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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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storm as it brings much needed refreshment to lowlands and snow to the sierra.. ray >> catherine: in the pan in the bay area's. of a storm system flooding some roads not down trees and cause major traffic delays j.r. joins us tonight live from mill valley.
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>> j.r.: it certainly has. it is not coming down nearly as hard now as it was a just one hour ago today. it is coming in down. it is a wet out here it is chilly out here for. those outside it is a downright uncomfortable high winds lots of rain had the no. 8 monday an hour after hour. rain continues to fall for the two of the drive through it was anything but fun visibility was low and chp know if popples and hydroplaned something may of caused the big rig spraying into monday in sonoma county those devoted golden gate bridge anything but smart even with these on turn
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bill hit hard so much water some neighborhood streets could not even be seen. and this tree came down in the process of its of several power lines with that now. one hurt but it took the genie several hours to get a lecture city back on. that was not the only tree down and the far north bay and near the russian river this tree came down on the of new highway. the people coping some had fallout raincoats area and that has not seen much water not surprised some things did not work with the rain. the storm drains for example the water could be seen shooting into the air. other spots the extra water was thrown in the air. a common theme to lorraine's system that keeps
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dropping more water as the hours go by. close >> j.r.: late tracking a chp monitors acting on all day and evening log that the majority of the cases those responded to involve vehicles that have slid off the road and trees that have come down on the road. >> catherine: stare plan out we've had a lot of rain that physical lot to dave is here with the forecast and want to know what's next marat the rest of the week. >> reporter: improves end the night and up in the north they were started to rain and bring some more as we get more light rain and a. still of net wins that will be here starting to fill in a little bit later on tonight in the overnight not entirely done with this right now the heaviest rain toward the south bay as we see everything
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develop from the north they going self. the much all happened earlier this afternoon. the reseal it down to the south as it breaks originating from the north bay dropping soft and the trend is still west east so the entire line has to move through before you get some relief and our wins with all this that is a fighter in terms of getting fought although looking at of course guy kemp the bay bridge right now seen some clouds developed a different type of fog that we tend to get this all over everywhere now getting what is sometimes called radiation fog. our patent. areas that don't usually get fog tonight you may get some of but that may be spotted by winds. when the advisory in place for higher elevations, also the east bay. although everyone experience breezy like conditions tonight's, so we call it rained heavily in spots to 9:00. by
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midnight put rains and showers and greeting us with the same deal for tomorrow time this out for precipitation also went for you coming up. >> catherine: about this to push alert. and all the bay area news we can download the kron 4 mobile application is free to download for apple and enjoyed devices. >> grant: breaking news likely weather-related cruise right now heading to a sinkhole in hillsboro on christmas springs road not apart far from a high school closed in both directions as crews worked to stabilize the situation no eta on when it will reopen and he posted. >> catherine: storm system we were talking about bringing higher than normal tides to the north bay. that could mean more flooding began carmen has the latest on this. >> reporter: storm makes driving hazardous threat the bay area floyd concerns already shut down
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lower parts of the park and ride in a valley the slot as the tories for flooding during heavy storms this week starts plus some highest tides of the year wednesday thursday could cause problems again. "the path for water to come out from the streams that drain into the bay. to have this back up already at 7 ft.. causes creeks and streams to flood especially near the outlet to the bay. >> reporter: now is predicting the 6.9 will wednesday thursday morning these predictions could be a half a foot below what might actually happen due to the conditions being see levels higher than normal. either way flooding is probable.
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"expect some places: 7 cisco bay embarcadero south of the ferry building by the bay bridge will probably see the usual flooding when one of wall the point and other areas. places in various places on the bay area offering sandbags in alameda county and many go to a 1400 block in san leandro. in santa clara county it's been an cocteau 1900 block of embarcadero. >> catherine: your most own troubles for a full list of
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locations check our web site kron4news-dot-com >> catherine: weather is causing flight delays and cancellations at eight area airports sfo at least 69 flights canceled last word and departing flights delayed an average of 45 minutes 100 for flights delayed so. jose's airport delays of the 20 minutes being reported at oakland's airport no major delays the travelers this everyone being reminded to check with airlines their status for status updates. the storm is bringing another dumping of snow in the sierra greta's here with the front on the slopes of a rough ride getting a fair if you're on the slopes in alone and ski goggles. that's coming down today will be tomorrow morning as well with the boarding a skiing are noticeably
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bigger this year compared to the previous four years of drought this is what now starlet today higher elevations could get more than 2 ft. when all said and done that you on the sierra during chains for truck drivers that of the drill. "take two hours across the hell when to >> grant: storm warning to o'clock tomorrow morning. >> catherine: in the east bay a man is accused of making threats against muslims and the possession of a destructive device. the police found of possible homemade explosive device at the home of 55 year- old william solely the search prompted people to evacuate their homes along clyde ave arrested after members of islamic society of west contra costa county called police about
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his behavior outside. also posting threatening messages targetting muslims on face book >> catherine: squad detonated the device in question the bill set at $500,000. charges filed in the suspects and the deaths of two young children found that in writing storage unit 39 year- old huntsman. 17 year-old gonzalez. all charged with first-degree murder. the bodies of a three year-old girl six year-old boy found in a storage unit this month the prosecutors also charged the couple with three counts of torture be involving the deprivation of food shelter clothing for lisa year been charged as an adult
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and cannot face the death penalty because he the juvenile. >> catherine: coming up learning more about the woman accused of intentionally mowing down the door pedestrians and lost a guest. and how police officer recruit rescued a 2 month old baby. images of a man suspected of planting scanning devices that they carry a grudge restores.
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>> catherine: is considered of a card information and there regnant white-collar criminal case has the story put shoppers on edge and on the creek. the car >> reporter: skimmer found at this safeway could be related to other skimmer's found a different retail stores around will muckrake federal agents asking if you recognize this man this day he walked into walnut creek and put a skimmer back in september safely also found a skimmer the dublin store although they say no one with disinformation was actually
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still it was not welcome news for holiday shoppers tonight. "she online shopping and shopping in general it's always a worry. >> reporter: customers like this are meant to blend in atms and checkout counters. some can operate or remotely and get a card information to white-collar committals. >> reporter: night the part of home and to carry investigation is the lead on this case a be related to thames to install a week to skimmer set at the walnut creek stores over the summer to shoppers who the victims in the past they say the experience is frustrating even if you're not on the coast for the fraudulent charges. "stretching it right now than of try to get them to get actually do some about the credit card companies, they say they can't thinking about starting to use credit cards instead of the cards
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>> reporter: see it press say that white-collar crimes like this are on the rise the have a big payout for criminals if they're caught the come with relatively short sentences. mccaw >> catherine: clear bad weather was a factor in the plane crashed and killed the family of five from south this week and friends of them say jason and zero got two daughters and son 11 gilroy area the small plane crashed at bakersfield saturday and this is video from the scene the county sheriff's office says the pilot set a mayday call before the crash and the plan had been heading to las vegas for christmas celebration investigators say of take months to determine exactly what went wrong new information tonight about a former uc-berkeley student who died of a week and 22 year-old jeffrey found unresponsive at the fraternity house saturday morning and of
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the dead a short time later the police. they had fallen from a significant height of the hall appears to be a factor. copley's suspected he'd been visiting the fraternity for small holiday party. >> catherine: area getting soaked in people reacting to some relief also some frustration davis here to tell us what is next >> reporter: the past and get use of less enthusiasm the rain will continue a little bit tonight and the good news is it's letting up in several south bay colony of pocket still have the intensity for the rain continuing at the salary can see clearly on the radar of lake sending to the east and then of course to the west they see gilroy as well in the peninsula a little better way of letting up with this rain to for higher locations kind of a given and then we put this in the motion we see all of it generated from
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the north than the pattern was the east and we be seen as protecting the north bay does it mean if over over this means the intensity that the rain as a vigil for everyone appears to be waiting now out vote statement did have time for us earlier aid to 14 in. of snow 4,000 ft. when the storm warning as you heard until tomorrow morning the snow level is rising to 6,000 ft. tonight after a storm kind of idea if the cold air behind that will cost a melting and maybe even some localized problems and all that are temperatures may even go awful but tonight there for the visibility of all this error at the surface is causing visibility levels to drop oakland 5 hayward at eight in redwood city of four across the golden gate very foggy in mind right now in other areas experiencing less familiar radiation type fog that we get
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the eviction fought at the golden gate. the stance fish rainshowers returning filling up from the patches opening of the we did tonight not as committed for range of the big story tomorrow morning we get some pockets of heavy rain scattered showers and then years has made it even open up a little bit into tomorrow afternoon. these things change going forward them >> catherine: manassas nisei sea snakes up from mexico. showing up on california beaches a yacht a dead yellow bellied snake discovered at huntington beach amino probably why this is happening the oceans are warmer than usual and less than half the not so long ago. the snakes are dangerous to people. it cannot open their jaws of very wide so i had the woman accused
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of potentially going down pedestrians on the vegas strip the charges she's now facing the dogs just days away from the big showdown for. ron james and the cavaliers we hear from coach lou " and with the team is doing with the time off.
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>> catherine: charges the full man deliberately plowing into a big crowd of pedestrians dozens of people hurt arizona woman was killed. is we're learning about the woman >> catherine: 24 year-old holloway under suicide watch as part connie jail in vegas a week ago living in her car below parole was in the backseat of that car during last night's deadly rampage
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the may >> reporter: have unfolded in the heart of a loss this trip. holloway had been living in her 1996 oldsmobile in the parking lot plena hollywood rampage ended a short distance away at the paris resort and casino how. little investigative she is homeless and tired because the police kept bouncing her apartment she fidgeted use drugs or alcohol to violence cameras could provide clues please determine what motive haul it had for targeting the
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crowd following is a daughter non purged of protective services to. three-year-old was not her last night. that even a police officer quite yet been called a hero what the police recruit did this to the baby's life also new requirement for drone owners we need to know
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>> catherine: all drone's but before today have been registered within 60 days all jones now have be registered before the first flight registration fee is $5 and these rules come as growing concern about the risks posed by drones end to airlines. had at its clark christmas forgoes viral a big pile of presents one of her family. it's a cringe or the
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moment what see harvey is saying about on a mistake last night learning. more about the issues behind us and bernadine attack other plot that was supposedly being considered. ♪
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>> catherine: misstep on the driving messy caused flooding, a few areas davis bacchana >> reporter: >> reporter:. the trees are down more wins coming our way makes an extra problem not completely out of the woods morning commute tomorrow to the pencil and with scattered showers and training going on we do have a nice radar picture show in the south bay are breaking up going off toward the east the patches of rain and at
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times the campbell of the heady levels again may have the building of rain to make note of happening tonight and the san mateo bridge fog develops here and win happening so much so that visibility is are dropping the policy this going and as little moisture from the strain and temperatures not doing much of anything as we are getting natural cooling happening we're getting a little bit of a solar cooling and therefore getting fog precipitation moisture condensing in the air for you and by midnight tonight scattered rain showers we still have the rain filled and still not getting very much wins by 7:00 a.m. showers cool and breezy and we see more scattered
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showers into the afternoon however we might see some sign to. strong >> catherine: winds and rain to push alert more weather coverage all your bay area news, the kron 4 mobile application free to download usa o'clock san francisco police put a story the show and help the bread to month-old baby. back to baby just been tells us the scene to be officer training he just learned and why he might be needing that skill again in the feature >> catherine: in his gut. >> reporter: 80 works on the police academy in january could thinking in this family and your target parking lot shows he's ready for the job 25 year-old
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tells me he's going to buy supplies off duty and his girlfriend noticed a hysterical woman standing by car walked over to help the woman handed william hurt lifeless to month- old baby boy officer recruit new what to do cpr and the back seat of his car he began compressions several rounds and anxious moments the baby started to breathe again baby should be just fine capacitate a page from his police training other than
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becoming a police officer williams is also about to be a father for the first time when business in the east bay using unique will cut down on crime and caught the attention of customers also stanley roberts explains in this edition of people behaving badly >> reporter: of this note parking full holes sign it to this alert signed according to the general manager the signs are not.
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"issued for five years ago a red. should break-ins >> reporter: several signs poster on the part illustrious what constitutes. friendly reminder people should leave their stuff in the car visible that's the look for this to a thinking grab be able to break and be in and out in less than 10 seconds seems this covers more than his car break-ins covers people using chewing tobacco signs may become a victim of their of success. or
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some away but the real question as of the signs having any effect? "broken window several weeks ago far as crimes property crimes go since signs they're basically at zero. >> reporter: be just maybe this season by about the wrong way news alert signs seem to get the job done. >> catherine: information about a shooter behind december 90 no tariffs attack also planned to attack drivers on los angeles freeway that's according to his friend marquez supposedly
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carried out the plot with him and told investigators for it was guy begin by throwing pipe bombs on to the 91 freeway and that plan to move one to stop cars and fire at the people inside marquez told investigators that he backed out and says that another plan was to attack student gathering places now charged with illegally buying of rifles used in the shooting his bail set the has been denied by a federal judge. it is embarrassing mistake everyone is now talking about the miss universe pageant with steve harvey now saying and a warning on holiday trash us that these are getting your home
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christmas but of those viral mother being blasted for a huge pile of presents she bought for her family
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>> catherine: to the christmas tree surrounded by the theater gets his been called materialistic on social media data as a british mother of three close to the sport of other parents began blasting her she says people should know she is always on the hunt for bargains and the guests covering
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that treat him to a total of $2,000 not that bad ass harmony gives each child gets. "85 each" >> catherine: 0 criticism's one said remember all of children don't get much but who does one make their child smile in the >> reporter: besht develops here in san francisco and the north the extending of the wine country and this will continue overnight along with the cloud cover moisture at surface and so the cooling down at night oakland five sfo of
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seven redwood city monday at 6 and this is widespread in terms of a problem and of much in the ways to mix things up has to go somewhere then future cast into the heavy rains pop up not as much as we experience already been widespread and that heavy rain like the experience this morning and then this might be pregnant and earnest as we see in the afternoon the sun comes out a little bit the winds come around as they say in future cast for like the numbers in the '20s for the hourly estimations not going anywhere 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then this is after it goes through what were not getting with this guy is for getting air filtering in behind it clear air so temperatures will stay mild and
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wednesday night thursday here's the second batch we've been talking about that will be brought by christmas and then afterward falling temperatures in the and valleys looking at for where there will be tonight 50 upper forties' low '30's. >> catherine: of the photos to show you the be pageant that a lot of people talking about that normal ever forget still had as christmas verses abroad and that the future and a fall l hall of famer after mark carpenter all the sports coming
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>> catherine: cunning moment tended to how this and did
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pretty badly. >> grant: it did not go according to plan this miss columbia the recent rain than the macy inverse pageant. the crown getting comfortable up there but a few minutes after she wore it she lost it. and host steve harvey miss read his cue card and read the name of the wrong winner. the film >> grant: peons their stand in noah's going on after he started with an explanation
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the two ladies standing awkwardly as he addressed the confused audience he apologized and was the honest mistake and he said he like to apologize wholeheartedly for my huge mistake the feel terrible that comes to opening its christmas gets a lot of the boxes and packaging of course the throne in the trash police say could make targeting fees big boxes of markings of the criminal low wet high-priced items you know how of in your house. in haiti or laptop and. does not take a lot for person to wait till you're not home and then strike
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police.. >> gary: >> reporter: sense that charles wilson amanda has improved with age also owns a winery. his kandahar's has come as he announced that this year will be his last. putting up hall of fame members for the last two decades and 55 picks mostly history and ranks said bette wary when the super bowl and despite the pro bowl this year
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and had smoked shoulder injuries and realized late last month that he didn't have another season in him. >> reporter: billing this season fell apart yesterday against the packers derrick threw too early interceptions green bay: jobs the at 6 and 8 has a turnaround this week to san diego coming of the coliseum and could be the final raider's gain in the coliseum dependable happens.
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depending on what happens. >> reporter: the conversation he had with a team executive hinted that the 49ers are confident in retaining the thomas gillis head coach next year and the gun record comes to law address the
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media this morning and said that he has not heard about it. >> reporter: years and now four games away from the biggest game of the regular-season of ron james and the cavaliers, or coal and had a chance of time off and got back to work this morning set gearing up at on the league's best record before that final few match against cleveland the dubs play again wednesday against the utah and coach lute " and college ranks
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the college basketball team at its head of berkeley the bears third straight win as many as six games at one. the rally jordan canada sends it over time and this has to ex recessions late in the second. showing the range the bears could be upset when 08 or 04 on the will be interesting to watch the start of services the giants legend barry bonds career and then the coach bonds one of new five assistants marlins' manager mattingly's first season in
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miami and most fans were surprised bonds didn't land a job with the giants after spending time and passed to off- season's here's a two-out home run why he left the bay area the only job of it presented self people read between the lines everyone knows the fate will never deny that this is my home and mrs. my first love the job opportunity that came to me only one ticket with some of the best of luck finally yesterday matchup main event turns out numb as a clear winner beckoned grapple all day wasn't immediately penalized a helmet the helmet and very intentional at the end of it although beck
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and zero. talk >> catherine: and about a new baby ardor of moderate bay aquarium a kilo finchley all pictures coming up next.
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>> catherine: said the aquarium to give birth to a totally adorable little pop. but this this was in the outdoor the fund
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this on the ballot mama 830. so this is a concert conservation success story. the not long ago see otters are hunted to near extinction. now the population is good updates will follow on the web site. and that the fateful 80 not even a day old.
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