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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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i'm vicki liviakis. brian van aken is here track the rain headed toward us right now. >> storm number one is sitting offshore tonight. and the rain with this is going to start some time tomorrow. and i say some time because this storm right now is in the process of getting split into two pieces. it is morphing. the timing has been hard to nail down. but looks like tomorrow afternoon is the best chance for light to moderate rain. this one look to be fairly strong with heavy rain possible, gusty winds. there is a third system after that. this one seems like it will come in two pieces. the first one wednesday with two pieces, a little bit of a break and then thursday. we are in for a wet week coming up. here is the latest on the satellite view. notice light rain offshore.
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a lot of this is evaporating. the bulk of the stores offshore. this is going to roll through tomorrow. here is a look at futurecast. midnight, we have a lot of clouds. notice there will be a couple of sprinkles coming through for the overnight and into the morning. the steadier heavier rain shows up around noon tomorrow. this is a little bit more in question. the steady light to moderate rain comes into the area. continues through sunday evening and into monday morning. for monday, we are look at off and on light rain through the day. and then another stronger system comes on tuesday. i'll talk about how much rain to expect coming up. today marks the first spare the air alert of the season. all wood burning is banned indoors and outdoors 24 hours.
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the agency's regulations have been strengthened to ensure air safety for all of us. wood pollution from wood smoke is one of the greatest health threat to the bay area during the winter months. the 2015-2016 season runs from november 1 through february 29. and, the winter snow pack is steadily building up in the sierra bringing fresh powder up to the mountains. with the rain coming next week, things are looking up for the california drought. scott joins us with a look at the ski conditions. >> reporter: a lot of powder on the ground. more rain on the way. good stuff. how about a little sledding. it is looking good. kevin, what's it looking like up there man? >> it is looking really good. the holidays are absolutely fantastic up here. you have a look at the overall
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snowfall. it is the month of december, 122 inches of snow. at kirkwood, 124 inches. 198 inches to date. combined with very, very cold temperatures. but it is just pulling that moisture out of the snow keeping it fresh. chalky up underneath the foot. it is snowing a little bit. fantastic. and the people up here are having a good time. >> kevin, talk to me a little bit. we have the storms pushing in. more storms on the way. what's the best thing people can do as they try to leave? when is the best opportunity to do that around the system moving in? >> reporter: well you know, i'm always saying embrace the storms so you guys give some great weather reports out there. we are looking at systems starting to move through the week. i usually say if you are a
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powder hunter e i get out in front of the storm, i make my reservations, go to the websites. i make sure i get my place booked and i leave before the storm so i'm here during the storm to be able to enjoy all the fresh powder. if you want to come after that, just pay attention to the caltrans road line. you can always get the latest update information on highway 80. highway 50. highway 59. 88. so you can get up here. slow your roll. make sure you carry chains and winter conditions. pay attention to the social media pages. we can tell you what is going on. we are look at 18 inches in the forecast. this is just going to set us up. if you guys remember last year, january is when the snow stops. this el niño pattern looks like we will have a stall in january, february, and march. >> that is awesome. one last question for you
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kevin. what is your favorite thing to do up there personally? you are quite the character with us on the phone. what do you enjoy doing? >> you know what i enjoy? i enjoy waking up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning getting all the conditions ready to go. getting in my car. driving highway 88. watching the sunrise, driving into kirkwood. i turn around. i look at a three-mile house shoe canyon. that is what i enjoe each day. >> we appreciate your time kevin. >> the man who loves his work. in san francisco, crews are still working to repair a sink hole that opened up earlier this week. kron 4's avery parker reports. >> reporter: crews have been working throughout the morning to repair a sink hole between
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24th and jersey street. the sink hole opens up on thursday in this area. crews were unable to finish the job then because they say they didn't have enough safety equipment. now, the light rail line has been affected so a bus has been taking passengers throughout the area. drivers are also advised to expect delays in the area. an 18-inch line was damaged here but workers say they are not clear on what caused the sink hole. in san francisco, avery concord, kron 4 news. a man was arrested on suspicion of a series of dui hit and run accidents. jeremiah katave hit a parked vehicle and continued driving. a woman had been loading items into the backseat when it was struck. she was knocked over and had minor injuries. he was detained. a blood alcohol content of 1.3% was recorded. he was arrested on suspicion of
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felony dui. in the south bay, a woman attacked and stabbed earlier this week in east san jose has died. incident happened tuesday along south white road. several men attack first-degree woman and a man. the man remains in the hospital in critical condition tonight. and now that the woman has died, police say the case is a homicide. they say they do have suspects in custody, but are not releasing any details. in national news, it has been a nasty scene in missouri. major flooding has shut down roads and destroyed houses there. president obama has declared an emergency disaster area for the entire state. there was very little celebrating the day after new years in parts of missouri saturday. instead, the people who live there find themselves cleaning up the debris left behind bay massive and deadly flood that is still posing a threat. >> we have to get that debris out of there.
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>> reporter: the governor touring some of the hardest hit regions saying some of the interstates are back open. water levels have fallen several feet. but many homes are still far from drying out. while missouri is in the recovery process, states are anticipating more damage. in alexandria county where the mississippi and ohio rivers meet, the water is expected to crest sunday. more than three feet above major flooding stage. >> you live in the water, you can expect anything. >> water has gone over the top of one levee. and the second has good potential of overtopping. they have forced i evacuations. >> some communities have been
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getting harder. >> looking very frightening pictures. we know at least 22 people have died. five of them remain missing tonight. just a mess out there vicki liviakis. an in world news, 47 people were executed in one day in saudi arabia. the executed men believed extremist ideology and were members of terrorist groups. they were plotting against a u.s. consulate in 2004. the executions are threatening to damage sunni shiite relations. this has sparked protests in teheran. the site of the san bernardino rampage is set to reopen on monday. there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 600 employees return to work. the center has been closed down
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since december 2. both shooters were killed by police. syed farook was an employee. he worked with many of the victims. a 4.5 earthquake rattled the northern california coast last night. it happened about 9:00 p.m. friday. dozens said they felt the shaking. it happened in the same area as a magnitude 4.9 quake on monday. several smaller ones later in week. coming up at 8:00, they say they rented out their house on new year's eve and came home to find it had been trashed by teenagers. plus, trump in a terror ad? why an al-qaeda affiliate is using the presidential candidate to recruit. and next ... new year? new law. we break down some of the major changes to know about for 2016.
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>> with the new year comes new laws. every school age child must now be vaccinated. it is one of the many new laws that went into effect. parents will no longer use religion or personal beliefs as a reason for their child to be exempt from vaccination. debate took off after measles outbreaks at disneyland last year sickened nearly 150 people. parents now have to show proof that their child has been vaccinated before the kid can go to school. drivers and cyclists are not allowed to wear ear buds in both ears, however, wearing one ear bud is acceptable. two ear bud cans drown out necessary ambient noise. drivers an cyclists wearing two ear buds will have to wear a
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$160 ticket. get ready for new alerts on road signs. yellow alert will use amber alert signs. also, as of yesterday, toy guns or soft pellet gun haves to look completely fake instead of just having an orange tip. toy guns will now have to be painted white or some bright color. in 2014, andy lopez was killed after his toy gun was thought too real. 28 people holding bibi or pellet guns were killed by police here in the u.s. and, we understand rain is on its way here to the bay area. brian, is it going to be good? >> well, tomorrow's system looks to be fairly weak. but behind it, we have two more systems coming into the bay area. those will be substantial. we could see three to circumstance inches of rain around the bay area thursday. that is good news.
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the other thing of note, these similars are a little bit different than what we have been dealing with so far this winter. november and december, very rainy in the pacific northwest. that is not the typical el niño pattern. el niño typically brings dry weather to the pacific northwest. and above average precipitation to central and southern california. now, it looks like this more typical el niño pattern may be begining to establish itself. that is good news for the drought situation. here is storm tracker 4. light rain offshore. but most of this is drying up before it hits ground because the air at the surface is very dry. so the rain drops evaporate before they reach the surface. it will take a while before the rain develops into tomorrow. in the afternoon is when we will see steady light to rod rat rain. low to mid 50s around the bay area. and now, live at the golden gate bridge, notice it is dry here, but that is going to
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change by tomorrow afternoon. as this first of four systems comes in for tomorrow. now, for tonight, mostly cloudy skies. there could be a few sprinkles at times or light showers. for the morning, there is a chance for rain if the timing on the system changes which it could, the rain might come in before noon but now it looks like mainly into the afternoon an the evening and monday morning. in the sierra, cloudy skies for tomorrow and snow showers into monday. it will take a little longer for this system to reach the sierra because it in s in the process of slowing down. we have a second snow system coming in. it will bring a lot of snow and windy conditions. and we could be measureing the snow in feet as we get to the end of the week. we are measuring the rain in inches. this is the forecast from tomorrow through thursday when we add up the three storm systems. possibly two to three inches of rain. around the bay. and into the higher elevations
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north bay hills as well as the santa cruz mountains. perhaps as much as five to six inches of rain. temperature wise, not as cold for tonight. because we have the cloud cover in place. no freezing temperature ins the forecast. mid to upper 30s east bay and north bay valleys. low 40s by the bay. low 40s in the south bay. for the afternoon, a little bit milder than what we have been seeing. mid to upper 50s and even some low 60s in the forecast next week coming up in a little bit. here at kron 4, we asked our staff to share their favorite stories. one of the strongest hurricanes on record made landfall in mexico. scott shows us how it impacted bay area families. >> one of my favorite stories of the year involves the airport at san francisco sfo and family waiting to see some of their loved ones coming back from a region just hit by a category 5 hurricane. one of the biggest hurricanes ever on record.
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the anticipation, the drama, the emotion involved in that story was really, really compelling. and, this was my favorite story of the year. >> reporter: well, this massive category 5 hurricane one of the biggest hurricanes ever in the western hemisphere had everybody frightened. especially those who had friends and family in puerto vallarta. today, some of the people were starting to come home and for the people who were waiting for their loved ones to arrive here, it was really just a matter of time. >> we think we see plane coming in. >> reporter: as the minutes tip away, verna leon waits. the wait is excruciating. >> we have been up all night watching the hurricane. >> reporter: so is the anticipation. >> we were three hours early. >> reporter: time, feeling like it is standing still. >> oh my goodness. i feel like i am little again. >> reporter: with flowers in hand, leon waits for her parents to arrive home from puerto vallarta.
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as she waits, she can't help but to think about what might have happened to them when hurricane patricia slammed into the coast of mexico at more than 160 miles an hour. >> sheer panic. they are inland 30 miles. they are done. we are thinking this might be it. >> reporter: as people walk off the first flight out of the battered region, there were planety of hugs and stories to go around. >> it sounded like we were just under a waterfall. >> it was terrifying. that is when we realized it was no joke. >> reporter: out of nowhere, just like that, the waiting game was over. not by the brute power of one of the strongest storms in history, but the overwhelming power of emotions. love ... >> what is it like to see your daughter? >> really happy. >> reporter: and relief. >> i'm not a cry baby, really i'm not. but i'm just so happy to see my parents. we got to scared.
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we got so scared. and next, a stench in the air making residents sick in southern california. we will show you the source of the stink. plus, if you are planning to drive an iconic bay area bridge, be prepared for some lane changes ahead.
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>> come monday, drivers in the golden gate bridge will notice a few changes for 2016. traffic lanes will be recon figured starting on the fourth. it will affect traffic monday through wednesday. that is when three northbound an three southbound lanes will be open. the current plan will remain in place thursday and friday during the evening commute. the methane gas leak in southern california is proving to take a little longer than expected to stop that leak. the leak near la started in
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october. likely won't be fixed for at least two more months. officials have relocated several thousand residents who said the stench is making them sick. california gas says the wells may not be finished until the end of february or even later. coming up, for anybody nursing a holiday hangover, there's some help. we will show you no pain, champagne. plus, the terror group using donald trump in their latest propaganda video.
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>> an al-qaeda terrorist group is using donald trump in their latest recruit visiting. al shebab is using him to label the u.s. as a racist country. they specifically point to trump's controversial comments about muslims in the wake of the san bernardino shooting in the video they tell muslims in america that the country has a long history of racism and the country will turn on its muslim community. still ahead, we will show you how 2015 was the best and worst of people behaving badly. plus, they are taking off the gloves in congress. we show you the show down over your healthcare. >> and teens trash a house on air bnb. what the homeowners plan to do about it. >> wet weather offshore. it is getting closer to us for tonight. and i'll have the wet seven-day forecast for you coming up.
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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> air bnb is popular for people who want a little extra money out of town. but an exland couple was shocked to found out they had been duped for someone who rented their house to throw a party. the result, thousands of dollars in damage. kron 4's jeff bush has their story. >> reporter: this is my kron 4 story. beer cans an liquor bottles everywhere, their furniture all moved into the closet. rugs rolled up and put in the spare bedroom. that is what these two came home to on new year's eve. they were out of town for the holiday when suddenly, they
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were unformed of a raging party in their home. >> our neighbor calmed us so we raced here and you know, we just found the house completely trashed. >> reporter: the backyard was a mess. plants were destroyed. blood on the walls. and air bnb rental gone horribly wrong. >> we were told there were 300 underaged kids hanging around loitering being dropped off by uber trying to look for parking. >> reporter: the couple made the arrangements earlier in the week as they had done many times in the past. their guest posed as a chicago restaurant coming to town the visit family. only he and his sister were supposed to be in the house. that turned out to be untrue. in reality, it was a teenager's birthday party going on in their home. >> there were 300 people here last night who saw my home and know what kind of stuff i have
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and so it is really, you know, it is just really scary. >> reporter: police arrested the teenager who ran the party and say that he was charged with felony vandalism. they also say they will no longer be using the air bnb service. i'm jeff bush in oakland, kron 4 news. >> air bnb says it has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and the team is working to make it right. they say the guest in question is now banned from air bnb. the company says it has a team working with the host under the one million dollars host guarantee. it covers host property in the rare event of damages. the company also says more than 1 million guests used air bnb open new year's eve. this story was brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story you would like us to look into, submit your idea on or report it on our free mobile
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app. it is one of kron 4's most beloved segments and as we move into finding people behaving badly into the new year, why kron 4's stanley roberts brings us the best of 2015. >> reporter: here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> pbb, number 10. >> reporter: after reviewing the results t officer wants a second opinion. so officer sanchez has a look and he passes what is known as a field sobriety test. the driver got issued two tickets. pbb, number nine. >> what are you going to do out here? ingly don't know if i want to talk to you. >> reporter: let's proceed. >> why not? >> well, you know, i know that you are, you know, doing a piece about the wiggle. i think you have done two about the wiggle and it is kind of
8:33 pm
beating a dead horse. >> people behaving badly number eight. >> i saw a guy coming through the driveway. taking the hose. washing his car. >> reporter: you heard correctly. a guy pulled up to a house in san jose and washed his car. it lasted all but two minutes. >> hide the kids, hide your wives, hide your hose. >> reporter: people behaving badly number seven. >> i'm a concerned cyclist. that's all. >> reporter: concerned cyclists were out concerning not so concerned cyclists to come to a full stop at stop signs. not because it is the law. but because sfpd park station is ticketing cyclists. many failed to stop at stop signs. pbb number 6. >> reporter: the conversation went downhill. >> walk over to me.
8:34 pm
>> yeah. >> tell me i'm in your face? >> yeah. >> your camera is in my face. >> but you walked over to me. >> what? >> you walked to me to tell me my camera is in your face. >> reporter: people behaving badly number 5. >> good morning. let me see your drivers license sir. stop the car. stop the car let me see your license. you don't have a drivers license? pull right behind the shoulder. >> reporter: the fine for passing is $238 and a point on your record. that is why some want to argue about it. people behaving badly number four. >> i didn't drive the shoulder. i came to this line. somebody blocked me out. i tried to pass. can you see this white? can you see the white line? that's not a shouter.
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this one, there is no line. >> reporter: shooting photos of the shoulder prove he was not on the shoulder. >> people behaving badly number three. >> you are looking at cell phone video of two men counting cash in san francisco. what will make this video unique? the people are dressed as monks. >> is there a charge? [ laughter ] >> thank you bud. >> reporter: san francisco has been hit up by faux monks and nuns. you heard me. fake nuns and monks hitting up unsuspected people for cash. pbb number two. the faux monks are still at it. except this time, they have the attention of the san francisco police department's central station captain. >> for a couple of months we received complaints of people
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selling property dressed as monks. we don't know if they are monks or not but they are out there at fisherman's wharf. we are receiving complaints from the community. >> reporter: after public complaint. >> saw your piece on kron 4 showing them what they were doing. and so, not only are they aggressively soliciting, but they are selling items without a permit. >> reporter: with orders from captain lazar, officers are cracking down on the fake months. number one, people behaving badly. >> how old is that guy? the guy who just bought the beer? >> what's that? >> no, the guy who just bought beer. >> that is me. i swear to god. >> so who is at the counter? >> reporter: the two workers inside the store don't remember selling beer to a man with no id. >> well, he just said his
8:37 pm
friends say they know him. and he is 18 years old. >> reporter: so they walk the 18-year-old back to id the seller. except ... >> i have memory loss. >> okay. >> apparently, nobody knows how a 12-pack of beer ended up being sold to an 18-year-old with no id. >> i don't buy alcohol or drink alcohol. i'm muslim. i don't think about alcohol. >> why would they sell it to you then? >> i don't know. >> reporter: there you have it. the top ten snip pits of 2015. now, we have to see what will happen in 2016. in the studio, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. well, at least the weather is not behaving bad by. we have sprinkles on the way here tonight. and, you know, a downpour, a significant one right? >> yes, steady rain tomorrow. >> good news for the drought and the snow pack. >> i'm very excited about it. the weather is starting to get interesting as this el niño
8:38 pm
pattern, more of a typical setup is beginning to establish itself this week. here is the satellite view. and you know, the forecast model is calling for a couple of light sprinkles and showers. but looking at this rain band, this looks to be a little bit heavier. i think it is a possible what we have overnight will be heavier than expected. we will see heavier showers overnight which could continue into the morning and then steady rain for the afternoon is really the core of the system which is well out here. this is what is rolling in tomorrow afternoon. evening. and into monday morning so we have mostly cloudy skies at midnight. again, there could be some scattered showers as the initial band pulls into the bay area. but as we get into noon and into the afternoon, the rain is expected to intensify and that continues into the evening and monday. but lit be off and on light showers. scattered through the day monday with some sunshine in
8:39 pm
there also. storm number two arrives on tuesday with periods of heavy rain possible. gusty winds. partial clearing tuesday afternoon. and for wednesday, the third storm arrives and this is a two- part system. we get to the first part on wednesday with periods of rain. and then another round of rain on thursday. a break on friday. there is yet another fourth system on saturday. vicki? if you made it a new year's resolution, look into how likely it is you will actually keep them. plus, the twins who were born minutes apart, but in totally different years.
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>> twins in san diego getting a lot of attention for being born in different years. born minutes apart. one has a birthday in 2015, one in 2016. jaylen arrived 11:51, her
8:42 pm
brother, 12:01. they decided make an early appearance to ring in the new year. the dad calls it a new year's blessing to have two healthy children. blue bell creameries is being investigated for their procedures handling reports of people getting sick by their ice cream. ten reported cases of listeria were linked to the contaminated ice cream. three people actually died. they are examining whether they improperly handled the outbreak. an investigation by the centers for disease control and prevention showed the outbreak dated back to 2010. blue bell has not released any comments. it is a battle gearing up at the capital. coming up, we will show you the show down of your health insurance and the president's plan to tackle gun control.
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>> been a long delayed newier's resolution for republicans. 2016. it will be the year they put legislation on the desk to repeal the healthcare law. it will likely be the first order of business when the house reconvenes next week. president obama will veto the repeal which would also seek to cut money to planned parenthood. the measure already passed the senate under special rules protecting it from obstructions. the republicans plan to schedule a veto override vote later in the month. president obama starting his last year in office. the long promise response to mass shootings here in the u.s. of course, it will be a package of executive actions on gun control. expected before january 12. before the state of the union address. and aimed at the gun show loophole which allows some firearm sellers to avoid conducting background checks on their customers. now, the white house argues the president's actions will be within his executive authority.
8:46 pm
vowing to fight the move, the nation's biggest gun lobby, the nra, says the president is doing what he always does when he doesn't get his way. excusing executive action. newier's resolutions can be hard to keep, but there is new research that could make it easier. marting researchers say simply asking yourself questions rather than telling yourself to do something seems to work better. asking yourself will you exercise rather than telling yourself to go ahead an drop and give me 50. the study says that seems to improve the chances of actually following through. good luck on that. time for kron 4 sports. >> all right, scott race is here with a lot of sports action tonight. the warriors in particular,. >> the warriors are in oracle taking on the denver nuggets. guess who is back? guess who is back? steph! after missing two games.
8:47 pm
the dubs went 1-1, he returned to action tonight hoping that bruised lower left leg feels a little better. the warriors won in houston, but lost in dallas. warriors hopeing to make it two in a row tonight. i checked by the way and they are dominating beating down the denver nuggets. so, that looks good. by the way, steve kerr, there was some talk he may be coming back tonight. not yet, not yet. luke walton remains on the sideline as a head coach for now. let's talk football. the raiders and the 49ers finishing their seasons tomorrow. why both the franchises won't be going to the playoffs. their futures are pointing in opposite directions. let's start with the silver and black. if they beat the chiefs, their division rival sunday, they would finish a very respectable 8-8. that is the team's best record since 2011. this was a team with a bright future. they certainly have the
8:48 pm
potential to be a force to be reckoned with over the next two years. as for the 49ers, they have a ton of issues. they are on pace to be their mark would be the worst in a decade. 4-11. they will certainly be a lot of questions over the next week about the future of the coaching staff. yet, tomsula maintains the only thing they are thinking about is beating saint louis sunday. rose bowl, christian mccaffrey wears number five in honor of reggie bush. like bush, he is one of college football's most exciting electrifying players. at the rose bowl yesterday, the stanford running back put on a performance worthy of a heisman trophy winner. he gave the committee something to think about. i'll tell you that now. rose bowl, pasadena. stanford, iowa. cardinal in their third rose bowl in four years. hawk eyes, the first since
8:49 pm
1991. didn't take long for mccaffrey to get to work. kevin hogan is gone. 75 yards. on the opening snap. they would not look back. the cardinals just dominated this game. 35-0 in the first half. they went onto win 45-15. mccaffrey sets a record with all-purpose yards, 368. obviously, that man right there was the player of the game. that is sports. vicki, back to you. >> all right scott, that was an exciting game. a little too much new years celebrating got you down? coming up, we learn some no pain champagne. ok, we're here.
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>> if you are one of the many of us who popped a bobble of bubblely and are now popping aspirin, well tonight, we are going to show you ways to enjoy
8:53 pm
no pain champagne. >> no pain champagne. is that possible? we put the question to experts leslie of thirsty girl and tv's jack lee. >> i have had numerous champagne headaches. >> reporter: the tattoo may have been the result of too much of a good thing for leslie. gerald claims he has never had a headache in a bottle. so what's the secret? did someone mention restraint? first of off, just because it has bubbles doesn't make it champagne. either way, the bubbles can go to your head, equal amounts of water with help. >> just make sure you drunk as much water as wine and make sure you are having food. >> reporter: the chef blames your hangover on lack of a good food pairing. >> we are going to have some smoked fish. we are going to have some oysters. >> i know what he has in mind. this should go down easier, but you don't have to put the hurt
8:54 pm
on your wallet. leslie likes these. >> you don't have to break the bank. i have chosen a few wines under $20. >> reporter: the ultimate hangover helper? don't guzzle the bubbles. and if you hit the champagne bottle, maybe it won't hit back. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. it's the end of an era. after 14 years of busting myths, the myth busters are finally hanging it up. the locally produced global tv show is going out with a bang though. the best part? we here at kron 4 got to play a part. here's a clip. >> that wild ride is coming to an end as adam and jamie hang up their lab coats and hats. but not before what the rumors to be the most spectacular final season in television history.
8:55 pm
>> you ready? >> uh yeah. i'm ready. >> we are getting into a hovering position over the target. >> yeah. >> yay! three, two, one! >> wow. myth busters air ins some 160 countries and was produced for years right here in the bay area. i'm sorry to see them go. it became quite the spectacle when a black bear was spotted hanging out in a neighborhood tree. kids and parents gathered outside to watch the bear who was relaxing almost 20 feet high up in that bear. the tree seemed to be taking a little nap. bears are commonly spotted in the area. >> i looked out the window and there is a bear in the tree. >> i said there is a bear.
8:56 pm
>> we ran to see the bear. >> though the bear was so far up causing no trouble, authorities alerted the public of the bear's where about. they are a vital component of healthy eco systems. did you know today was national science fiction day? it is not an official holiday. but it is the official birthday of prolific science fiction writer isaac asimov. he penned as many as ten books a year. he is famous of coining the term robotic. science fiction geeks must know it was he who conceived the posetronic brain, dr. who and star trek ran where it. >> commander data from star trek had that brain. >> i'm a big fan of that. >> a huge star trek fan. >> i know you have to go look
8:57 pm
at your map because rain is on the way it is for sure. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00. we'll see you at 11:00 everybody. goodnight!
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(male announcer) in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. [man wolf-whistles] sammie says if i wanna make friends i have to look like i belong. uh-huh. you have to bring all your good jewelry? you brought all your watches. [doorbell] it's them. oh, okay. wait, wait, wait. did i tell you that bernard is going to introduce me to the donald? about 50 times. i prefer a hero's journey. it's... [chuckles] it's so much more involving. bernard, the concept of heroes and villains is so dated. more champagne. (monica) bernard. [whispering] that german guy... just invited me to the hamptons this weekend.


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