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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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peninsula rain hat custody continues. as we go upstream a little bit like the river of rainwear getting, is starting to sag to the south it will happen to the commute is over part 2 of this will linger longer the wins wind advisory technically kicks in at 10:00 this evening and with the rain and then the fire held on the east bay and then the south bay and it's a lot in this and then investing now as high as 50 mi. an hour that just tonight and late tonight tomorrow as well talk about that later and for 9:00 p.m. reyna and then we get to about midnight we get rain showers and then concentrated to a north them by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow still no showers at this point conditions and breezy to windy. will linger all day tomorrow tying the the rainout and timing the window for a.
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>> catherine: range has made for her a sop to commute all over traffic in that sense is to moving at a sale in many places all ec was in seventh is alive with the latest on how the rest look. >> reporter: a lot of people have left the bay area you will not be able to tell because of all this traffic everywhere we are in the middle of rush hour right now it's gone even worse and the senate on first street and see behind me traffic is backed up all the way past the market street trying to get on the bay bridge going nowhere fast at this point as a stoplight know what is going anywhere they go back this way than just the bay bridge is still pretty backup trying to head to the south bay also stuck in traffic the cars heading west
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on the bay bridge also in traffic tonight although still quite slow in every direction or hearing every couple minutes across the bay area drivers definitely should slow down the stream has been coming all the long and expected to last through the night into tomorrow drivers out there slowed down if there are lots of puddles of flooding beth. and it leaves a lot of drivers out here this evening. >> catherine: is creating havoc for airline travelers sfo delays of two hours more than 60 flights canceled and the situation of the other two bay area airports much better apparently oakland to san jose airports last checked no delays right now the heavy storms along with king tied later in the week made for a bad situation
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worse and feddan kermit is alive and the ballet has more on what with that part of the story. >> reporter: infamous park ec behind the vehicle's high tide flooding and then half of this is already shut down in anticipation that will be here later this week. is made driving hazardous cross the bay area for concern is shut down the lower part of the park and ride in mill valley this lot is notorious for fleet during heavy storms this week's storms and to the highest tides of the year wednesday thursday could cause problems again. we have"the fact of party at 7
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ft. in the creeks and streams the flood at the outlets at. >> reporter: what is predicting 6.9 both wednesday and thursday morning these predictions could be what might actually happen due to all the new conditions bringing levels higher than normal either way flooding is probable. >> reporter: backlights the big on known what happens years from now the climate changed expect the plan is force the heat up the entire the normal down the road lead to a lot more flooding than we are used to that is a
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big unknown. >> reporter: snow traffic conditions anytime anywhere free download for i phone and try devices the man accused of buying the rifles in the sand borodin wrote massacre was held without bail or. we are learning about marquez. >> grant: been in police custody since last week and that is where he will state for now and then i'd judge says that a 24 year-old friend is a significant slight risk marquez is charged with illegally purchasing automatic rifle use a kill 14 people also charged with plotting to earlier gun and bomb attacks the community college and local freeway those attacks never carried out he is charged with defrauding immigration
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authorities entering into a sham marriage. one of the sister-in- law's if he is back in court for a hearing for january 4th that is when he is expected to enter a plea for a couple of days after the and we continue to follow the situation there. richmond >> catherine: residents of being accused of being in possession of a destructive device. high in the bars of tonight investigators talked to has seek about how they prevented possible terror attack. >> reporter: team was active on faced a threatening message is targeting muslims shouting same threat members that this mark in richmond and being in possession of a device here i'll and dry avenue allegedly committed richmond resident.
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>> reporter: capt. says that so it was recently arrested after members of islamic society with contra costa county contacted police by his behavior outside on 36th street a call that action culminated with the pullout of residence and definition and the police department bomb squad also called and said it made a destructive device found in his home. >> reporter: funding of public and the vice bomb squad detonated it later learned that the device was not sealed the
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explosives and then often have to be in order to be illegal. >> grant: ciao told the court he is a changed man and accused of committing crimes before insisted he is not anything illegal since changing from the ways in 20032004 show is a leader of what the association federal prosecutors say he ran a criminal enterprise to denies that and then there is far
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reaching 29 people were indicted. the club >> catherine: kelly and tate was closing. russia is still at large. and then people were in the park not some kind of dispute someone pulled a gun. >> reporter: the parking lot has monitored by video cameras police of courts are looking at that video for clues the four victims did not suffer life- threatening injuries and authorities are asking for the
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public's help in identifying a man suspected of planting the device that will increase safeway the store says the credit card scanners have been found and police say it was planted at two safeway stores the safeway on bancroft's road will not creek on dublin boulevard in dublin and ball watching surveillance video investigators figured out what they were installed her many times the keypads were used. >> catherine: rapidly hit-and- run on crowd this crowded biggest of the charges that driver is facing what police are not ruling out terrorism and. five members of a south the family are killed in a plane crash will be learning about the coming up at 515. >> reporter: arenas of the michel bay area which time this out for you coming up next including the winds at 5 continues.
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>> reporter: who put her car into a pack sidewalk on the vegas strip that so intentionally woman was killed 30 other people injured when. the three-year old child was in the car at the time and stephanie has more. "count of murder. with use of a deadly weapon. >> reporter: charges on one
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person. killed nearly 40 hurt will please say 24 year-old holloway repeatedly put her car through a crowd between plan hollywood and the casino police did not believe this is terrorism into early in the investigation to rule anything of place of their having difficulty getting information and belief season from oregon. this attorney at are charging with child abuse and neglect hollister year-old daughter was
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in the back of a car during the hit-and-run unharmed. in las vegas for a week out of her car and that witnesses described the scene of chaos of the suspect at pedestrians before she was arrested the less than a mile from the site of people still hospitalized and three are in critical condition. the clear >> catherine: weather bad weather was a factor in the plane crash that killed a family of five from the south this weekend friends of victims say jason all the art two daughters at but manifold note from the gallery area if the small plane crash of bakersfield saturday the deal from the scene and the
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pilot had sent a mayday call for before the crash plan had been heading to las vegas for a christmas celebration. investigators say it will take months to determine exactly what went wrong. berkeley police identified the man who died saturday in morning fraternity house at 22 year-old jeffrey angler san leandro the member of the the today police say he intended he felt his death of holes the fact there note signs of foul play. and johns one of the bustling christmas gives this year we keep hearing that before you someone you know takes to the skies new rules you should know about national correspondent cuts through the confusion.
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>> reporter: 03 everything from small metal micro drones to the big ones thousands of feet in the air. >> reporter: after you figure out which showed to by confusing to know who could fly what when and where. sofa set down with michael the head of the federal aviation a ministration his apartment like others are scrambling to figure out what rules are needed. thus"and the solution there is several things needed. >> reporter: register for the next month and starting in late january 5th dollars fee. about
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registering there are some rules for flying dragons among them the most able of ordered feet and supposed to be staying 5 mi. away. makers and sellers are looking for sky high profits the holiday season in the and experts agree consumers will need to be there on watchdogs. if a >> reporter: until february 19th the next year the register on the jones to be registered before they take off outside. >> catherine: about whether create dramatic still coming down hard. >> reporter: strain right now as we speak it will be with us as
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to look at the rate are over the east bay to inspect their there you can say danville address some yellow's but still the intensity is still there all the major arteries down the sulfate and then sometimes the area gets a little better rain shower plenty of patches of heavy rain and to the good strong moderate rain blanketing the entire bay it via we know the full pattern west to east continue to see the intensity line dropping south everything is dropping self with the major flow pattern of west east and the intensity going up the north bay the city's public tonight not a cocker sell as ago the future so at the forecast model showing the break mentioned the justice marcelo of the 12:00 but still and that heavy rain of possibility in some isolated areas with general
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right across the bay area, much overnight it will break certainly in spots as the conceit of the morning commute tamara still with us rein the scattered showers at that point somewhat letting up in the afternoon hours and then what kicks in at that point will be the winds and that's what we look for for all tonight going in to 9:00 p.m. tonight when the time our range for the sake of the vacancy 1:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. still there with us the rain flooding up it's still with us the wins will be the factor sticking around the longest even after we start to shake off some of its rain fell seven what coming up later in the broadcast and with the forecast looks like going into the holiday. >> catherine: wars movie is just great record in crushed records of that record numbers. and then visitors from up in the air.
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passenger >> catherine: is stuck for about an hour this fact our ride the carries passengers 400 ft. high silicon see the entire theme park fueled representative says the foreign communication all the time people said the employees working on this problem firefighters for helping out at one. the ride was eventually lowered to the ground news/star wars movie in some mixed reviews and even a
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better view this huge record- breaking numbers. >> reporter: is breaking all kinds of records. >> reporter: care breaks down of this box office which is the biggest in the history of cinema. that amount of nostalgia. "is so rewarding for the fans. during this historic and clear the biggest sugar does john boy a get. surprising fancily
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feeders from new york to u.k. this girl in london wins the best reaction. but the sentiment of money for harrison ford if the film meet his two injured billion dollar global box office goldal >> catherine: week after an arrest warrant issued for the
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teen violating his probation 18 year-old still missing father apparently is helping. two years ago and killed four people and during a drug driving crash sheriff's office released photos of the mother and a ford pickup truck they might be using there's a $5,000 reward for any information leading to that teenagers capture. >> reporter: other public and dropping out of the race for what house. >> catherine: what was behind that decision and also a big change when it comes to blood donations
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>> catherine: the 530 we have pictures of some problems created about the downpour major write-offs drains that are causing flooding on the highway in near the russian river. you see a huge tree and came down bringing down trees and power lines. a problem on the roads
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trucks fell down the road high 116 and shall bill for what else we can expect tonight find out from meteorologist . . >> reporter: looks like it's trying to break up a little bit and at blusters past moderate to heavy rains. it will go later on this evening down the south as the heaviest rain intensity it remains at this particular moment in the south bay both east and west on the peninsula severances go looking at moderate to heavy rain in the sheet which will continue for several hours. it's starting to settle little bit and last reinsuring intensity will let up a few hours however for the commute a will that do much good will be much later tonight the sidetrack temperatures to know how mild they are at this
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point we're at the see in that but 58 nablus and rosa and san jose which have much cooler air behind it and let this go round have to wait for a system will be to reduce fuel temperature change. that done by midnight, rainshowers intensity much loved by that point when be though and then again tomorrow morning showers and rain with the sticking in the morning commute cool and breezy to wendy lee know about that 70 forecast coming up of that. >> reporter: today and suspending my campaign for president >> reporter: the canada it's about a 12 at the carolina senator suspended his campaign exclusive interview senator gramm says he's getting out because his campaign hit a wall
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some republican challengers responded with well wishes florida gov. judd nobody is more clear about prices the my friend i hope our party country except his counsel the respect national security. senator plans to stay engaged in discussion of the national security the subject he feels so strongly
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about when asked about hillary clinton presidency france said he will help the pecan. >> catherine: leaders telling presidential candidates the dublin messages about and tolerance the could be a backlash regular >> catherine: this after years the fda new guidelines will allow gay and bisexual men to give blood with restriction. this is something they've been prevented from doing because of
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hiv concerns and listeners across the country are praising the fda reversal new guidelines are still in the works and reportedly will disqualify milliners if they had sex with other men with in the past 12 months. call >> catherine: like outbreak linked the the restaurant chain that might be expanding sec is reviewing five more cases of the coli exposure three are in oklahoma won in kansas and north dakota everyone involved even at the nepali restaurant the week before getting sick and this is all last month and is not clear yet whether these new cases are linked to a bigger outbreak we've been telling you about since october the police as it is using new food safety procedures at 5:00 some stores might be open christmas day it is the club with the international duplication miss universe all wrong next
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>> catherine: momentum and to a cringing moment with how this pageant ended in chaos kind of hard to watch. >> grant: to keep watching this unbelievable to think about what happened last night only describe as an
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epic fail they're all human how hard can it be read the he card announce the winner except when you don't. missed >> grant: columbia of the free to strain in the history of miss universe pageants to. mr. after winning her crown loss that. the host mistreating his cue cards naming laura wrong winner the two women standing awkwardly as he addressed the confused audience. some dealers
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says miss universe 2014 place at the on miss philippines show a gripping the credit other judges taking social media the judge put this video. >> grant: he said i apologize wholeheartedly to miss columbia and philippines that for my mistake feel terrible fiscal. on the a spoke after the show. the new >> grant: the crown discussing the shocking turn of events. "non traditional crowning" >> grant: champac waited and saying he is very sad what
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happened as miss universe pageant the so that pageant for the record price this would never have happened. this here >> grant: close to home for us to play a version of family feud steve harvey hosts that >> catherine: the manners and raiders of the teams are saying next five. >> reporter: trecker heavy rain all over the bay area man. shaw area with the heaviest rain falling right now and the sulfates really know what to
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expect this
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>> catherine: 6:00 we of the conditions of the haddington evans. and that's for the christmas weekend coming up at 6:00. >> catherine: 15 of the nfl season on the books we now know the first bay area team will not be in the pro season the raiders were officially eliminated from playoff spot and the forty- niners of course talk to them last week in markets here to join us again at very different features. interest >> reporter: in the coming years will unfold for both franchises. the 49ers' question the moves will be made in the off-season in regards to cut staff. while the raiders
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with a pot of potential in playoff contention all the way up to yesterday and rodgers and packers to evanish of too early to their car interceptions 30 to 20 victory oakland's now stands fix an agent has a short-term on the street as the host san diego this thursday and for severance cisco the 2414 loss the bengals but the bigger story is what was said during the broadcast cvs sideline reporter mentioned the conversation had a team executive and hinted the 49ers are confident in retaining jim and as head coach of the team said anything about the report and thomas to us this morning set apparently he had heard about that as of now the 49 and
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therefore intend. back on the road this sunday and the raiders breaking news from all media moments ago charles wilson announced he will be retiring at the end of the season across our desks more on the legendary defensive backs career ahead. >> catherine: but whether all day and all weekend turk who can return to get the latest there we see the intensity of those left a little bit toward the north and certainly the metro
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area getting hit pretty well the east bay there you see the attraction of what's going on a little bit overwrought oakland and berkeley not as intense but down of the intel 3 on the ground into the south of course a very active in the south that cannot see as much in the way of yellow in terms of coverage and call it still heavy rain embedded into a good solid moderate rain and then that of course extends to the peninsula downtown san francisco even in north bay but it is upstream and starts to break shows a sign of that after we go into a rain situation for tonight maybe even scattered rain in all of this of this starts to sink to the south of the intense level or talking about flesh is. down to the south bay up toward the north. there is little bit of a break in the actions. >> reporter: so be accompanied with wind and wind are going anywhere the. the models feature cast dying into this evening. they see the coverage it remains intense in the south bay and east bay at about 12:00 a.m. and
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then it'll break up at times i. have been others all the way over into tomorrow morning e. commute than and furnaces starts to break up and might even get rid of sun and all of this before we go into a miniature dry patch again the wind the mentioned hardly do anything 9:00 p.m. still $20 range and 1:00 a.m. when gusts up to about 50. looking at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning winds are with us and on the upper teens or 20s estimations tomorrow 9:00 p.m. still with us continues forward 74 cast interesting as the mention another patch the lookout for thursday christmas eve start as early as wednesday night notice the temperatures here baltimore of 60 and then we stand fifties range of the los for saturday and sunday the avid drier air filter in here we do try out an earnest and as early christmas afternoon because of all the slow low-level moisture cloud cover on friday afternoon
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and then even the saturday before seeing a lot more sunlight sunday. does the >> catherine: stock down one. not taking anything away from the fact smashing things at the box office star wars movie financial expert robert black and charles bowsher explain in today's winners and losers. >> reporter: here about disney's that disney paid $4 billion of years back that up and start marvel next year if they have finding dory this is a lineup stacked cars sequel
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merchandising they're loaded. >> reporter: barely under to gasoline alone pulled in a hundred $15 billion in savings and last year of hundred $50 per driver you should have more change in your pocket bunco by guest of their now prices will not stay low forever. >> reporter: 20 percent of christmas shoppers say they be willing to buy christmas day. but stores open christmas public the next two years the tail. the losing more and more business than the on line and they want people in holiday spirit of the defective cards come in and use them retailers have to do this again if dollars left the on the
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floor numbers about zero christmas gifts this year and is on has 25 percent of all sales. oakland >> reporter: illegal dumping problem now including cars and trucks. an exhibition of people behaving badly
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the problem >> catherine: of insulin resolve the problem that contributes to flooding lowers property values can even cause businesses to go belly up
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>> reporter: they went to a quarter of monday that the new the and not reading please do not tell my insurance adjuster will pick up in 24 hours the 72 hours ago for blocks away on the symmetry's security camera and use oakland primarily east oakland has always had a problem with illegal dumping and the too soon to go hand-in-hand. "all around they allow the tag spend 15 minutes tagging likely dampen that's what they do this
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is the interior with tcp transport on the side, the company and sold the truck fiber six years ago the answer is simple call the been vehicle so for their phones until the cars moved legal traffic graffiti call public works that give access to computer bug them to get a clean up on business owner says he's a pleasant one of business before either spend extra money someplace else and to save money by driving these oakland and the. the said the gigabit did illustrate subleased to the city will be forced to clean up this is possible.
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>> catherine: across the bay area rain plenty of it protected a commune in are taken a toll keeping an eye on the storm for you possible change on water restrictions in the state might be getting a breaking conservation he says the drought continues
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>> catherine: you know if you cannot a steady downpour all day in the bay area was flooded roads fallen trees a lot of traffic across the bay area live storm tracker showing rain clouds over much of the region's
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tonight expect the see a similar scene for much of leaking a soggy day turning into a soggy night and steady band of showers and drenching the bay area not a drug buster one of the biggest storms of the year so far and said no. they getting hammered this is new video showing water cascading down the street people say that the water simply is not draining properly there is concern as you mentioned about flooding and covering the storm from several angles and is keeping track of the king tied be problems later on in the week alicea is monitoring the evening commute and let's start with dave's bar and the weather center. >> reporter: will build problem
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of like christmas day storm trucker for for you ddc or thing of the radar of toward the north bay which was the genesis to where the strength came from you can see an east bay pretty much committed to rain heavy rain and he see bricks are happening here in east bay shoreline said just a little bit and problem not being felt by drivers to much benefactor with this are the winds that have to contend with and strong winds and place for us so but that's what the radar looks like toward the east we have put that in a motion for you can see the rain as a dipping a little bit with this boundary with the dipping that will break up the scattered rain event for tonight when advisory in place. a formality the weather service can tonight tell for tomorrow afternoon evening and still all over the whole region expects. when the 12 m.p.h. those gusts of 35 and 50 mi. an hour possible that pocket areas and still favoring higher
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elevations and he concedes. the breakfast down 40 9:00 p.m. talk about heavy rain at times and temperatures hardly budged midnight more of our rain to shower and then still wins of for 48 hours to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow showers in the morning commute still the will. shall lever's all wiping properly cool and breezy as catherine mention via a batch in the middle of a week pushing it altogether for you 24 hours coming up. >> catherine: as the match and the roads really are a mess that has been slow going on all the bay area freeways tonight people trying to get home ellis' yet is live at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland more and how does a look right now. traffic >> reporter: all day long even during in the off- season hours from now standing in the bay bridge looks pretty bad in the middle of rush-hour traffic is in same right now the
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toll plaza is backed up a meeting like this still on so there's a lot of traffic once they get through the toll plaza here still little bit of movement back on the bridge once again you see here just a little movement and then add piquancy headlights all the way through the toll plaza into the east bay these cars go all the way into the east bay right now and the rain has been coming down all day getting a really good soaking right now the roadways are wet and quite a number of accidents today drivers speeding and then also they do need to keep in mind that the roads are wet and check for extreme caution is the week of christmas a lot of people with the holidays but cannot really tell with all these cars the ec
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here on the roadway especially with this rain expected to continue to do tonight and tomorrow anyone had not tonight especially later this evening should keep in mind that they should take extreme care. >> catherine: be the trend is a dry as they look for christmas skiffs and then we continue the coverage live in fremont >> reporter: what the brain and tired, been here about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon and the rain has
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been steady and nonstop hasn't been heavy duty but a light steady consistent range doing leaving a lot of water on the ground here in hayward earlier and then fortunately no one was hurt the rather slick be careful driving ou there. >> catherine: place is the conflict sandbags and ease contra costa county one at the airport on eagle court open only to people who live there and have the contact before you arrived the other spot as effete oakley a senior center and the san the parking lot if a brief phone trouble to fill those bags and north fate is this the
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more heavy rain at higher than typical tides of flooding as always felt dan is in the mill valley with more on the king tied. >> reporter: steady drizzle that's gonna pick up as the day moves on and big concern here throughout the bay area as we get closer to christmas we're having a king tied for part of the manzanita partner i'll authorities shut down due to flooding concerns us common during winter storms this week may be worse because of the coming kings tied the zero. is predicting at nearly 6.9 will wednesday and thursday morning higher sea levels you tell me of conditions make making tides higher than predicted..
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>> reporter: and weather experts believe this day that will happen we could see trouble struck the bay area including the north bay.. >> reporter: times to watch wednesday thursday morning. >> catherine: this gnawing in the sierra grant is following
6:07 pm
conditions on the slopes of getting a lot of it aren't they? >> grant: are selling for a while continues 9 and if you're bored out their skiing maybe not the case if you're on the roads trying to get to the sierra more on that situation momentarily this is a video from today in north star the two people on the lives there fresh powder on top of an already solid faith storm after storm this year so far much different from the four previous winter storm warning is in effect till 10:00 tomorrow morning and more than 2 ft. of snow could pile up in some of the highs locations chp pleaded out a couple photos earlier this afternoon take a look of those they stay as selling extremely hard over the summit and it is extremely slow go because of controls they say bring lots of pictures of here trying to get over donner summit today officer
6:08 pm
pete man with the chp czech's of course joins us now live on the phone and you for being with us it's still selling extremely hard and slow. >> reporter: the set that as a slow go as again and then i taught them they catch a drop down again. the on the right side of our screen highway 50 donner lake facie highway 50 at the bridges and on the left side alive radar officer man what is this the situation like right now where you are is to come down pretty hard on those weird storms definitely based alicea and for as much as really good for all the skiers out there. they are really getting good shape but with that being said that the one those where we've seen snow down here in town all day hasn't been accumulating snow fell about
6:09 pm
6,500 ft. once you've been up there with the all white cold and that lets you go in desperate situations here on the highway was of accidents something about a jackknifing grave near minnesota springs and then several accidents today right? "quiet night as the role in daytime hours the became an extremely busy travel day as we saw and families from all over the country tended to make their way and then should be brilliances the size for folks. and i >> grant: when the situation currently in the wake of change control people heading out to tahoe flight tonight best advice
6:10 pm
to hold off or possible it will take a long time? >> reporter: it is absolutely possible the to the storm left the deal if we expect things to remain over donner summit of the remainder of the night and right now are looking at chiang control right on the other side of the left side your guys the side of the summit also laid down as a little bit of a slug does to me through there and we know that is what we call our 2 change control four-wheel-drive all will drive the serrated tires will be ok all other vehicles required check up 30 m.p.h. the faceting go with chains for us up-to-the-minute weather forecasts in the neighborhood, the kron 4 mobile location your #1 source for news and weather in the bay area. >> catherine: coming up a lot of
6:11 pm
heavy hearts family of five killed on the way the christmas celebration also new details on east bay man allegedly making bombs at his home they what they say he wants to target and then a woman accused among down on the strip at least one murder charge heavy rain will be greeting commuters the next couple hours. stay with us we of more on this as news of six continues
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>> catherine: continuing to track the storm and no friend keeps hitting not all today. and the alive storm tracker first of all showing a lot of green and yellow and fall along with a week had davis far has been watching the storm and the weather center everyone wants to know what to expect tonight >> reporter: next three hours and here's everything were talking about. you concede areas getting hit by rain and the east bay a general idea even seen san ramon dublin points to the west and breaks up a little bit to the east partially because of a rain shower that started happen rain will be starting to be much less to ease in the south bay
6:15 pm
the heaviest rain has been for the last hour of plo toward the west has basically the higher elevations there been lifted vertically dumping on about locations higher elevations than a quick shot of peninsula. laydown self and of course all the heavy rains are happening all on the motion in a the pattern is less to ease trade tension the how it's set to break up for the north. and this is sagging to the south so we should see an improving story. one that will be improving long after the commute so check models you can. see still pretty good commitment of grain into midnight overnight rain will be broken up heavier spot here in their heavy spot have happened in the southeast a higher elevation coupled with the winds and a. mediacy breakdown of sky conditions and then the sun comes out a little that scattered showers definitely the forecast. what i mentioned this
6:16 pm
morning our report was going on up there. apparently hearing from reports that those are somewhat high and expected to rise at 30,000 ft. medical down after this is all said and done the winter storm warning that we had going on calls for eight to 14 in. at about 4,000 ft. the snow is also rising and not everything else of a lot of melting coupled with the rain happening. this can cause flooding as a problem with all that. end notes the winds didn't go anywhere. >> reporter: go out to 1:00 a.m. this to the winds and to the twenties this will be the case morning with morning commuters well into the afternoon and the sunday, all little bit but the wins will be with us on him tomorrow. it's still with us to get quick sneak peek at the 74 cassettes with invention the sun comes out a little bit in the next seems to be thursday overnight on wednesday and that
6:17 pm
will be more scattered showers and then from christmas day afternoon on into a weekend as the cover temperatures. michael >> catherine: arafat weather was a factor in a plane crash that killed a family of five from the south bay happen this week and friends of the victims say their case in nova their two daughters and the sun they lived in the gilroy area looking at the photo their small plane crashed in bakersfield saturday and the county sheriff's office saying the pilot had set a mayday call before the crash. this is the area where the plane came down heading to las vegas for a christmas celebration investigators say could take months to determine exactly what went wrong. for you judge denied bail for the friends accused of supplying weapons to this to send an idea of shooters a childhood friend. court for a
6:18 pm
bail hearing in the 24 year-old charged with providing material to support terrorism among other charges the judge said today marquez continuing danger to the community and he will remain behind. behind members of the state committee are on edge tonight there have been friends against the moscow and has the talks to a mosque leader about what happened and the rest of the suspect.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: picture of his car of the sentiments going around and islamic fovea people say he's been doing things that of ignorance and a lot concern i invite them to come to a local mosque learn about this for muslims the telecommuting members to think about the positive. >> reporter: police arrested solely to making colonel threat being in possession of a pipe bomb looking destructive device and is home. he it's been set at five under thousand dollars \ >> catherine: says the police officers involved in a text messaging scandal earlier this year will be allowed to keep their jobs and avoid discipline the superior court judge today ruled the private waited too
6:20 pm
long to take action the offending text messages came to light during official corruption case. set in 2012 and the department knew about them did not begin investigation to a january 2015. then the text were considered racist homophobic. police chief had recommended a of the 14 officers be fired but they will keep their jobs " although the couple have already been reassigned. charge of >> catherine: as a suspect in the deaths of two young children found dead 39 year-old huntsman. gonzalo charged with first-degree murder the bodies of these answers your boy found the storage unit and at december 31st prosecutors also charged the couple with three counts each of torture and balding the deprivation of food bedclothing before at least your/.
6:21 pm
new the >> catherine: committed the crash unless mr. wheeler of learning a woman accused of bowing down dozens of people killing one of them will be charged with murder rate is beckwith latest developments >> grant: the 24 year-old repeatedly joker car through a crowd between the hollywood and paris is and casino they do not believe this is terrorism too early and to rule anything out 12 people at the hospital for three of those in critical condition police did not live up the hall is a factor drug use is being investigated hall late this homeless from oregon and in vegas for but a week living ever car crash happened at last night terrified everyone in the vicinity. the real motive of the
6:22 pm
counts of attempted murder charges of child abuse and neglect. i could follow as the investigation unfolds already one murder charge again hallways young daughter not hurt during the situation she's now with child protective services >> catherine: california getting money from fema this will help pay the huge costs for battling the value of fire is the hottest gadgets this christmas season golden gate bridge district telling people later drowned at home
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: 4 receive $39 million from fema cost of the value of fire the fire destroyed more than 76,000 a. in parts of napa sonoma county back in september and october and four people killed four firefighters hurt fema money will help pay for fire fighting cost and also about a million dollars to help pay for fire fighters base camp of about one the 400,000 drones expected to be sold this christmas season. forget to get a
6:26 pm
registered faa says the on line drawn registration requirements and today and before today that the registered within 60 days as of now the judge have to be registered before the first flight if operators do not obey the could face fines of the $27,000. registration costs by dollars of good for three years the gold. the bridge district do not fly drones over the bridge near the bridge the concern john struck from the sky was a risk the cars the jones found flying near the bridge will be tracked operator will be identified the areas immediately surrounding the bridge to the north and the self >> catherine: exit 630 ci regular is bracing for a drought why some communities might get a
6:27 pm
break on conservation standards big news from the raiders safety calling it a career mark carpenter has forthcoming of the 645 the top story tonight waterlog bay area tonight the series of storms move through the region. live reports from the north bay and east bay coming up next
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> catherine: guy laughs from cracker showing us really letting up here and causing a mass on the road especially of the bay bridge toll plaza one spot drivers really frustrated police that his life tonight what is the latest >> reporter: week of christmas we are getting arraign the status now lots of that that's a case we needed here in addition to iran of a lot of traffic near this evening a matter of fact all lot of traffic for the entire day across the bay area drivers. keep in mind also a number of accidents today the roads are slight pause in the flooding in certain areas right now they bridge metering lights
6:31 pm
are still on the lot of traffic heading in the san francisco also heading out of san francisco we're standing right now the rain is a little bit heavy enough as drivers are still using the windshield wipers of the miserable commute getting home tonight 1/5 via here be careful the roads are what this like a lot of other drivers out here as well using the same runway. >> catherine: the north bay had been getting the brunt of this storm again not letting up ellis go back to mill valley dan has been out there all night and with the update? >> catherine: steady light rain >> reporter: >> reporter: that has been steady at the manzanilla drive already shut down part of a parking lot deking tides expecting later in
6:32 pm
the week expecting 6.9 ft. tied and that would be wednesday and thursday morning that will likely cause flooding not just here but several parts of the north that. >> reporter: not as intense as we saw an oakland the their the northern extension of where it's breaking up a little bit but the winds are making up for that giving a sideways to drizzle shower activity down of the south however the bay shoreline is an intense and down in dublin union city heading the south bay as much in the way of yellow as the strains from before some of the sec backed the west and so far that the higher elevations fenway up and the peninsula downtown san francisco still seeing modern rainshowers and it will continue this evening we
6:33 pm
much a given with all this over what were seen as a little but his of one of the bridge. the rain hitting the pavement as heavy as we saw from before we call a somewhat of a break, from as we've seen from before. the rain kind of goes to the north they its rebuilding a little bit or indefinitely in the forecast for this evening meal of up from the screen heavy rain at times when the sideways range entablatures stay in the '50s and the entire period all the way to our morning rainshowers wendy and then when be tomorrow morning showers and full conditions 70 forecast of paprika to all this just in time of like for christmas day in a decently, norway. decent weekend coming hard wayo.
6:34 pm
>> catherine: some inland communities recycled water and making efforts to conserve the governor has ordered state wide cutbacks of 25% and then as you know that could drop to about 22% if all of the eligible water agencies apply for adjustments. map healthy eating to be difficult and holidays the knowledge he can still make it happen we of the details coming up
6:35 pm
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6:38 pm
>> catherine: countersued london of lawsuit against former model beverly johnson she accused him of dragging her trying to assault in the 1980's caused these lawsuit calling a like and accused loss to detroit rekindle her career she first accuse of coffee stored printed last year and then the fair magazine wrote a lawsuit contends with and attended by as wife and says he did not dined alone with johnson and also leslie countersuit seven other women accused him of sexual misconduct the e. coli outbreak linked to the restraint could be
6:39 pm
expanded sec is reviewing five more cases of the cola exposure and oklahoma. a person at the national polling restaurant before getting sick last month that clear yet if these cases are linked to a larger a break we've been telling you about since october aaa says it's using new food safety procedures and experts argue christmas is not really an excuse to ignore a healthy diet they argue with planning to get by elisabeth explain. >> reporter: eating the treaty want but remembering the good health habits so peck, pounce how we make this happen registered dietitian says rep preparing letter meals very hot and get together.
6:40 pm
in a >> reporter: special brown rice but let's squash and parsley will need to head to a holiday parties have of the pile to much of your drinking alcoholic here the check to cut down on calories. >> reporter: our schedules get hectic at this time of year important to remember exercise for enough extra calories so lonely do indulge we don't believe the holiday season with the extra bullish.. >> catherine: ears get ready for the christmas not an and from the raiders' headquarters mark carpenter has all the sports coming up.
6:41 pm
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6:44 pm
>> reporter: of the napa valley this amount of work for him like sidewind the defensive back only got better with age his harvest is coming is retiring at the end of the season. the 39 year-old safety stand by after the great 65 interceptions and fifth most in the history and second in the nfl this year with eight takeaways the hudson trophy winner his first eight seasons and oakland and the next in the bay area where one superbowl. despite another pro bowl or the campaign this year he is battling a shoulder injury all season says he realized late last month he didn't have another. season another "i knew morning of the detroit game will go up and what ever reason i knew it and it was
6:45 pm
weird and you at that point in time this was gonna be at. was a >> reporter: miss the setup he has a chance of being real playoff threat next year the chance of going this season against the packers daring car 32 early in receptions and rebate native of 20 to 30 victory oakland got the six and eight have a short turnaround this week san diego coming the coliseum on thursday could be the final raiders game at the coliseum the panel happens in southern california. regardless of the sunday of see game and gearhart looking ahead.
6:46 pm
"what else can do better on this play even if it is good" >> reporter: niners questions lingering on the fate of the coaching staff and the personnel this come. after 2414 lost and a game which everyone picked off three times the niners are now four and 10 the bigger story " was said during the broadcast cbs' sideline reporter mentioned the conversation he had with the team executive and the the 49ers are confident in retaining the gym as head coach and the team has not said anything about their foreign consulates will the media hasn't even heard about.
6:47 pm
me"her with the honors" >> reporter: interesting detail about the forty-niner what the franchise, and cabinet was not allowed on the same team sideline yesterday game against the bengals the medical staff reported the players on injured reserve are not allowed to travel or stand on the sidelines during games jim tom sewell said he's not risking caprifig getting a shoulder bank. curious though about to boom offensive linemen i injury reserve when this torn a cl flood rome the field with his teammates and the other great stories of the officer is norman matchup/the main event of the giants' game of going back and forth. and then it turns out norman is a cruel winter the most one game
6:48 pm
back a. and rap all day with the packer and shoots three personal fouls wasn't immediately penalized to the most of your act he rushed across the field to deliver a helmet that by norman after the whistle. this season but has 91 judges 1,400 yds and 13 touchdowns and hit someone else but what lisa of any time soon as. human blood the carnal civil chances arizona safety that he will miss the remainder of the season with a torn a steel injury occurred at san bradford of the cardinal's 40 to 17 over the eagles a honey badger at 89 tackles five interceptions leaving to those here against the forty-niners the warriors are now four games away from the regular-season of ron james and the calves come or
6:49 pm
call the defending champs have had some tough back to work this morning set curried during that to add on to league's best record six and one before that files went out to cleveland they have a potential trap game wednesday against utah and here is look well and with more on what he focused on during his time off among the old the cost of news one that will be interesting to watch as the starts averaged a giants legend as the miami marlins most and surprised after the gas
6:50 pm
insertion within francisco the past two off-season's his home run team leading the bay area in this explanation the job. with the marlins only opportunity presented itself and that's the truth and the people will read between the lines and everyone knows fellow san francisco. >> reporter: this is my home this is my first love this is the job opportunity that came to me this is the only one eye to get people can make with a lot of what happened between the two sides on that one. finally lines in the sand of monday night football when detroit player came helleri ready for the fair this alan taylor 6 ft. 7275 a pound defensive end. sold to more cities than sober will custom white suit. filled with tea reckot. rex.
6:51 pm
>> catherine: had the rand has been humbling the bay area apparently along what week we will be back with the latest on the forecast with a
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
". a particular sign no. hell the particular type of person if a particular skills the. in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> catherine: of entertainment news is on the weight at seventh is the insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 the we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00. and talking about brain during commercials titis it is candlemas. >> reporter: though the rain as the setting a little bit it is going sideways and still need when chilled lepers' even as the lights off the. we do need to bring the peninsula the highs philip letter on the here. these heavy strain we've had that appears to be waiting for good windshield across the
6:55 pm
entire metro area and will continue to get the commute upstream that's for the heavy rain right there even see move down through. the upstream the intensity best epaulet of breakdown. for us tonight again by midnight still wind conditions greeting to our morning with rainshowers tablatures still don't budge.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
"star wars" box office nomination goes global and how beyonce's stylist keeps her flawless. >> the "insider" is next
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the insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. the force awakens and shatters box office records. >> were you nervous? >> of course. >> i'm ready. >> the astronomical "star wars" takeover and the one theeter that got the storm trooper's surpr >> then -- >> i have to apologize. >> the miss universe blunder that ignited social media. >> it was my mistake. >> then the kardashian's undeniable >> i love that dress. >> we break down the cost of being kim. >> plus, beyonce's style secrets revealed only to us. >> i'm always with her on the carpet. >> and with a plus size designer
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that made "project runway" history. >> we want to feel fun, sexy, sophisticated. >> inside her bittersweet and emotional journey. >> i know that there is aish threw with me. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. the strength of the force is tracking hot. there are blockbusters and then blockbusters. >> this is of epic proportion. "star wars" raking in $247 million opening weekend and $528 million globally. tonight we go inside the force's record blasting box office. >> you are nervous at all? >> oh, of course. >> i really look forward after so long to seeing the final. >> blockbuster opening weekend for "star wars." >> i saw it twice today already. >> you saw it twice? >> yes. 9:00 and 1


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