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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight >> grant: >>. mr cosby is charged with indecent sexual assault >> grant:years of allegations dozens of accusers. now the law is moving against one of the country;s best known entertainers. >>whoosh >> grant:it's only a drill. >> grant:as the government issues new warnings about a new year's eve terror threat. we show you how san
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francisco plans to protect the huge crowds expected for tomorrow night's fireworks show. >>whoosh >> grant:the season's first snowpack measurement. why state officials say the results are still a long way from ending the drought >>whoosh >> grant:and a family finds something fishy about the salmon they bought at a local costco. >>there's a worm right there. >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time at 8. >> catherine:he's known for playing a beloved t-v dad. now comic legend bill cosby is facing felony assault charges. >> catherine:it's one of many accusations he's faced from dozens of women who say he sexually assaulted them. >> catherine:grant lodes is here with details about the charges cosby is facing. >> grant:this is the first time he's been charged. here's cosby arriving at the courthouse near philadelphia.using a kane. >> grant:being guided.his
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vision appearing bad. today.cosby charged with three counts of agrivated second degree felony. >> grant:the case involves andrea constand.a former temple university employee.who accused cosby of drugging, then assaulting her in 2004. >> grant:she visited the man she considered a friend and his home near philadephia. cosby has said the encounter was consensual. the d-a disagrees. >> grant:constand was the first woman to publicly come forward.accusing cosby. since then.some 50 somen have allaged similar sexual assualts over a four decade period. >> grant:the statute of limitations has run out in those cases. >> grant:cosby he did not enter a plea.his bail was set at one million dollars.which he posted.he had to hand over his passport. then he was taken home. >> grant:a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for january 14th. cosby's legal team calls the charges unjustified.and
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>> catherine:san francisco police are investigating an armed city's excelsior district last month. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight at police headquarters with the detailsjeff. >> reporter:it only took seven minutes butthose were terrifying minutes for the staffall of whom were in the back cleaning up at the end of their shiftit was about three in the morning on november 8th on the 5400 block of mission street. >> reporter:he ends up smashing the front enerance of this restaurant and uses the push bar to gain entry. he's crouching behind the wall and he hears an employee by the front register and waits for them to go back and that is when he makes his move. >> reporter: everyone to the ground except one female employeeshe is ordered to get the money out of the back safethen he forces her to the front registershe is seperated from the groupscarednot knowing what will happen nextit is unclear if the robber not.she had no choice and gave him the moneythen, he left under the cover of darkness. >>manfredi keep in mind, he is simulating a weapon. we are not sure if he actually had one but in situations like this always assume the worst case scenario always assume they have a gun and it is
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loaded. it's not worth it. it's only property. money can be replaced. >> >> reporter:the good news is that nobody got hurtif you recognize the cloths or this man's bagthe police would like you to give them a call. >> reporter:i'm jeff bush, live at police headquarters in san francisco, kron four news. >> reporter:new year's eve celebrations are just a little more than 24 hours away. >> catherine:police in many cities are taking extra precautions because of concern over terrorism. >> catherine:in belgium.all new year's festivities in brussels have been called off because of terror concerns. >> catherine:and today we learned that president obama has been briefed about the threat of possible attacks in new york city.los angeles and washington. >> catherine:the threat -- targeting the time between christmas and new years day.
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>> catherine:as we count down to new years eve. a lot of people are planning to celebrate on san francisco's embarcadero. >> catherine:but given those new threats about mass events like new years on the waterfront. kron 4's vicki liviakis shows us what's being done to keep the public safe. >> vicki:the fireworks light up the night sky - and down below -hundreds of thousands of people. >> vicki:in light of recent terror attacks in paris and san bernadino - police in san francisco are taking no chances. >> vicki:both federal and local authorities are tightening security in times square and the rose parade. and while there are no credible threats made to san first responders took part in this terror drill.a mock exercise where else but on - the embarcadero. again, this is only a drill. >> catherine:in san francisco, vicki >>
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>> vicki: again, and this was only a drill. police will not reveal their tactics. they are taking extra precautions. >> we will have undercover officers and more. this will be a safety that. and of course the best eyes and ears are the public derrick had a stake in new year's eve and report suspicious activity. >> vicki: in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4news >> catherine: there are plenty of options for getting around on new year's eve. bart is extending service
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until 3 a-m new year's day. >> catherine: caltrain is offering free rides starting at 8 p-m tomorrow.and will run four trains after midnight. and you can ride muni free from 8 p-m tomorrow night to 5 a-m friday. >> catherine: muni wants to remind people not" to tag their clipper cards during the complimentary service - or they'll be charged.. >> catherine: if you're staying home tomorrow night. ring in the new year with me, gary radnich, gabe slate, and mark carpenter.' >> catherine: we'll be hosting "new year's live" - starting at 11:30. celebration in the bay area. >> catherine: you'll be able to see the big fireworks show from the comfort of your home on air or online. >>as for weather.think cold and clear. the latest on the forecast. >> reporter:skies will clear tonight. it will be a sunny day for thursday after patchy ground fog in the valleys. >> reporter:friday and saturday will be mainly sunny and mild. the next chance for rain is sunday. >> reporter: the inland valleys we have to purchase close to freezing. santa rosa and sap francisco for
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the fireworks, should not be to that with low '40's and clear skies. right now, we are warmer than that. dropping down to the thirty for the inland valleys, it will be a cool night with a wet weather. producing a few hundred for most spots. i will talk more about the forecast coming up. catherine? >> catherine:this has been a tough year for holiday travel. thousands of people have storms forced flight cancellations and delays across the country. >> catherine:and if the weather continues to play out as predicted - the problems could get even worse. >> catherine:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight at s-f-o to explain how el nino could be a big factor in the weeks and month ahead. >> catherine: chose?-- charles
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>> reporter:already this holiday season, thousands of flights across the county have been bad weather. tuesday evening, janet bankosky had a ticket to fly from sfo to pittsburg >> reporter:my son dropped us off and after a two hour drive from modesto we found out the flight was cancelled and he had already left so we were stranded. >> reporter:thanks to el nino, these recent travel woes could just be the beginning. the national weather service is predicting that from january through march large swaths of the country, especially in the south, could see above average amounts of moisture. that means storms, flight delays and cancellations which in turn creates long lines at the airports. >> reporter:luckily, janet was able to find a flight home wednesday evening,
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>>we have a flight at ten thirty so we will get home to pittsburg about 630 in the morning. have to be >> reporter: things are running pretty smoothly. >> catherine: dan que,-- thank you, charles. >> reporter: >> catherine:a dublin police officer is in the hospital with major injuries... after a c-h-p chase of a stolen car that began on 580. >> catherine:the chases of a stolen hyundai began this morning between pleasanton and livermore. >> catherine:then - in a residential neighborhood of dublin -- a man and woman got out of the car. two others stayed in the car - which later hit a motorcyle officer. >> catherine:he has a leg fracture and will need
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surgery. all four suspects are in custody. >> catherine: the city of oakland has >> catherine: reached its deadline. >> catherine: today mayor libby schaaf was supposed to provide the nfl with a new stadium proposal, >> catherine: but as kron 4's scott rates show us -- instead, the city is now just hoping that the nfl will give them more time to work on a deal to keep the raiders in oakland >> reporter:head coach jack del rio out there chatting with the players while the coaches concentrate on football, you know in the back of their minds is where the team will be playing next year. in the letter it things like encumbrance on the exciting coliseum facility." also saying "we have the foundation for a partnership that gives the raiders and their passionate fans the new facility they deserve, while being responsible to >> reporter:the letter said
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nothing about offers of public money for the team the nfl owners are meeting jan 12, and 13 in houston and they could decide there what teams could end up in la the city is hoping by asking for more time they can continue to make a case to keep the raiders in oakland. >> catherine:the pregnant elephant seal that kept trying to cross highway 37 - has been settling down at her new home near point reyes. >> catherine:she was moved last night after being tranquilized.and is said to be recovering well. named "tolay" - for a creek not far from where she was found - she's now part of an elephant seal breeding colony in point reyes. >> catherine:tolay had
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simply refused to get off the road after first being spotted monday. it's believed she might have been moving inland to have her baby -- but police say it was >> catherine:a dangerous spot.not only for her, but for drivers. >> catherine:ahead at eight. >> catherine:commuters might notice a difference on golden gate bridge. what's changing in the new year. also - a woman has been arrested in the drowning of her grandson. the shocking comments she made to police. >> catherine:and next. >> catherine:plenty of snow in the sierra is helping california's water supply. but we're not out of the drought yet.
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>> catherine:some encouraging drought news today from the sierra. >> catherine:grant lodes is here with the results of the season's first snow pack survey. >> grant:the snowpack is vital to our water supply. as it melts, it fills up the state's reservoirs. and last year's snowpack was virtually nonexistent. >> grant:last april, when sierra snow is usually at its peak, there was nothing to measure, govenor brown used it as a photo=op to announce his emergency drought restrictions. >> grant:this year a very different scene as the head of of the state snow survey, strapped on skis to reach the spot that was bare ground last spring.
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the verdict? >>"encouraging but still obviously not where we want to be." >> grant:the snow at echo summit near highway 50 is more than five feet deep. its water content is 136 percent of the longterm average. >> grant:one year ago, measurements at the same spot found just 21 inches of snow. with only about 33 percent of the longterm average water content. >> grant:but the real test is not how much snow there is now. but how much is left by april. and this year there is room for optimism. >>"if we believe the forecasts, then el niño is supposed to kick in as we move through the rest of the winter. >> grant:elnino winters are usually wet ones. but not always. >>el niño is not a slam dunk. el niño doesn;t giarantee you anything. >> catherine: they are going to say that for a long time.
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by time everything is really so. --soaked >> catherine:it sounds like we'll be able to see the fireworks tomorrow night. >> catherine:brian van aken has been talking about a cold, clear evening. >> reporter:skies will clear tonight. it thursday after patchy ground fog in the valleys. >> reporter:friday and saturday will be mainly sunny and mild. sunday. >> reporter: here is a view of san francisco. still cloudy creek cool and damp day. things are starting to clear up. still cloudy on the bay. for new year's eve and for new year's day. things should be cleared with sunshine and mild afternoon. all morning. stars that were below freezing.
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>> reporter: and will begin to see the wet weather returns for sunday. with the possible evening so, we have this area of low clouds and a drizzle of showers. behind it, clear skies coming up. with the next system been pledged " to the north. and we are going to be dried. here is the future cast at a camp. here are the clouds that are being pushed up to the sky. in the south. >> reporter: with freezing temperatures at most of the north and east bay valleys.
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>> reporter: not a bad start to 2016. >> catherine: it's one of the biggest parades of the year.and you can catch it right here on kron 4. >> catherine: it's the 127th annual rose parade in pasadena. it includes flower-covered floats, marching bands.and a lot of fun! >> catherine: coverage begins new years day at 10 a-m, and it features the saratoga high school marching band and color guard. >> catherine: again that's this friday, >> catherine: drivers on the golden gate bridge will notice a few changes in 20- 16. >> catherine: traffic lanes will be re-configured on certain weekdays starting january 4th. the new plan will affect traffic monday through wednesday. >> catherine: that's when three northbound and three southbound lanes will be open.
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>> catherine: the current plan ---with four northbound lanes --- will remain in place on thursdays and fridays during . >> catherine:the evening commute. >> catherine: a woman admits to drowning her 4-year-old grandson in the bathtub at her fairfield home. it happened while 51-year- old dawn raines-hewes was watching her three >> catherine: grandchildren tuesday. police arrived shortly before 11 tuesday morning after receiving several 9-1-1 calls. the boy was found unresponsive in the tub and pronounced dead a short time later. >> catherine: but the arrest of the grandmother took place hours later in the evening after intensive
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care questioning. >> pam: a california family says some fish they bought at costco included a swat surprise. --squirmy >> reporter: we will be right
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>> catherine:new tonight at 8 >> catherine:virtual reality, wear=ables, new phones, tablets and gadgets. 2015 has been a huge year in the consumer technology sector. >> catherine:our tech reporter gabe slate shows us the new devices he was most impressed with. >>nats apple event >> gabe:in 2015 apple unveiled their first wearable. >> gabe:the apple watch. a lot of apple fans had been waiting years for this. >> gabe:i wouldn't say it flopped they sold a lot of units but it didn't quite have that luster that most new apple gadgets recieve it didn't have that "i must have it" type feeling.
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apple also released a "pink looking iphone 6s" a lot of analysts said "no one wants a pink phone" but it wasn't pink. it was rose gold. and a lot of people wanted one. it was sold out for over a month after the release. >> gabe:and apple finally updated the apple tv it's been a streaming box favorite for many users but the remote control was just terrible the new apple tv has a whole remote control with siri voice search built in. much easier to use. >> gabe:one last apple product stood out this year. they released their giant ipad pro. this really stood out to me holding the device it makes quite an impression it's huge ! yet surprisingly lightweight. >> gabe:great for watching videos or playing games. it's like the ultimate ipad. >>nats - google chromecast >> gabe:google introduced a new type of gagdget the chromecast audio. it plugs into any speaker or receiver in your house that has a regular headphone jack or auxillery input, and then let's you stream music from your phone to that speaker wirelessly. >> gabe:it's a like a bridge from your phone to speakers a quick way to listen to music. no wires, no fuss, no muss. and it's cheap. costs just $35. >>nats - oculus rift
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>> gabe:in 2015 we finally got a look at the most hyped about virtual reality headset the ocuus rift. it's coming out in early 2016 and it's amazing. i tried it and it was mind blowing. it's like being inside a movie or video game. completely immersive. >>nats - vr me >> gabe:it is going to change the way we watch tv shows, movies, and play video games in our home forever. nats - hollo lens >> catherine: will be right back in! painewebber
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look at that you two are both going to tell the story. (laughter) >> reporter: this happened on monday but an explosion. from the weather predictions to interpret this explosion, since an object particles and that's true in towards earth a million miles. >>audio techicalities room
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>>audio difficulties
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:a cabin.floating down a river. and it's not the only home that's been swept off its torments parts of the mid- west. >> catherine:and things are expected to get worse.
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>> catherine:grant is back.with the dramatic video. >> grant: is nearly 20 ft. above--lead in-- >> grant: >> catherine:public health officials are investigating a costco store in california. after parasites in seafood. >> catherine:a family in
8:33 pm
manteca says there were worms big enough to be seen with naked eye. >> catherine:linda mumma reports. natsot: "ewww, i don't even want to touch this." >> catherine: >> reporter:when stefanie rock and her family purchased fish from costco in manteca. they didn't expect to find this. >>natsot: "there's a worm right there at the end." >> reporter:live parasites crawling out of the package of cod and salmon.they bought from the store just two days ago. >>: "how many did you see?" >>: "at least two in the filet of fish and now we have more." >> reporter:the family was so disturbed. they grabbed a cell phone and recorded video of the parasites. >>: "it seems like shock to conscious for costco selling this knowing they have these parasitical worms inside of their food." >> reporter:and sent it. along with a letter to the san joaquin county department of public health. >>: "there's no sign that says parasites. the only thing they do say, if you do some research, is to cook it thoroughly, well i don't want to cook a parasitical worm thoroughly for my dinner." >> reporter:we reached out
8:34 pm
to costco, but did not hear back. >> reporter:while county health officials insist parasites are not uncommon to find in fish. >>: "from a quality control perspective, no it should not be visible." >> reporter:spokesperson lisa medina says contamination can occur. >> reporter:so while officials inspect the store. >>: "from what we understand, costco does not do any of the main processing for the fish and that they mainly repackaged the fish. ---------------------------- >> grant:before we ring in the new year. >> grant:we are taking a look back at 20-15. this year we asked our staff to share their favorite stories of the year. >> grant:kron-4's justine
8:35 pm
waldman tells us a baby's special delivery is her favorite kron-4 story of 20- 15. baby boy frank edward mendez junior could not wait another minute to enter the world. >> reporter:even if it had to be in the most unusual way. >>sot i don't think it was in anyone's plan except for his, the baby >> reporter:3:45 on monday morning south san francisco fire fighter paramedic jesse lange went on a normal call on his rig. >> reporter:a mother in labor >> reporter:they loaded her in the ambulance headed to the hospital down 101 south by sfo. >>whenright there at 4:02am >>sot baby is coming >> reporter:coming he was. in the back of the ambulance and quick. >> reporter:jesse.was right there to deliver the bundle of joy. >>sot mom did all the work we were just there to welcome him but then a serious problem.
8:36 pm
>> reporter:the umbilical cord was wrapped around baby frank's neck. >> reporter: >>jesse's training kicked in and simply slipped it off.saving the baby's life. >>natsot we just got him all warmed up and he went over to mom >>the whole department chipped presents. >> reporter:like this tiny- tshirt. >>natsot it says ssf fire baby >> reporter:jesse tells me he was just doing his job. though it was extra special day being there for baby frank. >> reporter:all 7 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches of him. >>sot the delivery in this case went quicker than normal but everything went really well return to index ---------------------------- skies will clear tonight. it >> catherine: that was a great story!
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>> reporter: will be a sunny day for thursday after patchy ground fog in the valleys. >> reporter:friday and saturday will be mainly sunny and mild. >> reporter: as was all like playing from a weak system that was just in and out pretty quickly. beginning to clear for tonight, with clear skies and temperatures critical by morning. close to below freezing in the valleys. tomorrow, we will see lots of sunshine brought the day. --throughout the day. >> reporter: generally, codes temperatures. these of lake tahoe temperatures; then to upper 20s. single digits for the team spirit and next week, a potential
8:38 pm
for a lot of snow. we have clear skies in chance for a pepsi f o g in the belly to start things up. no. bay and east bay valley. sunshine for the rest of it. starting off 2016, where first it will be called. with the coldest readings in the valley in the mid-20s. -- it will start off cold >> reporter: the system will be weak, if either be sunday or monday morning. then there is a break for monday, potentially too strong systems of life here by mid week per the first
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one writhing with the st loans and possible brain. -- with gust y wind and possible rain. >> catherine: enjoy champagne, it is now have to be paying for the next day. we will be back!
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>> catherine: ethane, a tiny used to fast that he was badly soiled and never have boundaries. after a drunken- driving accident killing people, >> catherine: and that it today on terrorist charges, accused with an aspiring to delete a tax would never happen. he was also accused of . they were killed in a shootout with police. >> catherine: the trump filter launched on christmas
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eve is called an antidote to what they describe a toxic trump candidacy. they say that they want to take the spotlight off of doubt no- trump and let people concentrate on theissues. >> reporter: there is a reason that curry is the reigning m v p he does scored 17 in minutes. but when he is not planning to seek a game like tonight. let's go to dallas with the game leading scorer, from a bruised left leg injury. >> reporter: the other all stars had to step up. when the camp b.p. is a way that
8:48 pm
means the mavericks' began to play. --mvp >> reporter: mavericks were up 18 and it did not get better. six mavericks scored, warriors shot 40 percent from the field and this because some to the best. >> reporter: and did not count but the loss dastard golden state drops to 29 and two. -- but the loss does >> to that way, we will find a groove is we have to continue with these two people being out for it. >> reporter: the interest
8:49 pm
act up and very special and important piece with may make its way back soon merritt first time he has bet on a multiple game swing. that is the possibility that he will return to the bench. that would be against denver--who has backed off from back surgery. + + >> reporter: lee cannot be interested and sending this discussion into overtime. mayor shelf requested more time to organize and submit plans to keith richards and oakland. the mayor says the city has not started formal
8:50 pm
negotiations. and the actual orders will give you some with perfect perspective. they say they do not talk about it amongst themselves. >> we are so focused on the game plan. and what coverage is apparent that we kind of get swept away from all of this. we do not talk about it together. we will have to see how it goes. >> reporter: as for the forty-niners, so far this season has been over for a while the players entering this sunday's game against as it is important for other reasons. >> you want to hang your hat on something positive. and, we are just focused on putting this game into the
8:51 pm
work in caring over for the next. >> reporter: san francisco had the upper hand, a delay may move today adding a lefty. scott has mayor has agreed to join the team. he ended last year up from a 3.1. >> reporter: it is clear that curry, but skills have taken over the next generation. nicosia this online sensation, or the ability to move the best club. with her own driveway drills of her own. they start in making further i coronation. >> catherine: she is cute occurred will have to keep an eye on hundred
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--on her
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>> catherine: 60 percent of pet owners sleep with a pet. >> reporter: for many people, this is the dog that and your bit to. --bed too >> reporter: there can be challenged this. --so, there can be challenges.
8:56 pm
>> reporter: ipad can make it worse if you have problems with a sleeping. because of their cycle of sleeping is different from our sprint >> they have to move around. if you have a pet in the back from you need to get them out of the bedroom and that will help you get to sleep. >> i like to spread out and stretch out and that's certainly hard to do when he is beside you. >> reporter: pat, can keep can put to to ease and putsch and help you with a sleep. >> reporter: in and out of the bad less sleeping dogs lie. >> reporter: i used to have a cat but we were not on the same sleep cycle. i will
8:57 pm
fall is the thing he will want to wake me up. start jumping all over the place and commotion. >> grant: we have a dog, doughnuts as everyone knows. he used to stay in the bedroom, not on the bed. but ever since we had a kid he wants to be far away. no noise. he is complicated. >> catherine: pads are all welcome in the bed. --pets
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