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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 15, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>anny hong: 54 local and low 50's and livermore 53 in san jose and 44 in santa rosa checking out what is happening in the satellite and radar spectrum again is another system headed this way probably later on tonight and into this weekend temperatures will be a little cool the wet weather were returned if you have evening
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plans you want to bring the umbrella him was the quick look at the future cast for we're still looking at dry weather for the bay area of the wet weather does arise around the endicott line clock tonight a lot of
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fifties and sixties out their 60 in livermore 61 and oakland and 62 for our friends in san jose. >>robin winston: it is wide open no problems a to tenements to the total trip from the maze to the westbound skyway is a great ride to the peninsula.
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>>james: san leandro police are investigating a shooting attack at the mall this happened about 645 last night did concede police investigating a witness said a number of shots were fired after an argument erupted after group of people were walking and a group that was in the car the wet and windy
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conditions also potentially deadly for people for homeless. >>stanley roberts: >>phillipe djegal: up close to 25% from the
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usual average the campsites appear abandoned because of the weather and close to 2000 people declined help to of the man who died of walnut creek last week when a suspect the victim of hypothermia the other frostbite over the years the got to know both guys well they will keep leaving business cards the
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campsites open the homeless accept the help rather than settle for a cold bridges where water is rising. >>james: this is only some of the more real all local man with
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disabilities filed a lawsuit and james has a genetic disorder that results and seizures when he stressed after being allowed into the game with his service dog they approached them and kicked him out st. animal was not allowed in the stadium it cannot comment on pending lawsuits but the web site instead to service animals are allowed in the stadium.
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>>j.r. stone: a man tried to get away from police drug this fence and then fell down on more than 40 ft. to his death a year it distills to the yellow tape and all from a distance behind this fence is a cemetery they tried
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to resuscitate him the man died we talk to people living in this area that did not have any something. >>james: the gloves are coming off in the gop presidential debate will have highlights as canada's take shots a both hillary clinton and each other +
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moran expected in the bay area this week in.
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>>james: we have the story. >>charles clifford: the wet weather can continue for the time a little support from the
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u.s. drought mother showed that 97 percent of california is dealing with moderate to exceptional drought conditions the water levels and many of the state's reservoir or maim far below the average for this time of the year the products include upgrading the levee system build a massive their tunnels under the san what came river and build and several reservoirs'. >>james: more rain is on the way and.
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>>anny hong: checking at the school for cass heading back to school friday morning by write down temperatures you can see in the the more the 24 our time to change it continues to the late
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morning and early afternoon hours and 3:00 by 11:00 tomorrow
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morning hold on to what conditions it yet plans to be a door on saturday if with some expecting some does it what is potentially and also what conditions this. offs >>anny hong: more stormy weather headed this way.
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>>robin winston: is quiet on nomad the problems right now a quick attack on the ride for highway 580 staff were held to the richmond san rafael bridge a live shot forest.
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>>james: totals from the scene you concede the indicated no slow and no rain on the road at the time they said the company operating the bus did have a history of driver safety violations to politics decision 2016 something has happened.
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>>reporter: these candace no
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time is ticking for some voters to back up their minds >>james: u.s. airways flight
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1549 hit a flock of birds like after takeoff the damage shut down of the plane's engines captains to the courtroom than build local hero was able to execute a control water landing
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the hotel will not be calmed the yosemite hotel privilege will become have done in the village and will be known as the big trees large and bad pass ski area that will now become a yosemite ski and snowboard area hist oakland 54 degrees warming up to 60 letter this afternoon.
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>>reporter: she a thin piece of yellow plastic tubing was locked enough to prevent the head-on crash of that happened on the bridge there filled with still in heavy concrete and are all connected with steel pans there is solid yet movable the evening commute is slow and safer because of that barrier.
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>>james: a total of two people are missing this happened about 1:00 this morning they said they
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then work the 12 hour shift since thanksgiving of the big problem they're facing not all homeless people want to go to the shelter that would keep leaving the business cards the cab sikes he was allowed to at the service dog to the 49 is gain their approach to kick the mott said the animal was not allowed but is not exactly clear will lead to him being kicked out.
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>>anny hong: no rain falling in the not register little but ran out toward livermore sh on sunday who live steady rain through monday morning that storm three and then stormed for comes on monday heavy rain on monday probably impact afternoon
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and evening commute that will continue to the afternoon hours at 2:00 it looks pretty good tim to also look that up there by 6:00 to live.
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>>anny hong: we have generally dry conditions to like on saturday the range and it over to showers on sunday and another storm coming this way.
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>>robin winston: if you have to travel between hey were and foster city and san mateo if so far so good.
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>>reporter: at the foot of market street in the fare applies of there will be so much activity people are being encouraged not to drive and to take public transportation there were told the notice will come
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answers and stop at night on week nights and 10 on weekends. >>james: all there for you on our website i will explain why
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we're having this conversation in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>reporter: their repair and restore fire watches and san jose is the real business up the new year being victimized by burglars twice in the first two weeks in san jose.
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>>james: this to brought to our attention by of your if you have a story you like us to look into that as noble to our website more rain in the forecast coming up after the break with our another check on the timing of the shower this weekend here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge where do have conditions and san
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jose will should one of the low fifties this afternoon.
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>>james: police made three arrests in connection look the deadly bombing in gun attack in the indonesian capital would to a were those arrests were made + officials in southern california senate map and the estimated
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>>anny hong: your amylose mid- 50s user will see third is this time today and looking at a put started in the bottle 42 in santa rosa and the fifth is for our friends in sunnyvale and san jose
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>>anny hong: we're also attracting more snow in this year checkup the blue it will be great skiing and boarding the winter storm warning does expire at 10:00 this morning we're talking about 4,500 ft. of 2 ft. of snow will overflow and have potentially is a little breezing we may stumbling snow got up early this morning but again and the slide was to get there by the afternoon it will look great pick.
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>>anny hong: we're looking at more stormy conditions sunday and monday that is what will see the more significant storm talking more heavy rain and heavy winds especially sunday and monday and also.
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>>james: we take a closer look in this addition of people behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: that was skipped that was the ballpark if you cannot use the drive where because the cars blocking and
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chef this traveler had ample parking space which showed a doubles park outside of the school.
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>>james: the warriors ticket on the lost angeles lakers and oakland he made in paris late in the game and the crowd gave from a standing ovation the warriors won the game won 16 and 98 to
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play again tomorrow night against the pistons. >>james: the 50 to your will be introduced as the new head coach during the news conference next week here is a live look outside the tall plaza camera and oakland 54 degrees and oakland warming up to maybe 60 this afternoon we will be back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>james: they had a good turn out there and they're also spotted walking tours of trains that was a big huge tree cells emit a stop at the studio early this week and there are tall a specialist in the next two her
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is about 4 billion light years away from earth the international team studying the super bowl will publish the findings in this week to trammell science 4 billion light years away major breaking news will fall to lead to a helicopter collided off the hawaiian islands will have more on the search efforts on the way for the missing crew more rain in the forecast come to the next hour will update you on how the brain like the impact your weaken plants.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: most of the day today will be fine is starting to move away and for now but later on tonight especially after 10:00 things to get pretty dicey as you're looking for pretty decent system in terms of the strength this will be comparable to what we had a day or two ago of the
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bigger storm system is gearing up for sunday and monday back to be quite the wall more on the to come here to live look the shower was exiting the bay area and a band of clouds and rain headed our way as we headed to the letter evening hours does on the major sister were rolled on through more on that come in just a minute left it to the tactics intended the early update on the commute. >>robin winston: a minor back of at the bay bridge toll plaza on his only in one land is about 10 cars deep no major problems
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coming out of the maze of the ride across the bridge into downtown san francisco pretty much the entire bay area commute if you have to sit astride on westbound '80s so far and is pretty quiet no major trouble spots. >>darya: two military helicopters have collided off the coast of hawaii with aboriginal does with the details. >>anny hong: the search for survivors is on the way a search and rescue operation on the way
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after two military helicopters collided off the coast of watching--hawaii. >>reporter: right in front of the parking lot where bed bath and beyond is this all happened about 645 thursday evening you can imagine the families are here after work in school when all this happen to clear that the video when police responded to a call was shot fired this and the gunshots or result between an altercation in a group of people walking and another people in the car.
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>>darya: they will start rolling and new cars at the end of the here and all of those trained to be equipped with brenda surveillance cameras but it would not say if the new cameras will be monitored around-the- clock access to cisco's says there edition a new bill that would ban the sale or transfer of semiautomatic rifles with a touch will map since she kshatriya it is still unclear if
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they made a mistake of the navigation of law was not working properly. >>reporter: the gloves are off
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the top seven tennis of the racial issue to shoulder problems of and to go is where they should be the pick for president of the course of debate and to #one and #two candid about old donald trump entered cruise at about electability but all eligibility to the president should chef
5:08 am
they know time is ticking for voters to elect of their minds. >>darya: the year was one republican who was not at the debate last night and that was kentucky senator ran paul because he refused to to play in the and the card debate he was booted from the mainstays because of local members it decided to boycott the event rather than to participate with the other gop candidates. >>mark: a nurse from the normal one power ball hopes the report
5:09 am
yes said the one had one of her daughter's tub and the time the store is reluctant the reports for misunderstanding of this on the fall of the second that was sent to her mother. >>darya: is been one year since the move will median barrier was installed on the golden gate bridge from the lives of the state saved because of the.
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you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... ...who was rescuing a kite. we tried everything. then jack came to the rescue. with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. >>mark: rainy conditions in the bay area expecting more what with all the horizon every day experts say there's still no sign that the four year draws
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come to and the latest report and a drop monitored join and some percent of california at the lottery to exceptional drought conditions water levels in california's reservoirs are still well below average governor jerry brown give some of the diversion it includes work on several prizes like a grand and the system and building new reservoirs. >>james: my time to go to bed to have the could be looking at more rain this show the showers cushion off and wyden of you in just a little bit the next round, all white the timing will
5:14 am
put in over the bay area lid on this evening the future cast has most of the day but to the calm to will continue to move across the bay area of over the cost of the nine hours. >>james: more intelligent to say that will fast for the time line once again here is 11 am on saturday afternoon rest of looking at on-again off-again showers all day saturday most of the day will taper off and a
5:15 am
suspect by for in the afternoon we would a brief break in some it was fired all of once more with another round with whether america down and more details coming up dry for now area during the coup attempt to on the cool side 42 and not for 54 pleasanton 53 in san jose quite a difference from the north and to the south bank later this afternoon will warm to upper fifties and low 60s
5:16 am
>>robin winston: connecting to the current slow over to the golden gate bridge commuters from the north and south won 01 in pretty good shape them into trouble spots
5:17 am
>>mark: several lives have already been saved from this movable median barrier
5:18 am
>>darya: he says the cost of to have a seizure he has and that this order that the call seizures when he stressed he was not allowed to conserve the stock into the 49th game and now he is a wing he said guards approached him and kicked him out sing the animal was not allowed and the stadium
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>>darya: not all of homeless people acceptance of the tried to help the to men who died from hypothermia but they did not want to go to a shelter
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>>darya: they have three children together a 14 year-old and a five year-old twin >>mark: they found to help the mouse blanket bonds in the mountains will show you more of an of video taken from the dead
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>>mark: the national park full of the bill of two mountain line canton's that found in the santa monica mountains in the area is not a good patched for the animals you smell it is fairly developed the park service and the mother is a mountain lion the have been tracking ups show she was in the area for about three weeks and the mere thought her dead nearby. >>darya: this started showing of and shortly after the earthquake had in october of 1989 there can be as many as 1400 sea lions lounging near the
5:26 am
pier at any time with fantasy land decided to live there because it had a lot of food. >>james: look at the map behind sla view shows the back storm system back with that forecast coming up.
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>>robin winston: a little slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>james: each one on this on will be a mine to mild in terms of intensity except for the sunday night and monday storm
5:30 am
here is a live you the storm track your car we heard the showers of ride there were with us will be with to bed with doing good on that from the wide view shows the next one embalm the klaus offshore between now and then we should be looking for fairly mild bed to bed the storm could start arriving in the north they buy if the clock tonight will have a closer look of the timing, but the full check of 15 minutes. >>robin winston:.
5:31 am
>>mark: 3 men that are arrested in the breeze and a connection with yesterday's bombing >>anny hong: on thursday five minutes at the starbucks cafe and traffic police but had made bombs guns and suicide belts
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>>will tran: he just got fired by the philadelphia eagles 16 days ago many fans all day all sports radio this morning there's skeptical than believing there is a fan reaction began about 15 minutes ago.
5:34 am
>>will tran: we shall see it have yet to have a formal news conference and for the bay area media but as soon as he was officially hired him released this statement and said the is one of the losses store franchises and the national football league i realize the high standards and demands that this position requires and i am bridge to challenge
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>>mark: there will start the master of transformation they will be close off streets and construction will begin on saturday game or 23rd there will be a detour around chicago city to mark the street to the applause of
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>>mark: they're calling elevated levels of cancer of benzene in the air of a parcel lost angeles and oversight the leaking natural gas is driven all the laws as residents from their home the utility had been saying just to air samples over the past three months showed a lead concentrations of benzene with legacy of a 14 year samples of nine days from levels of benzene that is double the amount the regional regulators consider a typical. >>darya: a lottery school students at a school in manteca are recovering after the asset from films in their classrooms will tell you what those films came from--fumes.
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>>mark: it topped the museum's more of the bill will cut the have the third defeat the mysterious than the store with discovered in the paddock on the desert and argentina in 2014 and took the miller two years to occur to the new species the giant herbivore is part of the
5:42 am
lizard like titanics or group and from the earth of hundred many years of we're tracking what weather headed this way once again we're nice and clear that would change as we have later on tonight on the left inside the screen it will bring us the rain more on the forecast coming up in just a minute.
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>>james: we have come conditions
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allowed rain on the way here is what we see outside the embarcadero camera and san francisco chef as to switch over to the what the computer in a showing does not allow have followed a few little hands of grim dawn of the diablo everywhere is nice and dry the shot was we had last night the public heard during the overnight hours there ease the move that affect a wide view in satellite writer shows a horrible thought to the central valley and what we're seeing in the wake of it is mild weather for today but as a plot of you because it is the next form system had been in this direction in santa rosa would
5:47 am
expect by the time needed to tuesday to get rid half inches san francisco to one have just about that a consignment sale and copper is what an 2 in. and total for san jose and not battle should did a pretty good soap and is not too much to the rivers and streams to of resort. >>james: drive around recovering on the roadway is no fun none of that this morning at the golden gate bridge and the nice try ride from recounting if temperatures still the cool side of the forms for some spots like concord lawyer for santa rosa and apple
5:48 am
>>robin winston: lots of slowing go conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza continues to back up without any problems if you have to headed to san francisco you the stock u seven the the time if you're using fast track this morning it will take about 50
5:49 am
minutes or so to get from a to the 101 connecting you are the check if you're heading over to the richmond san rafael bridge no delays all trouble-free ride on five if it was approaching the toll plaza of a court of the mac would have to use the nimitz it will be a little bit of sluggish traffic leaving hey but as we recover from the crash or drive times that at all quick 25 minute trip from san leandro to get into milpitas. >>mark: the american school in manteca are recovering after their second from fumes and spread into the classroom the kids were hospitalized in the mid to provide a prime the fumes came from or ceiling that amanda's worker put on the air conditioning unit that told the teacher there were feeling sick right away but it was not addressed quickly enough discord
5:50 am
is to listen a statement saying " student safety is always the one part or the smell was reported in the classroom. >>darya: he was headed from phoenix to san jose yesterday afternoon and landed safely in san jose just before 4:00 the incident it was a possible mechanical issue as the plane was landing
5:51 am
>>mark: 81 information about the driver accidence the spokeswoman says the company will pay the $7.6 million penalty it plans to appeal in court >>darya: the average price for gas a slightly lower than the average price across all of california san jose and local level sitting at 266.
5:52 am
>>darya: today marks the seventh anniversary on the rear of the hudson a pilot and his crew saved in one form or by land and the plaintiffs in the hudson river and fifth u.s. every flight 1549 had a flock of birds or have to take off if the damage shut down both the plane's engines the captain and who was from danville was able to execute a controlled water landing on the surface of the hudson he and his first offer to put the plane down safely and the water less than four minutes
5:53 am
after the engine failed all 155 people on board survived. >>mark: watching weather around the bay area this morning temperatures on 40 degrees red none santa rosa will benefit is a san francisco oakland and san jose flea in concord low fifties and the coast as well 52 and half on the a lot rain and storms coming this way.
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>>mark: the war feminist role trotter making their way around the bay area to promote several upcoming games yesterday's been recalled to this video of players like him to shots of alcatraz's him dribbling around the prison there also spotted walking through trains and they will play seven games at the center and there grammar starting tonight and to enrich 24. >>darya: police in the east of
5:57 am
investigating the shooting that happened at a busy shopping mall what led up to a lot of riders were about the safety this morning after the police revealed some of the cameras on the trains do not work. hehey's miatur. weour 'em! weass 'em! we pk 'em! rsh's niatures are ne, urs, our ccolate. when caret crangs t, ali cathu getng rief. onlyicorte mi haa pateed fastissoing rmul it startto rievesudd crangs st. i ner kn whei'llneedelie that'shy inly oosenicotte ni.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: and very quiet for now we have some shower the time is pretty intense across the barren into the low 60s by 3:00
6:01 am
this afternoon as we head toward a the clock and beyond the rain starts arriving seminar to bay and work is we south and east to the rest of the bay area that were hit by nine to 0:00 in the evening. >>robin winston: the san mateo bridge we have traffic moving better here compared to the bay
6:02 am
bridge ride a little crowded along the flat section but not the vatican you didn't on the bridge is 5 and almost at the limits and heading over to foster said the golden gate bridge in good shape into and out of san francisco no more problems or problems on city streets getting into san francisco a quick check of the committee that traffic and stop and go to 38 to stock of 92 but no major trouble spots heading into the south bend. >>darya: to marine helicopters have collided off the coast of wiping >>anny hong: a total of 12 people were on board both of those helicopters this happened the last lap of the north shore of the waffle and their reports that the despite a fire and debris field this morning including it and the life track
6:03 am
witnesses said had allowed a boom of the water and saw a big flare and the sky is this video of the rescue operation of the sea and helicopter taking off the area is forecast have 10 to 15 ft. waves peaking as high as
6:04 am
40 ft. >>reporter: it is unclear of both groups were shooting did talk to police about the response police released this
6:05 am
fall of the man who they believe shot another passenger. >>darya: the photo was taken in the west oakland bart station sure that after the shooting but what about on board the train? they will start rolling all new trains at the end of the here and all of those cars will be equipped with brenda surveillance cameras but still there will not say the new cameras upon to the mountains around the clock >>mark: the attorney general
6:06 am
says the bill will close a legal loophole that the four men who robbed and stabbed a woman the central park and santa clara they're released this sketch of the man they're looking for >>darya: its hispanic men 20 to two to two years old with brown hair the victim was taken to hospital and treated to is expected to mecca for recovering
6:07 am
shh >>darya: he was indicted in sacramental yesterday he was arrested a week ago this guy replaces the earlier criminal complaint with the same allegation that carry sentences of up to eight years in prison the 23 year-old went to syria to fight in late 2013 and early 14th drawn and a group affiliated with the islamic state group. >>mark: the republican presidential field has narrowed with the contenders growing combatant as the iowa caucuses two weeks away the fighting was transcend and last night's debate. >>reporter: and then there were seven still of the gop primary filled by historical standards but smaller than previous debates that the company to accrue to access to state clearly in favor of the thursday's business network the bay in south carolina.
6:08 am
>>reporter: with a donald trump taking jabs with the natural born systems shipped status of presidential eligibility they're striking back with the shot involving his mother involved in scotland also having his hometown with a spotlight on trump the others fought to stand out as alternatives to the battle front runners while attacking each other they all shared a common favorite target
6:09 am
>>darya: there was one candidate was not at last night's debate kentucky senator ran called refuse to be purchased in the and the carter debate he did not make the mainstays because of low poll numbers he decided to boycott the undercard debate rotted and participate in that one with the other local >>mark: their report yesterday the nurse had one but her daughter tell the alleged time of the stores will not true the reports were misunderstanding based on the full of the ticket that was sent to her mother no one has come forward to claim the wanted to confirm some california who ever did by the winning ticket will be sharing the 15 $6 billion jackpot with two of the winners who bought tickets in tennessee and
6:10 am
florida. >>mark: their clothes in all stores when the in february 01 for pregnant mothers who might be traveling by the sec is considering a travel warning if you want to certain countries many people are getting ready for three weekend. back with more news weather and traffic
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>>james: things are starting to get a little more active across northern california in fact by in o'clock tonight the showers will start to like the present stock up in santa rosa just an hour later as a to see a star to center over san francisco and some portion of the east bay will continue to move across the bay area the midnight for instance the scattered showers and by five a m the following morning the same situation where we have widespread like rain in
6:16 am
fact all the sadder that expect these waves of showers to move on through with his brief maybe an hour break in between
6:17 am
>>robin winston: there is nothing unusual or major happening on the major highways near the bay area quick check of the ride into san francisco it is backed up the normal so ago traffic beyond west grand
6:18 am
>>mark: no surveillance video being released a was a copper consumption shooting and killing of blacks 17 year-old this happens with 13 is just being released officials say he was a carjacking suspect and were shot at officers replacing after him the offices he fired at the same camp turned toward him with a dark object and is in was to vote was a gun to please all the to the floor over to team divided his mother is suing the city into police officers.
6:19 am
>>darya: it means they're not all of the mosquito born the virus was found and babies with a neurological disorder in brazil and is called microbes of folly and it caused babies to be born with abnormally small heads which leads to severe development issues and sometimes death there is no vaccine to block the survivors and medicine to treat it.
6:20 am
>>darya: february if nearly 2000 locations are on to close to all employes can attend a companywide meeting it will be addressing a new strategy improving food safety it will be closed for several hours but not for the entire back the company has been in the hot seat since it was tied to a series of disease outbreaks included nikolai salmonella and are violence depicted people got sick and multiple states including california and least nine lawsuits have been filed against the company. >>mark: the reason an ongoing legal battle it will come as the senate decided to allow the different of a to run as hotels and concession stands the company that previously used to apply the trade mark the names
6:21 am
now wants $51 million for those naming rights for some the other name change their some the laws of the fall will now become yosemite valley lodge it will become the big trees large and badger pass ski area will become the yosemite ski in snowboard area one name still in dispute will continue to be used for now and that is a similar national park >>darya: police in san jose investigated a deadly hit and run accident that happened on west santa clara street and dell must avenue part of santa clara street is closed between the highway 87 off four and all of st.. >>darya: getting a new look of video that shows a man with disabilities the getting thrown out of the by stadium by security guards and because of to have a seizure his friend
6:22 am
took the video was going on but not exactly clear what led up to him being kicked out there would not comment on pending lawsuits but the 49 kron-4-dot-com 6 service animals are allowed and the stadium he is suing for damages and the cost of medical bills and attorney fees he said this violated the americans with disability act and cause severe emotional distress. >>mark: 1 offends the song the team of many of the more so upset they are chosen to burn jersey's still ahead thinking
6:23 am
about the new sports car do not blame it on a midlife crisis will explain after breaking information on a major hotel security will take how many people were affected and how many informations.
6:24 am
>>darya: us to compete in this is the drive our law on the bay that would change letter on oakland is 54 degrees higher today is 60.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>mark: thinking of buying a new porsche but not by me on the ninth crisis and said that does not even exist is according to researchers university of alberta and canada >>darya: state of mind has nothing to do with your age and in fact they saying people between ages of 40 and 60
6:27 am
tentative happiest that did this study with two supreme but to an aged 18 and 43 the others will fall 2337 both showed increase and happiness once they get the 30's. . >>james: off to the left side of the screen the recalls and closer yes a lot of time for the weekend will bring it down coming of. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
6:28 am
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>>mark: it is down 386. track down.
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>>james: if you're getting the kids up right now and getting them ready for school this what you need to know no regret now we're doing pretty good this is what it looks like water on it and see the rain we had a black pushing off to the east with more rain coming in but the timing of the printer in the bay area after the kids home from school here is the defense will forecast at o'clock class to start on the cool side for this and '50's and probably least a windbreaker. >>james:
6:32 am
>>robin winston: that is the only way you're going to save some time getting into san francisco and the fast-track plan their backed up the cast and the backed up a bit less than 20 minutes from the maze into downtown very slow beginning in from the south they commit this of his jet traveling to san jose this morning
6:33 am
>>mark: is down 2.7% downhearted and 32. we have retail sales drop last month the numbers coming out this morning
6:34 am
>>anny hong: 2 people were killed as well as all the attackers 20 others were injured investigators said they from the islamic state group and one of the attackers home
6:35 am
>>darya: he released a statement saying is one of the most historic franchises and the national football league if i realize high standards and expectations that this position demands and i'm bridge the challenges ahead
6:36 am
>>mark: they learn that officers will be door security sweeps and parking garages and people who live buy superbowl city when the credentials to get to the homes there will be cut off time for concert noise 9:00 p.m. weekdays and 10:00 p.m. on weekends
6:37 am
>>darya: the restriction start at 6:00 in the morning on february 1st and they run right to 6:00 p.m. to 39 we have you covered when comes to the super bowl and the whole week leading up to a special section on our web site for details about all the festivities about how you could buy tickets will have to treat as well as getting around in traffic
6:38 am
>>mark: the down just above the 16,000 mark off another 2%.
6:39 am
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>>will tran: we and 90 minutes into the search we know now it is not a car but it is the work style pickup truck this accident is fatal accident took place at 450 in the morning this is santa clara street in autumn is right next as a peace center very busy thoroughfare and we do expect a lot of traffic problems and investigators are still on the scene the victim's body is still here. >>will tran: what you know what
6:42 am
this pick a truck that slammed into this pedestrian >>: is not have an iraqi attack utility boxes on and however described as big buildup and the to the spilled material >>: the victim install all the traffic rose ride his bicycle down the sidewalk when the suspect vehicle to flee the scene into reverse and ran over
6:43 am
the victim again and that will be the fatal injury cause of that point where anticipating for a couple hours will be out here >>will tran: that are searching for that vehicle there is no description of the driver.
6:44 am
>>mark: with one to talk live for oakland mayor and our studio she will join us to discuss the future home for the raiders and the a's and home for people of the city of oakland as well. >>james: as you're heading to the last time of the conservative they all clear the area there was nothing left to concede on storm track of a wider view on satellite and to replace the we have another storm system come into view but
6:45 am
the timing of the does not put it in the bay area and leaks in any real populated areas until about 8:00 tonight it is still the rain at that point even from the evening commute beginning at 6:00 we're looking at pretty decent to this and all you to see the clouds coming into play it will start to encompass the entire bay area will push the clock for the two and a clock that is on the north bay in places like of the del clear lack of some portions of santa rosa. >>james: consider what weather hits san francisco and pushed to
6:46 am
the east that things will be pretty dead at that point it will continue to get better as a headed to the over nine hours to conceive fast-forward to mcknight the have scattered showers along the bay area and that will be the case all during the overnight hours as early tomorrow morning we have another sound roof what with the coming this way with the brick is a live look from the embarcadero tampa bay bridge to clouds of have it is drive for now thankfully it is a separate life you'd get into work. >>james: as a switch over to the afternoon high one of to the upper fifties to low 60s he was
6:47 am
what was he for the next three days saturday sunday will have the overnight storm system friday consider we talk about that. >>robin winston: 22 minutes for the drive times of of the total trip for the average drive time from downtown oakland to the westbound sky where 36 minutes from the oak amazed as a fall of sought to cast over to 92 it is in pretty good shape and the crowd but it is moving this to
6:48 am
20 minutes from hayward to the peninsula as the drive time getting out there now before the stars to back up dickinson as a message in that you know if it is one to back your will to start the backed up traffic the ride out any self.
6:49 am
>>darya: he repairs and restores find watches in san jose he said the first break-in having a new year's eve and the second one happened just two days ago the police are investigating the break-in they're hoping someone
6:50 am
sees the sovereign's video and contacted police and helps impact trip the thief. >>mark: several of the kids will hospitalized and the five departments of the few laws can from are reverse sealant that amendments were put on the air conditioning unit.
6:51 am
>>darya: just to air samples over the past three months showed elevated concentration it now concede the 14 air samples of nine days that are relief double the amount their regional regulators consider typical. >>mark: the chinese market pondered another 3% in the dow jones industrial average now plunging 2% were down below the 16,000 mark briefly the dow was down 333 off more than 2000 points for the 52 week high we will be right back.
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>>mark: the damage shut down both the plane engines and capt. who was from danville was able to execute a control water landing there of the hudson river here in the first of a supporter down safely and lasted four minutes after the engines failed to 155 people on board survived. >>darya: this data showing a sure that after a long pre an earthquake in october of '89 there can be as many as 1400 sea lions lounging and barking on the pier at any time expert thinks the decided to live there because there's plenty of food protected from creditors in from the rest of the they brought the weekend are free to nine come to stores and, of the anniversary.
6:58 am
>>mark: reckon news and the south their delicate line and san jose and they're looking for the driver. >>darya: will talk about to kelly and something that steph curry almost never does + what you might seek kobe soon in napa.
6:59 am
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