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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 1, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: tap the new year everyone 2016 os 7 hours and to the new year if you were lucky enough to beat up last night san francisco this is what you saw if you did not see it you're saying it now fireworks when in the new year 2015 last year thank you for joining us everyone happy new year.
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. >>anny hong: everyone fell on the cold temperatures in fact you can see we're looking at mid-20s the santa rosa 26 degrees and for antioch a little more 29 and pleasanton 36 and oakland 35 and san jose to our freeze warning remains in effect until 9:00 this morning for the entire bay area highlighted in pink the coldest temperatures will fall to the mid-20s rusting bad around the santa rosa area of temperatures slow to warm up because we're so cold out there but it o'clock will be in the freeze morning of fog was
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concerning this audit we did see some fall out there yesterday that is not happening visibility looks great in the north bank like traffic nothing to slow down the ride this morning to in a live look at the bay bridge this morning the extra careful
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and to call the police in case you do see the driver who may be driving erratically. >>will tran: is gone overpassed seven hours because 26 team new rates >>reporter: the prices here in walnut creek across the system are going up 3.4% is how much more you will pay if you're going to ride on bart the minimum fair was a $85 now will
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rise to a $95 these extra moneys of increased safety precautions across the system the mes sabina new train cars and killed it off pretty the train control system this is wants to generate $15 million a year and the rest of going to be going up and and even numbers through 2020 if the trains of thought living here once the writers are here our bill to talk to them santa clara firefighter is accused of animal cruelty of the police to give a minute to killing and popping never say did use when on for months to less often side as
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well as the christmas lights that line the roof never said the have not seen them since police shot but his door yesterday morning on tuesday a different neighbor called police saying they saw him of using the dog in the backyard the witness to the abuse told police the dog had died when officers came with a search warrant the next morning they found a dead german shepherd investigators believe the five months old puppy had been slammed. >>reporter: into the ground numerous times he confessed to killing the dog is not charged with felony cruelty to animals the tour of europe has a dollar from its come to grips with what happened should never learned
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the name of the new puppet next door that is the santa clara fire department conducted on investigation into what happened the search continues for the seven of the police are calling this year robert they said the fis has robbed a multiple of the in-store and the bay area the most recent one yesterday morning in san leandro. >>scott rates: the surveillance pictures are frightening police in san leandro sending out a warning about a masked man armed with the semiautomatic handgun who's been heading up
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several convenience stores all over the bay area but that is not all gun in hand and repeat raw or always wears a black sweatshirt with the hood up a bandanna and jeans he's also got the same and go on every robbery now lt. robert mcmanus with the san leandro police department wants anyone who might use a convenience store
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especially at night to be very aware of what is going on. >>reporter: half a day after a huge fire raged through a luxury hotel you could still see smoke coming from the address will tell flames started spreading last night on new year's eve the catch a large explosions at the toll burned the hotel was crowned with people awaiting the fireworks show >>grant lodes: is just across a small artificial leg from world's tallest skyscraper the
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flames began on the 20 of floor and raced up the side of the building their conflicting reports on injuries the dubai office said 14 people were lightly injured and one suffered a heart attack for due to the smoke and overcrowding during evacuation the statement said
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another person was moderately injured without giving details nickel unidentified medical on scene to say more than 60 people have like individual smoke inhalation in a crowded in the stairwells and the left the building that added 6000 police officers during the festivities that all sold are arrested and charged a 25 year-old man is named emanuel lunch and he's been charged with attempted to provide materials to support prices. >>will tran: received directions from isis' member to attack partyers as an invitation to the terror group to carry the to 20 years in prison and a $250,000. 000
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>>reporter: glorious says he was unjustly accused it will be exaggerated he is free on will million dollars bail after being charged with felony aggravated indecent assault he said that encounter was consentual meanwhile a woman who claimed she to sexual assault to spoke with us. she fills relief and vindication that he is now facing a sex also charged >>: i did not believe that anyone would believe my account of what happened given what his public persona was. >>reporter: she used to be afraid to talk about what happened to her allegedly at the hands of bill cosby in 1978 the to you're aspiring singer says the cosby show interest in entering her and invited her to his home where he offered her a drink and only about three steps into the drive i notice that i began to lose my balance and my
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speech was slurred i remember anything until the next morning when he was trying to wake me up and i was naked and i was sicker than i have ever been in my life she said she left in barris to get the to remain friends they got together again alone at a hotel in 1980 when he allegedly handed her pills she never told the police now sing his mug shot she filled the truth will come out if it would help bring justice she would testify at a trial because she had nothing to be afraid of now no. she session in it other sexual assault victims.
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>>reporter: they face 10 years in prison if convicted now that 2015 is in the books we look back at some of the stories that made national headlines of the past year we will hear from having to tell us what we can expect today tomorrow and the days ahead because of the changing weather pattern.
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>>will tran: welcome back let's hear the have discovered temperatures are below zero and will see mostly sunny conditions for today >>anny hong: a slight chance for some software heading back from tahoe the earlier of the leave the battered you when i caught up in the snow here is a check in the san mateo bridge where you can see we have sunny skies and no delays for bay area airport in case you have loved ones arriving this morning the
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factor is playing into the weather this morning in fact here is what it feels like definitely a very cold start this morning temperatures even colder and santa rosa 26 at this hour to see a and novato mid-20s and ample for the drop the getting the brunt of the chill 29 and pleasanton partisan antioch the the 135 in san jose
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in the site will have partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow check out in the corner we do have some green and some land that is attracting closer to the bay area we have a slight chance for shower on saturday but most of us will be dry and should be dry sunday check not the next couple of days crowds arrive on saturday. >>reporter: crowd filling another mass shooting from a
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military center in chattanooga to college campus and roseburg oregon than a mass shooting of the whole sentence san bernardino the authority said may have been inspired by ices president obama called it an act of terrorism to journalists who killed when a gunman opened fire during the live report and charleston a shooting at a black church to reignite a long simmering national debate over the confederate flag they voted to remove the flag from the state capital for the first time in 54 years resulted as were not confined to charleston with black lives matter is happening in cities across the country protesters out raised by the police killing the unarmed black man like freddie gray and mark clark and walter scott this sought to restore the decision from the supreme court of the united states and the 63 split the core save the affordable care act and divided the court said the same-sex couples can marry nationwide.
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>>reporter: many cheered the 54 ruling some sharply disagreed in a small kentucky town clerk of the court sat behind barred from running office promising marriage licenses she made headlines again when she publicly announced she had a private meeting with pope francis and his visit to the united states the holy father made stops in philadelphia new york and washington d.c. banking history as the first pope to address congress and the report from congress accuse japanese car parts manufactured to caught up putting profits ahead of safety that disputed the report's conclusions saying it had a number of inaccuracies but the company's faulty air bags resulted in huge recall affecting 34 million cards new england rock the sports world in january when the pitchers will choose and use it on the inflated balls to one of playoff game.
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>>reporter: former patriot air hernandez also a map of our mature person myself in a war theater shooter james holmes will convicted in highly publicized trials the prison escape lead to a week-long manhunt that ended with the one inmate dead and another back behind bars the health advisor regarding dundas and rock crabs is being lifted along the coast of santa barbara and san the was the best of accounting this cell levels of dangerous toxins have declined to low or undetectable levels and perhaps from these areas they said there safeguarded by as consumers to eat avoid eating the internal organs or guts of the crap of the northern areas like the coastal waters along the the area remained an advisory is
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about a third building and normal cargo ship this said this will benefit the cities and the west coast getting more jobs and hoping to bay area economy.
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>>: was a relief fast-paced year and slowing down doing a little bit more so for reflection and being grateful every day of the year they apologizing for
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comparing disney to white slaves he misspoke when he said a given movie rights to disney was like selling his kids to write sledders in a statement he says he wants to clarify and they're taking great care of the franchise that he started and that he sold three years ago for billions of dollars the force awakens have breaking box office records in the u.s. and across the globe.
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>>reporter: the morning show was instructed by the tremor a preliminary report from the u.s. geological survey says the 4.2 magnitude quake was centered near adman there no reports of injuries or damage oklahoma has experienced and they blame the use to find natural gas to the increase quick activity here is a live look summering have lens
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into san francisco sunrise glorious friday morning new year's 2016.
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>>reporter: disagree westerner called the 8 ft. 8 we have the details on this week's now showing.
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>>reporter: they tell the story of post civil war about to hunters and the hateful 8, it's a refuge the hateful 8 is rated r for not showing it is official into election-year after the break will take a look at what of voters are most concerned about this year
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>>reporter: somewhat surprisingly only 4 percent of democratic voters say gun issues are most important to them you see that the senate republican voters are most concerned about terrorism and national security
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after the tear to attack in paris and san bernardino california the campaign quickly pivoted issues surrounding home less security is an unwelcome reminder of every candidate in campaign have to be ready for whatever comes next. >>will tran: it was close throughout the game closely you
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will plan and gave no word if you return to the warriors during pretty good.
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>>will tran: he's spelling out his agenda for his remaining time as president of united states
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>>reporter: it will be a package in executive action on gun- control and allow some firearms also avoid conducting background checks on customers the beginning of this year the white house are the president's actions will be within his executive authority and in line with poll does show support for tightening background checks rabaul to fight the move and this is biggest gun lobby of the nra said the president the door we always does what he does like his wife the president hopes to
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travel to cuba for have more than a dozen other countries was chipping golf to be a global farewell to or the president's agenda could be up and by setbacks and the war on prices of foreign policy crisis that could complicate.
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>>anny hong: petaluma still mid- 20s danville 25 lafayette good morning to you 29 san ramon and the opportunities menlo park 28 degrees we do have a freeze warnings in effect for the entire bay area you need all the layers for today tonight will have increasing clouds
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overnight and to the early morning hours tonight saturday at 9:00 a.m. the crowded conditions partly to mostly cloudy skies starting off saturday by 3:00 p.m. clouds the can and cannot but we have some showers will more of the client also at the coastal showers will bring as a slight chance of rain in the type most of next week is going to be unsettled more significant rain arriving for tuesday and wednesday of next week we notice temperatures overnight low will be back into the 40's by monday and tuesday and one the high will be closer to 60 by monday. >>will tran: many people bareass
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including me and vicki the chiapas--vicki liviakis >>vicki liviakis: it has to be tiny know and his mom lensing them out into a hospital room he was fighting for his life this story of the strength of his mother's love and his fight he came over to us with such a fight at i can pick we've had lots of ups and some bounds this
7:49 am
been along six months and the hospital it was a bad day about an hour ago and it turned into good-. he was not expected to
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survive as long as will not fully formed his own their hypertension but thanks to his good care the children's hospital and the love of his mom he has a fighting chance now if you plan to attend college in 2016 the first in the to do after the midnight cast is filled out your trash to form this because today is the first day you consummate the nationwide college finance reform and the sooner you do better if and miss out on scholarships or grant money if you wait tutors must supplement the thought such to get any financial aid award that includes federal and state grants as well as scholarships from the state and school of all of which you would not have to pay back the also help determine how much of the bar from the government which is key because they're likely to come with lower interest rates. >>reporter: you have to be at least was 1 years old to buy tobacco in hawaii and the law
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goes into effect raising the smoking age there some citizen, as in the u.s. have similar smoking loss no other states does expected to the new signs and employees will be checking customers id the goal is to cut smoking among youth and one on a to one who tries to buy tobacco will get to know fine for the first offense the penalty for the store will be $500 of the final goal of the violation is repeated. >>will tran: another hubble border fire and lost angeles
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starting today in the california bill be considered legal as long as 16 years or older you must wear helmets and you have to stay off the sidewalk the columbus zoo gave a holiday of the day it is just eight weeks old she was born on november 6th her mother stopped caring for her fall in the week the zoo staff decided to remove or from the den and hand rear her the zoo said they completed house is progressing the still taking things day-by-day she weighs a little over 6 lbs. and measured 17 and half inches long. >>will tran: coming up the mess in the new year's resolution will to you bought a new application that can help you do just that. >>will tran: here is a live look outside and beautiful glorious
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to renew the day of the brand new year 2016 happy new year everyone.
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>>will tran: it underlies the word and alerts you is in red so you will know their promoter i
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know asinine as being compatible with iphone instead of that will make the fall faster and more responsive than seeking more than $5 million in damage coming up in the next hour their ticket prices going up and with the new year in what authorities say you should be aware of your at a convenience store.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: happy new year everyone and we wish we had a chance to said at the stroke of midnight but in case you're just like us here is what you best it was clear we've been out there before seeing reports were in his pocket timber is a definite call out their mid-20s for the law to bay locations: and a lot of locations compared to yesterday at this time it is also very cold start is one to be a sunny beautiful day by the
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afternoon here is a look at our wonderful shops. >>anny hong: sfo 34 head the the airport and 34 degrees definitely chilly out there starting off the 2016 temperatures for elsewhere mid- 20s for santa rosa and apple 29 and pleasanton 33 and the more in the south to everyone is feeling that chill pick penn
8:02 am
temperatures topping out in the couple 40 to low 50s by 3:00 today will we come back will be tried in the chance for some land that could impact the wicked will talk more about that coming up later.. pretty much all across the bay and has been one fatal accident reported early this morning of the man of the bank do the extra careful as you're kicking off the new year 2015.
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>>will tran: new year's new rates have just called up at midnight eight hours into it. >>reporter: here at the walnut creek bart station before the start to show of trained start running at an o'clock this morning will see some of these ticket machines at the walnut creek station is going up 3.4% this year the man among fair was a $85 just yesterday but now you'll pay a minimum of a $95 vs still in the money to keep the system running safely all the money will go toward buying trend cars and updating the
8:04 am
train control system the fare hike is supposed to generate $15 million to do just that we haven't talked to some writers they're not happy that the prices for the trains have gone up will be a drop the month to talk more about that here in the studio. >>will tran: keep in mind the farther you go the more you will pay it is all moving scale the bottom line were all paying more to hop on to barked. >>will tran: looking for person that called a series roberts san the other investigators said there of the multiple convenience stores in the bay area the last one happened yesterday morning in san leandro they believe the next time we hit it could become violent. >>scott rates: police and sam
8:05 am
and the senate 01 about a mass command are with the semiautomatic handgun floor and heading up several convenience stores all over the bay area the repeat roar always wears a black sweatshirt he has the same info on every robbery if any police officer died and by to look in
8:06 am
they're not going to see them outside of that store he is with the salmon and the police department wants anyone who might use a convenience store especially at night to to be very aware of what is going on. >>reporter: it still some smoke coming from the luxury hotel in started spreading on new year's eve witnesses captured large explosions and the tower barn report the hotel was carter with people waited to see the fireworks.
8:07 am
>>reporter: the flames began on the 24 and raced up the side of the building that a conflict in reports on injuries the dubai
8:08 am
office says 14 people were slightly injured and one suffered a heart attack due to the smoke and overcrowding during evacuation they said more than 60 people had led injury due to smoke inhalation and crowded in the stairwells.
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>>reporter: of five people were warned that the attack comes amid of mortar and three months almost dead a palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers the miller reported that one person died in a mystery was scarcely heard at the shooting we have cold temperatures in the north of 26 degrees and santa rosa opportunity for novato and pleasanton in the east bay more details on a change in the weather pattern and coming up on the morning news continues after the break.
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>>will tran: i've called made this an excellent place them on
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the other in their winter jackets we need that this one would have clear skies out there to the jews are so cold and another 26 degrees and not all upper 20s and novato met third is an oakland and form and a doctorate from the board pleasanton still in the upper 20s even the south bay peninsula they are feeling the chill this morning when you see the
8:16 am
temperatures you may feel a little bit colder half moon bay singer is a condition of continue the next couple of days will have some clout increasingly as to the overnight hours and then tomorrow morning dry and sunny today but cool saturday crowds arrive on sunday look for some but ran into a neat some post politics cleanups.
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>>will tran: i love looking back on 2015 from national disasters scandals to terror attacks to diplomacy >>andrew spencer: it devastated areas and allow kathmandu killing more than a thousand people they rocked paris in the world on friday november 13th included a concert venue and a soccer stadium 2 gunman forced
8:18 am
their way into the offices of the french satirical magazine a politician was often lampooned the prophet mohammed many of them long before serious flaw in the war in that country in the bylaws of pan the crisis the co-
8:19 am
pilot intentionally crashed plane the head of mexico's biggest drug cartel to topple broke out of prison in july and-- el chapo. >>andrew spencer: the governing body and face an international investigation the fbi charged multiple officials with racketeering to wire fraud.
8:20 am
>>reporter: the lauria says he was unjustly accused it will bid on credit he is free on $1 million bail at the bank charged with felony and was aided indecent assault the encounter was consensual the will now fill to lead an indication that cause is now facing a sexual charge
8:21 am
she left in bearer's yet the two remained friends got together again alone at a hotel in 1980 where he allegedly handed her pills i hope that many people
8:22 am
consider coming forward this morning the wife of comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. >>reporter: she canceled the deposition or this is how long the resolution last you just heard a little snippet for hill
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more from people on what they hope to accomplish. find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head.
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>>: well i got engaged and i also moved en to san jose with my fiancee i got a new job we had a great vacation we want to get away from the drought and we found some beautiful areas i wrote my own plan last year's new year's party was amazing it was a really good year lots of
8:27 am
good friends there and able to get a job provide for myself is a big accomplishment when i was at union square for the tree lighting and the singing was nice and there was some famous star. >>: and some snow flurries. >>will tran: is the election year after break we will look at what most voters are most concerned about.
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>>anny hong: in his battle to walked sometimes because in this cold out there and and we're looking at temperatures the wind chill factor is playing into the forecast this morning it is abetted these numbers oakland wind chill at 30 that is what it
8:31 am
feels like yes definitely cold temperatures renown opportunities for about 26 and santa rosa and not all 36 in oakland 33 and the more 34 antioch pleasanton still called a 29 even the peninsula down to the south bay looking at mid 30's at this hour temperatures in the 40's minutes and low fifties for the coast the call to look into some reason spots by 3:00 sunny conditions prevail it will be accorded we are seen some changes come this way in the form of some land headed to the bay area more details on that coming up later. >>anny hong: here was the golden
8:32 am
gate bridge sunny skies and a very light traffic we have no hot spots all this morning here is a live look at the san mateo bridge enjoy the like a mute because come monday it is back to work and school for everyone a live look at the bay bridge very light traffic conditions a great one to go do your parents because things are required. >>will tran: she was in court for the first time yesterday they said she confessed to the crime but as we explain she still has not entered a plea she walked into a fairfield or room
8:33 am
thursday warrant a dark green hat and best a second of all should after she was booked into the salon to county jail and placed on suicide watch they arrested her tuesday accused of murdering her four your grandson richard investigators said she confessed to drowning him in the bathtub. >>reporter: she did not enter a plea both punishable by a life sentence and never will try to help as we kickoff 26 team one
8:34 am
of the biggest stories will be falling all along to the presidential election what do voters really care about. >>reporter: to get to the white house and to understand what they want to the canada is the next five weeks all about those on the issue that matter most when you look at the polls what they care about often varies
8:35 am
greatly the panel which party they support than 4 percent of democrats care most about the come when it comes to picking the next canada in his jaws and the economy to arrive the vote and immigration reform a top 11 percent of voters plan to pick the nominee since after the tears attacks in paris and san bernardino california to campaign quickly pivoted to issues surrounding home as security is an unwelcome reminder that every canada in a campaign has to be ready for whenever comes next 45 hours and people said they do not care
8:36 am
whether not a candidate and never held elected office that is good news to call it fear in the ben carson and donald trump. >>will tran: we're having some technical difficulties with that story but i can tell you president obama this is his last four years in office will be talking about gun control and the other thing the the top of his list of very busy year for voters will continue to fall of the election process throughout the day and brought the months ahead of course your saliva outside at kirkwood ski resort beautiful morning no snow on the ground it should be more snow on
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bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>>reporter: cover bore on as a list of writers will now need to be at least 16 years old to operate there will be required to wear helmets and also starting today assets cannot be
8:40 am
worn while driving a vehicle or a bike and finally the california new program means he will be rubble automatically register to vote the program register every voting ella's resident who applies for renewal the driver's license still in the mid-20s for santa rosa and apple 28 to 36 and oakland and 33 and the more concord and antioch would we come back will track the cold temperatures also track the rain and snow that is headed to the bay area.
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>>anny hong: if you're crazy enough to go out on that run you need to block the low 30's level more feels like 262 to 3 in hayward that is the wind chill temperatures right now still mid to upper 20s in novato in santa rosa not the 26 tech not the future taskforce so today is going to be sunny until sunshine most of us will be dry for saturday but a slight chance a little bit of precipitation we are seen some
8:45 am
changes in the weather pattern today we're looking at cold and cool conditions increasing clout should be dry and give it the christmas tree the one after that will get some more brains out of it should not the storm track and sunday look for some light rain monday to some scattered showers just the morning hours it will bring more stock to the sierra nevada and they may be measuring new freed and snow. >>anny hong: by next week we will keep you posted.
8:46 am
>>reporter: on the famous to the infamous the lyrics to the heart wrenching the adorable to the infuriating this year of was full of viral moments there is
8:47 am
no bar video in 2015 as horrifying as this. >>reporter: a trance is a flat apocrine out of the sky club the vehicle on the bridge and plunged into our river the air was to blame 43 people were killed the pharmaceutical co made headlines when he raised the price of a life-saving aid to medication the database declared the most hated man in america surpassing even the dentist who killed cecil alliant speaking of zimbabwe's prices to
8:48 am
the line was illegally hunted in july sparked an international firestorm against walter what he did not face charges he did sense out of humiliation the controversy inspire ridiculous halloween costumes from one dealer to another is the bloom
8:49 am
black or white and gold a question the sparked countless articles and a threat to tear families apart and for the record in this totally blue and black over the course of the past year we did thousands of stores as the year went down we had these purchase each reporter what was their favorite story went to general accident was at the top of his last >>reporter: shows like new year's live my favorite story of the year is one that never aired before the you want to see it now for the first time music: blue angels you are in
8:50 am
the cockpit. .
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8:52 am
8:53 am
>>reporter: those videos are
8:54 am
absolutely beautiful stunning all the way and you got a chance to go through that i was that aired on glad i did that the close as you're born to get it feels like you're in the cockpit without being in that it is amazing the pilot it was as if he was looking from side to side with ease but it is not that easy. >>will tran: i got out i was sweaty my hair was all over the place and when they do those molded to a leasehold that maneuver to keep blood in your brain to you does not pass out the pilot i was with he walked out and fixed his hat in the clutch he walked into a board room and one here out of place
8:55 am
this low for five people and i flew one time and that of the only time i got and it was intense. >>reporter: will be right back state-owned. four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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>>will tran: the biggest parade of the year you can catch should stay with us for one more hour after that and o'clock this is
8:57 am
what you get the 127 annual rose parade include flour covered floats marching bands and a lot of fun coverage begins 10:00 features bay area prius the saratoga high school marching band and cover guard at 10:00 a little bit more than one hour from now you can only watch this on kron 4. >>will tran: another hover board fire you concede the board smoking and burst into flames and happened a couple of days ago that was before the device went into effect starting at midnight for all mental and stations in southern california report the device can file is becoming more and more frequent than believe is the battery they're taken all of the back to refunds will have a store but from umbrella would have the same problem starting today they
8:58 am
will be considered we go only if you're 16 years or older you have to wear helmets and you have to stay off the sidewalk bar tickets prices going up the new year we are live in walnut creek with the details. >>will tran: police are looking for a serial roberts with this they should be aware of before you go into in a convenience store
8:59 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: a lot of was still feeling the chill in the air we did have the freeze warning the
9:01 am
forecast for today cold temperatures through the morning hours still chilly but sunny and dry for today we are tracking some rain headed to the bay area more details on that coming up later >>anny hong: hot spot free 101 a lot of people are sleeping and and and join their hauler here is a live look at the santa ana branch also very quiet conditions were concerned about the bridges freezing over but the very cold temperatures but for the most part all the major bridges are looking pretty good
9:02 am
>>reporter: bart is raising prices >>reporter: will be paying 3.4% more now has been of very slow stream of commuters the been here this morning to talk about those fare hikes if we talk to what he does not mind the price hikes because it is all to make the system allow it safer they
9:03 am
need that money that would generate $50 million a year there were used to buy a new train cars and of dree upgrade the train control police in the east they are looking for person they're called a series roberts. >>reporter: the fis has a lot of the multiple colombian stores the most recent yesterday morning in san leandro. >>scott rates: the surveillance pictures are frightening police in san leandro sending out warning about the maximum and
9:04 am
masked man. >>scott rates: we know for sure that he said four different places the last one was this morning at 7:30 a.m. and valero gas station he also route a gas station while the creek the repeat robber always wears a black sweat shirt with the hood up a bandanna and jeans the lieutenant robert macmanus with
9:05 am
the samba and the police department wants anyone who might use a convenience store especially at night to be very aware of what is going on a huge fire engulfed a luxury hotel building on new year's eve early indications show their least 16 people with injured does according to government sources. >>reporter: some reports said is
9:06 am
a room on the 20th floor some say they may have thought outside of the hotel this was a hotel hundred and 96 rooms for new year's eve 620 residential rooms in the hotel as well they said this was an orderly evacuation given that hotel is a hundred.
9:07 am
>>reporter: 5 people were wounded in the shooting of their attack comes made more than three months of almost daily palestinian attacks against israel the civilians and soldiers the media reported that one person died and at least three were seriously hurt in new jersey and fire tear through church nearly 200 years old this is new video shot this morning a seven marks episcopal church because of the fire is unknown at this time there no reports of injuries the church was built in 1827. >>reporter: bill cosby's lawyer causeway is free on $1 million bail after being charged with felony aggravated indecent assault he said the encounter was consentual a woman who claimed she to the sexual assaults and.
9:08 am
>>reporter: there remain friends they got together again alone at a hotel in 1980 where he allegedly handed her pills she
9:09 am
never told the police into would help bring justice a massachusetts court rejected a motion to cancel the deposition or the defamation and saw seven
9:10 am
women who accuse bill cosby of drugging essentially assaulting them don't expect any commit time.
9:11 am
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9:16 am
>>reporter: of freezing start to the new year. >>anny hong: it is deceptively you concede temperatures are still in the third is for santa rosa 32 in a loss of a fire lit out of the '20s. >>anny hong: we have changes
9:17 am
coming this way but to date will stay dry plenty of sunshine is out there overnight will see some clouds increasing and then tomorrow morning will wikiup to partly to mostly cloudy conditions with the have someone should try to make its way for the bay area the high for today low 50s and san francisco and oakland 52 of san jose of the '40's and has got a little more it will be a cool day for lot of folks checking out the next couple of days sunny and cool for today tomorrow drive the crowds arrive on sunday were looking as some light rain right now they're showing us probably
9:18 am
toward the coast but there is a chance that the bay area could see it. >>stanley roberts: stick around and let's watch i know that you
9:19 am
are doing a piece about the with a i am out there but the reason i'm out here is because run a stop sign is not the problem as all are that are around nine a team coming to the delight when some random person pulled to a house in san jose and washed his car and then our learned not to concern recyclers to come to a full stop not because of the law and because they have repeated warnings starting to take a cyclist for traffic violations
9:20 am
in the conversation went down hill. >>stanley roberts: let me see your driver's license, you're driving on the shoulder pretty often shooting photos of the
9:21 am
shoulder to prove he was not on the shoulder look nacelle from the the what appears to be to men causing cash and sand and cisco will makes it unique the people come to the cast are just as monks said but cisco has been head up by monks and nuns effect monks and nuns and above expected people for cash they are still added except this time
9:22 am
the have the attention of the san francisco police department central station capt. after a public complaint with water from office to the cracking down on the thick month's number one people behaving badly. >>reporter: who was at the counter apparently bill to
9:23 am
workers inside the store down from a summit a man with no idea beer so they walk basing your back to id the seller accepts apparently of no one knows how the auto pack of beer and of being sold to an 18 your with no idea there you have been the top 10 snippets of 2015 now have to see what would happen in 2016.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>reporter: is apologizing for comparing disney to white slavers he told and he did not care for the new star wars movie the force awakens in the statement he says he wants to clarify and the force of which is has been broken box office records as it was released this month and was interrupted by a trapper the 4.2 magnitude quake was centered near admen the no
9:27 am
reports of injuries or damage or a home of as france us apprised of earthquakes in recent years asked coverage begins and under management features the saratoga high school of keep an eye out for them that a letter this morning at 10 on kron 4.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: in las vegas thousand people gathered on the strip to watch the fireworks lighted the night sky behind
9:30 am
caesars palace in atlanta it was a giant crystal ball but they dropped instead it was a giant peach. >>anny hong: temperatures are finally out of the twenties the freeze warning has expired fills a look at the number santa rosa still below freezing at 30 degrees 38 and october 30th in the bottom and for and to have 33 in livermore low for is an oakland to san francisco that the city at 30 degrees will city
9:31 am
also coming in the upper 30 san jose at 39 is what you can expect for the rest of the day- to-day timber to remain call this morning with chilly by noon mainly in the '40's except for the coast this perceive the latter part of the wicked will talk more about that and the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast the ship off the bridges this morning here is look at the golden gate bridge traffic has been really quiet all morning long with no major hot spots traffic has been light in the golden gate bridge this whole week has been holiday lights checking out the bay bridge to minimize were not turned on the is no need for that this morning is very quiet traffic conditions so far for
9:32 am
those for heading westbound on 85th 580 has been very quiet this morning will concern about lysing with the major bridges with no major slips are supported by the chp there is no one at the santa clara firefighter. >>reporter: the officers came
9:33 am
with a search warrant the next morning is from the dead german shepherd and they believe the five month old puppy and have been slammed into the ground numerous times and they say he confessed to killing the dog is not charged with felony cruelty to animals and for recording and now. >>reporter: starting today several new state laws and not
9:34 am
in place if you have or the board you will now need to be at least 16 years old to operate on a live a california new motor bird bold programming to be automatic erosion. >>reporter: president obama the final round is about to begin of
9:35 am
person the president it and last year of office the long promised response to mass shootings and the u.s. about and to fight to the nation's biggest gun lobby this is the president is doing what he always does when he does not get his way find the will of the people in using executive action another controversy proposal come into the new year it will ask congress to shut down the tear detention center at guantanamo the facility they
9:36 am
may close on his own if lawmakers blocked the white house plan if his we will be right back.
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>>reporter: those we lost.
9:40 am
>>reporter: the classic tv dad the upstart guided 86 for decades they saw christopher lee as dracula and other missing characters he was 93 bomarc to cornrows an epic movies like lawrence of arabia and out of the bar of past away at 83 screen legend also passed away this year he's best known for his role in scarred face and big he passed the lead 73 during his five decade career recovered major events from every corner of the globe with millions of readers for the sexy over the top novels of jackie collins she guided the age of 77 reality tv star bobbi christina brown the daughter of bobby brown and whitney houston passed away at the age of 22 music were bid
9:41 am
farewell to three our and the giants this year the became brought the blues to the masses with a powerful voice and guitar lucille he was 88 the baritone voice was unmistakable and classics like stand by me and there goes my baby when a man loves a woman as a classical song he was 48 when he passed away in the sports world fan said goodbye to several good names you get there was known to not only leaving the yankees and
9:42 am
mets to the world series but for his witty sayings off the field he passed away this year at age of 90 they played 19 seasons with the chicago cubs remembered as an unshakable optimist. >>reporter: for a different from started in the nfl to started as a commentator on monday night football it has led the age of 84 or speaking of broadcasters in what a terrible commentary and professionalism at espn even if he faced cancer he was 49 he was known as the chairman of the board if the basketball hall of famer died at age 65th as their college basketball coach jerry tarkanian passed away this year best known for his tenure at the university of nevada las vegas and butting heads of the n.c.a.a. he was 84 another college basketball for dean smith past with this year at 83 he built the program of the university of north carolina at chapel hill mario cuomo passed
9:43 am
away at his three terms the leadership in international tension king of the of saudi arabia passed away at the age of 90 pick up the world's largest exporter of oil steady a moslem country and abroad were in turmoil in the arab spring if he passed away at the age of 80. >>reporter: natalie cole the daughter of jazz legend who carry on his musical legacy has also died and she died last night 65 years old sheet had drug problems and hepatitis a forced to undergo a kidney transplant in may 2009.
9:44 am
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9:47 am
>>anny hong: we're starting to see a little warm in here was a live look at the golden gate bridge sunny skies will be on friday on the 2016 to purchase an authority for santa rosa finally everyone is out of the '20s low for this still cold and san mateo 3539 in san jose jet not the future test for clear skies out their it will stay sunny all day today here this
9:48 am
year for cast a cold start this morning timber just talking out in the '20s we do see some changes come as when the weather pattern late saturday and sunday look for some light rain monday maybe to some scattered showers
9:49 am
tuesday a better system comes through it looks like we will see the milder conditions for the little of next week tech away from that is bringing our umbrella keep those handy starting sunday and into next week. >>reporter: one of the biggest tories will be falling all year long as the presidential election, which sent kron 4 national correspondent to take a look at what is on top of voters' mind of the top of the election and 4% the democrats
9:50 am
care most about the economy becomes a thickened and extended they want the candidate and causing health care and the war this terrorism you will cross the aisle you sit there and the senate republican voters are most concerned about terrorism and national-security 11 percent of voters plan to pick the nominee is the pivotal issue surrounding home and security is an unwelcome reminder that every candidate in a campaign has to be ready for whatever comes next.
9:51 am
>>reporter: reporting from the white house last a course on the mark where the four. >>reporter: still ahead of violent western hits theaters this weekend we have the details in this week's of now showing that is coming up next. find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head.
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>>reporter: people were selected honda favored parts of the past year during the new year's eve show a reporter from the embarcadero with people's personal of 2015. >>: i got engaged and i also moved end to san jose in with my
9:54 am
fiancee i got a new job. >>reporter: i wrote my own play in is being produced. >>: last year's new year's party it was amazing i feel like it was a really good year lots of good friends when i was a union square for the tree lighting the singing was nice after a year of
9:55 am
major blockbusters. >>reporter: 1 new movie opening across the country this week is a refuge which is filled equally unsavory characters.
9:56 am
>>reporter: another fire this time the los angeles you conceded smoking and burst into flames that happen days before report of the device is catching fire it is more and more, since the surge in sales over the holiday starting today in california it will be considered legal as long as they are 16 years old where home and stay off the sidewalk in azusa's the status please on how she is that
9:57 am
it is for us this morning. >>reporter: next newscast as the 5:00 this evening you can stay connected on our mobile application kron 4 and on facebook and twitter that begins right after the break happy new year everyone state-owned for the rose parade--stay tuned.
9:58 am
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>> llve from pasadena, california, the 127 rose parade, presented by honda. with your host, bob eubanks ann stephanie edwards. bob: good morning. happy new year. i am bob eubanks. stephanie: i am stephanie edwards. here we are, what a great way to say farewell to all of you in the 127th parade. bob: it has been an honor to sit next to you all of these years. we are going to have fun today. michael: happy new year and good


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