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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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why has that teams were called and employees of the atomic relations had to leave the offices be foster busted looking at the home of a giant picture buster posey on the big names we found on the list of the east bay water wasters at the hottest thing on two wheels sometimes loath to hot tech reporter gave has a warning on the dangers on her words: your choice for prime time this. . the december strolled course green some much-needed rain a look at where it's coming down right now leaving everyone tracking the showers team coverage tonight because clifford is alive with what you should know if you're heading to the sierra and the one they're
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keeping an eye on things and first brian then taken this year and brian is letting us for now is that accurate? >> reporter: some char's have come into this evening pretty heavy and another round coming to the bay area right now particularly and around san francisco oakland center fell area live storm tracker a few showers taking place around redwood city hall to us well san francisco on an oakland and of the eastern freeway near pelham vallejo gathering coming down on a fairly steady cliff san francisco being the biggest- currently and there is some heavy rain falling across the city east set was raining heavy 10 minutes to go high one and s is pushing through downtown in the mission notice this area and orange fish as heavy rain that
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there has to work his way across the bay and then the next hand and an four to i'll look for often on passing showers still the chance for thunderstorms tonight that showers although they do it for life for tomorrow morning as well as the afternoon the other impacts aside from the heavy rain also some big dangerous waves across the coast and see tomorrow morning possibly, as high as 20 ft. and also lie areas along the bay richardson bay embarcadero +'-h tide of the on forecast, enough. >> catherine: 2 waves crashing on the coast some concern tonight the roads have been a problem there in the past and scott rates has been there all day how is the coastal enough the waves fact. and see have
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been nasty battering the shoreline. >> reporter: the waves up and down pacifica fall afternoon. high tides around 4:00 in see the sea water there of an error near pacifica pier la wind out the agency as well in front can of pushed through the storms of pushed to hear a lot of land and a lot of rain right down the beach lisa harrying he saw this a retaining wall here which show you a number of times of the year the ever get the storm like this bill waives high tide pushes up against the retaining wall and canada appear to see those apartments hanging a precariously over the the the
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time because waves slamming in. these apartments become more and more compromised the apartments have been condemned because safety issues in that way for many years. the traction but in . single lot of that analysts. the year and during the stormy conditions not talk to people up and down beach today about the storm. " as a. >> catherine: part and often to
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collect parking align and holland the power temporarily knocked off the downtown opinion the tree later removed and alert steward. it has been collecting across much of the bay area was the one rainstorm lasting fillets checking the kron 4 trust clifford live along the east shore freeway in berkeley and you can tell us looks like a fairly dry is it raining house traffic. currently there are urging restrictions and of long interstate 880 and getting in
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getting the sacramento. data on the cause late allen gave it for now here in berkeley things are looking pretty well in lisa murphy led.
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>> reporter: the dozen police working in a two-story building with the one delivered a suspicious package o'clock this afternoon team please take in the hospital that clear right now if he were showing any phantoms. employees evacuated will take time for lead results to figure out if that was in the package and former president does need to know if the earlier today national office in washington d.c. office receive this suspicious package containing potter fbi determines
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the content for harmless by this time he close to home. >> catherine: on the biggest water wasters in east they include more than 1800 people who guzzle water and they are stone is following this story: the five geologist talking bottle little extra water a lot right? >> j.r.: the couple extra thousand gallons of water and keep in mind the average household uses three in 400 gal. of water a day these households
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are well above that during this drought his yard is green year here in your according the east team led the posies and fix that june 5th-house eased average of 3000 injured 90 gal. water a day. >> j.r.: clearly have the power that story, of some technical difficulties. we also want to say the oakland a's billy also made the list has been here before the meese issue a statement saying mitigation system has been completely shut down and the numbers that cannot
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today reflect previous usage rates. the town >> catherine: the john burris entering the common courtesy with a man with a knife last week to will rights lawsuit on behalf of the family of my life the police shooting got an angry crowd of several to the police commission and the offices opening fire was having the subject my life. video came to its making changes the
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commission has been tenacious recommendation on use of force in february-what muhammed death of his life after its home monday and police found him in any cover and let the house holding one child another was on the floor have been on the fifth 500 block of the clock that and if after such placed on the man's life 48 year-old kenyan, and instead. not physically harmed. kim admitted to stabbing and strangling his wife after an argument. the coming of topping full of christmas wish lists just how safe within a million
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bottles how high-tech tool help linda valentine invasion suspect $9. hi it it the and i am
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>> j.r.: people who run companies liable the people on this list who have these extra water we talk the extra water not just talking about a couple hundred gallons thousands of gallons of water and household uses between three and 400 gal. of water a day. >> reporter: home will change all-star catcher buster close the whose household is one of almost 2000 water wasters at least they. during this drought has yards green here in here. and then the deal comes from a partnership with abc seven this shot on thursday courting the east bay mud next goal millis is one of her house wasn't legacies, seven proceeded to
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focus of. seven bedroom home as an average of 1,670 gal. of water a day next lead singer four-bedroom fall back home office medalist for a five- bedroom 5-and bill he 40 has been behaving bit vague that the wooden 426 phelan today 1800
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people on the list now that deal. >> catherine: the arrest on a violent home invasion high tech license plate reader sent this bill on the suspect's vehicle and reason home invasion robbery in orinda the police chief mark credits one of its talents 12 license plate reads for tracking down a year-old home invasion of respect from money miller will could gain some relief to a
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hospital suffragan injury after being basilic have been some they are looking for a second suspect that this delay the call from the scene the night of the robbery.
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early >> catherine: a pacifica on the beach this is night of the high surf warning to fly after in place of tiffany fee forecast for some a as a maverick use extreme caution in medical specialists would normally racine showers on storm trackers for some thunderstorms
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in ground tracking each lachine east could be light infantry in san ramon., next to dublin and this one moves easily have a lot of still taking place tonight in the sierra five of be in the blue-collar is show where we have the self-plus' heady smell and chains required to 980 and 50 over the sierra. some of high snowfall to losel passes could be on 18 jets supply shocks to go for tonight has to go for this time system of the pacific and serious viral and the 20
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flour's it will be more like a coming of. >> reporter: geologist and its family taking agreement to across the golden gate bridge /chadli a bus making sure the
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family pack warm clothes for chile and the damp conditions the rain came down and forcing shoppers in canada and he covered specially those a bit on the back of his dress appropriately everyone seems to and scan them of latency if one of the screen comes in the next hour sell the hardest of his past that the seattle is after that, 50, connected with the
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interactive arena conditions conditions and analytics that still the komsomol military cadets in some trouble after a controversial bonus surfaced
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. >> catherine: be treating this they are horrible if ec demeanor called balanced for to wield power scooters they are talking malicious for kids and teens and adults but as the tech reporter discovered there have been
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irresponsible turbulence% in the flames this on the partners of cnn shows toward fort christina from the mall in washington woman lisa he was planning product for fire destroyed her home issues of the aftermath are being spread across social media in a trust the lithium batteries be careful when buying
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these to making knockoffs' a lowly versions selling them which even mr. goodwin of buying knockoff on amazon buy directly from manufacturers web site with tea or more are included selling these for unpledged $50 operate a lifetime warranty and the many issues to spread the yet into violent take measures from catching fire.
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>> catherine: 11 million bar. of sweet brandenstei of iced tea. z glass balls so far for complaints of glass. found in
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the and no injuries reported. the original razzberry half and half will. many green tea citrus peach and honey. all distributed between the delay 27 and december 6th of this year.
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>> catherine: rain tonight thunderstorms popping up in some areas. following the on enough leather all day wryness here with an and while it's happening tonight. >> reporter: the rain and thunderstorms in place storm trackers live intense activity in east they between 8680 is in
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some pretty good to 57. >> reporter: this is that this show last seen leaving really tangerine will help fight a in dublin next any minute and a charge of in the salmon cisco not have had the courtesy like moderate rain been sunset right now be highly one of the 19th avenue. tonight liquor shops to continue feature guest showing his motherland coming through and not send rain that will last
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for long time villus to: 20 lenticel and 90 will have these lisa shallops vidalia all night tonight into the day tomorrow. in the brief by midmorning more light scattered showers of life for the afternoon to allow. and another with a system any of for sunday as women to maureen sunday midday. again flocked to moscow in the morning was sunny in the afternoon edged magnificent will it at the present. in the subject of the next week it will be drawn only. a >> catherine: investigation in turn today the drivers again searching for a small lake
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seemed new timbers it should the fbi and his wife any of the year before after they killed 14 people and a holiday party. the be looking for hard drive among computers and kellogg declined nine computers and raided the whole on the key marquette's a and rather clean up debris in mark has had to kill life policies in the killings. some lawmakers
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concerned with included communication designed to avoid detection u.s. officials say their care in the dark when the greatest challenges in the next major attack the entire group's getting better at using mathematical aphorism algorithms extremists even have their own brand of technology developed by supporters-have a will vacation these to brighten up the news and propaganda and cadets suspended for controversial fullness cadets wearing when she demands and the fullness of i grabs lisa on line " with alan be identified posted by a man and the dean application and had to snatch at those involved the school is not buying that if not unwanted
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consequences in this edition of people they've been badly. consequences in this edition of people they've been badly. >> reporter:no carrierringringc0
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driver. bring us back to this driver. "he did he have to continue off the freeway your registrations showing expired. been here for five months if the registered vehicle today's after expiration. site, is licensed. stated senhorita hear the temporary student visa. driver
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apparently already knew. had been birdlife and the left and borecole after doing some painstakingly here's how things came. "come back here in explain everything to me mishima's attention explain registration dreading unlicensed contract that a valid driver's license in attention explain registration dreading unlicensed contract that a valid driver's license in the state of california..
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great news for you. and your sweet tooth. to find free local, in-person help visit find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st
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>> catherine: vitrine grace him not badly hurt the passengers or injured the story of second chances still had and in sports was the all-time bay area coaching and leaders get ready for bed 24: boston ball the sports nags
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>> catherine: saying el a ticket. \ "and pulled over by police officer"
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20 >> gary: 8 consecutive game winning streak with walton never get too excited for him and then
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taken worried the been and two minutes. and with the courage the./reggie miller had to be a
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great guy and a great player only person/
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>> gary: to annihilate on guns and jordan to run down the sentry to places and francisco 79 year-old man was released to a hospital today the lisa the and of course revolutionize broadcasting one john in s&l election carries a gun right now that the union.
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did he >> gary: enjoy my presentation tonight? fabulously it out cold like this as it always is scarygary
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>> gary: aeons official of me getting my time to help you. absolutely. . the trump should a photo shoot with a bald eagle
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it's really long time frame here is storm trackers for envoy this really intensifies the past 20 of 30 minutes thunderstorms popping of showers now was the pocket of orange on mission boulevard with the across doubling gray in the livermore valley with the full legal the excited will hurt his hair in attack and the from the see behind-the-scenes. new research
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indicating like so hard to do not clear sugar tinkly addictive the research says even sugar buyers of the same rewards in the grain as cocaine triggers cravings hunger this the drug so addictive to me.
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