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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 8 ryder nation staying in oakland we have seen coverage tonight on the boat creek j.r. stone
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talk to oakland mayor, levy shafts. the first, the breakdown of what this means to the future of the raiders. grant? >> grant: the one team, and definitely headed to the l.a. market is the st. louis rams that will build a stadium near englewood. the chargers has one year to decide if they want to join the lambs. if they do not, the raiders will be able to fit really do so. bottom line, silver and black will be playing at the coliseum 2016. all bets are off. >> grant: as for the model, just when baby >> at the same time, i am happy for stand and the rams
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going to englewood. i want to congratulate the mayor of englewood. he is a difference of mine. we will see where rater nation and up. will be working really hard to find a home. do not feel bad, we will get it right. to our fans. >> grant: the national football league will give the raiders and charges $100 million to if either team decide to build in their current market. just moments ago, the raiders will now turn their attention to all options to find a permanent stadium solution. we think the fan to further our arrival compassion and support. >> pam:, the fans heard the
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news they were ecstatic. >> i am happy that they are not going to loss' angeles thrift that would be the worst decision for me. it would be nice to come back stronger to recant to oakland. >> for you to come on tv to say the to still do not have a home for it lissome but what of to move to it loss' angeles and leave the team here. let mark davis moved on bird i've had it to this--ipad with this guy already. >> i am disappointed. kind of disappointed. >> pam: kron4 j.r. stone live at oakland city hall tonight. j.r. akin unmatched
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in both the mayor in costa met with both pretty happy with it is with the news. >> reporter: certainly were pam. the mayor was all smiles once hearing that the raiders would not be moving to los angeles. i've asked for the mayor's reaction to the " of mark davis and what is next. this is what she had to say. >> respect that the reticence had a frustrating road. with knowledge that respect at admit to moving with that. we recognize it and we have work ahead of us to come up with a proposal that will work for everyone. our fans, taxpayers and the raiders. >> we did not take for granted that this is done.
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that we are absolutely committed to do the work to keep the raiders in oakland in a way that is responsible to the team, the national football league and the great fans. we recognize that the clock is ticking and the opportunity will not last forever and we will treat it as such. we hope to get what will be a very complex--complex problem together. >> reporter: coliseum deal runs out in a matter of " weak start to have to get to the coliseum for this coming season and will take a lot of work derrick j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> pam: you to stay
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connected on the latest breaking news by downloading the free mobile application for it stay right here, our favorite sports director, carry baggage will break down what this means for our raiders. >> i believe in change print because i believe in you, the american people. i stay here confident at the state of our demand is strong. thank you and god bless you and god bless united states of america. >> pam: his final state of union address recalling lawmakers to in the battered fraction of politics. that has consumed the american discussions. >> pam: his closing statement was about the concern of democracy requiring a bond and trust between citizens print that
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compromise is important, he says so let's listen in. >> a democracy does require basic bond of trust between is citizens. it does not or does not work if we think the people disagree with us are all motivated by malice. it doesn't work, if we think our political opponents are unpatriotic. or, try to weaken america. democracy runs to a halt without a willingness to compromise. or even when basic facts are contested. when we listen to only those who agree with the spirit of our public life with there's not only the most extreme voices get all of the attention. and
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most of all, it breaks down with the average person believes that their voice does not matter and the system is rigged in favor of the powerful, special-test special interest or rich. >> pam: the rancor and the government has promised intensified, is when his biggest regrets. >> pam: so, do you think in light of the speech tonight that it will have any impact? >> think he is hoping to live welcome thinking in people's mind. there are very few in this speech it was more of a queen and more about what do you want for this future and how are you calling to get there?
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>> pam: critical that the u.s. economy is in decline less listened to that... >> i think there are outdated regulations that need to be changed and red tape that needs to be cut. (cheers & applause) >> there you go. after years, working families will not get more opportunities or bigger paychecks to us by allowing big bank or oil rule on everyone else's expense. >> pam: about the economy is strong but he blames corporate america and the decisions made by them. >> that section was about the difference between
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republicans and democrats as he see it for 2016 election. the idea of taking the uncertainty and and just of the economy and turning it into an attack on corporate america. its basic democratic politics less see if it works. >> pam: pesetas was glad that he talked about the effects on working americans. --bernie sanders was glad >> party number one is protecting the american people and going after terrorist networks. both hokkaido and now i sense posed a direct threat to our people and in today's world even a handful of terrorist place no value on human life and including their own can do a lot of damage. they use the internet to poison the minds of individuals have in our country. their
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actions are to destabilize our allies. he said >> pam: is the republicans should take a vote if the drop of thrust military action against ice disparate--against isis. >> pam: the foreign-policy pricked the republicans did not get the specifics that they were talking about. or hoping for. >> and defense of what he was doing and what he believes which is the correct way to make that part they're talking points for 2016. >> hey, i won the nobel prize. >> pam: what can we expect of the balance of the barack obama presidency?
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>> i think you will see him take whatever action is he still can with the executive order but is about preserving his legacy for the future. >> the coattails is the obama coalition to thousand a imbricate to the democratic candidate in 2016. >> pam: less than 30 minutes ago, so the carolina governor who delivered the republican state of the union speech or response to the president obama state of the union speech. >> we are filling a crushing national debt and a health plan and makes an insurance last of four ball and doctors last available. even
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worse, we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat has ever seen since september 11th. and, this president a hears unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> pam: lot of people watching the state of the union address and talking about it as well. >> grant: kron4 facebook page is very active today. >> i support our president says peter good job and great job on the state of the union speech. >> grant: paul ryan wishes he was as smooth as the president says rubin. >> grant: and the words, falls on deaf ears says josh.
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>> pam: you can watch for a vote-that you can join in on the conversation of the last address of the state of the union given by president obama on facebook kron4 doug,. >> pam: and one that attack and the east bay. we are getting more details of who the police are looking for pure it back is next!
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>> pam: when will the showers hit and will extend into tomorrow morning's
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commute? >> pam: days? >> pam:dave? >> reporter: that is a blind spot on the radar. the system will make its way giving it time to come together and the and the north bay by midnight. this will play up overnight so we can look at the models: ford at 9:00 with the coverage by midnight. >> reporter: heavier showers by midnight bypassing the south bay and the east bay at that point. at around 3:00 a.m., everyone just about is sex affected by this. pretty much it will sway with gwen and driving it at this point. most of it will happen at the very early of the command. the
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rest of the day, i guess we have street-test sprinkles on tax tariff--yes, we have sprinkles on tap. >> reporter:, mid 50s you could expect along the shoreline. 57 in palo alto with a lot of cloud cover separate most importantly, the 7 day forecast it looks like a lot of moisture coming our way to make a continued system unselling. pam? >> pam: will be back!
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the search continues for a many east bay will police say is a sexual predator. the war >> pam: may who just left a club with a suspect corn her and that occurred to a secluded location. there are also investigating if this was this same man suspected of the surt similar crime. that happened in the lore piedmont area in oakland. this man is armed and dangerous.
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>> pam: violence erupt on an east bay highway, again. this time in during a two year old. >> stanley: coming up! people behaving badly.
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>> pam: two people shot and a toddler is wounded. after another shooting, happening last night on the eastbound lane on richmond parkway. two people taken to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds and not considered life-threatening. a two year-old was injured by broken glass. i was
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treated at the scene. this is the fifth interstate 80 shooting that has occurred and months. no arrests have been made. + >> pam:, his story has been made popular by now flics now convicted killer steve avery will file a new appeal with evidence against them being admissible. and, that major traffic that come into the bay area when the super ball touches base. how will this affect your command? >> pam:commute >> reporter: we will be back!
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>> pam: kron4 just seemed a long meant its live in san francisco with a look on how we can all get a room in san francisco during the super bowl. >> reporter: pam, i am live here with market street in
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front. with all of the excitement going on right here there will be closures and the taurus and the area, blocking the heart of downtown. >> street >> reporter: streets of downtown are will be congested with cars. and ministries will be closed. super bowl festivities will take over print leaving commuters influx was super bowl fans. >> we are trying to tell people to take transit, ride a bike or walk and leave their cars at home. >> reporter: as super bowl city, the fallen street will be closed to motor vehicles and bicycle traffic. the embarcadero southbound and washington streets to the ferry plaza. market street east of bill and stored
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street east of market to the ferry plaza and muni buses and trolleys will be rerouted. home of the end f l experience, there will be no cars allowed from third to fourth street as well as some ways between fourth and fifth streets. the gridlock will come. >> we will help direct people are now the city to let them know where the de torres are located and to inform them of what is going on. the >> reporter: detour route are and gray. a writ is for what is going on. to get to the bay bridge the tours will take drivers down washington. >> goal is to not come to the city if i can't avoid it. -- my goal
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>> reporter: they want to give people as much notice as possible. but these headaches are coming to court and also find a lot of this information with a lot to process at kron4 dot com. >> pam: it is a bit too soon to confirm what that the weather will it be in the bay area during the super bowl. >> reporter: anyone who has anything to do with the up coming super bowl is already planning for possibility of rain showers. but we now have something expecting that wannabes to come in handy. >> can about what has happened historic plea.
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>> reporter: generals, with the golden gate weather service says the date of this year's super bowl in his mind 20 times with 41 percent of the time based on readings at the san jose international airport just 3 mi. from levi stadium. >> we are looking at, from historical basis a pretty much likelihood that there will be showers on that day. a higher probability of the week, the week of superbowl where there are a lot of outdoor activities related to super bowl. historically, it has rained about three times that week. and during the el nino season and has shourd every day that week. >> >> reporter: has lent an average of today's current
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the showers appalling in 37 of 49 weeks with 76 percent of the time. >> eyes are really good especially, with the patterns of this year that the showers will be expected with this year's super bowl. >> reporter: to what this super bowl weeks and on record also coincide with the strongest el nino years. 972 and 73 and 97 and 98. -- 1972-1973 >> pam: 2 happen to hear about problems happening with homeless encampments. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: if you walk round, he may be surprised of which you will find in this area.
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>> stanley: or you will find area, or cookware. not the normal things you would expect to see at a federal park. the problem >> stanley: is, according to some business owners and residents is that the homeless are causing issues. >> stanley: first off i seriously think that they are breaking into homes leaving status--still in furniture--stealing furniture >> stanley: these two are transplants from massachusetts disparate they have been here for a couple of weeks bridge--a couple of weeks. >> we have had quite a few
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bregenz not just on the streets but safeway parking lot. 3 >> stanley: scott has lived near this area for a couple of years. >> traffic increase and a lot more in your face,. >> stanley: some states least-chest some states actually said some homeless people to california. >> stanley: so yes, that there may be a problem and there may not be a solution because the homeless are being pushed in the direction of san francisco. so basically, there are no winners here. and said the cisco, kron 4 news stanley roberts. --san francisco
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>> pam: david with weather. >> reporter: here is what we have, and mount the midnight hour we have the coverage with showers happening in the north bay. now spread out in the east bay at that point. their actions, at 3:00 a.m.. the amount that is generous in the south and east bag. >> reporter: son may poke out a little, tomorrow afternoon. taking a breather
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until the system get in by friday with the i settled weekend. >> reporter: adjutancy come into the 20s and overnight crude increasing beyond that point bridge probably, why the weather service has not issued inland advisory but it will be in a couple with your call me tomorrow morning. when to whether a statement. the one to weather advisory, which did not get upgraded to a winter storm warning. we may >> reporter: see as much as 2 ft. of snow. travel problems with this storm as we look ahead. >> reporter: lee may have similar problems. pam?-- >> reporter: we may have x
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no problems. >> pam: next, navy sailors are being held but i run after their boat was seized. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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♪ is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families
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with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. >> pam: grant has been following the latest developments. he is here with what he knows. correct? >> grant: one of the world's most congested and contested water waves here with the navy boats on its way from kuwait with one of them having engine trouble creek.
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>> grant: 9 men and one woman were detained by a and i ran revolutionary guard. >> our sailors are safe and that are being or given the proper courtesy that you would expect derrick was also pushed received assurances that they are allowed to continue with their drowning properly. >> grant: these radar images show the last one patrolling live missile firing exercises in 1 mi. of the aircraft carrier. u s truman in just a few weeks ago. may >> pam: famous but a net six series. why he should be set
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free? >> pam: the raiders being shut out at least for the time being derrick--gary has the highlights in all of the sports coming up. ! ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me
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♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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>> pam: and acclaim, steve that every says police thought at improper want print and members of the jury were up to get tampered avery, wrongly charged and convicted in a rape case. at serving time in prison. he sued for millions of dollars before he and his nephew were arrested before the
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murder. they are standing debts as he is betting that they are trying to frame him. --is stating that they are trying to frame him. >> the d and k on the bullet-- the dna on th ebulet matched. >> pam: 83 is currently serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of law about-- >> pam: neff looks categories are all tech with a cold and plugging those
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close and the end of the search, you are ill will bring you directly to that john report you can find the list of those close on next web site. --netflix >> gary:32-2, and national football league owners says, into inglewood for the rams. the second team in englewood the chargers have until january 16th of next year which is a year and four days to decide if they wanted showing. if they can if they turn it down and the raiders and mark davis will be next. mark davis to how much to say after being shut out today.
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>> this is not a win for the raiders occurred but i am lucky that says i am happy for the rams. we will see what reformation and the up here creek we will work really hard to find us a home. do not feel that perhaps we will get it right. >> gary: desperate just to say or get this clear he did not say the home had to be in oakland he says, the raiders? their competition where the team that is moving from st. louis now to loss' angeles is and bystanders, keep your cool along with his millions to real estate in bill pence
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was also his wife being the heir to the wal-mart fortune. to get down to what, 49 as save their neck by getting a stadium built in santa clara whether the fans want to agree with it or not. that generates money for years and years to come. >> gary: they are going to battle with a pop gun toward they cannot compete with these heavyweight owners. jerry jones start bouncing and we want croquis all the way the raiders, it appears to look at as aid pours sister and they just can't? >> gary: mark davis said " it's a nice young guy but when i say that, i mean
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merritt '50s but nonetheless this is new to him. his father made a living art of negotiating tough deal spirit but to get this stadium or a new stadium in oakland? the lot!--good luck! >> gary: you could only smile. starting overtrick this guy who appears to be the from mine hunt over the weekend interview with the new york giants at also had a second meeting with cleveland browns creek the only thing that makes me laugh, a great experience. he is 68 years of age patrick mike shanahan and won super bowls as well. with the expense of the
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49ers' organization, he is 64 per it appears to be turning their backs on those two german parent--on those two gentlemen. >> gary: the sharks creek they have a to not have vanished tonight. the sharks are really good on the road. best in the west. the sharks beat the winnipeg at 4-2. >> gary: the warriors are 37 and to prevent it are endeavor tomorrow and currie is doing a little talking grit--37-2 >> very impressive, obviously. leblanc wait to
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go. we cannot ignore and that part of it. >> gary: will finish up with the oldest high-school rivalry on the west coast. sacred heart bursas st. ignatius. pam and does not mean much to you grant neither does it to you. they have been playing it since 1947. and the sacred heart and young women one with the boys under way right now. they have dropped at least 5000 fans to this month particular game. >> gary: i am over there to pick up my daughter who is standing out there amongst 5000 fans. >> pam: we will be right
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>> grant: this is cool occurred and to facial recognition system to help you find your pets that are lost. try to locate your loss pooch or what ever the animal is they will send out alerts to be out on alert to look out for your dog. >> pam: hope to see you again as which appoint have a nice evening everyone.
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