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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 14, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> catherine: breaking news out of the south bay there is heavy police activity right now in san jose. cries here with details were this is happening >> grant: the area and south san jose not far from the oak ridge mall map that we can show you streets are blocked off and blocked off near winfield boulevard coleman road right
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there and alicea just on scene and joins us live now with the latest. >> reporter: got here just moments ago it's still very active seen police are investigating exactly what took place here this evening and we will get out of the way see you can see what they're doing right behind me now you can once again i hear you can see these officers accounting shell casings and see them right here counting showcasing on the street so. far i have counted five of them so it appears that whatever happened in this vicinity that i'm standing in right here we haven't spoken to police but we are not clear on exactly what happened but talking to neighbors they tell me that this included a key major coup was a possible victim of a carjacking. and we hear maybe 10 minutes ago i am told that that victim has been transported in an ambulance shot
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somewhere in the torso we're not sure if the victim's condition is at this moment the police do have of this intersection close off because coleman and winfield they have a close of traffic is moving right now but. just a couple moments ago it was jammed packed in this entire area filled with traffic this evening because of this closure now i will head back over in this direction you can see these officers for counting those showcasing and a further down the block you concede that entire street clothes off just moments ago in this section you can still see a few cops over there talking with witnesses of a hat of flashlight looking in the quarter in the bushes to try to find out exactly what was happening we are not sure what took place from what we are hearing from witnesses of possible carjacking showcasing is right here at this intersection at the front where you can see these cards are
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standing and we will find out as much as we can and bring it to you as it becomes available. >> catherine: broken family in mourning after bay area couple was killed in what appears to be a weather-related crash to of the couple's children in the car are all live in the hospital tonight and j. r. stone following what happened more from oakland with an interview you'll see only on kron 4.
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>> j.r.: parents killed in a car accident in remember to kids recovered in the hospital sophia was 35 years old and. at laughing that many will remember. monday >> j.r.: that family members of these candles and the s u b may have hydroplaned off a 580 sunday morning and eventually rolling several times family members say they leave behind nine kids.
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>> j.r.: last checked the kids that were in the car have not yet been told what happened to their parents. >> pam: cargo containers washing
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up on a bay area beaches. >> catherine: is here with the cleanup and this is a busy area. >> grant: great use of the golden gate and any conceit out to see where this all went down. more than a thousand of these bread trade-of the bread of course scatter. across the baker beach today crews are racing against high tides to get the water off the beach all loaded up the trades with difficult to pick up phone. just outside the golden gate bridge and the pacific during rough seas a second shipping container has been found near pacific cut. 10 other contenders also fell off friday night know where to be found clean up on bicker beach is pretty extensive.
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"to tell where the containers might show up but we will see newt remodels to determine where they might fall by half ago from their wilder said bnp there will be packing material and a central program has entire mental concerns in be keep you posted. tuberculosis >> catherine: might frighten up on parents imagine newborn baby being exposed to the bacteria. vicki is taking us to the south bay hospital where nearby of coming contact with mothers and new babies. >> reporter: and then screamed at san clara valley medical center to be sure they were not
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exposed to tuberculosis by nurse here. any by >> reporter: otic shouldn't need to take for six months. but they must take for at least six months enjoy lsu at the hospital because the infected and there's at the infant care center not taking any chances. ."infants with the medicine to
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make sure they do not get tv." the case >> reporter: detected with been screened. >> catherine: davis here and it will not warmup run away. >> reporter: ruckus see in those locations for tomorrow but most locations in the afternoon highs a lot of sunshine will be somewhat modest with a clear sky selling and and ferries off that the east bay fire scattered frost of fall this and insulated allot within the coast and inland valleys there 33 for san
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rosa and then here's a breakdown for you forties' across the board already in the 30's and ballet than 7:00 a.m. tomorrow for use going on at the bay 42 inland and then by noon still trailing behind the far east a 49 with toys all in the fifties coming up this sunday forecast in my you know what will happen. family >> catherine: business had their windows smashed and. and marked with graffiti is. some call on security camera just been has this video from san jose. >> reporter: japan town bustles with business like these mom- and-pop shops need to stay open. over the weekend some the start of people did major damage to hear first smashing
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the windows of restaurants and cracked glass still remain the restaurant had to spend time and money doing repairs vandals had several owned shops and surveillance camera captured adolf very will only see on kron 4 courted at 240 it shows a man and a hat walk up to the door will look like a marker in his hand and therefore few seconds and then takes off this vote shows the graffiti left behind several businesses got marked up by the vandals and quickly clean up the damage.
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>> catherine: and up tackling a gun violence the california lawmakers that they will credit use to curb crime fighting moments for east a teenager a man tried to pull her into his car next the cold weather being sowed this year at how much is affecting our water supply and back in 90 seconds
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>> catherine: news note in this year of more storms are expected and a lot more moisture than the four year drought charles clifford is live in san francisco with a breakdown of how much moisture we got this season. >> reporter: so far this rainy season in has been what and northern central california still not as much precipitation as historical average this time of year. . >> reporter: area so far this rainy season seen below average amounts of moisture in san jose 3.2 in. of rain have fallen
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since october 1st average by mid december normally to 27 in. in oakland at the airport there have been 2.19 in. of rain about 44 percent of normal for this time of year across the state northern central california seen most of the rain also in california so drier than normal . this year a considerable body of snowfall in the season more than last year still less than historical average for december. >> reporter: even though california's on a slow start this preseason because of any of the forecast most of the moisture will still arrive in the weeks or months to come.
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it is >> catherine: crisp and cold in the bay area. davis hit entellus was next. >> reporter: i'll week and will repeat more rain more mountain snow and looks like an forecast for the weekend with that of the chair is quite cool there as well in the wake of art glass storm system a couple rainfall events the been produced much in the way of cold temperatures yet but this is what we have going on here this is the warm-up
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happening 50s going on by noon and then in the afternoon by the will of the top of the complications of the '60s was locations everyone will have highs in the '50s and that the fall sunshine 9:00 p.m. here's what happens back in the business of over 30 by 11:00 and everyone gets back into that as ec by 7:00 a.m. some moderation as we finish up the week and then come this weekend mormon snow and rain upper 50s going on for the east bay '50s in the area. we might see a couple of '60s pop up. the russell week temperatures called for overnight lows near freezing is to concede. friday night we get rain going on and on snows and repeat the process into sunday.
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>> catherine: edges unforgettable, and immeasurable three years since adam slathered her 20 children six teachers at the city elementary school in connecticut from skillet or calls for congressional action the tighten gun laws nothing happened the fate. congressman hoping to end the gridlock on capitol hill here doubt that the park more about that. >> reporter: is no regulation the first line of defense. discussed >> grant: closing loopholes allow for audit tendon
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purchasers to escape any background checks those include sales outside the network of licensed dealers gun shows over the internet federal law allows fund sales to proceed at the background check is not completed within three business days evidence they becker and checks are not gun-control the people control. some of >> grant: tells the toughest gun laws in the country and the selling here faster than ever won every 10 seconds so far this year one- and-a-half million weapons have been sold in the state spent five percent more than this time last year. america >> catherine: and
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business on a truck and and have devices and wants to know why. fe >> gabe: announced everyone fly john has to register. find out what you need to know before your you put that drawn up under the christmas tree next on kron 4.
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>> gabe: faa has announced people flying drones have to register with them the timing is a big deal this holiday season is expected to be a huge one for drone sales in this are drawn the for stations to get approval from the faq's jones for new and are really proud of this be a very strict rules how we can
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flare drone a lot stricter than hobbyist the fda did make it harder for anyone to fly one of these fuel at the register your drowned and i sfa what would happen if they don't register. >> gabe: of this registration is to help authorities track down the federal hurts people quite another aircraft flights to high flies to close to an airport caught up with a fait spokesperson face of a ballet with a phone call will happen if the if they got caught plan drawn that register. "messy situation where were looking to find people simply because unaware of the requirement for looking to educate and. someone flies very unsafely or if we have someone filling register and know they should of or offender could potentially take action but the argall the goal is to educate. >> gabe: the decision process
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begins december 21st in. at the register by february 19th 26 teen. the new owners have to register before the first flight. the first 30 days will be free to register beginning december 21st. after that $5. and once registered be that have to register again for three years your name and address a e- mail address is required
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>> catherine: finney's the police on high alert tonight. tetra kidnapping happen. >> grant: guy and all the ctenophores a teenage girl into his truck this neighborhood right here. the female walking at the intersection of nielsen's street cinema at new. saturday night considered the albany terrace neighborhood the team fought back able to get away as for the suspect drove away and then the police say they have increased patrols right now following up on leaves and a key post their the president's >> catherine: has a strong word on isis and
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how to fight them. concern for parents and east bay was being used on seals for kids' sports.
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>> catherine: 8 news of sulfate heavy police activity in san
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jose there has been a card tracking grades here with the details about where this is happening. >> grant: spot of winfield boulevard cullman road were talking right here alicea fly that the see a half hour ago joins us live with the latest.
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>> reporter: scribed as hispanic male 19 years old black party at this time of the carjacking and police and just recently five nights ago open this intersection and to the apartments neighbors not to go home there was a lot of traffic here during that investigation and now that investigation is complete and that suspects still at large deceiving the victim is recovering at the hospital and that that is the latest from here in san jose. >> catherine: news tonight at 8 the parents moment creek saying the city is using too much pesticide at ballparks and open spaces this saved a lot less chemical presence near their children and jeff bush is why that city hall partner board
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meeting is meeting and talk about the problem tonight. the city >> reporter: says they're perfectly safe let's take a new video in you can see these art use for roughly 19 hours a day all sources of activity going on parents with the groups say use to keep that leaves away could have a cumulative effect on the children to use alternative methods instead.
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>> reporter: faint but the parks department is saying they will do to address these if it will start posting signs in the area as when they're about to do is bring >> catherine: age drinking results and 5000 deaths a year. all other illegal drugs combined. and as stanley roberts shows us adults willingly contribute to underage drinking part harsh consequences buying liquor for minor most expensive drink you will ever buy. >> reporter: man about to receive the biggest ticket he
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can get. goes in 7-eleven fix to parts of the year leaves the store.. the california poll beverage control believes the police office of traffic safety center but underage drinking 19 year-old decoys sent out because she's too young. most people behave nicely into no some did not. burping who spoke perfect english but somehow forgot small detail when confronted by officers. this man also had a loss of memory when * address.
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>> reporter: the his temporal spending 35 years in prison for killing a man in a gunbattle. this the guy thought of as much lower oil see him here screen news back to the 19 year-old. this mammoth elected as mentally city. despite knowing is behaving badly the decoy metacenter set the of getting a ticket he gets the chance studies in his last words. a cop hitting badly and. some people think it's worse than getting a
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ticket but fine for selling of gold to mine there is $1,000. all find that up the drums to $4,100. the sky what happens at the store with his very own segment at. you do not want a mess the segment. >> catherine: we have had wild weather data is back in more some wild weather coming. if you're heading to and bonds may be dealing with some of it coming back as was the case sunday evening star briefly with this at that little bit of moisture in the air they conceal an east bay shoreline upper 30's hayward for example 38 down to about 30 in our sort of go because there was a few showers
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michaux happening before and that was not the atmosphere a little bit downtown symptoms as the center of the 36 and the other factor is temperatures go into free-fall for tomorrow morning amid lower 30's that work for the far east bay and 30's to be had up in the north bay of breakdown 40 7:00 a.m. 42 in the valleys in and around 32. >> reporter: what authorities most of the region. then we get the afternoon a lot of fifties on the board bobwhite basie water to from 15 and 5:00 p.m. the reel in free fall for the 40's 0:00 in the far east bay and again returning for most of the region except for a few hold out a pencil and state by 12
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noon to plan to forties' to be had out there hitting the far east bay tomorrow mid upper 50s and store as capt. was talking about the 74 cast more unsell whether first 53 route miles sky conditions going on. scattered clouds temperatures on the cool side and a cold start make note of that and then start date for an eye in the saturday that some things become unsettled the showers and a man's nose and this seems to be another patch coming our way sunday flight and the day on morning to monday morning. popular >> catherine: device on a christmas lists being pulled by some retailers next from the vices and president of people saying stillman enough.
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bell >> catherine: of isis is to limit the urgency visited the pentagon today to get updates on anti-terrorist efforts and syria and iraq and not take the change is since a few feet or military critics say the presence strategy's networking been to understand the severity of the risks to fleming company filing lawsuits for failing to remove detail on the track on the side of the truck that was resold in dallas that later ended up in the hands of fighters and syria a photo of the truck appeared and propaganda video attorney
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says they're getting death threats and business has suffered delicious as they are investigating how this happened coming up harris said there left speechless after. where is hoping to get another winning streak wednesday night in giants starting rotation got a lot better carry has that story all the sports
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>> catherine: team approach shot in a carjacking this happened over an hour ago this area right here place they saw someone who looked like about the still her car approached him and he shot her the suspect described as an 19 so year-old boy could get the
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time and then at the intersection near the intersection of cullman road winfield boulevard how far from a virtual police right now investigating the and the suspect began a shooting at a carjacking in south san jose police gazette the scene bringing us live reports and we will continue to do so in upstate kron4news-dot-com as soon as we learn any new commission. >> catherine: texas fathers out raged over homework assignment given to his young son 6 greater missed a few days of school after got stuck throw and father says he is looking over his son's make up for him across the summit called cocaine trade listing the steps of the drug trade from cartel collapsed house model cut so the teacher says phyllis intended as a critical thinking exercise. "it shocked the startled me to quebec and of the paper
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immediately schools in. issued a statement saying they did take drug abuse seriously in the senate will be reviewed before it's used again >> gary: be worried about what the gentleman to the south seas and you can relax a little bit they right-hand pitcher last week today johnnie who pitched for cincinnati. didn't come cheap six years a hundred $30 million he has an option to opt out after two years if he thinks he can make more than $22 million the year he and go elsewhere the giants will get him for ellis' the next two years johnny 29 years of age: 13
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last year last big-name pitcher on the board coming to the giants walden and curry at the end the streak.
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it's all the stars show of courage thompson 20,000 bay area families this holiday season and a good one to cut pick up my son at school for today and i say comes up and you do this kind of job some people go about this about that called the lawyers for the school option left message call back
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within five next to us by the hundreds and it taught me instead of woman was terrific lawyers are great and when you went everyone really likes that and one thing curry did not win was sports illustrated sports person of the year boehme the grissom has reversed for and get right down to it but he put her on the cover after a brilliant rear this brilliant photograph nl probably sell more
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copies. this year sports person of the year history and william 34 years of age curry came in second. quick recap here rego 70 in denver in the last eight meetings yesterday emmanuel stewart it gave the raiders a chance to break through horrible in the first half but the derrick that's what you to after rough start come through michael rivera here's the big coil mac house is a longtime record and six and seven so breezy for plath spot raiders again six and
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seven we will see what happens there was a football game tonight new york giants miami so many great great plays miami dolphin hall of fame be honored still explain been eli o del there he goes 84 yds the giants have just gotten 246 catches hundred 61 yds their six and seven tied with washington he lied 27 of 31 tonight and reason
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untune been my son plays fantasy he as eli as quarterback still had hovered boards look like a lot of fun now retailers are reacting to reports of safety concerns
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because >> catherine: boards really big for christmas consumer product investigating reports of fires connected to these intense states amazon halting the sale of almost every model and brand reports again even burst into flames problems with the
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batteries unplugs major airlines also concerned started banning these from flights than machines don't have a great reputation for healthy stuff. once soft drink company changing that have see unveiled. >> grant: is supposedly offers things that are better for you healthier including london free fat free options. and there are touchscreens the show nutrition info for the product company plans to put thousands of machines and a whole variety of places next year schools government buildings and the one thing you'll not find is the company's flagship brand pepsi soft drinks. bo
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