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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 9, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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do have in place in north bay hills, we will have wind everywhere else. >> dave: us can get up to 65 mi. per hour. would he said how much of the temperatures are at 9:00 p.m.. midnight, it is mild but 7:00 a.m. showers coupled with w fight and be. --wind. >> dave: we will put that all together, the up later in the broadcast. >> pam:in a new report out today, the federal emergency management agency warned. that the expected heavy
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rains this winter. could cause millions of dollars of damage. >> pam:kron 4's maureen kelly reports, fema also laid out what it is doing to try and lessen the impact. >> reporter:the worst case scenerio for this coming winter is being nino.which was the strongest event on was an expensive.and deadly rainfall season.40 counties were declared diaster areas. >> reporter:as floodwaters rose and mudslides came crashing down.17 people were killed and.a hundred thousand people were evacuated. the state racked up 883-million dollars in damage. along the were lost due to erosion. >> reporter:this time around it's believed that california will have more wet days.and they will be wetter than usual.and higher snow levels.the report says there is a substainial risk for levee failure.they are also expecting significant high tides. >> reporter:there is increased concern that soil hardening from the drought could make flooding more widespread in valley and urban areas.because the sun baked earth won't soak up the rain.increasing run off. >> reporter:public health officials are being today to brace for illness.coming from backed up sewers.and containmented water. >> reporter:today in sacramento fema brought together representatives of emergency response personel from california, nevada and arizona
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>> run through a drill of they can better prepare in case this el nino will bring disaster along with it has in the past.right now they are predicting that the rains will be heavier in the later part of the winter.and they are expecting it to be wetter in southern california.but that doesn't mean northern california residents should be braced for a good dousing. >> reporter:and while city crews clean storm drains and trim trees in advance.officials advise residents to to the same on their own help damage down. >> one of the things we have seen looking in the past, the very strong ones are the last against california all wet, all over. it is strong. once again the strand we have a lot more confident that california will see their share of shower spirit--shaare of showers.
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>> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: with a major storm in the forecast. >> pam: last minute efforts are underway. to clean as many storm drains as possible in one east bay city. kron4's haaziq madyun gives us a close look at the work being done. >> reporter:as you can see this concord public works crew is wasting no time when it comes to cleaning out storm drains ahead of the big storm >>"we're on an expanded schedule, a kind of hurry up schedule to get things done" >> reporter:mike aboussie is leading the lead storm drain clean up effort here on landana drive >>"with a lot of leaves and stuff and debris on the ground we got to get after it pretty good because the rain is coming" >> reporter:once the leaves are removed the drain is pressure washed and ready to go. a clogged storm drain during a heavy down poor can impact neighborhoods for hours. that is why aboussie says cleaning as many as possible ahead of time is important
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>>"it's very important especially with el nino on the horizon, keeps from flooding, keeps the streets clean and flowing" >> reporter:his crew is flowing as well. cleaning this storm drain took just about 10 minutes. looking at those clouds, it is a race against time, as they move on to clear out the next one. in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: a reminder. >> pam: for complete weather forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam: it's free to download for apple and android devices. >>happening right now. >> pam: san francisco's police commission is preparing. for what is expected to be another heated meeting. in the wake of last week's deadly police shooting. video showing five san francisco police officers. shooting and killing 26- year- old mario woods, has sparked outrage. >> pam: the san francisco police commission will meet in just a few minutes to talk about the shooting. and a protest at city hall has just started. >> pam: kron 4's alecia reid is there.she joins us with more. alecia?
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>> reporter: demanding a public apology from the san francisco police chief, to the individuals mother. >> reporter: are calling for all of the officers that transpired to be identified and from off the force. a meeting is on the way with the san francisco police commission. it is expected to be contentious this evening. i have spoken with and resident that have attended a meeting every sense this incident has happened. >> you could hear from my house, the gunshot. and the video that surfaced, it is so graphic. for this to happen if furnace so many
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students getting out of school is just trying to the community as a whole. >> reporter: they are demanding police chief great shirt to step down. police still read kron 4 news. -- alecia reid >> pam:so far this year, san francisco police have shot and killed six people. twice as many as in 2014. >> pam:on january fourth, 32 -year old matthew hoffman was shot in the parking lot of the s=f=p=d mission station. >> pam:he had a gun in his waistband, which turned out to be a replica. >> pam:the next month, officers killed a knife- wielding suspect at 24th and folsom. >> pam:in march, 27 -year old alice brown was driving erratically, hitting other cars, when police opened fire. >> pam:in october, police were called to a market street construction site, where a man was breaking
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bottles and threatening workers. when they tried to arrest him, he resisted and was shot. in november, 25- year old javier garcia climbed onto a hospital buiilding site with a rifle. and was killed by a police sniper. >> pam:mario woods was the sixth death. he was shot while waving a knife at officers >> pam:angry protesters. filling the streets of chicago tonight. >> pam:grant lodes is here. with the video. and the message to the mayor. grant >> grant:the message to the mayor is to resign.step down. won't stop taking to the streets until that happens. >> grant:mayor rahm emanuel is apologizing tonight.but will that be enough? >> grant:this is part of the fallout from a white chicago police officer fatally shooting a black teenager.and it taking a year for video to surface.only then was the officer charged with murder. >> grant:since then, the police commissioner has resigned. >> grant:protests haven't stopped though.they disrupted black friday
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shopping along chicago's magnificent mile. >> grant:the mayor says his city is facing a defining monent.on crime and policing. >> grant:he also said he's sorry for what happened on his watch. >> grant:the mayor.who used to be a top aid to president obam. also said that no citizen is a second class citizen in the city of chicago. >> grant:we'll continue to follow the protests there.which so far appear to be mostly peaceful. >> pam:the f-b-i says, the husband and wife responsible for last week's san bernardino shooting. were radicalized - even before they met. >> pam:and there is critical
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new information about a man who was their neighbor. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with the new details in the investigation. >> pam: >> catherine:the man who supplied the couple with 2 assault rifles used in the shooting may also be tied to an earlier terror plot. >> catherine:and today - the fbi director says that the couple had discussed martyrdom >> catherine:and jihad as early as 2013 -- a year before they married. >> catherine:it's part of what we learned when james comey talked to a senate committee today. >> radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online and online as late as as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and married and lived together in the united states." >> catherine:that means tashfeen malik's radicalization had already begun when she applied for a visa to come to the u.s. to get married. >> catherine:and the government's vetting process apparently failed to detect it. >> catherine:now there are new questions about what
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kind of marriage this actually was. >>sen. lindsey graham/ presidential candidate "is there any evidence that this marriage was arranged by a terrorist organization or terrorist operative? or was it just a meeting on the internet?" >>"i don't know the answer to that yet." >>presidential candidate "you agree with me that if it was arranged by a terrorist operative or organization, that is a game-changer?" >>"it will be a very, very important thing to know." >> reporter: >> catherine:investigators say the two were clearly inspired by a foreign terror group. they're still trying to find out if anyone else was directly helping, supporting or equipping them. >> catherine:in san bernardino meantime.the man who has admitted buying two semi-automatic rifles for the shooters >> catherine:- enrique marquez - is still being questioned. >> catherine:the new york times reports that senior american officials say syed farook may have plotted >> catherine:an attack as
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far back as 2012 'with' marquez - who was a neighbor. a day after the shooting - marquez checked himself into a psychiatric facility. >> catherine:investigators are trying to gauge his credibility.and corroborate his account. >> catherine:a friend of marquez is claiming he made a comment before the shooting - that there were 'muslims in our own backyard just ready to go haywire." >> catherine:marquez has denied that he knew about the san bernardino shooting. >> catherine:but apparently 'is' talking about the 2012 plot which was abandoned. >> pam: ahead at five. >> pam: a shocking moment at the hearing for the man accused of a mass shooting at a planned parenthood. >> pam: the outburst the alleged gunman made is coming up. >> pam: plus. is this a sign of what's to come. the flooding and mudslides happening to our north. in oregon. >> pam: and next at 5:15. the preparations some south bay homeowners are making ahead of tonight's strong storm. ahead of tonight's strong storm. ure sounds)
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>> pam: it has been an unseasonably mild day. ahead of what is likely to be a big change in our weather tonight and tomorrow. >> pam: kron four's rob fladeboe reports from the south bay. where the forecast also called for the strategic placement of sand bags. >> pam: al sabory isn't taking any chances. in times of heavy rain, the creek next to his home here in san matrin' can
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jump it's banks and cause flooding. that's why he and his neighbor harold fite spent the day putting sandbags around his home. sot al sabory/guarding against flooding\ we want the water, or do not want the water to damage the foundation. >> reporter:sabory and fite made several trips here to the morgan hill corporation yard on edes court where they filled a couple dozen bags, until they discovered the already-filled kind here at the fire station. several trips later, they had enough to finish the job. >>sot al sabory/guarding against flooding plotting against the house here. >> reporter:sabory's home is in what's known as a hundred year flood plain. that means it could suffer some serious flooding in a storm that only comes along once every century or so. sabory is hoping this is not that year but says he will be ready just in case. >>sot al sabory/guarding against flooding
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prevented do anything to prevent it. get all of the sandbags weekend and hope for the best. >> reporter:even a few sandbags in the right spot can divert a whole lot of flood water. as one woman who stopped by here to fill her trunk told me.'better to have some and not need them than to need them and not have them. in morgan hill rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> pam: rain is causing some major damage to the u-s-s hornet in alameda. >> pam: overtime. the wood on the flight deck has become pourous. allowing rains to penetrate and cause damage below, to the captain's area. >> pam: those who care for the ship have been collectiong donations to pay for re-coating the deck. and perserving the museum. >>with el nino and its expected heavy rains. there is increasing concern and a push to get the work done. >> pam: we have some links
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up on our website. at kron-4 dot-com if you would like to donate. >> pam: communities in the north bay are also preparing for the heavy rain expected tonight and tomorrow. >> pam: especially some areas that are prone to flooding. >> pam: kron 4's will tran has more from petaluma. return to >> reporter:heavy rains are slamming parts of oregon. >> reporter:storms there have caused massive flooding, landslides, and evacuations. >> reporter:one woman was killed after a tree fell on her home. >> reporter:today. amtrak closed tracks between portland and vancouver, due to high water. >> reporter:officials are also trying to figure out how to repair massive sinkholes which opened up monday near portland. >> reporter: it will more
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likely over what will this screen. there is an operator on sing 24 hours a day. he or she will rush out. to remove the debris. and this particular place will see flooding. >> reporter: for the next couple of days, it will help to prevent flooding. >> pam: >> pam: heavy rain slanting parts of oregon. --slamming >> pam: one woman was killed after a tree fell on her home. >> pam: today, amtrak goes tracks between portland and vancouver due to high water. officials are also trying to
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figure out how to repair mass of sinkholes which opened up monday near portland. >> pam: several school districts canceled classes monday and tuesday. >> pam: in washington state. flooding made roads treacherous for drivers near seattle. >> pam: a round of heavy rains and thunderstorms. caused flash floods and mudslides. the storm also caused power outages. prompting several schools to delay or cancel classes. >> pam: residents at a trailer park were forced to leave their homes. as flood waters kept rising. emergency crews have shut down several roadways. >> pam: and another storm is expected to arrive tomorrow. >> pam: so with all the talk of stormy weather. let's check in with the expert. dave is here to fill in the details.
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>> dave:wet windy conditions remain on track making the >> dave:morning commute very messy tomorrow. another round of excessively >> dave:large surf is expected to impact the area beginning late tomorrow afternoon with the potential for coastal flooding friday morning. >> dave:the expected rain is a welcome sight at drought starved bay area reservoirs. >> dave:but how much water is really needed? >> dave: we will have it opening like this to allow the sun to come out and produce more scattered thundershowers. as you can see these isolated showers and localized heavy wind will happen afterwards. >> dave: it may be a continuing problem in the afternoon. >> dave: the land is also an
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average as well. crossing over to the cities of the day by 6:00 a.m.. and the wind will link their thursday through friday. it looks like petaluma is down as well. along with napa. here is a shot at with the mild weather is approaching. >> dave: coming up, we will
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have the 7 day forecast coming up later in the broadcast. >> pam: how much water is really needed? >> pam: find out. next. >> pam: and donald trump speaks out. after the firestorm of criticism. surrounding his comments on banning muslims state from entering the united.
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>> pam: with rain in the forecast, hopes are high that a wet winter, could end california's long, ongoing drought. and fill up the state's reservoirs. >> pam: this past week, kron 4's charles clifford visited several bay area reservoirs. and used kron 4's new quad- copter-4. to see just how much water remains. >> pam: he also spoke with a local hydrologist, about what it would take to get our water supply back to normal. >> reporter:across california there are more than 1300 reservoirs that collect water during the winter months and hold it through the dry summer months but no two reservoirs are exactly the same. jean moran is a professor of hydrology at cal state university, east bay. >>the areas that are captured by each reservoir are different. some are snow dominated, some are rain dominated, others are just temporary storage areas. >> reporter:but after four consecutive years of drought, nearly all of the
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state's reservoirs are holding less water than they normally would at this time of year. >> reporter:another problem is that during el nino years, california tends to see wet and warm winters. while rainfall is good, what the state really needs is a wet and cold winter that results in a large snow pack in the sierra. >>an el nino system tends to be relatively warm. even though we will see some snow in the sierra we need to capture a lot of snow in the snow pack in order to fill up the reservoirs and get back to normal. and while hopes are high that the el nino in the pacific ocean could result in a wet winter for california, moran cautions that it's unlikely the state's water woes will be ended in just one winter. >>it would take several above average precipitation years to refill the reservoirs >>to think that we could fix that in one year is unrealistic. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron4 in this spirit
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>> pam: well, tonight we are tracking the storm. >> pam:as a strong system is expected to bring heavy rain. wind and cause some flooding. >> pam:many east bay residents are not taking any chances. >> pam:and today started to prepare their homes. >> pam:kron 4's terisa estacio has more from alameda. >> reporter:here in alameda - they are making sure their residents are prepared - these city workers have stacked a small mountain of sandbags and they are loading them up for residents. >> reporter:residents must show proof that they live in alameda in order to get 5 sandbags. >> reporter:this station is operating three days a week from 11-1 - >> reporter:residents that
5:31 pm
showed up on this wednesday, a day before the big rain is expected to hit the bay area say they are grateful for the service. >>sot 29 caroline topee/alameda resident i am grateful. >>sot 40 tom mcginley/alameda--a sure how much land we are going to get this is helpful. --rain >> reporter: resident this station is located at lexington street and west tower aveneue in alameda, again it will be here and the crews are really nice too. >> reporter:here in almaeda te >> reporter:rf: here in alameda. city crews are loading up residents with sand bags. >> reporter:three days a week, this staiotn will be open to residents to get 5 sandbags. >> reporter:you must show proof of residentcy. this is located on lexington street and west tower avenue in alameda. >> reporter:city officials say they want people to be prepared and protect their homes during this el nino
5:32 pm
year. >> dave:wet windy conditions remain on track making the morning commute very messy tomorrow. another round of excessively >> dave:large surf is expected to impact the area beginning late tomorrow afternoon with the potential for coastal flooding friday morning. >> dave: and with this system, we may have snow. . >> dave: pam? >> grant:yelled "i am a warrior for the babies" >> grant:after arrest.he said no more baby parts.
5:33 pm
>> grant:after arrest.he said no more baby parts. >> this court has a duty to protect the constitution. >> there is no doubt that there is a high-profile case. >> the court has reviewed a motion. >> grant: no more baby parts when talking to investigators. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> pam:defense secretary ash carter says, the united states is building momentum against isis. >> pam:he says even though
5:34 pm
isis is not yet contained. he thinks president obama's strategy is working and expanding. >> pam:secretary carter opened the possibility. that u-s military advisors could accompany iraqi forces on the ground as they look to retake ramadi from isis --- using apache helicopters overhead. >> pam:republican senators on the panel challenged u-s policy. >> pam:they say it is quote - "drifting". and they want faster action. >> pam:carter says, the plan will take assistance. asking lawmakers to free up 116- million dollars to help u-s backed forces-- and emphasizing, that other countries need to contribute more special forces, aircraft, training, and weapons. >> pam:the third man who unleashed carnage at the bataclan club in paris last month. has been identified. >> pam:according to c-n-n.
5:35 pm
he is - foued mohamed- aggad. he, like the other paris ttackers, blew himself up. >> pam:the 23-year-old is from a small town near strasbourg, france. he traveled to syria in 2013. >> pam:he was known to french anti-terror services. and had a police record in strasbourg. >> pam: republican presidential candidate donald trump continues to face harsh criticism for his proposal to temporarily halt muslim immigration to the u.s. >> pam: today, he sat down with our partners at c-n-n. to talk about the firestorm of reaction he has triggered. catherine heenan is here with that. >> catherine: donald trump continues to do well in the polls.even doubling his lead in new hampshire >> catherine: in the latest cnn poll. apparently gaining support "because" of his
5:36 pm
controversial idea. >> catherine: a temporary halt to muslim immigration to the u.s. is his reaction to recent terror attacks around the world. >> catherine: he says it probably wouldn't last long -- and exceptions would be made for muslim athletes and diplomats. >> catherine: he says most of the criticism is coming from his rivals and other republican establishment figures, 'not' the public. >> catherine: in today's interview -- cnn's don lemmon asked trump >> pam: if he's racist. >> catherine: trump was asked about his tweet yesterday - suggesting that his supporters would still vote for him if he leaves the republican party and runs as an independent. >> catherine: he says that's "extremely won't renege on a loyalty pledge >> i said you better be careful. i said take cam out, pertaining to osama bin london.
5:37 pm
>> catherine: unless - as he put it - the republican party stops treating him fairly and stops treating him barely an hour early. pam? --honoaraly >> pam: ahead at five. >> pam: are the playoff hopes still alive. for the the niners and raiders? >> pam: we will hear from both teams at 545. . >> pam: on wall street. >> pam: the dow and nasdaq lost 75 - points.
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>> pam:this is a familiar scene nowadays children vegging out on the couch with a tablet >> pam:a lot of parents would prefer to see their kids up and about. getting exercise >> pam:but, times have changed technology has altered how kids pass time. and entertain themselves. >> pam:our tech reporter gabe slate discovered one
5:41 pm
new product that might help with this. >> pam:something that lets them play games on their tablet. but still forces them to be active. >> gabe: i know it seems simple. i note that they are not running and jumping but you will be surprised at how many calories they will lose. this has to do with posture, coordination and balance and motor skills. helping children with biking, skating climbing and skiing. the were >> the ship of the wood. its simple but set up in less than a minute. >> gabe: gate slate kron4
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news. >> pam:next. a look at the top 'likes' on facebook in 2015. >> dave: we will be right
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>> pam: turning to the n-f- l-- only four games left in the season for both bay area franchises. >> pam: although the 49ers and raiders carry losing records, there is a slight chance, they could sneak into the playoffs. >> pam: mark carpenter joins us with more. >> pam: mark-- how is this even possibly happening?
5:46 pm
>> reporter:it's because the rest of the league is struggling as well. >> reporter:this year has been a prime case of parity in the practically every team has a shot at the postseason, even the 8-loss 49ers. >> reporter:but they're not about to start getting ahead of themselves. blaine gabbert- 49ers quarterback "i think we're just looking at it as a four game season. that's kind of how you've got to focus. it's each and every week is kind of a mini-season and that's the only way you're going to improve and stay focused at the end of the year." >> reporter:there's always a chance-- the running narrative of the 2015 nfl season. >> reporter:even through the colin kaepernick fiasco, a four-game losing streak and no back-to-back wins, the niners have not been eliminated from the playoff hunt. >> reporter:the man that can change that this sunday is browns quarterback johnny manziel. >> reporter:who has a style players say is very similar to a qb they've seen before-- russell wilson. >>ahmad brooks-49ers
5:47 pm
linebacker "they're about the same build. they're about the same height. speed might be similar. he looks pretty fast on film. he has good vision in the pocket, so we gotta do a good job of getting to him." >> reporter:heading across the bay, the 5-7 raiders have had to move past a recent fourth-quarter meltdown against the they prepare to meet jack del rio's former team in mile high. >> reporter:instead of peyton manning, the defense will be keying on his young undefeated apprentice-- brock osweiler. >>jack del rio-raiders head coach "obviously, he's been preparing for that day when he got his opportunity and he's done a great job filling in as peyton has been down the last three weeks filling in for them." >> reporter:with four games left in the season, you could say this is the last chance for both the niners and raiders. >> reporter:but with the way this year has been.who knows? return >> reporter:and while we hash that out, the warriors seemingly just don't know how to lose. >> reporter:coming up at 6- 45 in sports, gary radnich will have more from the team as they prepare for the next leg of its roadtrip in, an update on klay thompson's sprained ankle. >> reporter: mark carpenter.
5:48 pm
rain for the bay area. >> dave:wet windy conditions remain on track making the morning commute very messy tomorrow. another round of excessively >> dave:large surf is expected to impact the area beginning late tomorrow afternoon with the potential for coastal flooding friday morning. >> dave: 10:00 a.m., these are all running scattered thundershowers for the late morning into the afternoon hours. and for the evening, tomorrow the showers will reach you and send you home. >> dave: a couple of spring showers--a couple of stray
5:49 pm
showers. >> dave: when a gust of getting up to up to 50 mi. per hour, look at the entire bay area. by 3:00 p.m., in the '20s for our estimation gust will be tighter than that, particularly in the city. then we go into 10:00 a.m. and the afternoon hours, still looking at teen spirit will be breezing post the showers that will cover everyone on thursday. >> catherine: when >> dave: this storm shourd is bringing snow to the sierra operate with two to 3 in. possible >> dave: it is not going as low as its predecessor storm
5:50 pm
did. high temperatures, for the far east they look at the lower 60s at work. possibly reducing the high temperature. we go into the weekend with a saturday night into sunday with more showers entered early next week. pam? yahoo reportedly won't spin >> pam: zuckerberg once to assure that muslims are welcome to facebook. 2015 has been a very busy year for the social media site. >> reporter: is that time of year again, guys derrick we take you into the stars dominating the social
5:51 pm
network. >> reporter: looks like another dream has come true. facing facebook that was most talked-about across the globe. >> reporter: social media insider from the post, i do not think he should ever feel bad about taylor's what derrick she is fine. >> reporter: within the hour of the trailer coming out, it was 2 million facebook interactions. >> reporter: and tv show, a game of thrones. it has been behind the rest of all the hype. for television shows. >> reporter: the up t the
5:52 pm
top three is the daily show and the walking dead. rather, the standby or the night i was sick i am calling to go get a drink. >> reporter: that too!--back to you! >> stanley: people behaving badly! coming up!
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: when you tax people in san francisco where is the vietnam memorial located you will moakley-this more than likely hear this. >>i have no idea and i'm vietnamese too >> stanley:despite the fact that people walk by this plaque every single day most people don't even know it exits except for maybe this tagger >>i'm not a big anti tag guy but to tag a war memorial is like really behaving badly >> stanley:allow me to introduce you to woodstock famed country joe mcdonald who along with swords to plowshares were instrumental
5:57 pm
in getting this vietnam war memorial plaque installed at justin herman plaza >> stanley:the plaque has only been disrespected numerous times. >>these people died for their country and heros their service and everything and you tag it >> stanley:even the concrete around the plaque is in disarray with cigerette butts stuffed in the cracks, not to mention that was cleaned up >> stanley:also just dosent want the plaque clean up >>we got an idea to move it over to the veterans memorial which has just been refirbished >> stanley:and of course in san francisco that is easier said than done >>the city got involved and regulations on how you can move it weather you damage this thing and how weather it can be doneand whatever and where its going to be put >> stanley:in other words lots a red tape >> stanley:they don't know where the money will come from to move it if and when they can . but one this for sure is this >>this is a tombstone these people are dead they died in serviec to their country and
5:58 pm
to tag this thing is like the lowest of the low it shouldn't be done >> stanley:so for know that in the shadow of embacadero center and a stones throw from the ferry building >> stanley:is the san francisco vietman memorial and it should be treated with respect there are no other options! in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: special holiday treat for a group as the each got a gift card to fight what ever they want for the holiday spirit. for the holiday spirit. now i have a choice. for her. for them. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin more than 100 mg. as it affects how well it works. it's such an important thing to do to help protect against another heart attack. brilinta worked better than plavix. and even reduced the chances of dying from another one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to doctor. since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent,
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at six. >> pam:we are tracking a big storm, zeroing in on the bay area. it is expected to pack quite a punch. >> pam:in fact. forecasters are calling it the biggest storm of the season. and aqs mukch as we need the rain, this system could cause a lot of problems. >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:the first rainfall is expected to reach the bay area in just hours. >> pam:but it is supposed to really create problems for the morning commute. >> pam:crews spent the day trimming back trees. and clearing storm drains in advance of the storm. >> pam:cities across the bay area are bracing for downed trees, power outages and flooded streets. >> pam:dave spahr is tracking the conditions. when can we expect the rain to reach us? >> dave:wet windy conditions remain on track making the morning commute very messy tomorrow. another round of excessively >> dave:large surf is expected to impact the area beginning late tomorrow afternoon with the potential for coastal flooding friday morning.
6:01 pm
>> dave: we will have when coupled all over the bay area. --wind >> dave: at rose at the golden gate bridge which is not much of a surprise. with all of the marine layer. because of some of the f o g we have low visibility up to the north, petaluma and fairfield as well. along with concord. >> dave: are keeping an eye on the storm yet to come. officially, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to see the blue right there at north bay hills we will have x w i n d. all over the bay area. >> dave: we have been
6:02 pm
talking about a mile temperatures. and high levels, with snow. covered what it could be w a i n d. --wind >> dave:rain, wind but still mild. >> pam: fallen trees.another big concern because the winds are expected to be fierce. >> pam: gusts could top 50 miles per hour in some parts, raising the possibility of downed trees and power lines. >> pam: crews spent the day trimming trees in a number of bay are neighborhoods. >> pam: we caught up with this team in castro valley. experts say trees are very vulnerable after four years of drought. >> pam: the national weather service issued a wind advisory from 10 p-m tonight, until 10 a-m for the north bay mountains.
6:03 pm
>> pam: just last week.16 year-old jack lewis was killed while climbing a tree in oakland's lake merritt. >> pam: oakland police say a large branch broke off and fell on top of him. the tree has since been removed. >> pam: clogged storm drains are another potential hazard being addressed in cities like concord. >> pam: .where public works crews are trying to clear as many flooding.ahead of the big storm. >> clean out of the storm drains and what is goal time they will flow good. >>".stay on top of them" >> pam: some of those hot areas for problem storm drains are in downtown concord as well as north concord along landana drive >> pam: the sierra is expected to get hammered with snow. a welcome site for ski resorts up there. >> pam: forecasts predict heavy, wet snow in the mountains. the concern is that the snow, combined with high winds will cause power outages.
6:04 pm
>> pam: between 4 to 8 inches of snow is expected for the 5-thousand foot level. >> pam: upwards of 18 inches could fall up at the passes on interstate 80 and highway 50. >> pam: a winter storm warning will be in effect for the western slope of the sierra from 4 a.m. thursday to 4 a.m. friday. >> pam: el nino warning for all of us. grant is here. with what the feds are saying now. >> grant:the federal emergency management agency is releasing its disaster plan on how it will respond to el nino weather conditions in the southwest and west coast this winter. >> grant:the warming of the pacific ocean could bring storms triggering flooding, evacuations, power outages and landslides. >> grant:the disaster plan focuses heavily on california. land scorched by wildfire is susceptible to flooding and landslides. coastal areas could see higher tides of up to 8 feet
6:05 pm
around christmas. >> grant:in arizona, flash flooding and rapid snow melt area concern. the impact to nevada will depend on how much rain and snow falls on the east side of the sierra nevada. >> very strong ones are the ones that get california went all over, not just of alan california. --southern california >> grant:fema is looking to recruit 500 people in the region who quickly to disasters. >> pam: the city of san francisco taking steps to
6:06 pm
make sure it rains start falling. >> pam: kron4's maureen kelly was there as the mayor and other city leaders explained their game plan. >> reporter:only a drizzle fell on the streets out in front of city hall. >> reporter:but inside those in charge of city services say there were gearing up.for the worst. >>and if we are lucky we will be overprepared >> reporter:the department of emergency management says they will be in constant contact with the national weather service when a severe storm is headed out way >> reporter:in advance of what is expected to be a very wet winter people are encouraged to register for to get weather emergency notices via text or email. >> reporter:in order to give those most vunerable to the element a place to go.,.as many as 11-hundred additional shelter beds will be made available for the homeless at locations all over the city. >>ymca for example has stepped to provide their gymnasium >> reporter:city crews have been busy preparing for big storms. >> reporter:sewar catch basins are being runoff doesn't back up.but it only
6:07 pm
takes a few leaves to clog a drain.the city is asking the public to use a broom to sweep away leaves.or to call 3-1-1 to report problems that need professional assistance. >> have just gone to four years of a drought. there will be a lot of trees coming down because they do not have the correct route structure. there will be mud slides. week, the city have been preparing for this. >> reporter:already estimated 13-thousand sandbags have already been given away.but more are ready to go at the deptarment of public work's maintenance yard. >> reporter:for people concerned about water getting in their homes or businesses. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather alerts, and forecasts in your neighborhood. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. your number one source for news and weather in the bay area. >> pam:happening now. >> pam:the san francisco police commission is meeting to discuss equipping officers with stun guns, in the wake of last week's
6:08 pm
deadly police shooting of mario woods in the bayview district. >> pam:chief greg suhr is in favor of stun help de-escalate police confrontations. >> pam:but stun guns wasn't on the mind of protesters.who staged a rally before tonight's meeting. >> pam:kron 4's alecia reid is live at san francisco city hall.with their demands,alecia? >> reporter: that are calling for all of the officers that opened fire to
6:09 pm
be identified and thrown off the police force, and charged with murder. there have >> to be some type of mandate for legislation on how they will bring in a different method. this is getting ridiculous. young men have to die. so we are definitely here to make sure that there chop their chances are turned around. >> reporter: meeting is expected to be extremely contentious tonight and there is a huge police presence and and all around city hall. they are cut also asking the police chief to resign. and as of now he has no intention is to do so. alecia reid, kron4news >> pam:today the fbi announced plans to expand
6:10 pm
the system for tracking fatal police shootings. >> pam:the new system will catalog any incident involving serious injury or death to civilians. >> pam:that includes stun guns, pepper spray as well as attacks with hands and feet. >> pam:the agency says tracking police use of force is now the "highest priority." >> pam:the new system is expected to be in place by 20-17. >> pam: new at six. >> pam: a man is behind bars on suspicion of strangling his wife to death in newark. >> pam: police arrested 39- year-old hee jin kim earlier today. >> pam: his wife. 38-year- old eunkyong han was found dead in her home along mclaughlin avenue monday night. >> pam: officers arrived at the house after family members in south korea asked them to check in on the couple. >> pam: paramedics pronounced han dead at the scene. >> pam: two children were found inside the home. along with han's husband. >> pam: he is being held in custody without bail. and will appear in court
6:11 pm
tomorrow. >> pam: an employee with the state department of corrections could face hate crime charges after video posted online shows her shouting insults at a group of muslim men and then allegedly attacked one of them. >> pam: grant is back. >> grant: the video is very disturbing. woman tosses coffee at praying muslim men in california park castro valley, calif. - a california state worker was caught on video making anti- islamic slurs and then throwing coffee and an umbrella at a group of muslim men who had been praying at san francisco bay area park. >>do not touch me! >> this woman was talking
6:12 pm
about my god. >> call the poliuce--police. >> grant:kntv reports wednesday that east bay regional park district spokeswoman carolyn jones says the district's police officers were forwarding their investigation to the district attorney's office for review. >> grant:jones said prosecutors will then decide whether to charge department of corrections administrative worker denise slader. >> grant:slader's actions at lake chabot regional park in castro valley were captured on video and posted on facebook by rasheed albeshari. in the video, slader stands with her purse, umbrella and a cup of coffee, saying albeshari's "people have tortured" others. >> grant:a park ranger tried to diffuse the situation. reached wednesday, slader reiterated what she said in the video. albershari was for comment wednesday.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam: the south bay is also gearing up for tomorrow's storm. >> pam: for some, getting ready for the rain can be as simple as a new set of windshield wipers. >> pam: for others, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, it may mean a truck load of sandbags. sand bags are one of those things where it's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. here in morgan
6:16 pm
hill and at other places across the bay area there are stations like this where you can drop by and fill your own. >> reporter:morgan hill resident leige arnett stopped by and had a half dozen >> reporter:filled in about a half hour. enough to keep her garage high and dry. >> reporter:the santa clara valley water district has several stations like this one on old monterey road where the bags are already filled. calfire stopped by for a van load to take care of some trouble spots of it's own. and al sabory made a couple of trips to keep the water away from the foundation of his low lying home here in san martin. >>sot al sabory/guarding against flooding a lot of work will save a lot of money. >> reporter:al says nearby corralitos creek has been known to jump it's banks in what he calls an old that should happen again, he'll be ready. >> reporter:the morgan hill sand bag station has a limit of 20 bags per load. more than enough for most home owners who say you might be
6:17 pm
surprised by how much water you can divert with just a few sand bags. better safe than sorry. in morgan hill rob fladeboe, kron 4 news >> pam: alameda city officials are making sure residents are prepared for heavy rains. >> pam: people can pick up sandbags at the station located at lexington street and west tower avenue. >> pam: residents can order up to 5 sandbags. >> pam: they must also show proof that they live in alameda. >> pam: the station is operating three days a week from 11 a-m to 1pm. >> pam: the uss hornet in alameda is in desperate need of repair, and fears are mounting that the storms from el nino.will make it worse. >> pam: kron 4's terisa estacio shows us the
6:18 pm
problems up close, and how you can help. here at the uss hornet. rain water is causing some major damage to this ship. >> reporter:take a look right here, this orginial deck is teak wood, and over time, the wood has beocme pourous allowing rains to penetrate and cause damage below. like here in the captains area just below the flight deck. >> reporter:those who care for the uss hornet have been collecting donations to pay for recoating the deck and perserve the historic museum. they still need more. and with el nino and it's heavy rains with it there is an increasing concern and push to get the work done. this is scott zirger - director of operations. >> to call all of the leaking seals. >> than in 1968. -- done in 1968
6:19 pm
>> need to stop the leaks and then began brink guest up pond here. --then we can bring a guest upon here. >> reporter:we put some links up on our webpage if you would like to help out. >> reporter: and alameda. >> pam: the storm that's headed this way. >> pam: pounded the northwest for the past three days, knocking down trees.and leaving many communities underway. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with the dramatic video, catherine. >> catherine:the northwest
6:20 pm
has been getting a preview of that storm system that's headed our way. >> catherine:with the bay area hoping we don't get the same kind of drama and damage. >> catherine:this is an example of what high winds and rain did to an oregon town - after trees were toppled, >> catherine:and cars and homes were badly damaged. at least one person is dead after stormy weather in portland. >> catherine:police say a tree fell through the roof of one home -- killing a 60- year-old woman. >> catherine:two other people inside managed to escape. >> catherine:there's also been storm damage and flooding in washington state.after a round of heavy residents are also dealing with mudslides. >> dave: dropping into the areas by 5:00 p.m. and see how the latest model is, possibly ahead by a few
6:21 pm
hours. so keep that in mind. but i do want to point out the sun can come out. scatter >> dave: thundershowers will carry the day. and then by 6:00 p.m. for your tried home and return badge will make its appearance. with scattered showers overnight and in the morning. >> dave: and i keep saying remember the went--wind, in the morning commute in the 20's with higher gusts. perhaps maybe 40 mi. per hour range. they did not issue an advisory for the up and a soccer but still possibly, you may receive a
6:22 pm
higher cost in that area. we will be left with breezy conditions. >> dave: it will last a little while. >> dave: lower 60s. do not forget a little bit of a train shuttle. --rain showers >> dave: it looks like earlier in next week merck we may try out--it looks like an earlier next week, it is then we will dry out.
6:23 pm
>> pam: with winter upon us, your kids may want to go out and play in the chilly weather. >> pam: cnn's holly firfer give us tips on how to keep kids warm and safe as they head out into the elements. winter temperatures have arrived early in many parts of the united states and children are heading outside men, or just plain have fun. as you bundle up your kids, take a few precautions to ensure they are safe out in the cold. >> reporter:it may seem obvious, but dress your children in layers. that way if one layer gets wet, they can remove it and still be warm. >> reporter:wearing waterproof pants and jackets as the top layer, is one way to stay dry in the snow. >> reporter:cotton holds moisture-- wool is a better choice. and don't forget the mittens, hats, scarves and waterproof boots. >> reporter:spending too much time in the cold increases your child's risk for frostbite. the ears and nose as well as the hands and feet are the most vulnerable, so keep those well covered. the first warning signs are often a "pins and needles" sensation and numbness. >> reporter:cold weather can
6:24 pm
also cause the body to lose heat faster than we can produce it, leading to a drop in body temperature called hypothermia. if left untreated it can be life threatening. >> reporter:for kids, it's a winter wonderland out there, so check on them often so they stay safe as they play. for today's health minute. ok, we're here.
6:25 pm
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>> reporter: san francisco, they are preparing for the possibility of a very strong
6:31 pm
el nino storm system. people are encouraged to register. to get emergency notices via e-mail. they are in constant contact with the weather service for when a severe storm is headed our way. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> reporter: the city is cleaning out the storage drains. >> the rain is coming. we have to hurry and get things done. we have a list your round to make sure these things aren't remained on top of. >> reporter: are getting
6:32 pm
ready on morgan hill with sandbags. that is what these people were doing today. destined for jobs like this one, to keep potential flood water away from foundation of their homes. with several locations, like this on old moderate role rica picked up 22 bags per load. --old monteray resident >> reporter: do have to show identification of proof of residency. to get the free sandbags. here and alameda. to receive at a standstill. --terisa estacio >> dave: talking about the
6:33 pm
situation, this is not like the predecessor were it was real cold. it will be a single producer but there is a breakdown for you with temperatures in the '50s. mostly cloudy, at 9:00 p.m. with drizzle. it will read developed by the midnight hour creek and the north bay. >> dave: showers,wind and all that jazz. by 5:00, all of the areas in the bay area will be hit by this heavier system. >> dave: a couple of some ways, with this heat up the atmosphere with the cold air upstairs spirit that will help scattered thunder showers. >> dave: showers, and
6:34 pm
culprit with moderate systems. the >> dave: tells on the 7 day forecast is coming up. -- details >> pam: radicalize before they even met one another. possibly preparing an earlierplot with a neighbor. >> catherine: even before she came to america out what a fiancee the separate asking the onetime neighbor which is a major focus of the investigation. >> catherine: claims that he
6:35 pm
did not know the attack happened, but martin as a friend, wal-mart clark is talking about how he and farook planned an attack in 2012 which date of bandit. marquest to let himself into a mental health facility after the shooting. and investigators are trying to gauge his credibility and kron break his history. >> catherine: the fbi director, meantime, told a senate committee today that farook and his wife were radicalized perhaps even before they met.
6:36 pm
>> before they became engaged. >> catherine: that suggest that when she met or enter the country in 2014 the betting process and is the fact that she had already become a radical cure it and there are no questions about whether their marriage was action set up by terrorists. >> it will be very important thing to know. >> catherine: they are expecting to find a cryptic messages leading up to the attack. >> pam: the ball out continues from donald trump's controversy a call to ban all muslims from traveling to the u.s.
6:37 pm
spirit >> pam: republicans and democrats are condemning the comments made in the wake of the stamp bernadine no shootings. no president obama is winning. >> pam: at 8 ceremony marking 150 years the end of slavery, the president's it is important to remember that our freedom is tied to the freedom of others, regardless of their background, look or religion. >> we betray the efforts of the test if we fail to push back against bigotry and all of its forms. and " >> pam: yesterday, trump define the tweet, while what a day. so many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming to the u.s..
6:38 pm
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>> pam: the popular movie "dirty dancing" is headed to the small screen. >> pam: and more honors for taylor swift's new album. >> pam: tanner tomasen and kristen brockman have your hollywood today live "daily wrap" you can see 'hollywood today >> reporter: abc is adapting the movie dirty dancing into a 3 hour eve that. jennifer grey's role, will be played by apple goal greenwood. no word on who will play patrick swayze most famous role. >> reporter: ellis was,
6:42 pm
suffice to say is a good year to beat talus was. with all of her accolades for the year. --taylor swift >> pam: you can see hollywood today life weekend at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> pam: gary has the sports highlights next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary:good evening everybody! >> gary: the warriors! the
6:46 pm
warriors, the warriors! >> gary: that's all of the top right now. it is a frenzy, pam! >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: you work back in boston have you ever been to emerson? >> pam: >> gary: film has worked in this market and that's the only one she cares about now. >> gary:the warriors have
6:47 pm
arrived in boston as they await their with the celtics. >> gary:the team practiced at emerson college earlier today and are fresh off an encouraging victory over the pacers last night >> gary:the warriors are now 23-0 and have won their last 27 regular season games which is tied for the second longest winning streak in nba history their 13-0 start on the road is also the best in nba history >> gary:here's draymond green talking about what has kept this team rolling so far >> gary: >> gary: is too early in this season and i know you want to consider the streak but you have to remember the entire season.
6:48 pm
>> gary:the 49ers will take on the cleveland browns this sunday >> gary:the browns 2-10 record is the worst in the nfl but sunday will mark the return of one of the league's most scrutinized players. johnny manziel >> gary: i have to say something to pam moore who i am fond of. but i am also fond of mark carpenter. my new man, mark carpenter. pam, tell us about the playoffs? >> pam: are you going to be bought his entire story?-- debunk >> gary: tell us about the 49ers' where it >> gary: i am debunking him. >> gary: and debunking you
6:49 pm
first. >> pam: i was just following the sport's elite. --lead >> grant: he is like this? >> grant: give me a closeup terrorist--give me a closeup. >> gary: you ought to be ashamed. >> pam: (laughter)
6:50 pm
>> gary:manziel was demoted from starter to third-string after a video surfaced of him partying over cleveland's bye weekend the team has lost their last two games without him >> gary:blaine gabbert talked about manziel's maturity and ahmad brooks compared him to russell wilson >> those experiences you learn from you grow from. every quarterback goes through this and every player goes through this. >> speed may be similar. so we have to do a good job.
6:51 pm
>> gary: last try it again. we will have greater chat. --raider's chat >> gary: the grief.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> dave: light rain showers work their magic-to-work
6:55 pm
their magic in the north bay. after the wind subsided it will start to lighten up by 8:00 a.m. or so per it will return with scattered thundershowers because of the system spirit--system. >> dave: notice how of temper to do not tumble how it did last goal round. to- >> pam: is it for us a 6:00. back at what you at 8. come on in pop pop.
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the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> are you a bigot? >> not probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> the donald does it again. trump getting trashed in the headlines, and is trump "time's" person of the year? >> i could be so politically correct. i just don't have time for it. >> the competition at this year's s.a.g. awards is fierce. >> leo and johnny on one carpet? that will be hard for me. >> i'll be on the other side. >> and iraq and everywhere such as. >> then katie upton's 2007 pageant speech made her a viral joke. how bad did it get? >> i don't know if i'd be here today. >> from suicidal thoughts to death threats. inside life after internet infamy. >> plus from "star wars" fan boy
7:00 pm
to the galaxy's breakout star. >> are you ready for what's about to happen? >> bring it on. >> and it needs no words. now, hollywood from the inside out. it's the "insider" together with yahoo! >> who's got taylor swift as the most talked about entertainer of the world? the answer may spark some bad blood, louis. >> no doubt. >> selena gomez embroiled in a lip sync controversy. wait till you hear how she shut that down. >> no shutting down donald trump. the gop presidential front-runner dominating headlines with his recent marks on banning muslims from entering the u.s. donald not backing down but neither are his critics. some his old friends. we go inside trump taking a licking, but can he keep on ticking? >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> do you regret your ban on


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