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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> catherine: now at 11. violent storms and tornadoes are threatening several states. forecasters are calling this an unusual weather pattern for this time of the year. good evening i'm catherine heenan. at least six people have died as a result of stormy weather. which has swept across the region. but that number could go higher. in indiana and mississippi -- tornadoes touched down. reid binion has the latest. >>: what i sought hapten flipped out the window. irid we saw the
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grass circling to. all the way to the interstate. >> reporter: this was a nightmare for people. this storm was so powerful it knocked down trees and a tractor-trailer. the store could bring up when cent to 75 mi. an hour. in arkansas family are left to clean the debris >>: just the sound of the brand i jumped and ran. >> reporter: an 18 year-old woman died when the roof fell. >> catherine: here in the bay
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area -- there's less drama - but plenty of stormy weather. brian van aiken has been tracking more rain - and says it's going to be a cold christmas. >> brian: a cold and windy storm system is coming in for christmas eve day. look for off and on rain along with gusts 25 to 45 mph. there will be some snow in the bay area hills. skies clear on christmas day, and we'll be dry and mainly clear through sunday evening. there will be cold mornings with below freezing temperatures in the valleys.
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the next chance for rain arrives sunday evening. >> catherine: tis the be ripped off, it seems. lots of online shopping has led to more package deliveries. but unfortunately - there are also more thefts from bay area door-steps. people are posting videos and asking for help. but one christmas good samaritan has gone out of his way to help right a wrong. kron-4's j-r stone reports from the south bay. >>: here really is the grinch of christmas.. >> j.r. >> j.r. : this say a man was going door-to-door taking packages. >>: he was walking towards it
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why you, that was part far away from now homes. >> j.r. : their witness of the man and followed them until he had their plate numbers. they helped capture the thieves. >>: i got one my packages stolen a couple of days ago. >> reporter: some people say you caught the greenwich. >> j.r. : this say that one is
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still on the loose he is hispanic between 20 and 30 years of age. >> catherine: more cameras are catching thieves in action this christmas season. an example - yesterday afternoon on evandale avenue in mountain view... a man was seen taking a package from in front of a home. it was a child's christmas present. last wednesday...another crook in mountain view was captured on home surveillance. police are warning people to have their packages delivered at work... or have a neighbor pick the package up from the porch. >> catherine: a word of caution from authorities in the north bay. when out shopping. people are being reminded to put gifts in the trunk. in petaluma monday, thieves broke into 5 cars - smashing windows and grabbing gifts. they're looking for easy targets and valuable gifts that are left out in the open. police are looking into whether there's any surveillance video that might have caught the crooks in the act. they're also increasing area
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patrols. >> catherine: new developments tonight in the jahi mcmath case. she's the oakland girl declared brain dead in 2013.after a tonsilectomy. now her mother's two-year quest to have her daughter declared legally alive is moving to federal court. kron 4's scott rates talked to the family's lawyer.who's presenting new evidence. >> reporter: they're taking their case to a federal judge. >> reporter: it's a strong message from the attorney. >>: she moves were she is asked to move from her mother. she tells her to move her third finger on a right-hand and she does.
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>> reporter: that have proved that her brain is functioning. despite what the state of california says. >>: they need to revoke the death certificate because she is not dead. >> reporter: the mother of set the hopes that serbia would remove her to a different state. >>: we want their rights restored dr..
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>> catherine: still ahead. we check on the potential holiday travel jam at s-f-o. and tense moments at oakland's airport - when a jet makes an emergency landing. and coming up. how the f-a-a is handling the take-off in drone sales.
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>> catherine: drones are a hot christmas item and most now have to be registered. the f-a-a says more than 45- thousand people have registered their drones in the two days since the public registry opened. and that number is predicted to spike. more than 400-thousand drones could be sold over christmas.. any drones weighing more than a half-a-pound must be registered. you have to provide your name, email address, home address and pay a five dollar fee. >> catherine: up next. news to help shape your holiday travel plans. and the new traffic concerns in san jose.after the latest in a series of pedestrian-and-car accidents. ok, we're here.
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to keep us all doin' what we do. >> catherine: weather eased up a little in the bay area - but now stormy weather in other parts of the country has led to some delays at s-f-o. kron four's jeff bush shows us what it was like - and talked to passengers who were on their way
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to christmas destinations. >> reporter: a quick look at the big board in terminal two and you can see several flights were delayedsome, as much as two hours. flights originating here on the west coast were sometimes affected by the bad weather back east because of a dominoe effect but the direct flights from places like new york, boston and washington d.c. were all, most certainly delayed due to wind and rainy weather in new england. >> reporter: other direct flights that were behind schedule came from the southern part of the countrysummer like stormsincluding tornadosmade those flights late, as well.
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>>: i'm taking a quick look. i'm going to las vegas and then to utah, and it looks like, i'm on time right now. >> reporter: the majority of the flights at sfo were on time but more than a dozen flights arriving at the airport were about a half hour >> reporter: the plane was
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landing big an emergency landing. >>: i was scared. >>: it's nice to be on the ground. >> catherine: there was a a brief shutdown of highway 101 near s-f-o today. by protestors of the 'black lives matter' movement. this is video of the the group held a banner saying month. the c-h-p moved in and made arrests. highway 101 near the airport was closed for about 10 minutes. >> catherine: plane crash in alameda county. today crews recovered the body of the pilot. his family confirms that john sacco was flying the plane.
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the man from rocklin was appointed to the cal-osha board by governor brown back in august. he was headed to oakland. when his piper pa-32 went down yesterday in steep terrain near castro valley. investigating. it's not clear yet what went wrong. >> brian: a storm system is eroding-are writing. will al leiter rain and pockets of heavy rain. it is not going to rain the entire day. there could be some sprinkles lie rain at least for the overnight. there could
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be a few locations where could be heavier . will have rain then breaks will see the sun at times and it's going to be very cold. as we get to the afternoon will have gusty winds possibly. there should be over by christmas morning. we are looking at a cool weekend. the could be some rain sunday evening.
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>> catherine: and a follow-up tonight to our story of the fireball, seen streaking across last night's western skies. russia's federal space agency is declining to comment.on what us military officials are calling the fireball. the u.s. strategic command had said last night that it was a russian sl-4 rocket booster falling to earth. it had been launched monday night. the streak of light set off a streak of comments on social people saw it over california, nevada and arizona last night.
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>> catherine: ahead in sports, the warriors make sure to not look past utah in their final tune-up before christmas day's showdown against lebron james. mark carpenter has highlights and reaction when we return
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>> mark: a busy two weeks ahead for the warriors.
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they got lebron on friday. kings on monday.then road trips to dallas and houston. but before we can get to any of that-- they had to deal with utah tonight. let's head to oracle-- golden state had some problems friday against the bucks. no such thing tonight-- early on, the splash brothers getting to work. steph curry-- he finished with a quiet- 16, more noise came from klay thompson. 20-points, 50-percent from downtown as he was deadly from that corner spot.:16 the other story of this game.buckling down on defense. champs forced 19-turnovers, 26- fast break points. this is one of them-- draymond green with the big finish. warriors cruise to 27-1 with an 18-point win.sending a message to lebron and the cavs. here's draymond downplaying that christmas showdown. >>: one game at the time. we
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will finish their dim 28 to one or 27 to two. >> mark: cavs come into friday on a six-game winning streak. friday's nationally-televised >> mark: all i want for christmas is to meet steph curry. that was the request of 10- make-a-wish children.and the mvp made those dreams a reality this morning. that's because curry was the exclusive host for all 10 of those kids at the warriors facility. the guests, who all have life- threatening medical conditions, attended shootaround. where curry signed autographs, presented them with gifts, and introduced them to his teammates. the topper-- dinner and tickets to tonight's game here's what they thought of >>: great basketball blurt great death. >> mark: the event was part of the team's season of giving outreach
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>> mark: moving on to the college ranks, a little bay area civil war going on between st. mary's and santa clara-- the home of kurt rambis and steve nash. jared brownridge trying to add to that he led the broncos with 15-points. but too much inside game from the gaels. evan fitzner, a terror on the blocks all night, on his way to putting up 21. gaels take this one by 22. >> mark: turning now to the nfl-- raiders are back on the field tomorrow night. instead of a trip to the postseason, oakland playing for pride on two fronts. first, the macro storyline that this could be the final home game in the the nfl owners will vote next month on the team's possible relocation to southern california. seeing as they are playing the chargers, it's a meeting of two franchises that could be on the move. while that's up in the air, we know for sure this will be charles woodson's final home game. the 18-year-veteran announced monday this season is his last. here's jack del rio on the league's defensive ironman. >>:
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>> mark: tomorrow's kickoff is 5-30 in the coliseum. also want to mention, the 4-10 49ers are in detroit this sunday. >> catherine: that's it for the
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♪ this is my fight song& ♪ take back my life song& home for the holidays. "real housewives of new jersey" star teresa giudice released from prison. >> how she had hair and make-up done before walking free. then, downhill drone. the crash landing that just missed this champion skier. and if there's a drone under your tree -- >> reporter: here's what you need to know before sending one soaring into the sky. plus -- >> colombia. >> the humiliated miss colombia breaks her silence. and this beauty contestant was also involved in a live tv mix- up. >> i'm so sorry. and donald


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