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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 10, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: rain and wind in the bay area this morning to can i live look at storm tracker 4 radar and satellite come down and not before spreading to the rest of the bay area swim or live in novato this morning but for two to j also was tracking the storms. >>james: it was a factor now to the getting hit pretty hard right lane and pockets of moderate line in there as well and move on into portions of the east bay and the portions of the peninsula as well here is a live look is to break down for you
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zoom in furs were reducing the rain you to see some showers to exist west of novato and in that direction. >>james: what looks like my rain began to fall in places like lafayette and random moving the map to see the east bay shoreline emeryville sock is about where we seem to the showers right now along the east and it looks like several south is where we see bill showers at the moment pullback in you to see moderate rain working its way into san the sale sets with a lot more moisture this is not the only bit of rain will see this morning showers all day long will come at us and we used set for 4:00 a.m. here is the wet weather that we see over san
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francisco in the east bank says of another line of showers will to the north up to over their home you can see the line of intent shower is now 5:00 a.m. cutting right through portions of the wine country saw all the way down to what looks to the it the marin headlands just to the west of the golden gate bridge. >>james: the line continues to most of occupancy is now some two of the livermore valley beginning to into the south but in fact as to push for one more hour you concede this them with some heavy rain this after about 9:00 to the clock will be scattered showers to the afternoon a brief break will the some sunshine but that does not mean it is done by 5:00 p.m. the
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storm begins to reap in the giants saw another round of what would come through just in time for the evening commute each day with this limited impact 7:00 tonight definitely bring the umbrella you need not all of this when it was certainly this evening. >>james: a superstar the overlie the scattered showers began to finally begin to filter away we should be done with them probably by mid morning of friday will start the drying process briefly but there was more what with all the way for the weekend said it will be a pretty active weather pattern for the next couple days will lead the brief line around down
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trees or potential power lines to come down as well with all of los angles trout one to keep the tune for that. >>anny hong: he is live tracking the storm in a loss so how hard has the rain coming down there jackie? >>jackie sissel: it has been pretty steady about a minute ago as we were talking a we have some of the harvests when we have seen all morning long is started shortly after midnight i would say 1 or 130 it was pretty hard and pretty steady at that point in novato along southbound 10 1¢ and that about half an hour ago in light of the just a little bit and it comes in waves set as we talk about we had a couple talked about who was pretty heavy what you will notice this morning is a lot not only the rain, is the but also you can see the rain blows sideways and is testing all over the place you can see the
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weapons lost the lead down blocking those cutters and storm drains so you may see some street flooding as the morning goes on potential loss of water on the role lot more to come. >>anny hong: we have reporters all across the bay area this morning we want to see your story picture that as you're heading out the door you could send them to us through the mobile application click on the report have been at your picture was sure your practice all morning long as the come to the news room application is free for apple and android users. >>robin winston: for folks getting ready to pack up in getting the kids off to school are getting ready to head for
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workers to leave early if you never know what you will encounter on the rebels very slippery see a tree is already done with a number of spinoffs were drivers are running off the road going way too fast slow it down a quick check of the ride into san francisco site wide open with about 80 airports in the bay bridge toll plaza a great ride out of oakland into san francisco those of you were getting ready over to the peninsula use and 92 is in good shape no problems on the san the sabres coming out of hayward right now is totally inadequate 14 minute trip from the nimitz freeway out to 101 getting ready to head over to the golden gate bridge to the sea from the shot the rosa a very slick keep that in mind should be driving at the speed limit or below the speed limit set make sure you walkout watch out for flooded lanes. >>robin winston: a good ride into and out of san francisco if you're come out and talk to concord is only 15 of the we are
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getting word of a crash west at involving several vehicles this is on the pittsburgh side is very fresh not backing up traffic but one car may be on fire will keep an eye of that in the come to commit direction if you're heading toward antioch oakland it may cause just a minor delay west for every road and multicar crash not a traffic alert will let you know if the stars the back of the ride. >>anny hong: cruise across the bay area spent the day yesterday preparing for today's storm in the east bay concord public work crew started cleaning out the storm drain leaves ruled and the storm drains for pressure washer they said o'clock storm drain during heavy rain to compact neighborhood for hours in the south bay people in the san martin area spent the day putting sandbags along their home just in case a nearby creek starts to rise to the civil rather be safe than starring the plant to be ready just in case
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of the bindles were falling for you this morning of the deal has sparked outrage in san francisco. several >>anny hong: police officers shooting and killing stabbing suspect mario would last 500 people gathered at the police commission to protest one death commission members were not able to get that subject because all the upset members of that community we have reaction from that meeting. >>jeff bush: the car was unruly at times the meeting had to be reset because of the outburst from the crowd and for the speaker and allow others to adjust the commission it was not a typical meeting for the commission tempers are running high during the entire meeting
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in look right at ease speaker at a lyondell the grievances many spoke with high degree of passion 1625 shots if you're
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stopping the so-called threat when he shot and hit the ground is along the apparent a woman in the east bay could face charges after confronting a group of muslims for pricing and a part in that conversation was caught on camera. the incident happened over the weekend at lake chabot regional park in castro valley this woman identified as denise you can see the scene on camera are green with the men about their religion of park rangers tried to intervene but she was spots aggressively police say she hit one of the metal for umbrella and then throws her coffee at him the results park district
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police are for an investigation to the district attorney's office for use prosecutors will decide whether to charge her coming up >>anny hong: new predictions about how much rain and in milk and bring the latest warning from we are continuing to track the storm heading the area where sentiment range for parts of the north bay and toward danville, a walnut creek and along the peninsula including san mateo and pop out some will have the latest on the storm's progress coming up after the break. it seems that every year, we have to watch out for different types of germs. which is why it's important for your wipes to kill a broad spectrum of germs.
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you concede we have a live picture. >>james: every now and then gets intense and that will continue to be that way the live look to see all the radar would have showers and bound still in his direction in a pickup in intensity of the next 15 to 20 minutes another portion of the north bay looking at rain coming
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down at 680 it comes together at the core gilead junction with to complete two or a sure you will we're expecting as it comes through that act clearly increase the wave activity we want to make a quick lunch in the we are looking at pretty serious wave especially right along the coastline and the peninsula put to deadly with cars will be very careful of your out the beach today that
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is the cost instead it went 20 mi. per hour the guest to their expected to get out of 34 even 50 mi. per hour it means there will be a lot of debris flying around in a driving around be very careful. >>james: but also bring down power lines and back to lead to some power outages pg&e will be watching that very carefully
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here is a quick look and a short forecastle we have friday and saturday. >>robin winston: they go way too fast in the ring a lot of minor crashes right now a kid sees nothing to made to slow you down to it than mine drive that were reduced speed leave early double your normal drive times you can
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be the rush before it's too bad they're awful problems in the maze of the sky way or the central freeway to slow you down 8 to 10 minutes from downtown oakland in a lead to trouble spots from 101 and the nimitz freeway a quick check of the ride from the north bay in the east bay this is the approach to the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza you concede it is wide open amid a slowdown and is a great ride across the bridge hist. right there at the scene is still very active in his pre
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fresh west for road avenue that is of pittsburgh injury crash blocking the to the flames not a hot spot there is no traveler but added one to slow you down. >>anny hong: a mean bill is on track to be one of the strongest evidence on record is now federal and state responders are releasing the disaster plan to protest a dangerous conditions the heavy rain is expected to trigger flooding power outages and landslide. >>charles clifford: in a new 56 page report that warned all of california to see above average rainfall the top concern is flooding and mud slide a report notes them in the hillside across california are prone to
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problems the studies cited said a significant landslides' can occur if i happen to a more last longer than eight hours of the concern of area the been burned by a wildfire limitations on the ground to hold the soil together the burns was to be prone to heavy debris flows and storms some fire damaged areas to produce 16 times more debris the normal during the first year after a fire the big danger is flooding the good news after four consecutive years of drought the state's reservoirs hold less water than normal in the months ahead the reservoir is can use to capture larger than usual amounts of rainfall preventing flooding downstream the bad news of low lying flat areas such as that in urban locations could see problems. >>charles clifford: in left that dry and hard when it rains it would not be absorber to the ground it will collect the full increasing runoff of the potential for flooding.
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>>anny hong: you've visited the bar recently a personal information may be at risk owner of the restaurant chain said a potential data bridge could affect people in seven states including in california there are eight of the bar restaurants in the bay area credit or debit cards could possibly be affected the urge customers to check the statement we have a post the full list and locations and dates of the dead bridge on our web site on the record show had a sister and lot in common little to investigators about a previous attack heat and the gunman planned bullbat out that same year they saying that he bought the first of two assault rifles which he used to carry
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out the san bernardino attack. >>anny hong: told investigators he did know about any plans for the most recent shooting so far he has not been charged coming up a patch of swayze class is getting a remake will have all the hollywood headlines here is a lot of the outside the what to bay bridge toll plaza where track in the weather was james and the traffic would rather not coming up a little bit later.
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>>anny hong: we are tracking the storm this morning to live look outside on 92 yes is what this
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morning camera on the talent drain on the camera lens. >>anny hong: 10 this was this another top, and the classic femme could begin to remake all those stories in this morning daily wrapped. >>reporter: after 18 years of marriage they have to finalize the doors to keep the picasso painting in the house and also receive $65,000 a month and support from the intaglio which should help pay for treatment to remove the tattoo, no word yet on who want to play will choose one of patrick's with his most
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famous roles tailless what was just named the top artist in 2015 not only that without planting a deny was named the billboard 200 out of the year as well it is a good year to between the swift--taylor swift >>anny hong:-->>james: we are tracking stormy weather over the bay this to the store would have been waiting for will walk you through how much we will get and when it will fall throughout the day.
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and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ >>anny hong: we your tracking
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the storm for you this morning to look at storm tracker 4 official does exactly where it is running across the bay area widespread rain in also sings of high winds this morning. >>james: if you have to leave the house and the next five to seven minutes this is where it is clearly running the show you the wide you for selling pressure in the expense of the system is to bring iran across a good bit of the entire northern half a switch over to future charges was about to the radar and it down to business as zoom and first in an apparent with the showers for started in the bottle south toward center fell in the golden gate bridge of light out toward point raised
4:30 am
that to receive a good bit of light to moderate rain falling at the moment. >>james: vacaville fairfield are getting scattered showers as well as leather map to the east asian what we are seeing in places like cobb a walnut creek all the creek that let showers with more on the way slighting the map for the to the east asia line we have a right out near richmond. >>james: is clearing up at the moment but there is more what weather san francisco adjutancy in the crackdown in the city and down the hunters point light showers and that continues all the down to the sequoia and on the bay side will have burlingame millbrae in hillsboro all the bill would like showers or now as it will amount to the but wider piquancy the entire peninsula all the way down toward santa cruz de like showers. >>james: move into the south bend light rain at the moment will be tracking this of drop the day the wind and a half of the story the when the rise in effect until 10 for the north
4:31 am
bay hills to be pretty windy and dusty look for debris flying around both hands on the will dispense with a drive across the bridge here is a look at the when map you can see how the showers and how the winds have been playing all around the bed the strongest 120 p mullen our steady when looking at a lot of low 6 is pretty mild out there will come back with the extended forecast and 15 minutes.
4:32 am
>>robin winston: is picking get not if you're about to head into san francisco this is considered minor not a major delay a great ride across the upper deck & francisco if you're paying cast a little bit of a way fast track was it right through check in the commuter aircraft is about to get over to the peninsula the reckless were heading to foster city no major problems for the nimitz freeway san leandro hayward that portion of the commute is fine 92 looks great when you get over to of this a so far no surprises 14 minutes from 880 connecting to 1 01 track and the slow traffic on highway 4 and this is the right it will be slow in the westbound direction. >>robin winston: it is an injury crash emergency crews on the scene of running track breaks to get you through and the to the flames are still blocked injury
4:33 am
several vehicles involved is causing a minor slow down was for ever rolled 15 minutes right now that may increase will keep tracking this and let you know when they hope to have a out of the way the rosa very slick chp is dealing with the number of stops for drivers are really off the road going up really fast in the rain >>jackie sissel: not only in the when intensity but also rain you concede the rain coming down right next to southbound 101 and by so if the sea in the long winter all along it appears as though this about as hard to beat santa come down right before roberts went on with the traffic it was not running at all obviously of the morning
4:34 am
picco receive more rain and more cars on the road will seek it affect the morning commute a lot of leasable on around getting in the storm drains and debtors >>will tran: it is not raining really hard were we see the big drop last it is a steady rain to come from the left to the right depth of the wood from the road
4:35 am
on one 01 we came across the san mateo bridge to has of the will please be careful we can to use his the officers are out extra force to make sure if it clear in the accidents and to make sure the people drive with the conditions of the rain in mind if we're here to monitor the situation and will be mobile all over the bay into the very latest on the right conditions the storm as a prophet or a word for this show us you your kids
4:36 am
your pets in the storm gear we're at the some four beautiful store in downtown san francisco would have built and some high- tech experiences for the customers on their shopping for makeup and fragrance as weight to you see what they have done track in the rain all across the bay area and high winds >>anny hong: more details coming up the time now is for 36.-- 436.
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>>anny hong: we think he's already a member or another party and that he made a deal with hillary clinton to sink the gop presidential ambition some sale of his allies in style does not running to win much to spur of the republican vote jeb bush said that donald trump and negotiated a deal with this friend hillary clinton continue in the apple cart and the white house he is putting a lot of time attacking his fellow republicans. >>: marco is overrated the karsten he's got to have to hit a solo and the call conspiracy
4:40 am
theorist and saw that has a history of donating to democratic candidates and the fact that the clinton and his attendant then rather attendant temps wed and republicans fear he could cost of the election even if he does not win the gop party nomination. >>gabe slate: they're selling fragrances out the economic overwhelming try to find what is right for you are some your shopping for it is to explore thousands of different phrases without getting can smile stuck
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on you it was a lot of the last of the senses into the air of by an air clammy purifying blast to remove any lingering sense at all for the quick to small lot of different forces and a convenient clean white it what should the basic question to the board out looking for from them in touch with what the trial and we for the fragrance to spread out and the far bigger workshops
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stations which i passed the customers can use to fill just the first step in the tech to toro said after of past there is a new mobile application unless the child of the different list of virtually on their face about having to have to put his anemic upon the could help find the right shade. >>james: 40 your quick of the on the forecast is focusing on this year as his own man and he does see the activity this one looks like oversaw right now a lot of friends will begin to form this will affect there will be open to storm warning will be in effect from four yen today is already in effect all with a 4:00 a.m. tomorrow a 24 hour. heavy snow strong winds they're one of the to to walk out conditions.
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>>anny hong: novato said the consumer and pretty windy conditions last time the check will get a live report from of the reporters were stationed on the cost of the area coming up but first we want to get to james and the weather center for track and the storm's progress this morning. >>james: mitchell have are liberals and radicals overran but it will need all day today
4:46 am
by charles all the way ron is a little isolated pocket of my recovering just to the north and east of downtown hamilton west of the south of the what a career as long to track in the direction of nevada will be watching the carefully as was like a map over to the rain getting a little bit more widespread martinez benicia, of walnut creek of dealing with sporadic light range tamara greenwich times more working his way over to east bay hills that is what iran is actively falling when not is not to bet on the east great trauma we have the they've printed underneath some my rent at the moment the entire city the size or underneath it is some form of rent for you this morning and that extends all or down to the peninsula into the south bay as to pull the map out a little wider you
4:47 am
concede that of carleton. >>james: metal pressing active and other rare right now on the show you a wider view of the satellite prospect of a lot of cold air behind that would drive some pretty significant and stability come lead on this evening on top of all this we have to a sudden rise in effect for not only the coastal areas also the inland areas as well the valid this is the coastal flooding the bison and are the small stream of rising this extends from 4:00 p.m. this afternoon until 4:00 p.m. on friday a lot of mid-50s upper
4:48 am
50s and 60s already and ran onto one of much beyond here was a quick look at the forecasts were looking at unsettled whether to stay with us in the to the first half track the dock with gamblers away after today when needed at least for the foreseeable future. >>robin winston: tracking a couple troublespots nothing to a
4:49 am
bad image a hot spots it is improving and the bay bridge toll plaza less the foot and the ride into san francisco if you're having of the two was about 80 about 50 minutes to go backing of in the cash drain toward the end of the lot now it is wide open 8 to 10 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco de to see a lot of folks are ready hitting and agree ride across the upper deck so far the lan configuration right now not impact on the commute into and out of san francisco does delhi when the headlines and the wipers and ensure you slowed down were also sent some messages on twitter and facebook people coming out of the north they're saying that this town and and and it's hard to see on highway 101 if you're in the north and about to take the ride on 101 be careful. >>robin winston: this a problem attracting nothing has changed so far was for west of road this
4:50 am
and repression block in the two left lanes one car crossfire and it held--is total traffic if you live or work in the area leland runs parallel to hundred for it on the freeway and bailey the market are never wrote to you on a daily will miss the class and mr. slow traffic and all help to get on the back of pick half is wendy and in his training we do not know to conceive of the when
4:51 am
it's actually fallen silent because it is so strong the track in the bay bridge and is behind it we can tell you the personal experience is difficult to drive in. >>reporter: few can fill the when the blond cars were driving over to their current if the board to be committing this morning it onto a slowdown as well concede that it does not feel like it is quite a pounding like we just described was happening on golden that bridge is the fairly a light rain but it is not something you want to be in without being prepared >>anny hong: it was parked along
4:52 am
chestnut street at 34 she the victims or pronounced dead at st. a short-term lid of the have not released the names of the victims but they both are from oakland investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of death a man is behind bars on suspicion of strangling his own wife to death in norfolk police arrested 39 year-old on wednesday his wife was found dead in her home along of the court from avenue on monday night i arrived at the house after family members and south korea asked to check on the couple paramedics pronounced the woman that at the same to sugar refiner and son of a home along with the woman's husband he's been held without bail and will appear in court later on today. >>anny hong: for attracting the right conditions all across the bay area live look at the embarcadero rainy and windy flooded as a concern we have high surf of the for the curse--
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>>anny hong: someone left not cash but a $3,500 diamond ring and a red kettle and massachusetts this the first time they saw the issue, has received such a gift cases the money from iran will go to help from 600 families over the holiday this year the family received an early present and it was all thanks to a police chief and his children the police chiefs spotted the fifth opposed from a homeless family in need in the polls the father of two girls said the that the homeless from the of the three years and adjust to market had or cannot find a job to make matters worse the only car the family has
4:56 am
broken down and it does not have money to fix it and get another one he saw this is opportunity for the chief taxes three kids and they're ok with him buying a homeless family a car with their christmas money. >>anny hong: hey got his wish to the data goes to show kindness and, who hit just lost months ago .
4:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we have a nice long
5:00 am
stretch of heavy rain that is moving on and direction of american canyon we have let a friend for novato and south of that one on one down towards central fell in the golden gate bridge my renters to moderate rain that modern retrospective at downtown san rafael and the next 15 minutes you can see in grain oldest of the part of the bed and as wolf in the direction of our main island the peninsula is ok to you get down to millbrae up and down to
5:01 am
berlin game that is like buying picks up. >>james: howe with the rank player over the course of the day very important question we have to cast here set for 6:00 a.m. will walk the hour by hour through the morning where talk about east bay and indications of the livermore valley getting heavy rain in for some of the south they buy into clarkson of a building with heavy rain and scattershot was back behind it at 9:00 were wrapping up the morning commute to concede have scattered showers and this holds true for 10 the rest of the afternoon to plan to be a mixed
5:02 am
bag of slight sprinkles by 5:00 p.m. around to another wave comes in with a very energetic with activity with potential thunderstorm the ride home could be of pretty in ventures with some pretty exciting what the come down at that point yet received a still doing some scattershot statistical friday morning commute along with this system team covers also following some of the boat one for this. >>anny hong: aside from the rent the other what the headlines are the strong winds are dismissing some strong winds out there and gusting up to 50 mi. per hour and santa rosa 15 also for oakland 21 mi. an hour with his sustained winds 14th and fairfield along the delta of and
5:03 am
17 for concord. >>anny hong: this is areas to see highlighted in blue steady wins 20 to 30 m.p.h. except a guest to 50 we have to watch for flying debris down trees and power lines and also some dangers weather conditions also tracking the possibility of flooding when a flood warnings the wild coast in a flood advisory as well for the inland locations this for parts of the month including sauce a little more and novato santa rosa and to start from 4:00 p.m. and goes until tomorrow afternoon for real watching flooding of low- lying areas to include the parking lot and roadways.
5:04 am
>>robin winston: when you get on the road led sure you are driving and reduce speed because it is very slick the ride into san francisco not bad at all minor way to the cash grain on the right-hand side of the screen nothing to worry about is picking up heading into san francisco so far as a great writer is a crass remarks in for about 40 minutes and the flame is the only data blocks that is the latest update to chp withdraw from have two lanes blocked just left lane several vehicles toy trucks will not to the same thing was when the dollar rep team bailey and rare or you can see both of the drive times to four minutes now thought of antioch of the continent ack-ack.
5:05 am
>>jackie sissel: it is raining steadily the other thing will notice we may start to see some street flooding the good news is
5:06 am
you won't even have to leave the house where and at this one will cover the rain but the wind and also the traffic all morning long. >>darya: the areas around as a far getting hit this morning. >>will tran: it is steady rainfall but not really a huge drop when the is your biggest concern in this location oftentimes, and nowhere right now not to that asbestos is just a lot of cars but those the car sitting in the cost of 20 of spaces in between the cars pack.
5:07 am
>>reporter: is definitely starting to rain and is just picked up just now in the wind is definitely blowing here on in a blind eye and how you can see in the traffic on the bay bridge that is behind me.
5:08 am
>>darya: we want to see their running pictures is heading up the door this morning the continuing coverage of the bay area line and how people are preparing for the storm of them are ready for us to live look at storm track currency would have his pockets of renoir and fairfield and vallejo yellow is the heaviest downpour and one is covering and green will be right
5:09 am
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>>james: probably feel the old get bridget didn't feel so much when this began with actual
5:13 am
brain a slide of the map from the show you some of the heaviest rains once again in the north they were conceived like showers over the bottle but adjutancy we had over to what looks like high with 37 and american canyon fairly moderate rain with pockets of heavy rain falling in the areas of the napa valley american chain and all that approaching interstate 80 that ride really from vallejo all out to vacaville. >>james: lybrand at the moment areas like concord in walnut creek as to conceal down toward danville because of the not too much in the san ramon valley over to the east bay shoreline " we're o.k. not seen too much
5:14 am
but we can see on the east shore for women this to my friend out memory them as the title to san francisco you receive the entire san francisco area covered in my riding might have a drink come in sausalito underneath the right not to run as well with more of a short as to conceal. >>james: we have some light rain began to fall as the head down for san jose to see lybrand all throughout the south bay this morning.
5:15 am
>>james: to trigger thunderstorms and lightning we since the storms pass will have quite a bit of rain during this thunderstorm the fall of the actual call from.
5:16 am
>>anny hong: is sure going of 50 and 80 right now still over pretty high higher elevations are looking at some small right now and the slow level fall of the next two hours here and what is missing some pretty impressive snowfall totals the winter storm warning that went into effect early this morning continues through early tomorrow morning heavy snow and yes strong winds while conditions are very likely to design and the sea level or on the club will see seven to 14 in. of fresh powder 1/7 thousand feet in higher when the 2 ft. 4 talking even 3 ft. of snow. >>anny hong: of fremont visibly
5:17 am
for fairfield five for concord oakland and sfo temperatures a fairly mild a lot of low 60s to upper fifties including six in san francisco 59 and the more and an oakland
5:18 am
>>robin winston: so far numic to troublespots if you're heading into san francisco and this is the ride is in great shape we had a little bit of a backup that is gone and not as a great ride across the upper deck into downtown san francisco we are in great shape in the east of a san leandro hey 1880 know troublespots a great ride across the bridge battles with and talk about a crash of highway 4 was about westar road and to start this is fun is a clear and early morning crash that have traffic across the biggest recovery and that is what the drive times to four minutes from and to talk to concord still a little bit slow but the one problem now out of
5:19 am
your way. >>mark: have been getting ready for days to the rental ride to concord police and starred clint on trains guest today it was the lead for the problem they're removing them the storm drains the pressure what they say the storm drains during heavy drinking impacted neighborhoods for hours.
5:20 am
>>mark: that will gather for fuel service this afternoon choose and abide and health specialist her co-worker and his wife stormed into the holiday worked at the bank act in the regional center last wednesday opening fire killing 14 people the family says she was expecting to better health inspector bass at the guthrie the services are planned for other victims over the next week >>darya: this happen over we can have the original purpose cash of all of the woman who they identified as denise slater you concede there are command the park to come closer and have a discussion the rangers tried to intervene but as she is
5:21 am
aggressive this issue hit one of the man the result park in chicago is off for an investigation to the d.a.'s office for review and decide what not to file charges. >>mark: their protest and a deadly officer involved shouldn't happen last week he was killed when he refused to drop the knife the police said the use of the stabbing member from san francisco movement are
5:22 am
demanding that the officers involved be identified fired and charged with murder protesters said 25 shots ever fired. what fired of >>: his posture was not threatened the night may have been considered a threat but it was not an imminent threat of danger >>mark: the plan to address alternative options to with the force officers within never got to the subject because comes from the committee took so long. >>darya: to singing coverage of
5:23 am
the rain and wind as the storm had to bay area a live look at the storm trackers to show you the satellite you wear out in the field with the team coverage as well.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>darya: thereto holiday staple that they should be aware of to protect against a season for scandals
5:27 am
>>james: a live look at the radar we see rain coming out a good bit of the north of the east bay and the peninsula started a system would weather as well what if the forecast lots to cover out in the filled the apartment next--those reports up next.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: tracking the storm we have some heavy rain right now moving up to the vallejo fairfield area and the san francisco track and heavy rain and spots right now along with the strong gusty winds and a slightly storm thursday
5:30 am
morning.. >>james: zooming into with the rain is falling at the moment about a light rain feel some portions of highway 37 same light rain and looking off to the right side of the strain center ride over interstate 80 not too long ago this move of just a slight bit to the east were also track and rain and maps to the touch of the south martinez, a walnut creek that portion of an east placing light
5:31 am
showers and to follow along 680 down toward dublin yet this the right to danville san ramon and as you have got a little more back from the corridor here we have a selfless and moderate maybe even heavy rainfall on right now are along the the more so that is going to be part of the timing. >>james: the wide u.s. shows a lot of cold air on the backside of this and help keep the weather very unstable for the rest of the day to men in the show industry to cast we cannot repeat it enough holidays on to the we want you to know and be prepared for him ever have 68-- 6am. >>james: here is cook and san francisco won our lead a little more is getting it one hour after that and san jose that is how someone commit for progress by 9:00 it begins to break up where still dealt with sporadic showers for for some of the east
5:32 am
bank in south bend.
5:33 am
>>anny hong: 13 in oakland have on bay is quieted down of a we had a wind just when moscow but not down to less than 1014 in livermore and 12 in hayward but in the north in the hills because the rent is forcing some of the strongest reason for win this is and will have a web advisor part to the north bank hills until 10:00 this morning the stars by the afternoon today continue until tomorrow a special watching areas and a saucy little flooding and parking lot and road race around the van they are very likely will have to watch for that will talk more about the weather
5:34 am
conditions and also the snow that is falling this year come up a little bit later. >>robin winston: he should be driving and reduce speed to cook eyes open for floodplains and debris is very windy city never know what your running to right now we're in the shape heading over to the richmond san rafael bridge 58 it was approaching the toll plaza as theodore the hill and to the point is one to agree ride leaving concord the problems the plaza help on a creek or river connecting the
5:35 am
680 >>jackie sissel: to the rain is picking up the james and and everyone else is to talk about the rain but really the when it is flowing hard you can see traffic on a southbound 101.
5:36 am
>>will tran: the rent not so much a problem the biggest problem you were and door at this location wind and wind conditions the rain is dropping with the lure the hood and you that cannot be so much of a problem but the customer comes on the way you can see this is 101 the headlights coming in your direction you will
5:37 am
hydroplaned we did come to this location charnel just as i said that the rain is not a problem this is pretty much what you see all morning we're here to monitor the situation. >>reporter: you can definitely see the roadways are but a could are slowing down if you plan on
5:38 am
coming out here today if you plan on coming ahead all you was to dress appropriately and get a green jacket and hat and umbrella rainbow's things to keep dry and warm because as a said before once it hits you in your what it is not very pleasant to be out here. >>mark: the application of the have and and we have one that has news weather and traffic
5:39 am
will be right back on conceded track the storm with have been strained. come on in pop pop.
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5:42 am
>>james: cold front we've been waiting for is directly overhead passing of the game but will have more on the forecast and on on team coverage in just a moment.
5:43 am
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>>james: martinezes less like the map you cannot also sick cutting right through the east of the hills right overtop the caldecott tunnel loss to get all bill with that in all this is heading in the direction of concord in walnut creek there will be intensifying before too much on the dublin also looking of moderate to heavy rain
5:47 am
>>james: they get intense water
5:48 am
on 7:00 to conceive of mind of really nasty weather that is a trip the thunderstorms and lightning and of course the gusty winds will be with us and even as we headed to the overnight hours 11:00 p.m. on the richter the 6:00 a.m. the following morning the showers of the sea began to subside. >>anny hong: potentially about half recorders have been around san francisco and oakland generally and half an inch of rain stained the for the more and san jose will keep our eye on the rainfall totals will talk about that when it buys and early this morning is an effect until 10 if we send some gusted to 50 mi. an hour of the napa aside from the winds were also watching the coast because of the high surf warning the stars
5:49 am
a 4 talk to that continues until tomorrow if this really big waves a watch from the dangerous surf and the recurrence a satellite repetition on the stand taller than the snow is falling out their the snow level still fairly high it will lower crop the day today to maybe about 5,500 ft. to 5,000 ft. to the winter storm warning already in effect go to early tomorrow morning with a series of thing for the western slope for sierra nevada.
5:50 am
>>anny hong: if you want to track the blame for your heading out on the drive this morning enough to get to download the application for your android-on the crisis--iphone. >>robin winston: is innocent pops up in back of traffic quickly the rows of what and when the it could driver had reduced the leaf early to make sure you get there on time will support it there safely the right to san francisco the back of is right on time and normal
5:51 am
it is given san leandro from to 30 it through hayward and union sitting the rest of the trip was great our free market to milpitas the just off of the 29 minutes from san leandro to milpitas slow but normal start off of the crash and how we for that is long gone but were still looking at 33 minutes to get from antioch to conquer. >>mark: continue on track to be one of the strongest evidence on record federal and state responders are releasing their disaster plan for the potentially dangerous conditions that are expected.
5:52 am
>>charles clifford: off california to see above average rainfall in the months ahead among the top concerns of flooding and mudslides report no stamina hillside across california are prone to problems usgs study cited in the report said a significant landfall can occur and friends all happen to more last longer than eight hours a particular concern areas of unburned wildfires with of attention on the ground to hold the soil together the bernstein's account heavy debris flows and storms some fire damaged areas to produce 16 times more debris the norman green the first year after a fire the the danger is letting the good news that after four consecutive years of drought
5:53 am
assistance reservoir to hold less water than normal amount had risen were to be used to capture larger than usual amount of rainfall preventing flooding downstream to the bad news is lying flat areas of ballet and urban locations to see problems. >>darya: we have a special section to get out on the web site today unit the web site the mobile application for weather and traffic because of the rain and wind and is hitting the area right now. >>mark: will have a strong line that's missing is with the concord in walnut creek slamming highway 4 and 680 and highway 24 the strongest part of that line is the northern part the slick
5:54 am
is with the birds landing the trend is about to pick up the intensity sure. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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>>darya: this nomination was made last week about 20 mi. northwest of boston organization
5:57 am
called an incredible gift will help pay for food pantries to kitchens and all types of hard out this is the money from this the nation could help about 600 families is taller than.
5:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:00 am
. >>darya: live storm track read or change as much in the with the center raucous went in looking at the commune that drive times and to rebut the were spots to try and star james. >>james: as it continues to push on through will see more more activity in the eastern and
6:01 am
especially in the south and a key pretty intense band of shower scare you to fall on the creek and i come out real this moderate to heavy rainfall and now you're out antioch heading in your direction bird would will be to you as well before too much longer. >>james: san the result has of valley just north of hayward we have all of this treatment in the direction of the east bay hills to was the impact in the san ramon valley in the south they spotty and a man showers the consumer your downtown san jose getting some light rain will have a brief break which will have more but whether it in this way and back to see right there off on the screen some pretty intense hours to draw on
6:02 am
both sides of the bay bridge but no rain falling on either side of the bay bridge at the come on our if you can soften the city heading down toward hunters point you like and to some like shower activity. >>james: heading in this direction that will made up of thunderstorms and on to the and a chance of some lightning as well as related to the time line 6 entry to cast is predicting the call for cutting right through the ban will get a brief preface afternoon as with and reminding him in of reinvigorate once again toward the evening commute here reify
6:03 am
kim shaw was beginning to build once again in the north and will move across the bay area once again. . >>james: not only is it just the rain but is the wind as well >>anny hong: which is working on the peak when a gust here and pretty impressive when we cell in the last 24 hours some nearing 50 mono wind gusts up to now track and higher when the dust as well lost out those 43 m.p.h. in the past 24 hours gust
6:04 am
of the 50 already seen that verified will have to watch for down trees and power lines and reports of that happening to set we have eyes and ears also submitted and a scanner to let you posted on that were watching out for the possibility of flooding to specify the coastal locations and also for low-lying areas of this is for this afternoon continue until tomorrow your sauce little watch
6:05 am
when flooding of line parking lot and roadways near the bank again this a problem for this afternoon and tomorrow as well keep an eye on the when the rain and flooding and of course of the sierra snow will talk more about that how the cold air will help level snow levels letter on today. >>robin winston: number of house price is definitely separate and when the to the telling about the when the conditions some of the drive and high-profile vehicle ticket easy on the bridges and on and off ramp the could easily spot the bay bridge writers looking prevent it is through the maze 20 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco not a bad drive times because of this move on a bridge that will be running
6:06 am
trains and reduced speed because of the wet weather because they're asking you to get your stopped early. >>mark: the to go first to jacking. >>jackie sissel: is tapered off just of the bed and the last half-hour or so we talked about a week since the have is the blow through here in the month it review to see right now. >>will tran: the land has stickups is the last time you
6:07 am
some that is the roadway where you're ride off the wall said avenue and it considers all the water being kicked up by the car side of you be careful out there not to mention hydroplaning windy at this time but the good news is, and tutors is better when it is a constant when at least in my opinion the dust the comes of know where it is still dark, be careful the good news is it's still early in the morning commute
6:08 am
>>reporter: here is have to judge started missing in the rain was holding off for a while in started to come down again very lightly but it is coming down definitely still when the in very chilly on top of nearby when island in my brain alive
6:09 am
have your letter on to say you deftly want to be wary of the appropriate gear the raincoat had to numberless brambles if you have the but once you've are up here definitely bundle of today will be out here monitoring the conditions throughout the morning.
6:10 am
>>darya: happen to a funeral of of victims of the san bernardino mass attack are going to begin family and friends of 27 your give that velasco are gathering for an outdoor funeral service to that she was in the rightness hot specialist and her co- workers and his wife taught him like storm into their holiday work that and an original center last wednesday and killed 14 people the family says that she was expected to get her help inspect baggage at the party gathering of more services are
6:11 am
planned for the of the victims of the next week. >>mark: police said she confronted a group of muslims or prying apart and a competition was caught on camera >>mark: the risk of our potential violent the woman who police identified as the niece of san are green with the men about their religion nicosia park rangers try to intervene but she becomes aggressive in the video they said she then had one of the man with her umbrella and prokofiev him the regional park district police kron 4 and
6:12 am
the investigation to the d.a.'s office for review and prosecutors would decide whether to file charges.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
>>james: to commit my been the most in a convenient spot is heavy rain forced as a man to the north bank would have liked showers in the type benicia all the way up to fairfield look of that we have heavy rain now starting to come down at antioch along highway 4 is cutting right downtown this whole stretch left to right is heading in the direction of the will start giving picking up in intensity but that's a look at the delta also to show you a message wishing him the castro valley hayward university all these things are moving from right to left and at the same time moving to the south and southwest of continues to be scattered depending on where you are will have some life charles
6:17 am
the portions of san jose not so much of cupertino and sunnyvale but a lot more going on the map. >>james: a nice line here this is the bottom edge of the cold front of saw early in antioch will have a lot colder air in the popcorn like clouds to cast for pushing through the 6:00 hour to 7:00 a.m. what can you expect in all likelihood the fund will be sent to the over livermore and headed to the south bank by the clock would have to contend showers and san jose you're driving through this
6:18 am
in the dark and that is warranted a pretty dangerous it is up to turn dry very carefully and be very cautious and is trying to get home. >>anny hong: track in the high surf line that goes into effect this afternoon contingent to small 4:00 p.m. watched the big
6:19 am
waves this is all up and down the coastline here dangerous surf and denver colors all possible you can sit up and talk of higher elevations were seen the blow which means we are seeing snow falling once the cold air comes from led to the install level start to fall will see more snow out toward the kind area today were to storm warning has bought into effect early this morning continuing to small and for fog watched heavy snow and strong winds and water out conditions 59 in livermore mid '50s and oakland still fairly mild once the cold air comes through it will be colder discussed from the overnight hours on saturday morning the
6:20 am
next three days look like this we concede the rainy and windy conditions. >>anny hong: >>robin winston: no hot spots the traffic is picking up and they're responding to a number of crashes for not been a pretty minor but the time finishes report in your id on on the road still probably gone and not really impact the committee will talk about was released so that its traffic heading into san francisco men's and the diminished amazing to downtown
6:21 am
much heavier heading into san francisco to stop the clock all the way across the upper deck in a slow but no major problems here for 1 01 or for the nimitz freeway quoted at 17 minutes from hayward to set sail fans consider the drive times the memory should be moving and reduce speed for the roads are wet and respect the right across the golden gate to consider terms are wet and moved well and to a lot of san francisco on the rich were getting word or the problem south 11 fat the wall tumbled as a crass to the plot line south, will be slow from spencer to the tunnel but after that will be a great ride into san francisco
6:22 am
>>darya: will have new video our tree is down on highway 116 and guard and a pg&e and the chp and the fire all they're trying to clear the roadway and right now look at the size of that this is something that one you bought yesterday and this happened because of the wind and rain and the drought combined to make a pretty dangerous will be monitoring this around but we found another one would have more video down a of a tree down the tech a look at this on this is an hi everyone 16 and turn them as well another treat this as 116 in for st..
6:23 am
>>darya: were talking about power outages because of the storm to not widespread but pockets where they've been affected more. >>mark: he declared a state of emergency after the red with the storm with heavy rain and thunderstorms to mudslides to cause power outages of massive flooding to death something bland, storms another storm expected for them to arrive later on today there recovering from the storm right now with the edge of flooding people are dealing with a lot of standing water and need deep water in some parts as firefighters brought over some heavy-duty pumps equipment to the water the storm has been blamed for two deaths in oregon as well.
6:24 am
>>darya: the did the officer involved shooting and san francisco that happened last week mario was killed when you refuse to drop the knife that police said he used in the stabbing members from the santa cisco movement are the man of the officers involved in the deadly shooting identified fires and charged with murder and this is the 25 shots sulfide or excessive the police commission plan to address alternative options to leave the force of possible to have begun to the subject because of all the comments from the community san francisco's one on a to large cities in the country that bars as officers from using stun guns he wants to change than he
6:25 am
said that did the shooting could have been avoided if the respondent officers had been equipped with stun guns. >>mark: heavy rain from union city stretching out to dublin the sliding down to the south and east will continue on 88680 quarters right now heavy rains is passing through the dublin to change.
6:26 am
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6:27 am
♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >>mark: the biggest items we're seeing is an immigrant counted on to that and what a share for about 1200 people without power right now we started just before 5:00 the pg&e expecting a 7:00 a.m. restoration.
6:28 am
>>james: with the tree down and power outages all those times warwick in the senate acts to materializing yet to see the rain is a heavy is all those areas and yellow will be tracking the showers coming up in just a minute.
6:29 am
(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
6:30 am
>>mark: it is down 330. for the year were down almost 2% this year as a pre-dawn about half a percent the dow fitch's up 25 at the opening bell the big story this morning team coverage tracking the rain the storm had in the bay area and the wind
6:31 am
from the storm here is a live look at storm tracker 4 show you the the heaviest sales right now are in the yellow and this storm is on to the dropping down installer over the bay area for quite some time.
6:32 am
>>james: some of them is the when the mail but some of that is the actual rent come down right now pretty intense showers come down of antioch and bulk of it as a was headed toward bird what did you consider thing else to the north is still holding steady moving out to the central valley still some pockets of my reign on the back side of mount diablo as a spy the maps for the we have are really bright line of moderate to heavy blind release stretching from the looks like union city down toward fremont and i think like a out near livermore heading into the direction in double their run into that and the
6:33 am
showers will continue to push off to the right to to the south on the screen pretty nice charles going for the hills and the southern peninsula just to the east of pescadero to the west is headed in the direction of cupertino if it holds itself to get up and over the hills and fast to be in storm--store. >>james: is not just this morning train will talk about the cold air on the backside of fire up the chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon the streets to cast a swim to the time line for the morning commute shows but at a clock 9:00 and spent more still the right the in the south bank pushing out the time about 10 will see a brief break during the afternoon and then right at the evening commute is underway
6:34 am
and 5:00 p.m. the showers of reenergize and a month and continue to work right to the bay. >>anny hong: 0.33 sfo will be
6:35 am
over a quarter in menlo park of the picking of two attempts track and some pretty good witness the is still 21 mi. an hour and oakland this morning 15 right now and fairfield six and in concord 17th have remembered what city breezy also for half of a sustained when in the north and looks pretty good the with the same gusto and anywhere from 4 to 50 lost our the when divisor continues until 10 this month and of the hills to outline in blue will see steady winds potentially sustained the to the loss of our best to get
6:36 am
50. >>robin winston: a little bit slower than normal as it should be the damage hot spots and image problems we sure hope that it stays the with this positive thinking will seek to the town will let you of anything major pops up if about to hand over to nine the to the ride westbound is bumper-to-bumper with that is normal is one to be slow starting way back in hayward from a and a connector is jammed all the way across the bridge the drive times of up to two to two minutes and you cannot expect to increase as we continue to the 6:00 our check in the ride to the south as a required exit of to no. 85.
6:37 am
>>mark: to overlooking the bay bridge where and belmont. >>will tran: that is a clue that the rain has stopped its a little misty the contract was off 30 minutes ago no big deal constant when
6:38 am
>>reporter: we don't know if the temperature had dropped here and never been an island with the standoff in the winds with a cold wet rain jacket but is definitely there chilly the law of the sit behind me but the trees a definitely slowing as the wind is still blowing here the traffic is looking heavy of the still see a lot of requests on the bay bridge piling but nothing that is out of the ordinary.
6:39 am
>>darya: to ally of the care with the grain is moving now we will provide back--we will be back. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently.
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6:42 am
>>mark: those of fuel and 50 people affected by the solid they're scattered around the bay area will be watching for any problems with what the traffic of power outages we're tracking the storm slammed the bay area south and east bank of have this rain moving through at the moment.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>james: the front will continue to move the portion of the east back and stop and for the next couple of hours of the to buy about 9:00 l p about exiting of the south that hoff cash and to just mention, michael east bay south that of the two regions that were carefully follow this morning brought what out in the delta we seen some pretty decent showers moderate at times were
6:47 am
left with a light rain so santa can't just to the south of that you can see we have to define the line push into the more heading out to the optimal paths we have heavy blind 680 american the curb their solo driving up the grade >>james: you start to see things clear of the line of shoppers was all the down to fremont in the south they were stunned to see some light rain to stop all of san jose the southern part spirit for novel we do have showers is to receive by cupertino heading in this direction across the marin
6:48 am
headlands and the golden gate bridge will be curious to see and the traffic report only partial deliverance if this come all the way down to the road back--deck. >>james: the speckled calls hold air that is was torn to fire up the thunderstorms later on today tech.
6:49 am
>>anny hong: we're starting to see some snow falling at the higher elevations from seven toughest kid has that is a town like rubble still looking at rain but the snow level will drop over the next several hours once the cold air comes through but the mice live lift them want to have this five which running this morning will have to " assist that brought the morning hours the shutout was happening with our satellite radar picture and tall we did have some snow falling in at higher elevations >>anny hong: the restore morning
6:50 am
continues go to tomorrow morning before and watched heavy snow and strong winds especially this afternoon and is pretty strong out there for some parts of the they lost out to sticking up for a three hour peak when the dust of the last 24 hours right now the when the dust the strongest out toward livermore 30 the mollen our winning just 29 in concord 28 in redwood city not to back to the north but just 184 novato were still watching the high surf one for the coastal locations no issues
6:51 am
right now for the north to there but out toward the oakland hayward and even the more or have lasted to small visibility this morning as a falcon in fremont visibility temperatures in the low 60s and in san jose 56 in livermore to conduct a storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast hauler their cars to go to for the different will check out the unsettled forecast were looking at more showers on the weekend., >>robin winston: 1 we have a storm of fresh snow is always a good idea to have those with adjusted pace from the area is not a bad image hot spots the roads of traffic to slow no
6:52 am
problem number is right now loss of heavy traffic to the san mateo presence has not changed much in still creeping along from 880 out to the one on one contract and install on five it was if you're not to head over to richmond san rafael bridge. . >>mark: we're seeing the heaviest rain right now and south and east of the justice marshall was coming along the coast of contract and the storm and heavy is out that the livermore valley the given the
6:53 am
strong wind gusts of the east was bridges around the bend the law of the death of a bridge from the early hours.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: your personal information could be at rest the restaurants said the today a priest at people seven states including california the company says credit or debit cards could be affected and they're urging customers to check the statement. >>darya: continuing to track the storm heading the very hard this morning with iran and when who was going to get it next we have a live report all or tim reporters out there.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
7:00 am
>>james: here concede that on wrapped some light rain started to move into san francisco when less to run for the morning commute the most in a gentle rinsing right now with the system confined to the east bank and to stop there but was still sings a moderate buying things a lot in the free just of the backed up and milpitas we have been some heavy rainfall and this for some portions


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