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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :we have a winner! 3 tickets hit the record settin this is a look outside the 7- eleven store in chino hills, california. where a winning ticket was sold. the winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4,19, and 10. good evening, i'm pam moore. from our partners at c-n-n. cara kneer joins us live from tallapoosa, georgia with the details. >> reporter :it is almost 2:00 a.m. here and it really is the first time we haven't seen anybody in the convenience
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store but where there is a lot of activity is coming to us out of california as the california lottery association has confirmed one parboiled jackpot winner--one powerball jackpot also coming out of california we know that 12 people did purchase a ticket that matches five of the six numbers so we are just checking to see what portion of that will be awarded to those lucky players as well there is also a jackpot winner in tennessee and florida so thus far we have jackpot winners in california tennessee and florida and we are live in palo who said georgia--tallahoosa georgia
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>> pam :four winning powerball tickets.which matched 5- of the 6 -numbers. were sold here in the bay area. two tickets were sold in sonoma county-- one at the larkfield 76 gas station in santa rosa. and the other at the quik stop in cloverdale. in santa cruz. a winning ticket was sold at the chevron gasand another was sold at a 7-eleven in vacaville. this is the 76 station in santa rosa. each of the stores that sold winning tickets will receive a cash payout as well as having the distinction of selling a winning lottery ticket. employees at the station were happy that a winning ticket was sold there and say the excitement of the lottery was building all week long. >> ragsu powdel : because we have a lot of room in the store out here it's not like a crazy scene or anything. it was really nice and smooth. we sold a lot of ticketsbig tickets like $200 $300 worth. that is a lot. you don't see that every day. it is unclear right now, how
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much the winner gets for five out of six numbers. we brought you the drawing live on kron-4 news at 8. and we also sent out a push alert. with the winning numbers. you can stay connected on breaking news. by downloading our free kron- 4 mobile app. and opting in for notifications. in other news tonight bart police continue their search for the man who they say shot and killed a fellow bart rider last saturday evening. this photograph is one among others... captured from surveillance video as the suspect exited the west oakland bart station. the victim has not been identified, though officials believe he is a latino male, between 19- and 25-years old. with dark hair. they also don't know if he was targeted by the suspect or if the shooting was random. bart police would not say if there is video of the shooting aboard the train, or if train surveillance cameras were working. however... they are urging
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anyone with information to come forward... bart police say, they have a number of officers riding trains each shift. and have not increased the number of officers riding the trains since the shooting. despite this incident... they believe the current level of deployment is working. the road to super bowl- 50 . ends at levi's staidum in santa clara. next month. along with the fanfare that comes with the game -- there srefears of an increase in human trafficking. kron four's philippe djegal reports from san jose international airport. where today, employees were trained on how to spot trafficking victims. in distress. >> : with the super bowl or without it, the bay area is a very big magnet for human trafficking. >> phillipe :and, with the big game now just weeks away in nearby santa clara. on walls and shelves, in the
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spirit of football and big business, san jose international airport, advertising the super showdown. while now at the same time, training employees on how to recognize signs of human trafficking. victims being shuttled in and out of the airport, exploited for sex and labor. >> : we know that super bowl brings with it, in many cities, an increase of prostitution >> phillipe :earlier in the day, the city of san jose partnered with the bay area anti- trafficking coaltion, a local congressman and others to instruct airport employees on how to identify and report human traffficking. the session lasted about 90- minutes -- with the goal of helping to crack down on what san jose mayor sam liccardo says has turned into a 32- billion dollar business. as a former criminal prosecutor, he recalls a disturbing trafficking case that sticks with him today. >> : at a port of entry, it was an alert customs inspector who heard the cries of help from a
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woman who was being stuffed in a compartment in an engine of a truck. uh, its understanding what to look for, uh what to listen for, uh, that's really critical. >> phillipe :if you notice someone who seems to be under someone else's control, being forced to get in and out of cars. or, simply see something that just doesn't look right, advocates of trafficking victims say report it. employees at both san francisco and oakland international airports are receiving similar training as well. at san jose international airport, philippe djegal, kron four news. new at 11. at least seven people are dead following several explosions in jakarta, indonesia. the president of the country calls this is an act of terror. suspected islamic militants detonated bombs and opened fire at police in the downtown area. one of the victims is a police officer. officials say, a police station appears to have been the target of one of the attacks. a number of grenades were used in the incident which occurred near a starbucks cafe.
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the nations president says. the situation is currently under control and is calling on his nation to remain calm. so far. no one has claimed responsibility. coming up. two people found dead in walnut creek. and police say mother nature may have played a role. erosion already creating major threats to property along california's coast. we talk with one concerned bay area man. an important recall which could affect your breakfast plans. because of a shock hazard. affect your breakfast plans. because of a shock hazard. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
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>> pam :new at 11. walmart is recalling nearly 330- thousand electric griddles. due to shock hazards. the recall involves "rival brand electric griddles." officials say, the product can crack, and water may get inside. which can pose a shock hazard. they sold in walmart stores nationwide. from july 20-15 through december 20-15 for about 20- dollars. customers should immediately unplug and stop using the griddles. and return them to any walmart store for a full refund. so far. no injuries have been reported. coming up. ocean waves battering the bay area coastline. leading to serious erosion problems. we talk to one local man who's been watching the ground near his job. crumble away. more rain coming to the bay area. and more snow for the sierra. helping build the snowpack.
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>> gary :coming up a little bit later in this broadcast we have the warriors in denver and the highlights and also a major name of the four--former forty-niner assistant coming back for the head coaching job and other sports news coming later in the broadcast >> dave : and the latest storm system that is looking its chops people to know what to expect-- licking people to know what to expect-- licking [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go
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[♪] ♪ here we go
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pa >> pam :el nino is bringing cooler weather across the bay area. and it appears it is also proving to be dangerous for people who are homeless. kron 4's jeff bush explains. how officials believe, exposure to the weather elements played a factor in the deaths of two homeless men. >> jeff :in walnut creek police say that one of the homeless man that died was found near the vacant building across the street from the trader joe's on california street and another man was found not too far away in the downtown area both men died last week and both had serious alcohol addictions. police said the combination of alcohol and the inclement weather or likely ended their lives
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>>:they do not make the best decisions for their care and it they take too much and not cover themselves up or they make for decisions for their health in the long term it can potentially be deadly >> jeff :the conduct of reach every weekend for the homeless-- outreach >>:we try to do everything we can to get them into shelters and get them to the resources that they need to give them a hand up however sometimes they reject are helped on many occasions--reject our help and choose to live under bridges and out in the open which can be deadly at times unfortunately >>:i am love and that it is
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beautiful--loving it and it is beautiful >> pam : more snowfall is set for tomorrow and the weekend and early next week >> dave : we're looking for rental match us here on friday rain and that will match us here on friday up to thesanta rosa is a and 39 we have a cloudy state by daybreak for the evening commute tomorrow by 5:00 with the heavier rains
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through the north bay and wine country drop in south of the south bay throughout the evening hours and late into tomorrow but by friday morning things should clear up but we're not getting a lot of wind from this as you can see in the afternoon hours we're up to the teens ... but has tomorrow for the east bay shoreline are in the upper 50s and we talked about the tahoe snow and expect more of it to come for the weekend because we're getting rain in the bay area this weekend coming and going it looks like it will be a major event happening relatively speaking as temperatures remain in the '50s for highs and for the lows we see the 40's telling us that we have lots of moisture in the atmosphere >> pam :as we told you last night. coastal erosion is a very real danger this winter. as powerful el nino storms move through california. today. we received an e-mail
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from a man in half moon bay who says, the bluffs near where he works. are already starting to fall away. kron 4's charles clifford has tonight's my kron 4 story. >>:my name is christopher and this is my kron 4 news story it's like being on the bow of a ship >> charles :christopher hedge rents a music studio in half moon bay that overlooks the pacific ocean. >> : the waves have been hitting the cliff >> charles :it's a great spot but over the last few days he has watched with alarm as those big waves have started to erode away the bluffs less than twenty feet from his studio. >> : when i arrived today i saw that the cliff near the guard rail had completely fallen into the ocean. >> charles :the fence, chunks of mirada road and this platform are now hanging over the edge. while other parts of the bluff are protected from the surf by large rocks, the section in front of christoper's studio is exposed earth and the waves are starting to cut underneath the roadway.
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>> :and these waves are relentless and it's been going on for a week. >> charles :the city of half moon bay has put out barriers and caution tape to keep people away from the edge, but it's clear the erosion is just going to get worse. >> : so the question now is how is this problem going to get fixed. well, that is a very complicated answer. the city of halfmoon bay actually manages the beach, but san mateo county is responsible for the roadway which is starting to collapse. those two entities need to get together and come up with a solution and then the califronia coastal commission needs to sign off on whatever plan they decide on. i spoke with half moon bay officials today who say they are aware of the problem and have actually been working on it for sometime. unfortunatly they also say it will take time to fix the situation and that's bad news for the people who live here who are dealing with a very immediate problem. >> : it's not a matter of when but if. --matter of if, but a matter of when
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in half moon bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam :in sports. hue jackson will not be coaching the 49ers. we'll tell you where he landed instead. and the warriors try to avoid an upset in denver without draymond green. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft.
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>> gary :the warriors travelled to denver to take on the nuggets tonight. draymond green not playing 4th quarter
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danilo gallinari long two- pointer to put the nuggets up 9. 37 seconds left in the game. steph curry hits a deep three!.warriors down by two. 10 seconds left warriors can take the lead. gallinari makes the steal on curry looks like it's over but 2.8 seconds left klay thompson has a chance to win it with a three but he misses final: 112-110 nuggets warriors: 36-3 and what would the show be without me?
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unless dave has had a couple of drinks there are no laughs good luck with everything anyway hue jackson is off the coahing free agent market --coaching today he was hired as the cleveland browns head coach terms of the deal have not been released jackson will be cleveland's 5th head coach since 2010 maybe it was due to him not wanting to pay high taxes in california? reports were it came down to the browns or 49ers for jackson in ceveland he will have more control over personnel decisions than he would have had with trent baalke in san francisco that was the porbable tipping point jackson called off an interview today with the new york giants here he is on being the new head man in cleveland the 49ers are reportedly still interested in mike shanahan as a potential head coach.
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e-s-p-n reports the 63-year-old is "strongly back in the mix" to become the team's head coach. shanahan has familiarity with the he was their offensive coordinator from 1992- 1994. he has 20-years of head coaching experience in the n-f-l.14 with the denver broncos, 4 with the washington redskins, and 2 with the los angeles raiders. shanahan is tied for 12th in n- f-l history in wins.and has two super bowl titles. the approval for the rams to leave st. louis for inglewood yesterday by the nfl owners left the chargers and raiders in the lurch the chargers now have a year to decide whether to join the rams or not if they choose not to the raiders would have that option according to reports it looks likely the chargers will not only decide to go to inglewood but could do it early enough to
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play in los angeles next season if the chargers do decide to join the rams it leaves the raiders with no options in the l.a.-area it this guy gets blown out of the water less than 24 hours ago by a bunch of guys with real money, billionaires', and i want to sound like to invite on tv--a mean guy on tv, and again he says "we are working with him now and my mom baked him cookies last time so we're doing it again"
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now there is nothing wrong with baking cookies and there's nothing better than cookies, after being blown of the water by people with real money it hurts to assure the next step being to make use--hurst to hear that the a group of 1st graders in minnesota. wrote encouraging letters to vikings kicker blair walsh. who received death threats after missing a chip shot field goal that would have won the playoff game last sunday. it was part of a class project focusing on empathy and compassion. the best one may have been this letter. which said "keep on trying. puppies are cute" the kids are just so innocent and they tell the truth have all these adults for and somebody because they miss a field goal and these kids give us the proper perspective
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who wants to be a billionaire? >> i need 685 quick picks. >> are you serious? >> even hillary has lot to fever. >> did you buy a powerball ticket? >> i did. >> and the mega let-down at this restaurant. >> powerball 17! >> they got every number right, so why didn't they win? >> just like that, it was gone. then, outrage over this video. american sailors forced on their knees. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault, and we apologize. >> and the young female sailor ordered to wear a head scarf. and magazine cover controversy. has kris jenner gone from this to this in


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