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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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we went really hard. >> beyonce crashes channing tatum's lip sync battle. >> and my conversation with khloe kardashian. is her sister dating taylor swift's ex? >> i mean they were in bars together. i would call that dating. >> khloe opens up about kendall and harry, her own love life and her reclusive brother rob's diabetes. >> maybe the health scare is a wakeup call. >> then beyonce's super bowl halftime news. and channing does queen b. his "e.t." interview about her stunning surprise. >> plus, the golden globes are this sunday.
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but our team of experts are going to tell you who's going to wear what and who will win. also -- >> there is my first big awards show. >> very nerve-racking. >> our leo flash back. and the moments only "e.t." caught in 35 seasons covering at wards. nice phone, ben. >> and david hasslehoff on his new show and the new "bay watch" movie. >> i got to ask if you you're going to make a cameo. >> i love making fun of my life. ♪ >> now in our 35th season this is "entertainment tonight." >> you want to really know what is going on with the kardashians? ask khloe. and kevin, you got the news on the set of her new talk show. >> so here's the premise. you go to khloe's show. you knock down a few drinks. then you bear your soul. that's what she did with me last night. nothing was off-limits. >> my first interview on set. i do need a cocktail for this? >> this is all the things in your world.
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>> even scarier. where is the bot snl kendall, is she dating harry styles? >> do i think they're dating? yes. i do think i know what -- i don't know if they're boyfriend and girlfriend. you know, nowadays -- i don't know. pr pele are weird with. that i don't know the title. i mean they were in bars together and hanging out. so i think that's dating. but i don't know what they're -- i think they talk. i don't know if they've had that talk yet. >> the talk? >> the talk, right. >> khloe posing in a giant cocktail glass and she told me she is still on with james hardin despite breakup rumors. >> it's a lot of juggling time and balance. i think also keeping it a little private, too, has really helped us. >> what did she have to say about the other kardashian headline? >> rob, how is he doing? >> rob is back at the house. he's good. and my only hope is that maybe the health scare is a wakeup call and will just adjust his life and be more serious about
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certain things in his life. >> we have seen a lot of pictures of kourtney out with the kids s there a chance they're coming back? >> i think there's potential for anything? i think the focus right now is the kids and scott being healthy and focusing on himself. >> how is lamar doing? there is conflicting reports out there. you know, how his state and he's going to be moved from the hospital. >> hopefully soon. for sure. he's definitely doing better and better every day. which i'm so grateful for. he's fighting really hard. i'm really proud of him for that fight and his will to want to get better. >> 22 cameras. all hidden. you can see them. >> khloe gave me a tour of the set and, of course, bart. >> i'll have my family on the show. >> which one do you really want to have cocktails with the most? >> the only one that will drink is kourtney. that is the only one that will drink. >> that's right. kim shouldn't be drinking now.
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>> she doesn't drink. everyone thinks she would be a crazy partier. she does not drink. she never drinks alcohol. she's never been that girl. it's just me and kourt. >> and your mom. >> my mom is just drunk at all times. what are we going to do with that? >> oh, kris. i asked khloe, who would be her dream guest on the show. listen to this? >> the top of my head, twint say beyonce. i don't know if she drinks like that. >> what does drinks like that mean? >> i would say, i'll pay. >> speaking of beyonce, it is official. she will perform at a pepsi super bowl 50 halftime show. that will be fantastic. february 7th or cbs. beyonce will join cold play on stage. >> it's just another surprise from the queen b. by the way, did y'all see the epic surprise she pulled off last night on "lip sync battle"? >> so good. >> there is really only one word to this, epic. ♪ who rules the world >> beyonce's drop in on
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channing's performance is one of the worst kept secrets. we tried to get channing to confirm. >> did beyonce show up? >> who? >> listen, there is -- if i say one name, you can't say who about that. beyonce. >> who is beyonce? you're married? >> the hair talk, the booty bounce, he said mike dropped. earlier he delivered this chilling performance. ♪ let it go wearing a blue dress as elsa, i got chills. and not because i'm an ice queen. you made me proud. check out channing's lip sync battle opponent. his wife jenna held her own. a magic mike lap dance, complete with paint on abs was so risque that the camera kept cutting away. >> is this like a typical night at the tatum household or -- >> totally. we lap dance every night. >> in the end, they both took home the title. jenna tweeted that, is epic. seriously, i'm sleeping with the belt tonight.
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>> i hope my marriage isn't over after tonight. >> what a great show. and my take away from that is channing does not make a pretty woman. >> not so pretty. >> splg that is pretty, the golden globes is just two day as way on nbc. let's give you the fashion forecast right now. and with me is the co-host of bad life. welcome. >> nice to see you. >> always good to see you. j. law and amy schumer joking they'll wear the same dress. do you think it will happen? >> i think these two will. j. law has to wear dior. so you know what? would amy wear dior, too? i don't know. that is hard to say. i think they should do it. >> all right. kaitlyn is always one of my favorites. what is she wearing? >> i heard she may be or at least she -- she is a contender. you know who else? rooney mar. >> lady gaga, so is she going to show up on the red carpet outrageous lady gaga or class
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sflik. >> i think she'll go for classic. we saw her at the emmys. she wore brandon maxwell who has been her stylist for the last couple years. right now he is the hottest breakout designer on the red carpet. >> what other fashion forecast can you give us about the globes? >> i love raji. she is big buddies with alexander wang. she wore him to the emmys. was on a lot of best dressed list. i think she'll wear him again. i think we're going to see a lot of black and white on the red carpet. i think not heavy, much more flowy and lace and shear and cutouts. i understand somebody is wearing orange. >> i am. my tigers playing for the national championship. yes! >> thanks so much for being here. >> okay. so now we have a heads up on what people will wear. but what about who will win? tom o'neal from the website goldderby do the good morni goldder is going to hook you up. >> leo is the golden boy.
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he won twice but a win this year is no slam dunk. >> leo needs to worry about brian cranston and will smith for "concussion." either one of them pulls an upset that, could trip up leo. the globes predict the oscars 75% of the time. that means leo absolutely needs to win at the gloelz globes if he's finally going to get an oscar. >> mad max or the revanent can pull up an upset. voters like to go for the big picture in terms of epic. comedy actress rates pitt the coolest cat in hollywood against the biggest movie star in the world. it is amy versus jennifer. bet on amy to win because even jennifer is rooting on her. >> will you say that again? >> they predict brie larsson to win for "room" and because of her other gig. >> it's a good thing that brie also appears in "train wreck." the more movies awe pear in in one year, the better it is for
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your award chances. >> and it wouldn't be the globes without a little controversy. >> there is such a huge backlash against "the martian" being placed in the race for the best comedy picture. that will give the edge to "the big short" to win. >> even if the movie is causing squabbles, a bet on matt is a sure thing. >> he has never won a major hollywood award for acting. he won one for writing. he is due to be recognized as a performer. it will happen at the globes. >> i'd be very happy for matt. that will be a surprise. we're covering the night's biggest moments in the moment. >> you can follow us on all our social handles for the action in real time. and to kick it off, nominee rob lowe did an exclusive twitter interview for us answering your questions and we're going to be posting that first thing on sunday morning. to kick off our "e.t." at the globes social explosion. >> why the stars should be concerned about ricky hosting on sunday night. >> are you nervous? >> we'll show you ricky's most
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that is ricky discussing his
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game plan for hosting the golden globes. i'm betting that ricky gets drunker. >> here's the thing. i think everybody needs to just buckle up. if you thought the first three times he hosted were crazy this time he promised to bite the hand that feeds him. >> which is what he always does. so we have put together some of his best all time slams and there is why the stars should be scared. >> our next precenter is the queen of pop, not you, alvin, sit down. the golden globes are to the oscars to what kim kardashian is to kate middleton. >> he's insensitive, politically incorrect and he's not worried one bit about offending stars. >> it's ridiculous rumor the only reason that it was nominated is so that the hollywood foreign press can hang out with johnny depp and angelina joely tlachlt is rubbish. they also accepted bribes. you have seen "the tourist" yet? >> no. >> 17 million people watched his
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last telecast in 2012. nbc seemed to be betting that ricky can keep the insults flying. >> please welcome ashton kucher's dad, bruce willis. >> then, of course, there is the on air drinking. >> i'd like a drink as much as the next man. unless the next man is mel gibson. stoz go s is so good having a job can you get drunk and saying what you want and they still pay you. >> no one is immune from a good nature bashing. >> you are nervous? yes, but he already apologized. so we're good. >> we think it's going to be a great job. >> he vowed never, ever to return after his last hosting gig. >> i'm not going to do this again. >> we can only guess that money talks. >> just look at all the faces here reminds me of some of the great work that has been done this year by cosmetic surgeons. >> preach, ricky. just preach. i can't wait for sunday. >> oh, my. coming up, the most stunning
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star confesses the wildest backstage moment from our 35 years of covering the golden globes. >> there's a bar open and the whole thing -- >> there isn't a bar. >> you brought your own. okay. >> plus, we're flashing back with david hasslehoff. you have to hear how you can be a part of his new retro record. >> it's going to be called "hoff's hits of the '80s." >> that's next. nichlt closed captioning provided by -- closed captioning provided by --
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garden party for her birthday. a fabulous
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♪ >> that is the way david hasslehoff became world famous. saving lives shirtless on "bay watch." he his shirt on when he came to talk you to. >> thankfully he did. that could get awkward. the hoff still looks ready to
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hit the beach. you know a new "bay watch" movie is in the works. i had to know if he would pop up in a cameo? would you be open to it if they approached you? >> if they make a parody of it, my part is really funny, of course i'm going to do it. i love making fun of my life. that's what life is about. >> david's all about making fun of himself. now he's even having fun with the tabloid headlines that always seem to dog him. it's a new series, hoff the record. >> which one of you is david hasslehoff. >> you're playing a fictionalized version of yourself. >> there is so much written about me, so much of it is so untrue and so blown out of proportion. so we just took all of that and put it into a television series. >> but, hey, the hoff is a double threat. his song "true survivor" had over 20 million youtube hits. now he's doing a whole album of '80s music and taking song submissions online.
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>> you can have your own record on a label released by david hasslehoff. the first '80s album in 2016. why? because that was good music, man. how about the year 1982? that's when we did our first interview with david. >> he was on the young and restless. we were at a softball game. >> we decided to play out here. we would give them a chance to get on the board. we would help them. a little publicity. a little entertainment tonight and radio and tv. help them out. >> i did 800 or 90 shows. how long were you on? >> i was on 14 years. >> oh, pmy god. >> no messing around. >> with y & r, knight rider and bay watch, he set a record. most watched tv actor on the planet. but wait. there's more. you're also a record holder for the highest reverse bungee jump.
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you fly and that one second before you start to go down, that's fine. >> unbelievable. yeah. i would love to do that again. it was fun. >> yeah! the hoff getting crazy, guys. i need to do. that you with me? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> double no. why? >> i will september "e.t." repr the reverse bungee jump. >> enjoy. we'll see you again this sunday. >> been good working with you. >> we all do our thing at the golden globes. something enjoyable. "e.t." has been there every year for 35 seasons. so on this last friday, we want to share some of the most priceless moments. >> this is my first big award show. so i'm just sort of playing it cool and observing everything, you know what i mean? >> i think i was 18 and very nerve-racking. >> anybody here you want to meet tonight?
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you looking forward to? >> i'm looking forward to meeting hally berry. >> we're at the same table. >> why hall snechlt. >> she's gorgeous. >> whether are the babies coming? >> aren't you nice? >> you're less than my mother. >> the best part of the golden globes, seeing the stars just be themselves. >> there's a bar open and the whole thing. >> there was never a bar open. that's in the olden days. it was fun. >> now wait a second, every star said they go to the bar. okay. >> i have been here. i know what there is and what there isn't. >> i was in the bathroom, mom. >> you know, you can't win too many awards. you don't usually win them in the lady's room. >> mine is the most embarrassing moment of my life. >> she's in the bathroom. okay. what do we do? >> it seemed like a great time. the lights went down. they said commercial break. i thought, hey, this has been a great turn around time for you. is this just the beginning? >> no, i hope it's the middle.
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>> remember 2003 when jennifer aniston showed up what a cane because she broke her toe. >> you're still on the cane? >> i'm getting really annoyed with the cane. i think i have a couple more days and i'm going to wing it. >> angelina has been to countless award shows. in 2000, we showed her her first oscar appearance. >> are you nervous for your dad tonight? >> sort of. i am. >> it's fantastic. >> yeah, there have been plenty of candid confessions. >> i actually had mcdonald's this morning which is crazy. this is where i wear this. i leave and get a t-shirt or something. >> do you hate that public is looking for you to get pregnant every moment of the day? >> i don't hate it at all. spanx, g-string or comando. >> i can't believe "e.t." made history 15 years ago as the first show to stream live from the red carpet.
12:26 am
>> you're on the worldwide w wi. >> but our favorite is with the two breakout stars, 1998. fresh faced winners matt and ben. >> hold on one second! here is ben. it's your mom. >> are you happy with what you said up there? >> i don't remember what i said up there. >> you want to see it? >> you have it? >> i just want to say to my family who is at home, i love you more than anything in the world and my dad, i got a better seat than jack nicholson. thanks. >> that makes it real. >> i loved looking back. that is the magic of our "e.t." vault. >> look forward to adding more memories this year. >> yes. in our birthdays, which british rocker's first gig was impersonating elvis at the age of 11? is it paul mccartney, david bowie or mick jagger? >> i'm going with mick just because he has the moves. >> all right, we'll have the answer for you next.
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sensation's plastic surgery. it's all on
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welcome back to the show everybody. which british rocker's first gig was impersonating elvis at the age of 11? that is david bowie. he turns 59. >> he just released a newal fwo -- new album today. >> next up, golden globe sunday on nbc. we're ready. we'll see you on monday, the best coverage on tv. good-bye, everybody. their moment has finally arrived. >> yeah, i'm going to celebrate. >> only "e.t." has the best moments from the golden globes. >> goodness! >> your front row seat to the fashions.
12:30 am
>> you look phenomenal. >> and what you didn't see during the show. >> wow! >> stars unfiltered in the moment that's will be trending all night. >> at which timer is going to explode. >> the best of the golden globes from the the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. he went through a very dark period. >> is there a moment you woke up and said to yourself, i'm going to change? >> it was on that flight back from new york. >> dr. oz at home with charlie sheen. how the doc's been helping him rebuild his life and career. >> i actually checked his blood test to see if his liver is


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