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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. a difficult rescue is still underway in the east bay at this hour. crews are working around the clock to rescue a man trapped in a sewer line. he has been stuck underground for nearly 10 -hours. good evening, i'm pam moore. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live from the scene tonight.with the latest details. jeff. >> jeff :this has been an ongoing evolution as we have had dozens and dozens of firefighters out here
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the man who is stuck down in the whole is still ok she is responsive and is stable but you have to imagine that his head is 13 ft. below the surface it is a frantic exercisers trying to get this guy out as fire fighters have been going down there as there is just enough room to lower a fire fighter down into the ground that they can only stay there for so long the problem is the man's right foot is stuck in the sand and mud and clay and they're trying to get them out >>:i guess he fell down and got slapped down deep we are continuing to put in additional shoring it has taken a lot longer to work but on the other hand we are trying to be
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as careful as possible to keep him in good shape >> jeff :he says that they are not in a hurry and did not want to be in a hurry because that is how people get hurt the alameda fire department has moved in to give relief to the oakland department it looks like it will be a long night >> pam :another el nino- fueled storm system is heading our way. rain could make for a messy commute. tomorrow morning. kron 4's dave spahr has been tracking the forecast. dave, how much rain can we expect ? >> dave : the hills will pick up more and this is the progress right now on storm trackers 4
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this is where the heavy rain is happening right now we jump over to the far east bay and this is east of the hills we had a couple of rain drops and that is kind of the first wave that kind of broke out as we talked about before the big bulk of the activity will be probably in the dead of night we see a little break in here we will have your seven day forecast up later
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>> pam :for continued coverage on the storm. be sure to tune in to kron 4 morning news starting at 4 a-m. we will be tracking the commute across the bay area. in the meantime. you can download the kron 4 mobile app for up to the minute weather forecasts. big news we are following tonight. the city of oakland gets another chance to keep the raiders. n-f-l owners met today in houston. and voted against the raiders moving to the los angeles area. grant lodes explains what this means for the team's future. >> grant :minutes after the decision was finalized. oakland mayor libby schaaf spoke alongside councilman larry reid. she said she was pleased to have more time to work with the raiders and the n-f-l . to build a new home for the team in oakland. the bottom line is that the
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silver and black are going to be playing at the oakland coliseum all bets are off >>:this is not a win for the raiders but we are very happy for the rams going to inco would and i want to congratulate the mayor of inglewood, hes a good freiend of hours don't fill that we will get it right0--do not feel bad because we will make sure that we get a home for the oakland >> grant :if either team decides
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to build in their car market and just a little while ago tonight at the raiders released a statement saying that the raiders will now turn our attention to exploring all options to find a permanent stadium solution and we think fans--thank fans >> pam :furthermore. schaaf recognizes that the team has been frustrated over the years. and is determined to get a deal done in oakland that works for both the team. n-f-l. the fans. and taxpayers. in the meantime since the raiders share the stadium with the baseball team. a's owner lew wolff issued the following statement today regarding the raiders. "the oakland a's will continue to explore our options with the city of oakland and the county of alameda on a new venue.
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this announcement by the nfl regarding the raiders does not change their immediate plans or their goals of securing a new baseball only facility new at 11. san francisco supervisors are calling for further investigation... and an apology in the case of mario woods. san francisco police faced intense scrutiny...after video went viral of officers opening fire on woods... back in december at a board of supervisors meeting today... with woods' mother- gwendolyn woods in
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attendance... supervisors called for an outside investigation... and a formal apology to woods' mother. the officers involved in the shooting... are currently assigned non- patrol duties. the incident is still under review. coming up. in his last state of the union address, the president calls for an end to the bitterness in the nation's politics. plus. the santa clara youth soccer league's battle with the city and n-f-l comes to an end. the decision made during today's ruling. plus a sheriff's deputy arrested. we'll tell you about the charges that put him behind bars.
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pam : new at 11. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy is on adminstrative leave. after he was arrested over the weekend. police say, 33-year-old benjamin lee. was arrested early sunday morning outside a jack in the box restaurant along el camino real. he was booked into the santa clara main jail. on suspicion of brandishing a firearm and driving under the influence. lee was off-duty during the incident. the deputy sheriff's association of santa clara says, they are saddened by the arrest. the sheriff's office is carrying out an internal investigation into the allegations. still ahead. massive waves are causing serious damage along the california coast. what officials are doing to stop erosion. plus, growing concerns over a massive gas leak in southern california. how it is affecting the atmosphere. >>:along with the rain we are also attracting the winds
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also we have a batch on the far east bay and we'll show you where and all comes together in the forecast where and all comes together in the forecast [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
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>>:priority number one is protecting the american people and going after terrorist networks >> pam :president obama delivered his final state of the
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union address tonight. laying out his agenda for what he hopes will be a busy 8-th year in office. from our partners at c-n-n. karin caifa has the highlights from capitol hill. >> : mr. speaker, the president of the united states >> reporter :president obama's final state of the union address struck an optimistic tone. combining an ambitious agenda with a sense of hope for the future. >> : i don't want to talk just about the next year. i want to focus on the next five years, ten years, and beyond. >> reporter :the president addressed some of the division in congress and urged members to work together >> : democracy grinds to a halt without a willingness to compromise >> reporter :with recent terror attacks on the minds of many americans. the president discussed how he plans to handle the growing threat of isis >> : if this congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, you should finally authorize the use of military force against isil. take a vote.
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>> reporter :south carolina governor nikki haley delivered the republican response. and offered a very different perspective. >> : we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 11th, and this president appears either unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> reporter :the path ahead for the president will not be easy -- election years can be difficult ones to get things done. the president hopes tonight's speech will serve as a call to action. >> : i believe in change, because i believe in you -- the american people. and that's why i stand here as confident as i've ever been, that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter :in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> pam :new at 11. a superior court judge denies a restraining order against the n-f-l. for work at a youth soccer field next to levi's stadium. as superbowl preparations are underway. the santa clara youth soccer league filed the lawsuit against the city and the n-f-l.
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the suit alleges, a public hearing, required under city code. was not held. to amend the field's use permit. instead. the city entered a contract with the n-f-l to close the park. and lease the site for free. the n-f-l has promised to return the field to its current state. or an improved condition by march. there's growing concern that powerful el nino storms. could lead to erosion along the california coast. with more wet weather on the way. experts are keeping a close eye on several bay area trouble spots. including ocean beach in san francisco. and the bluffs in pacifica and daly city. an oceanographer with u-s-g-s says. big waves from el nino can cause serious erosion along cliffs. >>:we see about 20 percent more wave energy and we get plenty of weight energy here anyway--wave energy
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>> pam :u-s-g-s is also running a pilot program this winter. to try to predict landslides. sensors have been placed in hillsides around the bay area.which measure water saturation in the ground. >> dave : we are getting some more winds and rain for the overnight here is the storm tracker 4 this is broken up just a little bit in the last couple of minutes here and there is also another patch in the far east bay we also have a patch continues just south of san jose so we will see more coming upstream and probably the biggest will happen in the next couple of hours and as we go forward with that you will see as we approach the three an hour that that is the coverage there and it will be heaviest along the east bay shoreline with more continual up in the north bay in total it looks like the south
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bay will probably get the least amount of rain that rain is going to be pretty passkey for the north bay as it returns in the are the afternoon--pesky as they return in the early afternoon and here are the winds in the forecast how we see overnight they pick ouup and then you concede here it starts to settle into the single digits--can see here we also have a winter weather advisory but take a mental note the if you're traveling back from there on sunday may have to deal with some storms
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>> pam :new at 11. researchers are finding out that the air above aliso canyon in southern california. is mixed with a large amount of leaked natural gas... which could be affecting the state's efforts to reduce emissions. thousands of people have been forced to veeck treat the area since the leak was discovered in last october--forced to evacuate the area a researcher hired by the state... has flown over the area seven- times since november. in his specially outfitted plane. tubes attached to the bottom are able to collect the air... in order to analyze just how much it is affected. and so far, steve conley has found. that about one-thousand tons of methane are leaked per day. methane is known as one of the main causes of global warming. it can also largely decrease the amount of oxygen in the air. conley says, the flight data shows. that the emissions plume is up to 15 -hundred feet
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wide.and rises well above one- thousand feet. his research is intended to help the state determine exactly how to combat this large amount emissions safely. in sports. gary gives his take on the raiders staying in oakland. for now. and the sharks take the west's best road record. to canada. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up
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>> gary :the raiders will be staying in oakland at least for now. the nfl owners today voted 32-2 for the rams to relocate to inglewood shutting the door on the raiders proposal to move to carson and share a stadium with the chargers as for a second team in inglewood the chargers have year to decide if they want to join the rams if they turn it down the raiders would be the next team up >>:this is another win for the raiders put the same time i'm really happeny--happy
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would like to congratulate the mayor we will see where the reader nation ends up--raider we're looking for new home so our fans do not feel that we will get it right >> gary :after the vote the nfl offered the raiders $100 million to help with a stadium in oakland but they are still well short of now stuck for the time being inwhen asked about beyond next year davis said "the world was a possibility for the raider nation" but shot down a move to st. louis you can have rallies and paint your faces and tattoo all you want but at the end of the davies owners want to make money and the guys with the most money more times than not succeed and mark davis doesn't have the bill right now so they are like the
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lost steam just trying and hoping to find a home whenever you attach yourself to politicians with all due respect to the city of oakland if the guy walks in and says high my wife is the heir to wal- mart and i am worth $25 billion --hi, my wife they are going to struggle until somebody has deeper pockets to help them not --help them out the best road team in the west the sharks with logan couture ready to go in winnipeg 1st period/ 1-1 tie joe thornton knocks in the rebound 2-1 sharks 3rd perios/ 2-1 sharks joe pavelski the captain scores on the 5-on-3 power play to ice it 3-1 sharks final: 4-1 sharks
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sharks 15-6-2 on the orad best in western conference the warriors go for 37-2 tomorrow in denver. the reigning m-v-p spoke today after practice. it is the longest running rivalry west of the mississippi usf site of the bruce mahoney game. sacred heart cathedral won the girls game as for the boys 5,000 packing memorial gym. 4th quarter st. ignatius gets the steal and the hoop to go up 57-52 with a minute and a half left 17 seconds left s.i.up 3 sacred heart's alfred hollins fouled on the 3-point attempt he made two free throws to get within 1 point then made the third but was called for a lane violation for trying to follow his shot too quickly final: 61-60 st. ignatius the rivalry dates back to 1947 i walked in and got to see the last three minutes and you forgot how a lot--how excited a
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high school game is high school game is >> pam :good night ♪
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do what we do... make it progresso. crash course. >> i'm freaking out. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> the lingerie model learning how to fly when this happened. >> mayday, mayday. >> a little panic. >> and inside the raid to capture el chapo. and is sean penn a dead man walking. >> should sean penn be concerned for his safety? >> do you think? >> late night donald trump. >> i'm a handsome person. >> trump versus megyn kelly, round 2. >> who murdered ashley. the american artist found strangled in italy. are there clues to her death inside


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