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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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""understand systems he believes in taking care of the guys his head of the game at the seasons in philadelphia he turn the field and a playoff team fall setting records and points in yardage. and to thousands of the college level he transform organ into a high track meet. his newest project is rescuing the struggling 49 nation and hopefully help its qb find his way again.
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"i love that you want either one of them? >> reporter: questions facing as their chips on kelly. kelly is 2621 over three years in the nfl introduced sometime next week by uses next day's the symbol >> pam: was heavy downpours this afternoon with all the umbrellas out there today brain here tonight to tell us what is ahead tonight and tomorrow
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>> reporter: as move fast with the east and then east of a shower is this evening not as heavy last contractor showers up here in the diablo range of so little bit of light rain for the north bay between panama and up into santa rosa we see the chance for showers continue and into tomorrow morning at before sunrise and potentially rapping at wins close of 40 mi. an hour relabeling of this evening and which continues to the showers diminish after midnight relatively dry day tomorrow clouds and bricks of sunshine and another system are being here tomorrow night with more
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rain this one not producing too much a quarter inch for the east bay and south they feared by the day higher amounts into the north face. then the nurse like an forecast come up >> pam: donald r. free kron 4 mobile application is free to download for apple and enjoy devices. >> pam: the ides of nearly 300 million to one and three people be those odd scrap is here with what we're learning about extraordinary act of kindness that paid off he brought 18,000 tickets for employees in residence at the that the nursing home he owns across california one of them a nurse and sonoma not identified by name last night herd numbers came up the drawing brought live
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on news that a clock. >> pam: >> grant: any tickets a mom-and- pop grocery in memphis tennessee the 711 in the los angeles suburbs of keno hills. the news from huge crowd. use an indian immigrant who will share $1 million dollars bonus to 711. the report all tickets sold half was the winners ted percent goes to the retailers and the remainder to education. before last night's drawing california not buy tickets at 37,000 every minute to get buyers here said
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$386 million more than any other state. california schools will get 149 million for the winners each get nearly 529,000,300 28 million if the bill for a lump- sum payout device from harbaugh officials the rules very state- by-state the nurse to one were to get as much as nursing-home described as a 62 year-old mother seven children finished her shift today even after she learned his multimillionaire
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with the best thing is getting five of the six numbers correct their for tickets sold in the bay area that matched five of the six numbers a gas station in santa rosa had one of the customer do just that. >> pam: this union 76 had more business than usual selling 3000 tickets wednesday and the wind winning customer $638,000 this for managers excited for the relative reputation when brings to store the store owners only get a cut of the winnings if the prices more than $1 million figure receive 6¢ every dollar sold of lottery tickets of course the get all bragging rights and publicity for lucky ticket sale the three other
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women bait. tickets with five of the six numbers correct soldan clover dale setscrews and vacaville on to other news per investigation of passenger on a bart train our police release these pictures of the suspect they're looking for but tonight there are new questions about bart surveillance cameras report some of those cameras on the trains are not real and others to work today has 8 million trade they get to the bottom of this issue by speaking with our police chief and his cameras apparently are not life or working according to bar police chief but says for security reasons he will not reveal which cameras are actually recording
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these cameras come in the question in the wake of last weekend's shooting death of our passenger in such a car just yesterday bart police released this photo of the shooting suspect exiting the west of the station the chief says of the photo of the demonstration of his letter security system. surveillance cameras including 200 are police officers of bart civilian employees reassuring words and offer our passenger to
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do was to be set on the train remains to be seen. >> pam: all federal dollars doggoned making every camera on every train car functional where has it gone and herman live tonight at our headquarters with that part of the story. >> reporter: leno's and cameras to record the assumpsit say it's creating a hole in the security
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the board member says that most trained cameras to record video. it's just one of many layers of security because starts budget is not unlimited that requires part to set priorities. all are those who believe nothing tops having an active camera on every train systemwide not necessarily the case when security money also used to bring in bomb sniffing dogs as well as bar officers of cameras and stations and platforms with live streaming cameras the chief
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says the prison the putting so he says a result of were getting out all the cameras are not working they will look at their deployment strategy said if any changes need to be made. >> pam: california public utilities commission announced today by a subsidiary must pay $7.6 million for failing to hand over certain information. every year ube requirer descend information. a california branches being fined for not providing that information and timely manner the officials say
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that there will pay but also will make a court appeal still ahead aircraft a missing any fire thousand abroad saatchi missing out of the east bay months after the deadly valley wildfire a family is reunited with a long-lost pets.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: 11 samara as of tonight with the details. >> j.r.: laid top 30 this morning and then try to get away from police by cutting over the side: more than 40 ft. to his death here. right here this evening week and still seek bela tarr they used to cover his body if you go to the left piquancy we're right next to a cemetery nearly jump and that into a cemetery. it is see what this looks like early this morning all flashing white
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officers say they noticed before 1230 a toyota pickup truck in the area still in biggy pursuit and a low-speed chase german as a four year-old paul tried to get away but dire short time later he has a long rap sheet police say and a very chilling and we fell and died. >> pam: considered an icon by so many people in the east bay a statute created in his honor now the hunt is on for holes stole the 300 lb. statue of a beloved coach. >> reporter: the statue was at
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his picture of a right here he was a well respected admired coach. >> reporter: 1 as and a state of shock figure yet how someone or group got popped then hauled away the 300 lb. statue sometime between monday early tuesday morning the sergeant with uc- berkeley police department says they're looking into surveillance video the see the captured the crime other team
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members say they hope whoever took the statue returned it soon before everyone comes back. a dollar >> pam: assess if the valley wildfire reunited with its owner for month after that lays the wild fire that broke out in september last year destroyed more than 1200 homes including the homes of barry andrews to their dogs to cat 2 labs also lost the fire. if one dog who somehow managed to escape man responding to a dog poster called to say he found the dog and then andrew said he
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first spotted about a month ago and surly and food out until he could find the are. >> pam: jars and spots. more come to the bay area >> reporter: for system is not too strong we have more coming to our night and another one sunday mornings on the way. the storm checker live. mostly dry after heavy showers this afternoon ended in pushing through the bay area very quickly up to about 60 mi. per hour the only taking place in the north bay highway 101 between center fell toward santa rosa and clover dale now for tonight we will continue to see passing showers. as the first assistant in the bay area that the heaviest rain north of us
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and analysts said the screen the next form system before midnight tonight the future casses showing a p.m. mainly scattered quite often on showers. then we start to taper off after midnight and then sunrise that might be an isolated showers everything pretty much done and notice the the morning we have some breaks in the clouds sunshine there as well in high clouds for the afternoon and thus will go into the evening to 5:00 p.m. and fares the next system at an approach that reigned about that after 9:00 p.m.. and then the rest of the weekend and then there are storms coming of.
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>> pam: as controversy we explain next at 5. and then california gasoline prices are so high with the press a crude oil so low
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>> pam: >> reporter: tonight academy takes us inside the controversy as we ask if hollywood were watching the oscars will it take to change. the film critic tells us the most jarring commissions that made 2016 the lettuce oscar since last year. highest
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engrossing film ever form all the get shut out. >> reporter: have some much more on the story tonight at 7 on the insider. the british >> pam: after guy at the age of 69 he has been battling with cancer they were spending over 30 years he never generations will be greatly remembered for his role in the harry potter films. he received a " golden globe award for his
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portrayal of the dark storm of destiny. he served his survived by family friends. >> pam: isidium their concerns about a major security issue how it is and please apparent preparing for it next a feathery. and republican pat its prepared a face-off in the first debate of the new year. a guy who needs to come out on top tonight just ahead
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only at your local ford dealer. >> pam: the road to super bowl 50 goes alicea stadium and the fanfare that comes with the game fears of an increase in human trafficking felipe as reports from international airport or the employees were trained on how to spot victims the big game now weeks away nearby santa clara walls and shelves in the spirit of the fall and big business sells
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international advertising the show down while not the same time training place to recognize signs of human traffic being victims being shuttled in and out of their poor exploited for sex labor. >> reporter: city of san jose partnered with the bay area anti trafficking collation local congressman and others to construct airport employees how to identify and report to the traffic trafficking unless the 90 minutes of the goal helping the crackdown but san jose mayor says turned into a $32 billion business a former criminal prosecutor he recalls the disturbing trafficking case that sticks with him today if you
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notice one seems to be under some of his control for a seminar of cars. if something does not look right then the victims' advocates say reported. employes have francisco and oakland international airports similar training as well. . >> reporter: semester's a storm's storm tracker for we've seen the heaviest of the rain from this week continue to see the chance for showers through this evening all light rain at mainly here in the north bay north of the golden gate bridge and the golden gate bridge is pretty well out there right now. arrange on the bridge on the lands rain on windshields. and we continue to see whether through tomorrow morning before begins to taper off than we already have another system
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right behind it in fact of another series of the storm systems being the first and then each one gets a little bit stronger fill weekend and next week's storm no. 2 comes tomorrow night lay evening and early saturday producing a half- inch of rain and then another look for sunday will last much of the day in the afternoon. this could produce close to an inch around the bay and a stronger system on monday not only heavy rain but strong winds up and over 40 mi. per hour in the storm produced an inch of and a half of some places on the look at all four systems may be as much as 3 1/2 inches to the north they 2 1/2% francisco oakland sen the tale a lot of snow on the mound and updating in the sierras well coming up. ratings >> pam: presidential candidates will go in south carolina for the first debate of the new year. just over two weeks to go until voting begins
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time is running out to every undecided voters. national correspondent mark has a look at what we can expect to see tonight. >> reporter: with the primaries just a few weeks away the debate is a last-ditch effort for canada to grab what they desperately need momentum. the dow trump rallies but the candidate himself as siam price and the election, and six leading gop hopefuls will go to south carolina. most tension remains on downtown texas senator the front-runner of iowa who is facing tough questions over allegations his campaign failed to properly exposed loans in past elections. senator and
5:34 pm
john k. 610 cars in the ambush eager to raise their poll numbers the latest as shows cruzan trump at least 10 points ahead of the etiquette its. races tightening between hillary and sanders marked bloomberg the register poll showing the edge over sanders has shrunk to two percentage points.
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>> pam: edward archer walked up and fired a number of shots inside heading off at jesse at and they told police and then acting in the name of islam and pledged allegiance to like this. today fbi director says that this point there is no evidence that archer was part of an order denies carrousel and isis has claimed responsibility for deadly terrorist attack in indonesia. the attack started with the suicide bombing near starbucks in the city center last evening. but to a fire fight in the streets between militants and police. they say a
5:36 pm
five militants killed in the explosion and the firefight. also to other people were killed and more than 20 others were injured. a new twist in the armed standoff at the wildlife refuge in oregon. a local fire chief has quit his job and joined the armed occupiers. he quit his job at the county saying he no longer trust the government. the arm alicia has caused federal wildlife refuge since january 2nd. it is protesting federal land policies. we do not know who will be in the super bowl but we do know is one tough ticket to get. . the show you how to get
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tickets a. and then next how alive turkey landed in the sea on an airplane.
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>> pam: razz here with the remarkable video on this. >> grant: drones are coming to
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be something we will deal with in public and the record for the most unmanned aerial vehicles flaunt simultaneously. and hundred drawn slipped a nice guy and his performance culminating with the company's logo in coupling and off with the help of an austrian tech company the idea drones' 100. picture going a viral another one passenger recently brought a turkey by delta flight as emotional support animal. the turkeys owner had extensive documentation it got its own seat and ride to a wheelchair to fuel their for any animal can be a service at all as long as it's okayed by a licensed mental health professional some people saying a spotlight issues run with the growing trend of what
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such offering emotional support hadson paperworks green lighting service animals going anywhere. delta defending its decision to might be complied with the air carrier fact. >> gabe: if you want us to burble ticket on from uri seventh start thinking about that now revise targets will to burble ticket on from uri seventh start thinking about that now revise targets will to get specs on kron 4 you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? burble ticket on from uri seventh start thinking about that now revise targets will to get specs on kron 4 it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter.
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>> pam: receivable and other was a difficult one for those getting tickets. high demand and at this point we know which team to play the game are tech trans
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reporter looked into how to get tickets. >> gabe: club sideline seat sold for $13,000. . "luckily that people from this area with the deep pockets a large market and a bucket with game. there is. a glimmer of hope if you think about that a seller listing at a high number of to start getting closer to the event start dropping in price
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so that to get. we generally recommend wait a veteran to get in the stadium don't care about where you said when the last possible circumstance. one magical thing that happens here in february that could drive ticket price away down its rating to jump online and look for tickets electable decide to sell this hours before the game. the stay home and dry worn couch. >> pam: sprinkles through the evening hours for the sierra getting snow right now is the last contract and not much happening in the bay area white read taking place throughout the north bay.
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>> reporter: 10 this year heavy snow taking place. see few scattered showers for tonight passing showers most numerous 8:00 p.m.. from a shipping of the be a dry day of sunshine amid late morning also some patchy dense fog the possibility low visibility in the northeast they valets mimic sunshine clouds and then for late afternoon evening after 9:00
5:48 pm
p.m. tomorrow night the rain may be light and then heavier into saturday morning and should wrap up by saturday afternoon could be a half inch most places by the bay and then a little bit stronger when even stronger than that coming for sunday rained much of the day setting alight in the morning heavier for the afternoon gusty winds 30 m.p.h. the third system rest of monday morning by monday afternoon the fourth system of behind it may seem like storm three and storm for stuck together. could get pretty heavy from monday night there might be an engine half a lot places from the system monday night with gusts 40 to 50 m.p.h. everything should be done by tuesday morning a few lingering showers and a couple of fridays for another storm left that friday. the stalinist era that's what we're seeing tonight >> reporter: the system not so
5:49 pm
big in the bay area but it is pre in the sierra winter storm warning in fact heavy snow for tonight and then currently not on 1850's to levels above 4,500 ft. around the canyon highly 50 and snowfall totals highest elevations up and over 2 ft. of snow possible a course for the ski resorts were still always a good thing repetitiveness no colleges at diamond peak more on the way stocks closed higher today after the marked it had its first drop since september dumbos total 27 points down. and then nasdaq at 88. danny herman talked to our financial expert about the steep drop in gasoline prices nationally. >> reporter: weren't island
5:50 pm
gasoline prices more expensive than hawaii the reasons why a special field use winter bland summer blend one formula would be easy to mass produce the of the period in 198230 refineries fell 11 very few independent retailers out there so if i have no interstate pipelines or in the interstate pipelines otherwise how do we get our oil high taxes 50¢ a gallon the sales tax on top of that.
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joining me to disney co. working together with a digital network but what's interesting about hamas followers he has 40 million get at his fans to grammy to face the 100 million advertisers love people under the age of 25 these are getting together.
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>> pam: west if he found what is before this time his response if he didn't eat there not be any need for this edition of people hitting badly. >> reporter: move tenfold
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thinker decoration stand in like 56 ft. tall, and half. the instructions on the second fiscal environment website some people read them this is what you get. christmas trees come from the city some cases here on the freeway joke from column: this every street corner has one christmas tree lighting in the street since christmas is over dancing right to continue: christmas trees the heavens seemed irked urban tumbleweed remember the ftse one witty a bus stop their required to pay full fare. francisco's turn that tories what message do. a complete me bull been breakers
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and uplifted to the corner put them on the corner button stance treat withstand a plastic bag rules apply to everyone this trio 1/4 still has its gas gift packages. this is customer pull will be more trees and looking around still more trees to be discarded many that said to long for the set ablaze ledoux's have the follow simple instructions. if you're watching this video already too late,. >> pam: the new religion presidential square off again and a few minutes the who., on
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top in this gop debate
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>> pam: band of showers hovering over the sections of the region this wednesday night and more rain is on the waya soggy commute across the bay area el nino fueledlive storm tracker four showing a band of showers hovering over
6:00 pm
just the latest brush with el the drought parched afternoon. this was the scene in can see the slick home. brian van aken is tracking the conditions in the weather the rest of the night? this evening and end by sunrise. >> reporter: mets and heavy rain earlier today pester very fast some of the estimates show the racine at 60 knots per hour at a heavy rain and thunderstorms will all live in the sierra dealing with just a little bit of light rain here and stretching from helmut into sara the getting some light rain and the answer to what to more showers pass over the bay area for the rest of tonight should
6:01 pm
be mainly light alive usf zero runways for what here for this evening in jars continue through midnight after midnight a still a chance but it's less and less as we get toward morning. everything will be done by the time the sun gets up more morning mr. sun and clouds and sunshine to the day those clouds will thicken into tomorrow night because there is yet another storm right behind this one all make for more what whether in terms are rainfall amounts not whole lot of 2 1/2 for the north bay and talk about the series of storms for the weekend coming up litter on for up-to-the-minute weather alerts >> pam: alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron
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police are still looking for the man suspected of stabbing and robbing a female victim tuesday >> reporter: you taken to bar is seen surveillance cameras on trains and on bart property. police for the most. this and is on our please chief says that some cameras are not working. some passengers were
6:03 pm
surprised to learn some cameras and were not recording. realization comes on the hills of the mansion been shot and then a train car with a crustacean. bar cameras recorded this photo of the shooting suspect prove the chief says the laird security system is working are currently at 669 cars the chief of say how many
6:04 pm
are outfitted with working cameras all the trains will be fully equipped with rain new surveillance cameras however board officials will not say if the cameras will be monitored for on the clock for just brand new decoys question becomes what could be a higher priority than security where's the money to make for a secure being spent ganed herman is left of our headquarters with the answers they're plenty of security priorities one thing making sure this time security on the transfer to a whole list of
6:05 pm
other priorities that the pick and choose what is most important the and board member says that there are cameras in parking lots she says is an accurate to say the system is flawed because not all cameras work. >> reporter: even with the federal money that its come to listen to be made in an office that even when it comes to security. police chief says
6:06 pm
that some of those including spending security money on an exodus of officers the eventual downtown oakland and san francisco stations. parts of the haves and federal dollars aside to upgrade certain cameras on certain trains that will happen later this year. >> grant: now a major delay at the civic center station
6:07 pm
affecting people trying to go in both directions bilberry daly city as well as heading to the east bay there is a person people on the tracks for if there that the city center station a major delay at least 20 minutes of bar is not specify no indication when this delay might lessen. as the deal right now major delays on board in both directions we keep the post of. >> pam: lunch truck is how a fed fell as the police chase in the east bay. authorities say say a man well >> j.r.: seen out here earlier this morning that in a state rampage of from the berkeley behind me the man jumped from here is the
6:08 pm
currency the yellow car use the cover his body lying on the ground. despite a pickup truck reported stolen the driver took off in one place just after the driver got on intercity 30 the bank got up and fell. likely he is aware of the 40 + foot drop identified as for year-old paul of redwood city at the time of his death wearing a ski mask also gloves they tell me get an extensive criminal history passenger inside that debt also drug paraphernalia was found. . >> pam:bay area radio pioneer al hart has died. well known on kcbs-radio for his
6:09 pm
deep authoritative voice. hart 88. according to the station's website. hart joined kcbs in 1966 and retired about 15 years ago. during his tenure. he was the calming and reassuring voice during some of the bay area's most challenging times. inlcuding the loma prieta earthquake. and the oakland hills fire. in our other big story of the day-- the 49ers have made their choice. the organization announced this morning that chip kelly is the the search since it started last monday. and joins us with the latest. only time will tell. >> reporter:through all the names that surfaced over the last week and a half, the niners opted for the man that was the odds-on favorite to win the job.
6:10 pm
the hope is that chip kelly restores this franchise to championship status. some much-needed stability to the organization.
6:11 pm
jim tomsula, kelly is an offensive mind that takes a to the game. there's often discussion on what his hiring means for formerit's thought that kelly's offensive scheme is perfect for see if he is starting once thekelly is 26- 21 over three years sometime next week.while he uses optimistic is one word that hire. some 49ers' players.and football social give their twogrant lodes is here with some of >> grant:
6:12 pm
andrew brandt ? @andrewbrandt jeff mclane ? @jeff_mclane ensure bread in espn's sports illustrated he went 26 games in three years. cabinet the quarterbacks or as good as capping kept a close to run here king rear fuel sports illustrated football writer could move by niners giving a smart coach a second chance for a he be burning approved eagles ron kelly fired by the eagles right after this season ended. will on military thinks about this of give and following him the of the brain near his reaction at 645.
6:13 pm
now the hunt is on to find it. police say it was snatched from >> pam: anymore the seven gulf and women after winning the parvo jackpot. both lawsuits filed by american women living twitter for the death of her husband that has a vises.
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>> pam:the statue is a life size rendition of ky e-bright, the popular and widely admired rowing coach that lead university of berkley's rowing team to several gold medals. police say they are looking into the matter. team members say they are quite police are looking into surveillance video they are trying to determine whether this may have been some type of prank. it's official -- there are three winners for the one-point-five billion dollar powerball jackpot. one has been identified at a 62 year-old nurse from pomona.who got the ticket from her boss. cnn's paul vercammen reports
6:17 pm
from the store where the winning tickets was sold. the odds were one in 292 million. now, for your winning powerball number, good luck to you, it is the number 10 tonight. >> reporter:once.twicethree timesa lady. lady luck that is -- tickets purchased in three states in wednesday's one-point- five billion powerball: in chino hills, california; chino hills! chino hills! chino hill! munford, tennessee; and were 19 drawings without a spent an estimated two-point-
6:18 pm
six this is the luckiest machine on land of big league dreams, where they're known for replica and if you are the big winner -- this powerball exec has some anyone who might be holding that winning ticket. go get the best lawyer. the best financial planner you can find before you come in and claim that one- third, almost $1.6 billion prize. and if you missed out on this one, the next powerball drawing just $40 million. in chino hills, i'm paul there were even a few winning tickets sold that had five out of the six numbers here in the station in santa rosa and is worth over 600 thousand dollars.
6:19 pm
tickets are sold.but during this recent craze 3 thousand have >> grant: major delays ted kennedy's difference severance is going out of the tracks and the state power down between paul civic center station in san francisco the track is powered down our police are trying to catch a suspect the delays could. people trying to get in the east bay. >> reporter: progressively get better as we go to a week and. all said and done storms by tuesday as to much as four the 2 in. of rain in the bay area and then not a hell setscrews
6:20 pm
mounds as much as scattered showers from live storm tracker the heaviest came through in heavy rain. white ran from center fell stretches into canfield mill valley and across the center fell richmond bridge and to richmond and all and then were seeing some the scattered showers for this evening eventually taper off by midnight tonight a fairly strong system but notice for the heavier in as all yellow orange pretty much all north of the bay area getting the tail and the system behind it. another system riot heels. this is coming in for tomorrow night and will bring a little more rain perhaps as much as 1/2 inch for most locations around the bay area. the get sunshine into the next and the
6:21 pm
feature cast going through the next 24 hours so scattered showers at 8:00 p.m.. they continue through midnight after midnight still a chance for showers but they begin to diminish and to our morning sunrise around 7:00 a.m. at 6 that should be pretty much it and then through the morning skies begin to clear partially in with a mixture of clauses sunshine also pettifog and around and we're looking alatas on passing high clouds the cycle as and leading edge of store no. 2 which will thicken for tomorrow night. essentially rain showing up here at 9:00 p.m. light rain in the north bay and this will strengthen the entire bay area from midnight tomorrow night and that will stick around through saturday thessaly can forecast coming up.
6:22 pm
>> grant: after her husband was killed in an attack in jordan eyases letter claiming responsibility for that oversees attack. claims that twitter provided material support for terrorists. fairly system saying in part that eds teams are actively investigating misconduct on twitter company defending its conduct what- express sympathy for the loss of her husband calling it a terrible loss. coming up next show me the money the nation's big banks reeking and big money on your atm fees. and then the gloves come off of the religious
6:23 pm
revival in presidential debate highlights just minutes away
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>> pam: the j.p. morgan chase bank of america written $6 billion in total last year they also made 5 billion on overdraft fees. the fees are so outrageous that some presidential candidates promising to take action hillary clinton labeling the billion dollar payday unethical bernie sanders is a few wins the white house he will have atm fees at $2. the average right now is about $4. even cellphone companies are finding ways to get into our wallets a new survey found overcharges already a record highs are of get again won in 5 cell phone customers reported paying over
6:27 pm
ridges in the last six months at&t continues to lead all of its rivals with 28 percent of customers saying there were charged brokerages. this 22% rise in 12 percent for two mobile 5% of the sprint customers. political analyst james taylor joins us here in the studio with some of the fireworks so far less the end of an era of kobe thinking on the warriors the concerns over security on bart following last week's deadly shooting what we've learned about cameras on board trains
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for the >> pam: initial hopefuls are in north charleston to south carolina and doesn't feel like everyone is all anyone is holding back the celeste's time the republican candidates will face off this time the date field is smaller. three contenders not at the top of the polls have their own debate earlier all sang with a
6:31 pm
scattered its attack on hillary but will have to get past the seven other republicans, a stage right now >> reporter: and something that will have the find look like more of trump indicated he as
6:32 pm
cruises personal family background has been a fascinating debate amongst law professors what naturalization birth means. that again by understand these campaigns the of trouble tickets his ball and go home or not the support of
6:33 pm
poughkeepsie tom cruise becoming another name. marco will be a nominee. a somewhat lower play from jab this is what he has said. "the hillary clinton would be a national security the disaster want us to continue down the path of the russian preset. all the things the nevada on would- be financial security vest. that is wrong here is the problem she is elected under investigation of the fbi right now her first hundred days might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> reporter: from said the settlement go that relief is based on anything in particular
6:34 pm
and reference to a comment. on a >> reporter: going investigation and open questions nothing to prove that she did anything illegal stunning he said the country helicon as this at his mother isn't good bush. in south carolina gave or bottle elflock from the gop about her remarks. >> reporter: turn the tide and talked about some of reflection and in some right to republicans. >> pam: talk more about this of and of course at 8:00.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: the bart board of directors meeting in oakland a police chief took aim at a media report some surveillance cameras on trains are decoys. >> reporter: board member says that was cameras to record a
6:36 pm
video it's one of many layers of security even with the federal money that's come bart's way choices need to be made and priorities the the set even when it comes to security. >> reporter: a scholarship offered admired kutcha on tuesday it was reported that the $80,000 life-size bronze statue taken from the locked gates at the team's practice facility in oakland police are investigating
6:37 pm
>> reporter: 45 tired feet around tiber's 80 just before the canyon at the highest elevations through tomorrow one to 2 ft. of snow and for tomorrow should be done by sunrise will clouds burst of sunshine and dense fog in places. for the afternoon sunshine clouds are the thicken once again tomorrow night the storm comes in for midnight and we see rain lasting through noon saturday right after that storm
6:38 pm
for the strongest in for monday heavy rain in the evening/ >> grant: major barclays after person on the tracks and said for cisco between powell and civic center stations just apprehended and then again a few minutes ago. they are now back running and then powered the tracks fact of still talking significant delays paid up to 20 minutes hopefully that's the case and certainly the people especially " folks have in each direction will have to wait to get on trains and get home tonight. in the heart of the
6:39 pm
evening commute we keep you posted on the situation. . the read >> pam: and and and furiously the oscar nominations this year highlights of next.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
>> pam: watch the academy award nominations remnant and mad max the road topping the most nominations germany has the story he got 12 nominations this morning cleaning a best actor nomination has let yet when oscar that next year rotifer tosca's including best director production design best picture
6:43 pm
assess from the capriotes brine cranston and eddie remain in that category. comminations best actress and best supporting actress jennifer is of for fourth best actress nomination won in 2013 she is against charlotte rambling and the limeligh >> reporter: 5 nominations star wars force lichen's nominated best editing sound visual effects and classic john williams story. to take home the oscar when they host the eighth annual academy awards sunday for every february 28, 1928.
6:44 pm
>> pam: news of course today the 49ers have a new head coach gary has the story of a sports coming
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
>> gary: leaving everyone the 49ers have a new head coach jim thomas to a then one done after five and 11 k kelly is his name if you believe this the coach in new orleans shod biggest bank and the cleveland browns he jackson right now the statement
6:48 pm
from chip kelly. historic franchise and the football league's a high standard expectation that have embraced the challenges ahead they will not have this until tuesday wednesday of next week. . >> grant: i think this system is not conducive for winning in the nfl. he was 10 and 6 his first two seasons of the problem as iran's this style and the defense has to place more snaps than any other defense in the league. .
6:49 pm
>> grant: and other players it doesn't like the issue after a letter he left filly him communicate well with players in general. >> gary: is asking this question to lead to the 49ers hiram. here is a hot coach coming out of oregon they needed someone to kickstart the offense. >> grant: interested to see how works this one for the fence is a home run thirdly a smart guy but i have my doubts to be honest. >> gary: we have the next best thinking.
6:50 pm
>> gary: assess but jed but greg you swung for the fences in a common in be tremendous work could be a gigantic bomb. mark >> gary: on chip calais. 'if jim was a head coach he that chip is methodical offensive yet and it takes an academic approach and forty-niners columnist and the right direction would have. system
6:51 pm
work after transforming track meet at the college level and transferred to the pros and turn for when eagles into a playoff game. that led to 7/8 season out of philadelphia revitalizing this organization and its former franchise. >> gary: dealer no plans at
6:52 pm
kobe's final appearance as a laker and achilles' injury at last word will be on the floor at a might be a token appearance but nonetheless get more on the paws. >> pam: some to impress the bay area bride is coming up with the details
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
what >> pam: iran had airway. >> reporter: arms once tonight not too impressive public showers out there. another one for tomorrow night and saturday morning. the third system on sunday last much of the day the heaviest rain in the after dinner behind it the other for monday. will the that tonight with an up to them whether news sports and hope to see then
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the insider from hollywood. >> the oscar nominations are >> leonardo decaprio. >> it is an all white list. >> the oscar whitewash controversy blows up on line as #oscarsof >> then the truth behind barry manilow's heart attack scare. >> then we're spilling secrets. is president fits prepared to duke it out with the donald? >> i'll have to kill you. >> plus, must cluf with courty love as she remembers her friend david bowie. >> he was my friend for six
7:00 pm
years. >> and why her long running feud with madonna is officially over. >> i love madonna. >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. tabloid headlines screamed at barry manilow is near death but it is true? he's coming to the "insider" to give us his on the record health update. >> the big story that everybody is talking about today, the oscar nominations are in. it's a great day for leo, kate, matt, j. law but not so much if you're a person of color. no african-americans were nominated in any of the actor or


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