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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 20, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning early this morning looks like things are much drier than they were this time yesterday it shows exactly that we have any
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joining us in the forecast for today in the rest of the week. >>anny hong: it was a tough warning commit for a lot of people just today this morning and as a lot better and we will see mostly dry conditions for today before the next door had this when letter tomorrow night and into friday a live look at the golden gate bridge and here is a quick check of the does the building. >>anny hong: 3 mi. visibility and santa rosa one and half mile for oakland this morning to when half hayward for la visibility and the more definitely some pockets of fall we avoid to see
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dry conditions for today in the nice chance to try things out on the part of the crowded skies and then tomorrow night at things change once again will see some light rain ahead of another front coming through this when partly by thursday night into friday but for today the oriole what the rain you to leave the umbrella at home. >>anny hong: over the next couple of days here is how things are shaping up dry under partly cloudy skies for to and dry for much of the day will see some light rain coming late in the night for thursday.
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>>robin winston: no problems connecting to the peninsula or foster setting is holding 16 minutes across the bridge over to the toll plaza. >>james: a follow-up story the
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tragic bus crash that happened along highway 101 in san jose and. >>phillipe djegal: it was-- >>charles clifford: for unknown reasons is the second real flint on to the side and landed on the concrete median barriers there 20 passengers and the driver on board to warmer were killed in the accident nine people were injured including the child in the driver they describe a terrifying ordeal one passenger
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told then prior to the axman the bus was swerving in the driver was acting strangely >>charles clifford: the highway patrol was able to speak with the driver who apparently said he was tired he mentioned that he was fatigued but he did not indicate that he fell asleep. >>james: 1 woman killed in that bus crash has been identified
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she had just emigrated from the philippines a few months about and tonya will offer three son shared an apartment in san francisco to was visiting her of the to such a second bus down there before but he said it will use the drive for if his schedule allow this tire worker and and ride if he had taken the overnight bus so he could pick corp. after his graveyard shift when the bus did not show up to he heard what the crash you're worried that find confirmed his worst fears early yesterday afternoon.
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>>james: persons are driving of subic receive their mother's body as santa clara or the office today she's behind a daughter of all was still in the philippines. >>james: the bus driver admitted to the chp that he did feel fatigued and stopped and your for coffee or regulations require a house of rest before to an hour shift and that actually go above and beyond that standard greyhound did not
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comment on the drivers claim but we do know this shift start of 1130 monday night when the crash happened was on seven hours into the shift. >>james: sh we went on to breaking news coverage were the first on the scene at the crash would to some connected by downloading the application will give you live newscaster of the broadcast and drop one of the very latest as a developed brought the bank recon news overnight 21 people were killed and a terrorist attack in a university in northwest pakistan will learn that same responsibility for that attack security forces killed four tapas but they admit they do not know if they're in the additional attacks among the dead they did more than recover
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copper is what i'm going and that the death toll could bear ryan's explosions and gunfire erupted of capital in pakistan of the border with afghanistan but 3000 students attend the university and again the investigation continues this morning will have updated figures as a come in. >>james: person is dead after being hit and killed by a trend of the note berkeley bart station this it was reported yesterday afternoon and found the crew to shut down the station and launch an investigation according to the spokesperson the train was leaving the station and toward richmond and our lead of the discover the body of the station reopened about two hours after. that >>james: it remains under investigation this morning shut >>james: the trains will soar because of the wet weather and they said that as for safety reasons they believe one person one reason for passage running
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up the stairs where before entering crowd a car's the official said the abetted new bart cars are expected to be put into place a lid on this year. >>james: the santa rosa fared far responded to the scene from 9:00 or so last night it happened along the east foothills drive the plot the flames within 15 minutes the five have been appalled by how the board of the charging they said the people living in that home would not there at the time the fire with two dogs were inside both died after the fire crews able to rescue them. >>james: 25 your man from san jose area and 20 your room for a power tool when a large wave carry them out to sing the third signals also taken by the label was able to swim back to shore
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large service is expected in the shoreline waters for the next two weeks please be very careful what you are out there should officials responded on 9:00 guest of the morning to report of the shooting inside of a home pass that ride to find a woman suffering from gunshot wound police said she was taken to hospital was light and threatening injury the male suspects remain at large hist actors say people live all the time and move is the rogue actions by jimmy foxx when a man was really in trouble and the
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rosy should avoid it when getting around the city was a closer look is a lot of the outside december saver is high with 92 allah's will so far but we have rob and keeping an eye of the morning commute will find out from her when it begins to slow down.
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>>anny hong: the next one is arriving as early as tomorrow will talk more about that come up with the timing we're tracking some fall and is not widespread you concede the bay bridge and is not faulty but if
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you had out to the north they vowed interior valleys where looking in some areas of fog this morning is a quick check of the ready for school forecast by ed clark looking at most a to partly cloudy conditions in the area of fog tensions in the 40's are the jacket partly cloudy and will the drive pretty much all day today and mention of sun and clouds by 3:00 p.m. the canfor the highs popping out it will be a pretty nice afternoon the visibility still down to less than a mile for paddle one-half mile visibility of oakland three for concord to have a little more right now sfo looks good. >>anny hong: temperatures right now they mentioned is a bit cooler was said that for these in the the more 50 in san jose 47 for a work and of the '40's and oakland 49 and apple and low
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'50's in downtown san francisco--not the--napa. >>anny hong: tomorrow we will see some light rain approach as early as tomorrow like afternoon and for the evening hours most
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of the day should be dry we have some light rain arriving it will be like for a lot of folks across the bay area will to look at the weekend forecast as well. >>robin winston: no hot spots for san leandro and heywood no problems connecting to high
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with 92 if you by the chair this morning if you have to get into the north of san rafael or connect with highway 101 here is a lot about a 101 drive times it has yet to get out to south san jose fifth 20 minutes that isn't from the 85101 split to the 101 to 37 in sunnyvale shut. >>james: >>reporter: the
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festivities will take over crossland a clash between commuters and football fans it will start january 23rd and well into february 12th that will give time for setup the following streets will be closed to motor vehicles and bicycle traffic the embarcadero south about four washington street to the fair plaza market street east of build and david st. still would street from market to the fair plaza even buses and trolleys will be rerouted at the moscow center home of the nfl experience no cars will be allowed on howard street from third to fourth street as well as the lines
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between fourth and fifth street to the gridlock will come with some guidance if this map shows of what to avoid by the ferry building that is highlighted in yellow or red for the events will take place the detour route are in grave with part of them are the dallas southbound closed shop.
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>>james: two officers found a man with a call style garden tool in the backyard of the home the or the suspects several times to drop the tool but instead he started running for the officer and that prompted both police and to shoot their not investigating the incident. >>james: that shows the damage and the police a stolen >>jeff bush: they found most of the 300 lb. bronze statue of uc- berkeley swim coach tarot card a bright and had been cut would power tools and had and the feet of the statute were missing then noticed the child was near this
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man's home he is 46 year-old and was on such or probation they did not need a warrant and searched his home they said they found all hole in the backyard and say the head and feet of the statute were found in the whole suspensive power tools will found in the house the police that this is still open and after the investigation to try to find out who if anyone helped still lit it was returned to uc- berkeley early in the day it is unclear if it can be repaired
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>>james: new photographs of the mexican drug lord in a maximum- security prison reports said prison guards are wearing a helmet cameras in this time there in his cell and videotaping him a disbelieving transfer between 30 different cells no chance of anyone trying to break about he broke out of the same prison last year and was just recaptured two weeks ago they're now working on a bill to extradite him to u.s. for prosecution would take a quick break and we will be right back.
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>>james: jimmie foxx speaking about his heroic actions he helped pull a man from a burning truck and have the money back in
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his home near los angeles the driveway of the road into a ditch and rolled over several times he ran to the scene with the help of an off-duty paramedic the book are window cut the mnc debt of about if the victim is expected to survive is not charged with driving under the influence. >>james: the sentiment is strongly placed for handguns right now it buys many rifles and shotguns it is one of several bills recently introduced a sacramental and tighten the state gun-control laws we're learning new information on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal will say what investigators are saying about the latest findings.
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>>james: it happened just after 630 yesterday morning on highway 1 01 and san jose we cover the story for you live as it was breaking the bus was traveling a lot when shut several said the various looking onto its side 20 passengers on the bus + the driver see if the officers said the driver did admit to being for t but claimed he did not fall asleep the terror attack at the university in pakistan and these 21 people are dead after four of them stormed a university campus and another part of that country right now
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the pakistan caliban it is clear responsibility to respond in the attackers got into a gun battle with police for attackers were killed recovery operations are underway right now they say that toll could rise. >>james: we have some heavy rain come down another storm is set to arrive by the end of the weekend and the transition over to whether. >>anny hong: we are attracting some fault as the edmonton the golden gate bridge it is a
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widespread border sing it in parts of the annulled the including parliament santa rosa are visibility oakland down to have my visibility right now one and the the more 1.3 in conference and write not as a full looks fine for now all the evil of that changes if it does and if we see any delays on the inbound flights-check meant for this in the war 48 in the oakland apple for is also in san jose 50 in david's city 40 if our friends in novato staff as a heading up the door and especially the kids are born to school and will see a lot of
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upper 50s to the senses if that will be a pretty nice day nine stormy partly to mostly sunny conditions the '60s for oakland enjoy the dry weather today and tomorrow because we do seem another storm headed this way as early as tomorrow night the weekend we're all looking forward to that scattered showers for just saddam will be dry on sunday and for part of next week monday and tuesday. >>robin winston: it is getting busy a quick check of the ride and highway 92 mar brent lies on
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the right-hand side of the screen that a traffic heading over to the peninsula is very quiet 10 minutes from the toll plaza across the bridge about 2101 in san rafael over to the map men were using the e sure freeware coming out of hercules berkeley in richmond to cut the drive times for 15 minutes from peralta berkeley also no problems and maize and no problems at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. >>james: police are on the scene of an all this involves shooting this happen at about 245 this morning said police received a call about burglary in progress in the area of grain ordered on their ride they found a woman who tried to run away according to police it was a brief stroll at one for one of the officers fired his weapon them the four sentences that they believe is hiding somewhere in that area he is on his way to the same will get the letters from him and a live report is sent to get there to the tune for the latest.
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>>reporter: with the iowa caucuses lasted two weeks away in new hampshire first initial primary a week later the battle for the top slot in both parties is heating up tech crew took a big hit and i will were have been in the momentum the first blow coming from the state governor strongly denouncing groups the governor citing cruise opposition to at the prom and its popular in the corporate state another blow to cruise as tea party champion serra and doors donald trump sh from the democratic side i will support the delivery clinton has taken on new urgency as driver bernie sanders search and will have sent a new cnn show sanders was 60 percent support among likely democratic primary voters.
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>>james: that will more sensitive than the first expected they said the several dozen females have a higher classification than top-secret the california public utility commission will hold around of hearing looking into pg&e pipeline record the mayor of carmel is asking for sweeping reform and possibly to break
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above the utility their result of a pipeline explosion and carmel back the 24 team to have the academic culture and correctly document pipelines the case is separate from last year were pg&e was it 14 $6 billion if pg&e is found at fault for the explosion it could face another find she. >>james: a lot people are angry and you concede this crowd demanding the arrest of gov. ricks' writer they blame him for the decision less and less time than the water into their homes this is set to use a water from the front cover rather than from to carry on as a way to save money in his state of the state message last my government's tattered promise that every resident will have access to clean water everyday
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people in flint filed three separate lawsuits claiming the government of the state and local officials me what the governor is asking the state legislator for $20 million to help fix the problem. >>james: dangers new virus is showing up in the u.s. will help official warning to pregnant mothers will have that story coming up short.
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>>james: is most devastating affect on born babies the cdc recommends some pregnant women should get screened for the is
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the virus if they travel to affected areas >>vicki liviakis: health officials say an infant in hawaii was born with as the virus cases are popping up elsewhere in florida and illinois woman who traveled to affected areas like brazil were in a spiking, the virus is spreading and parts of latin america the caribbean and pr so far there have been no known cases of zinc a contracted by a mosquito bite in the u.s..
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>>james: despite a big event in common weather will allows that would explain the next edition of people became bathroom. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>james: an officer involved shooting one suspect is still on the loose with the latest for will and a live report rain in the bay means no in this year would take a look at car conditions no cars were hit by rocks and clean up the road blocked bid caused a minor accident the crews worked for
4:46 am
the afternoon yesterday to move those rocks with the big boulders and debris in the cruise had cleared the rockslide early and mid afternoon kept high when it shut down because kept sliding geologist from sacramento will be going in there to inspect the hillside it will sue the determination is. >>james: a brief break and iran were to break unless the ground soap will came down and buckets yesterday. >>anny hong: this check out what is happening with our sing some fall this morning that is the weather had live for today and you can see from the conditions of the golden gate bridge we are tracking some lower visibility
4:47 am
temperature is right now a little cooler compared to 24 hours ago at temperatures of going to be fairly mild all across the bay will be tried will see a mix of sun and clouds out there tomorrow was increasing clouds it will be dry for most of their thursday come
4:48 am
thursday night we're attracting some evening rain. >>anny hong: friday rainy and windy but also evening hours and into the weaken him as the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast the entire weekend this saturday and sunday is dry and a partly cloudy conditions it was a drive for monday into tuesday. >>robin winston: heading into san francisco from to make this trip this morning is one to be stressfree you're like the driving conditions and probably be in the next 45 minutes to an
4:49 am
hour leave early in the morning rush over to 92 san mateo bridge nice diving conditions for him it is trouble-free no hot spots for the peninsula or the east bay 1415 minutes. >>robin winston: patchy fog will be an issue for those of the drive to abolish this one across the golden gate bridge use extra caution watchers speed in do not forget the headlights 15 minutes from the market or novato 372 the golden gate bridge toll plaza on the san francisco side you're commuting out of the south's biggest one those you to ignore about 280 to get out of san jose and cupertino is not bad at all 13 minutes that as if from the 101 split to the 28085 split in cupertino.
4:50 am
>>james: there are few rules when drive in the rain the most important role. >>stanley roberts: it is not hard to do it is required to reach over and hit the switch or turn a knob in the time it rains you see drivers with no lights or the minimum parking lights which does not meet state law
4:51 am
the allies and not all was activated when heavy rain snow or fog and cannot see the vehicle in front sometimes you see people driving in the rain and 80 + totally blacked out the concern of this often when the driver does not have the lights on and it stopped there frontally driving under the influence and to have to turn on
4:52 am
your headlights. >>james: they are suspending the search for missing ski instructor he may have been been massing in ride out conditions at the resort on thursday hundreds of rescue was for treacherous snowstorm to search for the missing 23 your use rested darks and three helicopter crews that said there's still no sign law forced officials met with the family last night to tell them about ending the operation this event to resume the search if against any new information. >>james: and predicted there
4:53 am
will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by the year 2015 that is measured in terms of we the estimate by 2050 cash the all the way to avoid disaster is to maximally approve economic the uptick in the cycling giving people incentive to collect plastic garbage and recycling used packaging winter is coming to your to the classroom sonal will talk what the class the ties fantasy and history together tells a lot of the outside the bay bridge, on westbound 80.
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>>james: budging attack dakota farmer offered a course on the popular tv show and the courts did, for credit they're required to watch them problems but the class professor says it is about much more than just watching tv the professor said the one started to explore why fantasy is so often tied to the history of the middle ages and the game
4:57 am
is tonight tipoff time 5:02 people were killed in yesterday's bus crash on high 101 there is a new sheriff in town for the forty-niners today the niners are set to introduce their new coach.
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♪ ge ito me'worth it ♪ uh h i'm worth it ♪ ♪imm'♪ ♪ive it to i'm woh it babi'worth it ♪ you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... ...who was rescuing a kite. we tried everything. then jack came to the rescue. with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the breaking news will
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following is out of san mateo and also allow shooting their record we just got to the scene with italics? >>will tran: it was what you need to know the officer was not hurt he was investigating a home burglary at 245 in the morning the conference and a female suspect he shot at the female suspect did not hit her but that woman was eventually arrested in the meantime and i did consider it is very much an act of seeing the police also are out here they're searching for a female --a male suspect. >>will tran: they're actively searching this area the police officers.
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>>james: it is great regarding the spaces in between systems nice and dry pattern had at least for today and most of
5:02 am
tomorrow that to give the ground up just enough time to soak up and run off and everything comes down to the next to a lot of looks like there's the night and through friday kick again the strong chapter shows no activity anywhere in the bay. the good news for one defendant here they part forecast of the plan on getting the kids ready for school and o'clock when classes begin will be looking for a generally mostly cloudy conditions.
5:03 am
>>robin winston: 11 of the back of forming at the bay bridge toll plaza in the cash drain on the left-hand side and is not much at all this is still considered a good commit we're hot spot for him if you have to headed to san francisco and is looking pretty good right now is a quick 10 metric from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco >>anny hong: this morning we learn that the pakistan tile that is claiming responsibility for the attack security forces killed at least for the attackers investing is to admit they do not know if there are
5:04 am
more attacker's among those who died cover our forces are now underway and official said the death toll could rise and all started with gunman stormed a university campus in the town nickel stop the they respond as the attackers got into a gunbattle with police and army troops for quickly deployed to the scene about 3000 students attend the school we're learning more this morning about the bus crash in san jose that killed two female passengers and more than a dozen were injured we broke the story as was happening yesterday the driver of the greyhound bus the crash is identified as 58 year-old gary month's letter the crash happened on highway 101. >>darya: bus traveling northbound when hit several 60 bar. to of all to the sidelined
5:05 am
on the concrete median barriers ever 20 passengers on board the bus passed the driver the chp officer spoke with the driver who said he was to teach at the time of the crash but he says that he did not fall asleep passenger said the bus was traveling at a 6 speed went past the ntsb is investigating >>mark: she had just emigrated from the philippines a few months ago on a person's intaglio shared an apartment with her to san francisco richmond district should in los angeles visiting her other two sons she attacked the bus down there before the and the family drove her if she had time to this time we had to work he had her text of and the boston compact or after his graveyard shift as a patient care system at ucsf and the boston-shot
5:06 am
heard about the crash and became the confirmed his mom had died early yesterday afternoon. >>: is very painful and hurtful to always told her the things about the united states. >>mark: were the first on the
5:07 am
scene of the crash and the first interview passengers because they connected the lead is a brittle by downloading the application is free for apple and and you're devices. >>darya: after and then the accident that the of the north berkeley bart station one person was hit and killed by a train and happens to the afternoon to close at the close the station short to investigate if the train was leaving the station and was headed for richmond about an hour later that is when crews recovered a buying the station reopened about two hours after that no word on how the person in the back on the tracks six passengers needed medical attention three people passed out or fainted but none of the answers were serious
5:08 am
shot. >>mark: investigators said 25 you're a man from the sun was the area and 20 your will from power auto when a large wave hit and tear them out to say a third student was also to the broadway was able to swim back to shore.
5:09 am
>>mark: tappan said the 49 is will officially introduced chip kelly of the new head coach the heard him 11 days after firing jim tom so low after five in 11 seasons. >>darya: the presidential election will tell you where the candidates stand as of this morning + to bay ridge light show is going to return permanently will tell you when it will be back and rain and the
5:10 am
bay means now and the sierra we got pounded you concede there's no come down.
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if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me. >>darya: in the last would not star said and got 46 in. of snow that is 206 to 2 in. so far this season
5:14 am
>>james: is going to fill great on the slopes more clouds rolling on thursday for the most part driver temperature still hovering in minutes of the '40's friday that is the next round of snow should drop to levels down to 6,500 ft. to ma
5:15 am
visibility as well and paddle we have left the law visibility in oakland in fairfield and looks like one of visibility depending on where you are the fault one to be a problem for your temperatures cooler thing yesterday he was what lucy for the next three days wednesday we are ready to talk about thursday will be another finding. >>james: more on that come in
5:16 am
the extended outlook with the 7 day around the bay forecast is said to the traffic center over to the golden gate bridge is really talking. >>robin winston: the not to get the headlines of the wipers across the golden gate cash looking good lasted 20 minutes from the bottle and 37 in novato to the toll plaza in san francisco that is considered a good ride stop and go talk on west about for fish is delivered oakley bird would antioch's backing up for the twins won 60 and hillcrest as normal here was
5:17 am
the total drive time 50 minutes from antioch the conference nothing good outputs for the plan concretized slow squeeze in through antioch and the the construction zone that does not help just to construct traveling out of the saw the bed this morning south different looks could come from the south they dropped the travel to the peninsula him to drive times on no. 1 0118 minutes from paulo out to to burma gained. >>mark: new hampshire primary is a week later 10 crew took big hits and i will as the governor said it will be a big mistake for the state of iowa to support and cruise and she knows our doors and for dr. which received a lot of balls and the democratic side i was becoming increasingly important for every clinton as rival bernard sanders now surging in new hampshire
5:18 am
>>darya: some of the e-mail's that former simpson mistakenly counted at on our home server will more sensitive than the have thought the lesson several dozen he must have been found the head higher classification the top-secret she did the fbi access to servers and all this she maintained she did not use our present e-mail to send and receive an informational classified he died in a car
5:19 am
accident the driver who was also a campaign staffer lost control of a van on icy roads traveled across the media and was hit by a truck the driver into of the student volunteers were hospitalized.. >>darya: to happen at home on south ridgewood road in the cap would kron 4 for 530 on monday evening the home owners will not home because to have surveillance pictures of them broke through sliding glass door that is how the cab and the rusting live in the area in the dark color to the oracle santa rosa police have a sketch they released the man who found unsuitable home last month this happen in the oven run on december 12th at home on mcbride the chance after person
5:20 am
was the news of the from and threatened to shoot home on if he did not leave alone the suspect or rock upon on and ran away here is a sketch and then releasing the suspect is why this is panic in his 40's about 58 to 5 ft. 10 with 04 black beard and black hair >>darya: a bronze statue that was stolen from the uc-berkeley approval house has been found as bad the damage to happen in some manner the they're investigating the suspicious truck last saturday and the three and the pound statue of the former uc- berkeley crew coach the statue has been cut off power tools and head and feet were missing the trout have been carted from tough his house he is on probation they searched his house and found had a defeat of
5:21 am
the statute and a hole in the backyard. >>darya: this is still an open and act investigation their turn to finding what helped it has returned but they did not know if it could be repaired at this point. >>mark: they say the bay lights will become comment on the west and span starting january 30th he created the five and a foot high are insulation was a reservoir to last two years and was taken down march of last year and the offer to make the
5:22 am
light show prominent in the of our to group could raise the $4 million needed for the materials and installation cost than ever able to raise the funds for the nation's back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>darya: of a sudden all shooting at an apartment complex. >>will tran: they're searching for a male suspect they must suspect was arrested after hours with the milk and saw this is not injured in the meantime to have hours into this you
5:30 am
concede they're still here this is what's hillsdale and caxton corp. we spoke to a police officer several minutes ago the have to assume that the male suspect who fled this area or the home during home burglary alarm to 45 in the morning we will to get more information and like and you--and a live interview.
5:31 am
>>james: more on that to come here is what we have some what weather to the north it does not look like you'll be impacting us
5:32 am
>>robin winston: compared to yesterday's commit no major problems right now, but yes you have to deal with the normal carbon--crowding will have a complete track check and to look at the drive times and other the air your bridges
5:33 am
>>mark: friends reported the missing friday morning after he did not make it home and from his belongings and his lawyer at the resort under arrest or search and for five days to treacherous snowstorms a huge rescue dogs and three helicopter crew to the have not been any sign.
5:34 am
>>mark: the california public utilities commission will hold a round of hearings to the and pg&e pipeline record is the genius and fault the carmel the explosion could face another fine. >>darya: the got the call on to the clock monday night and said
5:35 am
someone was in her backyard pound in her bedroom window to officers found a man with a clock type of guard to in the backyard of the home of both officers opened fire killing the man. >>mark: another bill was proposed as with the required the department of public health's to collect lawmakers introduced two bills and the closing bell legal loophole that the firearm and tractors and blue buttons on guns those of our fallen rapidly exchange and the hip magazines for four rounds.
5:36 am
>>darya: the virus is spread by mosquitoes and is most devastating affects happen in infants the cdc is recommending a pregnant women should get screened for the is it the virus if they have traveled to the areas that have been affected overseas they said and in hawaii in was born with physical violence and cases are popping up now and florida and illinois the cdc said the woman who did travel to those areas
5:37 am
with the virus are active and have been leased to symptoms they should be tested >>mark: the drug would take place for richmond san rafael bridge and treasure island also be training at the ferry landing there jack london square and oakland agencies will use of five ships the portions of the exercise may be visible for the bridges and emergency response vessels and light smoke coming from ships just know this is a drill and block all 91911
5:38 am
dispatch a moist emergency call to order a pizza and oscar- winning actor jimmy fox is being praised for pulling the man from a burning car if will tell you about. hehey's miatur. weour 'em! weass 'em! we pk 'em!
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>robin winston: to the backup is growing at the down and is out to west grand not into the maze to leave now tenements into downtown open to the west about sky when. >>mark: he's been credited with
5:41 am
saving the life of a suspected drug driver is in southern california does happen on monday the chp said the driver swerved off the road and a drainage ditch and the car several times landed in front of his hand at the mansion the car burst into flames and he ran out as home to help. another driver happened to be in e.m. team also stopped to help with their track is my activity on the ocean will impact us will bring this rain the question is when will answer that coming right up.
5:42 am
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when caret crangs t, ali cathu
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5:45 am
>>james: in the stock to maroc by the late evening hours we have some showers to the north
5:46 am
but nothing that is expected to impact us anytime today that to men and switched to fuel the cast for to give you a heads up so once we get to thursday and that is what we have the clock set for 9 am tomorrow morning it will not be into closer to 11:00 p.m. and midnight that the actual fraud begins to push on through south most of thursday to be just fine the late thursday night into friday and said it will be wet and that is the story with the rain right now and the bill would come conditions dry conditions and even the winds barely moving the seat of flak. >>james: there is fault you have to do with that to my visibility in concord steam out visibility and petaluma tests
5:47 am
most affordable weather out there letter on to the whim of the upper 50s for places like san francisco it will be a nice it will have most dishonest guys it very difficult we had yesterday enjoy because as you saw with animation it will change by late tomorrow night and there is friday we have the rain come down that will linger on into saturday beyond that we're pretty good sunny looks fine in the first half of next week looks to be dry and sunny. >>robin winston: commuters are heading into san francisco and reporting for duty at the back of the bay bridge toll plaza is growing the last time we checked it was beyond west grand now it
5:48 am
is at the foot of the maze not throw it right at the foot backed up on to the 580 west and west, a connector come out and revell it is not considered that is moving pretty well across the bridge it is getting heavy on the open side a hot spots or make the problems and san francisco is this all part of the normal commute for the 5:00 hour san mateo bridge a little car through hayward approaching 90 to the crowd on the front section of of ron no problem for high-rise out to the 101 convict and sentence sale 50 minutes live now before get to that and is not a bad writer coming out of hayward. >>robin winston: not bad but the drive times increase in just under 20 minutes from antioch to talk it is quiet and they point interconnecting on to 42 and out to salt 680--south 680
5:49 am
>>robin winston: from the 10185 split to the 101237 split that is in sunnyvale if you plan on continuing no major problems for 101 or tie with 280. >>mark: the tears are confirming the man known as to how they john is dead it was the english speech in some of those still show on the heading ices hostages u.s. official said two months ago they believe he had been killed and a drum strike and syria there was silence a publicist obituary in the magazine which include a picture of him without a mask to will name was mohammed that the jurors said he was born in kuwait and was to london and child.
5:50 am
>>darya: he is also being transferred between 30 different cells to make it more difficult for him to escape he broke out of the same prison where he is now last year if and you just recaptured two weeks ago mexican and u.s. authorities are working on the bill now to extradite him to the u.s. for prosecution >>mark: key witness in their angry and they're demanding that governor required be arrested they're blaming him for the decision doesn't lead contaminated water into their homes in 2014 the city study using water from the flat river instead of a carillon as a way to save money in the state of the message last nine governors snyder promise that every resident will have access to clean water every day people and
5:51 am
for and fought a recent lawsuit yesterday and the governor and other state local officials to meet what the governor asking the state legislature for $28 million to try and put an end to the water crisis. >>darya: placing a call from a loss on nursing innocent even if your work unless you are work is being denied one dispatcher on man had a seizure at the eye doctor and no one was answering the number is 911 calls for help.
5:52 am
>>darya: the call taker admitted her mistake in she was reprimanded. >>mark: they're predicting there be more plastic than fish than the world ocean by 2050 researchers estimate the amount of plastic produced locally will trample to more than 1.1 million t exported only to avoid the disaster is to improve the economy and increased recycling give people incentive to collect plastic garbage recycle and use reusable packaging instead the also many simple twist election infrastructure to avoid having garbage pit to the environment.
5:53 am
>>darya: more weather and traffic when we finally get a break from the rain which can use it after yesterday's pounding take a look at storm track the temperatures and one is in the mid 40's may be reaching 50 in your neighborhood but not getting any rain for today in a few minutes.
5:54 am
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new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. >>mark: this is the map talk of the title is the iconic fries mother and milk and white chocolate sauce the japan announced it was adding a new desert to its menu the fast-food giant said, and secrete a wonderfully salty and slid harmonious.
5:56 am
>>darya: we have a break in the rain as we've been talking about james is tracking the weather today for us will tell you but the sunshine you might see today breaking news out of san mateo will live on the scene a neighborhood block down and police are looking for a burglar after officer involved shooting will get the latest on how happened in the more about the deadly bus accident that we covered live on the morning news yesterday and now we're hearing from the family of one of the victims.
5:57 am
i have ahma. ..nem fe. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms
5:58 am
and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrolmecine like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou. s if u'religie fo 12onthfreet myeo.c.
5:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: we're following this breaking news out of san matell investigating an officer involved shooting a green of for people in the nevada been told to shelter and place. >>will tran: the public information officer just told me they continued the search not a
6:00 am
lot of description on the suspect they know he's a man they're still here this is about three hours into the lock down the cost of the officers write their they've been focusing on that corner we believe that is what the burden to place a few suspects when inside another officer confront the suspect for whatever reason that officer feared for his life the suspect was not had she was arrested and they believe that the male suspect some were still in this neighborhood there was no reason for them to believe that he is left here which is why there bring it more police officers this members specifically is about a mile off of 92 this neighborhood is still under lockdown for everyone's safety they believe they have to assume
6:01 am
that this male suspect is probably armed and dangerous. >>james: lennar today places like wal-mart creek in fact just about every part of the very you see mostly sunny skies tim to one multiple '60s it will fill really nice with a light breeze in the air very different from what was light yesterday when it was storming of san the obscured by rain and the lance was pretty impressive to seem in this light we have today in most small for nice break will probably max out
6:02 am
an upper fifties to low 60s will hold on to that and to tomorrow for the first half and then by thursday evening will start to see the clouds roll and. >>robin winston: in this quiet out there but the back of the biggest toll plaza is growing ever want is lined up to get in here is beyond west ran out to the foot of the maze is backing of all to 580 is backing up to west about 80 those of you let the come to the e sure freeway.
6:03 am
>>mark: reckon that then the tears to attack and university in northwest pakistan report released 19 people are dead right now we're following the lead in the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: that is destined 25 mi. from where the pakistan tile than a hundred and 45 people most of the children in school back in december of 2014 and today's attack security forces killed in this for the attackers
6:04 am
recover our forces are on the way they said the death toll could rise again the pakistan television spokesman have claimed a responsibility for today's attack but as we continue to get more information on the brick and a story and bring you the latest also on our website >>darya: we are learning more about the bus crash that recovered all morning live here yesterday there about a dozen passengers injured this the new they're broke of our area yesterday morning to concede the bus line of the media the driver of the greyhound bus the crash has been identified 20
6:05 am
passengers on the border plus the bus driver sees the also spoke with the javelin and the driver told them he was the teeth but says he had not fallen asleep passengers had told us live on the air yesterday as you heard the thought that he may have not knocked off this is all this into account as the ntsb is invested in. >>mark: she itches emigrated from the philippines a few months ago one of our sons and toenail shared an apartment with her in san francisco richmond district sinn been lost and was visiting her other two sons to attack and a bus down before regularly drove her home if he had time but he had to work the overnight shift and with that he got word of the crash happened when he was willing to pick her up to the court confirmed that it was his mom let died early
6:06 am
yesterday afternoon. >>mark: the sun or driving from los angeles so they concede their mother one last time we talk about this story as security for you live in the kron 4 morning news is not a push to learn where the first of
6:07 am
the sin of the crash and because they connected all the leg is broken news alert by downloading the mobile application. >>darya: biddle's to a rescue crews are suspending the search for the missing ski instructor and chernobyl the 23 your name carson made was last seen skiing off-duty and whiteout conditions at the resort last thursday at sugar bowl of france reported him missing on friday morning if after he did not make it home hundreds of rescuers brought out there searching for him for five days through treacherous storms they use rescue dogs and three helicopter crews as but still no sign. >>darya: they met with his
6:08 am
family last night to tell them that they were and in the search the shares of the civil war resumed the search if they get any new information about his whereabouts >>mark: investing in said 25 you're a man from the san jose area and a 20 you're a woman from paulo also on the rock with a large wave hit and carried out to say the third story was also tech and biotech wave the was able to swim back to shore here is another reminder to the close eye on the hubble board. >>darya: the firefighters say they got to the home of east
6:09 am
foothills drive or around 9:00 last night and after putting out the fire that investigated and think that the of record was last charging and that is what caused the fire never said people will live there were not home at the time know people were hurt the two dogs were killed bird is backed up and running as usual after the deadly accident at the north berkeley bart station >>mark: the officials and the passengers may have run this
6:10 am
their lore before getting on the power bart train and that is why they're not feeling well the 49ers are going to officially introduced to kelly as the new head coach they hired him as 11 days after filing jim tom sewell after a five another season kelly was fired in his third season as coach of the philadelphia eagles he went 26 and 21 in three seasons a
6:11 am
massive earthquake is predicted in the pacific northwest during our lifetime the emergency crews are getting ready for will say how to prepare the rest of the white house is heating up the dow trump is a no endorsement and bernie sanders takes a big leak in new hampshire.
6:12 am
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>>mark: the road blockage did cause a minor accident couch and close work brought the afternoon to move the rock big boulders and debris in the crews cleared the rockslide area by mid afternoon the cab high with 21 shut down because the hill kept sliding job as a sacramental come to expect a hillside to than.
6:15 am
>>james: here was this year forecast if you're heading up there this what it looks like today and thursday and friday partly cloudy with a december inside temperatures 40 degrees perfect mostly cloudy for the
6:16 am
date in the late thursday night that should keep things blanket a notional offer friday temperatures getting up to look for leaks that as this year forecast of your heading up this saturday.
6:17 am
>>james: it means rain and the bay area the timing looks like it is late thursday night and friday will walk into the future past four and give you a better idea of. >>robin winston: we're back to normal so and go conditions coming out of oakland now it is spilling over to 580 west and it is almost back to the 24 split if you plan on heading west this morning in order to connect to the bay bridge toll plaza you drive times and still not that 15 minutes from downtown on to
6:18 am
the westbound sky when overall pretty good ride on the bridge really jammed up on the oakland side over tonight to look all the fog will be of fog thick of it this morning if you have to you to san mateo bridge. >>robin winston: to richmond san rafael bridge backing of but only at the toll plaza if you're heading over not expect a brief wait lasted 10 minutes from the poll quick check of the map sensor shot is backing of salt 680, of dublin headed into some no approaching 84 that is not bad luck of the total trip from dublin to fremont's mission boulevard is just on the third minute that is considered a good ride as well known as a trouble spot for the south bend. >>mark: they're working on a plan for the next big earthquake over the past few years they've
6:19 am
been hammering the plans to prevent many people from getting killed to predict of mass of 9.0 earthquake in tsunami could strike the pacific northwest that kill thousands of people is it likely the worst natural disaster in u.s. history the plan on sending waves of cargo planes and helicopters to help during that disaster as well as to the thousands of soldiers emergency officials police officers firefighters and years and medical personnel if you want more resources on what to do when the earthquake go to our web. . >>darya: a bronze statue that was stolen from the uc berkeley crew boat house is found but it is in bad shape police a san leandro were investigating this is a stroke last saturday look in the back and they found the 300 lb. statue or what's left of it all the former uc-berkeley
6:20 am
proposed statute had been cut with power tools it was in the truck the was parked in front of this man's house he was on probation police searched his house and then from the head and feet of the statute in a hole in his backyard. >>darya: this is still an open and active investigation they're trying to figure out if and when help to still the statute because it was so heavy it has been returned to uc-berkeley but they did not know they can repair it. >>mark: to clear front runners
6:21 am
have dominated most polls on its side for months and is reaping reports the number to call the one that will come and parent as voters began to pick their party's nominee. >>reporter: with the iowa caucuses last in two weeks away in new hampshire's first in the nation primary which led the battle for the top slot in both parties is heating up another blow to cruise and steeper champion serra paladin dortch donald trump on the democratic side i was important for delivery clinton ticket on the urgency's she is the only
6:22 am
candidate who could be republicans. >>mark: pay is saying that some of the evil of the former secretary of state of arkansas and had her home server or more sense of the menthol the
6:23 am
republican presidential hopeful is cancelling his campaign even to do with the death of the student volunteer who was involved with his campaign he said the fall of the self and the student with the masses rest in peace are part of france are with your family he died in a car accident by one-half a thorn said the driver who was also campaign staff lost control of a van because the road slicing the >>: over a medium and was hit by a truck the driver and two other student volunteers were hospitalized and have since been released. >>darya: aware finds herself in a proxy battle at the apple refuses to give her the password of her late husband will explain what in the habit after the break is critical lot of buzz the new suicide squad trailer a live look here at the bay bridge.
6:24 am
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>>darya: will have lost will forecast in temin's with what you can expect not expected what
6:26 am
to them. >>mark: the trend shows some of the comics best bad guys on a mission to save the world the movie did will feature will smith as the dead shall one of the senses open the suicide squad would extend until superman and batman and they're mad at each other that now they hit theater in august.
6:27 am
>>james: a perfect is low 60 the high for today the full four castrate and.
6:28 am
>>mark: welcome back keeping our eyes on wall street and we have a pause yes today from the sharp drops in the slack a bad day to day we had doubts features down
6:29 am
over 300 points this morning police are investigating an officer involved shooting the have and a green coat or the have to shut and place all of them live on the same. >>will tran: their work with the people in neighborhoods some people have to get up and go to work and go to school this is still a lot down neighborhood this is about a mile off of 92 this is specifically addressed will tell and more police
6:30 am
officers have arrived to the scene this manhunt is about four hours into a and and they're still searching for this man they believe he is still here that have to assume that he is armed and dangerous and officer responded and that is a one-shot will fired we just spoke to the public information officer heavy is born into detail on what this officer fired his gun.
6:31 am
>>will tran: the also was not and did the famous suspect was not injured her name still not released but they know she's a 31 year-old woman and is believed according to this house of the public information officer that she is working with the police department even than that to have a definitive description of the suspect which is why they're not releasing even his race at this particular time the home owners are very much rattled they're also talking to the police promised to get more information on who they're looking for this morning to see more pleas of some of us still at the scene coming up will have more about the search and was going on and why they believe this person is still armed and dangerous and what is personal belief is still somewhere in this double the which is why the lockdown continues. >>mark: weather and traffic check we're watching the weather.
6:32 am
>>james: there is some activity but not expecting too much today it will be a nice calm day a breather between systems and that one should arrive by the end of the week look to this shot is all we're talking about it is heavy in spots keep that in mind a little bit of extra time like endicott the fault is still expected to hang around with temperatures that will be in the 40 will be cold and foggy, they don't worry about
6:33 am
the rain will talk about will expected coming up to my next update. >>robin winston: highway 92 for those of you who have to use it and then after it had less of a wide as it will be a fog ride and a small ride with you have any problems on the bridge or on the peninsula the total drive times less than 20 minutes but expect that to increase that is the average from 880 out to the one on one connector come and will update the drive time for the east bay in the south bay will check back in on the bay bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge all that is coming up in just a bed. >>darya: of violence has reached the united states and there's no vaccination and a medication for the zinc a virus is spread by mosquitoes and is most
6:34 am
devastating effects occur in infants the cdc is recommending the pregnant women should be screened for the visit of fibers if you have traveled to an affected area overseas official said in an infant in hawaii was born with this virus and cases of not popping up in florida and illinois it is all among women who travel to the infected area of it and take a look on the map and see what's been affected so far the cdc says when they recently traveled to the areas with the virus acted the have to have the least
6:35 am
to symptoms and then be tested symptoms include fever rash drink painted red eyes but about 80 percent of the affected could show no signs. >>mark: police received a call mountain o'clock on monday night from someone in the 3800 block of any place if the woman said there was some of her backyard pond on her bedroom window to office is fundamental to the garden tool in the backyard of the home and told to drop the tool but they say he charge of the officers of the and opened fire killing the man the lawmakers are pushing for gun control their limit california to buy one rifle and shotgun, the state limits is in place to send handguns the also proposed that is the will or department help to collect data on violent death and state including gun deaths hist. south >>mark: 10 cloud of blue
6:36 am
button on the gumbos let life on mars exchange and the ammunition magazines. >>darya: golding the ferry is conducting an emergency response draw on the bay today the exercise design to test the tactical and emergency response to events that could happen on the that the drill is going to happen much in the richmond san rafael bridge and treasure island five ships will be used in the drills to you might be able to see the exercises you might see emergency response as well as white smoke coming from the ship but did not the alarm no need to call 911 that is why the publicized these drills the two to 5000 lights on the bay bridge are going to be shining again this at the bay like show is on to become a permanent exhibit on the west and spend started on january 30th our real lighting ceremony what happened is the time for the supple the
6:37 am
group was able to raise the money and so on to get lights and actor plays a hero and role live with toy hauler jamie foxx save the man from a burning car. >>mark: the best time to buy plane tickets for summer and spring travel commencing a big back of this morning to you about the drive times here.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>mark: sit in the dow jones industrial average once again were off another 1.68% well below 16,000 mark across to 72 and down to 15,00743 is and should this become more common after a low of one guys getting
6:41 am
the password to what they created online the canadian way of this seems to be the most complicated process apple customer service denied her access to her late husband apple id account until the the only together with a court order the couple had of my computer and he died of cancer last august and never told her the past four and should never thought to ask when the 70 year-old cardigan stock rocketed in the past were to be loaded after many phone calls to apple giving them the serial number husbands will unload ride death certificate is still denied access.
6:42 am
>>james: stormy weather to the north a lot of activity headed this way but looks like will get through today before the knicks ran arise will talk more about that coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>darya: why the fire prompted the owners to quit his job.
6:46 am
>>james: we wanted to men for the trip to cast a walk to the timing put the clock to tomorrow morning at 9 am to see a conceit start the day know what weather. >>james: looking down on the fall of bang and depending on which your is pretty bad.
6:47 am
>>james: on the forecast to come. >>robin winston: the back of the
6:48 am
to bay bridge toll plaza keeps growing industry the maze on a to 580 to 20 minutes from downtown oakland to the sky way a little heavy on the bridge but a really thick and heavy things on oakland side approach and the toll plaza the this is considered normal for a commit on the 6:00 hour nothing bad going on in san francisco the image hot spots at to have a traffic is getting heavy now on 580 west
6:49 am
>>darya: apparently he save the role a super hero for real life he is being credited with saving the life of a suspected drug live and southern california he was in this crash on monday the driver swerved off the road had a drainage ditch and flipped over several times landed right in front of gemmy foxes had invalid mention the car burst into flames and he ran out to help.
6:50 am
another driver who happen to be in e m t also stop and help the two were able to cut the seat belt and pulled the driver from the from wreckage >>mark: the governor of michigan is apologizing to the city of funds for the plaza in water supply they're angry man of some of the man and the governor replied be arrested if they are blaming him for the decision the said lead contaminated water into their homes in 2014 they started using water from the flint river instead of like your arm as a way to save money. >>mark: the state message last leg of a misguided, to every resident will have access to clean water every day he's also asking the state legislature for $28 million to try and and the water crisis. >>darya: the world is already flooded with plastic garbage but
6:51 am
it is or to get a lot worse the more economic form is going to be more plastic than fish in the world's ocean by the year 2015 this is a measure in terms of which the researchers estimated time plastic produced globally will triple to more than 1.1 million t experts say the only way to avoid a disaster is to improve the economy and increase recycling that is give people incentive to collect plastic garbage recycled and reusable packaging and that means we will include weight said and avoid having garbage slick into the environment. >>mark: people entering the u.s. is a official comparison to verify the people come to the country are really on the passport said there to the program was unveiled the jfk international airport yesterday and will only apply to u.s. citizens with the passports to travel on the visa waiver program the system compares the
6:52 am
picture of the trial the tech could drive the inspection process and compares that picture to a picture of the person he passport use the number of reading skills to the tse officer knows if the images matched the system successfully tested last year at washington into last airport and drop across the board august 23rd- cheaper fall pricing begins. >>mark: 1 16,000 business
6:53 am
leaders were certain to gather the data to report the u.s. came in for a less congratulations to madam world. >>mark: another big drop for the dow jones industrial average is over 18,300 last summer when i down to 15,756 diving well on the correction with the dow off another 1.6% this morning and the price of one of the continues to drop its claim on the market will over hundred $8 a barrel last summer now under $20 a barrel.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>mark: early risers can see five plan is to gather in the sky just before dawn of mercury venison or mars and jupiter all the visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise is the first time in more than 10 years to all five of the planets appear together in the predawn sky and all this with the naked eye we have the data-spot its plan on the facebook page. >>mark: following recon news in san mateo and there but are locked down they're searching for burglary suspect in all seven of shooting.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: is out of san mateo police are investigating all the
7:00 am
soccer ball should an american record people never have been told to shelter in place that's alive now we're on the scene getting the very latest. >>will tran: if you're at home and you're watching us from inside your home this with you need to know the lock down has been lifted it was lifted about three minutes to go with the manhunt continues the offices are still patrolling this area but did concede the car is piling there are a lot of people to leave their homes go to work and go to school this all happened at 245 in the morning when someone inside the home owners or the commotion outside the called 911 police officer arrived at the scene according to the public information also we spoke to about 30 minutes ago that officers tried to arrest the female suspect. >>will tran: that woman and drove directly to the officer he felt threatened and he opened fire on the female suspect he did not hit her but she was felt threatened and he opened fire on the female suspect he did not hit her but she was arrested the man is still


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