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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :breaking news tonight out of the east bay.
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a 2- year-old. injured following a shooting along interstate -80 in richmond. officials are still searching for the suspects tonight. it happened along near fitzgerald drive and richmond parkway. this is the fourth shooting to happen along this stretch of the highway since november. good evening, i'm pam moore. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live near the scene tonight in pinole. with late details. jeff. >> jeff :all of a sudden the back left hand side window exploded because of a bullock going through--bullet here is a video in the back there were three kids and fragments from the shattered window landed on the two-year old child who was in the back in the car seat
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>>:it was pretty miraculous that none of them were hit especially the three children who were seated in the back seat so they should count their blessings tonight as it definitely was pretty miraculous >> jeff :the child was treated here at the scene and not take into the hospital but as you can imagine a family was terrified about that experience fortunately nobody was wounded and there is currently no description of the suspect video --vehicle bart riders. crouched for safety. a fellow passenger opened fire on a train bound for west oakland saturday evening, killing one man on board. and the shooter is still on the run bart police chief kenton rainy says, his officers are working around the clock to try and determine who opened fire. no surveillance video or pictures have been released. kenton will not say if cameras on the train were working, or whether they captured an image of the suspect. he does say. the transit system is a safe one.
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he says, the most serious crimes committed on bart. dropped by 10- percent from 2014 to 2015. >>:is an unprecedented heinous act and will not stop until we bring this individual to justice this is the only incident i can recall where somebody has actually been shot like this >> pam :the victims identity has not yet been released. the coronoers officer says. it is waiting for fingerprint verification. tonight. we are talking with the man who took video of the moments right after that deadly shooting on bart. kron 4's kate cagle spoke with him. and shows us the dramatic video. >>:we thought it was like terrorists or something > >kate : it happened in an
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instant and this man says it was just chaos >>:i thought i was going to die > >kate: as people power behind benches people gave the cpr to the victim >>:humanity afraid > >kate: a black lives matter activists feels lucky because she has the training to get through trauma and he says that the more you put of conquering your own fears the worst they become and he recorded the incident to remember it more accurately and he says it is poured and--it is important to process what he felt and to focus on the
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importance, and positiveness like the people who rushed forward to help the victim >>:i think we can be afraid if we are prepared to act in those situations, but i hope this never happens again > >kate : reporting in san francisco >> pam : the san mateo county sheriff's office is investigating a home invasion robbery. that took place late last month. it was just after midnight on december 31st. on the 200- block of magnolia avenue in millbrae. a 93-year-old homeowner woke up to find two men in his house they broke- in through the back door. looking for valuables. detectives say, these same two men are suspects in another crime, not too far away on lake mead way. as well as the home invasion robbery. the 93-year-old man was not hurt. the robbers did make off
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with cash and property from his home. new at 11. hordes of tourists heading towards vista point. are creating a traffic nightmare along the golden gate bridge. now. bridge officials are considering closing the landmark visit point area. during busy times. --vista point the lack of parking spaces often causes traffic to back up along northbound highway- 101. a cal-trans official says, they are looking at the problem and considering other alternatives as well. cal-trans plans to meet with the golden gate transportation district later this month. to address the issue. coming up. vandals steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a bay area youth baseball team. tonight's my kron four story. the new powerball jackpot soars past one billion dollars. we have some advice on what to do if you become the lucky winner. a surprise for drivers. an airplane lands on a soutern california freeway.
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♪ >> pam :new at 11. it is not something you see everyday. a small plane makes an emergency landing along a freeway in moorpark. just north of los angeles. it happened just after 4-30- this afternoon. police say, cars had to swerve to avoid hitting the plane. two people were on board the plane. but no one was hurt. the aircraft departed from an airport in van nuys.
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however. it's not yet clear why the plane landed. or where it was headed. coming up. dramatic, newly released video of the firefight that led to the re-arrest of the infamous - "el chapo". a youth baseball league trying to pick up the pieces from a robbery where thousands of dollars worth of their equipment was stolen. a youth baseball league in >> gary :and coming up we have news on the 49ers head coaching search and to the kicker who missed the field goal which sent minnesota home is receiving death threats >> dave : for an this truck--and this storm we are tracking we >> dave : for an this truck--and this storm we are tracking we will have the forecast and continuous will have the forecast and
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>> pam :a youth baseball league anin fremont is left stunned. vandals attacked their concession stands. and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. kron 4's charles clifford was in fremont today. he has tonight's my kron 4 story. >> charles :on either thursday or friday of last week, vandals broke into this concession stand next to the ball fields behind holy spirit church in fremont. the damage is extensive
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>> : there's red paint all over the walls, they bashed the door out,they sprayed the fire extinguisher which has created a lot of dust, there's going to be a lot of cleanup. >> charles :but the vandals didn't stop at the concession stands.. they also broke into this storage shed near the fields and stole thousands of dollars' worth of equipment belonging to the fremont cal ripken youth baseball league >> : it's hard to take >> charles :jennifer treat helps manages the league. she's not sure how to explain this to the kids. >> : i don't know what to tell them. there was a kid who just saw it for the first time and the look on his face was hard to take. >> charles :monday afternoon, a dozen players were practicing on the field. 13-year-old dominic gutirrez plays first base, he's not happy about the break ins. >> : you know what? i feel like it was a violation of our privacy. this is a baseball diamond and it's a very sacred place for us. >> charles :the new baseball season starts in march, leaving the non-profit ripken league just a few weeks to fix the damage and find new equipment.
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the fremont police department is investigating but so far they have not identified any leads or suspects. jennifer hopes whoever did this will come forwards and make it right. >> : this is all for the kids. it doesn't benefit the adults or the parents. we don't want to press charges we just want you to come help us fix it. in fremont, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam : if you have a story you'd like to share with us. just head to our website. then click on the 'my kron 4 story" tab. and then use the submission form. it's all on kron 4 dot com. numbers are picked for the jackpot - ever! the prize is now up to 1-point- four billion dollars. winning the jackpot might seem like a good problem to have. but becoming a billionaire overnight. comes at a cost. financial advisor kathryn amenta
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says, the first thing the winner should do. is sign the winning ticket, make copies and put it somewhere safe. >>:i would definitely changed my phone number and i would go into my house for a while and lock the doors >> pam :studies show one-third of lotto winners. later file for bankruptcy. handing out large lumps of cash is one of the fastest ways to lose all those new found millions. amenta says, it helps to set a budget. and donate to charity to help with taxes. >> dave : don't worry pam if i win we will have lunch the latest storm to come rolling on in we will start out with some sprinkles before it gets together as late s 6:00 p.m. tomorrow morning--6 am then the entire area gets involved by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow
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and it lingers over night and is coupled with wins and here on friday morning to concede coming in there may be some return moisture we do not have a wind advisory right now but we will watch know when we see one later here is the overnight and you do see some of the darker blues indicating higher wind gusts and on wednesday the wind settles down a little bit it is not a winter storm watch later on the blue where you can see the heavier snow will be temperatures tomorrow somewhat mild with the east bay shoreline looking at the lower 60s with maybe some sunshine and in the south will police see some more son--will probably see some more
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sun >> pam : dramatic video of the shootout that led to the capture of drug king-pin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. after six months on the run. grant lodes has details of the raid. and shows us the tense moments for the officers involved. >> grant :17 marines were confronted by a shootout of mexican gang members here is video of what it sounded like it goes on and on with the marines going room to room inside the home five guards were killed and four people detained but there were no signs of el chalppo
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but then they found a secret passage in the mirror and caught him in a getaway vehicle they are fighting for re extradite--to extradite him to us >> pam :the national championship trophy gary has all of the highlights for the sports coming up
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>> gary :the golden state warriors duane wade's wife broke in pleasanton--grew up in the warriors broke a close game open here steph curry on his way to 31 points and they're up by 13 draymond green
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they are 36-2, they beat the miami heat, next up is denver and the national championsh ip trophy 4th quarter game tied : alabama with a surprise onside kick and its recovered by the crimson tide! nick saban gambled and won ! 2 plays later jake coker finds oj.howard for the 53 yard crimson tide touchdown clemson closes the lead to . but 31-27 then kenyan drake takes the kickoff return 95 yards for another alabama touchdown roll tide clemson's artavis scott scores the 15 yard touchdown to cut the lead to
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but the heisman trophy winner derrick henry scores the 1 yard touchdown with a twist on the goaline henry: 36 carries / 158 yards / 3 tds the national championship trophy goes back to tuscaloosa nick saban's 5th championshipone behind bear bryant 45-20 final: alabama the san francisco 49ers received permission to talk to former new york giants head coach tom coughlin. since coughlin resigned and was not fired nfl teams must ask the new york giants permission to request a interview with the 69 year old
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coach coughlin was the coach of the new york giants for 12 seasons and won 2 super bowl titles. minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh. shanked a 27-yard field goal in the closing seconds.handing the seahawks a victory in their wild-card playoff round game. since the miss walsh has received death threats on social media. here are a couple more lighthearted reactions from vikings fans on the miss
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some people went really overboard on twitter, with at least 50 death threats towards the kicker tommy wingles collides with teammate joonas donskoy wingles is hurt and has to leave the gam e 3rd period: brent burns hits the power play goal to make the score sharks joel ward scores a goal its deflected off the calvry sharks the horn blows sharks win. but marc - edouard vlasic get into a fight dave, have you ever been in a fistfight? i've never fought, don't think pam's been in one either, da
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ve, i think you're it >> pam :good night everybody >> pam :good night everybody will see you tomorrow s share wh♪ ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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♪[ music ] caught. the brazen jewel thief. her modeling portfolio. she's a former hooters waitress. >> no way, shut up. this is her? >> and sean penn's interview with el chapo. how it led cops to his capture. and what we've learned about the beautiful tv star who set it up. then, wildest, naughtiest golden globes ever. lady gaga's bump into leonardo dicaprio. and -- >> can i ask you a question? >> go ahead. >> what ricky gervais told mel gibson that shocked everyone. red carpet coverage from victoria recano, and jim moret. >> what could possibly


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