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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 2, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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unforgettable, natalie cole. ♪ unforgettable >> dead at 65. her today in our time with the grammy winning superstar. >> i was in denial that i was close to dying. >> plus, people's choice awards pr >> our time with the stars. >> can you sum up you are in three words? >> dangerous danger. >> hateful. >> hateful. >> chang tatum, carrie washington, lady gaga. >> we're with all the stars up for awards including the "big bang" cast. our visit on the during the big moment all of their fans have been waiting for. >> for them to bang into the
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theo theory i guess. >> place, wayne newton's vegas home. >> come on. >> a private jet, exotic pets. behind the walls of his $70 million home. >> this isamazing. >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight". >> samantha harris for nancy o'dell. >> we begin the year with sad news. here i tonight's top story. >> singer natalie cole pass add way at the age of 65. ♪ unfor ggettable ♪ >> she died last night in los angeles due to complications from on going health issues. her family i this statement to "e.t." -- >> "natalie fought a fierce, couragebattle, dying how she lived with dig in any event, strength and hon our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever." she was the daughter of natt
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king cole, once a serious dru abuser, she battled hepatitis c and underwent a kidney transpla transplant. >> i was in denial that i was close todying. zbl natalie sang to mary hart on her fin day at "e.t." to reminisce about our dearfriend. >> thank you, natalie. >> thank you. thank you. >> now the countdown is on for big show and thepeople's choice awards air wednesday night on cbs. we're going to get you ready for the show. >> we sure are. we spent so much time with manufacture the big stars are hoping they hear their name called out when they're sitting inside the microsoft theater. >> sandra bullock clam. >> sandra has a few of the crystal statues already ashgs nine winner, the new mom to lila, sandra up is for the favorite movie actress award. nominated our brand in crisis and minions. at the premier, she was eager for son louie to seat movie. >> what is he going to think of
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mom's voice? >> he's not going to know me. that's why he's not here. i don't want limb to see me doing. this. >> she'll have to beat out expectant ann hath away and melis melissa mccarthy. >> i love it. god help me, i loved it. yeah. apparently i loved it and threw myself down and hurtmyself. >> don't count out mighty meryl streep who is a nine time winner. she's nominated for "ricky and the flash." in this throwback to1990, merrill laid it out there. she likes to win. >> i won many but i haven't won enough. >> now for the five guys up for favorite movie actor, can you believe at f chris pratt was weary of doing "jurassiworld" because he loved the original as a kid and didn't want to mess it up. >> i was pumped when i got this role. it was -- but it after -- i had a little trepidation. i didn't want to it's sacred ground. >> his competition, will smith. johnny depp, and channing tatum
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who is going to surprise you. >> can you sum up who you are in three >> dangerous. >> danger. >> hateful. >> hateful. >> and then there's 50-year-old five time winner robert downey jr. who says feeling like an iron man. >> do the stunts get harder? >> no. >> my knees don't work as well as they did. >> it doesn't matter. that's what advil is for. that's my next endorsement, thank you. >> let's move on to leading lady showdown. we can't wait for amelia clark versus lady gaga. >> i am very, very lucky girl this year to have people really believe >> and for favorite dramatic actress, it's all about shanda land as carrie washington goes head up against viola davis. >> okay. >> one of the most decorated shows in the history of people's choice awards is -- "big bang theory." show won four times for best comedy and it up for another one this season. >> they are just not losing steam at all.
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jim parsons is also nominated, the whole cast, is talented and we were on the set bunch this season including the one episode where the show really lived up its name. >> sheldon? i know tha present is for us to be intermat tonight. >> end up bang into the theory, i guess. >> we were on the set as sheldon and amy were about to take their romance to t next level. >> what was your reaction when you found out the moment was finally happening? >> i was kind of nervous when i first saw where it was going. but it w going to feel voyeuristic or kind of icky. but it's very tender. >> in what way? >> i'll tell youlater. >> okay. you know what? let me pull a quick contract off theinternet. >> part of the show is so crazy popular is because jim, maia and the cast take care to balance comedy with heart. >> sheldon said said he's ready to be physical. >> you shut your damn mouth.
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it wasn't hard toact. >> or icky. >> i never thought it would be icky. i don't know why she says that. >> she thinks you're icky. >> do you think yourself is icky? >> no. >> you should get a therapist. >> good luck. they'll be going against "modern family" in the best comedy cat gorey. "modern family" season six dvd is out right now. >> such a funny show. we mentioned "bigbang" for the people's choice awards. that sim pressive. but you know what is more impress sni ellen degeneres. she won nine times. >> and cameron got a chance to talk to ellen about the big year she had in 2015. >> what do you think the magic of "the ellen show"? >> i think it's a very funny show. i think we help a lot of people. i'm pretty much, youknow, i wouldn't say a perfectionist but when they're notperfect, it stays in my head. i don't sleep at night. i really think about what i should have done as much as people think i'm an exextrovert,
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i'm an introvert. i'm very awkward around a lot of people. i can perform. b you ask me to go to a party, i would not go. it's weird. >> we spent more than three decades with ellen starting with her days as a standup comic. the thing we noticed, she never really likes talking about herself much. i was surprised when opened up. but i guess how could you not when you've got all this? >> give me rundown on how to say your name. >> rundown? >> >> it's degeneres. >> why did you not sa french? >> i'm common folk. >> you know, it was '86. what could i say? i try live my authentically as much as possible. and i think what you see is you get. >> your first interview on entertainment tonight in 1984. >> fun for me. i'm not even embarrassed. >> take a look. you're in a comedy >> i hope to be in acting. i want to do films. i wa to do tv. and definitely expand into an
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acting career both and comic maybe have my own series like lynda carter. >> come on! >> first ofall, who is that? because i don't even -- the face, everything is -- and the hair. >> and the dancing, have your own show. >> yep. >> in fact that, was pretty accurate. >> it was. the po the word. >> but it's the power of these three words that changed he will answer life. >> the words, yep, i'm gay. >> which i never said bishgs the way tlachlt is somebody at "time" magazine that decided would be the title. so -- >> the big quote on "time" magazine. you never said that? >> i never said, yep, i gay. >> what did you say? >> obviously, it was an interview. everyone -- but i didn't say, yep, i'm gay. it certainly wasn't like, you know, off handed like, you know, it wasn't that casual for me to go, yep, i'm gay. it was like a really tough thing, youknow, your whole life you're hiding it and then suddenly, yep, i'm gay. anyway, y'all. >> why can't i just see the truth? i mean be who i am?
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i'm 35 years old. i'm so afraid to tell people. i just -- i'm gay. >> you won the emmy. but then the show was canceled. there was a lot of backlash. hollywood didn't have your back at that time. >> you know, it's -- it's what i, of course i was angry at the time because i wanted to support. i knew i could possibly lose my show. i didn't realize there were that people out there that were struggling. then suddenly i'm hearing from people that were considering suicide and that i did do a lot for them and them. >> she is a game changer for her courage and her honesty but ellen is an "e.t." icon because she doesn't let her exalt define who she is. instead, it's all her heart, her hard work and bringing happiness to as many people as she can. whether that's as host of her own show or blue nash has a sequel coming out. >> what if dory's philosophy
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just keep swimming zblichlt didn't write that line. that's an incr line that was written for me and the fact that when i was zod do dori, was at my lowest poi like when i hadn't worked at all. during that time nothing had happened. so just keep swimming which certainly applies to me and to a lot of people out there. >> you have to know if we get ellen a pioneer. >> she s coming up, we're with another people's choice awards contender. the very talented marcia gay harden. >> i e'll be right back.
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welcome back to our preview of the people's choice awards. we're five day way from the show on wednesday night. >> it will be a lot of fun. there is really tough competition in every category. but especially in the race for favorite actress in a new tv series. emma roberts, jamie lee curtis and liam michelle are nominated for the screen queens. >> not forget about march that gay heart in "code black." it is gritty. i mean you show us the real deal. there is based on a documentary. how it is filming such realistic scenes? >> we were shooting something. it's bawl blood, really. come on. this is hollywood. and they went, nope. procedure. that's what that boy looks like. >> marcia came to our set to talk about the show and
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dedication to realism. we were with the whole cast they went through an e.r. boot cam weap camp with a real life super model. >> i tell you, when we shot the pilot my first day off, i home. i think i'm not kidding you, i must have slept 28 hours. >> officially in code black. god help us. >> there are four beds side by side. team has a teecam of ten doctors and nurses and medical people. >> i know you're angry. >> ignore. direct instructions from your supervisor physician. >> we're into medicine but tendst day, we're into people and how they what they do. >> "code black" will be back with all new episodes on wednesday, january 13th on cbs. you don't have to wait too much longer. >> we do not miss an episode. up next, we're going inside a few amazing celebrity homes with antonio sabato jr.
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he's scoping out two real housewives mansions. >> plus, heather's multimillion dollar mansion under construction. >> there are 14bathrooms. >> 14 bathrooms? >> you do not want to miss insid newton's las vegas mansion. >> so this is the red room. mansion. >> so this is the red room. >> that is all straight ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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did you hear what you just said? my husband helped you every month and stood by you and taken care of >> the magical life of being a real hou the constant dram yashgs the cat fights. makes you wonder sometimes if glamorous big money lifestyle is really worth it? >> you guys can judge. we're going to take you inside
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the mega homes of orange county housewife and beverly hills housewife kyle richards. >>know, they both gave a private tour to our special correspondent. >> planes and yachts are nice. but my happiness starts at home. >> you get the housewife and major house. they just finished a 1$1.5 million renovation on 7,000 square foot belaire home. >> thank you for inviting me. let's check it out. >> this is the real pub. we love. this i'm very proud of all my bottles. very, very important to me. >> the most recent renovation, moving their gym d stairs to make a dressing room for kyle. >> you have the shoes on this. more the side. >> and my bags. >> there is anothe closet. >> this is my actual closet. >> yeah. >> you know what? >> i love it. i can see how neat you are. >> i try to >> you have jeans, skinny jeans, skinny design.
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>> yeah. >> to keep it very organized and coordinated. this is my dream home. this is big. it's deceiving when you see the outside. it looks like cozy home. it' bedrooms, eight bathrooms. this is really embarrassing. >> hi, heather. >> hi. >> thank you for h us in your home. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> wow. >> heather's house by contrast, massive. 20,000 square feet of magnificence in the oc. still under construction. >> how many bathrooms do you have in this mansion? >> there are 14 bathrooms. >> 14 bathrooms? why do you need so many bathrooms? >> look, the key to a successful marriage, i need to tell you is separate bathrooms. >> it features a beauty salon and underground garage, i pool and 18 seat movie theater. >> this, honestly sshgts star of the house. >> look at the view. this is really unbelievable. >> wow. now all the in the united states and the rest of the world want to know about your closet.
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>> basically, i had lights put in every corner. >> showcase? >> want everything lit up. allst accessorie here, purses, shoes. >> heather, very important question. the whole world wants to know, how many shoes do you have? >> carrie washington. >> no, i'm still trying to get my head around the whole 14 bathrooms. >> in case you have friends over. >> a lot of friends. you know, both the homes pretty ridiculous, right? but as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> he also got behind the private gate a mega mansion, a legend airy sin city estate owned by mr. las vegas himself, wayne newton. >> wow. look at this. this is -- i don't what to say, wayn i've been coming to vegas for a very long time. i've always wanted to see your house. mean, i'm here. i'm speechless. i don't know where to look. couldn't be more thrilled
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to have you here. >> i'mexcited. pretty cool. >> the ranch may be called the smithsonian of sin city. it has square feast memorabilia and paintings. a small zoo filled with exotic birds and a monkey named boo who i met on, what els wayne's private jet. boo is remarkably attached to wayne. moving on, i got to check out his 165-seat theater. >> huge screening. what is happening? >> what's happening is it's a film of a life long dream. >> th includes a sprawling ranch, home to 60 horses. >> you can't have myear. >> what is the worth of this particulararabian? >> i have been offered over $8 for him. and i turned it down. >> big is perfect for the arabian breed.
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look at this, they in a horse swimmingpool. >> one time around th pool would be equivalent to five miles at a hand gal lop on the tr >> wow. >> with no stress at all on their legs. >> always go ba to animals. they keep you at peace. >> yes. >> and on the straight and narrow? >> yes. >> you never hear anything bad about you, man. >> you just haven't talked to th right people. so this is the red room. >> the red room. i heard about this. >> can you tell wayne's world, it's not open to the public and it's so cool. you'll be able to be in office called the red room. beneathit, wayne hosted several presidents. michael jackson, frank sinatra and deanmartin. >> we have every thing here from presidential letters to robert e. lee'ssword. there is so much memorabilia. you can actually take a week and
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never see everything i this room. >> are you on the wheaties box? >> that's me on the wheaties box. you better not spread around. >> you turned your house into a museum for the world to see. >> my wife said to me one day, did you ever think about maybe opening your room to the public? it hit me like a ton of it was the happiest that i am in my life is sharing. and, why not share one of the things that you love the most? >> i think once you earn title mr. las vegas, you deserve a home like that. >> yes. >> at last count, he performed live to more than 40 million people. >> during one of the performances, i got to sing a duet of "endless lo with him. and at the end he says, right here. he is a sweetheart. all right. in our birthdays, which celebrity was crowned high school prom king? is it seth mike myers or verne troyer?
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>> he kissed where? okay. we'll be right back.
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app., your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. welcome back to the show. in tonight's birthdays, which "austin powers" star was crowned high school prom king? that is verne troyer. >> there you go. before we go, here's one more reason you can't miss the people's choice awards wednesday on cbs. jane lynch is the host. she's going to be amazing. >> take care. >> hey, there! it's me jane lynch from the people's choice awards blimp. there is no winging. this is a mark burnett
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production. so we're crossing ts and do thing our is, come along f the ride. >> is there anyone that makes you have a fan girl mom >> if i feel one coming on, i stop i >> your 24-7 celebrity conversation. >> it's time to lose those holiday pounds. >> i love yoeg wra. i need i crave it. >> get a jump-start on your new year's resolution. >> i work out like a dude. >> then radio quinton moore has alwa been a constan battle battle. inside her weight lossjourney. >> another chance to get it right. >> and rich welkerson is the celebrity pastor to the stars. >> just been goodfriends. his sfwloo police plan to put the holy no holewood. >> then


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