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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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help, visit the death of celine dion's husband. the late et on the singer in mourning. >>. ♪ because you love me >> renee's cancer battle lost at age 73. enduring love story with celine. >> he's been there for me all my life. >> news on david's funeral and his ex-wife in tears. >> this era has ended. >> how he kept his terminal cancer battle secret. >> plus backstreet boy nick carter's arrest caught on tape.
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surveillance video of the dad to be crying out after a bloody bar brawl. >> then -- >> academy award winning nominee. >> it does feel great. >> the stars at the golden globes. >> you celebrate together? >> oh, yes. >> what j-law told us about schumer right after her win. >> shut up, just go. i also blacked out. >> as both ladies open up about amy's new man. >> yes, someone has agreed to have sex with me. >> i gained weight. again. >> kirstie alley, how she dropped 50 pounds and secrets for her "cheers" reunions. >> we know we're all losers. >> that's the beer talking. >> now in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. hi, everybody nichelle turner in with me. >> renee, husband of celine d n dion, passing away at their home in las vegas after bravely
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battling three bouts of cancer. last sawing she told us things looked hopeful. >> he did so well that at first they said, and then they said, you are getting better. like every week. and they were tough treatments. and he got better. normally it is supposed to be like, i'm ready for this and it wouldn't do well. he did the opposite. ♪ because you love me >> her most recent shows, emotional celine shared personal home video of renee and the three children they share. 14-year-old rene-charles and 5-year-old twins eddie and nelson. >> people who know me well, know my priority is my family. >> we do not know yet quite if his last wishes of passing in her arms was fulfilled. the service will be held in montreal. >> the service will be in the
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noter dam where their wedding was. >> i played in front of him when i was 12 years old and we've been together all that time. >> he became her manager. despite their 26-year age difference, they fell in love. >> i wanted to have my prince of charms waiting for me. and having the biggest dress ever. >> they renewed their vows in 2000 when they believed we cancer-free. later when it returned, he told us he decided to cherish every moment. >> today was good today. and embrace it because we don't know about tomorrow. >> let's move on. we're still reeling from the
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golden globes last weekend. who could take home an oscar. >> nominations for the 88th academy awards are this week and there are a few winners in the bunch. i was in the middle of all of the oscar nomination acts. >> fantastic day for you and this movie. academy award nominations. >> it does feel great. especially when you work on something for this long a period of time. i said this is like going on a grand voyage together with a crew. >> newly nominated leo in london thursday night. the actor all smiles at uk premier of the ref nant. >> it is not often that films like this get made but the fact that it is recognized means we get to do more like it. >> congratulations. you are one of the greatest guys in hollywood. >> and boy was bryan cranston beaming. i was with him hours after his nomination. i have to address you now as bryan cranston, oscar nominee, academy award nominee. >> yes.
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practical. you have to address that. even when you're angry at me. oscar nominated bryan cranston! >> how did you find out this morning? >> congratulating brie larson who is on location in australia. >> who is the first person you will call once you come up for air? >> oh, my mom, of course. >> yeah. >> she has been texting me like crazy. a pretty good feeling. >> it is a pretty surreal experience. i'm not even sure it was something i dreamt about because i didn't think it was possible. >> i was asleep. my mom ran into the room. >> nominate ford brooklyn sips champagne for "e.t." after her early wake-up. >> all i could hear was -- we're go together oscars. >> what are you saying? >> i wasn't sure if it was good news or bad news. >> audience teary when his name was read. sylvester stallone releasing a statement saying he was incredibly humbled and not
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expecting it. who was snubbed? will smith? director ridley scott. all left out. >> biggest surprise is where is the biggest movie of the year "star wars." >> we need a pilot! >> we got one. >> mad max and the martian. d why wasn't the force with star wars? >> here is a hagg hashtag this kbraer, snow white for the second year in a row, no people of color nominated in acting category. >> i hope this isn't diskurgs for anybody. just keep moving along. >> i'm chris rock and i'm hosting the oscars. >> one oscar prediction can you make is that chris rock is going to skewer the all-white nod. >> and another award show critics choice awards. a live preview on a&e. let's get to last weekend's big show, golden globes. >> first on the red carpet with will and jada, jen and amy.
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stars were candid and real. >> what keeps you running on an award night like this? >> this is cameron. booze, cameron. >> bryan cranston is carrying amy schumer's train. >> bryan cranston never carries amy's train. >> jennifer lawrence. >> like her bff, they add blast. >> i'm j-law. >> and i am a-schu. >> you going to celebrate together? >> yeah. oh, yeah. we have a plan. i'm not telling, you might show up. >> when they called your name, she leaned over and said something mp do you know what she said?
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>> she said, just shut up and go. i told her, have what you want to say ready because they will call your name and your head will go blank. they said my name and i went blank. in is not a drill. >> j-law collided with matt damon. her new boyfriend posted this. >> you got up with your hype this morning. little romance? >> yeah, apparently having a boyfriend is the biggest accomplishment of the year for me. i also wrote a movie i startred in. i'm proud of that. but yes, somebody agreed to have sex with me. we're very happy. >> amy has a new fella. do you like him? >> yes, i do. >> you approve? >> i do. >> this pick the pair posted by emmy thanking ben for being her actor date. >> kate and leo reuniteed. kate winslet. a "titanic" night for them both.
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leonardo dicapprio. >> kate was the first to congratulate him. >> he's a pro. >> my favorite actress in the industry. she's hanging out with me tonight. we' going to the after party. >> you and kate? >> yes. and her husband. >> we're been through a lot together. >> i dread getting on boats these days. >> do you? >> oh i dread it. breaking news, boy is there a fog about sean penn and the drug lord. >> i just want to know. to me it seems like spi coaly trying to cut out the middle man. >> and madonna raising money for haiti just as news broke that rolling stone secretly met with mexican drug lord el chapo before his arrest. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding. okay? not even sean penn will find me.
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>> a big accomplishment from santa monica high. we get [ bleep ] done. let's face it. we do. we find drug lords. get nominated for golden globes. >> el chapo was caught immediately after i met with him. so maybe he is a hero in all this. i don't know. >> will you be in the el chapo movie or help sean penn make it? >> hey, listen, he is one of the best writers and directors around. not to mention obviously one of the best actors. so if he's got a role for me, i'm there. >> star couples, will and jada. >> that audience out there loves -- >> awe. >> now there's the most, partnering with gipy to get all the best moments. and look at this. j-law, rob lowe, the rock, so
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many selfies on the red carpet. but kevin hart was stirring it up. >> ladies, ladies, get your camera out, i'm live. first of all, i got a good 25 million people on my facebook page. get out of my feed. >> everyone is filming everybody else filming themselves. through the looking glass. through the looking glass. and through the looking glass again. i'm amazed by it. >> amy schumer's man, ben, capturing the sunset shot. there's no place like that. come on. >> oh, so sweet. >> now amy and miss j-law, no dice. we did get to see a very different dress. some really good. some ehhh. and cohost sitting down with nancy o'dell to break it all
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down. >> with black, white and red, with you you were spot on. >> you know, j-law, and a-schu, they didn't wear the same dress. >> yeah, we ruined it by talking about it. if i didn't talk about it, we could have done it. >> maybe next year they will wear the same dress. >> so starting with number 4, i love julianne moore. the midnight blue sequins with beautiful asymmetric al neck line in velvet. and i love that he dressed her and was her date. >> number 3? >> elisa, stunning in that white dress. the most delicate pink at the bottom. elegant. simple. >> designers are loving her. >> you have the best on the red carpet. >> crazy. >> number 2? >> jennifer lawrence. simple, elegant, cut out. different for her.
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>> and bling up top. >> the collar was beautiful. it was actually a separate necklace. >> now who is number 1 best dressed? >> i love jennifer lopez. >> i did too. >> she looked so good. old hollywood but in a very unexpected way. jennifer lopez called this dress mustard. that's a very difficult color to wear. she pulled it off. >> we tried them on and see what feels good. >> now it is time to give us your worst dress. >> regina cane. she was wearing this trend of the evening, gold sequin look. but together, i thought that didn't work. >> she worked it on the red carpet. she walked out there with confidence and she was strutting it. >> a winner in my book. >> and now, katy perry attracted a lot of attention. >> she was? i didn't notice. >> it looked like orlando bloom was definitely taking notice at
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the after party. here they are, a rather intimate moment. they arrived and left separately but they were dancing pretty close all night long. just saying. >> coming up, more from the globes. and talking to the winners. and also remembering david b bebowie and the family he leaves behind. kirstie alley. >> this is the worst fbi red carpet season is all about rewarding great taste. we'll raise a cup to that. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out. america runs on dunkin'. they carry your fans' passions, shouhopes, and dreamscarry pads. and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff
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tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. oh, you know that music. 13 years after x files signs off, there will be a new one next weekend on fox. >> we were with the stars on the set and walking down memory lane. >> now i heard that when you first read the script you cried.
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what came over you? and why was it so eploegsal? >> it wasn't the script itself. it was just seeing just the names on the page again. like watching a home movie in my head. >> we showed david and their first show. >> i was chewing gum? >> we give them the mix of episodes we used to do. pathology and so i think there is something for everybody. >> on the set, getting plenty of comedic. >> the worst fbi agents of all time. >> no, he's tough. >> harsh. but the truth is still out there. >> yeah. >> i'm here. >> your character, what was it
7:18 pm
like getting back into her? easy? >> you should ask me that. >> wait, what do you think? >> how did i do? >> it wasn't easy at all. >> for nine seasons between 9 and 19 million viewers tuned in each week. >> spent more time with jillian than anyone else in my whole life, i could say, besides my parents. you know, you got to be careful. somebody could get hurt. >> jillian 25 at the time, david 33. "e.t." was there for the monsters and mysteries. what can fans count on, more skully pep talk. >> i assumed you wouldn't miss that link. lots in your everyday life. >> jillian has a lot of medical and scientistic stuff. >> i do. >> they give you the lion's share of that crap. >> and you have the lion's share of being tortured. >> i do.
7:19 pm
and i apparently lose my gun all the time. >> this is dangerous. >> when has that ever stopped us before? >> here is the thing. she doesn't get well. >> up next, the look at david bowie. the father, the husband. our time with this widow super model iman and their intimate italian wedding. >> we found each other at the right time of ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ david bowie, kept his cancer secret for more than a year. we are learning more about the battle. >> the reaction of david bowie's death has been massive. twitter exploded right after the news broke. 4.3 million. >> every bowie video. every image. even moments that had never been seen before are now giving new meaning to the life of the legendary artist. >> i just really visioned life in producing and directing and singing music. >> singer, song writer, fashion icon, mad genius, mind-blowingly talented. >> from outerspace to hollywood, the world paying tribute. a hometown sing along in south london.
7:23 pm
david was secretly battling liver cancer. >> i think in his final years he just wanted to be with people that were close to him. >> i just feel like an era has ended. >> david's ex-wife, angela, broke down in tears. she learned the news while filming the big brother. >> the show will be great and a performance of 20 different advices interpreting bowie. something special for the fans. >> next, the phony tape. >> let's do the harmony line we just did. >> a treasure trove and a profile that was never broadcast. >> this is my 40th year working. it is terrifying. ♪ i'm in heaven >> bowie just broke adele's record. final album, black star, is expected to be his number one album in the u.s.
7:24 pm
>> so there is a chance that even the title of the album there was a hint he was dying. he was in an actual hospital bed. when you look at this in hindsight, the very meticulously planned final statement, final album, of a man that knew he was dying. >> we spoke to famous faces touched by bey including soccer superstar david beckham who posted a photo and touching tribute to the late rock legend. >> you know, i met david quite a few times. he is such an inspiration. such a great influence over so many people. >> i think it's very sad his passing for so many reasons. >> a teenager, jennifer, sharing the screen with bowie in the 1986 fantasy film "labyrinth."
7:25 pm
>> not only was a genius, he was the genius that had the time to be kind. my experience with him. >> but perhaps no one more affected by his passing that than his widow iman. >> i asked her to marry me. >> it was a ring i saw two years before in florence that i loved. that he went back for. and found that somebody bought it. he found it, bought it from them. and he proposed. very sweet. and at first i said yes. >> they shared nearly 24 years of marriage. rock and roll icon and super model set up by their hair dresser. >> i think i did something really corny. like afternoon tea somewhere. >> he told me he was so nervous,
7:26 pm
he doesn't drink tea. he never drinks tea. he has coffee. >> they kept their love life private. on rare occasion, the couple let "e.t." cameras into their world. david told us iman changed him. >> i was working any time i wanted night or day. i had to change that for us. i'm a real workaholic. >> very witty sense of humor. >> and basically, you know, we just found each other at the right time of our lives. >> all i can let you know in on a secret, we're blissfully happy. fabulous marriage. >> he opens doors. never stopped that. never lets me walk on the outside of the street sidewalk. he calls me darling. he apologizes when he's apologi just to get on my good side.
7:27 pm
he is absolutely. >> for three decades, "e.t." covered the $230 million musician famously one blue eye, one gray, at concerts on music videos. but 30 albums, his priority was always family. his now 15-year-old daughter, alexandria, and 44-year-old son from his first marriage, duncan. >> my son helped me grow up. incredible. he has enthusiasm for everything he approaches. >> through the end and throughout his secret battle with cancer, iman was by his side. some of her last posts before he died, quote, i will love you until i die. for the man who fell to earth. >> he transcended not only musical genre but class.
7:28 pm
he truly is one-of-a-kind. >> straight ahead, more of our golden globe coverage. >> winners waiting for this moment all of their lives. sly stallone congratulated. >> outstanding performance. >> become such a close friend. we were so adversarial. >> and i'm talking to soon to be dad john legend. about his wife, chrissy teigen and his little girl on the way. are you nervous to have a little girl? >> stick around. >> closed captioning provided by --
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7:32 pm
>> number four. imal clooney's first american sit down. talking about her work in the mall tees. >> u.s. values are at stake here. >> number three is sean penn's life in danger after his rolling stone interview with mexican drug lord el chapo. ? an exclusive interview with charlie rose on 60 minutes the actor claims he had nothing to do with el chapo a capture. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> number two, nick carter's battery arrest. backstreet boy caught on a police officer's body cam laying on the ground outside a key west saloon. >> my name is nick carter backstreet boys singer. >> he appeared intoxicated according to report. >> three celeb deaths. harry potter and die hard actor
7:33 pm
died at age 69. also, david bowie, secretly battling liver cancer. >> he just wanted to be with people close to him. >> also, celine dion's husband, renee angelil. after battling cancer. >> he's been there for me all my life. and i've been there for him all my life. >> go to for the latest. >> no one cares about the award as much as you do. okay? >> yeah. ricky, there it is. last sunday ricky gervais poking fun telling everyone it didn't mean anything if you won one but ricky how long you are. it is a long road to make it to that stage and if you don't get there without sweat and sacrifice and not letting anything stand in your way. here are the golden globe winners who have been waiting for this moment. >> come on. >> come on now. >> a dead give away with cookies
7:34 pm
on the table. i'm just saying. >> and cookies on the table. >> please, i waited 20 years for this and now you wait. how can you wait for the great cookie. >> i've been acting for 23 years. i'm an old lady. i need glasses to drive my car. these moments mean a great deal. >> the joy of these moments comes in every step of the journey. up and down. complications of birth and paralyzed on the left side of his face. we have a video congratulations from somebody i think you might recognize here. >> congratulations. and on the golden globe. and winning the oscar. trust me. >> a close friend. we were so adversarial. >> amazing. >> i'm telling you, like frazier/ali. >> thank you, arnold. >> the take away is that
7:35 pm
struggle adds to the sweetness. what advice would you give that guy that you know now? >> try to bring as much as can you equally everyday, rather than burn yourself out, and crashing. which i would do. i would be depleted at the end of every season and think i got nothing left. you better, we're coming back next year. >> here you are sitting back stage of the golden globes and not that long ago, obviously, struggling to make rent. >> yeah. that's a testament to me being horrible at saving money. but we made the pilot. i used a lot of the money for the pilot to pay for my wedding, which i got married last year. >> what would a celebratory song sound like? ♪ ahhhh . >> so here are the ones who made it and the ones who support them no matter what. and power of perseverance. >> a lot of nos. sometimes it feels like there is no reason to keep going. just the most valuable things
7:36 pm
come from those cars and things and moments you would warn yourself against like, i honestly wouldn't -- i would just feel like -- otherwise i might not make the same mistake and learn an important lesson. >> i think that's what makes it great. i think that's what makes this moment so sweet. when people struggle. i'm just a girl from d.c., from the hood. i was a single mother. you know, i became a mother and in college and i could have easily become -- easily become a statistic, but i didn't. i rolled above it. don't compare yourselves to other people. stay in your line and have faith. >> congratulations. >> and yeah, so -- >> he's a keeper, "e.t.." don't ever get rid of him. >> yeah. a lot of love there back stage at the golden globes. my girl. now, racking up the awards this weekend, up for a critics choice
7:37 pm
award for best actress in drama series. >> does somebody have a little crush? i'm just saying. just sayin. now to golden globe winner who really has it all, john legend. he is also an oscar winner, nine time grammy winner and soup are model wife, chrissy teigen. and now he is about to be a dad. i spoke to him about hisly gi l girl on the way. ? have you changed a diaper yet? >> not yet. >> they are due in a couple of months and while john seems pretty even keel bed it all, looks like chrissy is relishing every moment of her pregnancy. >> my belly is bigger than my butt. >> it's hard not to crush on this couple. just take a lock at chrissy's adorable social media posts. in the kitchen together or just chillin at home with the pups. they're in the middle of remodeling their $14 million
7:38 pm
five bedroom eight bathroom home that used to be owned by rihanna. >> we are just trying to get everything ready on time. >> are you nervous to have a little girl? >> no. i'm not like one of those who is like, my boy can do whatever he wants and the girl has to be in the convent, just be good people. >> offering aspiring filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime. >> you have the cla you have the clan . you have the chance to be mentored by me. >> find the individuals out there who are expressing it in a deep way. >> but his job right now just might be to the baby. all of your animals have a name. >> yes. >> are you thinking of naming the baby girl t -- >> no. we are almost avoiding the p names because our dogs have p names. >> you know he and chrissy will
7:39 pm
be great parent. how fun will that household be. >> john really does do it all. he just produced a drama about president obama and michelle's first date. >> inside the rehearsals of greek life. those unforgettable songs and scenes from the movie. check it out. ♪ sandra dee ♪ >> first, an upcoming moveie we can wait for. blue steel. and we are teaming up for a super fan experience at the new york city movie premier. one lucky winner and guest that came to defend zoo lander red carpet hang with the stars and be a special "e.t." super fan correspondent. yeah, all you got to do to enter is head
7:40 pm
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7:42 pm
oh, yes, a classic song from "grease." and we are so excited for the upcoming grease live on fox. we have a lk at rehearsals which are well under way. >> julianne hough plays sandra dee. marie osmond could have played roz. >> they brought up marie osmond. but every guy in the world want olivia newton-john as their girl. >> john let us in on that secret back in 1998. carrie fisher was also considered for the role of sandy but the reason marie turned it down -- >> she didn't foresee how -- how big a turn san dy would take a
7:43 pm
turn at the end in that outfit and that just wasn't her outfit. >> and another secret. >> they would stitch me. i didn't drink or eat much while we were filming. >> sandy. >> what do you remember about the leather pants? >> everything. >>. ♪ sandra dee ♪ >> olivia newton-john gave julianne hough advice. >> she said oh, you're going to be great. >> do my best to give a nod to john in what he does. >> the broadcast will be a combo of the movie and original musical. as bad girl rizzo, vanessa hudgens, is worried about doing three hours live. >> you have any they'ars so far? >> falling, i think, as a
7:44 pm
female, when you're in heels. that would suck. >> it would be hard to imagine anyone but travolta playing danny. >> henry winkler dropped out because he didn't want to be type cast forever. ? the broadway musical, grease lightening is sung by kaniki, it's his car. but john travolta told me he wanted the number sew got to he number. >> grease was the number 1 movie in 1968. not bad for the movie that cost just $6 million to make. >> it might not have been the same. ♪ those summer nights >> now what other casting could have been lucy arnez as rizzo. lucy and desi ae daughter red for the part. and david hasselhoff, you have to hear how you can be part of
7:45 pm
his new retro record. >> hoff's hits of the '80s. >> then what valerie bertinelli is saying about kirstie alley going back jenny craig. >> someone wants to give you a shout out. >> i'm afraid. >> how she got the cheers crew back for the jenny craig commercial. >> the birthdays, which comedian practiced his craft when he was sent to his room what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects,
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why do i have to be me? why can't i be jennifer lawrence? so young. so talented. so -- she to me is the ideal woman. she is everything. >> who knew? right? kirstie alley love for j-law. i caught up with kirstie in new york to talk about her new jenny craig campaign. but we talked about so much more. before we get to that, i have a message from former fellow weight loss spokesperson valerie bertinelli. take a look. >> i think if anybody can do it, it's kirstie alley. she speaks from the heart. she lived it, walked it, breathed it. i would trust kirstie anywhere. >> valarie is what i would call a real woman. it means a lot coming from her that she would validate me in this way. >> both endorsed jenny craig in
7:49 pm
the past and now -- >> hi," e.t." as you can see, we haven't left yet. >> look at that. holy molly. must be the beer talking. >> 65-year-old kirstie is back at cheers with norm, and clint. >> 50 pounds down thanks to jenny craig. >> last time i saw something like that -- >> beer. >> beer. >> when they approached me, what do you think about doing a commercial in cheers. i thought, well who is going to do that? >> george and john. >> i was like, are they really? >> not the original cheers set. that's in a museum. so they built a new one. >> we talked walked on that set. it could not have been a more perfect replica. it felt like we were the mcflies and we were in a time machine.
7:50 pm
>> there is a lot of talk about a reunion. like a cleers reunion in 2017. >> i want cheers reunion as long as it is not taken up as a subject. it has to just be another show. >> we're both "dancing with the stars" alum and kirstie still hasses this moves. she tells me rejoining jenny craig was the key it losing and keeping the 50 off for good. >> it works for me because i'm not good on my own. >> as for her new hair she has j-law to thank for that. >> when i was watching "joy" she cuts her hair and i go, yeah. you need to just cut your hair. my hair was about down to here. i went, oh, yes. i am jennifer. i just started to chop. i used sewing scissors. i didn't even use hair-cutting scissors. then yes you look like jennifer lawrence. you are her. i need to play her mother or grandmother or something. >> guys have to be knocking at your door. are you dating?
7:51 pm
>> no, i said in 2015, i did some dating. not impressed. >> come on now. she has a dating pool outside the entertainment business. kirstie has a new acting gig. a role in a will around et show. on netflix later this year. >> can we talk about something else this year? hit it. that's david hasselhoff became world famous, yes. "baywatch." you know, he did keep his shirt on when he sat down. >> he did. he did. >> thankfully. >> yeah. i tell you this, hoff still looks pretty good, man. ready to hit that beach. and new "baywatch" movie is in the works. i just have to know if he might just pop up. would you be open to it if they approached you? >>. >> if they make a parody of it and my part is really funny, of course i would do it. i love making fun of my life because that's what life's
7:52 pm
about. >> david is all about making fun of himself. he is making fun of those tabloid headlines -- a new mocumentary series, hoff the record. >> playing a fictionalized version of yourself. >> so much written about me. so much that is so untrue and so blown out of proportion. >> i am your son. >> we just took all of that and put it into a television series. >> hey, the hoff is a double threat. his song "true survivor" has had over 22 million youtube hit. now he is doing a whole album of '80s music and taking song submissions on-line. >> you can have your own record on a label released by david hasselhoff. first '80s album in 2016. why? because that was good music. man. >> people love that music. >> how about the year? 1982. that's when we did our first
7:53 pm
interview with david. he was on the young and the restless. we were at a softball game. y & r versus general hospital. >> we decided to come out here and give them a chance to get on the board. we helped them. little publicity, entertainment tonight, help them out. >> i did like 890 shows. how long were you on? >> 14 years. >> oh my god. >> yeah man. no messing around. >> not that hard. >> it's impossible. >> 20 pages of dialogue a day. anybody who does a soap opera, i take my hat off to them. incredible people. >> with y & r, night rider and "baywatch," most watched tv actor on the planet. but there is more. you're also a record holder for the highest reverse bungee jump. >> you fly and that one second before you start to go down -- just unbelievable.
7:54 pm
i would love to do that again. that's fun. >> yeah. >> the hoff. getting crazy. i node to do that. are you with me? >> not no, but you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer.
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look at all those stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. now, which comedian practiced his craft when he was sent to his room as a kid? >> i would sit in there for hours, just have a great time. i would sit in there and -- >> that is rubber faced jim carrey celebrating turning 54 this weekend. >> monday on "e.t." -- >> the joelly-pitt family outing. out with their kids, playing pandas in mom's new movie. >> they had a lot of fun with it. >> and zac efron and seth rogen. we have scenes of "neighbors 2." >> next "e.t.." >> that's monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. for the late-breaking hollywood news just go to our website. >> before we go, check out the video for the song "stressed out."
7:58 pm
>> the song off their album is number 5 on billboard top 100 chart and definitely a blast. >> indeed. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
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8:00 pm
accident in san francisco. 1 person was killed. a double decker tour bus slammed no a man and dragged him. a horrible accident happened in pacific heights near divisadero street. what led up to the crash. >>reporter: a scene so grim. >> from what i heard his head was crushed. >> after several hours after the crash, his body remained. >> the double decker tour bus operated by loc san francisco different from the tour bus back in november mowed dozens of people down in union square. wilfred williams says the victim may have


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