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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 21, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a deadly crash happen on macarthur boulevard >>reporter: the car and up the fund have ended up rolling down
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the street, across the boulevard the driver inside the vehicle to one your to bill brown that a passenger in his friend and by john they're also want to be less of a lot of different businesses along the path of the bar to figure out why this all happen
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>>james: that will be impacted as letter on tonight there was another bit behind a double impact us friday night and saturday that looks to be more potent system will bring in that down for him to sit you up the door what you need to know right now at the moment it is mostly cloudy beautiful looking shot in san francisco crossed the bay bridge and ready for school forecast note is going to require parental class began at 8:00 there is a fault here and there by noon time should woman to the upper 50s should have some this afternoon. >>james: a nice mild weather pattern and then things could a little dicey come late tonight and tomorrow.
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>>robin winston: it is on to the issue of free rent coming out of reach and just about to richmond parkway and then slow and pocket and is backing of not bought from the water department from the seven teams split that would commit traffic off and on into cupertino about two to three minutes from 1012 the seven teams split.
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>>mark: and i've tried not during the search area and with information on the missing surfer it must. >>will tran: no affirmation we just learned return to do a live interview in just a few moments for the have learned that now is recovery mission no longer considered a rescue take a look at the screen about timmins' the we're able to get our hands on some pictures of the victim they
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tried to go over to himself, but there were pushed back by the waves the coast guard sent just helicopters in the air which is found out. >>: doing all the analysis of how the victim was initially found into the environment last night in the conditions that we're experiencing we recognize the survivability rate is zero
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more recounted in the west coast guard marin county $10 and warrant to immediately started during initial search of the beach at which time it was to chop it for them we just learned
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it is very cold waters are choppy and we're talking approximately to knowledge into a water. >>darya: police and and a committed to members come face- to-face the protest to shut the police commission to demand justice for more what is a twist to show black man who shot and killed by police last month
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>>darya: among the in the poll to to the demanding the resignation of the police chief and the time the publish will shut down the meeting because and that's about it after a few also spoke most members of the senses of this off to a social issue what are the meeting in unison. >>mark: the body found near double slide that hikers spa and robotic just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon it is 200
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steven manners from rick and tucking the investigation continues into the cause of death santa cruz friends and family of the two uc santa cruz student who were swept out to the scene once such efforts to resume 19 your shoreline a sign from paulo october 25th year- old solomon r. same was from san jose that was what the to see on monday and by doing beach declined to walk area and a big wave knocked over into the water the coast guard's search for the recall of the search of to the family members say is too soon a vigil was had the beach parking light yesterday up was planted on the shore during low tide to look for students.
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>>mark: they did find an camera on the bus with did not watch a video yet there also want to look at the royal to see if the story weather played a role investigators also talk to the driver who admitted he was fatigued before the crash. >>darya: family members are mourning the death of one of the victims in that crash marked his seuss listen to secure the tech and attracted to one issue was ride the bus back to her home salinas' family members say they
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tried to talk or how to get more information about the accident that could soon have to go more inspections as compared to recent crashes involve a tour buses. >>mark: was back in november the 20 people in the mature for scratching union square at tour bus was a so-called ghost bus
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mayor and the vetoing an ordinance this with the will of about cyclist growth of the stop sign the measure into the to order supplies as of september and lasted board members approved the bill would allow cyclist to roll to stop signs along the was a that argument can full stops creating traffic problems. >>mark: we're trying to get some gain for the dow jones industry average after its worst will start to a year in history. >>darya: their cars will soon
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be theftproof plus we're talking a measure of the storm that had it with the east coast or the 2 ft. of snow is expected we have team coverage after the break.
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>>mark: is expected to have been
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24 hours will from the storm from the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: some light snow fell the issues to follow severe weather hitting communities from tennessee to washington d.c. icy conditions aboard cost about zero hundred and 60 accidents and virginia even president obama had a fight traffic at the with the conditions the ground and ran one the national service has issued a blizzard to watch for new york's long island starting saturday morning as the washington area in the northeast bridge a heavy snowfall
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>>darya: backing did i suggest that his aunt on the roadway down there one form or another the system is one to react have it all pedometers seaboard. >>james: my 7:00 tonight maybe is far up as to collect like it
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some rain did all their can raise and closer to midnight or at to see a more substantial i start to take hold throughout the day before coming into view to the overnight ouster of 4:00 a.m. and 54 to 8:00 a.m. the to see widespread light rain for the morning commute tomorrow and in this round one around to comply and i into saturday. >>james: to assure you quickly the three decalogue the talk about storm the one that is tonight the first half friday
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>>robin winston: not bad for the overall trip on 92 west 101 out to a slow going no major problems or major hot spots like their over 25 in the western richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza this backlog is growing earlier is on the heavy from castro now the sole traffic starts with at the harbor from harbor through the toll of up to
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mid span it is pack less than 50 minutes for the total ride from the toll plaza to the one on one connector quiet in the north and. >>robin winston: morsel traffic squeezing into alamo but not a bad drive time for the trip from concord to what a creek is toting about 40 minutes from highway 4 to 68024 split will to fight and it got to stop since it is san ramon valley dublin them into trouble spots. >>mark: like a true commitment dollars in emergency funding to deal with this water crisis the mayor frances is not enough money and will cost one park $5
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billion to fix the problem and all-star in 2014 instead to for this was this is what a source to make sure arms to the front river to save money the water was and treated properly and experts from it was highly corrosive and full lead president obama as a just and the city's top concern. some never is also sending to help the city. >>darya: they're telling people to be aware of irs tax scams this season people living up the supply commit it calls from stammers cool said there with iris and the man running if a person refuses to pay their threat to the suspension of the driver's license and even an
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arrest is imminent turned the caller has a consulting and high style and after threatening to arrest the person the caller hangs up and another person will call back to town to do with the police informed hot to steal your will on tax refund are some things you can do to keep your money saved we pick a tax preparer the city should make sure that they have a tax id # avoid people who base their feet on a percentage of your refund know if you're attacked the parent does not act for the seat and then not asking enough questions about deductions and credits it could be a warning sign the something is wrong. >>darya: never sign a blank tax return-person for mention of a the phone or on line on the start of the conversation and you know you're talking to
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>>mark: solution to a class or to some of driving cars and then there comes the future of the mid to read a book or watch tv while the park is to say to the destination
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>>darya: is part of an explosion all my recruiting for isis 500
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western women have left their families to travel to syria and iraq and iran isis many ways is disappointed because they are treated like children there give that support fighters and their recycled when the first husband died there be recycled again western officials time to encourage young recruits expensive the woman to lead prices but not for many if they tried to leave or someone helps relieve experts say it is a san punishable by death. >>mark: he is not facing criminal charges more concerns over how the board safety
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measure retailers offering of four reform for the product.
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>>mark: ticos the avalanche after he wins will close off area of the border post of video online showing the evidence and
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they said he was trespassing in the area have the open to the public five years to put others at risk offer refunds to people who bought her report on the web site, concerns and to about scores are not sick and could be fire hazards the consumer products said the commission investigating more than three dozen cases where hubbell or smoke the verse and the flames just want to deny fire fighters and santa rosa respond to a house fire that killed two dogs and they believe it was caused by charging over board this set the user should not be worm safety gear because it can be serious the call on other retells to the same amazon still self reports on its web site. >>mark: will tell you what those changes are.
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>>will tran: it is no longer our rescue mission but a recovery mission for a surfer hot off of rebel beach, will have details coming up
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>>james: you could sit on a satellite view we have clouds a lot of the off shore beckons with today. the time given to the rain overhead closer to midnight tonight it is on the
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chilly side for some your the ready for school forecast tensions in the forest to low 50s would expect that to stay true to the 8:00 hour by noontime much for the kinswoman of to the fifties will actually be nice will ask one of to the was made even be a degree or two warmer it will refund for recessed and canton home from school to do and the dry conditions with again pleasance guys in night temperatures. >>catherine heenan: >>robin winston: the backup is
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still growing filling over to the inshore freeway and is jammed on the west on 80 come out upon know how long will it take the drive times 58 minutes for westbound added to get from all along the seashore to the maze through this so traffic back to sea from a live shot a quick check of the committee on west palm 84 after hefty the dumbarton bridge alternate with things and not so good on the san mateo bridge and about two to five minutes. >>darya: then going to install work to secure the cameras on every car in every bart train to
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come to we can have after teenager was shot and killed on a busy bart train during the investigation they said some of the comes on the train are fake decoys that when i say, a trend actually have working camels so far there's no time line for equipping all of the train cars to working cambers not estimate how much all cost the plan to equip all of the cars with cameras might need approval by bart board cost.
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>>mark: we're like a real beach on the missing surfer. >>will tran: it is not a recovery mission the 30 minutes into the this the last place with a song the have skied jets and the water and will swing the camera over the but more the have volunteers walk in the shoreline the canfor him no one has seen him since about 530 last nine when he was and what unconscious face down the cherry his picture he into buddies were in the water at the time there were surfing and then the two friends saw that he was face down still tethered on his
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surfboard here is a new information that we just learned there were not able to find him we're talking about an hour since the last spotted him as like this one it had determined the was no longer a rescue mission is a recovery mission to the the what the to: the air is too cold and was simply too long for them to think that he's still alive this morning.
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>>darya: everyone is smiling around regular >>: is not unique just to apple is really bold move.
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>>mark: locked herself inside for car so then the man tried to carjack the woman who read a car went into the passenger seat of the and the driver of the victims fight back she trips to ski mask off one of the carjackers instead of the have a good reason to fight back. >>: she was a mother and what he did not know and the backs of that vehicle with two children she was not wanted to be taken so she fought and drag the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards. but the suspect was the getaway driver the suspects of being held of 25,000 allied bond chabot 50 is three weeks away
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from general thrift until the big game they market street will be transformed into super bowl sitting there is more to be a fan the list that will have fireworks interactive display at a concert and that is all free
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to the few blocks up the content of nfl experience of the moscow news center that is with the chance to meet and agree to take a picture with the vince lombardi trophy will be back in just a couple minutes.
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>>mark: it is not frozen over yet to the suffrage and temperatures are sticking to everything coating everything from my post in the short increasing these incredible high school teachers. >>james: north star tours of its a notional look at the base of 103 in. to will be planted on
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with no snow on the way one the forecasted amount of next the world according to gary.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: let's forget about is what he figured if two of them
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say you are bad a guy that of the one that gets the headlines.
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>>gary: by the way it is a power you doing he has a lot of work to do and a lot of money to do and a half tons of money to have all the 10 players from the nfc championship.
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>>gary: 50 has to go to his mom and dad and said we paid off times to look abroad on to play this guy off baseball the the model this is the best cause of the middle of the season but football had were some of these guys have not been hit in the month and have an all-star game is west of the quarterbacks
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that read the wanted to run for the super bowl. >>gary: at least know what is >>gary: once again he must of been at the top official during
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the super bowl it hits with in their judgment with regard to says is true if you do last up you do have to say do over what would you like to choose there is never been an overtime and a super bowl. >>darya: i want the games to be sure
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>>gary: you're not a long and one to stand pro sport they're always hard about the length of time cleveland and chicago supposed to be good they are really fun to watch unless you are playing down still you have
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hunted the six to two games we just turned on the workers walked for five minutes and it is fun. >>darya: i like this hockey because the have the hockey players skate figure skaters it was part of the rocky showcase
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for guy sort of with their athletic and cannot run a million. >>darya: the would dance off. >>gary:see you later.
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>>mark: it will be released in december of 2017 it was supposed to be released seven months earlier they did not say why it was postponed the current family is a high is braced grossing was a has a $60 million in the box office where track in the rather more rain is on his way to bay area beautiful shot and some clear skies will be sing better on this afternoon the east coast is getting a lot more snow and you could have your travel plans impacted oakland police at the senate democrats in oakland it left the car split in half will have the latest in a live report.
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>> reporter: breaking news out
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of marin county will talk about a surfer who died and the search for him. >> reporter: please are investigating the fatal crash in oakland and we'll have the latest. >> reporter: we will talk about the upcoming weather and how it will last. >> mark: we are watching the morning commute and the weather . >> robin: we have a crash in the east bay but other than that no hot spots. >> james: there is the storm coming in and you see all those clouds coming in throughout the
8:01 am
day. >> james: we have a beautiful sky behind the glowing sunshine . we expect the clubs to part of that later this afternoon. we will start colder and will morning our. the 3:00 hour we will see a increasing temperatures and in the '60s. >> robin: the bay bridge toll plaza is slow and is not going anywhere anytime soon. the main arteries in getting you to the
8:02 am
toll plaza are also packed. and from downtown oakland to the westbound skyway there is not a bad time. with all the heavy traffic it will take a while but events that will clear up. >> mark: search crews are looking for a missing surfer in marin county. this is a a search but not a rescue. >> will: they are searching from
8:03 am
air and water in the land. the coast guard is using their helicopters. this is the last barrier where people so are dan the surfer who we believe has been dead. >> will: dance friends actually found him put him on his surfboard and took him to the beach. they tried cpr but then a huge wave crashed on than. this is randy with the national park service. >> we did an analysis of the
8:04 am
survivability of that damned and decided that a recovery would be better than a search and rescue . there is no chance of surviving. the initial encounter with dan was a big factor. >> we do not know how he became an obnoxious--unconscious in the first place. >> will: for the past hour or so this is what they are doing
8:05 am
and what we're looking at and only later will they go further out into the ocean. personnel are frantically looking for his body. >> darya: a deadly accident in oakland where a car ended up splitting in half. you can see the wreckage share. we have live coverage right now. >> reporter: police are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash. mr. brown died in the crash. >> this happened around 10:00 last night. but when i got here, it was bad. >> reporter: i saw you picking
8:06 am
up some of mr. brown's things. >> after seeing what i saw last night's, it's just, just i don't have any words. he has a baby and other kids. my heart goes out to him. >> reporter: he it was 21 ketose about his life? >> he was a good boy and very energetic. i will remember his smile and his laugh above all else. >> reporter: police are going to continue to investigate the cause of the crash by looking at
8:07 am
surveillance video from shops along the streets. >> mark: mark? >> anny: we have teen coverage of the weather. >> mark: we also have coverage of people boycotting that oscars
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>> robin: highly '92 is yes still packed and the west bank is heading to the peninsula. from 882 01 01 that the drive time is around 30 minutes. >> darya: at smith and also will smith are boycotting the oscars . will smith was not nominated for his role in concussion but he said this has nothing to do with the fact that he and his
8:11 am
wife will not go to oscar's. >> darya: will smith said this is because of the lack of representation of people of color in the oxters--oscars. all of it then nominations are deserving but hollywood is going in the wrong direction. >> james: we have some storms coming to the bay area and we will talk about when and where they will arrive. the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer
8:12 am
with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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good and over 70 million people on the east coast are preparing for a monster winter storm in the next 24 hours. >> anny: from parts of tennessee in to washington d.c. you can see icy conditions. this is d.c. road led to i see gridlock after a light snow the previous night. in virginia there more than 160 accidents
8:15 am
from the storm. the national weather service has issued a blizzard watch for several states on the eastern seaboard. >> anny: this no will, move to different states and on different days but it will move through. in some locations it will bring 2 ft. of snow. >> anny: virginia issued a state of emergency. there it is i see conditions and heavy winds. >> anny: american airlines is
8:16 am
offering a ticket waivers to allow people to switch airlines in take different routes from philadelphia to virginia. >> anny: this will be an epic storm. >> james: if a quarter inch device can do all the damage to d.c., who knows what can happen when the storm arrives? it looks like a patchwork of colors. this will affect the entire seaboard >> james: there is a winter storm watch for d.c. and all the
8:17 am
surrounding areas and states. once again to the east coast right now things are fine but once the snow comes there will be trouble. >> james: we have a couple storms systems to track here home. what can you expect with both of these? a lot of rain from saturday night into sunday . expect a little urban flooding. we are already saturated it. >> james: we will be getting
8:18 am
wind which could gust up to 30 mi. per hour. this could bring tree limbs entire trees down. we'll be checking that part of the story as well. >> james: will also have coastal flooding because of the huge waves and high tide. that could lead to cliff corrosion and beach erosion. by the end of the storms we will expect to 4 in. in some areas. >> james: this water will filter down into the streams and
8:19 am
creeks and could it come out and fled.--flood. >> robin: we are tracking some ok drive * from westbound 82 into san francisco. if you don't take this ride every day you will not notice any problems or hotspots. >> robin: from the mason to the short freeway we're back that. from a flood of the maze to the west on skyway is about 50 minutes--15 minutes. >> robin: if you're traveling
8:20 am
from the east shore freeway your drive time is high. if you're traveling to the south bay there are a number of minor crashes. from 01 01 to 85 we have about 30 minutes. >> darya: help is on the way for people have a water crisis in flint michigan. the mayor of flint says it will 2.5 take
8:21 am
a $1.5 billion to fix the real problem. >> mark: the pentagon has no legal authority allows the military to go on the offensive against isis. previous rules of the engagement required threats from isis to come up first before we could fight back. >> darya: all eyes will be in the bay area as superable 50 is coming to a start. organizers say the super bowl is more than game and will bring much and great attention to the bay area . >> this will be the largest
8:22 am
event in the bay area. not only of the biggest game of the series. there are few events that could rival was superable 50 will bring. >> darya: market street will be changed into super bowl city which will bring concerts' and fire or displays and other games the week before super bowl 50. but dan >> mark: 87 old girl is taking it upon herself to help the homeless and we will discuss that.
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♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go the mark >> mark: a seven year-old girl in ohio is going to help the homeless this winter. she has
8:26 am
started a sock drive at her day care. >> i have a dull stocks and big kids socks and little socks and baby's socks. >> mark: can help search story will help inspire others this winter--cami hopes her story will inspire others. >> james: we'll discuss more of the weather and its implications a later. >> will: the search for a server is no longer a rescue mission but a recovery.
8:27 am
four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help.
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through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit >> darya: we're looking at
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weather and traffic this thursday morning. >> robin: everywhere is packed including the bridges are now. >> james: for now we er fine. it is late tonight into friday and saturday when the rain will really come. with the satellite view of you can see it coming. >> james: we see some sunshine filtering in renown will see more later today. you are late to school now if you're watching us. by
8:30 am
that time the sun will come out and bring us to the upper 50s. at 3:00 we will hit our peak temperatures around 65 degrees. >> james: a different story late tonight in a different story tomorrow and i will try both storms for you. let's get over to the traffic center. >> robin: the drive times are still pretty high even though they're not any major crashes or hot spots. there is simply a lot of commuter traffic which is causing the hold up. >> robin: south 680 and south to
8:31 am
42 at of concord to walnut creek is still backed up. from dublin to fremont there is still long driveway and san jose to cupertino's also long. from 101 split to the 85 split is a very long time. >> mark: the search continues for missing surfer in marin county. we have live coverage. >> will: i keep looking over mice shoulder and see the coast guard right behind me. the coast guard has been coming this area for the past three to four minutes. the well is no longer a
8:32 am
rescue mission by a recovery mission as has been judged that he could not have survived. go well >> will: we are respecting the wishes of the wife cannot display his photos all over the news. the two other surfers who found him in the water facedown , went to him and reached an. they tried to give him cpr and then a big wave comes along and gathers them all over the place. dann was no longer at the scene. they search for about two
8:33 am
and a half hours last night. they stopped the search because of danger and the presumed it-- reason bit this morning--reason --rexsumed--resumed 8 this morning. >> will: once the swells of gone down the coast guards said they will send their watercraft to the caves to look around. >> darya: as police come face-
8:34 am
to-face with in the community members, the committee members protest the officers who killed a man with a knife to go back to work. >> yelling and protesting. >> darya: the committee members are demanding the resignation of the police chief. after a few
8:35 am
officers spoke members of the police association walked out in unison. >> mark: amended found at the bottom of gray well coved dead was spotted by another hiker. there was a 150 ft. drop that killed at the man who was hiking. >> darya: santa cruz to source swept out to sea are being mourned. they were swept out to sea on monday on laguna beach and had climbed zero what rocky area when the waves came in.
8:36 am
>> we're asking anyone any where to help us please. >> darya: a vigil was held by friends and it they will walk down the pathway the students it to look for their bodies. >> mark: a teenager was shot and killed on a bart train and so bart is going to put cameras on all of their cars. there is no estimate on how much it will cost and how long it will take. >> there will be a combination of decollate and a real working
8:37 am
cameras. we want to get rid of the the decoys altogether so every camera is operational. we just want the bay area community to feel safe. >> darya: about 30 percent of tour buses are not inspected at all. many people have been
8:38 am
injured because of the lack of inspection of buses including an 82 year-old man in san francisco. >> mark: who will surely which team hired the first female coach in franchise history. we'll also have weather and traffic of the head.
8:39 am
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>> darya: the buffalo bills have hired the first female assistant coach in nfl history. >> robin: it is still backed up to about west brand but it is no longer into the maze. from downtown oakland to the west and sky way it is about 20 minutes.
8:42 am
i will update your ride on the commuter freeways when we get back.
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>> darya: we are going to take a look to the weather. it rained for a whole week and that everything just popped like a chip that. >> james: i went out of the backyard the other day and saw that the kids in the of the toys, and it thought to ahhhhhhhh. >> james: you see the clouds
8:45 am
there which will bring us rain the but not until tonight. the kids will be fun getting home because there will not be reached by then. >> james: around 7:00 p.m. that we might have some of the shower start and then we will get more widespread rain through the weekend. we have one for friday morning and then run to will start friday night. the james
8:46 am
>> james: you can see this camera right now which brings sunshine and then on ultimately we will bring temperatures to the upper 60s. >> james: we've had a foot or more come down in the sierras in
8:47 am
places like diamond peak and that many at of north star. there is more snow to come for friday and saturday. >> robin: the bay bridge is westbound 80 is fairly quiet. but this does not mean you don't have to a deal with the slow traffic. highway 92 is still very slow even though there and no major problems on the bridge .
8:48 am
>> robin: the richmond san rafael bridge is better now but earlier it was backed up to harbor. >> robin: we still have a lot of slow traffic. through sunnyvale into powell of the 0 and 3 san francisco we have such a lot of slow traffic. from 101 to 85 it will be a slow commute. on the guadalupe parkway it is backed up. if you're leaving caster valley there's a crash on east 580 is gone. we have improving conditions here in to castor
8:49 am
valley. >> mark: stanley roberts has been called a lot of things over the past decade. in the lease city he is still something that cost him off guard. >> stanley: assurance across the street notice that she did something wrong. she tried to convince me that always fun. what the ? according to some parents is bananas here. you cannot black
8:50 am
people's driving a matter how you do anything. >> i love you. give me the pinkies where--swear. >> i know have a ticket! >> stanley: i will need to go to
8:51 am
the school to find out what is really going on but that is a story for a different time. >> darya: you can see what is going on from the surveillance cameras. then someone walked in and about 745 on thursday. one person gives a signal and a few grabbed items and then run. >> grabbing goal robberies are common among high-tech stores. >> darya: police say these
8:52 am
robberies are part of a larger crime operation. >> mark: a man is being pressed for causing an avalanche. the man has been at a place that was closed for five years. >> mark: there is a recruitment site this trying to recruit young women to be brides of isis members. men are promised beautiful brides and this seems to be working.
8:53 am
>> this is all about making people's past bad things go way . these women are given to a fighter and once he dies they are recycled to another man. >> mark: able try to help these women leave it is a say in public--punishable by death. >> darya: there is a new type of weapon that allows military personnel to exchange anti ammunition magazines with full ones. gun owners can keep these
8:54 am
type of weapons if they already owned and registered them. >> darya: taxes on cigarettes can be going up in california. this tax would raise the tax by $2 per pack, including the cigarettes. the new tax is designed to decrease tobacco use. >> mark: this is a rescue at a loss angela's it.--lost angeles zoo. the man that fell over the side into the guerrilla pit. he
8:55 am
has been rescued by is also slightly injured. the animals were secured in their inclosure . the mark >> mark: volvo has made a promise that by 2025 there will be no one killed in their vehicles. these will be itself driving cars. these cars will
8:56 am
also be able to choose a route that will allow them to finish their movie for the driver. that might interest you. ew options like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit
8:57 am
>> mark: disney said it star
8:58 am
wars #8 will not be released until december 2016. star wars #7 was the highest grossing movie of all time in the united states. >> darya: james fletcher what tells all about the rain. and we will discuss the snow on the eastern seaboard when we come back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>anny hong: it comes tomorrow will be done with a live look at the bay bridge approach to consult with generally partly cloudy conditions it is going to be my for some spots right now.
9:02 am
>>robin winston: it does come back up to to to to men is very crowded on the branch the more heavy traffic with and for you and the maze connecting with 580
9:03 am
>>will tran: they decided was a local rescue mission it was a recovery mission his wife is right behind she did not want to go on camera they're heartbroken that the khmer for 10 years his name is the and the flow 40 years old at the santa fe into but its work in the water they
9:04 am
want thinking it was going to be a rescue mission there was no one knew what to survive the conditions there people in the water there walk along the shore line looking for now the family members also heartbroken they do not want to talk on camera.
9:05 am
>>will tran: the newly found along is no longer rescue mission. >>darya: american is recalling the deadly accident and oakland and was so bad that the car actually was split in half by the end at the start of around 1130 last night and macarthur boulevard. >>reporter: they're still investigating the fatal crash that ended here with a history of car and acting earsplitting
9:06 am
9:07 am
>>mark: the ntsb also looking at road to see if stormy weather played a role on the crash investigators continue to talk to the driver who did admit he was fatigued before the crash
9:08 am
>>darya: costs have not been returned to is behind six children the other victim of a female passenger killed in the crash was selling she lived in san francisco. >>mark: he delivers his annual state of dress governor brown was just a state legislature a 10:00 this morning he spent much of a glass of focusing on california's efforts to address climate change and has been criticized for not being engaged enough.
9:09 am
>>darya: coming out of the east coast is in for a monster storm that means you could be in for delays if your travel will have more impact on bay area hovel where fires are causing a big concern for people who bought the of the house and after the break would tell you who was offering refunds.
9:10 am
>>robin winston: all the heavy
9:11 am
traffic at the bay bridge no more it is packed full toll plaza all out to the peninsula >>darya: the consumer product safety commission vested awarded three dozen cases where hover boards have smoked or burst into flames and back onto tonight firefighters and santa rosa believe that house fire was ignited by a howe the board.
9:12 am
>>anny hong: the kron 4 morning news will continue after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>mark: install severe weather in the communities from tennessee to washington d.c. there is the icing conditions on the road when traffic at a standstill this it was a d.c. this morning i cirrose cause but
9:15 am
hundred and 60 accidents across virginia even president obama had to fight traffic. >>darya: i have the stomach american and allies are letting travelers or going through nine airports between silly and southern virginia to change the flights with no penalty we have to refine the plan today and send it to be eligible look at the connections southwest as people fled from boston to washington to reschedule if they planned to fly fighter saturday
9:16 am
delta is with this change the to travelers plan to fly in 1914 boston and washington this weekend. >>anny hong: will centerline from the south is going to be what is happening starting later tomorrow and into the weekend that is really going to cause major problems we have in the pink it is going to be a tough couple of days this festive you're traveling to parts of the
9:17 am
east coast today to getting out of town early you're in luck because d.c. new york the not too bad you build to get there today. >>anny hong: no delay is due to the visibility that is not an issue most dishonest guys out there temperatures are pretty nice fifties for a lot of locations 56 local 51 of 152 of san jose low 50s the san francisco in the few to cast for today does want to be a pretty nice that partly cloudy conditions by 3:00 p.m. if you are high cloud to grow and and if you're in the south biggity little more sunshine and also mild conditions someplace in close to seven it does want to feel warm a 7:00 start for the evening commute but it does happen of north it and seeing we have to bring come in to unload the stock and late tonight of an answer early morning hours will see the rain arrive by 4:00
9:18 am
morning he was what looks like it the sebring pretty much from the north bank done to the peninsula and also approaching the south bank as well. >>anny hong: 15 for christmas entire morning by 11:00 still some areas of might bring most of it should be like this goes on factor to 3:00 in the market continues all the way through friday afternoon and evening to 9:00 p.m. will see some big waves it is not a deterrent to be out there but the wave is just too dangerous the high
9:19 am
today my of reading for the afternoon that the headline for today it will be a pretty nice day before the wet weather is back with the vengeance. >>anny hong: will talk more but extended outlook was also talk about the sierra snow as well. >>robin winston: there is a heavy wave of traffic heading into san francisco a lot of the
9:20 am
early commuters are all the way traffic started to spin out and pick up now like commuters heading in the 9:00 hour commuters is backing up again is now stretching through the maze on to 5842442 westbound and for those of it or not to come to ensure free white is jammed--out of else a real >>robin winston: all the way across out to this direction the free maastricht at the 2 to 6 minutes for the total ride out of downtown oakland the westmont's i went 21 minutes is the average guy time for southbound travel to commit directions from the toll plaza over to the map drive time for the east bay still very high and your five in west commuter it is just another diminish compassion vatican to to pick five a split
9:21 am
into the maze no hot spots no major problems for the five minutes than the average drive to get from san jose to sunny there for 1 0185 to one want to study seven still very high and still very slow. >>darya: help was on the white people do with a watercress in flint michigan there for $20 million in emergency funding to do with the crisis but the mayor of france's that is not nearly enough it will cost $1.5 billion to fix the problem is solved by an unfortunate when the state temporarily switzer cities water source from like year-round to the flint river to save money it was highly corrosive and glad. >>mark: allow the military to
9:22 am
go and offensive and ices in afghanistan the changing u.s. forces and actively pursue isis in the country previous ruling didn't license apple's pose a threat to u.s. forces to afghan president welcomes the u.s. pursued a crisis calling it a good decision to the ball 50 is on to the here and lasted three weeks. >>darya: you can check out the
9:23 am
and the experience of the moscow instead of the cost of 25 to $35 to get and the chicken meat nfl greats to take a picture with the events lombardi trophy. >>mark: was what is on a list of like a sore now boycotting the ask us why he says he would not be attending the award show. i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it
9:24 am
and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
9:25 am
>>darya: he is one to join his wife and for cutting the oscars
9:26 am
this one again speaking more about why they're doing this a lot of talk was centered around sniffs the can that he did not and shall because it was not nominated for his role in concussion but he said to have nothing to do with it he n.j. the pickett's men said they would boycott even if he had been nominated and out of the people of color were they feel like it is not about will but is about the children and then going to sit down and watch the show " and then i want to see themselves as is all the nominees are deserving of hollywood is going the wrong direction. >>mark: the tv show gets canceled we have the stores and more and this morning's edition of hollywood like the wrapped. >>reporter: this is the hdl that iraq for chelsea handy just fired back hard in committee and have the mcdonald a few days ago she said she lived in fear and to work on chelsea lately and
9:27 am
that they scare the respond with " she would never said anything to my face and now she should not be released scare in " the moral the store did not pick a fight with chelsea handler the shelf have a life has been cancelled two months after host or \ the daytime chat show confirmed that the first season will be its last the house panel that also included model christie and install expert josie shed nominee for best actress oscar for joining. >>mark: cantata would today with days and one clock following bride is a low >>anny hong: get ready for more
9:28 am
storms and have to bay area more details on the rain on the way, right. ♪ thers sothinto bsaid foexpling e wod arou you
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9:31 am
on the way he was alive and san mateo bridge generally part because i south their hair was how today's forecast the shaping up with have generally of mixup of sun and clouds to specify the rest of the day-to-day from the cost to build the increase letter on to the temperatures generally toughen the mid '60s in an for the bay shoreline to 20 mi. some spots getting close to 70 degrees >>anny hong: you might want to reconsider.
9:32 am
>>robin winston: we have a new hot spot is constant and at the ride it and in the crash right not to buy plans are blocked once again it is right if you look over to the left-hand side of the screen. >>robin winston: is an act of seeing just happen you concede that is still backed up at the toll plaza with total assets in with a heavier traffic heading into san francisco will keep you updated the right not to lines
9:33 am
blocked. >>will tran: >>mark: we're hoping to reestablish connection and bring you updates on the search for the server was the missing at rodeo beach section with two friends when he was found face down in the water and try to bridge the mature body was washed away by a wave or following the lead on the search for the san rafael this morning and one for java gone from certain rescue to search and recovery were trotted of the. >>darya: work is moving quickly to build super bowl city.
9:34 am
>>terisa estacio: is already challenging to get around with that are building to the ball sitting in san francisco to look over here this is where they are building a stage this with the musicians will be entertaining crowds this all developing here in front of the ferry building some of the act included the size of calls from the bay area john hayes country music star and a leash to keep some of the musical acts get underway next weekend but already right now from our traffic perspective trying to stay away it is certainly a pain to try and get around lost a strike closers incisor preventing anyone from stopping the war to have much more coming up on this.
9:35 am
>>darya: if you don't want to go you can avoid the whole message of all on our website. >>mark: bart will not say how minute train cars have working cameras so far there is no time for equipping all those trains and bus cams and a lesson in how to calls the plan to cook
9:36 am
altering its cameras might need approval by the board directed the and on the cost. >>darya: this comes at the two aristocrats to the balkan tour bus to san francisco that was what they call a ghost bus which
9:37 am
means it was not part of a registered or inspected last saturday in a to your man was killed and a tour bus accidents san francisco. >>darya: bicyclic consensus on to have to make a full stop at the stop sign they see mayor and the the told an ordinance of them would allow cyclist to roll to stop as long as they thought it was safe to coming up the bid to start hitting the midwest howe you need to compare and how one city is like the one to castle park if you think and is the drink is just farmers. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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>>mark: not everyone should be directed the more recent study
9:40 am
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9:41 am
>>robin winston: into the major drive time is left up to 40 minutes from downtown oakland to the west on skyway will keep you posted have more of it coming up after the break. ♪
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>>mark: she is ready to go home with the family opened deprecative affections and the family and give her all the attention of you could meet her at the san consistent spca for the st. location >>darya: worker plant in the final touches on dozens of eye scours tunnels caves and slides of 62 hours later solid ice are spread over an acre the walls are about 10 ft. thick the entire structure is built on thousands of home grown icicles
9:45 am
it takes more than 2 million gal. of water that come from 3 mi. of water lines running underneath the castle. >>darya: make in the castle texaco of 1020 people in these 12 hours a day nine of those senses are or what to go but i would go to see that that will get me into the freezing cold. >>anny hong: nothing cold and is
9:46 am
forecast the low fifties in san jose here to check of the future past for dry conditions this morning and for the afternoon will system cause increasing by 3:00 today to to for a pretty nice especially in this topic areas around fremont getting close to 70 tonight at 7:00 still cloudy and dried we have some more rain coming this wide by midnight tonight look at that we have some land arriving most of the shah be life and reduces the pockets of moderate rain tomorrow morning at 4:00 a lot of folks getting into the light ran activity more moderate like a minute to santa rosa and points north and stayed with the
9:47 am
morning commute. >>anny hong: 11:00 tomorrow morning the coastal flood advisories in effect for tomorrow what for a large swells and king tied to vote friday and saturday and if you're going up to tahoe or you like to go out this weekend it is not looking so good for driving at least come to small and also said that getting back is not so bad here is what we're talking about and tahoe to storm watch the goes into effect early tomorrow morning to continues
9:48 am
until friday and saturday at 4:00 p.m. were talking about 5,500 ft. up to 2 ft. of snow 3 ft. at the peak were watching for moderate to heavy snow and also high winds drive is going to be tough a special on 50 and 80 and to go to the western slopes of sierra nevada >>anny hong: for bullfighting and saturday and sunday looks a lot better 65 and open 68 in fremont 67 in san jose is a mild are expected in parts of the south bank mid-60's also on the mall in pleasanton napa on for high of 64 degrees check not the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast we do see the storm coming this way late tonight and for your friday it will be raining in wendy saturday more showers possible and the chance for some thunderstorms sunday with a chance to dry out and that begins to dry pattern and sunday and and to. most of to. >>anny hong: will see some
9:49 am
stormy conditions of the next couple of days and will drive out quite nicely after that did not to get into a corner to tahoe this is the ski report here is a check of the snow conditions >>robin winston: location westbound 80 right at the fremont street exit the concern that the two right lanes are still blocked at the fairmont street exit and are attracted a crawl and walk about once again heading into san francisco to after starting to thin out
9:50 am
switch over to the traffic map. >>mark: their run was a moment of our job not to that, is to clear the site targeted mostly young women to become is part
9:51 am
and explode online recruiting men our promise beautiful brides in many cases it seems to be working estimated at more than 500 western women have left their families to travel to syria and iraq to john isaacs the women are treated like a straddle that gifted to the four fighters and their recycled when the first one guys to be recycled again what an officer tried to encourage young recruit especially when to leave isis' offerman if they tried to leave or someone helps a bit experts say this partial but sources lawsuit filed by the passion and lopez can go to trial >>mark: a federal judge ruled
9:52 am
yesterday that lopez's parents can proceed the wrong for that claim against the deputy and accounting the jury trial is set to start >>darya: police and and recommend to members of this defense and stephenson's the protesters showed up the police commission last eye for the death of our world's that time the police commission, shut down the meeting because that's a lilac and added that the walk out of the meeting.
9:53 am
>>mark: result official said the slow border called the ambulance after he went into a close off area investigators said the border post of the video online shown the incident was a claims she was trespassing in an area that has an open and public five years and that he puts others at risk. >>darya: they have hired a woman the conference and as a full-time special teams coach if to she becomes the first full- time female assistant coach and the history of the nfl head coach says that she has worked with the team on a part-time basis for seven years.
9:54 am
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>>mark: following to the morning and then the accident oakland's blood in a car and have to happen rotted of the last lap macarthur boulevard the operation is the recovery effort now. >>darya: identified as for your band of san rafael. >>mark: visual system also there were already heading communities from tennessee to
9:57 am
washington d.c. the conference going on is nothing compared to a frigid blast this set to hit midlantic to mount their bring in more than 2 ft. of snow them struggling to keep out of on the shelves a spa for stock now before the storm hits. >>darya: we will see you back into our morning and between will highly recommend you have the mobile have >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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