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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the jackpot is 900 million. the drawing will happen any minute now. we are chebing our numbers in walnut creek. any news of a winner yet? >> reporter: right now, i think i'm, like, a lot of our viewers at home. i have my power ball ticket in one hand and my phone in the other, trying to refresh the power ball website which has crashed at this point. i can't get it to refresh. hopefully, there is someone thin news room that can put the numbers up on your screen because i can't read them yet. it's still showing the last drawing which was on the 6th, where nobody won. and that's why the jackpot has ballooned as big as it has. of course your odds of win rg fought great. something like 1 in 2 2 (009) 000-0000. that's the chances of getting all five numbers and the power
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ball correct. but, hey, it does happen. i've been out here all night. they've had a steady stream of customers here at the liquor store in walnut creek. i was surprised how practical everyone was about how they lan to spend the money. >> retire. >> pay off bill >> pay off a bunch of financial advisors. >> i have so many people i would share it with. >> i'm going to buy the oakland a's. no, i'm kidding. >> reporter: last august a california man named willy nelson correctly picked all six numbers he walked away with a hundred and $10 million before taxes. this is the biggest lot ray jackpot ever. the second biggest because mega millions in 2012 fblt there were three winners in that year.
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this number will keep growing, if nobody's won. in fact the lottery says they will have to try to figure out how to put 1 point 3 $1.3 billion on the signs. that's the estimate for tuesday if nobody hit the jackpot tonight. >> we will check back with you. the the rains have made the return. an early morning drenching for the area. cities are doing their best to keep the streets clean and clear of water. here is a look at how businesses are staying dry. >> reporter: prepare for the worst but hoping for the best. business owners downtown blocking store fronts with sand bag deter flooding. maintenance crews tracking any
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debris left behind. >> everyone is pulling together and i like that. >> reporter: he owns a sweeping business downtown. she helps with the areas design and during storms the up-keep is no easy task. >> we are concerned about the storm drains. we have a lot of trees. they drop leaves. >> of course the wind blows and the rain will happen. >> reporter: funds from the year old business improvement association allow cleaning crews to work seven days a week to keep the streets and plazas spotless. the group's president is gordon galven. >> this has posed a challenge but we're up for the challenge. >> reporter: people still need their haircut and a hot meal. store fronts remain busy. families are visiting downtown, bundled up, of course. while they are soaking up,
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before gettinged, crews continue to work. >> it prevents maintenance issues, long term issues by staying on top of it. more raindrops and cool temperatures in store for the bay area. pretty chilly out there. >> we're seeing temperatures fall for tonight, but we -- we also have some raindrops to talk about. we have some light showers taking place around san francisco. this system that came through today didn't produce too much rain but made for a gray skieses and showers, they don't quit. we take a closer look and you -- you can see there are a couple of rain showers. the rain fall total from this system, not a whole lot. a few hundredth of an inch from the south bay in to the east bay, not making it to a 10th in a lot of places. sfraven, under a quarter -- san
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francisco, under a quarter of an inch. not a huge system by any means skwit rr wrapping up. we still do have a couple of showers left around for the evening. those will taper off as we get closer to midnight. for tomorrow morning, it's going to be a mixture of clouds and sunshine. could be some matchy dense -- patchy dense fog in the valleys. clouds increase through the day and tomorrow in advance of the next wither system thacht rr coming in. -- that's coming in. that will bring some spotty rain for tomorrow evening. the next system is a lot like the one that came through today but not a rot of rain fall associated would it. the forecast for monday, falls another 10th for south bay. maybe a quarter by the bay, with higher amount in the north bay. the forecast will be a week, coming up. forecast in your
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neighborhood shs download the kron four mobile app. mercedeses bens belonging to a students missing since friday has been found. the search will continue for the 22-year-old women. according to berkeley police, her car was found at a lighthouse this morning. she's described as an asian woman. she was last seen thursday at 1:30 a.m. investigators believe she left two hours later and then missed her flight to china friday morning. a 29-year-old man is recovering after being shot in the leg at a housing complex in martinez. officers responding to the area of fountain head cork and found a man in his residence with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. another resz dnlts was also
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struck by gun fire. investigators believe the man who was shot does know the suspect and fled the scene in a four-door sedan. the shooting remains under investigation. thousands of people are heading out to the cal pal frs the crossroads of the west gun show. in the wake of president obama's executive action, the events is seeing an increase in attendsance of the thousands walking out of the show. many were picking out ammunition by the car load. >> whenever there is gun legislation going on with the government or something going on like that, people get afraid that lawerize going to tighten up, so they stock up. >> people are buying more ammunition that they would normally because they're concerned about the i-96iative to -- initiative to require back grouj checks to buy ammunition. >> it works out well for the
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ammunition is gunfire manufactures. dozens ofcretional officervise been fired or disciplined for actions related to their duties. officials say 22 sworn deputivise been terminated and oermentvise been suspended. others had inappropriate relationship witness the inmament. the investigation of the jail started after three guards were charge would the murder of an inmament who suffered from mental illness. those doing wrong are being held accountable. >> i hope the message that people get are that we fully investigate officer misconduct and hold people accountable if we need to. this is from the employees here only and the majority of the people do a great job every day. >> people looking in plan to
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continue its oversight. the move to la of the raiders still in the air tonight. the exist stadiums in oakolog, st. louis are inadequate. the nfl commissioner signing a report and -- a special owners meeting is scheduleded for next meeting. two of those teams will be discuss #d -- relocation. and possibly voemented on. all three franchises applied for relocation last week. driving downtown san jose, you can't miss the 18 story sign. the sign is visible from the freeway. neighborhoods and planes landing even. depending on who you talk to, it's the sign of the future, promoting the city's technology identity or temporary
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distraction. >> how about wabig sign leading to thesumer bowl and the feedback from our members was that's a really good idea. we're less than a month away from the super bowl being played in santa clara, so you're going to see banners coming up on the street. >> it doesn't look good. annoy. >> it ruins the whole feel of the neighborhood. it's just too got gotty. >> if this is successful. we may amend the sign ordinance and see more of these. >> just in time for super bowl sgicht. and speaking of the super bowl, it's right around the corner. oerment cities are showing their love. the city hosted a gold light
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event. here is the tribute. moouz ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪ . >> reporter: live entertainment. out door activities for children. and a photo booth where families can play dress up. >> having something exciting in our town, we will it's an advance to the whole area. we are happy to celebrate it. >> it's good to see all these people unit. >> we want to be part of the party and sem brat and we -- celebrate and we're excited. >> we are here to have some fun and keep it going. >> we have a very special town and we shine and so we wanted to make the whole thing shine. >> reporter: the highlight of the night was the light display that covered a lot of the football field. >> that's good right there.
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>> reporter: the gold cell phone screens were made visible in the sky. a drone flew over head and captured the light display. >> lots of gold. ♪[music] ♪ ♪[music] ♪ >> reporter: and then folks continue to party. this just in. the power ball jackpot numbers have been released. they're in. here is a look at those winning numbers. they were drawn moments ago. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball number is lucky 13. coming up at eight, the mexican drug lord and how he got caught. what the capture has to do with hollywood. making of a murder, capturing the nation by storm. a new lawyer stepping in. the alleged killer.
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gadgets you will want to get your hands on. coming up. ♪
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mexican drug lord could be heading back to the united states. he could be extradited to the united states. may take some time to get him here. he's wanted for a number of crimes, drug trafficking, homicide, illegal possession of fire arms and money laundering. he's been on the run every since his escape from a maximum security prison. he had an interview with actor shaun penn, which led mexican forces to his whereabouts. new details emerging from
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the texas aflu ensa mom. she with drew $30,000 from her bank account and told her husband he wouldn't see his or her son again. after the pair through to mexico. authorities accuse her of fleeing her son out of the country to avoid a hearing. on friday she did not enter a formal plea during her arraignment in fort worth. being held on a million dollar bonds. chicago firm representing steven anounlss he has a new lawyer. conviction for a murder in 2005 is the subject of a recent netflix series, make acmurder. the conviction has been up held in appeal this week. white house responding to online positions, asking pres dments obama to -- president obama to pardon him. walker has said he will not
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pardonavery. more rain on the bay area. what can we expect this week? >> little bit of rain toorment. spotty light rain. mow might miss it. it will be that light. we have some coming up on monday. it's hard to see, but little bit of wet wetter right over fran and this is moving into the east bay at this time. a little shower popped up in the last half hour that's making its way across the bay to stanley at this time. as you can see, it's mainly light, but there are a couple pockets of slightly heavy rain, going on. these showers will wiejd down by about 10:00 o'clock and we'll see some partial clearing overnight, possibly some dense fog developing as we ged in to tomorrow morning. best chance of that will be north bay and east bay valleys. we have partly cloudy conditions at midnight. sunshine for tomorrow morning and scattered clouts and some dense fog is a possibility.
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clouds will increase once again for tomorrow afternoon as this next weather system arrives. this is the one we've been dealing with today. a lot of gray skies for today from this. this is the one for tomorrow. we are going to get the first band of rain in the afternoon and that will be really, really light stuff. a lot of it might not hit the ground. here is 6:00 a.m., sunday. we have a mixture of clouds, sunshine. the clouds begin to increase late morning. the clouds continue to thicken. there it is. very briefly, late afternoon between 3 and 6:00 o'clock, couple of these banness of really light rain, maybe even sprinkles and then they go away for a while. we have clouds through the nighttime and then the main front with the system arrives as we head in to monday morning. and even this will be pretty light. we'll see light and perhaps moderate rain with the rain
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tapering off for the afternoon. that means snow in the sierra for monday. snow showers spots, maybe an inch or two. we have an update in the forecast, once again, coming up. the super electronic show winding down in las vegas. i went there myself to see what's hot and what's not . >> reporter: leshg tronning companies from all over the world strutting their stuff. some of it we'll use and some of it is downright silly. virtual reality gogglerize lose as is hdr. drones still halt and one with a woman inside. cars on the other hand are all about driverless. why cycle outside when you can
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sight-see with these. this booth turned out to be another attention getting gimmick. lamar odom, why he's just now released from his hospital bed. coming up, there's a bun of things going on in this intersection or, should i say, not going on. can you spot them? i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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all cars come equipped with one -- the basic device meant to keep drivers from bumping in to one another. >> reporter: here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: look at these three people. their rur tetching to merge in to traffic. you can't tell since no one is
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using their signal. the turn signal is one of the most neflected and often forgotten devices in mautden day automotive history. it was replaced by the invention of the cell phone. you know it's hard to hold a phone and signal at the same time. day or night, people often signal incorrectly or don't signal at all. this car, changing lanes and cutting off a car in the process, that is an incorrect way to signal. this is a dedicated left turn lane. waiting without signalling. many people believe if you're in a dedicated turn lane, 1 is not required to signal. for the record, you are always required to signal earn less you're the only person on the road or thin desert. there is more. to the right, the lane is straight or right-hand turn
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only. no one signals. that's like a triple fail. yes, that was a city owned vehicle. this city department truck is sitting at the light and at the last second, signals a turn. this uber drive who decided to signal his left turn when the light changes. california law requires to signal 1 hundred feet before turning or changing lanes. in some instances it's 2 hundred feet. the fine is -- it jumpses to 2 hundred 38 bucks plus a point on your records. remember, other drivers are not psychic. use or blinking and blink often. coming up, former star lamar odom released from the hospital. still not going home. his
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condition ahead. blame else nino for clousing a -- closing a popular park.
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lamar odom has been transported to a private facility. still no word on his condition. 3 months ago he was found unconscious and in critical condition at a family brothel.
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he's had continuous improvement. back in october, investigate rsz believed he overdozed. alleged ties to terror groups. why protesters brought their own cages with them. it's a wild card battle on the gridiron. who's on top, next.
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with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit 32, 16, 19, (321) 619-5734, and the powal ball number is lucky 13. our kron four has been talking with a lot of folks, hoping to
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win the mega jackpot. i imagine you checked our own numbers as well? >> reporter: we were in a pool together and 13 was certainly our lucky number. i have big news, we just won $18 which we are tliting between six people. -- splitting between six people. you do the math. maybe not the biggest winner, but three bucks is something. we want to show you those numbers. they were 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball was 13. so we had three power balls on vicky and my tickets and two of those matched another number. so that added up to a great $18. so far, here at walnut creek, his machine hasn't updated yet to tell him whether or not he had any winners here, any
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jackpot winners. it does take some time for all those number punchers to come in. this is a lottery that's played across the united states. the odds of winning, again, one in 2 92 million. but people do win the lottery, so maybe at some point tonight, we may here about a winner. if not, the jackpot will increase that number. if there is no winner by tuesday, it's expected to be at 1 point $1.3 billion. reporting live in walnut creek. i wonder if we're going to have to pay taxes on that $18 profit we made. park rangers closed off sections of the park to keep the park goers safe. >> reporter: some areas are closed, calling the cliff
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unstable for people to go on. i talked to some park goers and they're heeding the warn. >> it can be dangerous, so i've chosen other parks. >> reporter: they walk to this park here every day. the other day she got quite a scare. >> the ground gave way and she went halfway down the cliff. we had to get them rescued. >> reporter: it's all because of heavy rain. park officials have temporarily closed tennessee valley beach. other park goers think they'll be more aware of their surrounding. >> it's pretty well-marked. there is caution tape. >> reporter: park officials say they do wants people to come and visit the park. they want people to exercise caution when they're here. it's going to be a wet commute. we have more on the floppy,
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slushy -- >> not flushy. that's pretty good bet. >> not cold enough to get slushy. may be up. >> in the sierra, we'll see a little bit of snow. couple ifrps the sierra. that's about the extent of it. here is the storm tracker for -- we're tracking the slush tonight. i don't see any right now. there is a one loan shower here in san francisco. little bit of light. also shower taking -- making its way in. you can see the wet weather. right over oakolog national airport and alamita. now, this is the last of it, i think. after this shower, we should be done for tonight. notice the golden gate bridge a little bit wet on this saturday evening. tomorrow, we'll see the clouds and trees through the day, especially the afternoon.
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and perhaps a few light showers or sprinkles late in the day like around 3 or 6:00 o'clock. that will be the next wave of this system. it's not going to produce much. when the second wave gets here, that wilt bring more rain fall. about a quarter of an inch. for tomorrow morning, we are going to have a mixture of sunshine and clouds. could be some locally dense fog in to the valleys. low visible. temperatures in the mid-40s. highs for the afternoon going in to mid-50s. little bit of sunshine to start. increase in clouds for the afternoon. ? spaupty rain, afternoon and in to the evening. monday, wet morning commute. with some off and on light rain. for the afternoon, the rain should turn over to spotty showers that hang on and eventually end by the evening. for tuesday, we get a break. going to be a mixture of clouds and the sunshine and
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temperatures warmer going up in the 60s. the next significant storm comes on wednesday. that's going to produce a wet day. looks like the entire day with light to moderate day. some places could pick umclose to an inch of rain. supposed to be the storm to watch the next few days. turning stunning once again. may be another storm late saturday in to sunday. two refugees arrested this week on federal terrorism charges. both men a palestinians. they both are accused of lying to immigration officials about their alleged ties to the terrorist organization. we have more. >> reporter: on facebook high poses with a golden gate bridge and a range rover in the background. the 23-year-old's apparent admiration for the american life isn't what it seem >> you understand there are no terrorists at the mosque.
8:37 pm
there is a sheriff department right over there. >> reporter: he doesn't want to get out a last name adimately defended the islamic community when he -- it's one of the oldest and largest mosques in sacramento. he's never seen or spoken to him. >> how do you feel about it all? >> i'm telling you, man, it's really sad. it's really sad. but that guy is not part of this community. >> reporter: across town at american river college, a student by the same name is enrolled as a commuter science major. the iraqi refuge used social media about returning to work. there is no indication that he planned any attacks in the u.s.. it's tear-- it's terrifying any
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normal person working at starbucks or sitting next to you in class. people were willing to step inside cages. they went to call attention. they -- it would be considered more humane when raising chicken and other birds. it's a human sized cage. >> it's a cage noifk percent of aig laying hens spend their life in. we are asking people to try it out and make more com passion lt choices with their diet. >> they are hoping this will educate people. big day on the football
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field. a wild card, next.
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chiefs squared off with the texans and shut them out 30-0. the quarterback single handedly sunk the ship. he had three interceptions and a lost fumble all in the first half. >> i picked the wrong time to have the worst game. it's tough and i think the biggest thing for me is, you know, standing in front of you guys and own up to it and learn from it. i really think that's the only way you can go about it. it's just dispoint swg embarrassing. -- disappointing and embarrassing. bad things happen in life and
8:42 pm
obviously in my football career this was a bad day, but i'll learn from it and always try to get better. >> win or go home. there is no tomorrow. you're living in the right now. no different this next week. i don't think the attitude changes. we've been laying like that for a while now. i think it is kind of -- it's all we know. >> not only did the texans lose today, bupt they lost their best player in the third quarter. jay jay wat -- watt had oo dragging injury. and went down. macklen is scheduled for an mri on sunday. the chiefs are very concerned he may have suffered a significant acl injury. a case of canine crawlty. why could -- cruelty. why would anyone toss a dog over
8:43 pm
an overpass. next.
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new t. v. is getting the most buzz. >> reporter: prepare to drool. lg unveiled a double sided flat screen t. v.. it's razor thin. you and your partner can sit across from each other in the living room and watch different things. there is a transparents display. it's a boring black t. v.. this time of display can show off whatever you have in your t.
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v. some art, flowers, nice wall paper. you can put it in front of your window and you can see through your window when the t. v. is off. here is an alarm clock. activates high powered scented air fresheners and waves the swell toward your head. here is something for anyone with back pain or, i think it could be useful on long car rides or plane trips. jacket with built in massagers. you can give yourself a secret massagers without anyone knowing. here is a device for those suffering from hypertension. the first smart watch that will read blood pressure. tracks time, steps, counts calories. this i love. when you're vacuuming and you have to chafb the out let to get the vacuum where you need it to go. here is a cordless canister
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vacuum cleaner that follows you around. it will automatically follow you, staying three steps behind you. it's the lg cord canister vacuum. >> if you like to connect to him, you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail him. stoin to struggle after losing 6 hundred 6 $60,600,000,000 in twnlt 16. they are experiencing a decline in revenue for quite some time. straight year in red in vegas. the trend likely began with a 2000 recession. should end with sth visitors expected in vegas alone. animal control is caring for a severely injured animal, a dog that was allegedly thrown over
8:48 pm
an overpass. >> reporter: this 1-year-old aus australian shepherd is recovering from serious injuries. she may have been thrown over an overpass. >> we have a law enforcement division here which is responsible for investigating these types of situations. there very well could be criminal activity associated with it and our officers dooz all they can to get to the bottom of that. >> reporter: the injuries she sustained in the fall are significant. the cache is to care for a sprained wrist. the worst injury is the back leg. she's unable stoostand on it. the fall fractured her femur. there is no way to put a cast on that injury. she's neal injury on that soon. they're investigating whether or not the dock was thrown over an
8:49 pm
overpass. if no one claims the dog by frooird, she will be available for adoption. a gray wolf sighting is a promising sign for the -- this is a picture of the wolf. experts say he may be looking for a mate or following the skenlt train of -- scent train of other wolfs. they are now protected. a pack of seven wolves were spotted last year. the manfy may not be as indavered as it once was. they are proposing to remove it from the list. it was added to the list in 1972
8:50 pm
when population surveys began in 1991 there were 1200 of the seacows. now it's inencouraging. this week, gop presidential kanldz dt donald -- candidate donald trump has been hitting hillary clinton pretty hard by using her husband's infidelity against her. >> the way she's treated is a fact our country has so much hatred against successful women. >> reporter: girls take a veiled swipe against donald trump who is relentlessly hitting hillary for her husband's sex asked and
8:51 pm
answered. >> let's keep fighting for opopportunities. >> she wants to accuse me of things and her husband is one of the greatest abusers of the world. give me a break. >> reporter: on twitter bill clinton starts talking about women's ix so voters can see what a hiperate he is. the wrs thing hillary could do is have her husband campaign for her. a state lawmakers got it on the act, hackling clinton smoop you with very rude and i'm going to never call on you. >> reporter: clinton won't fire back unless trump becomes the nominee. >> i have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything exempt trying to -- except trying to help hillary. >> reporter: trump says he went on the offensive when hillary
8:52 pm
calmed him sexist. >> maybe they won't be attacking me anymore. i am somebody who has great respect to women and i'll do a great job for women than hillary can ever did. i certainly can tone it down, no question about that. braking news at this hour. the west oakland bark station is shut down after a shooting took place on one of the trains. police were called to the station in oakolog. whenoverens arrived, they found a person suffering from one shot wounds. the person died on the scene. a mageder lay has been reported on the west oakland station. we will continue to follow this story online. a picture so powerful it speaks volumes.
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life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here. to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. young couple reuniting after a horrific car crash. since it was shared on social media, it's showing 21-year-old and her boyfriend in the hospital room, their eyes meeting for the first time since the car mangling accident. a caption is not necessary, since the love in their eyes is more than enough.
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>> washy, not sluky -- that's what i meant. sluky, no -- slushy, no. it's a little slushy at the golden gate bridge. little wetness. we've had a couple showers rolling through. those have wrapped up for tonight, i think, and we'll have sun and clouds to start the day tomorrow. another system getting closer to us that will produce a little bit of light rain for the afternoon and again some wet rain on monday. >> we want to update our braking story tonight. a shooting on a bart train in west oakland. the station has shot down, someone died at the scene and a shooter is still at large. major delays on bart as you cimadgen. good -- you can imagine. good idea to stay clear of that scene. we will have much more coming
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