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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 17, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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major >> marty: rains from adding to the bay area live look at the rain heading our way looking at st. at 10 hours of rain over the next few hours from today. this storm has a potential cause some major problems in this morning we have everything you need to know. >> reporter: your sunday as we talked about from yesterday will be particularly in the late afternoon as the strain starts to build. well out to sea is
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still an early date. phillips like when the system starts it will be a system more rain particularly in the north bay we have the models for you and i know how that pans out show you click the the fog of the golden gate overnight we have a lot of drizzle and light rain showers. this hasn't gone away so your travels make that a note as well. . knapp but at 2 mi. for example looking at fairfield for five. concord not even one senator was a down to six. msf on the peninsula numbers are a little higher except along the coast. here's a were talking about a flash flood warning posted through late tonight and tomorrow morning before the commute starts and then covering all the north bay and all the rest of them are in there in terms of the north face. the south bay and elsewhere not technically in that will be hit by rain today. or talk alike
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patchy rain in the north bay by noon and then we start to see rain and heavy at times in the afternoon but by for cochrane and the north they particularly heavy the ditchers hardly move we do have speaking of the north face. avery is checking things out of the north they. >> reporter: it is pretty dry here inside the coat shopping center some businesses are repaired for flooding today sandbags out here to prevent water from getting inside and i'm told that this shopping center is no stranger to flooding get to step down to come to the shopping center. will be preparing for the all- day in the city of to braun the supply sandbags.
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>> marty: shoes telling you where you can get sandbags at the pastor gravel parking lot and also the park's parking lot in get all the areas where you can get sandbags on kron 4 kron4news-dot-com these two specific cases or lot of so it's taking advantage of that on its way. turnout breaking news officials confirming now that some of the american prisoners one of four americans released a prisoner exchange. spero that news yesterday at three here on newsweek and. >> marty: businessman not much is known about and also fifth person will that was recently detained was also released in freed americans are heading the
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u.s. military bases in germany. last night kate spoke of the family of jason in marin county. and a very relieved but in one go on camera during the interviews until they were sure. >> reporter: after 18 months jason was denied iranian prison. all started in july 2014 the authorities raided the home where he lived with his wife. nine months later he was indicted on espionage charges and then october last year jason was convicted and that secret trial sentenced to an unknown amount of time in prison. six weeks before he was arrested jason spoke the cnn about life and chevron. they and his
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colleagues of the washington post that rejected charges case and brought in earlier this month 25 their rooms and media groups a letter to secretary state john kerry urging the u.s. to secure jasons release and now appears the government requests the case about the new killer program. >> marty: survey international
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phage energy agency certifying iran has kept its end of the deal and part of the need to a program this morning craze that decision and now joins several countries. >> marty: we know one person that was taken the hospital with life-threatening injuries and no information on the suspect just get this is the sixth shooting death occurred interstate 80 since last november. and then the last shooting was on tuesday and two people hurt in that instant incident. the trees shedding zero gang-related and not random. we have the calling with chp to get more information and have that for u.s. and to get. still. it had another
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instance involving a tour bus and waste cleanup police say fled to lettuce crash. and the search area extends off the coast of hawaii.
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ray is on it the life of a area for. leak and marketplace have francisco worry contract vendors from around the country that food products tasty irresponsible from nine to two and it is free to attend.
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>> marty: people that after tornadoes character parts of florida they can with the damage and sarasota florida this morning. officials confirming at least three tornadoes in that area. and then reports of one child that has been seriously injured and we have dramatic video. . >> dave: heavy debt and then
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lost more bade go around. for getting more than what you see on radar here light drizzle and then sometimes it doesn't show real well on radar there is upstream. also associate with this foundry that will drive some ones for us tommy on that will be this evening by 6:00 and so forth. then cover good piece of geography and the rain will cover initially. in an here is the visibility level piquancy really low in the north face. fog is already selling from for sfo running about an hour and then check with the airlines the fog is responsible for that flash flood watch. a chance the the real bottom appear in north bay.
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>> dave: it starts to go to the area by 7:00 it looks like in the notice the cells up toward the north and then points towards the north flash flood watch that was issued their and then no mistake and that the secondary with developing production in north they use see with the heavy rain at 11:00 and and that's pretty impressive on the south as well overnight we get to 4:00 a.m. it's starts to try to clear and then rain showers in the forecast for morning commute by monday morning. then we get a breather and all of this and whammo there's the morning commute for tuesday more details on this coming up.
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>> marty: another two were bound bus accident and san francisco to tell you about. one person killed after police say a double decker tour bus slammed into a man and then dragged him. fleet explain the police say led to the crash. of the >> reporter: gruesome sight police are saying that the victim of a man in his 70's and appears that is in the crosswalk when he was hit here. a scene so grim eventually police the victim's body remained. . added john the double decker tour bus says the fund operated by deluxe sightseeing else see different from back in november had dozens of people madani and square. and saturday afternoon the victim may of been walking southbound
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and it hit the crossbar while the tour bus travelling north made our right-hand turn on the post street. the dry >> marty: gramm bus company are cooperating the appeared drugs or alcohol
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>> reporter: approach to this ultimately backfire. hillary clinton is unleashing a blitz of criticism calling the plan for the health-care system unrealistic and expensive accuse sanders of purposely withholding details about how getting american health coverage to medicare. effectively
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eliminating private insurance companies. sanders says he is not one of scrabble, care.
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>> reporter: advertise and promised to break up the big bang. >> marty: coming up the warriors struggling with the nfl fans and the see the most exciting of the proceeds and with highlights for you coming up after the break. for the weekend the 12th annual holiday lego show a potto check
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out a variety of lego creations and sculptures all happening at the museum heritage 11-345 this afternoon the costs $3 to attend.
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>> marty: instead warriors in detroit taking on the pistons' lead skoda the second quarter. this knockdown and then as he makes this the hard hit no call he get. there were technical foul. in arguing with the ref and then in the fourth quarter the pistons pulling away by jackson gets the jumper at the end up by 22. golden state would lose by a 113 that doesn't get any easier now they take on the cavaliers tomorrow night. nfl playoffs with the proceeds and
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lessen its packers cardinals' game. take a look. >> marty: it is insane 41 yd hail mary touchdown pass and no time left on the clock the send it to overtime and then in the first play of overtime. carson will connect with larry and 75 yds and then check out this he would not be stopped and he makes it all the way down inside the 5 yd line.
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>> marty: 18 yd touchdown pass by 15 in new england nfc championship game with a 0.20 victory. more games on tap today they take on carolina panthers 10 05 this morning and then stealers broncos score off like game 140 this afternoon celebrating african americans and the comic parts coming up in the san francisco main library. want to for this afternoon and it is free to attend.
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>> dave: sfo has a 10 on a true but we are seeing some problems there also point out the far east bay to conquer under mild for example to for livermore and one of the things that we've already set aside the stock early chile for this damn the early morning. because it's a mild system coming in from the west and were not getting this from the gulf of alaska where we normally do. then check in with your airline safety for given the issues oakland san jose have the green light flatbush flood watched a few late tonight covering the north bay and there's no surprise in this because this is our heavier rain will be. also coastal flood watch for much of the peninsula for the coastal areas breakdown for you today mostly cloudy right now and patchy drizzle
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light rain at work. by the new our rain particularly in the north bay and then in the early afternoon heavier in the north face in the and spread until the early afternoon then by that point to the south bay expected to be heavy and intense in spots as the go overnight and early tomorrow morning. . the president's >> marty: as cavities speaking about a prisoner swap with the american prisoners as you can see the are preparing the term there we take a live look inside the air. expecting the president to speak in about 15 minutes and carry that live when it happens also just learned that the u.s. has.
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increase >> marty: and a number of its films and then lisa reports and iran and then have some tips for you but from becoming another victim. >> reporter: 21 a gallon for regular. but also when this year is a credit card fraud has been reported. number of victims has been going for weeks now even more concerned.
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>> reporter: the investigations that found scanning devices the various palms and has since removed them. they are however offering some advice.
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>> marty: happening right now crews are expanding the search area and then fly helicopters clattered off of oahu. the crew spent much of the day saturday searching by air and sea looking for debris any sign of those missing marines the reporter for alexander haynes has the latest on the search efforts.
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the co >> reporter: starts as high surf is one of the challenges. ocean currents that manson survivors or debris several miles from the crash area.
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>> marty: to follow breaking news the president is set to speak about the reason prisoner swap with iran and this is a live look from inside the white house expecting the president about a minute for sofa and then carry it live and happens
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>> marty: of sponsored by the department of public works. there at obligation income of the shoreline and then part of
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the martin luther king day of service. those were not willing to brave the weather paul mead a public work force is sponsoring of their cleanup. in augustcleanup >> marty: breaking news this morning the president is set to speak about the recent prisoner swap that will free four american prisoners. and then inside the white house the president is expected to approach the podium at any minute we bring that to you live when that happens.
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>> dave: a fellow at 10 and then that an hour delay because of a fog that as their and then in the timing of all this by noon no. they the heavy rain showers
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across the golden gate bridge and. then have your cells in the north bay this is why the flash flood watch has been issued and the reason why. . the first band already making progress in the south bay and then somewhat intense rainfall.
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>> dave: so wins will be much in the forecast and then how mild these temperatures and then right now the upper 50s estimating with the temperatures will be lower 60s and then the storm system is not the gulf of alaska and then _ tuesday. another batch tuesday morning and then another one looks like by thursday and friday and then heavy rain there. and jurors remain.
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>> marty: only hits the streets to find out how drivers are behaving on roads from the bay area. this time he takes his camera to the space city crime is low and finds that the hat behavior's high. >> reporter: town or parallel stop signs are merely a suggestion. watch this driver ignore stop signs all around benicia. a cyclist is not stop at the stop sign. i do because required by law >> marty: the white house the present speaker about bas-rhin. the president is speaking about iran.
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"if the smart patient and approach to world. include being art relations with the department of bas-rhin. for decades differences meant the government's almost never spoke to each other. ultimately that did not advance america's in just. over the years iran moves closer and closer to having the ability to build a new killer weapon. franklin roosevelt to ronald reagan united states never been afraid to perform the policy with avocet emissaries put. >> reporter: under the new killer de new nuclear deal. then
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and united states the world will be more secure. as it said many times nuclear deal was. directly involved in with them has created a new unique opportunity to window to try to resolve important issues. today i can report progress on a number of things. first yesterday a milestone in preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. but a lot to moment why this is so important. over the decades that have moved ahead with their program and before the deal installed nearly 20,000 centerpieces. a has enough
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uranium for up to 10 nuclear weapons. that stockpile has been shipped out leaving with them and not enough material for even one bomb. before they were near completion of a reactor to produce plutonium. today the court has been pulled out so cannot be used. before the deal the world had relatively today international inspectors on grounds iran is being inspectors will monitor the facilities in 24 hours a day to gadgets city five days a year for decades inspectors will have a limit. if
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they tried to build a bomb we will catch them so the bottom line iran expanding its new here program not cut off every single plan that could use to build a bomb. where would of taken to three months with enough material with dogs tended that two year and world on president inspection to the program we will know if they tried to build one. now that the actions have been verified that began to receive new distinctions to gain access to the money that has been frozen. they achieve this historic progress through diplomacy without going to another war in the middle east. also point out we were better
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able to address other issues. one sillier when and i ran waters sparking an international incident. the work directly with the government and securing the release in less than 24 hours this brings me to a second major development. several americans thunderously detained are coming home. in some cases they face years of continued detention m.l.s. of families. a senior english i ached for their family. if these families my word about we would do everything in our power to win the release of their loved ones.
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>> marty: greatest journalists the daily lives and hopes of people and partied with great spirit case and have started in the united with his wife and mom. for three and half years with a feather on the world and they hold up freedom of
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religion. today's parents and sisters are giving banks. to other americans and justly detained have also been released. "whole team working parlay to bring americans home and if the
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swiss government with interests in iran but critical systems. rejoicings the return of others will never forget. every day especially their hearts are with families. and a reciprocal six americans and one sentence is awaiting trial. even though there were not charged the releases a onetime gesture given the unique opportunity for this moment for larger circumstances and reflects our willingness to engage with mutual interests. the nuclear
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deal implemented american families reunited. the third piece of the work that we've got done united states and iran resolving financial disputes dating back more than three decades. 1981 after nations' severed diplomatic relations we work with international tribunal to resolve various claims between our countries. united states and iran now selling a longstanding government claim against the that states government. much less than the amount of sediment could save us billions of dollars that could be pursued the benefit to the united states in drag in this matter with that
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need to a deal done prisoners released. there is now time to resolve this dispute as well. even as we implement a deal we recognize that the there are profound differences between our two countries as steadfast opposing their destabilizing behavior. this of sanctions on violations of human rights. support terrorism and for its missile program and continue to enforce the sanctions vigorously and missile test for example was a violation of international obligations united states and posing safe options for working to advance and the missile program and will remain
7:59 am
vigilant about it. all i speak to the people of iran. fear is a great civilization with agriculture so much to contribute commerce science parks decades your government threats to destabilize the region for which run the world. no government there talking with one another following the nuclear deal you have the opportunity to begin building the tides of the world that are written a chance to pursue new pass different better future that delivers progress for both our people in a broader world. to take advantage of that. today we are united in welcoming home
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sons husband's brothers they never gave in and never give up. long last they stand tall and then breathe fresh air deeply. a nation we face real challenges from the world and here at home. problem not resolved quickly or easily but today's progress americans come home and iran that has accepted on president. a reminder note with achieve the strength and wisdom. courage and resolve america can do big things will work together we can leave this world to make it safer more secure for our children our grandchildren. generations to come alive and
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off-again with the entire national security team i'm grateful for all the assistance from allies and partners and hopeful that this signals the opportunity for our and work more cooperatively with commissions from the world. they're interested for those who are looking for peace and security. thank you so much." >> marty: watching live address from the white house the president diplomacy that led to the release of prisoners for my rand. and then lifting of sanctions and much more throughout the morning on news weekend as well as kron4news-
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dot-com and we will be right back after these messages.
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>> marty: major rings from heading into the bay area take a live look at the storm track for radar we are looking at 10 hours straight of rain starting later today in this storm has potential to cause major problems from the bay and then figuring the need to know about that good morning everyone. the to >> dave: miles of rain in the north they may get more and that and will start there and finish their and also the most intense so this is what looks like again be called before the next wave hits here we are dealing with light rain showers a little bit in the area low- lying clouds and a live look as
8:06 am
piquancy of the coal in cape rich. and then visibility levels and now face a surprise here well below 5 mi. palmettes 6. and then five for livermore concord. >> dave: write-down is mostly cloudy patchy drizzle and then by noon mostly cloudy rain concentrated north bay. and then at 4:00 it will spread over the area of rain heavy rain in the north they by that point and it will come with someone not the temperatures as well a mild rain event temperature wise. then across the overnight timing and with the wins for you. >> marty: news that you just saw
8:07 am
the president speaking from the white house. and the and the sanctions have been lifted and several americans have been released that were held prisoner and i ran now back including bay area native jason rezaian. >> dave: one of four of the people released. >> marty: has been reunited with family members and other american also released a marine veteran of monday grisham pastor and then a businessman not much is known about a fifth person arrested recently detained also released three of the freed americans are heading to a u.s. military base in germany. last night kate spoke with the family of jason at home in marin county. >> reporter: finally coming
8:08 am
home 18 months and that are in prison. starting in july of 2014 the authorities raided his home where he lived with his wife. nine months later indicted on s p and-and then october last year he was convicted in a secret trial. sentenced to an unknown amount of time in prison. six weeks before he was arrested jason spoke to cnn anthony about life and a run. . jason rezaian wrote and ran county they and his colleagues for with the washington post have rejected charges that the product as jason being a spy.
8:09 am
and pierre >> reporter: is the government requested the case about the new nuclear program. local community members including the head of the marin academy are jason attended often visited are ecstatic. . u.s. >> marty: is releasing seven prisoners in exchange for americans with iran. that swap will be going for.
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>> marty: now no one american was killed in a terror attack in west africa hotel this week. florida native michael was captured four killed and from the cafe and was meeting with
8:12 am
the volunteers heading to an orphanage and the woman crisis center that was run by his wife. he leaves behind four children to whom were adopted in all 20 people from 18 countries were killed by fighters be attack triggered a siege that lasted 12 hours. the forecast coming up right after the break .
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>> marty: 8 take a look at now damaging and sarasota officials confirming three tornadoes in that area also reports at least one child has been seriously injured. and back home now all the rain and wind we are expecting later today and tomorrow. >> dave: deconditions this afternoon and then into tuesday morning we might be dealing with
8:16 am
winds the wind advisories posed as well. good news the rain will be short-lived although that might be. the satellite read are right now of the north face most of the action as as we hold this inspection right now. physically moran the sonoma and also napa counties the the the three involved in this and as a mean rain will fall out said that parameter. let's see where the concentration will be with all this and by high noon our metro area not really affected. there manta to the north and the rain by 7:00 p.m. piquancy already filling the metro area including the south bay with heavier rains happening of the north bay is the conceit. then another way that comes through conceive for 11:00 p.m. and that very intense rain followed by moderate very intense rain by 11:00 which is why the flash flood watches have
8:17 am
been posted in the monday morning for your commute the range is diminished by that point and whatever happened at that point may be what drives small morning. then and to call area the second one we're talking about tuesday morning this will come with winds with a little bit more intensity. we have a breeze building and it does get stronger in spot you notice this is not long enough for intense enough to warrant any wind advisory. and then the second storm system tuesday may be enough and then they will diminish after fig it's pretty intense drought the metro area into the sunset and evening hours talk about tuesday going for now. another batch to look out for tuesday thursday friday when temperatures in the middle '60s here. overnight lows finland locations around 50 in
8:18 am
the mile transfer with lots of water coming our way. >> marty: area news another shooting interstate 80 in the east bay happening last night in some pop love in a westbound direction near some possible road. and when no one person to gospel of life threatening injuries then this is the sixth shooting that occurred interstate 80 since the member. unless shooting was tuesday people were hurt in that incident. chp says the the previous the center of gang- related and at random. than will have more information for u.s. and as we get it. and we will be back with the sports highlights.
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>> marty: kingsport's nfl playoffs in full swing in the most exciting games so far this proceeds in less that packers caramels game take a look. .
8:22 am
41 yd hail mary touchdown pass and there and rogers no time left on the clock and then as the game in overtime. o t the first plan overtime connecting with larry fitzgerald. this plan would go 75 yds almost got into the end zone and then fitzgerald finally tackle just inside the 5 yd line. then two plays later is polymer to fitzgerald again. 5 yd shovel pass for the touchdown 10 to game arizona wins 26 to 20 they move on to the nfc championship game next weekend >> marty: hombre connecting and broncos meet with the 16 yd touchdown pass them up by 15 new
8:23 am
england will advance next week with the championship game with a 27 to 20 victory. . two more games on tap today the see artistic now panthers' this morning at tel 5 and on the take on the broncos at 14 read the flakiness afternoon we will. be cari foromeo th aheim's mns i a l of s i amis grdia am h voi. i a l of s i aed aut aing for dera to vere aleimes. wor difrent. en aed tanotr zheir's eatmt, en maymprotr overl futionnd cniti. and y sl theorseng o mpto for whi. vo: mendxr dsn'thang w thdisee prress. it suldn be ken anye alleic tmemaine, to nendar or. tellheirocto thehave evehad, seire disorde diicul pasng une, ver,idne blaer pblem and out dicaons th're king
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certn mecatis, chges die medal cditis may fecthe auntof nendar iny anmay crea de eects may fecthe auntof nendar iny e mo comn si effts arheadhe,l myife,he proctede. and zzins. ask eir ctorabtx and arn out freerial ofr atamen.
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>> dave: clout the level of care of the bay bridge low visibility lows for look now at the north bay family keep a check on that sfo one-hour delay more news and weather had watching news morning weekend edition. .
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wha...before the was discovered... and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet.
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>> marty: president now alleging that the sanctions guy ran have been lifted and release of several americans that were taken prisoner including bay
8:31 am
area native journalist jason he is one of four americans released in a prisoner exchange with iran. several"americans thunderously detained a family coming home some cases they faced years of detention. give these families my word about we would do everything in our power to get their loved ones released. on the sidelines of the negotiations are diplomats at the high sulphur use every meeting to push the dirt for the release of our americans. after the deal is completed discussions accelerated
8:32 am
yesterday at eight families got the news that they've been waiting for jason is coming home. the journalists for washington post wrote the daily lives hopes of the people gone for you have dispirit the gives life to the freedom of the press. jason reunited with his wife. former"surgeon in the ring or coming home his parents and sisters giving banks this. the
8:33 am
journalists florida imposed. >> marty: run county resident for many years and marine passer businessman and student all released in exchange in that state. dutch >> marty: 2 sx and severances go another person killed after a double decker combusts london to a man. will please say left to the crash >> reporter: as in his 70's appears he was in the crosswalk when he was hit here a see. in so grim and angeles police park the back of the bus off for several hours after the crash the victim's body remained sidelined the tour bus owned and
8:34 am
operated by read different tour bus company. on 1:00 saturday afternoon with ted williams says of the victim may of been walking soft hit the crosswalk while the tour bus traveling northbound minaret can turn on to post three. please >> reporter: say some passengers were on board the bus during the collision and appears none were injured investigators looking into if a driver or pedestrian cross hon. light. "it allows looking at them might be somebody at might of known
8:35 am
both the driver and the bus company are cooperating and that doesn't appear drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash. . >> marty: the oakland wal-mart is closing just days after the world's largest retailer announced close more than 200 stores from the world. people are upset with their expected closure as it came with little warning. we'll when wal-mart close for good at 7:00 tonight, and san jose also shutdown january 28th. needs to reduce its stores, read and for strengthen the company.
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>> marty: of marines missing since they collided off the coast of oahu. . they spend days searching at any signs of the missing rains but the reporter alex has the latest on the search efforts. rest >> reporter: you crews recovered searched the grows more difficult by the hour. . contain defined the debris consistent with the type of helicopter involved in a crash no sign of the missing marines. >> reporter: service one of the
8:40 am
challenges also ocean currents that may have sensed the free from some of the bait the crash area. it dropped to determine the best places search. for how long the search will continue the coast guard says there is no timetable of this point this afternoon will be heading the no. they've pretty hard with about 12 hours of rain visibility level are low in the north they like that. will under 5 mi. of most locations more straight ahead on kron 4 news recondition
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the strike >> dave: and the north bay even before noon there you see a lot if the ocean covering right now. and then as a good 12 our sawyer so the place of foul flash flood watch it goes on all the way to about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> dave: ago to the new our party in the north face more committed rain than we saw overhead light rain and drizzle this is the heavier stuff already getting action. will be
8:45 am
competitive for the most part problems money or even created the flooding is something the navy to watch out for the new morning commute. reconditions and a system moves on through. tuesday and for matter could news about this is 9:00 a.m. tuesday a fast mover. and have time for the grounds of up some of this and moving to the system. the second one moving through carries wins with the rain. wash the wins with this ad bills off by the noon hour the arenas are yet here and before it's their breezy across the metro in the afternoon as it starts to fill. retin-a and cold core low dropping right now. and
8:46 am
then floor '60s right now for much of east bay shoreline and said the forecast a talked- about windy and wet for your commute. and then friday another batch of about four as well mild temperatures. >> marty: to time stanley roberts sees how drivers are behaving on the roads he takes his camera to where crime is low but bad behavior is high. >> reporter: these drivers and cyclists ignore stop signs all around the nation. of the nation
8:47 am
as a sleepy community the driving cycling happened are far from sleepy. some drivers led down some apparently have massive brake failure. this is not one interception 15 intersections same result. as relates to bicyclist they have complaints that many voices refuse to stop there is no legal requirement to put their foot down but there is a requirement that you at least appear to be stopping at safe manner. the paul >> reporter: is conducting the two muses safety education enforcement. and i will join them and at this see camera. >> reporter: drivers stop is not
8:48 am
an acronym it does not mean slowly tap on the pedal. >> reporter: 2 1 in. and 60. this is that kind of season. a factor in a couple of retention . the guts beginning as a small mining town this not today as a
8:49 am
place to go people but still willing to sell funds so now he can access from will let. this is >> reporter: the feel you get he and his wife even go when we can do is, of this with a bike to work should have video of that is like nothing you've ever done before. you're right >> reporter: on the snow but in her early the jury to like me will fall. .
8:50 am
>> reporter: to address the right way it not like skiing like cross-country you lose layers as you go when you get the and about 3 mi. ride across any you get this down and relax the custom >> reporter: ski maker computer scientist less skiing if you give him a call in
8:51 am
and give you two were of his factory workshop. and last a factory the complement i gave their lives of my grandfather is based in a ski experience and combining it with technology. yet the put to work on the vehicle slopes. >> reporter: snowed all day we did get one tiny will stretch
8:52 am
telluride a public gondola system only one in the united states. aaron 7 to 11 and is free dog can get on it. now another great view snowmobiling first time a little tricky. when
8:53 am
you get to a new bike the sea is not heated but this is where you can actually get a workout then as well. if you're moving along you'll break a sweat. will difficult to tell from this video but among like that really
8:54 am
really flat tires. in the andy do these scenic trails to you the distillery company pyrite brewing co..
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> marty: large crowds gathering yesterday the see the five month year-old panda some people lined up as 4:00 a.m. and then watched in a long bamboo then headed back to that since any person of his time sleeping he's still
8:58 am
just a couple will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> marty: during storm heading to the bay area live look we're looking ahead to 10 hours straight arraigned at the potential to cause a major problem with everything you need to know about it. >> dave: the storm is, take full well what that we've been talking about rain already developing is not going to become spread out until we get
9:01 am
to the afternoon hours in a metro area later on for today. initial effects that we're getting from all this is his ability levels very low. look at how low they are now off their fill the three men fifth and rose to 1.5 for example conquered nine for livermore. sfo has had hovered reports there is an hour delay. and then flash flood watch see the north they because they're in will start their intensity will be there. beazer two punches coming going this evening and a brace on like this some drizzle package like rain mostly cloudy with showers climbing in the north face they will be with heavy rain in the north they buy for clock across the metro area. in the notice temperatures hardly budged and in marin county right now will report from avery. >> reporter: it is not raining
9:02 am
here in downtown center fell right now but a few minutes ago i did feel a couple raindrops from orange county people are preparing for the heavy rain and are expected to come here over the next 10 hours paul little earlier and have run for there were businesses that were sandbags out in front of their businesses prevent water from coming in. the fire station no. 5 on san pedro. the matter where you are we have recovered thing go to kron4news-dot-com the figure out. in the sand bags in your area. >> marty: news just this morning prayer at the presidency speaking from lighthouse the bright light here on newsweek and his knowledge that the
9:03 am
sanctions on iran were lifted and release of several americans that have been held prisoner including bay area native jason rezaian one of four americans released a prisoner exchange with iran. on that here is the president. "the american vessel detained are finally coming home is americans face years of detention. and i met with other families a senior english. i give these families that word and a vow we would do everything in a power to win the release of their loved ones. after the deal
9:04 am
was completed discussions did in the government's self families falling at the news they've been waiting for jason rezaian, home. in europe about the daily lives of the people he's been detained for you have. by as the braves. but gives life to the freedom of the press jason r be reunited with his wife pastor is coming home for three and half years his unyielding faith has been spread around the world. now your turn to his church emir is coming home started every core held for 4 1/2 years as transistors are giving banks.
9:05 am
>> marty: botas of the americans' release mentioned the journalist also released a former marine pastor businessman along with a student. this exchange released the seven iranians as well and last night kate spoke to the families at their home in marin county. they told her that their very relieved with the dollar to go on camera until labor sure jason was out of iran. . >> reporter: jason rezaian finally coming home after 18 months in a prison started july of 2014. the authorities raided his home where you live with his life. the months later he was indicted on spi charges of the october he was convicted as secret trial agents spoke to
9:06 am
anthony about life in to run. "you see different side of things the culture is vibrant people have a lot to say. growth in marin county family and center fell mill valley. they as colleagues at the washington post have rejected charges jason worked as a spy. the as of 25 news rooms and media groups sent a letter to the secretary of state urging the u.s. to do more to secure his release. it appears the government cracked the case. >> reporter: members including the marin academy for jason pretended often visited are ecstatic. >> marty: learning that the u.s.
9:07 am
is now imposing new sanctions following the prisoner exchange iran violated u.n. against missile tests no word yet on reaction from iran. . secure >> marty: interns growing coming joined by the vice police chief how far is keeping commuter safe.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> marty: there is a warning the nfl fans buying playoff tickets online kids deemed to increase during the playoffs and that according to the better business bureau. every year fans of the a victimized by purchasing power of the tickets here some tips you might want to take in mind when avoiding a fake kick it and check the source the your buying the tickets from also check the
9:11 am
brokers refund policy last only use a credit card that we can file a claim more quickly if it turns out to be a scheme. >> marty: draftees' cost american so money the victim of that campaign issue three main banks have made more than 6 billion in atm overdraft fees last year. and then the $5 billion were from overdraft fees alone. the presidential candidates are frustrated in the presidential hopeful bruce sanders says if elected he will cap fees at $2 an average fee is $4. . >> marty: will cut side now what traffic at the bay bridge this morning increasing clout of the fact kron 4 the weekend it is the good food award market place and that francisco
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
it's the >> dave: saw across mature area the storm tracker and north bay this is also covered by what we talked about the flash flood watch although very benign looking right now. the burned areas all the vegetation if vendor for mudslides several possible if all that. and what pitching this a much motion further of toward the north this will spread out all the way to an hour before making its way south later on. temperatures for you right now offer 50 to many locations far east they lower 50s and make warm up a little bit with a
9:16 am
couple read the sun. then here is what we're talking about heavy rain by about noon developing in the north bay and that continues as it spreads across all over the area at the on the south bay. a foreign interest lot for your travel small morning with the problems are may reach you and winds will be tuesday morning coupled with this. and when he won at that. speaking of which a strike in this will be breezy up to a threshold of when the advisory. again it will be on the matter this afternoon and this evening before the storm system actually get here than we have that reconditioned before the
9:17 am
precipitation starts to build. tuesday morning another point to watch and then watch out thursday/drain mild. . >> marty: the shooting on part just over a week ago and they're taking a closer look for police response since the shooting there pointing out of the shooting happened saturday night officers on the train nor at the west of the bars station at the time the suspect left the train and the station this appearing to the might and now we're joined by four police chief who will talk a bit more with the security. >> marty: tell viewers to assure them bart continues to be a safe ride. "i like to express my
9:18 am
condolences on the loss. at children of my on can't imagine losing one of them. again is very important role understands where we are part has the fullest fleet nation we added cameras and 1998 around 99 a significant portion with three cameras and seven decoy camera program. i retired to thousand 10 security came about a year later. some things we have done to make the system safe here we have added a " video. prior by employers complain that video port able to catch up with all
9:19 am
their requests. sometimes lose them and editing. the of the budgetary process one will reestablished minimum number of train rides with officers per shift. urge people to be more reactive. we are going to be doing that. one other thing to establish a law enforcement task program. law-enforcement officers could show batching gabor for free. we have to have to come register through their department and our department. and get back like this. while
9:20 am
the important things later this year you will be able to string the video from our camera and said the train car into our dispatch center. the program started 9899. are working on many issues thousands and thousands of cameras. cameras and the trains and platforms parking lot on a stairwell. multiple staff to figure out
9:21 am
which what way ago. the city of the passengers and their peace of mind. the train cameras would be a higher priority maybe than some cameras someplace else. "to their security system accept constructive criticism that we're getting at this time. we're working to be better in will start streaming live video later this year on the train cars we have working cameras to stream back the silicon see things live like you can now. >> marty: if any benefit the public on in the investigation. ? "we know who the victim as we
9:22 am
will look and the board have of person he was who he was involved in. still trying to determine what is the motive behind this. anticipating the investigation of the victim that is out there. and then shown better pictures of the suspect another set of video that we have obtained and have pictures to get the public's help in identifying. "going active investigation multiple the as looking at right now by detectives to do a great job for a mock run the clock
9:23 am
that system with the share that shares corner office. . sports highlights wires struggling and then some los the setting is a pro season of how it's coming up after the break outside the level of not any traffic all will weekend is the total annual holiday lego show and paul auto a variety of procreation. museum of american
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> dave: f. curry gets hit hard. no call. he gets a technical
9:27 am
foul for arguing with ref and they lose by file 11395. in travel cleveland become the cavaliers a brontosaur night at 5:00. the playoffs are in full swing most exciting game of the season was last night's pastor caramels game take a look. >> marty: 41 yd held mary touchdown and rogers no time left a clock send the game to overtime then let's move the first player of overtime fitzgerald wide-open taken for 75 yds almost got and and finally tackled at the five airline two plays later paul
9:28 am
marshall shuffled past 5 yd touchdown and the game over time they win by 26 to 20 move on to the championship game next weekend.
9:29 am
9:30 am
lee >> marty: respecting 10 straight hours of rain in the north bay and the. no resistance and mud slides all i can fun stuff and then they have it again in the north bay right now the patches of rain making themselves known a good six hours of a commemorative rain
9:31 am
and a low but the self. will probably be late this afternoon what the initial issues have as low visibility levels but hello they are in the end spots then rose at 3 fairfield 72 for concord to and have for now but then sfo has running on a one- hour delay even when a chicken with all of that country's mild as well and a give and gives the reason why were at visibility levels an upper 50's are now far east bay leaf lower 50s and here's what we expect by the noon hour. light rain and asserting develop here and most because of the north face. we will fill the metro area to away late in the afternoon by 4:03 go and then the heavy rain in the north face. more that to come overnight and then should mention to that we get breezy like conditions building just right afternoon. then the formosus fills up and it takes is in the overnight hours.
9:32 am
please >> marty: investigating credit card skimming at one central marin county gas station they are looking for two suspects are photographed withdrawing money from people's accounts. the past couple weeks an increase in the number of victims and alicea has a report from the gas then shot at the marin. >> reporter: 21 a gallon for regular. the assassin shot is cheap and the center of a series of credit card fraud cases. number of victims has been growing for weeks even more concerned between friday and saturday more than double for 20 to 50. a reason to be
9:33 am
considering their card information with stolen from one of these palms. vociferous found scanning devices the various polls. since removed them an offering of some advice. the seasoned fixed it's a bad sign. and the thing coincide the card inside was a cash option. please believe there are other victims if you have news here that the credit card analyst 6 bidets urge to check your connectivity
9:34 am
if anything suspicious call your bank and police as well. critics >> marty: spanning a search area for 12 marines missing since the helicopter crashed and then at as they spent booking by errant seen for any sense of the missing marines. >> reporter: rescue crews have covered more than 5000 square nautical miles a surge across more difficult by the hour search crews continue to find debris consistent with. crash no
9:35 am
sign of the missing green. ) the has served as one of the challenges. ocean currents that may have some survivors degrees several miles from the crash area along the search continues close could says there is no timetable at this point >> marty: kron4news-dot-com olds largest retailer wal-mart closing 200 stores the wal-mart
9:36 am
in oakland as one of the 160 storage locations closing in the u.s.. people nearby say was i expected as it became with little very warning. in the other wal-mart close of 7:00 tonight the store in san jose will be closed january 28th seo says that the companies produce store count. trash washing up on. shoreline's the effort one community to try and clean up.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
order >> marty: volunteers for the shoreline love this tackle problem in the clinic sponsored by the public department of works. elvis is an effort to meet the city's obligation decree it clear at the shoreline there. also part of the mark with the king disservice those who were not willing to risk a weathered. the sponsor alicia oral when cleanup and august. her hai >> marty: was willing to brave the weather and other cleanup schedule for august. >> marty: out with tom to us and then with calais talk about what fans can expect from the niners
9:41 am
after the hiring of this country will be read back off
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> dave: goethe mature area about midafternoon when it served him rest or are watching north bay letter regarding develops as a concealed a flash flood watch and a brief lows so near the burden areas. here is the geography of the storm system precipitation her the
9:45 am
forecast 1/5 on overnight. but it's fun to watch out for and pick in the motion you will see how the north fearing happening by the noon hour. the answer to build about veterinary as well and then into this evening there you see heavier rain still in the north. more heavy rain comes in off the pacific been the first goes worse off. when morning commute 4:00 a.m. the precipitation is done and then we get a breather this will be a fast mover wins compacted during the reign of that and then this go around the bill before the presentation rain still well here across metro area and subsides relatively quicker than and a storm system
9:46 am
and then when divisor talk when the accident comes out but the temperatures we have will be wed. thursday a breather and then friday but the the other in this entire program the storm system to the church remain mild jimmy is out and then replace sen. that includes 40 niner from the center around area. >> marty: chalaza the head coach of? 49 years of his of "good move into ways the first will be better than did come to a. the other way he is excited the national story of the niners are really struggling with the final few home games and tell be
9:47 am
a full house all season next year will see fit to bring back cabinet people will seek if he's a genius or not. what kelly won the like shanahan paul fink have to be that excited physics said and this is definitely will he be better coach i do not know shanahan proven a lisa is a good coach for good time. if kelly is to be coached we don't all quiet even college coach. a.
9:48 am
"coming to team with professionals people in the 30's they will look and say was he telling me what to do what have you accomplished in. . and then calling catholic a couple months ago for a half of the forty- niners now if kelly being hired leaving cabinet has a feature with the niners. in the"irises the face on the running game and that is cavernous background. his contract becomes guaranteed and hit just to surgery's guaranteed
9:49 am
himself with the system areas talk about the manner signing any figure out a way to make a cabinet for the contract. will be less to see if he's getting in the nfl to be able to come the starts everyone but could be. he is a great runner that chances left phil with that.
9:50 am
this close be proud franchise there were one of the best in the league and now they became embarrassed that it's very sad. the same time
9:51 am
"the gay city will be dying to give the raiders of billion dollars to build the stadium. >> marty: with the noise being made by the centennial we welcome the raiders. "do not believe them but and if the time the chief god of them.
9:52 am
they're not that exciting but oakland news to the others that for the city to be really interesting. >> marty: leonel as latoya if this level about seven embarcadero at this week and paper fair in san francisco checked out of postcard trading cards the lot more of the county fair building of a clock free to attend
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> marty: hurricane is on the new because of an emergency repair of bursting: 930 tonight service on but lines will be served by shuttle buses instead because crews are making fewer simple there were large sinkhole was reported back on new year's eve
9:56 am
or paris will be redone the market expected to be finished with tuesday. the monday policing for chairwoman responsible for fraudulent checks scams. this surveillance video police say a to were 29 to catch their tete check because they're unable so get the cash bid with it withdrew funds as big house frozen because had cash that fraudulent check and then another at instead lisa the suspect as a two-door car yacht or a need for. the panda making its debut at the national washington d.c.'s you. crowds gathering yesterday they as a precious treasure in chinese. .
9:57 am
visitors watch him eat bamboo that went to bed 90 percent of his day is spent sleeping he's a week,. >> marty: serve force plane carrying americans has landed in geneva and to keep you updated with more information. >> marty: biretta the video you can see the jewish with a vial at wavelengths here like colorize that.
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