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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. several el nino fueled storms are heading towards the bay area. wet weather is in store this weekend. and scattered showers are expected throughout tonight. good evening, i'm pam moore. this was the scene earlier today. the storm system flooded roads across the bay area. and a winter storm warning is in effect in parts of the sierra tonight. kron 4's brian van aken has been tracking the forecast. brian. how much rain can we expect for tomorrow? >> brian :we could be looking to two to 4 in. this next week
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here at the storm tracker 4 to the south and east the sentence is still an oakland here getting a little bit more than the north bay about a half inch for santa rosa and storm number two is going to be stronger with the rain beginning just before midnight tomorrow night and continuing until midday saturday with storm number three coming on sunday it will be even stronger with rain intensifying in the afternoon there is a fourth system due on monday and this looks like the strongest of the four and we're talking about heavy rain and strong winds for monday which maybe adding at least two to 4 in. of rain will have the rest of your forecast coming up later
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>> pam :new at eleven. el nino not only soaking the roads and bogging down traffic. the wet and windy conditions, also potentially deadly. for people who are homeless. in the east bay. the cold is already suspected in the deaths of two walnut creek men last week. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal met with an outreach coordinator. who is trying to save lives. >> phillipe :doug stewart founded contra costa homeless outreach more than 10 years ago and says that the winter rains are always especially difficult for the homeless. but says that this year, may be especially difficult. he says that his crews have been working 12 hour shifts, seven days a week since thanks giving. >> : i could put you guys in a hotel bed for one night, >> phillipe :before even starting his shift, homeless people doug has come across in the past are reaching out, calling him for help on finding a place to stay for the night. >> : every night, we're averaging about 105 calls per night for shelter or blankets or plastic. fleet >> phillipe :up close to 25-
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percent he says from the usual average. on this night, doug stops by homeless encampments along highway 4 in martinez. but the campsites appear abandoned -- because of the weather. >> : in 2015, we saw 2,996 unique homeless folks and we sheltered a thousand and 40 people. >> phillipe :that means close to two thousand people declined help. two of them men who died in walnut creek last week. one a suspected victim of hypothermia -- the other frostbite. over, the years, doug got to know both guys well. >> : to me, it tells me that we need to do a better job. if somebody lays there and dies of hypothermia, that's on us. that's on me and my team. it happened on our watch. and we'll have to live with that. but you've offered help. we have offered them help, but its still our job to keep them warm and safe and in that case we didn't do it. >> phillipe :for now, doug and his crew will keep leaving business cards at campsites. hoping the homeless accept their help, rather than settle for cold ditches under bridges where the water is rising. in contra costa county, philippe
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djegal, kron four news. >> pam :even with the recent rain in california. there is no sign that the drought is coming to an end anytime soon. 97- percent of the state. is still dealing with moderate to exceptional drought conditions. today. governer jerry brown released an updated version of the state's water action plan. under this plan, california will continue to look for ways to conserve water and contain it for the long run. for up to the minute weather forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free for apple and android devices. breaking news tonight out of the east bay. san leandro police are investigating a shooting that happened earlier this evening. at the bayfair mall. it happened around 6:45 tonight. in the parking lot near the bed -bath and beyond store. witnesses say, a number shots were fired. as a result of an altercation between a group of people walking and a group in a car.
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police say, it is unclear if both groups fired at each other, or if the gunfire was directed from one group to the other. two people were detained after officers showed up at the scene. >> lt. robert mcmanus : you can imagine at 6:40 at night, the amount of people who would be here in the parking lotgun shots ringing outpeople running in all directionscars speeding off. it caused a mass response from law enforcement from the san leandro police department and the alameda county sheriff's department we had teams of officers who searched through the mall looking for clues. >> pam :noone was hurt in the shooting. big news we're following tonight. a heartwarming story about last night's historic jackpot winner. may not be true. grant lodes explains why lottery officials are not sure.that a southerna california woman. is actually the winner. >> grant :works started
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circulating earlier this afternoon that a nurse was a big winner but tonight in new york daily winners is reporting that is all a hoax and supposedly her son played a prank on his mom which is pretty messed up her daughter also works at the rehab facility and she says her mom did not win and it was a misunderstanding centered around a picture of the supposed a winning ticket that was sent to her mom we spoke with some at the california lottery who would not say definitively if it was a hoax or a liar or a misunderstanding or a prank but they do sit the whole thing does not add up as there are unusual circumstances nobody has shown up in person to claim the prize so california's winner has yet to come forth >> pam : coming up. the one year
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anniversary. marking a real life saver on the golden gate bridge. a spirited first debate of the new year for the g-o-p candidates. on the road to the white house. and a local man with disabilities files a lawsuit against the 49ers after being thrown out of levis stadium. ♪ ♪
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>> pam :a local man with disabilties is now filing a lawsuit against the 49ers. he says the stress of being thrown out of levis stadium by security guards. caused him to have a siezure. james hillburn has a genetic
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disorder that can result in seizures when he is stressed. after being allowed into a 49er game with his service dog, guards approached him and kicked him out.saying, the animal was not allowed in the stadium. his friend took cell phone video of the incident. but it is not exactly clear how this incident led to him being kicked out. >>:you can record all you want >> pam :the team says, it cannot comment on pending lawsuits. but on the 49er website it states, that service animals are allowed in the stadium. hilburn is suing for damages. his medical bills and attorney fees. still ahead. shocking new video shows. a deadly police shooting in chicago. why officers opened fire on a teenager. plus. it has been one - year since the new barrier was installed on the golden gate bridge. how officials say. it is helping to save lives.
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>> gary :coming up later in the broadcast we have sports highlights and a little bit more on the 49ers to have a new head coach later o'brien look at all the snow on the supply of storm trackers--on this live storm tarcker, will have your forecast coming up
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we live in a pick choose, choose, choose.
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>> pam :new at 11. this week is the one year anniversary of the movable barrier on the golden gate bridge. and by all accounts, the project is a success. kron four's jeff bush spoke with the bridge general manager who says, the barrier is working well. and has saved several lives in the first year of operation. >> jeff :golden gate bridge general manager denis mulligan shows off the only thing that used to separate cars going in different directionsa thin piece of yellow plastic tubing was not enough to prevent the head on crashes that happened on the bridge several times a yearoften, with a grim outcomthe movable median barrier was in the works for years and finally got installed last year. roughly 100,000 cars cross the golden gate bridge every day and denis says the barrier has saved lives already in the first year of operation. >> dennis : in it's first year in place the barrier has
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prevented four vehicles from going into oncoming trafficso, we've had a series of accidents that it has prevented. >> jeff :the barriers are filled with steel and heavy concrete and are all connected with steel pinsvery solid, yet moveable. you can see the evening commute is smoother and safer because of the movable barrier. the barrier has also made it easier to reconfiger the lanes for each commute direction. as you can imagine, bridge officials are happy with the result of the year old barrier.preventing cars from coliding head on is the number one purpose of the barrier. >> dennis : what happens in a cross over accident is you have cars going in opposite directions going fast so the speed of impact is basically double your speed. in the past in addition to the safety values of the barrierit takes less time to reconfigure the lanes which saves time for commuters. i'm jeff bush at the golden gate bridge in san francisco, kron four news. >> pam :10 g-o-p candidates participated in tonight. under
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card and a main debates tonight. held in south carolina. this gave voters another chance to hear from the contenders. before the iowa caucuses. the candidates stood shoulder to shoulder. hoping to convince voters. they should be the g-o-p pick for president. while the candidate did not agree on some topics, they did seem to have a similar stance on a certain democratic candidate. >>:you cannot give hillary clinton at a term because she is a disaster >>:she is disqualified from being commander in chief of the net states--of the united states >> pam :it's a winter wonderland in the sierra. this is video of northstar. the resort has received nearly 10 inches of fresh snow over the past 24 hours. northstar has collected 14 inches of snow over the past seven days.
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they are expecting up to eight additional inches of snow by tonight. >> brian :we are going to get a little bit of break for tomorrow between this system on the screen and the next one that is out in the pacific but unless and will impact us mainly during the night for tomorrow night and into saturday morning so what in the morning and in clearing up for the afternoon--wet in the morning here is the future cast for midnight and there could be some isolated showers and sprinkles think everything should be done by the morning will have some local of the fog--low clouds and
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fog and then the high clouds will thicken for the afternoon so it should become pretty gray by 5:00 and here is the wet weather by 9:00 p.m. just north of san princess cope it will spread over the entire bay area by midnight tomorrow night and last to about not--noon on saturday saturday the rain in the morning and the third storm comes on sunday carrying heavier for the afternoon and then an even stronger system to on monday with heavy rain possibly monday night and there might be some problems with flooding and power outages but will keep you posted on that
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>> pam :new video tonight shows surveillance video of a white police officer fatally shooting a 17-year-old black carjacking suspect. it happened back in 20-13. officials say cedrick chatman was shot as officers were chasing after him. the officer says he fired after seeing chatman turn towards officers with a dark object in his hand that he thought was a gun. investigators later determined it was an iphone box. video shows a police officer with a foot over the teen's body. chatman's mother is suing the city and the two police officers who pursued the teen. the f-b-i says they are treating the ambush and shooting of a philedalphia police officer as an act of terrorism you can see in surveillance images, edward archer walked up to a cruiser last week and fired multiple shots inside. three rounds hit officer jesse hart-nett in the arm but he was still able to get out of his vehicle and help detain archer.
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after the shooting archer told police he pledges allegiance to isis. an f-b-i director visited hart- nett in the hospital but says at this point there's no evidence archer was part of an organized terror cell. the world famous harlem globe - trotters are making their way around the bay area. to promote several upcoming games in san jose and oakland. today, the team posted a video of the players. making some trick shots at alcatraz island and dribbling around the prison. players were also spotted walking through bart trains. and even made a stop at our studio earlier this week. the team will play seven games at the s-a-p center and oracle arena. between friday the 15th and january 24th. this is the 90th year the globetrotters have been delighting fans in sports.the big news of course. the 49ers have a new head coach. we'll show you who. .and kobe bryant plays in
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oakland for the final time. gary has the highlights.and all the sports. coming up. 7
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>> gary :kobe bryant said last stand in the bay area--bryant's
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last stand the warriors took on the los angeles lakers in oakland tonight. kobe bryant getting ready for his last game at oracle arena. 1st quarter.bryant makes the 2- point shot. . 2nd quarter.steph curry pulls up for three and he knocks it down.warriors up by three. 3rd quarter.draymond green playing tonight.andre iguodala makes the pass to him and green dunks it. later in the quarter.curry with the dunk on the fast break. kobe made an appearance late in the game.the crowd gives him a standing ovation. the warriors win the game 116- 98. coach martin
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tyrone wallace 17.7 rebounds tonight playing at thome--home, stanford 77-71 stanford chip kelly has been named the new head coach of the san francisco 49ers. the hire comes 11 days after firing jim tomsula following a 5-11, one-and-done season. the offensive minded coach joins the team after being fired by the philadelphia eagles prior to week 17. kelly says he *does not need player control with the 49ers. he went 26-21 in three seasons as an n-f-l coach. kelly was also the head coach of the oregon ducks.where he compiled a 44-5 record. the 52-year-old will be formally introduced as the team's new head coach during a news conference next week.
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here's what kelly had to say in a statement. former vikings owner red mccombs sdaid in a radio interview today that san antonio is ready if the raiders wants to move their. and would even invest in the team if needed. of course mark davis made that visit to san antonio about a year and a half ago and nothing happened i want them to stay in oakland, and i know pam wants them to stay in oakland what about you brian? can you name one readraider?
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hey i can do the weather good evening and tomorrow you might want to bring a coat as it is going to rent a little bit and saturday might ran a little bit but starting on monday and making it all up and just pretend that i know >> brian :yeah that's pretty much what i was thinking too >> gary :are right here rio--all right here we go the oilers took on the sharks in san jose tonight. oilers head coach todd mclellan playing his former team. we go to a shootout.and it's joe pavelski with the long-wrist shot. next up.joonas donskoi scores
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with the short shot. the sharks win 2-1 over the oilers. >> pam :good night everybody >> gary :2-1 sharks!
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60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. jackpot jubilation. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is the machine that the winning powerball ticket came from. >> and disappointment all over the country. >> we are losers. and -- >> gold medalist picabo street. >> did olympic gold medal winner picabo street throw her father down a flight of stairs? >> look what he did to my hair. he pulled so much hair out of my head. plus the hero med student shot in the stomach rescuing a kidnapped woman. look where we found him. then, apology uproar. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize. >> what we have learned about the american lieutenant. and -- >> the touching kangaroo photo seen round the world. >> a mom's last look at her


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