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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 14, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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and san bernardino come to florida and tennessee the jackpot is on to be split three ways >>reporter: as soon as they
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found out that this was the store that sold the winning ticket people started showing no they're also here to celebrate because the store will get a million dollars the winner everyone wants to know who it is after taxes each one would
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take, the 1249 and hunted and $87 million >>will tran: we are waiting for the winner to show chances are they chapter before the cave bear even watched it live as it happen if the winner happen to come and we will talk to him or her new-found up your store one
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what to think? >>: i'm pretty excited you give some money of every ticket
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people are showing up getting nasa asking why we're here because this place is one to go places and california sold five idle since some tickets
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>>mark: two of them in sonoma county won the lock still stationed is a quick stop and covered up the winning ticket was sold at a gas station in santa cruz.
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>>james: fifth we have storms on the way it dry for not that is the important thing you need to know but the sound of the corn to be heading this way it will make it read as we headed to the afternoon. >>james: that is what we're seeing for the short-term forecast for today and will talk more about what we can expect
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for the rest of the work week. >>robin winston: we are hot spot free but in a slow the normal slow and go traffic >>mark: 7 people are dead after a bomb and gun attack outside of starbucks we have a group claiming responsibility minutes ago >>anny hong: we just learn more
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missile crisis claims possibility for those attacks within the last 30 minutes we learned about at night time explosion been heard in jakarta and is not clear was set at the fourth and one was hurt investing in said the attacker in the midday attack that netted bombs and opened fire and police and for the stocks at an upscale neighborhood of downtown jakarta five of the attackers who killed along to others and killing of his officer of 19 others were wounded in the police station was the target of one of the attacks and to replace reduce in the attack americans in the city will turn to shelter because police were were rid the attackers were still on the loose
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>>darya: at the allen recommend has died after a sharp battle with cancer the actor was best known for his role and harry potter film and die hard and in love actually he was 69 years old >>mark: the suspect tried to run from police it happened just after midnight the common share deficit it tried to stop the driver of 238 that had stolen tax the driver's left them on the chase ended when he pulled off the freeway and the driver tried run on for he jumped a fence next will center not knowing it was a 38 ft. drop that tried to help the driver he died of injuries the past in the car second for cresting and is cooperating >>darya: this morning we know who they're looking for tech a
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look at the picture in was to cover services begin to suspect was leaving the park station on saturday the victim has not been identified they don't know if the victim was targeted or for was a random shooting and have not said if there is video of the shooting or if the trend to bigness, working >>mark: the partner with the bay area anti trafficking coalition to teach airport workers have to identify and report human trafficking with about the super
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bowl the the area as a map the human traffic in host vincible commit great boost for the bay area's economy becomes a cost that estimate that post in the suit will cost will the $4 million just for san francisco we have you covered would come to the chabot with information on how you can buy tickets for the gain >>mark: >>darya: the huge block of all
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on the world market has pushed the price of a barrel down to levels not seen in more than a year in its the prices could continue to fall much of alaskas economy is tied to the oil industry even if the price of oil -- read now alaska was still face a multi-billion dollar deficit >>mark: the oil price is dropping dramatically experts say the government was no longer willing to subsidize the
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struggling news operation warning about a popular from what you need to look out for down the trump goes off on another front what you would set the president attended off at a floor rather last night new details of the american, who was killed and ed lee who police now have been testing
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>>darya: the snowfall this year has been fabulous for everyone >>james: if you're heading up there and up there before 2:00 or after 10:00 a.m. friday it
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will be pretty sure revenue the system coming in for friday night make your plans now and like a with a mechanic to to 5 in. closer to home right now the picture looks great this a live shot from the san mateo bridge listed amount of the santa rosa to have my visibility and apple backing of some landfall for places like a word concord when they're down 8 mi. although in
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this dry it will get what little on today a hearing to system 3 or tracking the timing of to of the bay area where for too fast for free to pass for 7:00 time frame take a look at showers possible for places like santa rosa at that point. >>james: during the overnight hours since early tomorrow did concede the picture clears up nicely is one to continue to be
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a subtle for the foreseeable future we have the system friday night into saturday that impact half saturday. >>robin winston: it is right at the foot of the maze is on to the five midwest and west about a connector it is on the bridge but jammed as usual if you leave not it would take about 30 minutes under 30 minutes to get from the maze to downtown san francisco here is the drive time
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40 minutes for no. 1 01 to south san jose by around 85 heading into a force play in menlo park no major problem for the south of the is slow going for no. 11 leaving san jose. >>mark: last week to homeless men died in walnut creek police believe exposure to cold weather that have been factored one of them found a victim build across the street from the trader drills on california street
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police said both men had serious alcohol addictions and rejected help getting to shelters with more cold weather on the way in a lot more storms police say that whatever the homeless to get out of the cold and into shelters >>darya: it happened and u.s.- backed plans on grand avenue about 440 guest to the afternoon if he walked in and demanded money and ran away to a nearby library witnesses said they did not see any weapon during the robbery and he is still on the loose police have not said is in its surveillance photos of him
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>>mark: it all started when police received reports of a domestic disturbance omer post avenue the their friend told police that he got into her work in four-star gun point to drive back to my to view the 22 driver approached and she said he flashed a gun he ran away office to set up a perimeter and looked for him at nearby schools eventually found him hiding in an apartment complex >>darya: it happen at home to about a block of the one place she entered the home about one in the morning on december 16th edition of her approach in the home with a baby stroller sheet gets through unlocked door and inside about half an hour and got away with a purse would hang from the man who was stuck in an open sewer line for more than 15
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hours the 42 year-old will cover and highland hospital this morning he was working on a sewer line in the trench collapsed around him and caved in >>mark: the spend hours digging him how he injured his leg in the finger and of the and then he is ok he should be released >>darya: 35 your artist asher all since of the two factions to her skull off before she was strangled in her apartment that defied suspect a 25 your same policemen arrived here just a few months of illegally off buses reported in said and saw them leaving the club early friday morning and go into her apartment they say the detained and after finding the in a on a condom on a cigarette and under
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her finger nails that matched him >>: by the way i do not like the market found it is terrible stupid one keeps popping i believe in paying but when someone does a bad job like this to some of my have to be tough the crowd laughed at all but even reporters to and one had a hard time hearing donald trump to die is a national candidate before i will caucuses the gop
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seems to have a more contentious fighting between party leaders for the democratic rivals donald trump is aggressively targeting to have a cruise off saying that he made the an eligible to the president he's returning fire and choose and trumpet have won the york values in questioning the foreign-policy credentials >>darya: this woman is suing the company she claimed to carry out a product damage to her lips again for blisters and rations and left him so dry cough and to bleed for several days the documents show example of the individuals claiming that they have had similar side effects from using this product several other when the status of the some side-effects but only because they were allergic to something in the product for
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there was no word on how much you want and that loss sugh we had the nomination for the 2016 academy award a recap on who was nominated by after the break- wrong with the notion or was moving but does that have enough to force its way to the highest grossing movie of all time
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>>darya: less tech the look of the nominees for best supporting actress tom hardy and the rev. mark or flow and spotlight more plants in britain spies and sylvester stallone and creed for best actress are for cape blanches performance and caro jennifer lawrence and joy shone on the record in 45 years best actor brent friends and tumbled matt damon in march and lynn are the capital and rabin met michael faster than a and steve jobs and at the regiment and that they missed four the big
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award best path to the nomination's about one our of the big short bridge of spies brooklyn mad mac's series gold the martian the revenant room and spotlight it is made a 1.7 $5 billion worldwide is surpassed titanic and become the second-biggest movie but according to a reporter it would like you bleep to 2.7 $9 billion made by avatar of lifting star wars were and the statute or one with summer between 2.12 0.4.
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>>james: that is a system where
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track in his other cloud saw on a live shot where the to for the plane to arrive in the bay area by 3:00 to 4:00 our portions of san consist of and the rest of the bay area as a hit deeper into the evening commute in the end caught our the future task will walk into the timing specifically our buy out a significant see when you buy a six-pack ring in your neighborhood and >>mark:
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>>reporter: they need the public's help in identifying the suspected gunman their release to follow the come to look the follows the images was second at the suspects left the west oakland station after they say he shot a man summertimes and fled the train on foot of the police chief called the shooting of brazen random act they say they're keeping their eyes open for suspicious activity
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>>darya: their apologizing for entering territorial waters the comes as they're trying to think the release of the diplomatic hectoring they were freed yesterday after the 10 for cost of the to the persian gulf illegally
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>>mark: the future of the greatest thing in oakland they're still the to the coliseum in a matter of weeks this comes a day announced tuesday that they decided them to move to loss and as in the if the charges the option to share the stadium the decision come any time and the charges say they will not share the stadium the raiders will have a chance to design the like the city or
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county will be hiring anyone >>darya: the bronze statue is
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worth $80,000 cost arose and of very real danger this once with powerful storms because of the storms that are coming in to see your car to a fence types of road with a platform dangling over the into the clef the city of half when they have put up barriers this city in half on bay manages the beach the san mateo county if the sponsor for the roadway
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>>darya: it is unclear if there recalled because of the fiat or for another reason the chp says the fire started in the 1999 lincoln town car limo because spent the system failed no charges filed against the driver
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>>mark: the directive 15 apostles wrist shot the 1000 unsold all six of results cast members
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>>james: we have the storm coming in the give us some rain and snow to the sierra leclair was to 5 in. at the peak it will be when it what conditions as you might wake up toward the resort if you're heading up
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there we have some great news will have more of this coming up
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: them looking for someplace to take command the mayor yesterday of oakland libby shaft by every indication is really great person but he was blown off the stage mark davis on tuesday night cockfight i
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still think it is too late for the people that are moving to los angeles and they have, shingling >>gary: your in the corner to someone says come to san antonio and where were about where it's --rest. >>darya: for the niners have
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nowhere to go but to give us the latest to be missing anything is seems like it went away with
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something out and we said there was a favor instead of throwing away $2 pricking their kids' college fund
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>>darya: not be a lottery hater it look like grant and pam were to, or workers if he went by one
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game all the time we were arguing about this yesterday. >>darya: i guess i disagree but they're people that create the dynamics if there were screaming
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guy behind me he walks up behind her on live tv and she did nothing. >>gary: this is my guess she probably that the script down as
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she staggered about what she has to say >>darya: i thought it will be great, what i'd like to think is what we'll do--what would will do. >>darya: 0 and he won a lot of money on anok see you later.
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>>mark: the product and cry and get water inside and pose a
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shock hazard. >>darya: u.s. war but to all those in texas from a huge drug shipment there were no match for border patrol agents and a k-9 team which from the drugs never near the 3000 tear shed their on packages that have a street value of near the have $4 million. >>darya: back with more news weather and traffic.
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>> darya: the 1 $26 billion power ball jackpot is one.
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>> mark: we have video and in that setting california where the ticket was one. >> darya: we have a live reporter >> it's a mad house inside this 7-eleven in chino hills. the bulge started showing up not
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because they won but because they were excited that someone in their home town was the winner. the winner: everyone wants to know? >> darya: what it that rep who says it is very crazy. >> mark: several people in the
8:02 am
bay area made over $600,000. >> will: $638,000 to the person who bought a ticket here. they don't know when but it was here . it is being verified that this is the place that actually has a winning ticket but the man is not going to reveal himself for a little while. many people do not expect someone to come forward. >> this is my first time here
8:03 am
and i have never bought a lottery ticket. this makes me think twice with all of the winners. >> last night when the guy working the night shift, he called. >> will: you do not get any cash payment for this but there is a benefit right >> he is not here yet so i do not know. >> one man almost his to the way
8:04 am
that the man one up hundreds of dollars. >> will: winner winner chicken dinner. the man that spend $14 to win a lot of money, area-- darya. >> mark: if you want even $9 he got a little tingle about how you'll spend money. >> darya: will just proved it:
8:05 am
check your ticket. >> mark: there is a winning ticket in chevron in santa cruz . and a few more the made over $600,000. >> darya: instead of a team call--to little--tinglkle, robyn has a lot of traffic for us.
8:06 am
robin i bought 40 tickets and made nothing >> robin: i bought 40 tickets and make nothing. >> james: this is will not creak looking to the san ramon valley . you see the storm front with iran behind it to miss the potential to be wet. dropping the kids off will bring no rain . in the 3:00 and 4:00 hour will start to see rain in the bay area and then after that we'll see more widespread showers. the
8:07 am
range of lhasa's overnight into tomorrow's morning hours. >> robin: there is a major back up that is no longer troubled through the maze but from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco is still very long time. the nimitz met freeway as an injury crash and is slowing down traffic even more. >> mark: at least seven people
8:08 am
are dead in indonesia and isis is claiming responsibility. >> anny: isis claimed responsibility for the attack. they were wearing suicide belts and carrying light weaponry. they shot at police in an upscale neighborhood in downtown jakarta. >> anny: many people were killed including two police officers. several grenades were used in the attack. we just learned about nighttime explosion. we do not know what
8:09 am
set off or if anyone was hurt. >> mark: the super bowl brings out of fear of the increase in human trafficking. >> reporter: a gunman who shot a bart writer is on the loose but caught on surveillance. >> mark: we'll talk about a race this trend this coming out.
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>> darya: pelican's edge over bernie sanders has now gone down.hillary clinton is barely topping bernie sanders in iowa. the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. >> james: we have rain heading toward the bay area which could come this afternoon. more on the timing when we come up. aying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty.
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♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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>> james: we have live pictures out here of the golden gate bridge with a few clouds. they will give rain later this afternoon. >> james: the north bay is where we are seeing a lot of fog indicating rain. if you haven't left the house yet you need to
8:16 am
make an extra time in the fog. >> james: temperatures are still cold in the 30's and 40's around the bay. >> james: you can see it coming into view now. that from will bring us rain. it looks like the timing will put it into noontime, which is optimistic. that it might be as late as the 3:00 or 4:00 hour. this may affect the evening drive and go all the way through to the morning hours.
8:17 am
>> james: temperatures today are in the mid to upper 50s. he will not need your umbrella to start out today but you will need it at the end of the day. >> james: we will have another storm system giving this sporadic showers and saturday and sunday. >> robin: there no major problems are in the james. the san mateo bridge has the usual crowd in for the westbound direction. a word to send a tale is about 20 minutes. a word--
8:18 am
hayward to san mateo looks like your usual build of crowding. >> robin: from 238 to downtown oakland it is around 40 minutes . from san leandro and to downtown oakland is also busy. >> robin: from san jose to cupertino under southbound direction it is normal.
8:19 am
>> mark: people are ready for super bowl 50 although many are afraid of an increase in human trafficking. the city of san jose is partnering with the entire human trafficking coalition. >> custom six inspectors can best discern whether and not some is being coerced to go somewhere. >> mark: people in oakland
8:20 am
international and san jose are also getting training as well as sfo employes. >> darya: the cost of having at the super bowl will cost $4 million. kron 4 news has recovered when it comes to the super bowl. if you want to avo the traffic you can do that as well and all news for that is on kron-4-dot-com. >> mark: to people in the, homeless man, died in walnut creek and that officials believe it was from cold temperatures.
8:21 am
>> mark: both of the men had alcohol problems and were rejected for receiving shelter benefits. the mark >> mark: there is of plummer was working on a sewer line when the ground gave way and he was stuck 15 colo feet for over 10 hours. >> mark: all of--emergency crews spent hours trying to get him out. >> darya: in italian man in
8:22 am
easily killed an american woman . the two were seen leaving a club together. >> darya: chipotle executives say that ebola e. coli problem s coming to an end. chipotle i will be a launching a campaign to bring customers back. >> mark: taking a live look at the bay bridge we have gray
8:23 am
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>> mark: no the nominations for the 2016 academy awards. >> darya: he went live in steve
8:26 am
jobs is one of the nominations for best actor or actress. >> mark: sylvester stallone and creed is a nomination >> darya: there are many for nomination for women. >> mark: and are also many for men. >> darya: there are many
8:27 am
different academy award nominations which are surprising. >> james: to have the full this summer website? i think we do. >> james: you can see we have rain coming in to the northern california already and will talk more about that upcoming. >> reporter: of bark writer was shot and killed employees are looking for the gunman. u probably know
8:28 am
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>> darya: we're taking a look at traffic and weather this morning. we're also talking about the lottery winners. >> robin: we are packed on the nimitz freeway. >> james: we have a storm inbound which will probably be here by that afternoon. bring your umbrella because we will be dealing with the rain. the latest projections show the clouds are out there and there
8:31 am
are more on the way. there are showers in northern california and we're waiting for that front. >> james: the far north community is starting to receive the reign of everybody else it will be this afternoon. around the meantime chances will increase for the rain and then about 4:00 and stretching into the evening we will see the rain. >> james: we will be tracking those rainshowers live so please keep track with us at kron-4- dot-com and with our mobile application. >> robin: the bay bridge is getting better but the nimitzfr eeway is getting worse. to get
8:32 am
to downtown san francisco over crossing is clear. if you have been waiting for traffic to thin out it now is a great time. at 66 avenue there is a multi card injury crash which is slowing down the traffic greatly. >> robin: 580 west is getting better: san leandro to downtown is crowded. >> mark: a bar rider was killed
8:33 am
over the weekend and now know the gun and looks like. >> reporter: bart police have now released of photo of what the man looks like. to take a look at the photos. witnesses say this man that shot a the rider many times and then left. >> i was disturbed, i was really disturbed. it could have been me. there are great people working for bart to but the security needs to be at increased. >> reporter: police say they're
8:34 am
having trouble identifying the man who shot and there's also no word on the motive yet. >> that was a mistake on our part and that was our fault. >> darya: that was an official apology as naval o--troops went into iranian waters. >> the fall is not that iranian
8:35 am
officials took our troops in the cavity--captivity but on that the part of the navy who lent their troops to get that close to iranian waters. >> mark: there is still controversy over the raiders sustained where they are. the rams are being allowed to go to loss angeles and the rams are allowed to share the stadium. >> mark: there is an administration team in the city of oakland that wants to keep the team there. the developers
8:36 am
struck out when it came to making it a successful deal. >> we really want the team that to lead the discussion because it leads--leaves of the public from being a risk for spending millions of dollars. the mark >> mark: the city is looking at buying part a landed at the coliseum sits on to make negotiations easier. >> darya: there was a statue
8:37 am
stela at uc-berkeley. >> stanley: upcoming is a people behaving badly. >> mark: after the bake we will see generous donations by police officers to lead to a marriage of homeless people. [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before
8:38 am
♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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>> darya: of homeless couple in florida is getting the wedding of their dreams of thanks in part to police officers. the couple has been living in a homeless encampment for three years. if they wanted to get married until they learned that there is a marriage license fee but people all around florida started donating money for the couple. the couple ended up getting $20,000.
8:41 am
>> they wanted to hold the wedding in dover and they had an outpouring of support. >> are you sure? this is what they do. >> darya: the couple is being helped to find a place to live by a police officer. >> robin: there is our early klamath the bay bridge toll plaza. it is only 15 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. and we'll discuss more bridges after the break.
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8:44 am
>> james: if you're on the north bay right now you could actually see some showers as early as noon time. we might get rained all the way of to a sausalito as early as 3:00 and then around
8:45 am
4:00 the rest of the bay area will see the rain. >> james: the fog is a heavier petaluma. give yourself a little extra time and leave early because of the dense fog when you're driving. >> james: it is colder than it was yesterday. we are still in the 30's and '40's. >> james: to the noon hour he will seek clover dale in clear lake getting showers. as we push ford in time to 6:00 we have more widespread activity. this will be light rain but not a huge accumulation.
8:46 am
>> james: at 10:00 p.m. tonight we will so have the showers and that will go through the night into friday. >> james: the temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. will be a very mild they. >> james: friday night into at least friday we will have some showers. then a brief break for sunday and then sunday night into monday we will have another week of relatively wet weather around the bay. >> james: please go to kron-4- dot-com in use are mobile application to keep all up on the the weather including in the sierras.
8:47 am
>> james: the rides in the sierras art have feet and feet of snow. >> robin: there's early caring for the san mateo bridge. earlier i showed you a shot of the bay bridge but it is thinning out quickly there as well. to the golden gate bridge we have smooth with a traffic in and out of san francisco. the southbound commute is 41 minutes after san rafael is clear into san francisco. >> robin: the crash at northbound 66 to the nimitz freeway is being cleared but
8:48 am
traffic is still slow. go ahead and use 580 west as it is much better than a ride on the nimitz freeway. from the 24 split to the dublin interchange it is about 30 minutes. >> mark: here is people behaving badly >> stanley: on the san
8:49 am
francisco web site for decals a gives many descriptions but many people break them. >> stanley: there's a least one christmas tree line in the street in this city. since christmas is over it doesn't seem right to call them christmas trees. maybe tumbleweed? >> stanley: san franciscans are notorious for doing opposite of what they're supposed to do. do not place your trees on the corner means just what it says.
8:50 am
when you are in san francisco the rules apply to everyone but you. >> stanley: on taylor street they have even more trees. many have said to want on the ocean beach. there is a way to make much out of the trees if you fall the simple instructions. >> darya: we are learning new disturbing details about the man who gunned down a bar to rider.
8:51 am
there was a n.y. supremacists gunman who killed nine people at a black church. and someone praised him for what he did the same"thank you for the wake-up call." >> mark: an insurance company failed to provide one of its customers with money at the crashes.
8:52 am
>> darya: she called 911 am indebted to pushing her father down a least one flight of stairs. the girl said her father pushed her down and pulled her hair and is expected to plead not guilty. >> darya: griddles were sold in wal-mart had a a electrical problem that will allow water to seep down and cause danger.
8:53 am
>> mark: the warriors now have only three losses this season. the warriors are back home tonight after losing to the denver nuggets by two points. we'll be back here after the morning break. you've upgraded all your old technology...
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>> darya: take a look at this. this building in a tight one looks like a high-heeled shoe. it is still in construction right now but tourists are still checking it out. this is a to honor the victims of blackfoot disease. >> mark: the cast of friends
8:56 am
will be reuniting for a two-hour special. all six original cast members will be there. but there's one problem: the cast my not be seen altogether in one shot. >> darya: this may be the case because some of the guys do not like each other all the girls like each other. they were friends on air and also friends off the shelf. >> darya: there was a multibillion-dollar power ball
8:57 am
winners. >> darya: police are hoping to find a man who gunned down a bar to rider over the weekend. i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: there are the numbers down your screen lot a winner in fact over 2 million people in just the power what number.
9:00 am
. >>reporter: not necessarily because they were on the lottery but because there were excited and their home town actually sold the ticket. >>mark: she shot of the machine that printed the lucky ticket
9:01 am
none of the winners have been identified yet. >>will tran: so far no one has stepped forward.
9:02 am
>>will tran: i spent $14.
9:03 am
9:04 am
>>darya: 2 tickets was sold in sonoma county one at the gas station in santa rosa a quick stop the " rebel. >>anny hong: the rain is on its
9:05 am
way for the afternoon hours checking out the storm track a satellite and radar that is the marshall we're watching you will want him the handy just in case the visibility right now still down to 1 mi. visibility and problem and santa rosa where the good right now and no issues for sfo watch out for those areas and the dense fog in the north and get ready for the line and it is not tested that were talking more and more of the weekend.
9:06 am
>>robin winston: we had a car fire on the concord side and will pass road and not a residual slowing crawling back from the past bird back when bart station fifth 25 minutes and talk to concord will update the other bridges coming up in just a little bit.
9:07 am
>>mark: it is now night time and we have learned about nighttime explosion being heard but it is not clear what set off of and one was injured and donald trump is aggressively targeting 10 crusade that if he may be an eligible to president he is returning fire accusing him of having a new york about used.
9:08 am
>>darya: hillary clinton as awareness and is in striking down to 2% according to the north pole of this morning and has a margin of error and four percentage point the nominations of the 2016 academy awards are announced during the news this morning at 5 if you listen will recap coming up.
9:09 am
am tallylind. i st my sighin ahanian. ifou're tallylind, u maalso be ruggng wh no24.
9:10 am
>>robin winston: no major problems and told out of san francisco the southbound dried thyme 1/3 minutes to the golden gate bridge toll plaza on the heavy on southbound the whale merger on to richardson along city streets but no major problems on the bridge or come from the.
9:11 am
>>darya: the prosecutor said a 35 year-old suffered two fractures to her skull before she was strangled in her apartment that identified the suspects after a short battle cancer he was best known for his role and harry potter he was in diehard and and the actual he was 69 years old.,
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston:-check the ride on 90 to improving conditions and is looking good is at the limit heading over to appliance laudanum to troublespots lasted 20 minutes.
9:15 am
>>robin winston: coming out of san leandro and to downtown oakland with the drive time is improving and 30 minutes of 238 to 980.
9:16 am
>>anny hong: where appointed seymour rain come this way visibility right now down to 1 mi. in santa rosa temperatures right now little call for is in santa rosa when the third is early this morning 40 in oakland 43 and the more 47 in san jose.
9:17 am
>>anny hong: your constituency drive for the peninsula and the san jose area but that would change later in the evening hours between 5 and 6:00 san jose not expected to be a whole lot from this most of the fall in and out there around san francisco and parts of the east that--bay. >>anny hong: it will be generally in the north bay and helps more ran from saturday
9:18 am
saturday will be fairly what will start of what some morning rain on saturday by the afternoon the rain will change over showers and checking even more storms headed this way. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers >>rob black: we are an island will be more expensive and hawaii to mother reason of the
9:19 am
special fuel we use the winter bland and someone they evaporated the heat a little more kick environmentally friendly we have not interstate pipeline.
9:20 am
>>rob black: federal and mandated national blind study about three years fall and could $500 million out was to long story short your starting to see a lack of appetizers operational problems management problems and a chocolate bar
9:21 am
hundred million eyeballs
9:22 am
>>rob black: down 20% this is a camera maker qc the video some of the scare me if you like to
9:23 am
speak and never destined to dollars or $10 on shares.
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>>reporter: he was the public would focus more his professional life than his personal life
9:27 am
top oscar nominations...
9:28 am
>>anny hong: also solve sierra snow details coming up when one analyst continues after the break
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>anny hong: you will want the umbrella just in case and we have more snow on the rain by
9:31 am
3:00 p.m. more when expected and will see some heavy amounts of grain. >>robin winston: it was blocking three lanes that and nothing block a column back to pittsburgh they point if you have to use when it for this morning have to sit in the
9:32 am
traffic 28 minutes from antioch to concord. >>mark: the police said searching for the man who shot and killed another passenger he problems have more working cameras on trains. >>reporter: a lot of them came right back because it could have bid me while police have
9:33 am
released those for the have not said whether not there was actual video of the shooting on the train also having trouble identifying that the. >>darya: to happen just before 1230 early this morning after midnight the car chase ended when the driver pulled off the freeway and tried to run away from the deputy he jumped the fence next to a cemetery not knowing it was a 38 ft. drop
9:34 am
>>terisa estacio: i am out here and oakland to talk about this missing statue he is a huge figure in the bay area is deaf
9:35 am
and the sentimental we're not sure >>terisa estacio: any idea of maybe this was a prank and embarrassing contradiction for u.s. officials. >>mark: this comes as u.s.
9:36 am
officials are trying to think the release of u.s. service members as a diplomatic victory this a question u.s. navy has an answer.
9:37 am
>>darya: it does not affect the city or the concert will be hiring anyone
9:38 am
>>darya: what they're doing about it a prize and a human trafficking.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>robin winston: from the
9:42 am
oakland a's to downtown san francisco >>darya: ran on the way and hope is going to get more snow if you want to enjoy some scheme when should you leave we have the timing on that the conditions are pretty get out there right now. 7
9:43 am
9:44 am
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>>darya: a puppy a seven year- old pet will she is rotted to go on with someone was active and killing.
9:46 am
>>anny hong: new fresh powder expected over the next two to four hours santa rosa of to three mob to the pall mall also improved 7 mob visibility for
9:47 am
half on that note issue to sfo there been no delays this morning on those in bao flight september to and the four is out there for nine in san francisco 47 san jose 43 and the more and up and of this center was out in the 30's and 41 degrees. >>anny hong: just-in-time for the evening commute we're looking at some widespread rain
9:48 am
and looks like to see heavy amounts and the north and late tonight or an amount to what condition they concede after ride from midnight and so we begin to dry out. >>anny hong: we're not quite
9:49 am
done yet with the rent keep the umbrella handy for the next several days. >>robin winston: a live look at the committed to the richmond san rafael bridge it is nice and smooth the city of san jose with
9:50 am
the bay area and trafficking coalition to teach airport workers how to identify and report human trafficking. >>darya: the goal is to crack down when it's turned into a $32 billion business with the
9:51 am
without the super bowl the bay area is a magnet for human trafficking host and the super bowl can be a great boost to bay area's economy becomes a cost the mayor's office estimate hosting the super bowl will cost more than $4 million. >>gabe slate: then online ticket marketplace their sons to the
9:52 am
baltic to right now to the wreck site in the mobile application there was a glimmer of hope if you think about it there is one
9:53 am
other factor one magical thing that happens here allowed in february and like the ticket price way down if it is raining that date john online and for tickets a lot of people decide to sell just hours before the game if it is running back out to stay home on the dry one couch. >>darya: coming up a recap the big story in the morning and take a quick look at weather and traffic. traffic. [ julie the wrinkle cream graveya.
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>>mark: there were four tickets sold on bay area and a match five numbers those tickets were worth the $638,000 apiece. >>darya: they're looking for this man who left the west oakland bart station on saturday the victim have not been identified only seven people dead after a bombing and the contacted indonesian i
9:57 am
>>darya: the reason that they're building in which issue is because they want to on the victim of something called blackfoot disease which affects the blood cells. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you
9:58 am
tommorow at 4am.
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