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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> catherine : now at 11. we're following two breaking news stories. in the south bay - two people are in critical condition after being attacked and stabbed by several men. good evening everyone i'm catherine heenan. we'll get to that story in just a minute - but first. a woman is behind bars tonight. after her grandson was found drowned in a bath tub.. kron four's jeff bush is live in fairfield with the latest. jeff? >> jeff :911 call went up around 1015 this morning when police and fire crews arrived here in fairfield they found a four year-old boy on unconscious and not breathing after an extensive investigation there the house and around the place
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police determined his grandmother was the suspect she is a 51 year-old resident of fairfield story. the little boy was staying with his grandmother along with his two female siblings >>:based on information we have at this time have reason to believe that this grandmother intentionally drowned her grandchild in the bathtub we're not releasing information or details regarding motive we still have a little bit of information we continue together and try to establish exactly why this happened but the two siblings of the boys have been taken into protective custody until we can get to the bottom of this incident and find out what the background is and why this happened >> jeff :the boy's parents were out of town at the time but they eventually did show up during
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the investigation is has already concluded and the granma has been booked into county jail and is being held without bail >> catherine : now to our other breaking news story. two people are in critical condition after being attacked and stabbed in east san jose. it happened on the 28-hundred block of south white road around 6:15 tonight. police found a man and a woman who had been stabbed. investigators say several men had attacked them - then sped they're still on the loose and no descriptions have been released. we'll continue to follow this story on kron-four-dot-com. new at 11. a muni attack has been caught on camera. san francisco police say it happened november 3rd - on a bus near 24th and mission. they say the surveillance video shows a 55-year-old man who had confronted two other men because he suspected they were trying to rob other passengers. that's when the men began
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repeatedly began attacking the victim - punching and kicking him. police say the silver-haired man refused to get off the bus - even when they were trying to 'pull' him off. >>:the situation went from bad to worse for because once you get off the bus there are no cameras and it happened in the morning so there was no potential witnesses walking around the area so he did the right thing by staying on the bus and did not let them pull him out of the street because the bus is well lit and their video cameras all over and there is sound as well >> catherine : the man was treated and released at the hospital. police are trying to identify his attackers.and they're asking anyone with information to call san francisco police. the man shot and killed by palo alto police on christmas night -- had been staying at a 24- hour care home. the patients living there are part of a health care program
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called "momentum for mental health".. many are getting help with problems like anxiety and depression. just before 10 christmas night... william raff called 9- 1-1. when police arrived, they say the 31-year-old charged at them with a knifeand that's when officers opened fire. >>:almost immediately sent if it were confronted with the man with tonight's police set to drop the knife over and over as they retreated out towards the police car so the officers did everything they could to try and be escalate the situation >> catherine : raff later died at a hospital "momentum," says they follow all state guidelines in keeping sharp objects locked up. as for the confrontation outside - it was caught on video and is being reviewed. foran investigation is continuing. super bowl 50 is 39 days away. but getting to the game. is
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going to take some effort. transportation plans for levi stadium. kron 4's justine waldman is here to tell us. no tailgating? >> justine :and you cannot cook anything but you could bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but parking anywhere near the stadium will be like catching a hail mary pass in overtime to win the game otherwise it in other words it will be really difficult parking anywhere near levi's stadium. will be like catching a hail mary pass in overtime to win the game. in other words -- difficult. getting to levi's stadium for super bowl sunday is coming with a lot of rules for fans first, fans cannot park at any of levi's stadium parking lots. fan parking is now west of great america parkway south of tasman drive. the lots fans can use are circled in red. get ready to walk to the stadium.any shuttles that typically run for 49ers regular season games. will not be running on super bowl 50. there will be no tailgating or grilling in the parking lots. or setting up tents.
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you can bring cold food but have to stay in your spot. no spilling over into other spaces. parking passes are on sale now. prices vary.a car parking pass is $80. if you are getting a ride from someone else.uber and taxi drivers have their own lots for drop off no other vehicles can use those locations. prices vary.a car parking pass is $80. public transportation is highly recommended. these are collectible limited- edition clipper cards in honor of super bowl 50. you can find information on where to purchase those clippers cards on our website and even if you take a limo or uber to the big game. there is a special drop off lot for those rides. you won't be able to get close to the stadium. >> catherine : a kind of makes watching it on tv at home not that bad of an option you and i will be working s though, haha
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coming up later in sports. the clock is ticking for the city of oakland. and the future of the raiders. in less than 24-hours. a formal proposal is due to the n-f-l. but oakland mayor libby schaaf. says more time is needed. details ahead. new at 11. 90-percent of its customers gas that lost service over the if weekend. in contra costa county. this comes after. nearly 57- hundred customers in discovery bay and byron lost service. on sunday. crews have been trying to restore service. but for the 16th consecutive year.muni is offering free rides on new year's eve. thursday, december 31st.through peaceful 5 a-m - friday january 1st. muni wants to remind people to *not tag their clipper cards during the complimentary service - or they'll be charged..
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in the south bay, v-t-a will also provide free new year's eve service between 8pm and 5am. still's another argument for home security cameras. fifth being spotted trying to break into a union city home. and a large, pregnant elephant seal has a new home tonight. and how local police rallied to help a little girl who lost her mother on christmas day.
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>> catherine : new tonight at 11. a livermore man is behind bars. after being caught on camera trying to break into a union city home. the family was away for christmas - but came home to see that their back door had been tampered with. on surveillance video - they saw a man trying to hop their fence and break in.. police were able to identify the suspect as 45-year-old john winchester. he's been charged with burglary despite the fact he never got inside - because prosecutors believe he 'intended' to steal. still ahead. nasa has a new satellite photo to show us -- and it shows that el nino is still growing. and after tying up traffic and being somewhere she wasn't welcome -- a pregnant elephant seal has a new home tonight.
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>> reporter :and we have the sports coming up >> dave : and we have your forecast coming out ♪
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>> catherine : a pregnant elephant seal that spent most of the last 2 days trying to cross highway 37 in sonoma county. is now back in the ocean. or at least everyone is hoping so. it had been blocking traffic. and seemed to be lost. wildlife workers and vets just couldn't get it to leave the road. it was finally tranquilized this afternoon. and then twenty people using a large tarp loaded it into the back of a truck where it was tagged and examined. elephant seals usually give birth along the coast. so she was moved to another, safer area near the ocean. >>:we were lucky she did not get that and there was no way we could safely leave her here as she was an unpredictable and potentially dangerous >> catherine : the 900 pound female has been taken to chimney rock at point reyes -- a much
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safer place for newborn seal pups. nasa has released a new satellite image - which shows that the strong el nino in the pacific ocean is still growing. on the left. the picture taken yesterday --- and nasa says it's strikingly similar to one from december or 1997. during what was a big el nino event. both satellite images show unusually high sea surfaces.along the equator in the central and eastern pacific. more fall-out from el nino is dave spahr is tell us that the new year is making a chilly entrance. >> dave : if it is great for skiers because there's a lot of snow in the mountains >> catherine : and a little chilly for new year's >> dave : sure to look at these temperatures we have frost and
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another day of that we're going to have thirties' in the north bay and napa about 34 because of that cloud cover which comes down to the north bay perhaps for sound--don by about 8:00 a.m. or so we see clouds have already made their way through the north bay but the east bay and the south bay and most of the peninsula still scared at that point so mostly sunny skies and then around 1:00 we have a few scattered showers possible but not a big deal here we can see near the coast particularly not a lot of moisture but going
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in tonight skies are clear for temperatures for hines in the bay shoreline we can see middle to low 50s but going forward for thursday we see in other batch of showers but we're going to ring in the new year on new year's day of very cold with upper 20s in the inland valley >> catherine : over the course of the year. we do hundreds of stories. and at this time of the year. we pause to remember some of our favorites. here's haaziq madyun with his favorite story. > > haaziq: it is not often you get to where this mask while doing a story that is completely unrelated to star wars. the sign
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reads public notice individuals will not be led on the premise while masked during halloween this woman works here and says the nome asks aloud notice has gone up for the past three years during trick or treat season >>:because we have random customers just popping up out of know where we just decided to warn people to not come in the store with masks on because they could be a threat or something >> reporter :and when they say no masks are allowed to they say nobody and i could not even get in while wearing his mask >>:ticked off the mask first is said to have to do this but it is better to be safe than sorry--it is sad
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>> reporter :she told me that robberies are not that uncommon during a time of halloween so be prepared to take your halloween mask off if you're planning on coming inside and making a purchase darth vader is not allowed in the store today? >>:i will let you slide because you are from kron 4 news >> catherine : a little girl in the bay area woke up on christmas day without a mother. but she's not without support from a local police department. kron four's grant lodes brings us this tragic story. that also has an uplifting twist. >> grant : the positive news is that the fund-raising goal for the woman who has lost her mother has been reached she made $30,000 in less than two days and that money will pay for the mom's funeral and transportation back to funeral --florida where she lived before here is for getting presents the day after christmas the day
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after she found her mother dead in a hotel room her mother died of a pre- existing condition and the officers rallied together to get her gifts to see her face light up she is now in child protective services and it is their policy to not show childrens' faces which will be with them for just a short time and then her grandma will be flying in from florida to get her and take her back there >> catherine : coming up, the city of oakland doesn't meet the nfl's demands. could the raiders time in the bay area be just about over? plus, an nba head coach compares steff curry to some of the greatest tech minds in the world. mark carpenter will explain that and more after the break. ok, we're here.
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>> gran >> mark : electrifying and out of this world is one way to describe steph curry's run in the first half during the warriors game. *or you could just call it a monday. whatever you call it, the champs are 29-1.and are taking their show to the lone star state. this comes after a game in which curry went from scoreless to 17-points in a matter of minutes.on the way to a triple- double against the kings. they're two game road trip features houston thursday and dallas tomorrow. in talking about curry, mavericks head coach rick carlisle doled out some heavy praise. comparing him to titans of industry and calling him a basketball revolutionary.
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>>:it's a little bit like what steve jobs has done to our life and changing the way we went--we lives and the way that he plays is going to change the way the game is played in the future and i mean that we get a guy with this kind of skill is a different kind of challenge >> mark : dallas is riding a three-game winning streak. tomorrow's tip is set for 5-30 pacific time. come up with a detailed plan to finance and build a new nfl stadium in a few weeks, or else you could lose your team. that was the gist of the directive from roger goodell to the cities fighting to keep their franchises from leaving. and oakland does not have a plan to bring to the table. the city of oakland will miss tomorrow's deadline to submit a proposal to keep the raiders. instead mayor libby schaaf wrote a letter asking for more time, but who knows how the league will respond. the raiders, chargers and rams are expected to formally apply
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for re-location on january 4th. then on the 12th and 13th-- owners plan to vote on a move. at a press conference today, schaaf said formal talks with the team haven't even started. approval for a move is needed from 75-percent of the league's owners. and if a deal is reached in the coming weeks, then a new plan for the raiders in oakland is a moot point. >>:we are confident that given more time we can come to conclusion >> mark : wherever the raiders do end up playing next year, the season will start *without fullback marcel he is suspended for violating the nfl's banned substances policy. today, the all-pro issued a response. in a statement submitted to 'pro football talk,' reece proclaimed quote- 'i have never and would never ingest any substance that would result in a failed drug test. i don't believe in any shortcuts. i have worked extremely hard my entire life
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and i would never consider any substance to gain a competitive advantage." reece acknowledged he used a natural plant extract called 'umcka'.that is legal to take, but he didn't know that once ingested, it converts into a banned substance. the fullback is out for the next four regular season games and the pro bowl. finally, the 49ers plans for next year include picking near the top of the draft. and a potential prospect put on a show in what's likely his final college start. jared goff, saving his best for last today, as the cal quarterback delivered a whooping over air force in the armed forces bowl. the projected first-round pick padded his draft stock.with a six-touchdown, 467-yard performance. his 43-touchdowns on the year breaks marcus mariota's pac-12 record set last season. cal cruises 55-36 for its first postseason win in 7 years.
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>> catherine : good night everybody
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captured, the affluenza teen and his mom, caught at a fancy resort. look, he dyed his hair. what we have learned about their three weeks on the run in mexico. >> the just released 911 call. >> my scout master went into a cave and a bear is in the cave with him. >> brave boy scouts' call for help. >> if we don't make it out of this alive, i love you guys. >> the peyton manning investigation, his beautiful wife ashley under the spotlight. >> is human growth hormone annie tie aging wonder drug or a potential danger. >> this doctor says he uses it. can you believe he is 77? >> how these ordinary


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