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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight. we are aware changed because of isis.. new york ramping up security for new year's eve. we ask bay area officials what they are doing to deal with the threat of a terror attack >>whoosh >> grant:super bowl
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officials have some disappointing news for would be tailgaters. what kron four has learned about how youwill be able to get to levi stadium and what you will be able to do >>whoosh >>"here we are 2 days late." >> grant:air travelers caught by the massive storm that dumped a foot of rain on the midwest and is now bringing freezing rain and snow to new england. >>whoosh >> grant:and that wayward elephant seal. headed back to her foray into wine country. >> grant:this is a full hour of your >> catherine:we begin with breaking news in the south bay.where two people have been stabbed. >> catherine:grant lodes is here with what we know.grant. >> grant:this was in east san jose. a woman and a man.stabbed along south white road near quimby road. >> grant:this was just
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before 6:15 tonight.both victims in critical condition.rushed to the hospital. >> grant:we have aerial video from the scene just into the newsroom.this courtesy of our helicpoter partnership with abc 7 news. polcie say several guys attacked the victims.then took off in a car. >> grant:no arrests. >> grant:investigators at the intersection.where there's a chevron and shopping center across south white. we'll keep you posted on the breaking news out of east san jose. >> catherine:now at 8. >> catherine:just days away from the ringing in the new year. >> catherine:new york city police are unveiling the extensive preparations ahead of the ball drop >> catherine:the mayor says that elite counter-terror police will be there.also multi-layered checkpoints. >> reporter:and thousands of officers will guard the one million people expected in times square. >> gary:in a year riddled with terror attacks in crowded is likely ona lot of minds this
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new year's. >> catherine:kron-4's jeff bush joins us live tonight from san francisco. >> reporter:where thousands will gather to ring in the new year. and has the latest on what police are planning.jeff? >> reporter:thousands will gather at the embarcadero in san francisco to enjoy the new year.sfpd underway but much of that plan will not be publicisedincreased patrols are a given on any new years eve but there is a lot more to it than that. a command center will be fully staffed and anything that comes to the attention of police will have a fast response.but, police say they need the public to be on alert, too. >> reporter:so, terrorism is something that is going to be a number one topic of discussion across our nationagain, we want to reinforce that same old adageif you see something, say something. >> reporter:it's been a rough yeartwo attacks in paris were a huge reminder that there are on attacking softer targetswounding and killing as many people as possible. new york city has been planning the response to the new year's eve celebration for more than a year and the mayor says that city is ready. >> reporter:500 officers who are highly trained and well armed for this duty and this duty onlyand, it's the most of any city in this country and addition to thousands of
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other officers will be a key part of our capacity on new year's eve. >> reporter:sfpd says there have been no credible threats on the city but they say it is part of life in the modern world to be vigilant at all times. >> reporter:i'm jeff bush in san >> catherine:new at 8 >> catherine:new details about a mentally ill man in palo alto who was shot and killed by police christmas night. >> catherine:we talked to the healthcare company that owns the home where the man was stayingit promises 24- hour care. >> catherine:kron 4's kate cagle asked how a mentally ill patient got hold of a knife. >> reporter:over the course of a year as many as 180 patients might live in this quiet home on forest avenue. >>"it's not a locked facility. residential. nurturing environment." >> reporter:the patients living here are part of "momentum for mental health" a holistic healthcare company that promises 24 hour care. >> reporter:patients stay for a few weeks while they deal issues like anxiety and depression. during that time they are free to come and go as they please before ten oclock.
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>> reporter:it was just an hour before that curfew when a patientwilliam raff. called 9-1-1. >> reporter:when police responded they say he charged at them with a knifeand that's when police opened fire. >>"one police officer was so close he had to step out of the way to avoid being hit by the falling suspect." >>"momentum says they follow all state guidelines when it comes to locking up sharp objects and that they've had inspections both before and since the christmas day shooting and passed." richard jennings/momentum for mental health "unfortunately we do lose clients every year. sometimes suicide is involved. sometimes violence is perpetrated against a client by people in the community." >> reporter:in this casethe violent confrontation lasted less than twenty seconds. >>"in 19 seconds our officers did everything they could to deescalate the situation. >>"we are fortunate to live in santa clara county, an area where there has been a lot of training for police >> reporter:because of privacy laws momentum can't say much about what happened on christmas at this home in palo alto
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>>"it's really toughfor the family. for the staff involved. for the clients." >> reporter:just that a shortened life expectancy is one of many challenges facing their patients coping with mental illness. >> reporter:reporting in san jose. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >> catherine:will they stay or will they go? >> catherine:we're talking about the raiders. >> catherine:oakland's mayor is facing a less than 24 hours. >> catherine:kron 4's vicki liviakis spoke with the mayor libby schaaf about the future of the raiders. return to index >> vicki:yeah catherine - the deadline to submit a formal proposal to the nfl is tomorrow. and that's not happening. >> vicki:instead the mayor says she's sending a letter about the raider's future here in oakland.
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if raiders fans were hoping they'd get a definitive answer about the future of the team - it sure isn't coming from city hall. >> vicki:instead of meeting the deadline with a formal proposal - this is what the nfl will get - a letter. >> vicki:mayor libby schaff holding a press conference to explain that oakland needs more time to put together a deal for a new stadium. >> vicki:saint louis and san diego are the other cities that have teams entertaining a move to the l-a market. mayor schaaf has repeatedly said she won't use public fundsto build a new stadium. >> vicki:she is suggesting that a new tax - paid for by the raiders could be the answer.either that or a hail mary. >> vicki:in oakland vicki liviakis kron4 new spirit
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>> catherine:a wayward elephant seal that spent a good part of the last two days trying to cross highway 37 in sonoma county has been safely moved back to the coast. >> reporter:it had been blocking traffic and seemed to be lost. we've also learned that the big mammal is pregnant. >> catherine:kron 4' charles clifford has an update. >> reporter:tuesday afternoon, this 900 pound adult female elephant seal crawled out of the bay just north of highway 37 in sonoma county. employees from the marin mammal center closed in and around 4pm, a veterinarian from the center tranquilized the seal. >>she was not taking our commands so unfortunately we had to sedate her. >> reporter:twenty people, using a large tarp then loaded the seal into the back of a flatbead truck, where it was tagged and examined. >>we examined her and took make sure she's healthy. the
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sonomgram also showed a fetus so she is pregnant. >>elephant seals usually give birth on a beach along the coast, not this far inland and because highway 37 is nearby it was decided that the best idea was to transport the seal back to the ocean. >>with this busy road we were really lucky she didn't get hit yesterday. so there's really just no way we could leave her here. >> reporter:around 430 the seal was moved to a second truck and driven to the coast where it will hopefully give birth in a better environment. >>they stay with their pups for about a month. >> reporter:in sonoma county ,charles clifford kron 4 news. return >> catherine:we first told you about the traffic backup from the with a push alert on our mobile app. you can stay connected by downloading it - and enabling push dollars. -- alerts
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>> catherine:a four-year-old boy in fairfield is dead after drowning in a bathtub. police arrived at the scene on jefferson street... around 11-a-m. they couldn't revive the little boy -- who had been in the care of a relative. >> catherine:the case is under investigation. return to >> catherine:next month will be the one year anniversary of a gruesome murder in san francisco. the headless torso of omar shahwan was found stuffed in street south of market. >> catherine:tonight. in a story you'll see only on kron-4. the victim's father is talking about his frustration with the case. >> catherine:the suspect - mark andrus - was released from jail because of a lack of evidence. he died a short time later. >> catherine:the victim's father says that did not give him the closure he was looking for. >> catherine:he says he's asked the police for his son's case file - and has been denied. they say it's not public record. >> catherine:the case is still officially considered
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open. but mark andrus was their only suspect. >> catherine:a santa clara county deputy has been released from the hospital - after being >> catherine:badly beaten by jail inmates on christmas eve. it happened at elmwood correctional facility in milpitas. >> catherine:the deputy was picking up something from the floor that had been dropped by an inmate. >> catherine:when he bent over - he was attacked by a group of inmates suspected of gang affiliations. >> catherine:the deputy had injuries including cuts and bruises. and is now on medical leave.the 10 inmates are in maximum security - and will be facing new charges. >> catherine:coming up at 8.
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>> catherine:the countdown to the superbowl is on. tonight new details about what tailgaters can and can't do. >> catherine:also - did you get a new phone for christmas? the unique ways your old phone can still be useful. >> catherine:and extreme weather rips through the u- s. >> catherine:millions are still in the path of danger. return to >> reporter: would discuss more of the weather coming up
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>> catherine: kron4 j.r. stone shows how local three- year-old is recovering from condition. >> reporter: at one point, polls were posted of the jordan from the hospital with tubes in and out of his body. asking for people for careers occurred at to what had happened? she said he
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was born premature and has had a kidney problems his entire life. however, it has become so bad that he needed a transplant. and the family reached out to the community and kron4 responded >> reporter: he is a boy who has had quite a journey today, he was in his hospital room with tubes in and out of his body. but today he is healthy. >> reporter: this was the walkers that jordan used before surgery. today no need for a walker, the little guy can do it himself. (laughter) singing >> reporter: even enjoys new phrases like high j.r..
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>> reporter: this is that interview and process it jordan wants to be involved. -- if there is an >> reporter: he still has a long way to go. >> speech therapy and more. >> reporter: he is still fit through a tube until he can learn how to swallow. >> officially walking all round. he has now been walking of around two weeks now. compared to like, and night and day. >> always want to play with everyone. >> reporter: and is a
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chance to he to start school with them and the next few weeks. >> catherine: >> reporter: a few have been found or tablet for christmas and now you are wondering what to do with your old one? i am tech reporter gabe slate and i would give you more ideas of what to do with the old one. .
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>> catherine: new at 8. it is sent to a purchase that you a new-change of brought you a new phone or tablet device and you do not know what to do with your old one hour tech reporter gabe slate has a few ideas for you. >> gabe: cameo a term debt and use the funds into a surveillance system. >> gabe: this year i met a woman named maura. she had no use for her old device but she used as a surveillance and to check and on her mom who has
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health issues and is home alone during the day. >> i can zoom in to see if she is breathing pure it if she is stable. >> gabe: it all goes to your home wifi. >> grant: you tell the and what you are solely upon what condition is ended and they make you an offer. the mill in the fall and when the receiving you get paid trip if you want to donate your own phone, there are some great terisa can send them to appear at a closer look a that and a tough but in the story checked out our web site kron4 that come or are free mobile application.
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>> catherine: facing haight
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>> catherine: and center cisco judge has ordered a restraining order against a woman who was recorded making anti islamic slurs and throwing coffee at a muslim man plant and a park.
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denise slate has been ordered to stay to 20 yds away from rasheed oz well as lake chabot regional park. she is judged as he cried and battery. >> catherine: bart users will be paying higher fares beginning friday they will go up 3.4% in parsippany section money to keep the system running safely. the hike is expected to generate $50 million a year. --15
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>> catherine: crawford justine waldman is alive with the store with new restrictions on tailgating. in the parking lots is that correct? >> reporter: yes, more than just that on it in just a minute. >> reporter: first, we got a look today and used to promote 50 clipper card there are three different looks terrific there are collectable limited edition clipper card in honor of
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super bowl 50, they are $3. you can fund the purchase information on our website and with all the rules on parking public transportation is sworn to be your best bet. -- is going to be >> reporter: getting to leave isidium for super bowl sunday is coming with a lot of rules for fans. first chance cannot park at any of the stadium parking lots. fan parking is now west of great american parkway south of the tasman drive. belote fans can use all circled and 3 and appeared =-- are all circled in red >> reporter: get ready to walk to the stadium. in the
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shuttle's that typically run for 49 as record season games will not be running on super 050 creek there'll be no toll bidding or cruelly in the part of what are setting up tents. you can bring cold pool, but have to stay in your spot andthe over into other spaces. parking pass are now on still, prices vary... a car park pass is $80 >> reporter: if you are getting a ride from some of it, taxi drivers and others have their own lot for drop- off no other vehicles can use those locations and getting to the custody of the superbowl is coming with more and more rules. >> catherine: protesters in cleveland said it want justice in shooting death of
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a 12 year old boy by police last year today a grand jury decided not to indict the two white officers involved in the shooting. kron 4 grant lotus joins us with details grant? (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! protesters flooded the streets of cleveland this afternoon they held signs and chanted no justice, no peace. before marching through the city. the 12 year old was killed while playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center last year. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! officers responded to a 911 call about a person with a gun and said they thought he had a real weapon. prosecutors said there was a string of missteps but no criminal conduct by police. the officers could still face disciplinary action by the department federal investigators are also reviewing the case. >> catherine: believe,--
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former glee star. mark salling, has been arrested and loss' angeles suspected of possessing child pornography. the 33 year-old actor was taken into custody today after a warrant was served at his home. he is best known for playing putt putt are met on the show glee from 2009 to march of this year when the show was canceled. >> catherine: macy's is recalling to mark the store fine pence back after christmas did melt metal disk popped off causing burns and bruises. there have been seven such incidents three of them including injuries and customers are being told to return of five pence for store credit. >> reporter: just last week
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after crew spotted five drones over interstate disking, the aircraft was grounded accurate and that put people on property at risk. >> you lose a home because we had to break off what there was a dry fly around taking pictures. >> reporter: no drums were seen this time. but that is just a problem they are so small that it is hard this secret and that is just one more thing needed to watch for is special, which is not supposed to be there. >> against mexico and the ground clutter and you cannot see it. -- it gets
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covered in ground clutter >> reporter: cut this is so new there's no lost in it for aviation rules or registration that is for now. >> catherine: you are talking about a cold new year's eve and cold new year's spirit >> reporter: yes in the morning hours. it will be an nice little climate control to keep temperatures down and the north dade, maybe not as bad. >> reporter: about 28 degrees for fairfield.
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welcoming the onshore flow and may act as the climate control to raise temperatures before some months as the system moved on end. >> reporter: the warm-up it is noticeable by 2:00 p.m., most noticeable by the south bay of toward the north. the timing of the system drop the south and will call in and michael if we will. -- call it a wrinkle >> reporter: by thursday morning we did quite chilly. and by noon recover without any of for the spirit now, as far as temperatures concerns heading down to the peninsula mid fifties at the coast. palo alto 58. the
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south bay come before the system drops, to achieve the upper 50s. antipater's are suppressed and this 4 day forecast. >> reporter: however, we call it a rankle because of all the sunshine will have until sunday night we would deal with some showers to welcome in the next new week. catherine? >> catherine: terence donnelly cherish a baby's first words, but wait until he eats his first they can. --bacon
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>> catherine: that is a bully scheldt keeping his school record sing a man be attacked by a black bear. they did not know what to do. cells like the scoutmaster police themselves by hitting the nose on the bare. he was pretty shaken up by the attack. >> catherine: tran ken coffey can't enhance
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endurance. this seems to work particularly well in cycling and running. >> reporter: electrorefining and aspiring tricked us how you can describe the final three minutes and the warriors games last-just yesterday. >> reporter: warriors, now 29-1 with curries' performance just a snippet on his way to his first triple double in the season. >> reporter: that our to-and triple features to houston thursday in dallas tomorrow. in talking about curry, mavericks head coach rick carlisle doled out some
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heavy praise. comparing him to titans of industry and calling him a basketball revolutionary. here's a lissome >> this a historic thing patrick on you get a guy with this type of skill in its a different type of like steve jobs and bill gates and the technology in industry curry is for basketball. >> reporter: that is writing a three game winning streak to mall to it is set for 530 pacific time. >> reporter: if you watch the warriors christmas day game you may remember from oracle to mark jackson's common-sense thing curry has
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hurt the game because not everyone thinks they are a three-point shooter and there's no focus on the incomplete tear. well, the tulsa best what team tweet a stock in response to that post in this video with the caption we think curry is good for basketball. >> reporter: coming up with a detailed plan to finance and build a new national football league stadium in a few weeks or else you could lose your team. that was the guest of the directive roger good dell to the cities fighting to keep their franchises from leaving. >> reporter: and oakland does not have a plan to bring to the table. it is a story we mentioned earlier in this newscast. the city of oakland will miss tomorrow's deadline to submit a proposal to keep
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the raiders. and instead mayor libby shot wrote a letter asking for more time. but who knows how the leak will respond. the raiders, chargers and rams are expected to formally apply for relocation on january 4th. then on the 12th and 13th ownership plans to vote on a move. >> reporter: black monday is then national football league until next week- usually the day when the teams and not day have released that they fired their head coaches. well, the eagles cut started a little early in announcing this afternoon that chip kelly, is no longer the head coach in philadelphia.
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>> reporter: the firing comes just days before the team's last game of the year. over the last three seasons, kelly who is considered an office of roulette an office that grew progressively worse east to the center it--each season >> reporter: finally, the foreigners plan for next year including picking near the top of the draft and a potential protect--prospect pot on a show and was likely his final college start separate tariff sing his best for last today as the cal quarterback delivered a whopping over air force and are forced ball. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: police as saying
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that this woman into chilly from a four year old which was actually her grandson. --intentionally drowned her grandson. by putting her grandson and the bathtub and killed him. >> grant: and most of it is unclear right now. the boy's grandmother, in custody being held without bail. as we continue to follow this story out in fairfield. >> catherine: a couple decide to let their child try bacon for the first time pricked and his reaction?
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>> they can. --bacon! >>bacon. (laughter) >> grant: this was christmas morning and the father cooked up some bacon. >> grant: he loved it.
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>> catherine: he was a static. >> grant: i was cracking up in the news room. you go from fresh fruit and waffles to they can. --to bacon. >> catherine: may have a hard time going back to the offer and waffles. -- all fruit and waffles >> grant: garden not remember when i first tried it. but i have not looked back. it is an addiction eaton common than not look back. -- do not look back,
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ethan. >> catherine: and it was not a study segment. >> reporter: to make it showers tomorrow. >> reporter: have just a litter chance of that: on and then we are back to the cold stuff. >> reporter: grant, you know what i am asking? >> catherine: i do not even know. >> catherine: gary will have this lovely tuxedo.
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>> catherine: it will be pretty cold. >> grant: what are you wearing? what color? >> catherine: small chance to anyone cares. >> grant: is the most wash show on channel 4. -- most watched >> catherine: will wear them for it already everyone have a good evening!
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rick: i guess i'm losing hope that you can hear me. but there's always that chance, isn't there? that slim chance. all about slim chances now. i tried to do everything right, keep people safe. i tried, morgan. - i tried. - ( growling )


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