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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> catherine : now at 11. we start with breaking news tonight out of the south bay. police say a 17-year-old teenage girl. has been shot. after a man car-jacked her vechile. good evening i'm catherine heenan. the victim is expected to survive. but tonight police say the armed suspect is still at large. kron four's alecia reid brings us the latest. feliciapolice comb the scene to find clues . taking photos and counting blood splatter after a teenager was shot while her car was being stolen police say the 17 year old saw the suspect get in her car and approached him. that's when he shot her then took off in her car. she was rushed to the hospital. luckily the bullet grazed her, and she's expected to be ok. neighbors that live in the lake
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view apartments are shocked the hear about the violent attack. >> karla barnette : and this is a quiet area and beautiful is a peaceful place so i really really surprised >> alecia :the carjacking suspect later ditched the car and took off. he's described as hispanic, about 29 years old, wearing a black hoodie. police aren't disclosing exactly where the car was located, because the suspect is still at >> catherine : new at 11. san leandro police are asking for help from the public in identifying a man coatthey say groped a woman at a laundromat. it happened last month. at a laundromat on the corner of marina boulevard and washington avenue. officers say a 36-year-old woman was doing laundry. when the man in these photos groped her in a sexual manner. he ran off when the woman called police. police say the man drove away in
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a white honda civic. anyone with information is asked to call police. rough waters cause a dozen shipping containers to fall off a cargo ship. it happened just outside the golden gate bridge friday. tonight. two of those containers have been found. but the search is on for 10 others. kron four grant lodes has the latest. >> grant :cleanup crews racing against high tide to get the trees out of the water and out of the beach along with difficult to pick up foam which washed ashore after the container they were in wash ashore a second shipping containers has and found near pacifica with 10 other containers that also fell off our door to refloat--are nowhere to be found
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>>:the hardest part is capturing all of the little foam it was a refrigerated containers said it was insulated and the ocean just busted it out >>:we are working on introductory models to see where we couldn't determine where the other containers will make landfall >> grant :while they're said to be empty other the and packaging materials during today's >> catherine : in hayward - sunday's storm sent a tree crashing down onto a parked van. it happened in the 800 block of west sunset boulevard.
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no one was in the van at the time - and it had been parked only minutes earlier. the man who rent's the house where the tree fell says says the landlord's insurance company is coming out to check the damage - and might pay for the clean-up. the high winds and rain we got this weekend are over - for now. but it's been pretty cold today. dave spahr is here - how cold will it get tonight? >> dave : temperatures are in the 30's for just about everybody here is the satellite image as far as heating goes not really people already down to 39 for livermore we have dry air in place and we're working on clear skies with winds also selling down in the far east bay
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in wind is starting to become, which will allow the cool and to kick and temperatures still in the 40's we have more it with your seven day forecast a parents group in walnut creek wants the city to use less pesticide chemicals in the city's parks and open spaces. they're afraid the chemicals could hurt their children. kron four's jeff bush talked to parents who attended a parks and rec meeting in walnut creek tonight. he brings us the story. >> jeff :the group called parents for a safer environment say the city of walnut creek is using harmful chemicals to maintain baseball parks and soccer fields and other open spaceand they fear the chemicals could build up in their children's bodies and eventually cause health problemstiffany day
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is a mother of two boys and she doesn't like the idea of her kids being exposed to pesticides in the park. >> tiffany day : i'd like for them to look for the least toxic alternatives and i'd like for them to work with other cities that have successfully done this.and come up with a plan to phase these chemicals out of use and really be thought leaders in this space. >> jeff :many of the parents point to the city of moraga which uses no pesticides to maintain it's parks but it is a fraction of the size of walnut creek and city officials say that is impractical and say the city has already reduced the amount of pesticide and herbicide chemicals by 80 percent in the last decade. the city says a great deal of attention has been paid to this issue and asure the public the chemicals are safe in the amounts being used. >> mike vickers : we haven't had any accidents or any accidents reported to us. we have an excellent track record. i've >> jeff :the city says all
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chemicals used to maintain the parks have been certified by the federal epa as well as the california epa and area safe in the amounts being used. i'm jeff bush in walnut creek, kron four news. >> catherine : still ahead. charges are filed in a violent home invasion robbery in orinda. the tragic accident near tracy this weekend - that has left 9 children without parents. and a look at some of the rain and snow totals for the bay area and california.-
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>> catherine : charges after
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allegedly holding--an oakland man is facing felony charges after allegedly holding a nanny at gunpoint during a robbery in orinda last tuesday. 18-year-old armani miller is accused of the crime - after being found in oakland the next day with a stolen black porsche. police say he kicked in the door of the house. and pulled a gun on the nanny. he then forced her to go room- to-room. as he stole cash. two i-pads. and the porsche. miller was arraigned this morning. a man is caught on surveillance video -- vandalizing businesses in san jose's japantown. and seattle says ride-share companies like uber -- "can" form unions. >> gary :the giants' pitching and got a lot better today will tell you all about that and is steph curry verses sirena williams later in this broadcast >> dave : looking at those low
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temperatures along the east bay a little more miles are on the peninsula a little help for more details, and are where--more details coming our way
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>> catherine : in the far east bay. a couple has been killed in an accident -- leaving behind nine children. the accident happened sunday
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when police say the couple's car may have hydro=planed near west grant line road.not far from tracy. oakland residents.40-year-old leeve bun.and 35-year-old sophia poem were killed. their car had rolled down an embankment. tonight. family members are lighting candles to remember the couple. >>:it is really hard for us he was a big part of the family he was a family for everyone two children who were in the car were injured - and are hospitalized. a go-fund-me page has been posted on our website kron-four- dot-com. if you would like to donate to help the family. police are looking for vandals who targeted several san jose japantown restaurants over the weekend.
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they smashed windows. and tagged this surveillance video that you'll see only on kron 4. shows a man in a hat walking up to a door -- marking it with graffiti - and then taking off. business owners have since cleaned up the damage. >>:we need some security to come by more often >> catherine : a friend of the man caught on video says the vandal is now sorry -- but he has not turned himself into police. sunday's storm brought lots of snow to the sierra --- and some problems for drivers. the sugar bowl and tahoe donner ski resorts got about 20 inches of new snow. tow trucks stayed busy rescuing drivers stuck in the snow. more snow is expected this week -- with higher elevations getting up to two feet. despite the new rain and snow -- it will apparently take lots more to end the state's four year drought. kron four's charles clifford has a breakdown of how much moisture the bay area and california has seen so far this season. >> charles :according to the
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national weather service the bay area has so far this preseason scene below average levels of moisture possible over the the average by mid december is normally 3.37 in. but sand francisco has seen 3.27 and that is also less than the average-- san francisco northern and central california have seen most of the rain wall softcover for net is still dry --while south california is still dry things were a little better in the central sierra at 21 percent and in the southern sierra the snow impact is only a route 17%
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--only about 17% and 12 in. or so for the major airport and it just gives you an idea of how far behind we are in but more rain is in our forecast typically with this fall and it gives us a some on the scale warming effect but that is not going to happen this time around as temperatures will free-fall here is an example but >> dave : and we are going to be using a lot of lavender pants in this model going forward in that
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southern marin county we get some daytime mormon and the '60s are uncommon here it is all fifties and then the higher elevations already getting to the 30's overnight tuesday to wednesday it will cool down and then gets somewhat warmer and thursday heading further to the south you can expect temperatures little better by the middle of the week and here is the seven day forecast with not much happening in terms of sky conditions in the end this weekend it get into trusting--it gets interesting
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new at 11. >> catherine : uber and lyft drivers in seattle are now being allowed to form unions. seattle lawmakers have made that official. companies like uber usually classify drivers as independent contractors, who don't get benefits. but a new city ordinance allows all taxi drivers to bargain collectively. and it also applies to uber and lyft drivers. supporters say some drivers who depend on full-time work. wind up making less than minimum wage. the companies are expected to file a court challenge. an architect in kazakhstan wants to build a ski slope on top of an apartment building. it would descend one-thousand feet from the 21-story building - which is called the slalom house". it's an area with cold winters - but no ski slopes. the architect says the project would cost 70-million dollars to build. despite the expense, he claims there's already some serious interest.
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in sports. the giants make another big free agent move. . and the warriors. now with a loss but finally back home. prepare for life after "the streak". gary has reaction from steph curry. and all the sports. coming up [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them!
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>> gary :the san francisco giants have signed right hander johnny cueto to a 6 year , 130 million dollar deal with cueto having an opt-out clause after 2 years cueto turned down $120 million from the diamondbacks to sign with san francisco the giants add the former kansas city royal 3 days after signing pitcher jeff samardzija cueto turned down $120 million from the diamondbacks to sign with san francisco the 29 year old went with a 3.44 era last season and pitched a complete game two - hitter for the royals in game 2 of the 2015 world series. she can opt out after the first two years of that contract mean in he can get more if he wants-- he can opt luke walton and the warriors are gearing up for wednesday's home game.
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in milwaukee which is catherines home area steve kerr is in attendace harrison barnes when will he be back?? so maybe they will start a new streak on wednesday at phoenix >>:they all want to play and the all wanted to keep the streak going but we were all tired and we were not as sharp as we have been >>:a little disappointed we did not get it done at the end but you can't get mad at us for the job we did
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>> gary :sports illustrated magazine named serena williams sportsperson of the year the 34 year old beat out steph curry for the title! there is controversy behind weither or not williams's thighs are photoshopped to look smaller on the cover williams won all 4 grand slam titles for the second time in her career and won 53 of 56 matches in 2015 and on the radio somebody called in to ask why the horseamerican wasn't considered
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the st. mary's gaels hosting cal poly san luis obispo. randy bennett. in his 15th year at st. marys 1st half. calvin hermanson. one of his 5 three-pointers. on his way to a carer-best 23 points 2nd half. emmett naar. crafty move inside for the floater. he had 18 points and a career-high 11 assists final: 93-63 st. mary's
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miami dolphin hall of famers being honored before the showdown against the giants odell beckham jr slides his feet to make a unbelievable 6 yard touchdown to tie the game 24-24 4th quarter: tie ball game: odell beckham jr breaks loose for a long 84 yard touchdown he does the "ray lewis" to give new york the lead over miami final 31-24 giants 6-7 giants khalil mack tied raider's legend howie long's single game sack record with 5 sacks in the win over the broncos in denver here's jack del rio on mack's big day >>:it was a special performance and it definitely was on lockable most of the day--on lockable--un blockable
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hot air balloon emergency. and an entire neighborhood comes to the rescue. >> dude, let's go. and real-life grinches. thieves ransacking the home of a paralympic champ. >> her desperate plea to the burglars to bring back her precious memories. >> we are going to find these guys. then, he's back. >> i'm entering the race for president. >> and it's war on hoverboards. >> now the ceo of a top hoverboard company defends his product. >> why are they catching on


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