leaves the gop. >>will tran: not hard to get reaction the present come and gone there's still some people inside and started showing up as of the essex was in the morning here is some video of them many of them did not know about the comments that went to bed early and we have to tell the with donald trump had to say about muslims not entering the u.s. for until this is worse is worked out according to donald trump there were not particularly hurt in fact they rely even shock by now asked they're used what he has to send.
9:05 am
>>will tran: he recently said the muslims and moscow should be under surveillance but we did tell them about the latest controversy of commons here with had to say about donald trump. >>: racist he's always have been automatically to take it seriously. >>will tran: that same man who talk about values and morals we have some will he say if a person talk to don trump and he will go outside and pray and fight that loves only one person said the word racist another man
9:06 am
who did not want to own, said donald trump would not be getting my vote. >>darya: they now say the husband and wife both radicalized for quite some time the fbi said and is one of the government has to the guns at a target practice just days before the attack and instructed of riverside of mine said he practiced at the rain will appear to be a new rifle just two days before the attack is
9:07 am
not clear if they attend the training in late 2014 but he was still working for them >>mark: the announced this with his working with the police department to prioritized as opposition and the escalation and analyze the use of force the
9:08 am
several visit of videos of the shooting deaths of a little social media and they're filling out rich in the community the naacp met to discuss the issue the leaders say they tried their best to keep the meeting orderly. >>mark: they plan to have a meeting with the police commissioner tomorrow and members will call for reforms and a police department including sensitivity training off of slides. >>darya: the golden state warriors could be closer to playing in a new arena and san francisco mission how people in the neighborhood phil about the move eye of the pull violent gang members arrested after being involved in the car burglaries dispense from peninsula to the south them how investors might catch them.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>rebecca: getting from hercules to berkeley 32 minutes past because of an earlier accident and the paltry exit the has been cleared and the nimitz is going to grind as them, sam into making the connection with 237 grammar can almost a 40 minute commute along the stretch prosecutors describe a group of irish street gang the 21 suspects and died a said the part of a ghost town this is the target car some car and in the stanford shopping center in palo alto.
9:12 am
>>darya: the rent-a-car survey the area and then used a special device to break car windows and still kept in this to the substance of the month of the crimes as well.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>rebecca: it is going to take 25 minutes to get from the 880 split in hayward over to the one on a connector and san mateo this morning is a good part of all morning long and this is still the same here and respond to this trick shot this is an easy 7 minute trip to golden gate bridge was well out of the north bank.
9:16 am
>>anny hong: they have a big storm, in fact he was a quick check of the winter storm watch
9:17 am
>>anny hong: for oakland 5 grout, could almost down to a quarter mile visibility as well we're not seeing a lot of drizzle from this fall opens have passed that fog obliged to affect the price of what the delta and fairfield and point it out for sacramental and the central valley this will expire in about 45 minutes past talk about this next alarm will put the clock and 4:00 tomorrow morning at the council super dry pretty much all across the bay area called conditions of course
9:18 am
the blowing snow upon the sierra were added on to the leading to wipe out conditions if you have to travel thursday morning-as of occupations and be allowed extra time. >>anny hong: checking at the next three days tomorrow afternoon the rain starts and an option should be fairly light
9:19 am
>>rob black: that mimic that home i'm putting words the should but what is interesting about this is really in mondale's within one to stay in hotel room rather stencils apartment ankle vacation and tall amid the next nickel to santa barbara white hone a retirement home or second home of a qishm is the millennium for
9:20 am
driving this of smelly they're losing tons of money and rabin
9:21 am
>>rob black: even the technology is called a be no therapy when you get some types of cancer and tells a protein to stopped working and it trip to the is brought to you by my and use it on the new system to fight off cancer cells to get this approval last september for this type of cancer they're getting in other types not as well.
9:22 am
>>rob black: the answer is no scene is taken care of the state and their bills to be paid she did not have a credit card but he did as a second she thought she might have write the truth to qualify for credit to get credit in this case she legally this was the car the company and the shutdown if she did: she
9:23 am
would of nothing if he was the last person alive on a to.
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>mark: make it one step closer to moving across the they supporters and the proposed a plan will gather at city hall the team wants to build a team cause the seat arena at the mission bay neighborhood here is what it will look like the highlight the waves that will benefit the city but not every supports fear in the.
9:26 am
>>darya: there will try to keep the streak alive tonight as the tech on the indiana pacers in indianapolis tried to the 23rd when their town to join all record-setting gain season- opening winning streaks to offer the warriors' game is at 4:00 this afternoon. >>darya: 80 is all set for life with nike he has the first ever lifetime contract a lifetime guarantee relationship and i could there not say how much of birth but they said that is the largest single athlete guarantee ever.
9:27 am
>>anny hong: all eyes on the map storm more details on that and also the forecastle, when morning news continues after the break.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>anny hong: technical what the here and this is a comfort to storm a specially on thirst and also will see quite a bit of snow as well quick check of the sfo, will consider cloud conditions about month's time
9:31 am
partial current by 3:00 p.m. tonight after apart the two most sunny conditions tim to talk about low to mid 60's and just today bring in some the decorations today because there was talk to some grain come to the back area tomorrow and will the wide spread from person. >>rebecca: the sea its pitch is issued of fog advisor for the benicia bridge where some of the
9:32 am
pullback of the cars are definitely slowing. >>rebecca: 12 to 25 minutes with ticket to get into downtown san francisco this morning >>mark: the police are investigating a suspicious death we're at the scene of we have details. >>terisa estacio: 1 into your bottom right now here and work and it is certainly an act of crime scene this is the alameda county crime lab that has up the
9:33 am
middle of the street from of the home with the from the woman's body this is a very nice a normally quiet york neighborhood this will not know the situation right now someone called the police department last night requesting the fact track on the welfare of woman who lives at his home on the 5600 block of mclaughlin avenue once inside police said but they found and unresponsive woman and now they're calling this a suspicious death wish to invest in the second pictures we just got off here to the crimes in to return to start talking to residents about this area and who left at home or going to be staying on top of the store for now. >>darya: anonymous threat the called and france flight from san francisco to divert was falls
9:34 am
>>jackie sissel: according to some of the we got from passengers that is when the captain came and told him them on to divert and that is exactly what they did that and of diverting to montreal about five and half hours after the flight had taken off his video of those emergency crews as they run landing and montreal according to some of the passengers then left the plant for about an hour optimal live ever taken off the plan the plane was completely screened by officials in montreal and they came back as ready to go after the full security search false alert confirmed by local authorities following an anonymous threat since then we've also found off the flight has taken off and is on his way
9:35 am
to france once again some of them are concerned the center and not changing what they do. >>jackie sissel: this is the third five that had been diverted since november 18th that is that after the attack in paris this said they will continue to make sure wrapped passengers are safe and do whatever they need to do to make sure the at that is accomplished.
9:36 am
>>mark: donald trump's on to the cause of the comments made yesterday the proposed to ban all moslems an interim the united states the presence of forces the fans wanted to the u.s. is essentially at war and of muslim extremists who is quick to condemn the democrats and republicans alike not everyone is against the conference. they're condemning his proposal as news conference this morning
9:37 am
he said that the comments are not who we are as a party. and violent the party >>darya: he was dressed in was the site the san mateo county sheriff's office he had a belt and he claimed he was investigating the theft told an employee that he wanted to interview someone inside of the store cash offers but the employee became suspicious and said no and saw the man left the store a share of deputies and responded at the scene and said the guy does not work for us and is not the investigation by your stored there try to figure who he is and if he is related to prior report attentive raw brick and have been a different set for last week. >>mark: the age sealed bid
9:38 am
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>>: the nominations out and looks like everything is on to it all right for kendrick who is elected of the nominations including all of the year proposed to him and during the show miami was captured in an on-again off-again since 2012 he retrieves it in days to another car and a smirnoff.
9:42 am
>>darya: you can watch html today at 1:00 p.m. right here we will be right back.
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9:45 am
>>mark: passed on to the sense that stations will be set up to
9:46 am
the alameda open to the public the works to profit off of to five free blacks to live in a committed and show proof of residence in the states will be open ever to their plants and 13 from 11 to one and is located on the to to st. offer west tower of. >>anny hong: home of the biggest bombs please send all season long this is no mass around here but cannot the sideline radar picture we ever did a shower activity of toward not word about that and that in the bay area quite yet have
9:47 am
small and paulo month to four half one bank five mod visibility that selling by lunchtime on a better chance to see some light rain generally 1 to 2 in. maybe half an inch for oakland the bull's-eyes with to
9:48 am
be in the north paint over the next. >>anny hong: loss to small measuring of privacy were to storm watch has been posted for small not continue into thursday heavy snow strong winds are expected by dr. this is expected by thursday morning 65 also san jose low 60s and downtowns conference of checking off a storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast and modifying starting on wednesday thursday
9:49 am
as a day where it is the most oncoming the we can remind to the onset of the system, through will see more showers on a weekend as well. >>rebecca: key and is not causing a traffic offense is p has and should fall defied treatment and talk about fog all morning long the just issued one for the benicia bridge to as across expected in either direction we shall have time so
9:50 am
that you're not rushing it and make sure you reduce your speak to that area to bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco still pretty jammed at the 9:00 hour this to the one of the crevasses been away all morning long as on to the a seven quick and a trip all the way up to the golden gate bridge to call the free we did have an earlier accident or at the toe started to pack things up, but now it to see traffic is moving at 11 and just easy into san francisco. >>mark: the tellers of this year
9:51 am
is no different as he finds out in the position of people behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: is also time for the edge to strike in this case it was in brentwood and he came like a thief and the night the to live home security video of a christmas ornament banded been called the ball landed he did not see that adt sun as well such a positive deal social media three pages to be exact and something interesting happened neighbors there scratching their contents he brought the back the promise was
9:52 am
sitting out the front yard so he did not even attempt to come and bring the ornaments on the front porch this was a true story except instead of the tar or three times larger it was because he was a blow to 3 lbs. that is a question of the police went to law the the destined them from the plant and will review the video in hopes of catching the then did it appears his arms a couple cuneiform and possibly just work and despite the fact he returned on domestic still be charged with petty theft the residents are having nothing to do with this and,
9:53 am
bandit. >>darya: she said of the old mark was no where near as bad as the republican presidential front runner he is the leader bennett has tariffs the fans are praising the remarks calling heart queen. >>mark: of debt on the top stores or fallen as low wedding for the storm to come and will be right back.
9:54 am
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only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. >>mark: said it was to ban all muslim people from entering the u.s. and does not care as politically incorrect he said this of response to a level of hatred among large groups of the muslim population toward americans he said in reply to every word include muslims seeking immigration visas as
9:56 am
well as tours of into the u.s.. >>darya: they say it appears the house and what about the radicalized for some time listening than the test and an accountant and a target practice range just days before the attack 19 pipe bombs found in the crotch and continues to in a. tank >>anny hong: tracking a pretty big storm that as head of this land right now of course the northwest getting hammered with this question and will have the one shot off the coast of bring quite bitter brand starting tomorrow morning out toward the north they will see some light line by tomorrow afternoon and 1¢ the rain is going to be widespread or talking moderate to heavy blind and times in the entire bay area thyrse this morning commute is going to be a
9:57 am
tough on. >>anny hong: watt tougher down power lines downed trees and talk of free of rust on top of the highest totals week seen all season long discussed in the north they wanted to centers of nine possible to is like oakland high finance in the south bank generally in accordance of rent and that is by the time the storm is all said and done by five and what track and have read enough to the to download the application and check back with us >>darya: the next newscast as the 5:00 tonight. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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