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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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power ball is 2 >> pam:okay let's see those numbers one more time. >> pam:they are... >> pam:and the powerball number is ... 8,27,24,4 19 and the power ball number is 10 >> pam: people are checking their numbers. >> pam: the numbers are up to $8 billion and people are over the country have been buying tickets since saturday when 11. --when no
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one one. >> grant: it is billed to this historic level. 8-27-34-4-19- and powerball number is 10! >> grant:8-27-34-4-19 and the power ball number is 10 >> pam:kron-4's justine
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waldman joins us live from the east bay. where people flocked to buy tickets before tonight's deadline. >> pam:justine? >> pam: can you tell by my face that i did not man. someone out there has direct to riches story out there. >> reporter: it was quite a scene to see. >> reporter: one person came in with $10,000 to purchase lotto ticket for their office pool. and people waited for
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a half an hour to purchase the tickets. with eight jet but this big it is enough money to make a person really, really rich prick people had a lot of dreams as to what they would do if they won the jackpot. >> am not sure what i would do with it all because it is so much money. (laughter) >> is doing cartwheels in the house and just trying print the wind would be absolutely amazing. -- the win would be amazing >> it would be good. i have children creek college and everything. >> it to be a blessing to my family members. if not?
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hopefully someone else would win and help others instead of just blowing it. >> reporter:8-27-34-4-19-and 10 >> reporter: if you missed it on our screen is on our facebook paid is on our website. --it is on our website >> reporter: if these at pont denied claim to like it will roll over and the next day with the for saturday in the up to $2 billion for--is the jack pont denied-- if
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the jack pot is not claimed tonight it will roll over to saturday. >> pam:we brought you the live drawing at the top of the newscast. and we also sent out a push alert. with the winning numbers. >> pam:stay connected on breaking news. by downloading our free kron-4 mobile app. and opting- in for notifications. >>i think this year will be different than last year. last year the raiders were la. >> pam:tonight, there are big questions about the future of the raiders in oakland. the raiders lease deal for the coliseum is up in a matter of weeks. >> pam:the n-f-l announced yesterday that the rams are the chargers now have the option to share a stadium with the rams. the chargers decision on a move could come at any time.
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>>that decision will likely have an effect on what the raiders do. >> pam:kron 4's j.r. stone spoke schaaf today who says this compared to last. >>we have a new team here in oakland there is a new administration in place. >> reporter:new administration with the same goalkeep the raiders mayor libby schaaf says this year there are several new ideas on how to make that happen. here's one. >>without putting the public dollars at risk to monetize future payments the raiders would make up front so they could use that for stadium construction. >> reporter:last year the city and county brought on developer floyd kephart but kephart struck out when it came to making a successful deal. this year it doesn't look like the city or county will be hiring anyone. >>we really want the team and the league to lead the discussion about development. we want them to want to work with and that they trust to develop in a way that will complement the nfl and football. >> reporter:the mayor says they're now willing to sacrafice some of the would be development at the coliseum site for 8-thousand outdoor parking spaces. the city is also looking into the possibility of buying out the county's portion of land at the negotiations easier. the mayor says she hasn't talked 24 hours but has been in contact with him in prior weeks.
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>>we have been sitting down recently and had some really good conversations. my mother even baked him cookies so we'll be getting that baking together again soon bringing him some more cookies and just rolling up our sleeves to make this happen i know this can happen >> reporter:and of course with raiders stadium talk comes a's pushing for the howard terminal but that site is still being evaluated.that won't be done until the end of next year. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam:by this time tomorrow night the bay area will likely be dealing with more rain. >> pam:dave spar is here and says - enjoy the break.but keep your umbrella handyk. >> dave: if your out and
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about be prepared we do have a batch of rain showers coming our way. >> pam:new tonight at 8. >> pam:walnut creek police say one of the homeless men who died was found near the vacant building across the street from the trader joes on california streetand, another man was found dead not too far away in the downtown area. both men died
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last week and both had serious alcohol addictions. police say the combaination of alcohol and the inclimate weather likely ended their lives. >> reporter:they don't make the best they take too much they can pass out or not cover themselves up and keep themselves dryor they make poor decisions with their health and long term cases of that can be potentially deadly. >> reporter:police say they conduct walnut creek every winter and made extra efforts to inform them of services available. >> reporter:
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>>they rejected our assistance on many occasions and have chosen to live out on the streetsundernieth bridges and out in the open which, sadly, contributed to their deaths. >> reporter:and, with more storms on the way, police say they are going to places where the homeless hang out and encouraging them to get inside. >> reporter:i'm jeff bush, live in walnut creek, kron four news. >> pam:thank you, jeff. >> pam:bart police releasing new photographs. of the man they say, shot and killed another passenger last weekend. police say, this is the man
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they believe opened fire on a fellow bart rider. >> pam:the photographs were video. as the suspect exited the west oakland bart station. >> pam:bart police say, they have a surveillance camera system both on trains. on platforms and in stations, but they would not say if all cameras were working that night. and whether they captured the actual shooting. >> pam:while bart police say, there has not been a shooting aboard a train since the 1990's. it has still raised concerns among bart riders. r >> i understand it and decides what they're concerned. we are doing our best to make sure that the safety of the passengers of 420,000 that use bart every day is being considered. >> pam:the victim has not yet been identified. police say, they believe he is likely a latino male age 19 to 25 with dark hair. >> pam:they also don't know if he was targeted by the suspect. or if the shooting was a random shooting.
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>> pam: our top 'world news' story. outrage and relief, after iran's release of captive american sailors in the persian gulf. >> pam: grant lodes is here with a story that has taken many twists and turns over the past 24 hours. >> pam: grant? >> grant:the state department is calling it a victory for diplomacy, but this image has some critics upset. sailors from the u=s fifth fleet in the persian gulf on their knees with hands on their heads, and later apologizing to iran's revolutionary guard. >>"it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake,"
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>> grant:contrition and submission after two navy patrol boats were seized by iran. >> grant:they were on their way from apparent mechanical malfunction caused them to drift into iranian waters near farsi island. >> grant:they were escorted to a revolutionary guard naval base there. >> grant:initially the nine men and one woman were held at gunpoint. later images showed them eating and resting on cots. >>"the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance." >> grant:the two boats and their crews were set free shortly after noon local time. no mention of any further mechanical problems, they were picked up in international waters by an american guided missile cruiser anzio for medical evaluation. >> grant:from there they were transferred to the aircraft carrier truman and then flown to shore for debriefing. iran's foreign minister tweeted he was happy to see dialog and respect, not threats and impetuousness. >> grant:secretary of state john kerry expressed his thanks. >>"this kind of issue was able to be peacefully
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resolved, and officially resolved - and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. >> grant:a spokesman for secretary kerry says there was no formal u=s apology. the u=s central command downplayed the commander's statement, saying, "clearly this staged video exhibits a sailor making an apology in an unknown context as an effort to defuse a tense situation and protect his crew. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: arrested for allegedly seeking revenge against his boss. what a local man did. that landed him behind bars. >> pam: plus. >> pam: stuck in a sewer for hours. we talk to the man trapped underground in a harrowing hours - long ordeal. >> pam: and next. >> pam: tetering on the edge of a cliff. we talk to a local man. worried about the damage el nino could inflict on his
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work studio.
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>> pam: are you now a new billionaire or maybe a multi- millionaire? >> pam: check your tickets! >> pam: as we told you last
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night at 8 o'clock. coastal erosion is a very real danger this winter, as powerful el nino storms move through california. >> pam: today, we recieved an email from a man in half moon bay who says, the bluffs near where he works. are already starting to fall away. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford has tonight's my kron 4 story! >>it's like being on the bow of a ship >> reporter:christopher hedge rents a music studio in half moon pacific ocean. >>the waves have been hitting the cliff >>it's a great spot but over the last few days he has watched with alarm as those big waves have started to erode away the bluffs less than twenty feet from his studio. >>when i arrived today i saw that the cliff near the guard rail had completely fallen into the ocean. >> reporter:the fence, chunks of mirada road and this platform are now hanging over the edge. while other parts of the bluff are protected from the surf by large rocks, the section in
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front of christoper's studio is exposed earth and the waves are starting to cut underneath the roadway. >>and these waves are relentless and it's been going on for a week. >> reporter:the city of half moon bay has put out barriers and caution tape to keep people away from the edge, but it's clear the erosion is just going to get worse. so the question now is how is this problem going to get fixed. well, that is a very complicated answer. the city of halfmoon bay actually manages the beach, but san mateo county is responsible starting to collapse. those two entities need to get together and come up with a solution and then the commission needs to sign off on whatever plan they decide bay officials today who say they are aware of the been working on it for sometime. unfortunatly they also say it will take time to fix the situation and that's bad news for the dealing with a very immediate problem. >>it's not a matter of when but if. >> reporter:in half moon bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. return >> pam:this story was first brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story you would like us to look kron-4 dot com.
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>> pam:under the my kron-4 story >> pam:a palo alto man faces several charges. after allegedly setting his former boss's home on fire. saturday morning. >> pam:twenty- six- year- old muhammad hassan khan. is the palo alto home... while three people were inside. one resident was able to extinguish the flames with a garden hose... before fire crews arrived. khan... who was a former residents... was arrested the next day. and booked in the county jail. >> pam:a woman suffered a minor injury to her hand. no others were injured. >> pam:more rain ahead for
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the bay area. snow for the sierra. >> dave: this does not come coupled with the wind. we go out to export at 4:00 p.m. legacy it picks up their-- you can see the winds picking up. >> gary: >> dave: >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: we do have a winner and a separate california. there are certainly other people in other states but could have matched all six numbers and that would certainly
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decrease the amount of money that that one individual in there are no other winners that will come forth, we could have a record winter here in california creek here, though numbers 8... is great news for a least one person creek and california. >> grant: by the time everything was counted up it was 1.5 $608 billion. >> grant: 12 ticket matched five of six numbers. so they are urging people to certainly check your numbers. because what someone did match in california alone the excitement is building
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>> pam: also, and tonight a major security concern ahead of the super bowl how police arts planning to tackle the issue. >> reporter: the on-line market ticket place, i just received some great advice on how to get the best deal for super bowl tickets. that is next >> gary: warriors are going up and down with the nuggets. -the tremont green. --draymond green >> gary: lattimore sports
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later in this broadcast!--we will have more ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: 0 information at this hour on our ball winter street brett is here with the latest?--power ball winners >> grant: it turns out those tickets were sold in santa rosa, at least three. locally, here in the bay area there are certain people that are standing to win some money not the big jackpot. there was a winning ticket that matched all six
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numbers in chino hills near allied threat that the money numbers, we do have for you. >> dave: >> grant: the jackpot at 1.58 $6 billion. in california, across the state. at 12 ticket did match five of the six numbers. again, some of them were sold locally in santa rosa, santa cruz and other locations. >> grant: chino hills is the sixth richest cities. we do not know about any other state or other when their spirit that would diminish
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the winning support that person with the winning ticket there. certainly, we do have all of that information coming into the news room kurt as it continues to come in we will continue to update you. >> grant: is a great resource for the lotto news and everything else. >> pam: in less than a month superbowl 50. >> pam: today employees were trained to spot victims and i stress. --distress.
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>> reporter: 10 of thousands of people will fly end at of this place many of them a tragic victim of killing trafficking. >> reporter: into today the city of san jose partner with the bay area and tied trafficking coalition, and local congressmen and others to try and pour in place on how to identify and report human trafficking. >> reporter: early this see --this session lasted about 90 minutes with the goal of helping crackdown was san jose mayor sam look haroseth has turned into a $32 billion business. the trade of can is solely for the purpose of sex in forced labor. >> reporter: dan trafficking
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is already a serious issue in the bay area and, in event organizers say properly train employes who work on the front lines on what to look out for may help save lives. >> reporter: the carnal and other local leaders say the super bowl is often used by traffickers to exploit their victims. >> i can recall as a criminal prosecutor at port of entry, it was a dollar a customs inspector who heard the cries of help from and woman who was the stuffed in a compartment in the engine of the truck it understanding what to look for and what to listen out for creek that is really critical. >> reporter: if you notice, who seems to be under some of the control or being forced to the net and out of cars. or, simply something that just does not look right. advocates of
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trafficking that the said report it. employees at both san francisco and oakland international airport are receiving similar training as well. at san jose international airport, philippe is rob kron 4 news. >> pam: people behaving badly >> stanley: since christmas is over and does not seem right to call them christmas trees. if you happen to see an urban trumbull wheat you are not required to yield to them creek if you see one waiting at a bus stop they are required to pay full pay creek san francisco is
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notorious of the look and are asked to do patrick. >> stanley: do not place your christmas tree on the corner. >> stanley: here in san francisco, the rules apply to everyone i set up you?-- except you? >> stanley: to a street, there are even more trees and there are more trees to be discarded. and many that took too long. >> stanley: if you are watching this video and still have a tree in your house, is already too late.
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in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: this act of kindness is going by row. --viral
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>> grant: and ticket was
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sold and southern california that matched all six numbers. and that was sold at a 7-eleven in chino hills just outside los angeles. we will continue to follow all of the updates and information, and to california. certainly, lottery officials are around the country will factor in as you try to determine if there any others that have matched all six numbers. >> dave: he keeps rubbing it san bridge every time i hear it. >> dave: tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. the cloud will return to it the action will not get into later in the afternoon with heavier rain showers derrick scattered to up the metro area. at the evening hours, then overnight by rolling out by
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their morning commute. >> dave: here we go! late tomorrow, overnight into friday new snow is coming your way up and the resort spirit we will check in at the peninsula with temperatures at the 50 at the post--coast. we do see shourd comments and and out patrick >> dave: to say it looks like that is a new system to watch. --on tuesday, watch. --on tuesday, e the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment,
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>> grant: the story is certainly a script and a hollywood movie. the leader of the drug cartel apparently had a thing for the actors and is seen mutual. this is one of their exchanges be a blackberry text. >> grant: alto bowl calling himself public tells the actors you are the best of this world. i will take care of you more than my own eyes. castillo, use the initial jim replies. i am the ammo's the issue say you will care for me. no one has ever taken care of me. i think you. --thank you. >> grant: he invites her to me tam and says we can drink tequila and then spread the
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messages were in cryptic the mexican authorities were able to read them. and they eventually were able to drill him to his hideout and sonoma state. --sianola >> pam: and virginia day care teacher who allegedly turned her classroom into a baby five club has been convicted on more than a dozen charges. >> pam: 31 year-old esther jordan was convicted on 39 felony counts including child cruelty. witnesses testified. toward an international trip children and encourage them to fight and sprayed them in the face with a whole separate she was the lead teacher in the classroom of a one year old children at the time creek jordan says she occasionally used to hold the struggle pits with water but never tried to hurt them. >> gary:good evening!
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>> gary: and you have two losses. forget the preliminary step was cool to the fourth quarter, 28. and five rebounds with a couple of the system and nuggets are up 93 curry is going crazy in the fourth. he had 20 of his 38 and the fourth. >> gary: 2.8 seconds and you figure is open but klay thompson hit a three and the warriors will get one last shot. after december mrs. a free throw. they come up a couple points short print. 112-110 >> gary: warriors are 36 and
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3. >> gary:hue jackson, is also the coaching free agent market. today he was hired as the cleveland browns' head coach. tons of the deal have not been released. and jackson will be clinton's fifth head coach since 2010. --cleveland's >> there is nothing like the killing of walking through these doors. i know that this is a rabbit and bass that are excited. let me give you a foot is blocked because i am excited creek in this place the ball the way i know that we can play.
8:50 pm
--let me give you afist bump because i am excited. let's play football the way i know that we can play. >> gary: the hiring of jackson by the browns could mean the end of jutting and still an experiment in cleveland creek according to a multiple reports jackson indicated that he would prefer for the organization moved drummondville if he were to become coach and he was told that he would that that would not be a problem. >> gary: the 49ers are reportedly still interested in mike shanahan as potential head coach. e s t and reports the 63 year old
8:51 pm
is strongly back and the mix to become the team's head coach. shanahan has the mayor look to--shanahan has been merrill uh tee with the 49 as as he was their offensive coordinator from 1992-1994--familiar >> gary: he has 20 years of head coaching experience in the national football league. 14 with the denver broncos, for with the washington redskins and two with las angeles raiders. shanahan is tied for 12th and the national football league history and went and has two super bowl titles. >> gary: the approval for the rams to leave st. louis for englewood yesterday by the next couple by league owners led the chargers and raiders in the lurch. the
8:52 pm
chargers now had a year to decide whether to join the rams or not. if they choose not to the raiders would have that option. according to reports it looks likely the chargers will not only decide to go to end the will but could do it early enough to play in l.a. next season. ifhe charges do decide to join the rams believes arrears with no options in las angeles. >> gary: powerful to bugs in your kid's college but it will not go to waste. no matter what happens you will get a nice response and the audience will get a kick out of it. here are some nice responses. >> excuse me what i drive home in my ability. -- in my bentley >> this is coming from a man who drives 8 a bentley
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>> get off my lawn! >> grant: there was a theme there! >> grant: a theme. >> gary: certainly was a theme. >> pam: we will be right back! (laughter)
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>> grant: we tried to keep
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their real around here creek and we realize the some people may need a pick me up. >> grant: posted at an advocacy group in chicago with 12 million be used to this stock is about to be adopted. certainly, helping his or her calls to rid >> pam: definitely need a commercial. (laughter) >> grant: least one winner in chino hills californian nil loss angeles. >> pam: congratulations to them we are back at 11 see you again everyone. !
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