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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>terisa estacio: these are pictures from the center loses the press democrat santa rosa parks marshals that news that when there ride the home was involved in flames to have traced the origin of the fire to applaud in howe for board the father had just left of the cup his daughter from soccer practice leaving the dogs a golden and boston terrier behind.
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>>pam moore: they're examining the greyhound bus and evolving just as deadly accident on highway 101 in san jose. >>rob fladaboe: we're here at the story and you're wearing their recovered of the milken on board the bus and they have not been able to look at the video
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yet to determine what if anything it may show but they tell us that that is only the beginning. >>rob fladaboe: 9 other people including the driver or sent to the hospital and one passenger claims the driver 58 year-old gary bobsleigh the full senate at the wheel he admitted to the sea its feet to being fatigued the ntsb will ultimately win on that to.
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>>rob fladaboe: the investigation will parallel progress but the chp and greyhound itself will make sure the bus was in compliance with federal safety standards that would value is a liability on board the bus and taken to consideration the highways designed in that area in the stomach conditions when the crash occurred the sea its peak and found that now they say of course we know the driver was tired but they said drugs and all have now been ruled out as a possible controlling factor.
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>>pam moore: 3 containers carrying hundreds and thousands of gallons of sulfuric acid iran from union pacific train this morning in martina's this happen, marked the end of this and underneath the 680 overpass the train was delivering the toxic material toward nearby refinery. >>pam moore: no one was in the contra costa county fire and has my cruise on the same as a precaution while union pacific crews work on writing the three containers because. of the drama is still under because >>pam moore: a big announcement from part about the security cameras on the trains last week may remember we find most of those cameras that were there
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because it is. >>j.r. stone: the bills would
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bar only came to this conclusion today in this is certainly in the early stages we asked about a timetable of when we consider all of the train cars equipped with cameras and said they did have a timetable year so they sent asap so we also ask how many times me to be equipped with cameras and home and are ready have cameras and said that as information that they did not disclose
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>>grant lodes: $1,700 worth of handbags right on our plate for your again because it does happen rather quickly and did your this was on the shot fell one in california st. december 28th this video being released 5:00 at night of the days after christmas and you see the car tried to get in the wake of the second one but she gets most of all the way and then meanwhile pleasanton police have released this roberts video.
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>>pam moore: mark carpenter was there he joins us now with the details on today's news conference
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>>: as of right now on the friction and the workers.
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>>grant lodes: his cell in the process of putting together and what he's is trying to hire an office or new deploy one place in the sidelines. >>pam moore: another tough day on wall street as u.s. stocks continued their slide to finish at for rob black is here to talk about what is dylan the slumps. october and discovered made at the folsom dam .
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>>pam moore: it did recover some of the sauces and to close the dow lost 249. the s&p five on the lost tomb and the nasdaq dropped five. but still we're all feeling pretty shaky about this.
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>>rob black: in the united states still oil prices to give you the and all that you made no a lot of countries like nigeria have borrowed money even saudi arabia borrowed money and to the have-or president will pay back to it down the road so the debt issues in the countries have taken on is pretty large and they would default there was a lot spend an earnings have been greeted not this is rubble has been a great we know about ways disparity is pretty big issue there some flaws after six amazing appears when size here
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and marketing of the correction to start this year it will probably become a bear market as people become afraid. >>rob black: i think it is very likely that we will do and i
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like correction their normal and healthy since 1928 the stock market's average 90% this is world war one would want to the world were to increase faster than those who could bear market as of 5 to 2020 years old and would have forced resignation of san francisco. >>rob black: look at utilities to carry a nice dividend that
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thing is a chill half have don't speculate. >>pam moore: and there was a disturbing discovery this morning in an area next to the falls from dam. >>catherine heenan: this was disturbing before 30 this morning a leak was discovered at a temporary and and still preconstruction side is all happening right next to the fall some dam. >>catherine heenan: the u.s. army corps engineers put it this way things will become more than we'd like our win on the statement one possible cause of all of this is believed the
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recent rain caused erosion of that temporary and that this resulted in the like. >>reporter: again that is going to be changing for us as we go into tomorrow do would expect that by tomorrow night if there stang a plate of the the fine will pick up if it had identified him as a lot of the outside right now we're do with just of the event attracted angry fog of what track the next 48 hours.
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>>reporter: will let you know exactly how much ram be
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backtracking coming up in the full forecast. >>pam moore: a baby still recovering after being found in the bushes of the paper business park this morning however please receive the call look before 6:00 this morning. >>pam moore: 01 about energy drinks and children.
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>>dan kerman: there was a little bit in the way we have the current peak and there was a big sign, in addition to this this
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is one that is completely door flatters the one at the palace of fine arts and is off to decide not. >>pam moore: the bay area was the map of the football universe it was the first and to date the only suitable to the plague and the area.
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>>grant lodes: is to stand for stadium the niners this the first time in the support of both quarterback five continents 25,000 just over half a million this year roughly $5 million for 30 seconds of air time. >>pam moore: what he said about
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her role that is coming up 530 lateral or a 10 percent of couples gradual need a civics lesson when it comes to,judge judy.
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>>pam moore: donald trump says he did not think the syrup and is interested in becoming his running mate if he wins the republican president nomination. >>grant lodes: he is on nbc this on a repeat of the act does he think one day after her raucous endorsement of talk and i will she accompany him on to trip to the conservative heartland the
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canada get a chance to prove his toughness and approaches to briefly interrupted the rather hist. >>grant lodes: it shows how crumpled into the lead he's had them since last summer but cruises now in second place of six points from december 10th question about his rivals of eligibility to run for president are having impact.
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>>reporter: off as we headed to the rest of tonight partly cloudy skies freezing conditions in their funds thus approached the region it will give him late on thursday and you know this is the bulk of the day tomorrow you'll see increasing clouds and after 10:00 p.m. that is when the rain is on to start fresh and not pay enough of santa rosa close to 10:00 p.m. and will continue throughout the fight and expect more rain and strong wind speeds once again on five and a satellite read the show just a few clouds land, into the north of our air do with the better weather.
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>>catherine heenan: lead to into water that has been a huge problem city officials say they need more federal and local help the mayor of flight was trying to make a big pitch for them also acknowledging the state of michigan has to be held responsible for decisions leading to the problem but you see what happens just a few moments and to mayors, speech.
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. >>catherine heenan: there have been on on calls for chicago's mayor to resign the stand of releasing to go on and on last a long time everyone looked uncomfortable but a pass the did not want to pull the woman went to the audience and a taste of two very different controversies.
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>>reporter: vote on national- security in the 2016 campaign and the country grappled with how to handle the or humanitarian crisis of this bill would require every single person from syria or a rock in the refugees who is visited those countries it was donald trump's proposal democrats are
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committed to opposing health of the use of trout and his republican neighbors to help to force republican senators to take a stand on trout controversial plan. >>pam moore: and has been a decade since plateau lost status as the ninth planet in our solar system now time to believe the have found a replacement weaken and ejected just as harmless as another drink again next the dangers they pose to young children.
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find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head.
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enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit >>reporter: energy drinks than a cheap high octane and rarely available may be too readily available a recent study found that over 40 percent of all and to drink less because it was a control centers in the u.s. or for kids under 6 minutes of the suffering serious nervous system and hearts and comes--symptoms.
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>>reporter: the dangers of over consumption for kids and even adults vary from the minor and is not just the caffeine and other stimulants raising concern the drugs also often filled with sugar.
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>>pam moore: soprano star makes a big announcement about her health.
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>>catherine heenan: the cal tech researchers said they have to be
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confirmed with the planets is five-to-10 times more massive than our this is the best of it that the ship weather patterns all over the world experts say it is filled in part by one of the strongest and nils on record also by a long-term planetary warming caused by greenhouse gases.
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>>pam moore: airlines including american southwest and delta are already issued a travel waivers to customers ahead of the storm to change life without penalty the airline said they will make the final call soon if they have to cancel. >>reporter: foreswear are retracting our next batch of rainfall it would not into
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thursday ride around 10:00 p.m. that will start to see little bit more of the light rainfall move again it will turn to heavy rainfall into friday night and also into saturday morning rainfall totals between and and and half to up to 2 1/2 inches we expect another round of heavy snow this year as well. >>reporter: the future cash shows us that as we pushed into the next few hours will discontinue part of the crowded skies tonight with top nice and dry from one commit on thurston
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this could linger until the morning hours closer to tell him as far as to cause concern you see the vote in the tech to church headed to 56 degrees 65 oakland and was a 10 to 66 degrees in sunnyvale. >>pam moore: she got married last saturday announced to the world she has multiple sclerosis.
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>>reporter: when julie and rave the battle that is the people magazine that stand five to crack the demonstrators diagnoses the 34 your bride to produce or plant cut her actions kept quiet for the 15 years.
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>>pam moore: 10 percent of college graduates serving in the poll believe that television judge do the service of the u.s. supreme court that is according to a poll by the american council of trustees and alumni the d.c. nonprofit says the poll of a thousand people finance college graduates " are alarming the if the rents of america's history and heritage.
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>>stanley roberts: people be taken that the coming up next
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>>pam moore: with iraq in the middle of the rainy season >>stanley roberts: in almost eight their giants for know about state law to require the to do one and one thing that will make it feasible pedestrians and cyclists and other drivers and is not hard to do all was required to reach over his which are turned not for in the time the rangers to jarvis with no lights or the minimum to parking lines which does not meet state law.
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>>stanley roberts: some cars and driving as the action turned round headlights however the realize not all was activated so a heavy rainstorm fog you cannot sometimes you see people driving in the rain and 80 + 2 ed lee blocked out the back to you often when a driver does not have the lights on its stop their farm to the driver on the influence. >>stanley roberts: not to mention of the office of ethics at the rental the chat with the ball falling one traffic law like, we'd have flights to change you the ticket to find the job without had lied during inclement weather will set you back $230 in plant and a--point
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on driving record. >>pam moore: a change in plans to bar within agencies the when now to improve the security camera system on board trains which is talk of our officials about the new commitment they're making in the name of safety to the area to another set free from an iranian prison for six publicly for the first time the news continues in 70 seconds right here.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: make changes coming to bar this comes after it was
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made known to the public that many of the congress to carry cameras and plays are actually the coins. >>pam moore: there were cameras on the bart train when a man was fatally shot but those cameras were not working tonight this as it is making a change >>j.r. stone: that will put security cameras on all trains they're doing this because of the lack of publicity they received in the last week our brains when people learn that not all the cameras on board or
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as to when this will happen and how much it will cost those with bart will not saying that the senate were to get these cameras installed as soon as possible early this month a man were shot and killed on the bart train never surveillance follows release of those came from a camera at the station not on board this the product that will put working tammuz on every train we did talk with some passengers will concerned about the cost of a project like this that a something that those with bart would not discuss >>pam moore: federal investigators announced that are now looking at video from the
6:01 pm
bus involved is yes to the deadly crash off in the south back. >>rob fladaboe: what is left of the wreck the greyhound bus that crashed in the rain and san jose on tuesday that killed two people down here and there were behind this sense or it will undergo a test for me on the next several days a team of investigators could be seen moving all around beneath an inside what is left of the wrecked bus them cannot the mechanical condition of the greyhound as well as the damage looking for clues to what went wrong to adult woman died when the bus crashed in iran on high 11 on tuesday morning in san jose's nine other people and killing the driver was sent to the hospital one passenger
6:02 pm
claims the driver 58 year-old gary barnes letter from a sick at the will he admitted to the chp to be fatigued the ntsb will osman the way in on that to. >>rob fladaboe: off if the ntsb investigation will parallel program of the sea its peak and greyhound itself will make sure the bus was in compliance with federal safety standards that way when survivability of for the bus perhaps the most significant development of this investigation still and stages the ntsb revealed that it has recovered the standard equipment video camera of for the greyhound bus but could not say
6:03 pm
whether the camera produce in the video that might help investigators determine just how the crash occurred and why. >>pam moore: we're learning duty to us about the driver behind us to the debt a greyhound bus crash course on the other recent deadly accidents involving the company.
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>>grant lodes: 7 people died in six separate greyhound accidents u.s. department transportation said it has inspected with the 1800 greyhound buses. >>pam moore: it was not properly registered with the california public utilities commission nor was inspected by the chp if a
6:05 pm
train derailment in the east bay has environmentalists on edge. >>haaziq madyun: aphid union pacific workers that determination if it was time to throw car's ride and back on the tracks contra costa county has madcap the eye on the situation the conservation coordinator the environmental organization in
6:06 pm
drysalter of benicia 04 cent to help the community agrees the integrity of these containers held firm the cause of the drama is yet to determine the martinez police department and the federally or the administration staff are both investigating the incident.
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>>pam moore: it is the official 2015 was the hottest year we have seen on art so far as according to vote no and nasa the two agencies have been keeping records of the average temperatures for the last 136 years is a last year was more than 20% warmer than 2014 shares experts say the record-breaking weather was filmed in part by one of the strong the spending bills on record.
6:08 pm
>>reporter: that and added that you will see the clouds increasing here is the time of the nicest and a chaplain and higher of the nation tonight planner 51 degrees by 9:00 p.m.. >>pam moore: sought sentences of the is asking for the public's help locate and attempted murder a man reported that he
6:09 pm
was involved in the poor argument just before 1030 on monday night police responded to call and a 30 on the block of any place after a resident reporter that a stranger was in her backyard two officers fired at the suspect that he was killed in that incident also under investigation.
6:10 pm
>>pam moore: the city is set to take place on market street in downtown san francisco decided to drop area promoting the event and that and parking palm trees are the contract construction will begin on sabol city this weekend if you live or work or torque of san francisco you would think that the games after being played here if you didn't the massacre both statues. >>dan kerman: these are being spread all over san francisco just to remind people if it did not know already superbowl fifth is coming right up others to
6:11 pm
come for this one of 10 1,600 lbs. to the ball 50 statures scattered around the bay area this man a chemical for the 49 a slide and football for his fall not everyone find it pleasing to the eye. >>dan kerman: up the twin peaks
6:12 pm
san francisco but not share his view with the statute and that is fine by this woman the only sign this seems to be getting no love is this one at the palace of fine arts not only is off to decide in door to buy the structure but not. >>pam moore: know san francisco for the nine had close ties to the media for the first time since being named the team's new leader here we have to say + in north the family mourned the loss of two past the died in a house fire a deadly toll and the
6:13 pm
believe to be the reason behind the fire the bay area man held captive in an iranian prison makes an apparent as tickets to read it to head back to the united states.
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>>pam moore: and nothing family is morning tonight the loss of two but of dog well-stocked died in a house fire and fire officials think that they hover board is to blame. >>grant lodes: then started
6:16 pm
fires all over the country in crews arrived at this home and east foothills santa rosa the home was engulfed in flames and you've sealed last and has become they're trying to resuscitate to dog the retractor inside and one is searching for answers looking into this hover border situation that was charging at home at the time the fire back on of the house says the how the board belonged to his granddaughter and that the famine is that was the father of the granddaughter have that the board had also lived at home the whole family generations of people without a place to stay
6:17 pm
local fire officials say they're close to examine these two boards which one of the popularity there was a picture you stand on as for the family in question there without a place to stay tonight their seven friends were talking about a quarter million dollars in damage. >>pam moore: he was sentenced yesterday after committing the crime last september in san mateo 27 your tommy reed and
6:18 pm
others pleaded no contest before being sentenced by judge he is making a very clear that he cannot wait to get home is the washington post journalist from the bay area of who was recently set free by enron had been imprisoned for 18 months. >>catherine heenan: so many people had been rooting for him his a very like guy in cheer him on the adjacent design for compelled to make a brief public appearance earlier he gave a
6:19 pm
statement to the washington post the paper he worked for telling us what it wants to do with the ghetto he was to catch up with what is going on in the world watched the warriors came to a shift in also said the new star wars movie. >>pam moore: the goal of the bill was to prevent possible terrorist from slipping into this country tend to men the
6:20 pm
americans from washington to boston to the ohio valley could be hit with a big snowstorm this weekend. >>reporter: as a push into small you noticed the cause to continue to increase here was a closer look at satellite read you've noticed the clout are moving in from the north and wipe out the picture will show you the next we have track and
6:21 pm
report to see this move and to vote will not bring this rainfall until thursday lignite after 10:00 p.m. and friday will start to see more widespread. >>reporter: keep them on a chemical which can plans with the plan for some of the the letter on saturday the timing with the storm is one to start 10:00 p.m. thursday night for places like santa rosa first happened and is expected stuff
6:22 pm
as we headed to small woman nicely once again back to the '60s to go the 74 threshold of a chalk another round of french as the head into friday if you look on saturday the green showers expected. >>pam moore: minute san francisco residents are in strong support of the shuttle program for commuters 62% or in
6:23 pm
favor of along with them to operate in the city a 83% agree that shuttles will help relieve traffic and reduce air pollution today's poll come to san francisco board of supervisors is apparent to consider an appeal on january.
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>>pam moore: the governor is asking president obama to reconsider the denial of his request for a federal disaster declaration but michigan. >>catherine heenan: the governor said the data killed
6:26 pm
today he is comparing the crisis to a flood of the currencies are giving the lead tinted what amounts to a natural catastrophe in the study are given the white house did that at the mercy but stopped short of declaring this and made a disaster. >>reporter: she met with members of the michigan congressional delegation this morning and met with president obama at the white house to the night she was met by a mob of reporters this one at the u.s. last conference happened just a couple of blocks from the white house the nose conference was interrupted by bloch lives matter group that
6:27 pm
approach as the mayor of baltimore despite having the protesters and five are for her whole speech to focus on the need for washington to get involved in flint especially when it comes to paying to fix the problem should plan to keep meeting with members of federal government and talking with national media to continue to raise concern for flint. >>pam moore: we continue to follow the investigation to yesterday than the bus crash in the south bank of lettuce to tell to head + wal-mart employees getting a boost in pay the lettuce and the rest
6:28 pm
whitehouse how the state of i will play such a major role.
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just text offers to 782929e 6" subway sandwich. to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: reckon news on the
6:31 pm
san mateo coast the discovery of the body has emergency crews on the scene of body has been found in the area of dell's like scott is on the scene will try to bring this report back for you and of course will have complete of the. >>rob fladaboe: a team of investigators with the national transportation safety board was in several days here at this tow yard in gilroy going through the
6:32 pm
wreckage of the greyhound bus the crash and the rain on high 101 on tuesday killing two people and send nine others to the hospital they would try to figure ought to talk the crash occurred that would die with the performance impossible probability of the bus driver shall tell the sea is the he was fatigued at the time of the crash. >>will tran: there were arrested after trying to break into a home at 245 in the morning force in the police department of affleck the neighborhood under lockdown the woman was arrested pretty much immediately but not before she tried to run over a police officer also fired at her and the officer is not and did she was not injured the search for the man for about four hours in the red able to finally arrest him shut. >>terisa estacio: a very sad
6:33 pm
story to tell about fire officials are looking into whether an electrical circuit board device may have started a fire and cause serious damage the fire started in the evening to dolls inside of the home when this fire started the firefighters tried to get the dog out but unfortunately the dog died in the fire official said that the fire started in the front of the home here in santa rosa. >>haaziq madyun:.
6:34 pm
>>j.r. stone: gold bar announced on wednesday they will put security cameras on each and every train this comes after the transit agency received negative publicity in recent weeks will people learn that not off cameras on board were working. >>reporter: the rain will turn heavy as it had to fight in fact will attract a better randy stretched to start stars that not on of showers expected through the day on friday and mandarin and to all the saturday morning part of the wicked will not be affected the rainfall totals in what turned into happen to have and choose a few locations it does it even more rain the not.
6:35 pm
>>reporter: fifth satellite radar shows quite conditions for tonight as the head into tomorrow night that is when the next system will move into that is what we are tracking for you another round of rain and also slow but not the state park crowd with three reason conditions. >>pam moore: many of the u.s. workers will begin a pay raise next month the return of sciences and wal-mart and sam's club complete hired before the start of the year will soon are at least $10 an hour more than a million u.s. workers will get to the hike starting february 20th becomes about nine months
6:36 pm
after wal-mart increased pay for half a million workers to the least $9 an hour this in the latest round of the hikes may see an average of hourly wages for full-time employees in just over $13 an hour. >>pam moore: one year from today america will be celebrating as and the president takes the oath of office but also the democratic republican presidential candidates neck- and-neck is not clear at this plant will be the next president along when the iowa caucuses our national correspondent mara the taxila and who has won the hawkeye state in the past and what means and the race for the warehouse shut cash such.
6:37 pm
>>reporter: the give canada's about the momentum is not the lack of breath contest might expect the lesson i republicans picked the winner 2000 and george w. bush their seven and
6:38 pm
able or willing to raise any money or support to keep their campaigns alive. >>pam moore: the headlines that they're making today in hollywood will tell you about the new project on her plate. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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only at your local ford dealer.
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>>pam moore: this is one of the hot topics of hard work to that live did wrap. >>reporter: chelsea him to fire back carter commission held mcdonald a few days to come down to the shipment and fear couch when she worked on her and have the scare should respond with " she would never said anything to show has been cancelled two months after terrapin's left for the daytime chat to confirm that the first is will be its last.
6:42 pm
>>pam moore: out what they live errors right here every day at 1:00 and the afternoon coming up in sports another writer going to the pro ball will tell you in more on the first look to new 49 had coached.
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>>gary: to kelly deadpanned a
6:46 pm
couple of jokes today in their response wasn't none the less the sky and no one is 40 know what he's doing and you compare it to last year's get to know your press conference with the great and jim thompson law to set his self than much better hands balky jet and we have to get rid of poking half. >>gary: the only time when you called chip related on little thickens when he said this i'll paraphrase the number one franchise and all football maybe 20 years ago but nonetheless a pretty good start hypnosis'
6:47 pm
system works and he is sticking to of the big question is which quarterback is going to be running it and kelsey be able to nine from kokand accident older players the diplomatic answer why have to suffice the cuba situation is uncertain management as competent as the pedicle tire and seven seasons.
6:48 pm
>>gary: the bottom line really did have a guy the haves one big time, was leveled or the in the first year in fully that the playoffs and for better for workers he's the guy who has little air about him in the typical of off the tech the wind
6:49 pm
out of the car rusted the women and did not say anything about and to social media caught wind of and he cut his leg during the incident and played in the game with 22 stitches there is something we have jim fox of the in the week.
6:50 pm
>>gary: the mayor of loss and as a thrill to have the rams but he does not with the san diego chargers and eric are city said he'd like to see the chargers state and send it will and also was the look and staying there every opportunity to take a shot at him with a member of the denver broncos called a big baby and he responded.
6:51 pm
>>gary: he's too smart to answer any of the media things coming up spikelet speaks out about the oscars what he plans to do instead of going to the award show.
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you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer.
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>>pam moore: a war when director spike it for the first time talked publicly about his decision not to attend the oscars next month this morning on abc he is not using the word boycott but did confirm that he would not be there he is born to a knicks game in said that he also says he thinks the focus on the oscars is " a misdirected plant.
6:55 pm
>>pam moore: we're protected by wettable still need the rain we're back tonight and we hope to see you then.
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the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i feel it's importan to share that i have m.s. >> the truth behind her personal struggle. newlywed jamie-lynn sigler opens up about her multiple sclerosis revelation. >> to get the diagnosis was confusing because i didn't feel sick. >> inside the soprano daughter's secret 15-year battle. then sarah palin gives trump a thumbs up. >> no more pussyfooting around. you deserve the best. >> is her vote liability or does trump now have the ultimate advantage? i can't wait to show you my toys. >> and inside the new "suicide squad" trailer that's burning down the internet. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. >> we're bad guys.
7:00 pm
>> plus we're counting down to the people versus o.j. simpson. >> if he did do it, how could you find him innocent? >> i can't go to jail! >> brand-new scenes and never before heard trial details. >> a lot of things in this that people don't know. >> the bronco's gone. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. the "insider" together with yahoo! >> haunting new images and possible case changers. the new first look at fx's people versus o.simpson" promises all that and then some. everybody's talking about this tv retrial of the century, but they're also talking about news that absolutely shocked a of us here at the "insider" today. >> it really did. sopranos star jamie-lynn sigler who just got married last saturday, announced to the world, i have m.s. jamie in her own words revealing her decision to turn her private 15-year struggle into a very public battle. >> i think i'm at a point in my


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