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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> grant: there in node creates travel minister families and the circle of life. 18,000 seat arena is set to occupy the site and is currently parking lot across street from ucsf medical center at third and 16th street. the first reported this arena delay in push alicia moment after it was confirmed afternoon. kron 4 mall fashion is the dewitt read get get on top of of britain news, that the kitchen right now. >> pam: now for the oakland raiders to apply the next season at home with the team has not yet locked in a lisa the coliseum. for the first time the nfl decision to keep the team in oakland this the county coliseum authority is cackling at the issue this morning. physique spoke to one element a county supervisor who says this time around he is looking for
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commitment to a lengthy agreement with the nfl team. >> reporter: the coliseum complex and oakland the first step toward keeping the raiders for least another year. the president of the alameda county board of supervisors says that the short term lease he is talking about would be something longer than a one-year extension of the coliseum. >> reporter: and doesn't believe
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that the that means the raiders are out of options. supervisor says that he is looking to sit down with raiders owner sometime next week and that the j.p. a director will likely new additions as well so warriors fans bracers cells. looks like the office negotiation game are about to begin. >> pam: their vauquelin is also encouraged about the raiders sang and of glen liddy is our
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guest this morning on kron 4 is morning news said the. nfl financial incentive this feeling of. "hundred million dollars from the nfl now. that is only for the raiders if they build in oakland. the nfl wants the teams to stay in their home market so this is kind of an award for the team that is able to get done. . >> pam: watch entire interview this morning just to or website kron4news-dot-com. >> pam: 49 as are giving up a glimpse of their new head coach ships calibrate is back with a recently. >> grant: team owner between that out now instead of a press conference introducing kelly to the team has leased this. a video showing the team of santa clara facility although lombardi trophies for the head coach
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named plaintiff outside his office if there deadlights the microphones big comfy chairs at a press conference but kelly going around with york and general manager customary for the kings and press conferences but not here for kelly says he is busy putting together a staff and the teams as a bird will scheduling issues are giving them from introducing kelly sometime next week the team promises there will be a chip kelly introductory press conference. >> pam: stomach during session of the news stock exchange this friday. the day ended with the dow falling 391. and leaving it down an incredible 1400 points in just the first two weeks of the year. the nasdaq lost 126
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points today s&p down 41. allison has more on this what's behind the stock market's slide. >> reporter: brutal second but the sell-off began in china with the the european market thinking here to united states would get half stock in a bear market they've fallen 20% from a recent high that spirit to u.s. markets right off the bat. oil prices falling also rattled the market oil prices have leveled and not seen in 12 years. oil prices falling below $30 a barrel for the first time since 2003 as. to that of a drum beat of disappointing economic dancing, at the west. read set sales data showing a fall in retail sales that's not good because that's the crucial holiday shopping. when retailers are hoping to have a win. that clearly did not happen. the
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original manufacturer for following what we had since march 2nd fell to nine that was during the recession, here not lot of reasons for investors to buy into the markets and secondly because it is friday it is a week and not just a week and long weekend and his investors unwilling to hold onto tradition because monday the u.s. stock market will be closed investors are ready the whole on they know of china stock market will open sunday night. . six >> pam: days after man was shot and killed on fart are has now released new pictures of the shooting suspect and identity of the shooting victim of was >> reporter: a week cents a passenger is shot and killed on the bart train at a west oakland station. tonight we are
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finally learning the name of that victim and the fact that he was a teenager please tell us as a 19 year-old carlos romero. in fact they tell us that the all new county coroner's office is finally able to get in touch with his family on thursday. and tell them what happened and we have new pictures of the man that police say was the gunman. he stood up on a train and appeared to randomly shoot at romero multiple times in the chest. if you are looking at these photos and may look slightly different from photos that were released on wednesday the taxes are telling us they are all hundred percent sure these are the same man and simply have several different surveillance systems on bart these are taken from different cameras and then the colors and contract. some problems with kate live signal again the picture's release of the suspect
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involved in the shooting on part six days ago a man was killed in that incident police are still on the hunt for the suspect we have more on that story coming up later in this newscast eller newscaster at the evening before the end of this month the california highway patrol is expected to complete its report determining the cause of that tour bus crash that happened back in november in fact staff insisted union square. today kron 4 has obtained new photographs what that crashed into the and said about the bus. live with more on the part the story. >> reporter: are getting some follow up with what the boss look like at the time just after the crash our first look inside that tour bus that crashed near union square in november these
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photos taken by attorney representing the bus driver in the crash. the driver has maintained that the brakes failed causing the accident 20 people were injured when the bus slammed in the scaffolding at towson stock and attorneys for the driver say they suffer for a badly broken ankle and broken ribs and one knee ligaments all resulting in been bedridden. chp is expected to complete a tax and report later this month . chp polled for the six out of service for mechanical problems and reinspection is planned for sometime in april. at the chp finds the company has not improved it can recommend the california public utilities commission pull its operating permits.
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>> pam: still ahead please searching for robber who just walked up to a running car and drove off
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>> pam: facing charges of sexually abusing a child that in potto. as rob flood of reports now that the alleged abuse occurred more than a decade ago and only recently came to light. >> reporter: speed and camera but several parents here allow auto elementary school said they're shocked and saddened with this man. 34 year-old some detail but has been arrested and charged with sex crimes. fallout of nearby school district superintendent. he is widely respected in his district. the
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victim a woman and her 20s is the daughter of the living girlfriend and abused in their pots to home of a figure. . >> reporter: occurred before he is tied to teach fourth and fifth grade here and he passed all background checks of the time there is no indication of other victims but the district is nonetheless encouraging parents to talk with their children.
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>> reporter: the school district tells me that the counseling of it is available as the investigation continues. >> reporter: sudden for two people at the that occurred in a home burglary crime happened november 27th and san jose and 2800 block of a mistrial. this is the entrance security cameras caught the crux during the burglary all suspect described as white or hispanic youth 1618 years old bull weighing 140 lbs. in about 5 ft. 7 in. tall and people who provide information to read to conviction made toward. >> pam: the shooting at the bayview mall in san leandro shoppers worried about their security shots fired thursday
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evening during a mall's business hours police say an altercation between two groups cause the scene quickly no one was hurt and two suspects were detained after the shooting shoppers at the mall becoming increasingly concerned about the safety authorities a crime and violence is growing more common in that area lisa martinez investigating an armed robbery at a lane stopped thursday night of our drive they called police when they sought to suspects with knives confronting a cashier. one suspect pulled out his knife put it to employees face and told her open register she was not injured suspects ran with undisclosed amount of money they're both described as hispanic man about 20 years old the suspects were in halfs dark colored clothes one had a on a red jacket there as a contact martinez police to get information on that. in the south bay police are looking for the driver of a car involved in a hit-and-run will train has
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more on what happened. the bus >> reporter: the kallisto described as the six year-old man on the other side of the road actually on the sidewalk when according to investigators the driver was a cross all lanes. he slammed into a hates him not once but twice speculating at this point but thinking the driver panicked put it in reverse as your first to flee the scene he ran over the suspect began considerable front end damage as well as damage to his driver's side door. investigators were here all morning taking measurements
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looking at traffic cameras plenty of traffic cameras here on settlers street cameras mounted on the ap center in front of me the will be looking into footage talking to witnesses lisa the vehicle involved in this accident is the 1990's model white full-size pickup truck in addition to having fun and damaged the fender of a driver's side door the bed of the truck appears to be filled with items at the time of the accident. police still looking for a man suspected of stealing a car from a gas station on 19th avenue in san francisco january 5th the man this surveillance video identified as 25 year-old john stockton. . >> pam: the victim left the car running while at the pump the car was found on financial police the next day officials are still looking for macfarlane
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anyone with information that the context of the school police sunshine making a lasting end before the next round of rain shows in the bay area brian is here with details the status of the weekend. >> reporter: the chiasmus to see a penny this will slowly make its way here the bay area for tonight we see the rain i would say after about 89:00 starting out in the north they will show you a feature cast here a second. stick with this the seventh to bridge a beautiful sight for this afternoon. the sunshine and slowly giving way to a high clouds. the american the overnight hours the second part of the storm will come through for the morning. two-part system the first part just from midnight tonight and for the morning we will have like to moderate rain perhaps even some brief bursts of heavy rain as the storm front
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comes through in the morning hours and then the afternoon a few lingering showers possible into bricks and essentially the day. a feature cast 8:00 p.m. and we have like read into the north bay north of the golden gate bridge this will push south and east across the bay area. through the tenor of the clock and by midnight everyone will be getting some light rain we have a break into the early morning hours scattered off and on showers overnight for the 20 5:00 a.m. scattered showers that works its way and across the bay between six and nine and again we could see some briefly heavy rain at times if this comes on by nbc before you hit and miss showers late morning in the afternoon might even be some bright sunshine of a court set three-quarters of an inch but there is much more what weather
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to come for sunday and next week we have nothing on that coming. or >> pam: words between republican front runners and intensifies and one state is taking in particular i ted crews later how it is raining money in the war on isis ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i
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>> grant: bullmastiff near cities the daily news from page shows sexual liberty giving crews new york's elite. tabloid that alone after crews at question rival bottle trump new york values. >> grant: 7 republican presidential debate trump invoked at 911. he got a rare
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shot out from a democratic presidential rival from new york's senator calicut clinton to dresses once trump is right near workers value hard work diversity tolerance and building better lives for our families and your congressman campaign and the carolina cruise ran up a white flag. >> grant: trumping crews are at a virtual dead heat iowa this is interesting the washington post calls as those serving poor results so far shows how
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effectively trump has convinced voters he's a viable canada last march. for republicans say they could not see themselves supporting him for president we down to 34% of republicans say they cannot see trump as president. people could see him mr. president that his way up from 20% to 65%. >> pam: to verbal 50 a few weeks away from coming to the bay area and the street closures about the kickoff next at 530 the concerns a lot of people have about the crowds and traffic. and next after sean penn breaks his silence about his one-on-one interview the mexican drug lord of chaco.
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>> pam: 2 days into suitable 50 comes to the bay area. starting next week san francisco will start its massive transformation holes the nfl's biggest game that is when the road closures will starting construction will begin. then, the crush of the crowds just. dean tells us that people who
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live and work your suitable city have major concerns of destruction the head. at >> reporter: detour rentable city will start january 23rd, the foot of market street and the ferry plaza so much activity people are encouraged not to drive and take public transportation. of the >> reporter: 10 to meeting to find out what to expect they learned about the security sweeps that would happen at parking garages. and people who live will need credentials to get home. noise from continental stop at 9 on week nights and 10 on a week and weekends.
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another is >> reporter: storm system coming out of satellite view the. as one is actually a pretty enormous farm covers much of the pacific where going to get a real big end of that calendar this. and look how large this thing is it proper always been to the gulf of alaska in the low pressure
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system they anchors all of that incentive so wound up the that a whole lot of energy comes through here producing mill like tofu tomorrow afternoon at orange the south bay half a cent higher amounts and then as is typical for the north bay about an inch and a half for the hills three-quarters of a niche for the north they valets and this is the storm system #one here for tonight and tomorrow. no. 2
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>> grant: and pen has a terrible regret about interviewing the fugitive head of the drug cartel the. two men and a mountain hideout more than two months after the mexican drug lords gave for maximum security prison;/the new mexican government releasing photos showing pen and actress. showing their way to meeting. the mexican officials indicated. ken says he believes the mexican government set him off.
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>> grant: the unbelievable stuff.
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>> pam: the video began moments before a large bomb strikes the building as. the highlighted for read the top the screen is money a lot of it. the head of central command says the isis' needs that money to pay for fighters to recruit new ones and the conduct of their illegal activity. >> grant: record >> pam: breaking power balt winners has three winners. john robinson said he bought four tickets to a grocery store near his home and away from work wednesday night. today the two showed up to claim their massive jackpot. it will be split three ways between the top winners. robinson's arrived at the headquarters to a crowd of photographers who. does want to catch a glimpse of the new millionaires.
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. >> reporter: tippled some and will pocket more than $327 million before taxes. the store >> pam: that sold the ticket receipt of $25,000 check into other winning tickets sold letting california won in florida those ticket holders have yet to claim their prize. >> pam: david bowie allan mckinnon and rene to death really happen three's for? we separate fact from if that had a five. wal-mart says it is closing a number of stores. tell you which ones and the bay area are shutting their doors for good next.
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>> pam: a private meeting eric one of the silicon valley is powerful executives. spoke with the pope today the reason for the meeting was not made public and the vatican says it will not release any information about the 50 minute meeting however we can guess that their overlapping interest in technology and sustainable energy may have something to do with
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>> reporter: marcie announce that they will be closing to under 69 stores friday morning the sagging profit. some kron 4 news that the store will try and relocate employees and give them some type the severance. oakland mayor issued a statement saying that the focus is on supporting companies employees as wal-mart works to relocate and plays in. the store is that the close sunday at 7:00 p.m.. >> pam: if you see more older
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women having children there is a reason and there are ramifications. he tells rene study about first-time mother hugged coming up at
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knew at six we will hear from the group that put up the legal obstacle that has the team's plan on hold. we're getting details right now from the top the hour on kron 4 news tonight at 6:00. and as fans around the world continue to mourn the death of david billy allen whitman and husband of sicily and beyond. some wonder if
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celebrity deaths really do happen in threes. the insider hollywood with more. >> reporter: recess for takes us inside the fed phenomenon and the power of social media. . >> reporter: assess feel a sense of control. >> reporter: husband of over 20 years passed with 73 after a long and courageous battle against cancer. "it appeared in some wonderful movies.
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"potter fans virtually raising the want. many of his famous co- stars and friends taking social media to spread their lost" "david bowie's family mourns the passing release statement saying they're grateful for the a portion of love and support they have decided to honor him at a private ceremony." >> reporter: of so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider for kron 4 news item. >> pam: today marks the start of the 26 anniversary celebration for the arrival of pier 39 see lines in san francisco. the scene draws quite a crowd all the time and a surge showing up shortly after the earthquake hit back in october 1989. the
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experts think that the see lines decided to live there because there have been a lot of food area is protected from creditors as is the rest of the day as many as 1400 c lines have been found to take up residence and numbers went down in recent months as i'll me know and warmer ocean waters are causing many of the sea lions pre elsewhere. to 3 ft. of snow in amounts of the time we get in the beginning of next week a big storm coming up for tonight before sunday and monday helping bring a lot rains in the bay area. i have a weather system
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that is approaching for tonight and that will bring light rain for tonight and slightly heavier rain for tomorrow and then sunday will be perfect. and then at the golden gate right now so at a very in the north bay the first-pre like stuff adnan midnight lisa see rain spreading over the entire bay area some bricks and often on showers and then another band of that comes through fell be the main fund of this system a brief shot of moderate seas and heavy rain. between 6 and 9 tomorrow and then we have some spotty off and on showers syllables pretty high 7,000 ft. the system tomorrow expected to bring a few inches then this blew six
5:50 pm
of 12 nautical huge storm by any means and then difficulty traveling up in the sierra that no advisory's in the storm system and then tomorrow like a moderate drop sunday light rained developing in the morning drive the starts and light rain.
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as for disease control act in 2000 it was just under 25 years old by 24 team that had risen to 26. researchers say the rally because fewer mothers under the age of 20. the birth ran as an all-time low economic. factors at play role at increase the off motherhood for career. also ramifications for the u.s. population having children later in life means your child bearing years and therefore fewer children. one area of concern doctors say older women having children increases of the risk of complications. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: unexplained were having this conversation in the next edition of people behaving badly. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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>> pam: to laugh and we feel helpless and physician nothing we can do is. family is looking out for you.
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>> reporter: about the one behind the of? "i then see it"
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>> reporter: your eyes are not receiving new this car is parked. then the driver appears . she's part neckar there is more. like this one. \
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>> reporter: into calling today a major missile. let that stand here that six teen and third streets will remain empty for least a year longer than expected. today the warriors team president announced the planned opening of the new arena for 2018 has been delayed until the fall of 2019 because of recent lawsuits he as a follow-up to lawsuits and then the five last month and university of california san francisco for giving way private property the second filed early this month against and francisco city county agencies allegedly not conducting proper
6:01 pm
impact report and violating california environmental quality act. village of the proposed 18 belsen facility would bog traffic down which a spokesperson says would cause harm and lay for people trying to get to and out of the new ucsf hospital admission day. >> reporter: where spokesperson released a statement in regards to the most recent lawsuit in now a delay saying that we're very confident that we may on fail in court as if we prevail through the public planning process and in the core of public opinion. the only thing that lawsuit will accomplish will be to waste everyone's time right now they're working
6:02 pm
on dates for the upcoming hearing and there will be a bunch of them.
6:03 pm
scott >> reporter: hagerty one of the key negotiators of the coliseum "the ones can present the deal the deal needs to come from the raiders. when a >> reporter: deal he said he is never too fond of the coliseum city. of sports stadium and a tenant has been you we still shops.
6:04 pm
>> reporter: is there someone out there that can help put this out of the. one give operators. >> reporter: mark davis earlier this week and had given up for building a new stadium. an oakland. >> pam: rain is coming in later this evening or on the bay area. it will be with us.
6:05 pm
>> reporter: could be a couple burst of heavy rain. for the afternoon mainly for everything a couple like showers and a. perhaps a brick of sunshine rainfall.-ranging from 1/4 inch of sulfate half-inch by the day higher amounts in the north face three-quarters of an inch for the north they valets financial
6:06 pm
and half for the hills talk while the storm on sunday coming up. . >> reporter: >> pam: up-to-the-minute weather alerts ., the kron 4 mole application is in #1 source for news and weather in the bay area. >> pam: today bar police release new surveillance video in the photograph of the suspects. last week's deadly shooting on board a bart train. they say is 100 percent confident that the suspect is the same man seen in these pictures released earlier this week. and then partly of each victim. >> reporter: 2 weeks and someone was shot dead on a barge train. now tonight we know that there was a teenager carlos lived in antioch please tell us new
6:07 pm
pictures have features. >> reporter: this picture
6:08 pm
>> pam: police are still looking for the suspected shooters in this case. and you tonight at six of viral video of a child allegedly being abused by teacher's aide and antioch. a school for special needs children has several groups demanding action.
6:09 pm
. on top of that the child abuse victim advocacy groups are calling for a grand jury investigation into the incident. it says that this could be a sign of a larger problem. the department of each
6:10 pm
patient says that they're reviewing the letter got from the aclu and. disability disability advocacy group so for the school has not reacted to today's developments. >> pam: news from wal-mart today the company. announced it is closing 269 stores around the world. 154 of those stores are in the united states. some of them are here in the bay area. in the store in oakland fed and open airport is shutting down. kron 4 news was there when a store clerk-notice. shortly after 9:00 this morning the ceos citing sagging profits. residents say it's unfair to hit this particular store because it supplies each open local residents with the for the groceries.
6:11 pm
>> pam: violators will be towed the ban will last until february 12th several days after the super bowl game. it's to allow the crew did take on the staging to burble fever is starting to heat up the. an all-out about an attempt will be available in san
6:12 pm
francisco grande is back and have some highlights for you. >> grant: here is some about a parking traffics in the vms in san francisco when you say free talking about legitimate musical acts. that is good. and then these are gonna be in and around the superbowl 50 you're referencing. in san francisco some highlights january 30th if. 725 at night of the bridge lights will go on once again and it will be fireworks. music performing and then skip ahead friday february 6th 830 a night when the mother foreshore the next day at. and then alicia takes the stage that will make this producer of this newscast extremely happy. sybil sunday to in the afternoon. the glide memorial ensemble hits everyone ready for pick off the. in the third just a few for jam packed schedule of events. axa will be performing we have listed all of
6:13 pm
them as. we have all your survival coverage on kron4news- dot-com. there is a special superable section in the sports tab. kron4news-dot-com >> pam: the picture's release of the tour bus involved in the fighting crash back in november. plus the branch is over between donald trump and said crews the war of words that sparked on the iowa caucuses. and then the tension skiers in snowboards still piling up and announce it. check-in with heavenly which is supposed to be jammed packed this week and.
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>> reporter: 20 people were injured attorney. said a driver suffered a badly burned the ankle. >> reporter: reflect well on the tour bus companies and sightseeing six other buses were inspected in four of them were immediately of a pullout of service due to mechanical it problems including steering issues. reinspection is planned for sometime in april. and then the company as if not improve recommend the california public utilities commission to pull its permits to operate. we can >> reporter: today california public utility commission office conducting its own investigation reviewing records making sure that this company is in compliance with
6:18 pm
rules and regulations. all of >> pam: cunning on this rainy season to help put a dent on california drought. ryan is back with a new total so far this month. >> reporter: we're doing pretty good for january at least 20 compared to average rainfall totals. and so far for the the totals range between an inch and hayward up to about six and a half inches for santa rosa. now for some perspective and the jalapeno 9798 san jose for the month had 5 in. of rain. this after just shy of 5 in. of rain. and in san francisco had over 12 in. and sitting just the three right now. they have long way to go to meet where we had in 9798 and. at least for as far as the average is concerned running well above average for the most by the for oakland hayward into livermore. february could also be what month so we are not completely open to get
6:19 pm
out of this travel. we do have a system here for tonight and then pushing for tonight mainly after 8:00 light rain the rain. could intensify at tomorrow morning in a. and his first shot will be pretty light another system there is right there does not look like much but will intensify into sunday. it could bring for it. the heavy rain sunday night. and then here's a look at the for system tonight. 8:00 p.m. there north of the golden gate bridge. sonoma county overspread the day at about 9:00 in. and becomes more widespread after 10. at midnight most places getting light rain and we get a break for the early morning before sunrise. some scattered showers in the second batch of rain comes through in the morning. 5 a.m. there is north of santa rosa and no. this it could be some heavy rain in batted with this. that move south through 7 8:00 and then it's right over the bay area. light to moderate with occasional brief heavy rain and
6:20 pm
then after that about 9:00 a.m. a few isolated the scattered showers the rest of the day perhaps even some bricks and sunshine for the afternoon. that storm one then storm one for sunday rain getting pretty heavy for sunday evening and then this one could produce well over an inch of rain. anymore about that coming. >> pam: the trump cruise romance seems to be over. thou trust take on this lisa gop debate. ended the friendly relationship between the two candidates. that appeared on likely that the debate will shake them from their leading perch two weeks before people and i will wait and on the caucuses. >> reporter: energized by a strong debate performance dollar trump rallies for votes in the first caucus state trump's style.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
"traumas been beneficial to our campaign." >> reporter:.
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>> pam: items that do not have meaning to the burglar will be discarded in track their and. asking the public to call police if they see something suspicious.
6:27 pm
>> pam: next 630 the the ski resorts expected to be jammed packed over long holiday weekend we check and on the condition the heavenly. the san jose on the hunt for the driver behind a doubly hit and run. and then our top story tonight the oakland a's for the new warriors are reno is delayed. the new target date when that opens coming of.
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>> reporter: and san francisco's golden state warriors left kuwait when you're before constructing and moving into a brand-new arena because rick wells says today that the team has to delay the project the opponents of the arena the new project would cause major traffic delays in this area. the mission bay alliance fat lawsuit they're in for a long legal battle. >> reporter: the identity of the fm and if he was just a teenager. 19 year-old carlos romero lives in an sec investigator spoke to his family yesterday and told them that the team was killed on is with san francisco on saturday night. is
6:31 pm
also released new photos of the alleged gunmen and said these pictures better show if the speaker as fix but to still not clear what the motive was behind the shooting-. >> reporter: continues tonight for the driver of pickup truck who crossed all lanes of santa clara street in san jose. and goes into a bicyclist and actual writing his bike during the on the other side the road. driver not only had the victim once but twice. in this case to get away according to investigators he etched back his pickup truck over the victim and takes off all we know about the pickup truck is that the the late 80s early '90s pickup truck business style. but fun and damage as well as damage to the driver's side door. >> reporter: the first meeting of the oakland alameda county
6:32 pm
joint powers authority is takes place and the wake of the nfl declining the raider's bid to move to los angeles. >> reporter: act in november from a tour bus crashed near union square and now look at the first photo inside the bus to see what it looked like after the crash from funds provided by the attorney rep bus driver and a driver is maintained cause of the extant 20 people injured when the bus slammed in posts in stockton the public. utilities
6:33 pm
commission also conducting investigation more snow coming this week and grant is here with a new videos and also from heavenly ski resort first a little too were around tahoe area freshman from north star then you can see the clouds are rolling alatas now piling up and continues to do self a great season as you mention from heavenly as kevin cooper we're
6:34 pm
now deep in the season to under 43 in. 201 in. at heavenly. north star season today it is a big change in its actual absolutely then pass the scheme. . >> reporter: per week as a move to december and january. 45 in. here and at kirkwood. it is still choppy women had to freeze cycles very good quality this now and quantity. timor systems one and two tonight and then the other sunday.
6:35 pm
"it's starting to see precipitation in the form of rain and then the last statistics i saw on hundred 46 percent of snow average for the year after this last one 12 in. of a surprise to us and then a dense snow water equivalency the storm in december with 4.6 billion gal. of water raises the like to 6 in. we need a few more big heavy storm systems as all
6:36 pm
milhaud goes into a pattern that is the perfect time and today i was kidding. with a >> grant: and a picture tearing it up from the lincoln profile the bright green jacket on the snow heavenly is doing good north star is doing good kirkwood is amazing. the roads are open and clear.
6:37 pm
>> pam: snow snow and more snow hearing from brian sun. will be the big snow day. sunday and monday as campus saying 40 in. of snow possibly an actual rainfall amounts for equivalent is looking like a three to 4 in. of rain that would be 30 the 40 in. of snow possible sunday going into monday the storms tomorrow morning not as big back
6:38 pm
here tomorrow look for light to moderate rain pretty much a done by mark 9 and then after we see isolated showers and breaks a son of a threat today sunday the big storm in the sierra a pretty big storm here light rain starting out in the morning in developing through noon and then the heaviest rain is extort the expected for sunday night during evening could be strong winds and then the rain from that system ends monday and rainfall amounts here in the bay area one to 2 in. of rain by the time we get into monday morning and then monday afternoon we were thinking of another song from monday and then forecast models completely change the system on tuesday phillips may be about a quarter of an inch and then every wednesday morning through the bay area thursday and friday
6:39 pm
>> pam: life release from prison makes her latest debut on the red carpet hollywood today daily wrap is next ♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> pam: not mr. and mrs.. the here garies to take on a wide array of topics. at first look at chip kelly 49er headquarters of the. details on his historic. historicontract
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> gary: 2019 the warriors are
6:47 pm
now announced the 2018 net data was a little optimistic. the warriors often that the delay is due to a sliver of lawsuits from mission bay alliance in keeping everything cool will not rush it 2019 golden state will be moving. how much did chipmaker we have a word today. for years of 24 million 6 million a year hopefully it to turn this franchise around making the rounds and then kelly will not speak publicly that's the word until either wednesday or thursday i give him credit for this was aseity and a staff together and talk more definitively about what is ahead. the raiders mark davis
6:48 pm
basically saying and not happy but how about san antonio. it's people talking until someone comes up with a paycheck mark davis has the city of oakland and then come side-by-side. >> gary: thing mark davis won the here we will get together
6:49 pm
with on the desk some cookies.
6:50 pm
"in play a few games if that's not working i jump in. i'm always optimistic. " >> gary: ucsf tuesday night
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
surprised by your short. "i'm a big strapping man with connections" >> pam: will be right back. brian has the forecast had. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea
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>> reporter: will bring about 1/4 inch of rain to the sulfates three-quarters for the north they much stronger system for sunday mainly for the afternoon and evening i think there could be widespread amounts between one and 2 in.. >> pam: tonight will the see you again kron4news-dot-com stay
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i'm still doing the same drill i use do before. there's more attention paid for whatever reason. >> amal clooney for justice. but can't escape george's celebrity. >> then -- >> the husband and manager of celine dion has died. >> celine says good-bye to renee. as hollywood suffers another loss. we're inside the de threes phenomenon. >> celebrities are dying all time. ♪ tell me what you want >> the spice girls respond to adelle's car pool kdo they thina be? ♪ >> plus, we better hide the wine. "the new real housewives of
7:00 pm
potomac" are stopping by. >> i can't imagine you flipping a table. >> number have proper etiquette. >> you need to be removed. >> they'll throw down, but coul they go toe to toe with atlanta's crew? >> if they come for i will fight back. >> yeah. >> now hollywood from the inside out, the "insider" together with yahoo. >> move over, new jersey, beverly hills and atlanta. "the real housewives o potomac" are coming for you. but do they h what it takes to become br ultimate drama queens? i was just with the ladies. let me tell they are a good time. >> yeah. you haven't recovered yet, have you. >> no. >> let's get to the top trend story making headlines today. >> many years ago angelina jolie said she understood she was going to get attention. i understand why you do it why did you do it then? >> i think everybody needs sense of purpose. >> she could all oft


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